• Wed 31st Oct 2007 Marigold | Solo

    Our Sitemap page, found on the Extras menu, contains everything that's on the site plus a few extras. There are also statistics about the numbers of models, and an alphabetical list of every single one of them.

    Poor Marigold's been evicted from the house and has to live in a tent in the backyard. But she's got all her stuff - everything she needs. Fortunately she remembered to bring the vibe that Frans gave her in the Dildo Drive. I hope she brought some blankets or finds a friend to keep herself warm tonight.

  • Wed 31st Oct 2007 Jemma | Solo

    It's the last day of October and the end of the Pink for October promotion, but breast cancer should be in the back of your mind the whole year long - whether you're male or female. If you would like to learn lots more on the subject, click on the We're Going Pink banner on this News page.

    Jemma is looking as seductive as ever in her sexy nylons. Also under her blue dress Jemma is sporting her hot red bra and undies combo. Nice bush and armpit hair too, for those of you who like that sort of thing - raises hand.

  • Tue 30th Oct 2007 Leesa & Rosalind | Intimate Moments

    Be sure not to miss the AWHQ Today posts in between each day's primary model sets. They're backstage photos of our staff and models working together or just having fun. Definitely cool pics that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

    Leesa & Rosalind seem to be a little bit shy about masturbating next to each other, but they both know exactly what to do. I think they've both had a good bit of experience rubbing their furry mounds alone by themselves.

  • Tue 30th Oct 2007 Ariane | Solo

    We try to keep you up to date on the hot new shoots that will soon be on your screen. Just take a look at the bottom right of this page for the Coming Attractions. They are in a rotation, so you'll see some different models each time you visit.

    Ariane has lots of pink to show you. From her fancy pink undies, pink nipples, and the pretty pink between her legs, there's plenty to like. She also has naturally hairy pubes and armpits which will please a lot of people.

  • Mon 29th Oct 2007 Louisa | Solo

    The abbywinters forums always seem to be busy these days. You're a member of the forums if you're a member of the site, so check it out. We're all very friendly, and some of models post there frequently.

    Louisa is quite a fun and interesting character. Today she starts off the shoot dressed as an ice fairy. It's not long before she's flashing her shaved pubes through her skirt. Louisa is definitely not shy. She reclines on the sofa and has a good play with herself. It sure looked like it felt great.

  • Mon 29th Oct 2007 Kitty M | Solo

    It's Monday and that means a new Video Newsletter has hit the streets, err airwaves, uhh well, internet. Prolific and popular model Gabrielle is the host this week and she looks sexy as always when she wears her glasses. Gabrielle will show you a brief demo of how are live support system works, tells you about lots of this weeks coming models, and even reveals a coupon code during the Newsletter which will give you a subscription discount.

    Underneath Kitty M's sexy outfit she's wearing matching undies in a florescent bright blue. Just wait until her knickers come off and Kitty has another surprise. Doinel has graciously submitted another toy to our Dildo Drive and it's a long purple beauty.

  • Sun 28th Oct 2007 Evie | Intimate Moments

    Intimate Moments videos (IM's), are devised to let a model have total privacy in a room with just herself and the video camera. She can masturbate any way she likes - whatever floats her boat.

    Obviously Evie has chosen the belly-down method this time. Sounds good to me. Look closely and you'll notice the blue vibrator that's giving her some extra help. In only six minutes, she gets that ultimate feeling that she was striving for. Maybe it's time for a nice nap.

  • Sun 28th Oct 2007 Jade L | Solo

    If you are a fan of the comic book heroine Tank Girl, you are just going to love Jade L's debut shoot. Even if you have no idea who I am talking about prepare to be spellbound by Jade's amazing natural beauty and contagious smile that glows brighter than those colourful dreads of hers.

    Jade doesn't just reveal her beautiful pale skin, her pert breasts, womanly curves and full bush for the camera, oh no, this is a fun and sexy shoot with plenty of attitude...and some mouthwatering close ups too. Please Ms Winters can we have some more Jade L? I'll be good, I promise.

  • Sat 27th Oct 2007 Jamie-Lee & Julia B | Girl-Girl

    Abbywinters Girl-girl Tier 3 shoots are a treasure trove of excitement for all. For Julia B, it's the outlet of exploration and meeting new people that draws her into them - and Jamie-Lee just finds them good fun. Both have a weapon for drawing in the passion of their partner - Julia can't resist the lure of Jamie-Lee's cute eyes, and Julia's bum is a key feature of Jamie-Lee's attention. I think that gives us perfect chemistry for this shoot - watch how long it takes before the girls are furiously ripping off articles of clothing from each other and diving right down to hit the sensation goldmines. How accurate do you think their orgasm forecast will be? I think the moans and gasps give a pretty good sign...

  • Sat 27th Oct 2007 Jamie-Lee & Julia B | Girl-Girl

    Saucy ladies Jamie-Lee & Julia B return to the spotlight in this week's girl/girl photo shoot. In between the sheets there's lots of breast squeezing, hard kissing and intense looks. These girls are very comfortable in front of the camera, and have no qualms tonguing and fingering each other deeply with us up close and personal. This is hot stuff.

  • Fri 26th Oct 2007 Backstage 171 | Behind the scenes

    There's many interesting qualities about Backstage. It reminds me of the feeling I get when I buy a compilation album from the music store - it conveniently brings me up to scratch with all the past highlights from that artist. There's also the added fresh insight you get into the shoots captured from the roaming behind-the-scenes photographer - much like those detailed feature booklets you get in the album sleeves.

    In Backstage Vol. #171, we have Pauline's shoot, which was an impressive training exercise for the lovely Diana. There's also Alberta's shoot, with a special audience member. We also accompany Karmen & Kendall in their bedroom romp episode - two furry canines are the new stars of the show. Cassy hits town, cruising right into her shoot at ease. We also have splendid IMs from Martina & Susan E and Kylie B & Kylie J. Remember the adorable sweetheart Kristin? Lastly there's some priceless amusing expressions from Sue-Ann... what on earth might she be thinking? Oh, and have fun discovering the "hidden tracks"...

  • Fri 26th Oct 2007 Kate S | Solo

    It's that time of the year again - the 2007 Australian Adult Industry Awards - and we're in the running for Best Adult Website. Do you think we deserve the award better than our competitors? If you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so - there's not much time left.

    Another one for the accents! Kate S has travelled all the way from mother England, and can't get enough of our southern lands. What a fine dancer she is - this time it's ballet, and she shows us the inner workings of pointe shoes. I'm sure the airport security staff would have made a double take when scanning her luggage, given all those glittery, cute and scrumptious pairs of underwear she's got for show. Up on the bed, she tries some ballet moves - the patches of sunlight shining through those venetian blinds sure highlight her curvature well.

  • Thu 25th Oct 2007 Lilou | Solo

    Say hello to Lilou, she's our video model for today. Italian, sweet-natured, friendly, adventure-spirited and experienced in contemporary dance. I don't think we could have asked for more... her body is in fantastic shape, and she's happy to demonstrate a few moves for us. Listening to her accent just adds more to the sexiness factor. Glad to have you over here, Lilou... hoping you spend some great times in Oz!

  • Thu 25th Oct 2007 Jemima | Solo

    The colour white is not always the same on different people's monitors - sometimes there's a yellowish tinge, other times there's a hint of blue. This phenomenon is known as colour temperature - it makes a significant impact on how our images appear on your screen. Be sure to take part in the above members' poll, and let us know what your display is set to. There's also a discussion thread on the boards. And if you're seeing models with green and purple skin, then just get your monitor fixed, okay? ;)

    Now let's cut to the chase - just skip the rest of this paragraph and go here. I could tell you that Jemima is a real stunner in appearance, with doll-like looks and that sexy smile, but you already knew that when you saw her preview pic. I could also talk about how she's a dancer, and pulls off some amazing twirls and poses, but you already figured that out from the moment you saw her athletic body and cute pink stockings. In fact, you've probably been reading my mind, haven't you? Well, get over there and admire her beauty now, because if you keep reading this paragraph, I'll just start lecturing about the absolutely fascinating history of the slide rule...

  • Asha and Talie in Sydney

    Wed 24th Oct 2007 Asha and Talie in Sydney | News

    Oh, we are so lucky at AW Sydney! Here are the lovely Asha and Talie in our office. Asha joined our staff recently, and now we're happy to welcome Talie to the abbywinters.com family. Talie joins the AW Sydney staff as our new receptionist. We're thrilled she's here; Talie's great smile welcomes all the new models that come to us in Sydney! Talie's own first awesome shoot for abbywinters.com will be up in just a few weeks! But you can head for the boards and chat with Talie now.

  • Wed 24th Oct 2007 Belinda A | Solo

    Ahh Belinda... it's great to have you back. Don't worry about the state of the kitchen, a girl like you is too beautiful and personable to waste on housework. Belinda's also got some news to tell us about some recent new experiences of hers and she also demonstrates panty removal, MacGyver-style. You might also hear a story about what she's volunteered herself up for... and what she likes to take snaps of with her phone. Lastly, with a figure like that, no wonder she's up for a bit of dancing around in the kitchen...

  • Wed 24th Oct 2007 Marigold | Solo

    Sex is beautiful, fun, healthy and constructive - I'm sure you'd agree on that. But would you believe that there are some people who feel the need to push potentially misguided counter-views into our political system? You and I both know that there's many good things rising up from our little corner of the world, the adult industry - so we need your help in supporting a positive point of view. Head over to this thread to learn more.

    Time for another dose of Marigold, to brighten your day. Who needs a campfire when you have this siren to keep you warmed up? She's also brought along a form of self-entertainment, thanks to the Dildo Drive. Can't get enough of that trademark grin of hers... and those eyes!

  • Tue 23rd Oct 2007 Melita & Violet | Intimate Moments

    How do you like to do it? Questions like these hover about in the air above Violet & Melita, as they try to find ways to break the ice for their first time self-orgasming in female company. Wait a moment, the ice doesn't even need breaking - it's already melted as the girls decide to just dive right into action. Frank yet light-hearted conversation ensues, preluding intense friction and energetic vocalisations - the atmosphere is certainly sexy and electric. And there's no need for any Intermission screens, because after the first pair of orgasms from these two, they're ready for another round... and another round... No footage has been repeated, I promise!

  • Tue 23rd Oct 2007 Desy | Solo

    They've finally released me from prison hospital, so I'm happy to be preparing your model pages once again. It's great to be back. AW withdrawal is a reversible process, but only with gigabytes of downloads.

    Desy is an outdoors girl from the mountains who loves to ski. After she comes indoors, her mind quickly turns other things. Masturbation is high on her list of things to do so I know she enjoyed the Dildo Drive dildo sent in to us by Frans.

  • Mon 22nd Oct 2007 Jolene | Solo

    Down here in Oz, summer is around the corner. The sun is preparing to turn up the heat, and we're giving it back a taste of its own medicine - our weapon being Jolene. Down by the creek, she slips off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal a matching bikini set - and then that comes off to reveal a sharply defined figure. She's even keen enough to show you a few finger insertions as well this time. You might need to bring some more sunblock...

  • Mon 22nd Oct 2007 Ariane | Solo

    You might be thinking, didn't the header of this news page used to be blue? Well, normally it is, but for this month, we're showing our support for the Pink For October - raising awareness for breast cancer. Be sure to follow the thread on the forums discussing this campaign, and make sure your knowledge on this life-threatening illness is all up to scratch.

    Confined spaces are no obstacle for Ariane. This girl is nothing short of dreamy and creative, exploring life through clothes and face expressions. With that vintage underwear and those come-hither looks, I think sexy would be an understatement.

  • Sun 21st Oct 2007 Sue-Ann | Intimate Moments

    Oh Sue-Ann, Sue-Ann, you never cease to amaze us! She last left us with a very intriguing catchy IM, and now she's back with yet another episode, this time in the chair among a collection of musical instruments and other odds & ends. You'll like her giggles and self-narrative. Can she make it for round two?

  • Sun 21st Oct 2007 Kate S | Solo

    What's the minimum number of mouse clicks you need to start watching an Abbywinters video? Six? Four? Three? One, actually. We have Flash streaming video set up on our download servers, for our recently-released videos. If you have the Adobe Flash plugin installed in your browser, then simply click on the Flash Stream link of any video to start it playing - no download dialogs to bother with. Don't forget, even if you're not a member, you can test this feature out on the Video Newsletter.

    Spunky (adj). A person who is good looking or cute. I sooooo want to write a letter to these dictionary people and tell them to add Kate S as a definitive example. She's trained in classical ballet - but her slender, flexible, sharp-as figure probably gave it away. Oh, and maybe the tutu. No need to adjust your screen - Abby girls are always so hot that they make their surrounding environment glow!

  • Sat 20th Oct 2007 Phoenix & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    The photos of Phoenix & Sahara are captivating, but the video is simply breathtaking. Sahara is softly spoken, she appears almost shy in the introduction, and Phoenix, well she seems almost smitten, and who can blame her?

    Once the cameras start rolling though there are no reservations, no holding back. Long slow passionate kisses and gentle caressing leads to some of the most intense, sensual and simply amazing girl-girl footage I have found on abbywinters.com so far.

  • Sat 20th Oct 2007 Phoenix & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    Look at the schedule on the left. See the new content coming up? You might have to wait a few days for the goods to arrive, but right now you can get your hands on a sneak preview. You can thank Sue-Ann and Violet for hosting this week's Video Newsletter. And it appears they have more on their mind then just doing the presentation....

    Sahara came to Australia for a holiday, and to do some Abby shoots... well, for her first GGT3 how 'bout we pitch Phoenix at her? I think it could be a good match. On the porch, the girls take to each other instantly, starting out with kisses and caresses... why not take it to the next level, on the fluffy rug indoors? Sure thing! Make the tongues and fingers to do the rest of the work. I think they're liking it...

  • Fri 19th Oct 2007 Backstage 170 | Behind the scenes

    Glam me up. Make my hair look big. Dress me in colourful frills. Drag along some huge bulky synthesizers with loads of buttons and those hexagonal-shaped electronic drum pads. It's the 80's Girls retro party again, this time in backstage - it's spectacular, fun and candid. And when you're done with all that, flip the vinyl record over to side B and check out behind the scenes of some of the other cool shoots we had going around at the time - you'll hear about how great Adeline's house was, see Tanja by the big picture window, and find out how Rosita stuck it to the weather gods in her shoot...

  • Fri 19th Oct 2007 Irene | Solo

    Over the last two months, I've been filling in for one of the roles of a very special, organised, dedicated hard-working man. His name is Centaur, and he's been through some rough times lately. Yesterday marked his return to the boards, and soon he'll be writing these news raves once again. Be sure to give him a warm welcome - he's been missed by all of us here at AWHQ.

    What's Irene been reading lately? And what does she think of it? Our sexy Irish bookworm sweetheart tells us about her travels, and reminisces on some of her encounters with erotic literature. Maybe you might like to try reading her skin: smooth, creamy, perfect in close-up. And I did tell you glasses on a girl are sexy... here's the proof!

  • Thu 18th Oct 2007 Ceecee | Solo

    If you're a pretty young female, living on distant shores and thirsty for holidaying adventure, you probably won't need to pick up an Australian tourist brochure - just watch this video instead. Ceecee is having the time of her life here on the sunny eastern coast of Oz. She's also got secrets to spill - crazy experiences with co-workers, and also an incredibly hot tale of opportunity seized on her prom-night. For five points, guess what she thinks her most sexy asset is? Time for some stretches, before pulling off a handstand on the bed - with a firm figure like that, it must be easy balance. There's also one more part of her body that she confidently believes has aesthetic appeal, and it's hard to disagree...

  • Thu 18th Oct 2007 Lilou | Solo

    Abbywinters.com has some knobs and seat-height adjustments that you can tweak to suit your browsing experience. Check out MyAW (second option down on the extras pull-down menu). Here you can control behaviours on the image gallery pages (thumbs per page, how full images are displayed), the notification you get when adding items to a list, and the quality of Flash streaming video. You can also test your bandwidth, and view a list of your recent logins.

    Now, on to the exciting stuff. Today's new model is Italian spunkette Lilou. With pale walls, carpet and a old brown couch in the background, her presence injects some much-needed vibrancy into the visual atmosphere. Take note of how flexible she is, and have a guess what she might be capable of ...

  • Wed 17th Oct 2007 Paula | Solo

    Cast your mind two years, back to late 2005. Paula had just arrived on the boards, and she hadn't done a girl-girl shoot yet. She's thankful for all the comments you all gave her, and offers many more frank insights into herself, including beauty spots & body changes, bra-shopping experiences, how she likes to be pleasured, and mentions some AW models that she fancies. The topic of conversation then moves on to sex positions... she'll need somebody to be the "man" for re-enactment purposes - and the role is fulfilled by a special cameo appearance from someone you might know... Enjoy simmering in the warm vibes rendered by Paula's infectious giggle - it's all great while it lasts...

  • Wed 17th Oct 2007 Belinda A | Solo

    She's small on height, but big on captive looks and personality. It's Belinda A again, this time in Redux. She's able to iron out the nerves better this time - you can never get enough of those big brown eyes, chocolate brown hair, pert breasts and silky smooth olive skin.

  • Tue 16th Oct 2007 Gilian | Intimate Moments

    Been following the forums lately? If not, I'll bring you up to scratch on some recent events. Firstly, Abby has let a proverbial feline out of a fabric-lined storage device. We've also had a multitude of picture postings from many of our models. Even AW staff Patience, Violet and Althea have contributed to the picture frenzy. Jemma also recently made a surprise return. There's also plenty of general topics to chat about, some might be rather eclectic. Finally, it's been milestone fever in Melinda's thread - to celebrate 2,000 posts and 3,000 thread posts, she's gone to extraordinary painstaking effort to show her appreciation for all those that contributed in her thread... oh boy, that sticky-tape must have hurt! What a champ!

    Gilian partakes in another IM, this time she's belly-facing-down on the bed. Our brown-haired beauty gets down to business swiftly this time - hands covertly executing their mission, subtle moans confirming their progress. Must be handy, being able to pull off a quickie session when you're short of time and need to be heading somewhere...

  • Tue 16th Oct 2007 Lou-Ellyn | Solo

    Do you love sex? We do! But a bunch of people are being real stick-in-the-muds about our lovely industry, sex and, well, fun. We want to let them know that there are some different points of view - head over to this thread on the forums for more info.

    Lou-Ellyn has a secret to share. Or two. Find out what she sometimes gets up to with one of her closest friends. She's also had some interesting threesome experiences - which is better for her, two guys or two girls? What gives her that great looking skin? Last but not least, there's the return of the fantastic glass dildo, which she demonstrates this time on video.

  • Mon 15th Oct 2007 Eloise | Solo

    Remember this cute little cherub from the original Special Project? Eloise is back - last time she was splashing into a pond in lush rainforest, now she's all cosy on the fluffy bed. Those portraits of her face are just gold - and so is her tanned bronze skin from the east Australian sun. Makes me want to dig out that Barry Ryan record one more time - Eloise, you're all we want, so hear our prayer...

  • Mon 15th Oct 2007 Desy | Solo

    Desy, Desy, give me your answer do! I'm half crazy, all for the love of you... sorry, got a bit carried away there. Now that I've got that out of my system, I can now introduce you to Desy, AW's first model for the day. Wispy blonde hair, bold green eyes, soft-as skin and the keenest smile you'll ever see this side of Smileville - cute and sexy, and she knows it. She also is a lucky recipient of the Dildo Drive - the donor being one member who's made many contributions (you know who you are!). If you haven't yet contemplated participating in the Dildo Drive, you have no idea what fuzzy feeling you're missing out on...

  • Sun 14th Oct 2007 Ainslee | Intimate Moments

    Dim the lights a bit. Light some candles. It's kinda like a romantic atmosphere - but only Ainslee is in the room. Nothing wrong with that - she just wants to administer some self-loving, which is always a good thing. It's a quick affair, but she knows exactly where to seek out that sensation of released tension - the resulting moans at the end tell no lies.

  • Sun 14th Oct 2007 Irene | Solo

    Glasses are sexy. You'll learn why soon enough, if you're not already familiar with the Abby paradigm. In the library, I'm afraid Irene is not available for loan, but I'm sure she'll captivate you way more than any reading material, erotic or otherwise, could ever do - even before she removes that short skirt. Love that hair! She's also previously appeared in a double IM, and has posted on the boards recently.

  • Sat 13th Oct 2007 Jilly & Patience | Girl-Girl

    Breasts. They're beautiful, they help define femininity and many people adore them. They're also essential for the operation of our site. However, in some women (and even men) they do fall susceptible to cancer that can be debilitating, and in some cases fatal. Pink for October is a campaign to help raise awareness for the need of research into fighting breast cancer. We're showing our support, as you can see above, and during October we will be making some donations to organisations that support this cause.

    How's your afternoon been? What could be better than viewing some stills of Patience & Jilly? Watching the video, of course! The girls are all revved up and so hot for each other, they make no effort to hide it in their before interview. The action is mostly gentle, yet intense, and immensely satisfying. Perfect ingredients for a sweet-chilli flavoured GGT3, I'd say.

  • Sat 13th Oct 2007 Jilly & Patience | Girl-Girl

    You won't believe the distances some will travel to be with their dream girl for a brief encounter... Patience from the western shores, and Jilly from the far eastern coastlines. After months of anticipation, we brought them together for one magical day, and the ensuring fusion of girl-with-girl passion captured in this photo shoot is the result. No attention to detail is spared, as they render their affection for each other through increasingly sensuous contact, driven straight from the heart. The looks on their faces through the whole experience sums it up nicely.

  • Fri 12th Oct 2007 Backstage 169 | Behind the scenes

    Everyone now and then likes to wind back the clock and reflect on the past (this of course coming from someone who is fascinated by the annual Rage re-runs of CountDown!). Here at AW, our time capsule is known as Backstage - we show you the behind-the-scenes footage from shoots of yesteryear.

    What did Olivia M do for her birthday? Maybe you might like to enjoy the scenic backdrop of Merinda's shoot? Want some more Paula & Chloe B mayhem? We have some fun outtakes from Anabella's watery redux. Or you could hit up some beats for Julia B and Janelle. Last but not least.... cute kitty! cute kitty! cute kitty!

  • Fri 12th Oct 2007 Sahara | Solo

    It may be Sahara but I think we found the oasis (okay, enough with the desert jokes!). In her video, she tells us what she's liking about Australia - besides the scenery and landmarks, there's one thing that's firmly on her mind. Wonder if it could be another tourism asset for Oz? She also suggests an interesting disaster survival plan, and shows us how she can write her name in the dirt (so to speak). There's one last surprise for us - it's a unique phenomenon related to her orgasm, only witnessed in few AW models prior - and she offers tips on how to seek it out.

  • Thu 11th Oct 2007 Vicki | Solo

    High up in the mountaintops balcony, Vicki's happy to share with us her objectives of sexual conquest - sporting a flag for both territories. She recollects memoirs of past encounters - she likes them to be long, rough, and exhaustive - and then offers to re-enact them for us. Didn't I hear mention of a strap-on somewhere? When you're up there and looking so beautiful, you might as well dance around and share a quick flash with anyone lucky enough to be down below...

  • Thu 11th Oct 2007 Ceecee | Solo

    Ladies and gentlemen, today we welcome CeeCee to the AW gallery. She's another visitor that's graced our shores, hailing from the distant lands of Canada. That travelling spirit has sure taken hold - she's bursting with confidence in this shoot. How gorgeous is that freckled face and beaming grin of hers? It's all fun here, just be careful to dodge the slingshot bra.

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Violet | Solo

    How's Violet been since the last time we saw her on video? Well, she's just as cute, playful, giggly and up to as much mischief as before. She's got a beautiful voice to compliment her looks - listen to her doing a warm up. But keep on listening after that, because you'll hear some of her new and crazy exploits. And she's proud to show off her figure, which is looking just as gorgeous as ever... Violet, you're more like red on the temperature scale!

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Paula | Solo

    Does browsing the model gallery feel like reading a phone directory from end to end? Got a particular type of shot you like to look for? Check out our Lists feature - they're compilations of stills and videos made by our members, even some by staff and models. Or if you've got the time, dedication and inspiration, you can also build your own lists - read here on how to start.

    Today we crack open the AW Vault and dust off a redux shoot that we've been keeping in reserve just for you. It's Paula, and it seems that her cheeky smile, cute looks, endless curves and bubbly personality continue to shine on through. Be sure to stay basked in the afterglow, as there's a fun video shoot following up around the corner.

  • Tue 09th Oct 2007 Rosalind | Intimate Moments

    To get Rosalind going in the morning, she'll need her daily multi-vitamin boost (you did watch her solo video, right?). Here she is administering a dose, while balancing precariously on a rocking chair. There's even some possible health benefits that could arise from this form of nutrition...

  • Tue 09th Oct 2007 Bellydancing Girls Backstage Video | Behind the scenes

    Surprise! A schneaky update because we love giving treats at AW. (I love getting them more. Hint hint!) Here is the backstage video for the Bellydancing Girls shoot. Watch the girls at dance practice in preparation for the shoot, on the day of the shoot and generally mucking around. A great little insight into making a girl/girl Tier 1 in Abbyland.

  • Tue 09th Oct 2007 Mandie | Solo

    Mandie's found her paradise in Australia - some wild experiences of hers have cemented that observation. She's also got a secret to share with you - an indulgence of hers that produced her first orgasm. There's also more chaotic adventurous sex stories to tell. Whether your favourite parts of Mandie are above or below the skirt, this video spends plenty of time on all the details.

  • Mon 08th Oct 2007 Alexiah | Solo

    She's back, and sans hair dye this time! Alexiah is nursing a bit of muscular pain recently, and she's willing to tell how it came about... you may want to listen carefully in the first few minutes. As they say: no pain, no gain. Even just retelling the story gets her a little worked up - she takes the time to release the built-up tension in the end.

  • Mon 08th Oct 2007 Lou-Ellyn | Solo

    Who's that pretty girl on the green vinyl couch? Meet Lou-Ellyn. For a change, she decides to mix up the order of things - undies come off first. She also tries out a clear glass dildo - rigid like nothing else, with smooth contours, you can watch it slowly travel inside her. We can only wonder what that feels like...

  • Sun 07th Oct 2007 Sahara | Solo

    Feel that your experience of being an AW member has been worthwhile? You can vote for us in the Australian Adult Industry Awards - read here on how to vote.

    Take me away to a sun-blessed golden brown plain, where the warm breeze flows by, contrasting with a piercing blue sky. No wait, actually... take me to Sahara. On the vivid lush green bank of grass, she looks naturally vibrant, healthy and happy, as her long brown hair flails about in the wind. She also chats on the forums - see if you can find out what inspired her to pay a visit to Oz...

  • Sat 06th Oct 2007 Bellydancing Girls | Solo

    I'm the lucky ducky who gets to present the Bellydancing Girls video. Woo! This is a treat indeed. The girls ooze sensuality. There's no talk, just bodies writhing, undulating and stretching on the platform in the smoky haze. Di-vine.

  • Sat 06th Oct 2007 Bellydancing Girls | Solo

    Did Marleen's video leave you longing for more belly dancing coverage? Take eight girls, with glittering exotic costumes and sparkling skin, swaying and gyrating in the warm multi-toned lights - they'll be going down in history as the Bellydancing Girls. Foxy-looking Fotina leads the group, starting solo on the persian rug, before enticing the others to follow in her steps. Soon it's a searingly hot frenzy of curvaceous feminine figures flexing and shimmying in synchrony. It's been many months in planning, and I think it's been a fantastic effort in the making.

  • Fri 05th Oct 2007 Backstage 168 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage is where all the cool people hang out these days. Like the Abby shooting crew, and myself. Here we chill out and chat about all things awesome, like gossip from the shoots, maybe invite some models along, and more. There's this really comfy long velour couch with plenty of empty spaces waiting for AW members who are hip enough to come along and join us.

    Maybe you want to hear about where Kirra got her fab-looking shirt from in her girl-girl with Carla? Or find out what Toni B is holding while she's standing in the middle of a major arterial road? How determined was Eva T to press on with her GG shoot, despite being nervous and having no experience? Why not check out some more adorable faces from elfin-eyed Abrielle? Who interrupted Belinda F's solo shoot? And how did Fallon go when she directed her first shoot?

    Are you cool enough to join the gathering? We've saved a spot on the couch.

  • Fri 05th Oct 2007 Marleen | Solo

    Stretch a bit. Snake those arms. Shimmy to the left. Then shimmy to the right. Shake those coins! Marleen is a professional dancer, and she's more than happy to demonstrate some routines for you. Abby style, of course. When she breaks out the samba, I'm sure we'll all just melt into the dance floor.

  • Thu 04th Oct 2007 Cleo | Solo

    If it weren't for abbywinters I never would have known there were women like Cleo. Real women, natural, independent, intelligent and damn sexy! For most of my life I have been mislead, brainwashed, I honestly thought that beauty only came in glossy magazines.

    Thank you Ms Winters for opening my eyes, because if not for you I never would have noticed Cleo's natural flat stomach, long legs, nice round bum, her brilliant brown eyes... ok so I might have noticed some of those... but I wouldn't have seen this video shoot that captures her fantastic bubbly personality, and that's where her true beauty lies.

  • Thu 04th Oct 2007 Vicki | Solo

    Is it really that chilly outside? Vicki's got a plan for keeping warm. High up on the cosy balcony she shines in the sunlight, not appearing fazed at all about who could be looking up from below. Nothing like the fresh breeze blowing across your bare skin.

  • Wed 03rd Oct 2007 Melita | Solo

    Melita is back in front of the video lens for her redux shoot. Some of you have given her compliments on the boards, and you can now hear how she feels about receiving them - guaranteed to make you all warm and fuzzy. She also demonstrates her gymnastic capabilities with some hula-hooping - is it best done clothed or nude? Our cute little angel also has a naughty side... keep on listening to find out and also learn more about how jam-packed she is with personality. Melita has the role of model booker here at AWHQ, and she strives to bring you more beautiful models of the same calibre as herself. Go Melita!

  • Wed 03rd Oct 2007 Violet | Solo

    Hey look who came out of the blue! It's Violet - we haven't seen her for nearly 5 years. Our last encounter with her was back in 2002, when AWHQ was still located in Sydney. The moment I met her in person, she took me well by surprise - very charming, cute smile, lively, sweet-natured and friendly. She's also musically talented, being an opera singer and pianist. We've now taken her on board in the AWHQ office here in Melbourne, and I'm delighted to say it's a real blast having her around. Have fun comparing her two shoots - she still looks as vibrant as ever!

  • Tue 02nd Oct 2007 Janelle | Intimate Moments

    Janelle sits in the corner of her shower, toes curling, legs quivering, one hand slowly massaging her breast while the other hand grasps a shower head shaking as the pulsating jets massage her pussy. This slow paced video builds up to an orgasm of immeasurable intensity.

    When I grow up I want to be a shower head and work full time for abbywinters.com.

  • Mon 01st Oct 2007 Kaitlin | Solo

    There's a few times when I wish I could be transformed into an inanimate object for a day, especially a snowdome. Kaitlin is back, and she exhibits her flexibility well in this shoot - rolling about, headstands, and even performing the splits on the bed-head. What is she smuggling underneath her top, anyway?

  • Mon 01st Oct 2007 Mandie | Solo

    Oooh Mandie... where do I start? I could start at the base of her skyscraper-tall legs? Or I could try to work out how deep her cleavage goes? How about I hold a staring contest with that piercing gaze of hers? She's a gorgeous blonde Canadian girl, and has obviously been enjoying the Aussie sun. Just remember... when you travel down under, you'll always find pleasant surprises.

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