• Thu 30th Jun 2011 Kelly M | After Dark

    Kelly is appearing here in her first After Dark shoot to date, it's no well hidden fact that Kelly has been blessed with an absolutely stunning body and we can consider ourselves very privileged to see her flaunt it,  in all it's sexual glory.

    Depicted here in a deeply sensual display of monochrome sexiness, Kelly seduces the camera with a show of evocative innocence and flirtatious play. Slipping off her leopard print pants and black bra, she reveals her stunning pert breasts and toned slim figure: seeing Kelly in this set is definitely something you won't forget soon.

  • Thu 30th Jun 2011 Backstage 274 | Behind the scenes

    Well this is part 2 of the backstage installment of the girl girl shoot of Fotina and Melinda. Last week we spoke alot about Fotina's past shoots, but Melinda has some gems of her own. None more spectacular than the famous Yoga Girls shoot.

    Which featured some twenty hot abbywinters.com models performing a yoga routine headed by the wonderful Jilly and is a quintessential abbywinters.com shoot.

  • Wed 29th Jun 2011 Agnes V | Solo

    Agnes is a very hot Asian chick with dark smooth skin, shapely bum and very sexy small breasts with dark nipples.

    We see Agnes in her colourful room, trying to call someone to listen to her masturbate. After a few unsuccessful phone calls, she gets undressed step by step, showing to us her gorgeous slim body. She tries to find something to entertain herself: looking in a book, climbing on a table, but still she is very bored and really wishes she could find someone to listen to her masturbate. She decides to call one last time and then... you just have to see this video!! You will get very horny after!!

  • Wed 29th Jun 2011 Annabelle Lee & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    Spin the bottle with four naturally gorgeous and unstoppably horny girls is always going to end well for all involved. In this Klyie spins and lands on Annabelle who is more than happy to oblige the necessary kiss, a kiss which soon evolves into something much more sexual.

    Dragging one another into the bedroom Kylie and Annabelle waste no time in diving into each other, Annabelle slides her tongue down to Kylie's beautiful shaved pussy, whilst Kylie runs her hands over Annabelle's small slim body, grabbing and playing with her small breasts to further arouse the situation!

  • Tue 28th Jun 2011 Nude girl: Adelle (Video) | Solo

    Amazingly pretty and stunning Adelle teasingly shows of her Long legs, perfect pert breasts, and erect nipples while enjoying the vibrations of her playing on the cello. Reading true her paper music on the porch, she slowly undresses and enjoys her self teasing us to dead.

    When she slowly starts exploring her smoking body with an tulip, all we can do is wanting to be a that flower just for a little bit!

  • Mon 27th Jun 2011 Agnes V | Solo

    Well i don't really want to say to much about this one because there's an amazing little surprise in it somewhere, one of those "where did that come from!?" moments!

    So all I will say is that if you have seen this absolutely gorgeous Asian in her previous shoot you'll no doubt remember her and her slim body, pert boobs and sexually seductive personality. And if this is your first time watching one of her shoots, i promise, you wont forget her either!

  • Sun 26th Jun 2011 Adelle | Solo

    The tall, and perfectly sculptured Adelle always seems to be able to surprise us with her talent as well as her beauty.

    In this set we see her playing her Cello, pressing it up against her large pert breasts she runs her fingers seductively up and down the strings of the instruments neck. Moving from inside to out on the deck her form is only further highlighted by the bright greens of the garden.

  • Sun 26th Jun 2011 Elsbeth | Intimate Moments

    Latvian cutie Elsbeth is back with another hot masturbation shoot!

    This sexy blonde takes no time before getting naked and exploring her womanly body, with nice sized breasts and tasty looking pussy. She lays back with her eyes closed and rubs her clitoris while moaning softly and moving her hips.

    This is another hot intimate moment from the lovely Elsbeth, hope she comes back soon!

  • Sat 25th Jun 2011 Jenna K & Priya | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Priya and pale Dutch girl Jenna look very inviting masturbating on a bed together. This is a lazy Sunday afternoon session with two cute girls relaxed with their bodies.

    Priya has black hair, pert boobs and uses a vibrator and Jenna has an athletic body, lovely nipples and uses her fingers.

  • Fri 24th Jun 2011 Dahlia & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Our two favorites, the giggling English lass Satine, with her lovely pale skin and light blonde hair complemented ever so well with the firecracker redhead Dahlia.

    Hanging out in the canals of Holland, they indulge in some spanking and biting. Things get a little too hot and heavy for outdoors play so they move inside to steam things up even more. With a mixture of Satine's cute glasses and Dahlia's hairy pussy, this girl girl is a mouthwatering delight.

  • Thu 23rd Jun 2011 Backstage 273 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage sets provide an opportunity to see the models and abbywitners.com staff behind the scenes on all their shoots. This particular set takes us back to the girl girl between Fotina and Melinda.

    Fotina has featured in an array of really rousing shoots. Some of my favourites include her girl girl video with Kiki, the guerrilla style outdoor shoot her awesome performance in bellydancing girls and there is of course her wonderful pairing with the effervescent Violet which is also an amazing girl girl.

    Stay on the lookout for more backstage sets that take you back in time to see all the great shoots and models of the past.

  • Wed 22nd Jun 2011 Dahlia & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Flirting and seducing one another, the gorgeous red-headed Dahlia and the beautiful blonde Satine start to tear through each others clothes and get down to each others soft skin beneath.

    Moving from the outside boat and indoors the two can now really let lose on one another. Dahlia exposes Satine's slim body and pert breasts as she moves down to her smooth shaved pussy...

    ...In return Satine puts her hands down Dahlias tights and squeezes her firm round bum, spurring the two on to further exploration of each other.

  • Wed 22nd Jun 2011 Karlijn | Solo

    Dark haired Dutch beauty Karlijn shows off her gorgeously slim and shapely body in this, her debut shoot.

    Getting clothes ready for a night at her friends she moves around the room giving us a special and seductive glimpse at her toned figure and small pert breasts. Trying on clothes and underwear we are also treated to some cheeky up-skirt shots at her smooth shaved pussy.

    Hopefully the first of many from Karlijn.

  • Tue 21st Jun 2011 Maya C | Solo

    Maya loves playing with her beautiful pert breasts before she masturbates. This black haired Romanian stunner has a fantastic round bum and large, perfectly round nipples. This video has lots and lots of lingering closeups of her pussy which she just loves to show off.

    Cute body, cute accent, cute all over!

  • Mon 20th Jun 2011 Karlijn | Solo

    While getting ready for a sleepover at her friends house, Karlijn shows of her stunning hot toned body, her perky small breasts and smoothly shaved pussy.

    During the seducing of the camera we get an amazing view of her tight ass, and she might just leave the house without putting any underwear back on.

    Lets keep that secret between us...

  • Sun 19th Jun 2011 Maya C | Solo

    Back for the second time Maya as always does not disappoint, in the crisp white of the apartment she sits sifting through the vast collection of books. Her slim body and dark brunette hair stands out beautifully, and as she moves around the space she slowly reveals more and more of her supple, smooth skin and stunning features.

    Half naked on the floor she stretches out for her book, she leans back with her legs spread wide and her petite breasts stimulated with sexual arousal. She slides a hand down her body and towards her smooth shaved pussy where she stops for a quick play. After it all she sits totally nude and in full glorious view sucking on and biting down on a strawberry.

  • Sun 19th Jun 2011 Adelle | Intimate Moments

    Brunette babe? Long luscious legs? Pert breasts? Erect nipples? Milky white skin? Check check check check Check!

    Adelle! The horny German stunner is relaxing one afternoon in the sun outside. Passes the time by rubbing her smooth hairless pussy. Enjoying herself and taking her time.

    Watch as she plays with her self and rubs her clit. Moaning softly and making herself cum.

  • Sat 18th Jun 2011 Annabelle Lee | Intimate Moments

    American regular Annabelle Lee and her tight body sit peering out the window at the hustle and bustle of a busy city street.

    Nervously she removes her clothes, checking the window to see if anyone is watching. Soon enough though she has forgotten about the street bellow and is totally consumed by her own body. Smelling her own juices she builds and builds until she cums, and cums hard and long. Annabelle Lee is an absolute delight to watch.

  • Fri 17th Jun 2011 Backstage 272 | Behind the scenes

    So you guys remember the big breasted Angie and the adorable Sue-Ann right?! Well they are back in this very interesting and sexy backstage imageset that features all the models of the past preparing for their shoots and generally having a ball on set.

    Also featuring in this sneak peak at the gigantic back catalog that awaits members who like to search through all the old goodies are Kiki and Lou-Ellyn on the set of the thrilling double masturbation video.

    Also making an appearance is the curly haired Kylie and the lovely blonde Dennie. And of course all the AW staff too!

  • Thu 16th Jun 2011 Jenna K & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Two Dutch ladies, shaved Jenna K and hairy Nichole indulge in nipple sucking, spanking in a seamless, sexy and surprising girl girl shoot.

    With some awesome up-skirt and close ups, they speak in their native tongue about squirting and listening to other people have sex.

  • Wed 15th Jun 2011 Jenna K & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Seducing each other with tense eye contact they close in and flirt until they cant help but start pulling off clothes, feeling each others smooth slim bodies and passionatly deep kissing.

    Wrapping around her long legs Nichole entwines the two together as Jenna passionatly grabs and licks her large pert breasts. Frolocking on the sofa the two get more and more engrossed in each other and indulge in a fervid display of positions and intimacy. No where gets missed, from Nichole's full bush to Jenna's pert bum, all is explored.

  • Wed 15th Jun 2011 Lailie | Solo

    News flash: Lailie is a scientist! If only all scientists were like her. Not sure much would get done if they were though. She's just too dam hot and too dam horny!

    Now, this video is out of control. My fucking god, what a roller coaster. Lailie tells us how she picked up a hot chick at her gym and went home with her. As she tells us the events of the night she gets more and more turned on which means she ends up masterbating while she's talking. Twice!

    "You know what? I'm going to start playing with myself while you listen to this story..." She says.

  • Tue 14th Jun 2011 Lailie | Solo

    Sensually smooth, soft dark skin and an amazingly cute smile really make it hard not to stare at gorgeous Lailie. A stunning hour glass body with large breasts and a perfectly smooth shaved pussy all add up to make arguably the perfect package! And if that doesn't have you convinced her sexually driven and playful personality will do.

    In this shoot she seductively looks through her glasses at you as she rolls around on the sofa, running her hands up and down her body, removing items of clothing as she goes. Laying legs apart she slips a few fingers into her wet pussy and arches her back as she reaches her intimate climax.

  • Mon 13th Jun 2011 Kylie H | Solo

    Kylie has the most sensual, sexy and sublime voice and is also blessed with intelligence and articulateness. Her smooth skin and perky nipples are immaculate and this return solo video features some very rousing and intimate insights into Kylie's personal life.

    She covers how she comes really quickly when using toys, takes us through 3 riveting orgasms and a whole host of other personal and very sexy insights into the wonderful world of Kylie.

  • Sun 12th Jun 2011 Kylie H | Solo

    Kylie's gorgeous slim body, long dark hair and seductive smile instantly grab and hold your attention as she emerges from her cosy afternoon nap feeling restless and more than a little bit horny.

    Sliding and pulling the sheets between her legs Kylie gets herself worked up and her hands soon begin to wander over her body, slipping under and removing clothes. Grabbing her glasses and extending her long legs to remove her little black pants she slides onto her back and reaches for her toy...

  • Sun 12th Jun 2011 Fae C | Intimate Moments

    The beautiful Fae is back, with her sexy pale skin and long hair in this arousing Intimate moment. Dressed in a little mini denim skirt and bright yellow top, Fae is sat on a chair getting excited.

    She starts to play with her nipples pinching and twisting them firmly and then rubs her clitoris though her undies, soon enough, off comes the rest of her clothes, now the fun can really start. Fae gets into it, bringing her self to an intense and relaxing orgasm.

  • Sat 11th Jun 2011 Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Nayomi is back, this time dancing in front of the mirror and checking herself out. This dark skinned girl then sits down to play with her favorite toy, rubbing it up and down on her vagina, with her undies pulled to the side.

    When things gets too intense she strips off her jocks and with one hand firmly cupping her breast she masturbates and watches herself while changing setting on her toy.

    You can tell Nayomi has had a lot of experience with this vibrator and she certainly knows how to use it and to get the most enjoyment out of it. Watch her wiggle in her seat, watch her gasp for breath, watch her orgasm.

  • Fri 10th Jun 2011 Backstage 271 | Behind the scenes

    So you can see how the models and staff at abbywinters.com do their thing in this backstage set which reveals some very sexy models of the past. Starting with Asian girl Fae and moving quickly along to the smooth skinned Carys who was doing a very arousing shoot in a bath with a special rubber ducky. There is also footage from an old video newsletter and many other models and staff making all the magic happen.

  • Thu 09th Jun 2011 Dahlia & Masie | Girl-Girl

    This is a video with two hot chicks with great sexual spirit. Masie is a cute, sexy girl with long, blond hair and gorgeous smile. Dahlia is a Lithuanian beauty with red hair and big, blue eyes.

    We see them wearing a onesie and nothing else underneath. If you ever thought that onesie can be unsexy then you are wrong and you have to see this video, and it will change your mind. It was my second video and it was really difficult to control my sexual emotion. There sexual spirit was every where in the house when they have several, intense orgasms. This lovely two girls as well got a small handy camera with which they record there one video while they have sex. Don't forget to see " before video" in which girls asked me to show my boobs, are you interested if I did it?? Just watch it!

  • Thu 09th Jun 2011 Danielle Y | Solo

    Danielle is a bronze bodied beauty hailing from Canada. Excitement fills the room in this video as she tells us what she's up to. In the bath, she fingers herself in preparation for her first girl-girl shoot with Anna and abbywinters.com the very next day. "Tomorrow I'll be doing this to Anna." She says, inserting fingers faster and faster.

  • Wed 08th Jun 2011 Dahlia & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Unstoppable sexual desires and playfulness means these two cant keep thier hands off one anothers beautiful small, slim bodies and large pert breasts.

    Redheaded Dahlias jumpsuit doesnt stay closed for long as the energetic Masie fervidly unzips it to let her mouth get to whats beneath. Naked and out of their restrictive jump-suits the two move around the room using every surface and corner to their advantage, with Masie's flexible legs finding thier way onto worktops and balcony railings Dahlias hands also find themselves wandering further and further down Masie...

  • Wed 08th Jun 2011 Femke | Solo

    Femke is a beautiful tall and lean Dutch girl with straight, blond hair and big, light eyes.

    Femke in her first time experience is seen in a nice, cosy loft where she gives us a little private guitar concert. Although she is a bit shy and perhaps even a bit nerdy, she tells us about one of her first sexual experiences and private topics. While she is struggling to position her long legs on the stairs we get some nice shots of her blond, hairy pussy. You just have to see her!!

  • Wed 08th Jun 2011 Danielle Y | Solo

    Removing her bra and tying a loose white top around her pert breasts, Danielle gets ready for a bit of a play in the bathroom. Seductively bending and stretching her beautifully curved, tanned body she gives us some cheeky little peeks at her round tight arse and dark, erect nipples.

    Moving into the shower she turns on the water, letting the cooling beads run over her steaming hot body and turning the white top totally transparent! As the bath fills she undresses completely and slips under, inserting her fingers into her smooth shaved pussy. After that Danielle goes into a wet frenzy of insertion after insertion!

  • Tue 07th Jun 2011 Femke | Solo

    Femke's first shoot see's her debut under beautiful blue skys as she slowly reveals to you her gorgeous slim figure, long slender legs and natural full bush of pubes.

    Starting off on the window ledge playing her guitar she then moves back out of veiw, onto the bed and starts to tease us with a slow and personal undress. Against the vibrant colors of the room and sky Femke explores every intimatly erotic portion of her body.

  • Mon 06th Jun 2011 Elsbeth | Solo

    Watch Elsbeth's usually pale face turn pink, as she gives herself a quiet but intense orgasm. She lifts her skirt to reveal her landing strip pubic hair and then starts to insert two fingers into her neat pussy. The sound is clear and crisp so you can hear her wet pussy as she explores herself in a range of sexy positions.

    Hanging out at home, flicking though magazines and waiting for the washing machine to finish, Elsbeth tells us all about her pending girl girl experience. Including frank discussions about the type of women she likes and comparing kissing girls, to kissing boys.

  • Mon 06th Jun 2011 Nayomi & Nichole | Intimate Moments

    Stunning sexy pale Dutchie Nichole is visting dark skinned friend Nayomi with a new toy and shows her how she likes to use it.

    The contrast between theses two is amazing and such an erotic video to watch. Two young girls getting off next to each other, in this sexy Intimate moment.

  • Sun 05th Jun 2011 Elsbeth | Solo

    Playful and effortlessly seductive, Elspeth always manages to captivate with a flash of her blue eyes and flick of her blonde hair. pulling herself up from the hammock with the beams of the roof Elspeth stands and starts to slowly undress, teasing with every patch of exposed pale, white skin

    Naked, rolling in and out of the hammock she slides her hands along her body until she reaches her smooth, shaved pussy where she slips in a few fingers and starts to immerse herself in a private moment of sexual self indulgence!

    How much fun can you have in a hammock?... Just ask Elspeth!

  • Sun 05th Jun 2011 Kylie H & Masie | Intimate Moments

    After quietly tip-toeing down the stairs to watch Masie and Hayden, Kylie goes back upstairs to think about what she has just seen.

    Rubbing her smooth shaved pussy from over her pants she tries to bring herself upto climax but is interupted before she can start...

  • Sat 04th Jun 2011 Nandine | Solo

    A summers day, nude bar her glasses Dutch pixie Nandine peers down to the noisy streets bellow. This girl is just so down to earth, so informal, so natural. Young, shaved, blonde, puffy nipples, cheeky smile and a super tight little body.

    She talks about life, being naked and how she's studying sign language. You want to be taught how to say "I want to have sex with you" by a gorgeous naked Dutch girl? Watch the video!

  • Sat 04th Jun 2011 Dewisandra & Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Dewisandra receives a special toy. She goes into Kylie's room to show her. "That vibrates really hard." Says Kylie, as Dewisandra shows off her new toy. Then the girls chat about their tan lines and about how quickly Kylie comes. Then the girls undress and try out their new equipment and Kylie's promise of how quickly she comes...

  • Fri 03rd Jun 2011 Nandine | Solo

    Beautifull and playfully gracefull Nandine debut's her first solo shoot for abbywinters.com, she teases and jokes with the camera as she moves around the top floor Amsterdam apartment slowly undressing to reveal her slim and toned nude body.

    Starting off flicking between study material and magazines she gets distracted and starts to emulate the poses for us, of course with her own sexy slant on it. The shoot then becomes a non-stop and high-paced montage of long legs, glasses, beautiful poses, playful jumps behind plants and umberellas and intimate peeps at her amazinly pert bum and innocently puffy nipples.

  • Fri 03rd Jun 2011 Backstage 270 | Behind the scenes

    In this backstage set we get another glimpse back into abbywinters.com shoots of the past and get to see all the on set antics. Starting with the sexy Kiki getting changed and exploring the back backyards with Caitlin and photographer Jacki and a heap of other sexy models that give you a look at how its all made and all the fun that goes on behind the scenes at abbywinters.com.

  • Thu 02nd Jun 2011 Hayden & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Intense, sexual and hot bodied Hayden takes all opportunity to pounce on our very own Dutch beauty Nichole.

    Following on from they're hot intimate moment, they take it to a new level, fingering, licking, nipple sucking, nipple pinching. Their chemistry is undeniable, and in this shoot they show us all what abbywinters.com is all about.

    "Do you mind if I sit on your face?" pleads Hayden. A good sign of things to come.

  • Thu 02nd Jun 2011 Natalja | Intimate Moments

    Natalija's masturbation video is long, engaging and a relentless persuit of an elusive orgasm that, when it arrives, simply errupts into as she described it "a really hard orgasm".

    After clearing the dinner table, Natalja decides to put it to more than one use... She takes her time and draws out her self loving experience by using both her hands for inserting her fingers and clit play. Reminiscent of Immie, she eventually brings herself to a loud, exciting and powerful climax which is well worth the wait!

  • Thu 02nd Jun 2011 Brandi | Solo

    What can a girl get up to in a stairwell when her friend is late for lunch? Well, Brandi certainly does get lost in the moment in exactly this scenario. Dressed in a cute floral dress, leather belt and red headband she waits, checking her phone for her friend to call.

    It doesn't take long for the dress to come off and for her to start playing suggestively with the leather belt. Her toned, athletic body and long blond hair clash perfectly with the metal cage of the stairs and corporate back room setting. And then there's the ladder...

  • Wed 01st Jun 2011 Hayden & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    The tall, slim and gorgeously curvaceous Nichole spends the afternoon with Haydens sexually playful and unstoppable personality. Coming into the lounge Hayden quickly directs Nichole to the sofa and onto her back, where clothes soon start to dissapear and the mood starts to heat up.

    Wrapping her long legs around Haydens small frame Nichole brings the two closer together, and lets her hands wander over Haydens pert breasts, slim waist and through her blonde short hair. The two induldge in a montage of positions and Hayden even brings out a little toy for the two to have fun with.

  • Wed 01st Jun 2011 Kitty A | Solo

    Sexy Kitty decides to spend the day naked on the couch playing with herself for us. This is a relaxed video that takes some time for us to get to know her whilst visiting a friends houseboat.

    She has long blonde hair, a super fit, toned body and a very alluring accent. She explores nearly all of her body for us over some casual conversation. Thin, sexy, tannedand terrific!

  • Wed 01st Jun 2011 Brandi | Solo

    In the dark secluded spot at the top of a stairwell Brandi takes you into an intimate and extremely seductive one on one situation. Confining herself behind the metal caging of the partition wall, she pulls at her floral skirt and blue denim top which falls teasingly over her pert, bra-less breasts.

    Using the environment to her full advantage she lures you in with a series of sexually hypnotic slips of her nipples and flashes of her toned, slim and tanned body. Moving closer she pulls off her clothes leaving on just a thin brown leather belt which she suggestively slides between her legs, teasing you with every erotic movement!

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