• Fri 30th Nov 2007 Backstage 176 | Behind the scenes

    Watch the models dressing and undressing before and after their shoots, see what they do for a break, observe the way they have to fill out paperwork, and see some of the humourous moments of the day caught in the backstage camera. All in Backstage 176.

  • Fri 30th Nov 2007 Betty | Solo

    Melita is the host of this week's email AW Newsletter. There's a link to the free video of Melita and Violet. Sign-up for the free newsletter at the top of the newsletter page. Don't worry - we'll NEVER share your email.

    Betty takes her pants and underwear off first before her bra, and lets you get a good look as she caresses herself. You can perve on her rounded curvy body and generous boobs as much as you want once the bra comes off.

  • Thu 29th Nov 2007 Kara-Lee | Solo

    One of Kara-Lee's great enjoyments in life is massaging other people. She just loves the body and touching it and learning about it. When Kara-Lee has sex, her favourite position is doggy-style or a slight variation, getting it from behind while standing up. If you're friends with Kara-Lee she might just play strip poker with you.

    Abby says: If you plan to visit us in Las Vegas at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Jan 2008, now's the time to let us know! RSVP'ing now reserves you a special gift from us! More info on the AEE thread.

  • Thu 29th Nov 2007 Mandy M | Solo

    Mandy M has a great time swinging around nude in her backyard with only her garden gnome and bullfrog to watch her. Look for Mandy to swing straight toward you with her legs wide open. Mandy's set has Dressing Room photos as a bonus.

  • Wed 28th Nov 2007 Bryony | Solo

    Bryony is in the groove, dancing and cheerleading to the beat. She gets increasingly naked and explicit as she dances. Later on, Bryony finds her orange beanbag chair and not only masturbates on it, but has an orgasm.

  • Wed 28th Nov 2007 Jemima | Solo

    The I Love Sex thread on the forums is to encourage you to write your local Australian government leaders to continue to allow websites like this one. Gabrielle said it well in one of her posts on the thread that as soon as you're 'not allowed' to have something, you just want it more.

    In this special set, Jemima lets us watch her perform her very talented contemporary dance. She is graceful, yet full of intensity. Of course, Jemima gets increasing more naked as the dance progresses. Extra-Large images are available as worthwhile option. If you'd like to see more Jemima, her main solo images are here.

  • Tue 27th Nov 2007 Danielle K & Hillery | Intimate Moments

    Danielle K & Hillery undress each other, then begin to rub themselves in this double IM. After a while the girls start passionately kissing, which makes them both much more horny. They can't resist caressing and squeezing each other's boobs. Orgasms aren't far behind.

  • Tue 27th Nov 2007 Kiki | Solo

    Time to catch up on some hot photos posted on the boards. Violet and Anneke had a good time after hours, and more Violet, along with Patience, Anneke, and photographer, Toby. You can see a couple more pics of the very pretty Toby on her thread. And lastly Sahara makes an appearance with some spicy photos she sent in.

    Olive-skinned Kiki has some great stories to tell in her video as she's getting undressed. She gives an incredibly sexy tale of her first experience with a girl that she slept with every night. Kiki enjoys dildos, vibrators, and double dildos with her girlfriend. Thanks again go out to Becca for her donation to the Dildo Drive.

  • Mon 26th Nov 2007 Belinda F | Solo

    Belinda F, the girl with those fabulous eyes, makes a reappearance, this time outdoors. She does lots of finger insertions as she spreads her legs from the front and the rear. Belinda gets herself quite wet and you can see a puddle of girl cum between her lips. If you like Belinda (and why wouldn't you?), check out her other six shoots like this one, her main shoot.

  • Mon 26th Nov 2007 Ginny I | Solo

    Melita and Violet have a swimmingly good time as they cavort around in the pool in the Video Newsletter, and let you in on the details of this week's models. Enter a special coupon code revealed by the girls to get a discount if you sign-up.

    Ginny I is the quintessential girl-next-door, who happens to get naked in her backyard garden. Ginny spreads her legs for you, so you can see all of her lovely pink bits. She'll bend over for you as well.

  • Sun 25th Nov 2007 Gabrielle | Intimate Moments

    Gabrielle is one of those girls who look so sexy in glasses. She even keeps them on when she masturbates - for our benefit I think. Gabrielle begins on her stomach, then decides that flipping over onto her back is best. As you'll see, that really worked for her, producing a series of back-arching orgasms.

  • Sun 25th Nov 2007 Betty | Solo

    In the last two weeks we've donated $1000 each, first to Movember which supports men's health awareness, seeing a doctor regularly, and male depression, which is more common than you might think. Secondly we've donated $1000 to an Australian Spina bifida organisation. Spina bifida is a serious birth defect affecting the spinal cord and has many other physical aspects as a result.

    Betty is a pretty brunette girl with polka dot undies. She has a neatly trimmed bush and a nice rack. Overall Betty is a winner, and a worthy addition to the abbywinters group of models.

  • Sat 24th Nov 2007 Em & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    Em & Jamie-Lee gently kiss and play with each other's boobs. They pull their clothes off and soon they are giving each other head, and get into the sixty-nine position for double access at the same time. They flip around and Em grinds her pelvis into Jamie-Lee's leg. From there it's more head and fingering until both have had multiple orgasms.

  • Sat 24th Nov 2007 Em & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    To send us feedback or ask a question, technical or otherwise; we have a Feedback page just for that purpose. Questions could relate to billing, DVD ordering, or help viewing photos or videos.

    Em & Jamie-Lee begin with lots of kissing, both of the lips and of the breasts. Then the shorts and the undies disappear and its skin on skin. Finger insertions are right behind and the giving of head is greedily partaken.

  • Fri 23rd Nov 2007 Backstage 175 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 175 focuses a lot of its images on the set-up and action at Kristin & Shelly B's girl-girl Tier 2 shoot out in the bush. The rest of this backstage has a good mix of naked girls like Alex T & Carissa, and Celina.

    Penny says: We had some feedback from a few members about the Gilian & Jamie-Lee videos saying the shot pace was too rapid. After reviewing the video again, we agreed. So, we have done a re-edit of the video with slower cuts. It's subtle but we hope you guys like the improvements! Please feel free to send any other feedback to: abby@abbywinters.com. Thanks gals n' gents.

  • Fri 23rd Nov 2007 Krystelle | Solo

    All members have a MyAW page found under the Extras tab. While there you can see your expiration date, change a few personal settings and run a bandwidth test. If you click the Manage Account button underneath your username, you'll be taken to a page where you can have billing-related questions answered.

    Krystelle used to work on the Gold Coast as a stripper, but now she's down in Melbourne. She wants to tell you a story about the first time she had an orgasm in a small car at the drive-in movies. Krystelle peels an orange carefully, then rubs the peel all over her body so she smells really nice. She looks totally amazing in the process.

  • Thu 22nd Nov 2007 Hillery | Solo

    Hillery could be described as a sex kitten. She feels like she's evolving towards a feline and has the kitten paw-prints on her back to prove it. She likes to act and create drama. Hillery likes her boobs treated roughly, and has one nipple piercing with plans for a second one in the same nipple. She says the painting behind her wasn't based on her, it's just a coincidence, an uncanny coincidence. Both are very sexy girls.

  • Thu 22nd Nov 2007 Kara-Lee | Solo

    A few models and staff members have been posting their photos on the boards. Hillery can be seen dressing up. No longer a new employee, Althea submitted a steamy and very sexy shot from her shower. And lastly, model Gabrielle posted some great pictures of herself in her undies with pubic hair showing.

    This shoot of Kara-Lee may be low in the number of photos, but it surely covers all the bases. She goes from cute-as-a-button angel, to naked seductress. Kara-Lee shows all, and spreads her legs for views from both the front and her backside. Kara-Lee has a dressing room set in addition to her main set.

  • Wed 21st Nov 2007 Michelle R | Solo

    Michelle R is by herself in the park today, after having done some girl-girl shoots in the past. Did you know Michelle can lick her own nipples? She takes pleasure in thoroughly massaging her breasts and playing with herself. Michelle uses the fence to bend over and masturbate herself from the rear. What a great sight!

  • Wed 21st Nov 2007 Bryony | Solo

    The Coming Attractions girls down in the bottom right of this page are your opportunity to see who's coming up in the next three to four weeks. If you pass your mouse cursor over their thumbnails, up will pop the date they are scheduled.

    Bryony looks like she's having a good time on the big orange bean bag seat. Maybe she's thinking how nice it would be to have another girl on there with her. Bryony gets naked and lets her big boobs out, then shows us lots of very explicit shots of her pink crotch.

  • Tue 20th Nov 2007 Kitty M | Intimate Moments

    A very nice IM is done by Kitty M. She spends about half of her time on her tummy and half face-up so you can see all the action. Listen for the wet squishy sounds as Kitty gets increasingly aroused before her orgasm.

  • Tue 20th Nov 2007 Taysha | Solo

    Let me remind you of the campaign to write your Australian legislators to continue to allow the sale of sex videos in your country. Penelope started a thread about it on the boards with directions to a website where you can go for more information.

    Taysha leads us down a muddy road one chilly day, heading for her secret spot by the creek. She flashes her coat open often, showing she's completely naked underneath. Taysha delights in letting us see close-ups of her boobs and bits on several occasions.

  • Mon 19th Nov 2007 Sue-Ann | Solo

    Sue-Ann is often seen on the message boards, especially on her own thread, Intercourse with Sue-Ann. Today she's back on the site for a redux shoot and she's brought toys from the sex shop. Sue-Ann's not shy about insertions and you'll really get an eyefull. Sue-Ann has many other shoots, which include girl-girls and IM's, particularly this memorable one.

  • Mon 19th Nov 2007 Kiki | Solo

    This week's Video Newsletter will double your pleasure. It's hosted by photographer, Toby, and videographer, Patience. This wild and crazy pair will fill you in on this week's hot models as they fool around with each other in the park. Watch for a coupon code that will get you a discount if you join up.

    This raven-haired temptress, Kiki, is almost too good to be true. She's dark-skinned and dark nippled, with a smoothly shaved pussy. Kiki uses a Dildo Drive vibrator donated by Becca, and it makes her really wet. Extra-large images complete this wonderful package.

  • Sun 18th Nov 2007 Leesa | Intimate Moments

    Leesa slips out of her jeans-dress, then her shirt and bra so she can rub her soft boobs. Once she takes off her striped undies, her pink bits have full access to be fondled. She slips her fingers in and out and rubs her clit until she's definitely aroused. Her orgasm is not far away...

  • Sun 18th Nov 2007 Krystelle | Solo

    Melinda posted a lot of "naughty" pics in her thread on the forums this week. Take a look and see if you like her in her new blue bra or the pink one.

    This green-eyed lady has a lot going for her. Besides her lovely eyes, Krystelle has beautiful long hair, perfect breasts, fine peach-fuzz hair all over, and a well-shaved pussy. She's in the kitchen now, but she's got bedroom-eyes. You can also fawn over her extra-large images and dressing room photos.

  • Sat 17th Nov 2007 Fotina & Julia B | Girl-Girl

    Fotina & Julia B start by kissing through the curtains. This was Fotina's first girl-girl experience, but in the end she found that there was no reason to be nervous; Julia's a great lover. Sometimes the girls were soft and delicate, and sometimes it got a bit rougher. Julia cries out for more of exactly what she wants when she's orgasming. This pairing was certainly enjoyed by both.

  • Sat 17th Nov 2007 Fotina & Julia B | Girl-Girl

    You can make your own List of stills or videos that you like or want to group together. These lists can be private, seen only by you, or they can be public, shared with everyone.

    Fotina & Julia B make love in the soft gauzey light from the window sheers. They give each other's breasts full attention, then they go down on each other for the ultimate in pleasure. Extra-large images and dressing room photos are available for those of you who enjoy them.

  • Fri 16th Nov 2007 Backstage 174 | Behind the scenes

    More behind the scenes action from Susie, Matilda, Penelope, and others. We get a bit more of Vanessa Y, who is always a special treat. This is your chance to see the way we work, and how the process goes, plus sexy chicks as part of the bargain.

  • Fri 16th Nov 2007 Brandy | Solo

    Don't miss our Classic Models section in the lower left of the News Page. Right now the Classic Model is Samantha. Samantha looks vibrant and energetic as she gets undressed in the big leather chair. Samantha also did a girl-girl shoot with her friend Tully.

    Up for a video today is Brandy, who gives us the story of a threesome she had. She says she likes getting head with a tongue that's nice and warm, and has done it to another girl. Brandy has great boobs and fantastic arse, both of which she continually flashes through-out the video.

  • Thu 15th Nov 2007 Danicka | Solo

    abbywinters.com has once again won "Best Adult Website", at the Australian Adult Industry awards! The award was collected by Susie and the AVN team. Photos from the occasion can be found on this thread in the discussion boards. Thank you to everyone for all your support.

    Danicka's quite an active girl. She likes to play all sorts of sports, like footy, and wrestling, and especially basketball. Danicka also enjoys horseback riding. She's only been on a horse naked one time, but you can see her simulating the experience here on the arm of the couch.

  • Thu 15th Nov 2007 Hillery | Solo

    Today's model, Hillery, recently sent in a photo of herself for us to post on the forums. She looks young and innocent, but she's really 21 years old.

    Hillery's official abbywinters still photos are up today, and she likes to surround herself with drawings of naked ladies - one large one in particular. Sort of a resemblance, don't you think? Hillery has a nice rack and a fine hairy bush for that natural look.

  • Wed 14th Nov 2007 Eloise | Solo

    Here's some video footage we found of Eloise in the river during the Special Project. The video's not up to our current standards, but we think it's worth presenting anyway cuz Eloise is so damn cute, and there's that wonderful scenic location. Eloise cavorts in the water and tells stories about her piercings and other things she's done in Australia.

  • Wed 14th Nov 2007 Michelle R | Solo

    I must encourage you once again to read this post in the forums about the attacks on pornography both in Australia and elsewhere. Remember to write your national, and even local government leaders and committees to demand your rights to sexual freedom.

    It's nice to see Michelle R outdoors in the dappled sunlight and fresh air. Michelle seems to be enjoying climbing on that old fence and showing off her naked bum. Things get even better when she gets turned around and displays her bra-less boobs and hairy pussy.

  • Tue 13th Nov 2007 Melita | Intimate Moments

    One of the frequent model contributors to our forums, Melita graces us with an excellent IM video today. She starts by caressing herself all over then focusing all of her attentions between her legs to bring on a powerful orgasm.

  • Tue 13th Nov 2007 Talie | Solo

    There's an interesting thread on the boards about first date sex. What sort gets it, and what type doesn't, with speculation about why or why not. The differences between men and women when rejected for first date sex is explored. Interesting reading.

    Talie likes to take good care of her body, getting her nails done and visiting the solarium. She talks about her active social life, meeting up with people at clubs and sometimes taking them home. Talie tells a long story about one particular night when she took home a girl and two guys. They had sex in lots of combinations and lots of orgasms were had. Talie gets out of her tight jeans and dances nude just for us.

  • Mon 12th Nov 2007 Bethany | Solo

    Bethany has returned for a redux photo shoot and she looks as hot as ever. She peels off her undies from beneath her skirt and reveals her well-trimmed pussy first. Next off is her shirt and bra leaving her with only a large beaded necklace to cover her breasts. It doesn't cover much and soon she's left naked with just a smile.

  • Mon 12th Nov 2007 Taysha | Solo

    Chloe B & Marigold are together again, this time to bring us this week's Video Newsletter. They can't keep their hands off of each other as they fill you in on all of this week's outstanding sets. Somewhere in the VNL is a coupon code to get a discount when you sign-up.

    Taysha makes a precarious crossing over the creek on a slippery log. Will she fall in? Looks like she's popping the buttons on that snug red shirt. Taysha manages to take her bra off, leaving the shirt on for awhile so you can see her pokey long nipples through the fabric. Very hot. She gets fully naked in the woods and cavorts on the log a bit more, giving you an up-close look at her bits.

  • Sun 11th Nov 2007 Celina | Intimate Moments

    Celina's masturbation is so momentous it makes me hear bells as she rubs herself. Turn up your speakers a bit and you'll hear them too. Once Celina takes off her skirt, she picks up the pace on her stroking, making herself come without delay.

  • Sun 11th Nov 2007 Brandy | Solo

    Have a look at what the staff are saying on the discussion boards. There's a box on the left side of this page with links to their comments. Sometimes they have valuable background information about the site that you might not hear about otherwise.

    "Brandy you're a fine girl, what good wife you would be." Whenever I hear the name Brandy it reminds me of that old song. This Brandy is definitely fine, 'tis true. She combines a cute face, with perfect boobs and a killer body, into one very special package. Extra-large images are a nice option available for Brandy.

  • Sat 10th Nov 2007 Jamie-Lee & Phoenix | Girl-Girl

    You can tell when two girls have a comfortable connection with each other, and Jamie-Lee & Phoenix definitely have it. This video shoot is filled with non-stop fingering, eating each other out, and tribadism (scissoring their legs together). Needless to say, many orgasms were had.

  • Sat 10th Nov 2007 Jamie-Lee & Phoenix | Girl-Girl

    Abbywinters.com donates $1000 per week to worthy charities. This week's charity is Open BSD, an operating system that we use internally.

    Jamie-Lee & Phoenix are two girls with long beautiful hair who love to kiss deeply. They also enjoy fingering each other even more deeply. Don't worry, they don't leave their luscious breasts out of the action for long. Want to see them put their undies and bras back on? A Dressing Room set is included.

  • Fri 09th Nov 2007 Backstage 173 | Behind the scenes

    You know it's going to be a good Backstage set when it starts off with Susie giving everyone the finger. There's Michelle R outdoors, and Reece getting eye makeup put on for that dark Deviations set she did. Shane & Fallon are getting ready for their extra-aggressive girl-girl, and lastly Merryn, Susie, and Abby are plodding through the muddy cane field and came back with some super photos.

  • Fri 09th Nov 2007 Mariko | Solo

    Remember, to search for a model, it's very easy. Just click on Content at the top of the page, select any of the galleries, then it's best to always click on the Advanced Search button. Then you're free to search by name, date, age, type of shoot, or lists. You name it, and we've got a way to search for it.

    Mariko is an alluring model from Japan. She doesn't speak much English at all. Mariko speaks the universal language of seduction, however, as she removes her clothes, then gets into sensually smoothing oil all over her pale body.

  • New Model: Danicka

    Thu 08th Nov 2007 New Model: Danicka | News

    Visit our AVN/AEE page for up to date info about our plans to be at the adult expo in Las Vegas this January. There's a new video trailer on the page to entice you to come along - as if you needed any enticement!

    Danicka is a pretty model, shot on a white leather couch. She was pleased to do a total open-leg shot for us, no problem. Danicka shows off her puffy nipples to full advantage in the breast close-ups.

  • Wed 07th Nov 2007 Jemma | Solo

    Jemma's quite talkative in her redux photo shoot where she's wearing something quite unusual for this site - nylon stockings. She tells us about having sex in a changing room with a new friend, and about how she's realised since modeling for us what nice nipples she has. Jemma also gives an impressive devil-sticks performance, which is a bit hard to explain, you'll just have to watch.

  • Tue 06th Nov 2007 Sahara | Intimate Moments

    Sahara looks like she just came in from safari where she met Tarzan and she played Jane for awhile. Sahara is exceptionally multi-orgasmic and she's so expressive that you can almost feel the sensations right through your monitor. Her large crinkly nipples are a treat!

  • Tue 06th Nov 2007 Kitty M | Solo

    Be sure to watch the trailers for our latest DVD's, Intimate Moments Getting Off and Next Door Girls. These DVDs contain the very best content from what's available on the abbywinters.com site, re-edited for DVD release, along with some awesome DVD extras.

    Kitty M has a finely sculpted body that she works on frequently at the gym where she's a personal trainer. Kitty teaches us some of her favourite exercises before she pulls out that long purple dildo from the Dildo Drive. Thanks again Doinel for your generous gift.

  • Mon 05th Nov 2007 Viera | Solo

    Viera's back and she's more sultry and seductive than ever. She teases the camera with her poses, and in the end you just want to take this little cutie with the long beautiful tresses home with you.

    Penny says: So maybe we have been a teeny weeny bit busy lately and haven't been making as many donations as usual. We're back on track now though. Guess how much we've donated in the last week? $20,000 Yay team!

    Of course, we don't do $20,000 every week - we're doing it cos we have not donated anything over the last 20 weeks. We're back to normal now, and will be donating $1000 to a charity each week.

  • Mon 05th Nov 2007 Talie | Solo

    This week the new dynamic duo, Jacki and Petria co-host this installment of the Video Newsletter. They introduce this week's upcoming sets, sometimes solo and sometimes in harmony. Be sure to watch for a coupon code that will get you an extra 10 percent off on your membership, but must be used before it expires.

    Talie's got a great tan, terrific tits, and an overall womanly curvy figure. Talie is ready to spread her legs and insert her new vibrator from the Dildo Drive. Get this. It actually vibrates to the beat of the music on the mp3 player in her ears. Good job Graeme for submitting such a cool toy to the drive. Of course, Talie works full time for AWHQ, in our Sydney office - go chat with her on the boards!

  • Sun 04th Nov 2007 Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Ellyn really knows the best ways to get herself off. She kneads her breasts and licks the nipples. Ellyn also knows just how to massage her pussy with special attention to the clit so that she's able to cum more than once in this awesome IM.

  • Sun 04th Nov 2007 Mariko | Solo

    We have lots of models who choose to chat on our discussion boards, on their own time, mind you. Why? Because they have fun, and it's entertaining to chat with the membership. That feeling is mutual for sure.

    I haven't seen Mariko on the forums, but she would certainly be welcomed there. Members have asked for more Asian and dark-skinned models and we aim to please. Mariko has some fine breasts and full pubic hair. She also does a Dressing Room set which goes along with this shoot that's quite a nice one, I think.

  • Sat 03rd Nov 2007 Nadine & Patience | Girl-Girl

    These are some of the absolute hottest Tier 3 videos on the site. Nadine & Patience gave each other head and tribbed until they both could barely stand the ecstasy. A super introduction into the T3 world for Nadine.

  • Sat 03rd Nov 2007 Nadine & Patience | Girl-Girl

    This week's girl-girl shoot is a Tier 3. That's our most explicit level of girl-girl shoot, including passionate sexual contact, genital penetration with fingers, and oral sex. For a full explanation of the tiering system, here's a FAQ.

    Both Nadine & Patience are well experienced in Tier 3 level shoots now, but this was Nadine's first. Patience taught her all about the good stuff - lots of tongue kissing, pussy rubbing, and plenty of oral. This set also has a dressing room shoot that accompanies it.

  • Fri 02nd Nov 2007 Backstage 172 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 172 focuses mainly on the outdoor, in the park girl-girl shoot of Brooke L & Toni B. It turns out that there was a bus-load of tourists not far off, but Susie and Abby did a good job of keeping them at their distance. Brooke and Toni had free rein to explore each other's bodies without distraction.

  • Fri 02nd Nov 2007 Jade L | Solo

    Staff member Penelope and Abby are encouraging you to participate in a drive to write to your Australian government officials and demand the right to view erotica and pornography between consenting adults. Take a look at this thread.

    Jade L is a little shy, but she soon gets the idea and enjoys a relaxing lotion video shoot. Jade undresses slowly, gradually lubing up every inch of her body. From her toes to her boobs and soft bum, nothing is missed. Lastly she gets to her inner thighs and softly moistens her pubes.

  • Thu 01st Nov 2007 Jemima | Solo

    Dancer Jemima continues to impress us with her abilities. She's got a great deal of flexibility. Who knew stretching could be so exciting? It's no surprise that Jemima was known for having the best ass in her high school.

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