• Sun 30th Sep 2007 Carmella | Intimate Moments

    The hallway is dim and moody, patchily lit and cluttered with odd furniture. Not somewhere you'd feel totally comfortable undressing, let alone pleasuring yourself. But you're starting to feel horny, and those urges need to be satisfied.

    There's that little voice in the back of your mind says "You only live once, you wouldn't know what it's like unless you tried it." Your mind tries to reason with it, but the voice grows bold and persuasive. You subconsciously analyse the risks of discomfort, but the urges grow more powerful, and raise a sense of assurance within.

    Suddenly you want to throw all caution to the wind - "it's worth a try, so just get on with it." Initial feelings of weirdness, caused by removing your clothes in an unfamiliar area, are overcome by a gradual build up of euphoria, that brings in a sense of reward. As the orgasm finally comes around, spreading a relaxing bliss across your body, you wonder why you were so paranoid in the first place - it was all in good fun, after all, wasn't it?

    Carmella's second IM awaits.

  • Sun 30th Sep 2007 Marleen | Solo

    Silken skirt, sparkly top and glittering coins - Marleen is a belly dancer. And a hot looking one at that too. With long flowing dark wavy hair and a full voluptuous figure, it's totally divine watching her perform some belly dancing moves for us. Ooh la la!

  • Sat 29th Sep 2007 Gilian & Jamie-Lee GG | Girl-Girl

    Girl-Girl shoots can be so hot that they attract attention from all over the place - even beyond this planet, as the sun slides by the window for a peek at Gilian & Jamie-Lee. The girls are using almost every square-inch of their skin to create sensual contact and the texture of the laboured breathing and moans highlight the intense passion that they exchange. Gilian's even ambitious enough to direct Jamie-Lee into a few suggested positions of her own. Frazzled hair and sweaty skin at the end of it all, you know it's a real good encounter for these two.

  • Sat 29th Sep 2007 Gilian & Jamie-Lee GG | Girl-Girl

    For new AW members, the magical past can come alive. For long-time AW members, it's a trip down memory lane. Check out the Classic Models column at the bottom of the left column on this page. Here we link to memorable models from years gone by. Currently there's Elizabeth. She was one of the first AW models I ever saw, and boy, her skin is perfect, fresh as an english rose - and a definitive definition of innocence. I still often wonder if she'll ever make a surprise return to the AWHQ office in Sydney...

    Gilian has 4 girl-girl shoots under her belt. Jamie-Lee is yet to pop her GG cherry. Gilian leads the way and shows Jamie-Lee how it's done. The learning curve is negotiated smoothly and quickly - it seems Jamie-Lee is a natural. You know it's a job well done when the red flushes rise to the surface.

  • Fri 28th Sep 2007 Backstage 167 | Behind the scenes

    Sci-fi author Larry Niven once wrote a story titled Flash Crowd, where people could easily teleport to newsworthy events as they occurred. Now imagine how that would happen with Abby Winters shoots... while such technology is extremely distant in today's society, we can still give you a virtual presence on the fantastic sets with Backstage 167 (and the sets won't be as crowded).

    In this instalment of Backstage, we have Eadie on a comfy bed, orgasm hunters Shane & Armine, spunky Scottish lass Miff, alternative chic Shelly B, the incredibly flexible Kendall, heavily pregnant Shannon, beaming blonde Kerry S, and interstate duo Max and Asha, who lark about in a room with a fantastic view. And are you wondering what's on that video tape? Take the hyperlink transport over and join the virtual flash crowd!

  • Fri 28th Sep 2007 Aylan | Solo

    Abbywinters.com sells merchandise! Well, one item at least - an AW T-shirt. Show that you surf the coolest adult website on this planet with pride, and maybe strike up some interesting conversation along the way. Melinda has recently done a showcase wearing hers, and Jemma and Valerie have in past done likewise. Even some members have raved about them. And don't forget where they first debuted, in the Screenprinting Girls shoot. Be bold, and get one for yourself!

    Aylan is a creative artistic genius, as well as having a firm, fit figure. She shows you many of her creations, including a culture of phallic characters and a wall canvas that needs some nudity for completion. Oh, and then there's the wild encounter with her neighbour - when there's girls as ambitious as Aylan living nearby, it's probably the real reason why property prices are sky high in some parts of Sydney!

  • Thu 27th Sep 2007 Rosalind | Solo

    Webdude has just released the October wallpaper for the AW 2007 calendar. We can't guarantee it'll help you pay your bills on time, or clean up for that rent inspection, but you do have the pretty Narida to look at, which is certainly more of a relief.

    Rosalind is a sweetie. Listen in on the video, and you might see another side of her. Self-defense moves, salsa dancing, an interesting experience on the side of a highway - and what gets her energy going in the morning? She's perfectly comfortable with her body, and I think that's part of what makes her beautiful.

  • Thu 27th Sep 2007 Chloe B & Paula | Solo

    Surprise! You have all been extra good today so we have a special treat for ya. Best pals Chloe B & Paula are at it again! These two love to have a giggle and what could be funnier than squatting on the floor next to your best mate and having a piss? Nothing! So Susie filmed this hilarious little video clip for your viewing pleasure. Don't worry, the girls shower at the end. Have fun!

    P.S. I can't figure out why they pissed on Susie's old kitchen floor? Whatever.

  • Thu 27th Sep 2007 Cleo | Solo

    As Abby has said recently, we're now using a new format for the news page center column - you'll be seeing both these content raves, interleaved with the backstage raves of the production girls (as they come back from the day's shoots), as well as other announcements. The backend is also vastly improved, and written by none other than our original experienced Lead Programmer Willow. It has shiny new buttons, that when haphazardly pressed by a bumbling yours truly, can serve up a multitude of dangers like *BZZZT* *VHOOM* *wark!* *POP* *PSSSH* *crackle* *FZZZT* *BOOF!* Aaaahhhh my nose!

    Cleo is one of the models that we let loose on the forums only three weeks ago, and she's already revealed a lot about her personality, along with many candid photos of herself. Her face is so expressive and captivating, and she really works it up for the camera in this stills set. Playful and sexy at the same time, you can tell she's enjoying this shoot just as much as you are.

  • Wed 26th Sep 2007 Ainslee | Solo

    Lotion in motion. Curves with verve. Glow with the flow. Lube in the... well you get the idea. Ainslee is back on video with a lotion shoot. If you like watching the texture and softness of an Abby girl's skin up close, then be sure to check out this clip.

    Ainslee has also made a recent surprise return to the boards - you can chat to her here.

  • Wed 26th Sep 2007 Melita | Solo

    If your name starts with "Mel", then more power to you today! For starters, the irresistibly cute, energetic and sweet-natured Melita returns in front of the lens for a redux shoot. Which will spin faster: the hula-hoop or your heart? Melita also posts on the forums. She now works at AWHQ, and she's awesome in person, I can tell you!

    Then there's forum chatterbox Melinda, who has recently shattered the record for most forum posts ever made by a model, previously set by Paula. And there's no sign of her slowing down - Melinda is currently soliciting ideas for celebrating the 3,000th post in her thread - knowing what she's done for past posting anniversaries it'll sure be exciting. Maybe she should write everyone's name in texta all over herself and take pictures? Nah....

  • Tue 25th Sep 2007 Jamie-Lee | Intimate Moments

    Ever feel like looking at the big picture of things? We have the sitemap, with links to every corner of the site that you might ever need to go to. Not to mention the entire site catalogue - some 1600+ shoots produced over the last seven years.

    Okay partner, push off now. Jamie-Lee has the whole couch to herself this time and takes on the mission to go mining for more orgasms, wherever they may be buried. With hands a-blur, I'm sure the earth moved for her more than once...

  • Tue 25th Sep 2007 Alberta | Solo

    Jelly wrestling? Topless waitress? Did I hear those right? Alberta certainly has a wild streak to her side, and Fallon gets a bit playful about it (Fallon directed this shoot, and Abby herself shot it). Check out her upper body strength too - she can do push-ups and remove her underwear with her elbows. Must be the bionic woman, I'd say.

    Abby says: you may have noticed the "What happened at AWHQ today" panel has gone... but it's not gone far! It's now integrated into this very column, and the backend stuff has been made a lot easier, so you'll start seeing posts and pics from the front line staff like Althea and Susie.

    We'll also be re-posting pics models have posted to the discussion boards, and stuff. We think it's gonna be great!

  • Mon 24th Sep 2007 Carissa | Solo

    Carissa has the day off, so let's chill out with her in the backyard as she flips through some glossy airbrushed magazines. There's wonderful weather above, so who wouldn't want to be walking around their backyard nude? And while you can't taste the forbidden fruit, we can still offer the next best thing in the form of this video. Try not to get hit by her impromptu whip-cracking demonstration.

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