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  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Blaise meaty lips

    Wed 30th Jun 2010Blaise | Solo

    To some people being in front of the camera comes naturally! Blaise is, as they say, a natural. Describing her experience having her photo taken for Blaise walks you through a step by step account of her shoot, demonstrating in motion many steamy poses but then goes ahead and gives you so much more.

    Her Aussie accent is a total delight too!

  • Image of Nude Girls young and sweet Janie

    Wed 30th Jun 2010Janie | Solo

    A sheer delight, with her long sun kissed hair and all over golden tan, Janie returns to grace us with her mouth-watering presence once again.

    Relaxed and casual there's a very pensive air about her. She stares you down with intensity, holding your attention every step of the way as she undresses and then delights in the penetration of a dildo donated by member Becca.

  • Image of Girl Girl pert breasts Mia H and small pert boobs Navah anal

    Wed 30th Jun 2010Mia H & Navah | Girl-Girl

    This is two girls that know girls. They are sexy, experienced and totally into each other! Navah's jet black, natural pubic hair is a contrast against Mia's smooth bald lips but they look just heavenly jammed up against each other and even more heavenly with lusting tongues exploring with eager passion.

    Join in the fun, this one is not to be missed!

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Blaise meaty lips

    Tue 29th Jun 2010Blaise | Solo

    If the old adage is true that some girls could look good dressed in a paper bag, then new model Blaise if definitely one of those girls! Clad in an oversized shirt and form fitting shorts, what she slowly but surely reveals beneath is a very pleasing sight indeed.

    Flawless skin from head to toe and gorgeous brown locks that frame a glowing face and genuine smile, you'll be entranced by her top to toe perfection.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls hipster Nadja

    Tue 29th Jun 2010Nadja | Solo

    Nadja's perfect vanilla complexion is a pure delight in this outdoor setting as she takes you on a private wander through the lush Australian bush shedding her clothes and in her own words, becoming truly one with nature.

    The crunching leaves underfoot and twittering birds add something really sexy to the sounds of this video, making you feel as if you're right there with her.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation redhead AnnaBelle Lee and pert breasts Mia H

    Mon 28th Jun 2010Annabelle Lee & Mia H | Intimate Moments

    After some sexy chit chat at the kitchen table, Annabelle Lee perches on Mia's lap to share a kiss and a bit of gentle neck biting before gearing up for the main event that is a leg spreading, clit stimulating bonanza.

    Legs up and hairy pussy visible beneath the table, Annabelle Lee beats Mia ever so slightly to the finish line but has the pleasure of watching and listening to her sexy moans as she rushes to meet Annabelle Lee in the afterglow.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls strawberry blonde Emily T

    Mon 28th Jun 2010Emily T | Solo

    Emily is shy but candid about herself and her views in this, her first ever solo shoot for

    Her adorable, lilting Australian accent will draw you in as she talks about her turn-ons, becoming single and taking a walk on the wild side. Her mass of unkempt blonde pubic hair, long flowing locks up top and perfect pert breasts are sure to make you fall for her.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation australian Zippora

    Sun 27th Jun 2010Zippora | Intimate Moments

    Zippora has snuck outside on a warm, breezy day, wearing nothing more than pink see-through panties and a top that's loose enough to sneak your hands up (or down). Keeping a watchful eye out for neighbours that she's sure would love to take a peek at her young, hot body; she soon forgets she might get caught once her fingers find hard nipples and heated swollen clit.

    Fingers she soon slides in and out of her horny saturated pussy.

  • Image of Nude Girls hipster Nadja

    Sun 27th Jun 2010Nadja | Solo

    Pale, creamy skin and jet black hair is set alight against the summer green outdoors. Nadja's latest solo brings this beauty to you in a way you've never seen. Bending down to shed her shorts, she lets you catch some cheeky glimpses of her soft pink nipples down the front of her open shirt before unbuttoning all the way and leaving nothing more to the imagination.

    Spoil yourself and have a picnic in the park with Nadja!

  • Image of Nude Girls strawberry blonde Emily T

    Sun 27th Jun 2010Emily T | Solo

    Stunning, stunning, stunning! Fair skin and beautifully natural, long blonde hair (upstairs and downstairs), is contrasted delightfully against summery green grass.

    Pulling her hairy lips apart her fingers disappear deep inside her yummy pink pussy. Getting herself too hot to handle, Emily turns on the sprinkler and gets dripping wet all over...

  • Video capture of Girl Girl small breasts Juliette K and redhead Aneta lesbian sex

    Sat 26th Jun 2010Aneta & Juliette K | Girl-Girl

    Beginning the morning with a stretch out on the balcony in the morning sun, friends Aneta and Juliette start undressing each other with the best of intentions. By the time they're naked and Juliette is sucking eagerly on Aneta's big, hard nipples it's too late!

    Their lips seek out wet lips and they throw down on the carpet to feast delightedly on each other's sugar-coated goodness.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls ethnic Ravenna

    Sat 26th Jun 2010Ravenna | Solo

    Ravenna doesn't utter a peep for the entire duration of her first solo shoot and with a body like hers, she needn't have to!

    It's speaks loud and clear for itself! Sauntering and strutting around in her hallway she artfully slips out of each piece of her clothing as her hands skim across the milky chocolate skin on her body.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation hippie Samsara

    Sat 26th Jun 2010Samsara | Intimate Moments

    Samsara is back for another tasty Intimate Moments shoot and something about her just screams hippy love child, as she's back in the great outdoors adding her own tweets to the sounds of nature.

    With a totally wild, never touched, shock of delicious pubic hair, that's ever so eager to escape out the sides of her tight cotton panties, it's no penetration and all stimulation for this hot, young thing as she rubs herself into shuddering heaven.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls Vietnamese Gita

    Fri 25th Jun 2010Gita | Solo

    Her sexiness is subtle but sexy she most definitely is. Sweetheart features, glimpsing over black rimmed glasses and framed by jet black hair, Gita skims about lush green meadows like a doll come to life.

    Her vibrantly pink pussy is covered in a thick layer mane of dark pubic hair and amongst it we sneak a peek at the reins of her cotton pony.

  • Image of Nude Girls ethnic Ravenna

    Fri 25th Jun 2010Ravenna | Solo

    Natural light streams in to backlight this classic cocoa coloured beauty.

    A genuine smile and full pink lips will get you going as she cheekily slides out of her denim shorts unveiling perfectly see-through cream lace panties, with Ravenna's mouth watering goodness just visible beneath until all is revealed.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation large breasts Everette

    Thu 24th Jun 2010Everette | Intimate Moments

    Sprawled on the carpet in a strapless pink polka dot top and thigh hugging denim shorts, gorgeous Everette offers up a very mellow yet incredibly sexy Intimate Moments video.

    Unbuttoning her shorts, she dives a hand down the front to tenderly juice herself up, she then slips her top down over her breasts and softly tickles and pulls at her nipples, working herself toward a leg tensing orgasm that leaves her basking in the afterglow.

    Tell Everette what you think of her steamy new video on the forums. Click here now.

  • Image of Girl Girl small breasts Juliette K and redhead Aneta lesbian sex

    Thu 24th Jun 2010Aneta & Juliette K | Girl-Girl

    The clear blue Australian sky is the perfect backdrop to frame Aneta and Juliette as they share soft kisses and squeeze their tanned, naked bodies against each other.

    Holding her legs up and spreading them wide apart, Juliette relaxes into unadulterated bliss as Aneta slides her tongue all over her neat little pussy until she covers Aneta's mouth and fingers with hot, wet, juices.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls freckled petite Leona

    Wed 23rd Jun 2010Leona | Solo

    Sometimes people just come along a put a smile on your face... Leona is one of those people. She's carefree, unabashed and confident in its purest form. She toned with ever so slightly sun-kissed skin but jiggly in all the right places as she juggles...

    Did I mention a lilting accent?

  • Image of Nude Girls Vietnamese Gita

    Wed 23rd Jun 2010Gita | Solo

    Follow Gita, our oriental Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole as she spreads her delicious hairy lips apart in the most fantastical of settings. Her hot pink dress, polka dot shoes and heavy rimmed glasses are eye catching lures to what lies beneath.

    As she sheds those clothes, the sun hits her creamy asian skin as if in a dreamscape... Pure fantasy...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Juliette K and small pale breasts Joanna M and firm butt Charlotte E outdoor lesbian threeway makeout session

    Tue 22nd Jun 2010Camping Girls | Solo

    Join Charlotte, Joanna and Juliette as they set up their tent, then strip topless for a dip in the water. The water's super cold, so this means and then some kissing and groping, that's how. I dare you to check these alluring girls out without getting turned on...

  • Image of Nude Girls freckled petite Leona

    Tue 22nd Jun 2010Leona | Solo

    A woman of many talents... Including juggling! This is a no frills shoot in the right kind of way. A beautiful young model, in a simplistic setting so all the focus is on her and her tasty attributes. Large breast, with big pink areola a never been touched mass of pubic hair.

    Leona is just one more reason why does it best!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls hipster Viola Naked outdoors

    Tue 22nd Jun 2010Viola | Solo

    With raven black braids, porcelain skin and petal pink nipples Viola is a sight to behold as she takes you on a tour of her lush garden wonderland! Clad in naught but thigh high stockings she frolics through the flowers, splashes about with her goldfish and shows off her ample, creamy curves.

    Viola is a lovely hostess, let her entertain you with tales of lusty liaisons, talk of cheeky escapades and a figure to die for!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation dark hair pale skin Keilyn and hipster Lynley

    Mon 21st Jun 2010Keilyn & Lynley | Intimate Moments

    Ok, so this is what happens when you leave two hot and very sexual young girls that are totally into girls in a room together to masturbate. They're kissing, rubbing, grabbing, touching just to get the party started.

    It's excellent to watch Keilyn & Lynley get so turned on by each other, watching intently and desirously as they get juicy and orgasm together.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls large nipples Nicole D

    Mon 21st Jun 2010Nicole D | Solo

    In her first shoot for Nicole proudly proclaims that she loves her body and always has, she also loves to get naked and with a body like hers there's no reason why she shouldn't!

    Her pouty lips are screaming out for kisses and once she spread her lips open amongst her thick pubic hair, her tasty pussy looks as though it is too... Yummy, yummy!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation extra large breasts Angie

    Sun 20th Jun 2010Angie | Intimate Moments

    Oh wow, all the amazing things one can say about Angie! She's kind of a regular here on but never, EVER, disappoints. Not giving too much away, this Intimate Moments shoot is just a little different and you're going to love it. Did I hear someone say extreme close up of her clenching, orgasming pussy?

    Angie is sexual, sensual and simply all over, whipped to perfection cream!

    View all Angie's shoots here.

  • Image of Nude Girls hipster Viola Naked outdoors

    Sun 20th Jun 2010Viola | Solo

    Garbed in a knee length, grey skirt and fitted, stripy top, the things hot as hell and insanely bewitching Viola is hiding beneath will definitely be creating a stir in your pants. Knee high socks, lacey panties and a velvet smooth curvy figure...

    Everything seems to come together here in divine fashion!

  • Image of Nude Girls large nipples Nicole D

    Sun 20th Jun 2010Nicole D | Solo

    Looking like a celestial being stepped right down from the clouds and into her bedroom, Nicole's big blue eyes and long, untamed, blonde locks give her the most enticing air.

    The sweetness of her personality shines through her genuine smile, and all this is coupled with creamy skin, delicious large breasts and perfect pink pussy!

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Juliette K and small pale breasts Joanna M and firm butt Charlotte E outdoor lesbian threeway makeout session

    Sun 20th Jun 2010Camping Girls | Solo

    Camping just got a whole lot more awesome. Who knew that three super sexy Aussie babes could liven up your camping experience?

    By stripping off for a swim, and then some kissing and groping, that's how. I dare you to check these alluring girls out without getting turned on...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls Freja pale pink nipples

    Sat 19th Jun 2010Freja | Solo

    Glowing delightfully in her own skin and shot in her all white bedroom, nothing else could have framed her so perfectly. Freja's beauty and grace speaks for itself, and needs no extra elements.

    She is plain and simple a stunning sight to behold!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation japanese Jenni

    Sat 19th Jun 2010Jenni | Intimate Moments

    Seated on a window sill in a crisp white shirt already unbuttoned, her perky breasts barely hidden beneath, Jenni is a superb oriental beauty...

    Copper coloured skin, a mane of long dark hair she's hot, horny and lusting for a climax to sweep over her and bring soft moans to her lips.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls chinese Gigi

    Fri 18th Jun 2010Gigi | Solo

    Gigi is an amazing, stunning, beautiful young lady that will dazzle you with her elegance and sexy moves.

    She's originally from china and shares passionately some stories about her home and all its cultural wonders. Her oriental beauty is magical and mystifying. This shoot is a lovely treat for us all.

  • Image of Nude Girls Freja pale pink nipples

    Fri 18th Jun 2010Freja | Solo

    This shoot has ALL the right elements! Freja is absolutely, drop dead, stunning... She has perfect creamy skin, dark alluring eyes, seriously some of the best breasts around and a thick, thick covering of raven dark pubic hair. The sun streaming in from outside lights her up like the heavenly angle she is.

    Just perfect!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl redhead Katia and firm butt Charlotte E lesbian tribbing

    Thu 17th Jun 2010Charlotte E & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Charlotte takes the lead in this one, baring a confident yet gentle dominance over Katia. It's a soft and very, very sensual session of deep insatiable kissing as they slowly remove one another's clothes, craving the taste of the deliciously creamy beavers hidden beneath.

    Charlotte seems to delight in Katia's fabulous red pubic hair.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation shapely bum Dana B

    Thu 17th Jun 2010Dana B | Intimate Moments

    Well another one that sneaks up on you folks!

    Dana starts off caressing her body gently, undoing her top, peeking down the front and rubbing softly at her pert breast. She then slides a hand down the top of her shorts and gets going on the delicious pussy they're covering.

    Within a moment she's naked and her fingers are deep inside her, using one hand to pull her arse cheeks apart and the other to bring on a grunting, body rocking orgasm or two!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite amateur Poppa

    Wed 16th Jun 2010Poppa | Solo

    Poppa introduces herself to the community from the comforts of her bedroom. A stunning, petite blonde her curves that bend with subtle splendour, she loves to be naked and you will love her being naked too!

    She's natural, quirky and comfortable in her own skin. Such a delight!

  • Image of Nude Girls chinese Gigi

    Wed 16th Jun 2010Gigi | Solo

    Back today for her second solo and delightful as ever, Gigi is a playful exotic beauty. Her skin is soft as silk and gently kissed by the sun, her eyes enticing and her smile warm. She is all things that epitomise happy, healthy and natural.

    If you haven't met her already, now is the time and you'll be excited you did!

  • Image of Girl Girl redhead Katia and firm butt Charlotte E lesbian tribbing

    Wed 16th Jun 2010Charlotte E & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Charlotte - tall and tanned, Katia - a petite natural red head, these girls strip each other down, pert young breasts peeking out above bras, as they take some time to spread their legs and pleasure themselves a little before ecstasy filled hands grab at one another's hot, horny bodies.

    Staring desirously at one another they delve, tasting and feeling every lickable inch.

  • Image of Nude Girls petite amateur Poppa

    Tue 15th Jun 2010Poppa | Solo

    Her skin is the colour of whipped cream and she looks just as smooth to touch and just as tasty to eat! A heavenly speckling of freckles across her shoulders adds to the effortless natural beauty of petite, pocket rocket Poppa.

    Poppa delivers, whipped to perfection goodness right to your door!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls blond pubes Michaela

    Tue 15th Jun 2010Michaela | Solo

    The look in her eyes speaks wonders or the lust and passion in Michaela's soul. An incredibly sensual and sexual creature, take a seat and enjoy a roll around on the carpet with this extremely flavourful, young lady and her hot, hot body.

    She'll leave you wishing you could reach out and take her in your arms!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation large breasts Patricia B and exotic Kamila

    Mon 14th Jun 2010Kamila & Patricia B | Intimate Moments

    A little bit of chit chat about relationships and sex kicks off what is a leg shaking experience for both of these super delicious girls.

    Kamila closes her eyes and gets right into it while Patricia joining her seems pleasantly surprised she is turned by having someone else to watch.

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