• Tue 31st May 2016 Video masturbation: Ashley D & Mihaela (Video) | Intimate Moments

    “Should we get undressed? It’s a bit hot in here,” says Mihaela as Ashely starts taking her shirt off. Feeling hot and naughty, the girls starts teasing themselves as Ashley grabs her pert breasts and lies on her tummy. 

    Mihaela takes her knickers off and touches her small breasts and her third nipple. They girls watch each other as their hands move down their bodies, Mihaela rubs into her perfectly shaved vulva and Ashley inserts a finger into her pussy.

  • Mon 30th May 2016 Nude girl: Katharina (Video) | Solo

    Katharina stretches her body whilst in her ballerina clothes, her white knickers flashing from underneath of her tutu and her pubic hair spilling from the side of her panties. 

    Taking her bra off, she touches her large breasts over her top and teases her pink nipples. Pulling her knickers down, she spreads her bum cheeks apart and touches her anus. Lying on the couch, she opens her legs wide apart before she starts playing with her full bush. Feeling cheeky Katharina reveals, "I like rough sex and slaps on my ass.”

  • Sun 29th May 2016 Nude girl: Katharina (Stills) | Solo

    Slowly pulling down her tight jeans, Katharina smiles as she reveals her perfectly round bum and matching girly underwear. With her knickers down to her feet, Katharina continues to undress, uncovering her big breasts, voluptuous body and full bush. 

    Lying in the couch completely naked, Katharina smiles as she seductively looks at the camera while spreading her legs wide apart providing an splendid view of her whole hairy vulva. Getting into a ballet tutu, Katharina practices her moves before lying in the floor and spreading her legs apart to show us her magnificent figure. 

  • Sat 28th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Lana S & Mona (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "I like role playing, and getting tied and blindfolded,” says Mona as a curious Lana is eager to play along. Closing her eyes with a sleeping mask, Mona starts moving her hands over Lana's slender body and plants small kisses on her before moving her hand inside of Lana’s short dress. 

    Taking Lana’s black panties off, Mona starts licking into her hairy pussy. Lana grabs Mona’s pert breasts and and plays with her full bush. Taking her dress off, Mona begins to finger Lana hard. Lana stays in doggy style position as Mona fingers her from behind before Lana pulls Mona's arm and starts licking into armpit hair.

  • Fri 27th May 2016 Video masturbation: Amanda B (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Amanda reads book in her bed and gets bored so she rolls her tights down her legs, takes her dress off and finally removes her white cotton knickers.

    Squeezing her large breasts, she pinches her nipples. Moves her hand down her body and plays with her hairy pussy. Getting hornier, she slides her finger in between her big labia and starts masturbating till she orgasms. 

  • Fri 27th May 2016 Nude girl: Lotte (Video) | Solo

    Pregnant Lotte exercises in her living room. She pulls her top down and squeezes her large breasts. Feeling creative, she cuts up her shirt makes for herself new bra

    "My boobs get bigger after pregnancy" says Lotte and takes her bra off and teases her large areola. "My nipples gets also darker.” She rubs up her breasts against the edge of her sofa and takes her shorts off she so can play with her pubic hair. "Since I am pregnant, I masturbate more often and have sex always in doggy style because its easier.”

  • Thu 26th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Lana S & Mona (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Sliding her hand beneath Lana’s skirt short summer dress, Mona caresses her perfect round bum. As Lana lays on the bed blindfolded, Mona gently kisses her neck and slowly moves down her long, slender body until she finds herself in between Lana’s legs giving her a passionate oral

    Undressing completely, Mona reveals her pubic hair as she sits on top of Lana and squirms in pleasure while Lana pulls her labia apart to softly lick her clitoris before engaging in vigorous tribbing

  • Wed 25th May 2016 Nude girl: Lotte (Stills) | Solo

    Lotte shows her graceful pregnant body as she performs some of her prebirth fitness exercises. Taking off her top as she leans forward, we get to appreciate her big breasts and pink nipples being contained in her girly colorful bra. 

    Turning around, Lotte slips her panties all the way down to her feet as she stands completely naked in the room. Using one of her socks, Lotte squeezes her boobs together, and presses her nipples in before continuing with her fitness exercises on the floor.

  • Tue 24th May 2016 Video masturbation: Ekaterina & Irina (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Curvy Ekaterina and redhead Irina belly dance together. Ekaterina's large breasts shake up and down as she moves her body before they turn around and jiggle the round bums. 

    Ekaterina takes off Irina's white knickers and sees her gets wet. They sit on couch and start teasing themselves and Ekaterina opens her labia and shows Irina her g-spot. Using their fingers, the girls please themselves to orgasm. 

  • Mon 23rd May 2016 Nude girl: Camila N (Video) | Solo

    "You wanna see my booty shaking?” says Camila as she starts dancing, her breasts move up and down, her red bra gets visible from the side of her tank top. “I lots of  bras, because if you have big boobs you need them!”  

    "Now I present you my booty" says Camila as she grabs her juicy bum. "My friends are making jokes about it because its too big, its good to slap, or grab." Camila takes off her bra and squeeze her breasts and plays with her large nipples. She slowly takes off her colorful leggings  and starts twerking, her curvy body and round ass shaking all over. "Rough stuff turns me on in sex, I like being manipulated" Taking her panties off she teases her hairy pussy. “I like sex toys, I like to see how far I can go, a little bit bigger and little bit thicker every time.” 

  • Sun 22nd May 2016 Nude girl: Camila N (Stills) | Solo

    As Camila stretches and practices her yoga exercises, her bra becomes visible behind her loose shirt. Down on all fours, Camila pushes her magnificent, big bum out, changing shape inside her tight leggings and she moves around.

    Undressing slowly, we are delighted by her lace, girly panties covering her pubic hair and splendid vulva. Lying completely naked on the floor, Camila spreads her legs wide apart and using her hands, spreads her labia apart displaying her wet vulva in all it's splendor. Moving around the room and raising her legs up on the armchair, Camila continues to display her voluptuous body in numerous positions for our delight. 

  • Sat 21st May 2016 Lesbian sex: Alba & Carmen M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "I love to fuck with girls because of the oral!" Alba slurps up into Carmen's smooth vulva, while Carmen sits on her face. Her hands grasp the full breasts that balance above her and she twists her head from side to side, offering deep full mouth oral pleasure. Carmen reaches back with her hand and rubs between Alba's legs, causing Alba to moan up inside her as she licks.  

    "Do you want to have sex with me?" Alba stretches out her healthy body as she prepares to work out. Her pert squishy breasts rise and fall downblouse as she reaches to each side, her incredible bottom firm and round as she bends forwards. Carmen walks by, her eyes instantly drawn to the view of Alba's tight shorts and she offers to help. Carmen holds Alba's feet while she does sit ups, her lips seeming to draw closer with each repetition until the sexual tension is broken by their first kiss. Carmen takes Alba's foot and places it between her crossed legs, rubbing it to the crotch of her shorts. "Do you like it" asks Alba, cupping Carmen's beautiful breasts in her hands, kissing then softly, pinching the nipples. Alba's hand slips into Carmen's panties, her thumb visibly touching the sensitive labia through the transparent material as one the other side, Alba starts to lick, her warm breath teasing through the thin fabric.

  • Fri 20th May 2016 Nude girl: Lynn (Video) | Solo

    Slender Lynn lays down on her couch and plays with her dog. She starts moving her bum around as her pubic hair spills out from the side of the small shorts. Bending over on to her tummy, she moves her round bum from side to side. 

    Taking her bra off, Lynn’s nipples gets hard from the touch of a fabric before she takes off her top and plays her big nipples. Removing her shorts, she lifts up her panties into her hairy crotch. She pulls on her pubic hair before she opens up her large labia wide apart. “It’s really fun to pull on your hairs, it also feel you are less naked with hair.” Sitting on the arm of sofa and she grinds her hairy pussy on it before she pulls her bum chicks apart to give a more intimate view.

  • Fri 20th May 2016 Video masturbation: Laney (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Slender Laney wakes up horny in her bed and starts moving her hands all over her large breasts. Moving her hands down in between her thighs, she grinds her pussy against her fingers. 

    Taking off her shirt, she plays her nipples and squeezes her big boobs. She removes her pink leggings and starts teasing her full bush before she sits on the pillows and begins to hump them. Getting friskier, she inserts her fingers into her wet pussy and masturbates to orgasm. 

  • Thu 19th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Alba & Carmen M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Alba stretches, lowering her torso and pushing her perfect round bum out as part of her daily workout routine. Carmen walks in and helps her doing situps, holding her feet down at first but soon she presses her partner's feet against her pubic area.

    Passionately kissing each other, they mutually undress revealing Carmen’s big round breasts, and Alba's girly lace panties. Spreading her legs wide apart, Alba guides Carmen towards her vulva. Obediently, Carmen kisses Alba's thighs, before providing a committed oral. As they move around the floor, Alba and Carmen engage in passionate tribbing before fingering each other until orgasm.

  • Wed 18th May 2016 Nude girl: Lynn (Stills) | Solo

    Lynn lays in the couch wearing her pajama's shorts and a top. As she pulls her shorts aside, we get a peek of her full bush that is visible through the edge of her lace panties.

    Taking off her top, Lynn reveals her small breasts and nipples as she seductively leans forward on the couch raising her round buttocks. Moving around the room completely naked, Lynn uses her hands to spread her bum cheeks apart providing a perfect view of her pink anus before turning around and spreading her labia apart for us to admire her vulva and full bush in all it's splendor. 

  • Tue 17th May 2016 Video masturbation: Ashley D & Zara (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Zara and slender Ashley have a chat on the sofa and talk about their sexual experiences. As Ashley moves her long legs, her red panties flash from under her blue dress.

    Zara takes her blue top of and starts touching her pert breasts over her sheer yellow bra. Ashley takes her red bra off and starts playing with her small breasts, and teasing herself. “I am so much into boobs, They are great. In my first masturbation, all I did was touch my breasts.” They girls touch each other’s breasts and tease their nipples before they take off their panties and fingering themselves to climax.

  • Mon 16th May 2016 Nude girl: Mihaela (Video) | Solo

    Slender Mihaela brushes her hair in front of mirror and fixes her yellow tank top as her purple bra flashes from from the side before she lies in bed and pulls down her red leggings

    “The best part of my body are my long legs,” says Mihaela as she starts touching her thighs and takes her off her jean shorts. Putting a ballon in her leggings she starts bouncing on it with her round ass. Lifting up her knickers in between her small labia, she teases herself. "I like toys, I can just play with myself all day.” Taking off her top she plays with her third nipple and squeezes her pert breasts before she lifts her necklace up into her perfectly shaved vulva. 

  • Sun 15th May 2016 Nude girl: Mihaela (Stills) | Solo

    Standing on tiptoes, Mihaela's smiles as we are delighted by her long legs in her colorful pantyhose and tight short jeans. Slowly pulling her top up, we see her girly bra covering her small breasts. 

    As Mihaela unbuttons her shorts, we get a glimpse of her matching panties before undressing completely and revealing her perfectly shaved vulva. Moving around the bed, Mihaela raises her legs up in the air and spreads them as wide as they can go while she uses her glasses to spread apart her lips, providing a splendid look at her vulva. Swinging in a rope hammock, Mihaela's erect nipples get pressed against the fabric as she uses her belt to rub her vulva and arouse herself.

  • Sat 14th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Amber & Remie (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Amber gives Remie a sensual back massage, taking off her blue tank top, her nipples are visible from under her white bra. Remie touches Amber’s breasts and they start kissing before she takes her bra off and pinches her nipples. 

    Remie takes down Amber’s top and kisses her small breasts as she grinds her legs between Amber’s crotch. Taking Remie's clothes off and Amber plays with her full bush before wrapping her lips on her pussy. Returning the favor, Remie pulls Amber’s labia apart and kisses her hairy pussy before inserting a finger as she grabs her breasts. The girls start tribbing before switching to the 69 and giving each other oral pleasure.

  • Fri 13th May 2016 Nude girl: Emilia (Video) | Solo

    Slender Emilia sits on skateboard and plays with her pubic hair. Her hairy pussy visible from underneath her pink undies as she turns around and bends over on the couch. 

    Emilia the top of her bra down and squeezes her small breasts. "When I discovered my sexuality, I used hair brush and wooden spoon to play with myself!” Taking off her panties Emilia teases her full bush. "I really like my pubic hair, I have also experimented different shaves but I like fully natural most.” Emilia sits on her skateboard talk about her menstrual cycle, "I had a partners who liked to try my period blood, I have tried it myself too! I am curious how many girls tried it, I also collected my period blood." 

  • Fri 13th May 2016 Video masturbation: Maia (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Maia washes dishes in kitchen, her round bum visible from underneath her skirt. Water splashes on her dress and naturally now she has to get undressed. 

    Maia plays with her large breasts and and teases her hard nipples over her blue sheer bra. Getting more turned on, she takes her panties off and plays with her perfectly shaved vulva in a standing position.

  • Thu 12th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Amber & Remie (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gently kissing each other, Amber and Remie slowly undress each other. As Amber takes off Remie's elastic skinny pants, her worn out girly panties are revealed. Amber puts her hand in them and caresses Remie before taking them off, unveiling her full bush. 

    Holding Remie's head firmly between her legs, Amber moans in pleasure as she is orally pleased. With her head on the ground but raising her hips, Remie gets passionately fingered by Amber. First one, two, even 4 fingers get inserted into Remie's dripping wet vagina before engaging in a mutual oral until orgasm. 

  • Wed 11th May 2016 Nude girl: Emilia (Stills) | Solo

    Opening her legs, Emilia reveals her girlie panties beneath her short summer dress. Slowly moving her hand her slender body, Emilia pulls her dress up revealing her full bush pressing against her panties and some of her long pubic hair leaking through the sides of her underwear.  

    Stepping outside to the terrace, Emilia raises her leg up the banister providing a perfect view of her whole vulva as she smiles at the camera and gives a seductive look through her glasses before coming back in and spreading her legs wide apart in numerous positions.

  • Tue 10th May 2016 Video masturbation: Ekaterina & Sophie (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Sophie takes her dress off and lies in the bed as Ekaterina gives her a back massage, moving her hand on from her back and down into her ass. Ekaterina takes her dress off and rubs her big breasts down Sophie’s back. 

    Ekaterina kisses Sophie from her neck all the way down her back. Ekaterina uses some coconut oil on her pert breasts and starts teasing them. Taking their panties off, the girls begin touching themselves with their coconut oiled fingers. Sophie puts her finger deep inside of her perfectly shaved vulva and starts masturbating as Ekaterina lifts up her leg and also pleases herself. 


  • Mon 09th May 2016 Nude girl: Zara (Video) | Solo

    Zara draws a sketch for a dress, moving her top up she measures her bust, cupping her large breasts as she measures. Moving her bra to the side and her dark nipples flash, "I am obsessed with nipple sucking.”

    Sitting in the doggy style position she slowly takes down her dress and starts moving her round butt from side to side, her pubic hair spilling from the side of her knickers. She pulls down her panties and teases her naturally hairy bush

  • Sun 08th May 2016 Nude girl: Zara (Stills) | Solo

    As Zara sketches in her drawing book, she grabs her measuring tape and presses it against her round breasts. Turning around, she slowly pulls her tight pants off revealing her perfectly round bum

    Taking off her bra, Zara's dark skin body is only covered by a book pressing her breasts and hard nipples. As Zara takes off her panties, her long curly pubic hair is uncovered. Leaning forward in the couch, Zara's long braids of dark hair fall on her breasts and dark skin body as she crawls down from the sofa to the floor.

  • Sat 07th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Alina & Chloe V (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Alina tries on Chloe's glasses and that turns Chloe on so she starts touching and kissing Alina slowly. Moving her hand all over her breasts and teasing them, Chloe notices Alina is not wearing a bra! 

    Alina takes Chloe's short skirt off and moves her hand into her tights and touches her pussy over her blue panties before she starts fingering her as they kiss. Alina sits into the doggy position and Chloe fingers her from behind and spanks her round bum. Alina moves to the side of couch and spreads her legs wide apart as Chloe licks into her hairy pussy. Chloe then sits on Alina's face and rubs her pussy deep against her mouth as Alina also fingers her deeply.

  • Fri 06th May 2016 Nude girl: Sophie (Video) | Solo

    Sophie puts coconut oil on her body as she puts her leg up and moves her hand on her thighs, her perfectly shaved pussy flashing from under her short skirt. Taking her sheer blue top off, Sophie touches her large breasts under her white bra before she moves her hand into her orange panties and starts teasing herself. 

    "When I am on my period, my breasts gets bigger and more sensitive than normal,” says Sophie, as takes her bra off and plays her nipples. Taking her panties off and she lifts them up into her large labia and spreads her meaty lips wide apart as she slowly inserts her finger inside. "Mostly I use two fingers but if I am too horny then I use toys.” Lying back on the bed Sophie pleases herself to orgasm.

  • Fri 06th May 2016 Video masturbation: Ekaterina (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Curvy Ekaterina lays on the couch in her short blue dress as she grabs an apple and moves it along her large breasts

    Taking her dress off she plays with her big nipples before she puts the apple into her white striped knickers and grinds it against her hairy pussy. Teasing herself with touching clit she inserts the juicy apple into her pussy.

  • Thu 05th May 2016 Lesbian sex: Alina & Chloe V (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Alina displays her tarot cards next to Chloe who is sitting next to her wearing white stockings and a short skirt.through which we see her dark skin. Chloe pulls down Alina's top revealing her pert breasts and erect nipples as she sensually puts them into her mouth and licks them. 

    Alina in the meantime, slides her hand down Chloe's stockings, pressing her hand against her vulva. As they both undress, Alina sits on the couch on all fours, while Chloe behind her, starts fingering her as she kisses her bum cheeks, making Alina moan in pleasure. Down on the floor, they enjoy some tribbing action before Chloe sits on Alina's face as she licks her and fingers her until she reaches a powerful orgasm.

  • Thu 05th May 2016 Real life couple: Carolina S & Ricky (Video) | Girl-Boy

    "Do you want some?" Carolina's boyfriend lovingly shields her head from the cupboard doors as they frantically make love in the kitchen. Carolina's firm thighs push her excited vulva up and off the kitchen work top so her partner can press his penis even deeper inside her. 

    Seeking out the tools to make dinner, Carolina bends in tight shorts. Her tanned legs are firm and long below the fraying edges of the tight fabric, the perfect frame for her incredible bottom. Stripping off her t-shirt, Carolina secures an apron around her body, her shorts quickly follow, sliding over the round curve of her bottom till she is chopping vegetables in just her underwear and pinny. Carolina greets her boyfriend with a warm smile as he snuggles up behind her, kissing him deeply and nibbling into his neck as his hands sink down to cup her warm buttocks before exploring all the delight of her youthful body. Ricky lifts Carolina up onto the kitchen side and slides down her panties. Carolina squats over the edge of the work top, her long labia tickling her boyfriends mouth as he laps up inside her. She gives a moan of deep satisfaction as he finds her large swollen clit and soon they are lost in each other. 

  • Wed 04th May 2016 Nude girl: Sophie (Stills) | Solo

    Sophie raises her knee as she lays back on the bed, her short skirt sliding up her thighs revealing her lace panties. Slowly pulling her top up, her round, big breasts press against the fabric as Sophie smiles at the camera.

    Unclipping her bra, Sophie lays forwards letting her breasts hang before sliding her hand into her panties. Lying completely naked on bed, Sophie moves her petite body around, rubbing her hand against her shaved vulva as she inserts her fingers in and passionately masturbates in numerous positions until she reaches a powerful orgasm.

  • Tue 03rd May 2016 Video masturbation: Amanda B & Ioana (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Ioana and Amanda sit on the sofa bed and talk about their sex lives. “I love one night stands,” says Amanda as she lifts up her dress up and plays with her panties. "I first had sex when I was 18, I am sorry I started so late,” says Ioana as she also admits she’s getting horny. 

    Both girls get undressed, Amanda touches her big breasts over her red bra. Ioana puts her hands in her knickers and teases herself as Amanda plays with her natural bush and starts masturbating. "Your vulva is nice and pink, mine is darker like my skin" says Ioana as she inserts her fingers into her hairy pussy. 

  • Tue 03rd May 2016 Real life couple: Carolina S & Ricky (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Carolina bends over the kitchen counter as she takes off her tight short jeans. Approaching her from behind, Ricky kisses Carolina's back and slides his hand into her panties. Lifting her up the kitchen counter, Carolina spreads her legs as Ricky kisses her inner thighs and licks her meaty lips and perfectly shaved vulva. 

    Firmly grabbing his erect penis, Carolina slides her tongue up and down before putting it into her mouth. Sitting on top of Ricky, Carolina passionately rides him as Ricky squeezes her pert breasts. With her knees close to her face, Carolina gets vigorously penetrated until both reach a powerful climax. 


  • Mon 02nd May 2016 Nude girl: Gabriela A (Video) | Solo

    Slender Gabriela stretches body in her purple tights and the top that show off her tight stomach. Opening her legs apart she sits in a yoga position, "I done yoga for eight years, I like it because it make my body flexible.” Taking her top off, she plays with her pink sheer bra, her dark nipples visible underneath.

     "I get my first bra when I was 11 years old and when I was 12 my breasts started growing.” She sits in the doggy style position and moves her round ass backward and forward, her camel toe pushing through her tights. Taking her bra off, she grabs her small breasts and pinches her nipples. "I like in sex when my breasts get kissed and be wild on them.” Taking her panties off she starts touching her pubic hair and teases herself even more. 

  • Sun 01st May 2016 Nude girl: Gabriela A (Stills) | Solo

    With her hips down the floor, Gabriela pushes her torso upwards, stretching her back as we appreciate her firm, round bum in her tight yoga pants. Slowly taking off her shirt, we see her lace bra and her pert breasts behind it. Turning around her bra, Gabriela uses the suspenders to press her dark nipples in, making them erect. 

     As Gabriela continues to undress, she pulls her yoga pants down to her feet as we notice some pubes leaking out the sides of her lace panties. Moving her slender body around the room, Gabriela takes off her panties, lying completely naked as she continues with her yoga exercises.

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