• Thu 31st May 2018 Lesbian sex: Kayla J & Layla K (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sitting in front of each other in bed wearing their pajamas, Kayla and Layla fix each other's hair. When Layla's hand gently poses her hand on Layla's thigh, Layla gets closer to her and slowly poses her lips on her's, delicately kissing them. Tenderly kissing Kayla's neck, Layla moves her hand towards her breasts, pinching her big nipples through her bra, while Kayla closes her eyes and lets her hands tour Layla's big body before undressing her. 

    Pushing Layla back, Kayla offers her breasts to Layla, as she kisses and sucks her nipples passionately. Laying on all fours Layla looks over her shoulder as Kayla pulls her panties aside, caressing her pussy and clitoris before diving her tongue in her vulva. Turning around, the girls continue to pleasure each other, this time in 69 fashion, licking each other's pussies as they get closer to orgasm. 

  • Wed 30th May 2018 Nude girl: Ella C (Stills) | Solo

    Walking around the pool, Ella lays down to enjoy this sunny summer day. Raising her loose skirt, she uncovers her see-through panties which let us appreciate her perfect shave job. Changing into her bikini, Ella undresses, displaying her muscular body as she jumps into the pool.  

    Wrestling to climb into an inflatable swimming pool toy, she energetically pulls herself up, showing her body strength and agility, before laying on top peacefully with her tanned naked body under the sun. Getting out of the pool Ella sits down on a rock and softly pulling her labia a bit, she pees powerfully as she smiles widely. 

  • Wed 30th May 2018 Real life couple: Maxim & Vika (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Slender Vika prepares food in her kitchen, wearing small pink shorts that shows off her camel toe. Her boyfriend comes into the room from behind and squeezes her pert breasts. 

    Taking her panties off, he inserts a wet finger into Vika's hairy pussy. Vika goes down on Maxim and sucks his dick and then licks his balls. Maxim slaps his dick on Vika's pussy and inserts it in. Moving on the couch, the couple begins with anal penetration before Maxim ejaculates into Vika’s anus.

  • Tue 29th May 2018 Real life couple: Maxim & Vika (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Approaching Vika from behind, Maxim caresses her breasts, squeezing them firmly as Vika moans in excitement. Kneeling before him Vika firmly grabs his erect penis and give him a passionate blowjob, stroking the dick as her lips play around the tip.

    Bending over the counter, Vika closes her eyes as she gets penetrated from behindSitting on an armchair, Vika grabs Maxim's dick and guides it into her bum. Sitting on top of it and moaning as it goes deep into her anus. Down on the floor, Vika lays on all fours as they continue enjoying anal sex in numerous positions until they both climax, letting Vika's anus slowly dripping cum.

  • Tue 29th May 2018 Video masturbation: Daniela D & Zane (Video) | Intimate Moments

    “I look so white sitting next to you.” Redhead Zane shows her pale skin to Daniela as she takes her clothes off. “I usually masturbate in bed,” says Daniela as she takes her blue bra off and squeezes her perfect breasts.

    Comparing their pussies, Daniela shows off her curly full bush to Zane. Zane then teases her clitoris and fingers her shaved pussy. Getting aroused by checking out each other out, the girls masturbate to orgasm. 

  • Mon 28th May 2018 Nude girl: Martina E (Video) | Solo

    Brunette Martina dances in her living room in her tight denim short that perfectly fit her round bum

    “I love sucking dick, especially when my mouth is full of it." Martina takes off her pink panties off and moves her hands over her shaved pussy, to tease herself. Taking her shirt off to squeeze her pert breasts she then pinches her pink nipples. “I love pain play.” Martina slaps her breasts and exposes herself. 

  • Sun 27th May 2018 Nude girl: Martina E (Stills) | Solo

    Taking off her leggings, Martina smiles as she slides them down her long legs. Spreading her legs wide open, she smiles as she pulls her panties tight, emphasizing the shape of her shaved vulva. 

    Taking off her panties, she lays back on the couch as flux begins to come out of her vagina. Turning around, Martina lays on her belly, smiling with her head down as she slowly bends her knee and pushes her bum up. 

  • Sat 26th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Kate G & Paulina (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Slender Paulina comes into room and flirts with Aussie Kate by pulling her pink body belt. Kissing each other very gently, Kate goes down on Paulina and pulls her pink knickers down with her mouth before rubbing into her full bush. 

    Paulina takes Kate's pert breasts out of bra and kisses her pink nipples. Turning Paulina on all fours, Kate teases her anus and then fingers her hairy pussy. Lying top of each other, the girls  fingering each other to orgasm.

  • Fri 25th May 2018 Nude girl: Daniela D (Video) | Solo

    Brunette Daniela gets her yoga met ready and starts jumping to exercise, her large breasts moving in her crop top. “I love this bra while yoga, it keeps my tits steady.” Daniela pulls her shirt up and squeezes her tits under her bra. “When I am on my menstruation my boobs gets more sensitive."

    Smelling her armpit hairs she teases them, “I stopped shaving my armpits instead I use oil to stop the smell.” Taking off her tight, colorful yoga pants she grabs her big butt. Sliding her panties aside and moves her pink sex toy into her hairy pussy with her feet. “I like trying new things and positions.” Using a paint brush as a toy, she goes deep into herself before masturbating to orgasm. 

  • Thu 24th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Kate G & Paulina (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sitting next to Kate on the bed, Paulina poses her hand on Kate's thigh, softly caressing her before posing her lips on hers. Leaning forward, Kate continues to passionately kiss Paulina as she squeezes her pert breasts while Paulina's hands move towards her bum, firmly grabbing it. 

    Approaching Kate from behind, Paulina kisses Kate softly in the neck, turning Kate rapidly on, as her hands move down towards in between her legs, unbuttoning her tight shorts as she continues to undress her. Laying on all fours, Paulina looks back over her shoulder to Kate, who is concentrated behind her fingering her with devotion before turning into 69 that will make both of them reach a climatic orgasm. 

  • Wed 23rd May 2018 Nude girl: Daniela D (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on the floor her yoga mat, Daniela stretches her legs, getting ready for her yoga routine. Pulling down her yoga pants, she uncovers her white panties through which her full bush shows from the sides. Pulling her panties aside Daniela smiles as she plays with her pubic hair, pulling it and twisting it. 

    Continuing to undress, Daniela unclips her bra, letting her breasts hang as she bends over the table. Grabbing her favorite dildo, Daniela rubs it against her pussy, dampening it in her own fluids before inserting it into her dripping wet pussy, intensifying the cadence as she gets closer to orgasm. 

  • Tue 22nd May 2018 Camilla & Juliana (Video) | Guest Direction

    Guest Director Juliana discovers brunette Camilla's sexuality and personality by doing some exercise and chatting. Juliana takes her shirt off and shows off her sheer brown bra and underneath her large breasts. 

    “Oh! you are super hot!” Camilla takes off her long dress and grabs Juliana's large breasts. “This bum just gives me goosebumps, it’s really beautiful.” Camilla takes her panties off and touches her pubic hair. Moving on the floor, Camilla teases Juliana by spanking her ass from behind.

  • Mon 21st May 2018 Nude girl: Vika (Video) | Solo

    Vika takes off her blue shirt off and teases her pert breasts under her white shreer bra

    Warming up her body with some exercise, she shows off her flexibility. "I love foreplay especially kisses in my pussy and my thighs." Vika gets in the doggy style position and spanks her perfect ass. Licking her finger, she moves it over her hairy pussy and teases her meaty lips. 

  • Sun 20th May 2018 Nude girl: Vika (Stills) | Solo

    Standing up on the floor Vika plays the strings of her white bikini between her legs revealing her hairy labia. Vika continues to undress while performing a variety of positions which highlights her flexibility. 

    Sitting on the floor with her legs widely open Vika plays with her diamonds bracelet and plays it over her vulva and in between her buttocks. She also pulls her meaty labia while holding her legs spread apart and finally sketches on her notebook and draws a daisy around her nipple. 

  • Sat 19th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Amber & Luciana (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Aussie Amber flirts with Latina Luciana, the girls apply creams over thier bodies before they start kissing. 

    “You have such a nice boobs.” Luciana takes Amber's panties off and licks her shaved pussy before inserting her finger into her wet pussy. “Wow! Your ass is super fit.” Sitting on top of each other the girls start scissoring. Getting on in the 69 position, the girls help each other to orgasm.

  • Fri 18th May 2018 Nude girl: Andreea (Video) | Solo

    Curvy Andreea waters her flowers and she lifts her shorts up to push her bum. 

    Taking her shirt off, she pull her blue knickers up so her pubic hair spills out from the side. Taking knickers off, she smell them. “It is wet that turns me on." Taking her red shirt off, she grabs her enormous breasts. Lying on her side, she inserts her finger inside her hairy pussy. “I love getting watched.” Getting turned on, she masturbates to orgasm.

  • Thu 17th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Amber & Luciana (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sitting on the couch next to each other, Amber takes Luciana's hand and softly kisses her as she lifts her top, uncovering her pert breasts. Passionately heating up, Luciana undresses Amber, taking off her panties and taking them to her nose, sniffing deep her odor. 

    Turning around in all fours, Amber pushes her bum out, while Luciana fingers her from behind. Standing up naked in front of Amber, Luciana grabs Amber's head and guides her in between her legs while Amber devotedly licks her pussy, making Luciana squirm and moan in pleasure. 

  • Wed 16th May 2018 Nude girl: Andreea (Stills) | Solo

    Seductively smiling as she unbuttons her shorts, Andreea uncovers her girly panties, letting her shorts slide down her long legs. Leaning on her back as she raises her legs, she takes off her girly panties, while one hand plays with her pubic hair  and the other squeezes her big breasts. 

     With the water spray she uses to water plants in one hand, she pulverizes water on her full bush, letting the water drops hang on it before rubbing her hand firmly against her vulva, dampening it before inserting her fingers inside her pussy, beginning to masturbate passionately. Switching to her pink lingerie, Andreea continues to finger herself in numerous positions, squirming in pleasure until she reaches a powerful orgasm. 

  • Tue 15th May 2018 Video masturbation: Malena & Sondrine (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Aussie Sondrine asks Malena if she wants to play with herself and then the girls take their clothes off. 

    Malena pulls on her full bush while she squeezes her small breasts. Redheaded Sondrine pulls her breasts out of bra to pinches her pink nipples. “I love your pinky nipples.” Both girls start rubbing their clits and finger themselves at the same time as they masturbate to orgasm.

  • Mon 14th May 2018 Nude girl: Scarlett J (Video) | Solo

    Blonde Scarlett folds her clothes, bending over her panties flash upskirt. 

    Taking her shirt up, she grabs her small breasts underneath her sports bra. “I love exercise.” Scarlett lies on the floor and trains her long legs. Taking her necklace off, she rubs it over her shaved pussy before inserting it inside. "This feels awesome when you fuck it, it warms up because it’s made by glass.” Scarlett licks her black dildo and fuck herself before getting in the doggy style position before inserting another toy from behind.

  • Sun 13th May 2018 Nude girl: Scarlett J (Stills) | Solo

    Sliding her bra down her shoulder, Scarlett smiles as her hard nipples pop out of her bra. Standing on her tiptoes, Scarlett turns around moving her bum in her panties from side to side before pulling it down her legs, uncovering her perfectly shaved vulva.

    Grabbing a bunch of her dildos, Scarlett begins to masturbate. Rubbing them firmly against her clitoris and wet vulva before pushing them firmly inside her. Leaning her back on the floor, she positions her dildo underneath her and sits on top of it, moving up and down as it enters her dripping wet pussy. 

  • Sat 12th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Amber & Daniela D (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Brunette Daniela plays music for Aussie Amber as they get closer together, they start to kiss gently. "I love your shirt, easy access!” 

    Daniela takes her bra off and kisses her small breasts. Amber goes down on Daniela, takes her panties off and sniffs them before licking her hairy pussy. Moving on top, they grind their pussies together. “I really love doggy style.” Daniela opens her round ass cheeks apart and fingers her shaved pussy.

  • Fri 11th May 2018 Nude girl: Iriana (Video) | Solo

    “I would like to have big but still jiggly butt.” Iriana does squats of her big bum. Taking her pink tank top off, she squeezes her pert breasts. 

    “All my family has huge tits but mine are smaller. My nipples are sensitive.” Putting a hair clip on her dark nipples, she teases herself. “I masturbate a lot and think about sex all the time, sometimes I get wet at the office so I have to change my underwear.” Iriana lays on her side and pull her bum cheeks apart for a view. 

  • Thu 10th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Amber & Daniela D (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gently kissing Daniela's hand, Amber smile as she leans forward to pose her lips on her's. Passionately kissing Amber, Daniela pulls Amber's sweater apart, uncovering her seethrough bra, and begins caressing her breasts. Leaning back on the couch, Daniela lets Amber take the initiative, as she pulls her panties aside and giver her a dedicated oral, diving her face into her full bush. 

    Continuing to undress, Amber kneels on all fours while Daniela blindfolds her. Sitting behind her, she caresses her bum and begins fingering her intensely from behind. Turning around, Amber lays on her back as Daniela decisively puts her vulva on top of her face moving it up and down as Amber sticks her tongue up, making her squirm in pleasure. 

  • Wed 09th May 2018 Nude girl: Iriana (Stills) | Solo

    Down on the floor, Iriana begins stretching her lower body as part of her fitness routine. Grabbing her dumbells, she turns around and exercises her muscular arms. Bending on all fours, she looks over her shoulder smiling, as her fit butt moves from side to side. 

    Beginning to undress, Iriana takes off her top, and grabbing her water bottle she lets the water drip through her dark-skinned body, caressing her boobs and hairy vulva as the water flows down her skin. 

  • Tue 08th May 2018 Juliana & Marleen S (Video) | Guest Direction

    Petite guest director Juliana wrestles with Marleen as they play some games and doing some exercises. Taking each other tops off, Juliana's big breasts sit on top of Marleen's small tits.

    “Do you want to pee on the same cup." Juliana places the cup on the floor, moves her red panties aside and then she pees into it the cup. “I like to get touched on side of my clitoris,” Marleen opens her small labia wide and gently touches her shaved pussy. Juliana licks her small breasts on the couch and teases her pussy before Marleen starts fingering herself and masturbating to orgasm.

  • Mon 07th May 2018 Nude girl: Michela (Video) | Solo

    Curvy Michela exercises her body, her large breasts pushing through her red top. 

     “I love my lips, that helps when I give a head to boys.” Michela takes her small shorts off and rubs her immaculately shaved pussy underneath her knickers. “I love reading.” Michela while moves her book over her pussy and takes her glasses off before squeezing her breasts. Lying on her tummy, she moves her bum up and down and spreads her ass cheeks. 

  • Sun 06th May 2018 Nude girl: Michela (Stills) | Solo

    Bending her torso forward as she looks over her glasses, Michela shows us her cleavage as she begins to undress. Taking off her panties, she uncovers her shaved pussy and sits down on her yoga mat with her legs wide open. 


    Grabbing one of her books she rests her big breasts on it, squeezing them gently as she presses the book against her. Grabbing her glasses, she caresses her nipples with them, before moving them in between her legs, playing with her labia as she continues to show her voluptuous naked body in numerous positions.

  • Sat 05th May 2018 Lesbian sex: Kate G & Lucie L (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Aussie Kate reveals Lucie isn’t wearing bra. "You have amazing tits!” Kate grabs Lucie’s perfect breasted before kissing them softly. 

    Kate slides Lucie's red underwear to the side and licks her perfectly shaved pussy. Turning to the 69 position, Lucie fingers Kate's hairy pussy. Kate gets on all fours, and Lucie continues fingering her until she orgasms. “I want to tie you.” Using the rope, she ties Lucie's hands to her legs and then goes down of her.

  • Fri 04th May 2018 Nude girl: Camilla (Video) | Solo

    Brunette Camilla searches for her clothes behind her bed and her knickers flash upskirt as she moves.

    Pulling her shirt up slowly, she squeezes her small breasts under her bra. “I want to improve my flexibility so I do yoga.” Camilla gets her jump rope and begins to work out. She slides the rope in between her ass cheeks and moves it over her hairy pussy. “I like always gentle touches, pulling my pubic hair doesn't work for me,”. Laying on the bed, Camilla teases her pink nipples with her earnings. 

  • Thu 03rd May 2018 Lesbian sex: Kate G & Lucie L (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Wrapping a rope around Kate's pert breasts, Lucy leans towards her, posing her lips on Kate's as they begin to softly kiss each other. Taking off Lucy's top, Kate caresses her big breasts, and gently licks her puffy nipples before continuing to undress her. 

    Down on all fours, with her head down and hips up, Kate looks back over her shoulder as Lucy rubs her fingers against her vulva before diving her head into her pussy, licking her from behind. Turning around, Lucy lays on top of Kate and continues to give her a passionate oral, while Lucy fingers her in an ardent 69. 

  • Wed 02nd May 2018 Nude girl: Camilla (Stills) | Solo

    Playfully turning around while her loose skirt flies, Camilla smiles as we catch a glimpse of her panties. Gently touring her hands through her slender body, she takes off her top, uncovering her bra and as her hands squeeze and feel her own pert breasts.  

    Continuing to undress, Camilla slides her panties down her legs to the floor, before putting them upside down again, pulling them up firmly as they rub against her dark pubic hair. Bending on all fours, Camilla looks over her shoulder as her firm, round bum moves from side to side, with her labia escaping through the sides of her panties. 

  • Tue 01st May 2018 Video masturbation: Layla K & Luciana (Video) | Intimate Moments

    "I have a little and a not so little sex toy with me.” Layla shows her big purple vibrator to Luciana. 

    After checking out the toy they start kissing each other gently and Luciana grabs Layla's big breasts. Layla turns into the doggy style position and Luciana moves the vibrator over her big bum. Luciana takes her knickers off and plays with her pubic hair. Luciana shows Layla how wet she is with her finger before they climax together.

  • Tue 01st May 2018 Lesbian sex: Leslie & Paulina (Video) | Girl-Girl

    In this video only bonus scene, Brunette Paulina walking into the kitchen as petite Leslie washes dishes, they start flirting with each other and Paulina grabs Leslie's round bum with both hands.

    Paulina moves Leslie's underwear to the side to play with her anus, licking her finger and moving it all around. Paulina sits on kitchen countertop and Leslie goes down of her, gently pulling her small labia apart and licking her hairy pussy. Moving on the floor, the girls  they scissor each other as Paulina licks her small breasts. Getting in the sixty-nine position, the girls help each other orgasm.  

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