Camel toe

Camel toe – known by some as Moose Knuckle. Girls who are gifted with it are mostly oblivious to the show their pussy is putting on underneath their tight fitting pants.   Camel toe is seen anywhere, dripping wet at the beach, walking around town and even in the office. The outline of labia shown under the fabric clinging to it, the gap it makes inside the pussy lips reaching for the clitoris.

Our criteria for inclusions

A collection of images of models wearing a variety of pants whose clothing has worked its way into the model’s labia. 

Katherine F , camel toe
Katherine F , camel toe
Patricia B , camel toe
Courtney M , camel toe
Dewisandra small breasts, camel toe
Katherine F , camel toe
Kristy-Lee perky nipples, camel toe
Janee & Sasha M small breasts, camel toe