Meaty lips

Large pussy lips – sometimes called “meaty lips” are where the labia minora and / or the labia majora protrude out from the vulva. It’s interesting to watch girls play with their flaps – pull them wide open to see how long they can go, hang weights from them, or tie them in a knot!

Beef curtains, meat flaps, butterfly wings; whatever you call ‘em, we’ve shot some truly incredible ample labias over the years. Enjoy a collection of the softest, juiciest, pussy lips we could muster.

Our criteria for inclusions

We have included a mix of close-up and wide-shot images clearly demonstrating the size and texture of large labias. We have a preference for images showing some kind of manipulation of the labia (twisting, sucking, pulling, etc).

Kind of like breasts, pussy lip size is different with every model, and often lips increase in size when sexually excited. We’ve worked to make a collection of images of models who naturally have the larger lip size.

Giselle & Patience, meaty lips
Renae D & Yara, meaty lips
Amaya M & Bisera, meaty lips
Kirra & Naomi E, meaty lips
Janee & Sasha M, meaty lips
Beatrix & Gisela, meaty lips
Alyssa R & Bisera, meaty lips
Misha & Rose D, meaty lips
Jilly & Patience, meaty lips
Chahna & Katy, meaty lips
Amaya M & Bisera, meaty lips
Beatrix & Nichole, meaty lips
Carolina S, meaty lips
Charlotte E & Dana B, meaty lips
Shelly B & Katy, meaty lips