• Sun 30th Nov 2008 Dennie | Solo

    Dennie has a deliciously creamy pussy, one she doesn't mind you taking a peek at either! She's on the rooftop basking in the warm sunlight, getting naked and exploring her body. Her breasts hang wonderfully and as she squeezes and caresses them her little nipples get harder and more aroused...

  • Sat 29th Nov 2008 Narita | Solo

    Gorgeous Narita from Workout Girls is here on her own today so you can get to know her a bit more! She's shy and just a little nervous which makes her even more adorable... Slowly she gets undressed in the front room of her house, letting you see more and more, even spreading her pussy lips wide open for a juicy peek!

  • Sat 29th Nov 2008 Angie | Intimate Moments

    Steamy siren Angie is feeling frisky today. Left completely alone she stares at the camera, enjoying the feeling of potential eyes on her. She uses her favourite method of getting off- humping her pillow- with explosive results! Her pale skin flushes bright red as she orgasms, her massive breasts swinging as she thrusts...

  • Fri 28th Nov 2008 Backstage 228 | Behind the scenes

    All my favourite Ladies!! Me, Anneke, Violet, Chloe B, Jacki, Patience, Melita, Julietta, Jilly, Marigold and Petria on the Massive work trip to tropical Queensland late last year. Four days of total bliss, leeches, mosquito bites, celebrity heads and a sausage sizzle! These are just some of the backstage shenanigans we got up to...

  • Fri 28th Nov 2008 Narita | Solo

    Cute-as-a-button Narita is home alone and ready to show you her body. Her dark hair tucked neatly behind her ears, her large eyes twinkling- she slowly eases down the straps of her sundress. Her bra comes off next before she snuggles into the sofa to gather her confidence. At last her undies are off and you can see she's truly stunning!

  • Thu 27th Nov 2008 Chloe B, Kiki & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    Three stunning knockouts, naked and getting it on! What more could you ask for?! Chloe B, Kiki and then Larissa M all join this steamy Sunday afternoon sex romp, their clothes torn off and their lips locked in passionate kisses. Enjoy lots of fingering, licking and super crisp close-ups!

  • Thu 27th Nov 2008 Cleo | Solo

    Cleo's back! And she's got a cute "Hello Kitty" vibrator to have some naughty fun with! She chats about lacy underwear, and other girly things before whipping off her top and applying the buzzing head of her toy to her quickly hardening nipples! Left alone she has some sensual, highly erotic, natural orgasms!

  • Thu 27th Nov 2008 Emm | Intimate Moments

    An unusual IM video today from the powerhouse of sexual dominance that is redheaded Emm. She has a glorious orgasm, trying a long forgotten girlhood technique and then a rather entertaining masturbation "History lesson" while she waits for her DIM partner Becky T to finish. A MUST see video! 5 stars!

  • Wed 26th Nov 2008 Cleo | Solo

    Incredibly CUTE Cleo has another solo! YAY! She's chilling out, but feeling typically frisky so of course she pulls out a vibrator for some orgasmic entertainment... And because we think this shoot is so good, it's also available in XL- Extra Large 3504x2336 pixel images!

  • Wed 26th Nov 2008 Emily K | Solo

    Getting nudie in front of a camera can be rather daunting but Emily K did a sterling job! Her pink sweater and little shortie shorts hide matching lacy bra and knickers. Her arse is little and round, sitting high and firm with just a little wobble. As she gets nude she lets you admire her body from top to toe but doesn't let you see too much!

  • Tue 25th Nov 2008 Chanel | Solo

    Darling Chanel's breasts are the perkiest larger-sized boobs I've ever seen- and they're completely natural! She invites you to hang out with her while she slowly and carefully gets undressed, her excitement growing, her hands itching to touch her bare, aroused skin... make sure you check out Kitchen Girls too!

  • Tue 25th Nov 2008 Emily K | Solo

    Pint sized Emily K tackles an old ladder for her very first shoot today! She climbs the wobbly steps to fondle some juicy lemons before getting too hot and deciding to get progressively less clothed...YAY! She's got a super cute bum and more than a handful of highly squeezable breast! Enjoy!

  • Mon 24th Nov 2008 Daria & Keira | Intimate Moments

    We never know what's going to happen when we leave two girls alone to masturbate. There might be nervous giggles. There may be outright sex! In two parts there's lots of sexy, tension building girl talk but it's not til the second video the passion breaks loose with deep, wet kissing and hands groping over and under clothes...

  • Sun 23rd Nov 2008 Chanel | Solo

    This stunning young woman has an intense sexual energy and it shows! Her cheeky stare hints at underlying fantasies and her coy smile as she flashes one perfect nipple is bewitching! This beautiful outdoors shoot shows off Chanel's smoking body, she stretches and drapes herself over moss-covered rocks before revealing her inner secrets...

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2008 Hiking Girls | Solo

    Jessica L, Veronika, Kara D and Katherine F are four friends hiking through the mountains. They help each other along the tough parts- lending hands and giving boosts up, gradually peeling off tops and shorts, bras and panties, til they reach the summit and rub sun lotion into each other's bare, naked bodies and collapse with a happy exhaustion...

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2008 Leah | Intimate Moments

    Leah talks directly to you at the start of this intimate look at her masturbation technique. She's completely alone, her pink polka dot undies quickly whipped off as she gets more and more aroused. Her neatly shaved pussy responds to her fingers by releasing and intense, moan and gasp inducing natural orgasm!

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2008 Fae | Nude in public

    Fae was so excited to be doing her guerrilla shoot today. So when Prue took her to the botanical gardens she was in heaven running around the trees and getting back to nature- flashing of course! Watch out for a few sneaky runs through the park and a public masturbation on the park bench ...that got interrupted a few times!

  • Fri 21st Nov 2008 Hiking Girls | Solo

    Four happy, healthy young girls out for an intense hike in the wild Australian outback- the hauntingly misty start, the trek up the rough path and finally scaling the cliffs with the sun beating down. A light sheen of sweat develops on their brows and their clothes are casually but swiftly abandoned...

  • Fri 21st Nov 2008 Claire J | Intimate Moments

    Claire's a Finnish backpacker enjoying some quality self exploration time home alone. Her Blonde hair falls about carelessly and her large full breasts jiggle with every thrust and rub of her fingers.....you're lucky because you've got the purrfect view!

  • Fri 21st Nov 2008 Anneke | Solo

    One of Jacki's first shoots and I think it's a stunner! A blonde bombshell with a heart of gold and legs that end in a deliciously moist heaven, Anneke's return today will make you cream your pants! As she sloooowly reveals more and more smooth, milky skin you'll fall in love with her DD breasts and her taught firm arse.

  • Thu 20th Nov 2008 Backstage 227 | Behind the scenes

    Every shoot we do we take a small Sony Cybershot along to capture a model's (and shoot team's) "off" time. The sexy little moments when she's caught off guard, doing everyday stuff and just being herself. Backstage 227 features shots from the shoots of Sienna, Carys, Violet, Jamie-Lee, Jody, and my current lust Dom.

  • Thu 20th Nov 2008 Blaire | Intimate Moments

    Blaire is sensual and takes her time in this intimate look at her masturbation sessions. Her hands slowly roam her body, savouring the feel of her smooth soft skin on her breasts and down her pants... before she pulls her panties to one side and thrusts some wet fingers in deeply and firmly! Chat to her in her thread!

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Immie | Solo

    Sultry and beautiful, Immie lies on the sofa and gets undressed. Her thick pubic hair is really nice to see and her fingers inserted into her pussy are even nicer. Talk to Immie on the discussion boards.

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Cleo & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    After teasing each other over lemon meringue pie, Cleo & Larissa M whet their appetites for something even sweeter...they wander home in a steamy daze, bum grabbing and suggestive, seductive stares. Home at last they break into the ice tray for some new, chilly and spine tinglingly erotic sensations...delicious. Extra-large images of this set are available.

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Margie | Solo

    Darling Margie loves all things natural! So her outdoor creek location suited her purrfectly! She's a cutie who loves life, her body is fit and athletic and as she dips into the icy creek water her nipples spring up to attention- just enough to get her in the mood for some self exploration...

  • Tue 18th Nov 2008 Margie | Solo

    Natural bush, a sunny smile and a naughty playfulness- what's not to love about this New Zealand babe?! Her pretty aqua lacy bra barely hides her large perky nipples, Margie takes it off and then gets all shy again! So sweet! Soon she relaxes, forgets her nerves and shows you ALL of her delicious body!

  • Tue 18th Nov 2008 Annalisa | Intimate Moments

    You've got a great view of all Swedish bombshell Annalisa's best assets in this deliciously natural masturbation video. She likes to use both hands on her clit- pressing with one while the other flicks and rubs her clit in fast little circles. Her eyes tightly closed, she concentrates with explosive results!

  • Mon 17th Nov 2008 Carolyne & Zasha | Intimate Moments

    Looking up with appreciative eyes, Zasha drinks in the loveliness of Carolyne as her hands snake over and down her own body. Each girl touches herself with increasing intensity until their breathing becomes more urgent, their knees shake and they lose themselves in waves of natural, passionate orgasm!

  • Mon 17th Nov 2008 Louise K | Solo

    I've seen lot's of beautiful bras but the one Louise K is wearing is the first totally see-through one I've had the pleasure of removing...Her small, tight little nipples love being stroked and stimulated and her thick au naturel bush hides an "innie" pussy that loves a bit of deep g-spot penetration. Hotness!

  • Sun 16th Nov 2008 Katia | Intimate Moments

    Getting naked super fast, Katia's hands are quick to reach down between her legs for a satisfying masturbation session. Her soft moans get louder as her clit-rubbing speeds up, becoming more and more intense until her wet little pink pussy releases all the pressure into an earth shatteringly good orgasm!

  • Sun 16th Nov 2008 Violeta | Solo

    Stunning Italian, Violeta, prepares for her coconut milk bath, by disrobing, getting into the tub, and pouring the coconut milk down her chest. Her white pants are see-through after they're wet and she's not wearing any undies - her dark bush shows through in a very sexy way. After her bath, Violeta climbed over the lip of the tub and onto the floor looking refreshed, soft, and smooth.

  • Sun 16th Nov 2008 Louise K | Solo

    Out at the farm, Louise K is in the pasture becoming one with nature. Wearing one of the most see-through bras possible, Louise sits on a bale of straw and gives you a great look at her hard-nippled breasts and a legs-wide-open look at her hairy snatch.

  • Sat 15th Nov 2008 Caitlin K | Solo

    Caitlin K is an all natural Aussie babe, being sexy as hell in her second solo video today. She's bright and bubbly and looks sweet as ice-cream in her tight pink miniskirt..which you get to peek up- yay! Her smooth tanned skin is soft and supple and with a killer rack and full bush down there- she's purrfect!!

  • Sat 15th Nov 2008 Luca | Intimate Moments

    Sometimes the discreet orgasms are the best- you know she's pleasuring herself and not trying to impress anyone. This Italian stunner slowly caresses her body to show it the love it deserves before easing her hands lower and lower...a coy smile playing on Luca's lips and her arse high in the air she cums with breathtaking beauty!

  • Fri 14th Nov 2008 Caitlin K | Solo

    Park bench sitting on a beautiful day, Caitlin K shows off some beautiful cleavage and up her dress at her undies. You won't have long to wait for her luscious breasts and hairy pussy to be fully out and in view. The photos of her pretty eyes through-out the set are also quite nice.

  • Fri 14th Nov 2008 Brittany | Intimate Moments

    With long, thick blonde hair, full, inviting breasts and a pert arse she enjoys flashing- even spreading her cheeks for a naughty peek- Brittany is sex on a stick! She oozes confident sexuality and knows exactly how she likes to touch and be touched. Putting all her skills to use she has a screaming good time in this solo masturbation video!

  • Thu 13th Nov 2008 Backstage 226 | Behind the scenes

    There are so many excellent images in Backstage 226. This set really excels. I loved the ones on the boat, Sue-Ann and Chloe B snorkelling, and the group photos of hula-hooping and twirling.

  • Thu 13th Nov 2008 Janessa | Intimate Moments

    Left alone to wank just the way she likes it, Janessa shows how she gets in the mood with her legs spread wide open and hand clamped to her needy pussy. Her moans and gasps get louder the faster she rubs until her whole body quivers with each wave of pleasure...not one but TWO orgasms..and she tells you when she's about to cum!

  • Wed 12th Nov 2008 Dana B | Solo

    Witty, spirited Dana B dazzles in her first time on film! Her incredibly sexy body is lithe and elfin like- with short, shapely legs and full mature breasts. In two videos she and I talk girl stuff before getting topless and rubbing some much needed sun lotion into each other's bare breasts...Oh my!

  • Wed 12th Nov 2008 Keilyn & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    The abbywinters.com video editors all agree this explosively passionate girlgirl is the best they've ever seen! You'll be bursting at the zipper when you see Keilyn & Larissa M rip off their clothes in a frenzy, their soft lips locked in deep, wet kisses, their fingers having no hesitation- searching and penetrating deeply...

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