• Wed 31st Aug 2016 Nude girl: Alina (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her legs wide apart in her tight short jeans, Alina smiles as her hand raises her top and uncovers her sheer bra. Slowly taking her shorts off, Alina pulls the her girlie panties aside revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. Gently she rubs her fingers against her wet vulva and slides them in as she begins to masturbate. 

    Displaying her amazing flexibility, raising her leg up in the air, Alina continues to insert her fingers in herself while she seductively looks at the camera. Turning around in the couch, Alina pushes her bum out and reaches for her clit from below as she continues to masturbate. 


  • Tue 30th Aug 2016 Video masturbation: Poppy B (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Lying on the bedroom floor, Poppy squeezes her pert breasts as she bites her lip. Slowly sliding her hand down her slender body, she reaches for her panties and gently caresses herself. 

    As she beings to wet her panties she takes them off, freeing her hairy vulva. Licking her fingers, Poppy energetically plays with her clit, as her breathing accelerates, she inserts two fingers in, squirming in pleasure until she reaches a powerful climax. 

  • Mon 29th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Tanya S (Video) | Solo

    Slender Tanya skateboards wearing only a bikini underneath her coat, people pass by watching her move. Going into the city center, she opens up her jacket to show off her body. Finding a tree, she takes off her jacket of and starts climbing the tree wearing only her bikini

    Feeling more cheeky, she takes off her bikini and grinds her shaved pussy against the tree branch as people pass by. Running into a construction area, Tanya gets fully naked and jumps around before she goes to her house and uses exercise machines outdoors to exercise nude. Getting back into her house, she show off the naked photos she took of herself before she plays with her small breasts and moves into yoga positions. 

  • Sun 28th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Tanya S (Stills) | Solo

    Walking down the street wearing nothing but her long coat, Tanya flashes publicly next to unaware pedestrians as she smiles at camera. Back at her place Tanya undresses, taking off her sexy lace bra and revealing her pert breasts and her third nipple

    Slowly pulling her short shorts down, Tanya's round bum becomes visible. Using a painting brush to caress her vulva on top of her girlie, pink panties, Tanya smiles with her blonde hair falling on top of her face. Making a fabulous display of her flexibility, Tanya continues to move around the room, exhibiting her slender, sexy body in numerous positions. 

  • Sat 27th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Billie T & Tiffany (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Billie pulls down Tiffany’s bra, encountering the delights of inverted nipples for the first time. “Spread your legs for me.” Billie sits on her knees below Tiffany, looking up through the tight curls of her full bush. Tiffany's hairs tickle Billie's nose as she plunges her face eagerly inside, hungrily licking till Tiffany's pale skin flushes red. “Oh God, that feels so good!”

    “Maybe we should talk about your lady parts and how they like to be touched!” Few people could flirt so outrageously and still be charming but Billie can, her teasing eyes alive with excitement as she slides her smooth legs open in a blatant display of sexual need and white panties. Moving to the arm of the sofa, Billie continues to touch herself, plunging a hand into her own knickers. Tiffany slides her naked foot closer, squealing in excitement yet otherwise unable to move, transfixed by the strip tease and masturbation in front of her. With a cat like reflex, Billie flies to her arms and in a hot embrace they begin kissing. “I feel like I'm being seduced by a mermaid!” Billie stands on the sofa, her puffy nipples throbbing with excitement as Tiffany snakes between her legs, her long hair teasing the sensitive skin. Tiffany's hands find the spot and soon Billie is gasping in pleasure, grasping the window ledge in order to stay on her feet.

  • Fri 26th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Hania (Video) | Solo

    “My toys are everywhere in my room, I would never hide them!” Hania lies in her bed and takes off her sheer top while cheekily hiding her breasts. Getting under the bed sheets, she changes her panties and bra. 

    Moving her panties to the side, Hania feels her natural wetness with finger. “I came fast!” says Hania as she fingers her hairy pussy. Taking her bra off, she grabs her pert breasts and plays with her brown nipples. Lying on her tummy and fingers herself from behind while teasing her anus. Grabbing her toothbrush, Hania inserts it into her pussy and teases her clitoris before she walks into bathroom and tries peeing standing up. Returning to her bed, Hania uses one of her many toys to masturbate to orgasm. 

  • Thu 25th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Billie T & Tiffany (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Billie and Tiffany sit next to each other in the couch as Billie casually opens her legs, revealing her white see-through panties. Slowly sliding her hand down, Billie begins to masturbate for Tiffany's delight. Passionately kissing, Tiffany undresses revealing her pert breasts and inverted nipples as Billie caresses her whole body. 

    Standing on the couch, Tiffany moves closer to Billie and gently guides her head in between her legs towards her full bush, enjoying a vibrant oral from Billie. Down on the floor, the girls engage in an ardent 69 before Billie positions herself in all fours as Tiffany fingers and licks her from behind.

  • Thu 25th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Beach games girls and boys (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Abbywinters goes to the beach! 12 vibrant individuals and couples, ready to splash, play and compete in the water, making up 2016's contribution to the companies now iconic, large naked group shoots

    First off team building, a human pyramid built on the foundation of Marleen and Nichole, their long legs folding beneath them to support the mass of squirming bodies that clamber on top. Grabbing a ball, everyone jumps in the water, teams form and wet clothing becomes heavy, clinging to bodies as they leap from the water. Marysa peels off her wet shirt and soon everyone follows suit, Juliana leaping after the ball as it flies in at her side. Standing, catching her breath, we notice Hania's hard nipples poking through her swimsuit. With screams of determination the tug-o-war begins, team captain Whitney shaking her troops up into a frenzy as they tear their tops off throwing them into the water, their naked breasts bouncing as they pick up the strain of the rope. 

    Climbing onto shoulders, the friends fight in pairs, naked breasts splashing into the warm water, naked thighs gripping around necks and faces as they grab at one another's nude bodies, trying to pull their opponents down into the lake. Taking on the roll of referee, Whitney plays ring master, pairing nude models against each other in one on one wrestling matches - the women take no prisoners, giving all they have got, nude limbs flailing in the water as they leap at their opponents be they male or female!

  • Wed 24th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Hania (Stills) | Solo

    Laying on her bed Hania slowly pulls up her top, revealing her lace, red bra through which we can see her pert breasts and puffy nipples. Raising a leg high up in the air, displaying her extreme flexibility, Hania pulls her panties aside revealing her perfectly shaved vulva as she starts masturbating. 

    Down on the floor, raising her hips, Hania first introduces a single finger, then two, then three of them and then four, stretching her vagina to the limit. However, she just got started. Hania shows us one by one her favorite toys, including a dildo and a vibrator as she continues to masturbate, moaning in pleasure until she reaches a powerful orgasm. 

  • Tue 23rd Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Beach games girls and boys (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Some of the most emblematic models on abbywinters unite for a fun day of games in the water under the summer sun. After having a lot fun building a human pyramid, the girls take off their bikini tops, exposing their breasts to the warm sun rays as they play a game of tug-of-war. 

    Standing completely naked in the water, it's time for shoulder fights as the girls hop on their partner’s shoulders and push each other until the last couple stands. Last but not least, it's time for some wrestling in the water, two at a time, the girls and boys wrestle each other until they fall on the water as the rest cheer for their team to win.

  • Mon 22nd Aug 2016 Nude girl: Marcia (Video) | Solo

    Dark skinned Marcia makes homemade candles by using herbs and only wearing a short dress that shows off her round ass and her white bra. She starts practices yoga and as she leans down, her shorts ride up in between her bum cheeks. 

    Taking down her dress, she squeezes her large breasts and teases her nipples. Marcia slowly takes off her panties and plays with her her hairy pussy and big bum before she lies on the ground and rubs her nipples against the floor. Opening her legs wide apart, Marcia shows her flexibility as she does nude yoga.

  • Sun 21st Aug 2016 Nude girl: Marcia (Stills) | Solo

    Bending over the kitchen counter Marcia stands on her tiptoes, raising her round bum as she looks back over her shoulder. As she begins to strip down, Marcia first takes her lace white bra, letting her dreadlocks fall on her round, big breasts, and then she takes off her matching panties. 

    Laying completely naked on the floor, Marcia caresses her silky smooth, dark skin as she smiles at the camera before dressing up in a lace white dress, letting her pubic hair and erect nipples visible through the fabric. 

  • Sat 20th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Lana S & Sophie (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Lana and Sophie practice yoga together, spreading their legs wide apart they move backwards and forwards, showing off their flexibility. Lana touches Sophie's ass while helping her into a position and then starts kissing her thighs as she moves her hands into her crotch. 

    Sophie moves up and the girls start kissing. Takes her shirt off, Lana caresses Sophie's large breasts over her pink sheer bra. Lana lies on her back and Sophie goes down on her, pushes a finger into Lana's pussy. Sophie sits on the side of window so Lana can pull on her meaty lips and keep lick into them. Sophie lies down and Lana sits on her face, opening her legs wide so Sophie can best reach her pussy. The girls lick and finger themselves to orgasm in even more flexible positions.

  • Fri 19th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Irina (Video) | Solo

    Redheaded Irina sits on the sofa wearing short skirt and long socks and as she fixes her white panties, she teases the hair that spills out from the sides. Moves her shirt up, Irina plays with her small breasts underneath her vintage white bra. 

    Irina lifts up her panties and slides them up her pussy before she slowly inserts a finger. Sitting in the doggy style position, Irina fingers herself from behind. Irina teases her anus before she lies on the couch and masturbates to orgasm. 

  • Thu 18th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Lana S & Sophie (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    As they stretch and practice their yoga exercises, Sophie and Lana raise their legs up in the air and spread them wide apart, displaying their flexibility. Still dressed, Sophie gently kisses the inner part of Lana's thighs and getting in between her legs she pulls her pink underwear apart and passionately gives her oral

    Undressing each other, both girls reveal their matching pink underwear and lingerie before laying completely naked next to each other. Positioning her meaty lips on top of Lana's face, Sophie squirms in pleasure as she holds squeezes her breasts before fingering each other until orgasm.

  • Wed 17th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Irina (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting up her colorful skirt, Irina reveals her white cotton knickers as she spreads her legs wide open, with her pubic hair showing through the seam of her panties.

    As she continues to undress, Irina reveals her pert breasts with her long redhead ponytail falling upon them. Pulling her panties tight against her labia, the fabric gets surrounded by her labia as she rubs them back and forth. Laying completely naked on the couch, Irina begins to masturbate, inserting first a single finger and then two of them,as she uses her second hand to spread her labia and bum cheeks apart. Down on the floor, with her hair down and her legs up, Irina continues to vigorously finger herself until she reaches a powerful orgasm. 

  • Tue 16th Aug 2016 Video masturbation: Juliana & Willa (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Juliana and Willa sit on the sofa wearing just their bras and panties, Willa’s large breasts and hard nipples spilling out. Willa opens her legs wide and her labia pushes through the fabric of her knickers

    “My favorite type of porn is squirting,” says Willa and Juliana joins in saying it also turns her on. Juliana takes off her panties and squeezes her pert breasts before Willa also gets naked and the girls start teasing their own hairy pussies. Willa pushes two fingers deep inside her pussy and watches as Juliana plays with her  sex toy and has a squirting orgasm. 

  • Mon 15th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Amelia B (Video) | Solo

    Slender Amelia walks in the forest wearing short skirt and as she leans forward and her pink panties flash from underneath. "I enjoy being naked outdoors, even if it’s raining i don’t mind getting wet.” 

    Amelia pulls down her blue top and teases her perfect breasts, her pink nipples poke through herwhite bra. “The best part of my body is my bum, I wear tight clothes very often.” Amelia pulls up her panties and rubs them into her labia. Lying on the ground, she opens up her leg while she touches and plays with her hairy pussy. "Foreplay is really important, it gets you ready for sex.” Taking off her ring, Amelia rubs the inside of her pussy with it. 

  • Sun 14th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Amelia B (Stills) | Solo

    As she stands alone in an outdoor field, Amelia slowly raises her summer skirt, revealing her girly cotton panties. Pulling down her top, we are able to admire her amazing, round, big boobs, contained in her white, lace bra before she takes it off letting her erect, puffy nipples out in the open. 

    As she sits naked on her picnic blanket outdoors, Amelia spreads her legs wide apart, exposing her delicate vulva. Using her hands to spread her labia apart as she smiles at the camera and pulls her panties firmly in between her lips. Amelia caresses herself in numerous positions, spreading her bum cheeks and labia as she moves around during this warm summer day. 

  • Sat 13th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Yara (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Chloe sits on her dining table, kissing Yara as her hands move on to Yara's breasts. Yara moves on to the table and pulls out Chloe's full breasts and licks them, "that feels very good!” 

    Taking off Yara's shirt, Chloe teases her armpit hair. Chloe goes in back of Yara and pulls her tight colorful leggings off before she kisses her perfect ass and grabs her pert breasts. Playing with her hairy bush, Chloe then kisses Yara’s anus. Yara takes Chloe's dress off and begins to eat her pussy before they lie next to each other and start tribbing to orgasm. 

  • Fri 12th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Ana B (Video) | Solo

    Ana lies on her sofa and reads a book only wearing a short red skirt and her legs wide open, her colorful panties flashing as she moves. “I have had little bit of a change since last time,” says Ana as she shows her round bum. ”I have bigger butt now!” 

    Takes her shirt off, Ana touches her breasts over her white sports bra, her hard nipples poking underneath the fabric. Moves her skirt up, Ana lifts her panties into her meaty lips. "It's much  easier to have sex with girl than with a guy,” says Ana as she teases her perfectly shaved pussy before rubbing body oil over her body.

  • Thu 11th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Chloe V & Yara (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sliding her hand down Yara's yoga pants, Chloe firmly grabs her bum cheek as they passionately kiss on the dinning room table. Gently kissing Yara's belly, Chloe takes off her top, with her long red hair falling on her chest, she reveals her lace bra and hairy armpits. Slowly undressing each other, the girls caress each other until the lay completely naked in front of each other. 

    Placing her head in between Yara's legs, Chloe moves her tongue all around Yara's hairy vulva playing with her meaty lips in between her tongue as Yara squirms in pleasure. Laying on top of the table, the girls position themselves in a 69 giving each other oral pleasure before getting down to the floor and for some tribbing action that will take them to a powerful orgasm. 

  • Wed 10th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Ana B (Stills) | Solo

    Lying down in the couch reading, Ana's colorful panties become visible as her tight skirt slides up her thighs. Slowly pulling it up, Ana reveals her perfectly round bum as she smiles over her shoulder. 

    Down on the floor, Ana gently pulls her panties aside revealing her big labia and perfectly shaved vulva as she squeezes her round breasts. As she continues to undress, Ana spreads her legs wide apart as she uses her hand to pull and stretch her meaty lips and caress her clit. Down on all fours, Ana raises her knee up to the couch, pushing her bum out, providing a perfect view of her pink, tight anus as she spreads her bum cheeks apart.  

  • Tue 09th Aug 2016 Video masturbation: Juliana (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Juliana wakes up in bed wearing grey leggings that show off her camel toe. Getting hair brush she fixes her hair and then starts playing her large breasts.

    Taking her sport bra off, she plays with her nipples. Turning on her sex toy she moves it around her crotch, her natural wetness leaving stains on her leggings. Getting completely nude, she inserts a cucumber into her hairy pussy before she pleases herself until she squirts.

  • Mon 08th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Sabrina V (Video) | Solo

    Flexible Sabrina does yoga outdoors wearing small shorts that clearly show her knickers and pubic hair peeping from the sides. Moving her hand over shirt, she touches her nipples as they poke through her shirt. 

    Spreading her legs wide apart, she slowly moves her bum back and forth. Lying on her side, she almost gets one leg behind her head, her camel toe visible from her shorts. Taking her shorts off, she pulls her bum cheeks apart, teasing herself. "I had sex with man and women and I think women are more sensual and softer.” Getting completely undressed, Sabrina plays and teases her pubic hair

  • Sun 07th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Sabrina V (Stills) | Solo

    Sitting on the porch wearing sporty shorts and a short top, Sabrina begins her daily stretching routine. Holding her ankle behind her back as she leans forward, we catch a glimpse of her white see-through panties covering her dark long pubic hair

    As Sabrina starts to strip down, first taking her shorts off and then her top and bra, revealing her erect puffy nipples and round bum, she continues to display her incredible flexibility. First, effortlessly doing a leg split and after, standing on her head with her bum and legs up in the air as she smiles seductively at the camera.

  • Sat 06th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Amanda B & Amber (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Amber collects some flowers in garden and and brings them to Amanda. Sitting on her leg the girls begin to kiss. Amanda takes of Amber’s top off and plays with her small breasts under her blue bra, teasing her nipples. 

    Lying on the sofa, Amanda licks Amber’s nipple while touching her pussy over green leggings. Amber takes Amanda's dress off and the girls sits next to her so they can finger each other. Amanda sits on Amber's face and grinds her full bush on her tongue. Amanda tuns Amber around and licks into her anus and pussy in the doggy style position as Amber moves her large bum back and forth.

  • Fri 05th Aug 2016 Nude girl: Noelle (Video) | Solo

    Redheaded Noella sits on her bed wearing a short dress. "My breasts and butt are bigger over the years.” Noella pulls the top down and  touches her pert breasts underneath her bra. “They are little bit more than handful now!”

    Taking her bra off, Noella pinches her pink nipples. Standing on her bed, she takes her dress off and shows her perfect ass. "I like to get spanked from time to time.” Taking her panties off, she plays with her full bush, “as you can see I still have my bush, I never have shaved.” Lying on the bed, Noella brings out her sex toy and plays with her clit to orgasm. 

  • Thu 04th Aug 2016 Lesbian sex: Amanda B & Amber (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sitting on Amanda's lap, Amber softly poses her lips on Amanda’s body before pulling down her dress, revealing her delicate bra and round breasts. As the excitement scales up, Amanda tears apart Amber's pantyhose, exposing her pubic hair and vulva while she slowly moves her tongue around Amber's labia making her squirm in pleasure.  

    Sitting next to each other, Amanda and Amber reach out for each other's vulvas and they mutually masturbate. Amanda takes over and sits on top of Amber as she gives her a committed oral. Lying down on all fours, Amanda continues to masturbate Amber before engaging in a passionate tribbing.

  • Wed 03rd Aug 2016 Nude girl: Noelle S (Stills) | Solo

    Opening her legs while she lies in bed, we are able to catch a glimpse of Noelle's girly panties beneath her summer dress. Unzipping her dress, she lets her long, natural red hair fall on top of her pale, pert breasts as she seductively smiles at the camera.  

    As she lays completely naked, Noelle spreads her legs wide apart, playing with her full red bush and her delicate labia, pulling her meaty lips apart before inserting her fingers and passionately masturbate. One last surprise awaits us, as Noelle steps outside for a quick, but intense pee on the sidewalk. 

  • Tue 02nd Aug 2016 Video masturbation: Amelia B & Poppy B (Video) | Intimate Moments

    "I love being watched when I am horny,” says Amelia to Poppy as they both lie in bed, wearing just knickers and shirt. Their hands move over their bodies before they are rubbing into their panties.

    Amelia takes her shirt off and shows off her large breasts underneath her red bra. Not being left out, Poppy grabs her small breasts and teases her nipples. "I like threesomes,” says Poppy as she start fingering her hairy pussy. Amelia then takes her clothes and teases her perfect shaved pussy as both girls please themselves to orgasm.

  • Mon 01st Aug 2016 Nude girl: Daria V (Video) | Solo

    Slender Daria wears tight, colorful leggings and pink top and as she sits in her chair, her nipples poke through her shirt. Shifting her leggings up, she pushes out her round ass. 

    Taking her the leggings down, her full bush is visible from the side of her panties. Daria touches her meaty lips and teases herself before she puts her hand on the top of a chair and stands upside down, showing off her flexible body. 

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