• Wed 29th Feb 2012 Analyn & Annabelle Lee | Girl-Girl

    The beautiful Asian Analyn and the gorgeously vivacious Annabelle-lee sit against the stunning and vivid tropical backdrop. Teasing each other with only handwritten questions and requests they can't stand to not touch each other's slim, toned bodies and small breasts.

    Moving closer the clothes come flying off and the passion comes out! With multiple positions and some explosive sex from the both of them. There's obviously a massive attraction between these two, and when Analyn breaks out the sushi, it only heats things up further!

  • Wed 29th Feb 2012 Lena J | Solo

    Blonde and with a fit slender body, Lena makes her first time experience a memorable one. She is a nervous and shy girl, possessing an undeniable innocence and sweetness. She explains "I don't kiss boys on the first date."

    She also tentatively reveals secrets about what kinds of guys she likes, eludes to her sexual desires and slowly undresses to reveal her finely cut figure. A lovely fresh addition to abbywinters.com

  • Tue 28th Feb 2012 Mystery Shoot 7 | Self-Shot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the seventh Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Tue 28th Feb 2012 Jade S | Solo

    Pale skinned, blue eyed and full breasted blonde Jade is back for a return solo video where she reveals her sexy voluptuous body and tells riveting sex stories detailing threesomes and much more.

    Jade starts with some outdoor gardening watering the plants on her balcony. She then returns to the kitchen table where she tells us sexy stories while slowly undressing. She then returns to the watering, but she decides not to water the plants...

  • Mon 27th Feb 2012 Lena J | Solo

    Gorgeous new model Lena comes to you for the first time to show off her stunning slender, toned body, firm round bum in tight jean shorts and pert breasts. Moving in the light coming through the window she turns her tall Dutch frame to illuminate each curve and beautiful contour.

    Undressing on the living room floor she slides off her top and underwear to reveal her shaved pussy, small erect nipples and smooth tanned skin. This is a really beautiful shoot and we can't wait for her next!

  • Sun 26th Feb 2012 Jade S | Solo

    The angelic and gorgeously pale skinned Jade makes her second appearance on abbywinters.com, and of course again she shows off her petite body, large breasts and cute little all in one.

    Her bright blonde hair and beautiful green eyes make her mesmerizing to watch, and as she slowly undresses and seduces you with every move you'll soon find yourself reaching to click that favorite button

  • Sun 26th Feb 2012 Masie | Intimate Moments

    Masie slim naked frame barely visible through the steamy glass and rumbling water of the shower. Getting out wet, clean and hot she wraps a towel around herself and still you see nothing. Only after checking herself in the mirror and drying off does she drop the towel to reveal her full bush and pert breasts.

    Sitting down her hands rub lotion into her legs and as they run closer to her pussy she can't resist but spend some time pleasuring herself on the seat before going back about her day.

  • Sat 25th Feb 2012 Zasha | After Dark

    Zasha is a cute girl, with big dark eyes and dark skin. Slim body and round boobs. In this video we see her in a light bathroom.

    She is taking off her sexy dress and appears only with transparent white underwear beneath. She looks really hot, the white bra and strings contrast nicely against her dark skin. Through her transparent bra we can notice her dark erected nipples, which she gently touches and squeezes in her slender fingers. You would like to see her on your bed, next to you. When she is caressing her round boobs and shaved pussy, in that same way like in the video.

  • Sat 25th Feb 2012 Klara & Rebekka | Intimate Moments

    Sexy short haired Rebekka is reading a book, brown haired Klara is obviously bored so she is trying as hard as she can to distract Rebekka from what she is doing. And happily for her (and use of course)it works!

    These two beautiful Dutch ladies speak about their naughty experiences and tell each other when they come.

  • Fri 24th Feb 2012 Karlijn & Mina | Girl-Girl

    The very beautiful and timidly sexual Karlijn and Mina flirt and play with each other on the sofa. Illuminated by the light from the large window behind they move closer and start to reveal each of their slender and tanned bodies.

    Kissing and pushing themselves against each other is a gorgeous sight to behold. These dark haired beauties really suit each other, and after multiple orgasms they are more than fulfilled with their naughty mid-day experience with each other.

  • Fri 24th Feb 2012 Zasha | After Dark

    The beautiful, very sexual and dark skinned Zasha stands in striking contrast against the stark white of the bathroom interior. Her smooth, slim and supple curves stand out against the harsh lines of the rooms interior, and as she moves in and out of the shadows and light she reveals her amazing large, pert breasts, erect nipples and trimmed pussy.

    We love to see our models express themselves exactly as they want and its especially fun to see them in these After Dark sets!

  • Thu 23rd Feb 2012 Backstage 307 | Behind the scenes

    Moving into the woods with two great abbywinters.com models for this backstage set, so get involved as Dallas and Zora uncover their beautiful bodies in backstage 307!

    It's great for us to help you all get involved with our shoots, to peel back the curtains and show you just how much effort (and fun) goes into the shoots we are so passionate about.

  • Wed 22nd Feb 2012 Karlijn & Mina | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous dark haired Karlijn and Mina entangle their slender, tanned bodies together, the cold light of outdoors highlighting the contours and beautiful shapes of their bodies as they move around, exploring each other.

    Multiple and passionate positions punctuated by deep and sensual kissing gives these two Dutch beauties great momentum as they bring each other to orgasm!

  • Wed 22nd Feb 2012 Rebekka | Solo

    Short haired Rebekka begins her first time nervously playing video games. This geeky girl has many facets though, the has a svelte, trim and finely carved body with a beautiful tight bum hidden underneath.

    She also reveals some exciting secrets about her time in the army! Then she explains how she sometimes games naked and how this makes her horny! Then she shows us exactly what she liked to do when she gets horny...and her unorthodox style is thrilling.

  • Tue 21st Feb 2012 Kylie H | Solo

    Beautiful Kylie H is back for another Solo. This time she wanders around Dutch nature and we have the joy of following her.

    With bare feet she finds a nice and quiet spot to take some time for herself. When she slowly undresses we get the nicest view of her slender body and cute bum. While she masturbates she almost becomes one with her surrounding. Take a deep breath 'cause this Australian Goddess of nature will bring you straight back to summer.

  • Mon 20th Feb 2012 Rebekka | Solo

    Gorgeous, short-haired, toned and slender Rebekka shows her great smile, personality and figure off in her first ever shoot!

    Playing on her games console she can help but think of better and more exciting uses for her time alone, and the controller! Revealing her long, slim legs and pert breasts she moves from the sofa to the floor, in a multitude of positions. And as she slips inside her smooth shaved pussy you'll be fixated on her every move.

  • Sun 19th Feb 2012 Kylie H | Solo

    Follow the beautiful dark haired Kylie into the long grass as she takes you deep into the heart of a hot, sticky and very humid outdoor location! Moving down the path her cute and very short little skirt lifts, giving you glimpses of her cute little bum.

    Stopping at the end of the muddy path, and by the start of the lake Kylie turns around, slowly removing the clothes that feel so constricting in this close and humid environment. Pouring the cooling water over her small, pert breasts and smooth tanned skin she tenses through the instant shock. Standing and sitting on her blue beach towel, she slides her hands down towards her smooth shaved pussy...

  • Sun 19th Feb 2012 Eliza S | Intimate Moments

    Eliza is in her bed listening to some tunes and checking her phone before sleep. She is horny and restless though and wants to touch herself first to ensure a good nights sleep.

    She has an amazing body revealed as she slowly takes off her blue shirt revealing her fit bra-less top and body. She is a stunner. She employs a few different techniques, speeds and positions throughout her solo masturbation video. Mostly using a thrusting motion on her hands to bring about a long awaited and hard orgasm.

  • Sat 18th Feb 2012 Kaylee & Mina | Intimate Moments

    Dutch/Italian Mina and American Kaylee meet each other in this very sexy IM. Kaylee was about to have a nap but Mina has a better idea. She shows Kaylee her box of toys and girls decide to masturbate.

    While they share their fantasies and experiences with each other they're slowly getting naked, in the meanwhile they can not keep their hands from their selves. This IM is all about sexy talk and the pleasure of seeing an other girl orgasm.

  • Fri 17th Feb 2012 Aletta & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Large breasted Aletta is very excited by pale skinned Carmina. She watches her hang out clothing and decides to join her on the balcony in order to attempt to seduce her. Slowly Aletta takes control of the situation.

    Aletta loses herself in the moment, overwhelmed by her desire for Carmina, she ties her up to with the washing line to have her own way with Carmina. Later, she pulls her into the bedroom where they have very passionate sex.

    Aletta takes the naughty sex games further, introducing more bondage and clamping in this thrilling and unexpected scene full of arousing surprises.

  • Thu 16th Feb 2012 Backstage 306 | Behind the scenes

    A sexy adventure into the woods for backstage 306! Behind the scenes with the extremely beautiful and sexual Chanel.

    Her stunning slim body and large, pert breasts look amazing and you can see from the way Chanel and Jacki are moving she is really having fun showing them off. No doubt you'll want to check out this great shoot so here's the link. Enjoy!

  • Wed 15th Feb 2012 Aletta & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Aletta and Carmina look incredibly beautiful just in the same room as each other, so when these two start to get a bit more intimate the scene becomes absolutely stunning to watch! Aletta's slim body, large pert breasts, curvaceous bum and cute demeanor look perfect next to Carmina's quirky, sweet looks, beautiful slender body, great breasts and smooth shaved pussy.

    The two obviously have a great sexual connection as things start to get a little kinky and the girls explore each others forms more and more! Its a highly sexual shoot, just what you'd expect from these highly sexual girls!

  • Wed 15th Feb 2012 Kaylee | Solo

    Welcome art school model Kaylee. This American girl made the move to Europe and has a fine taste in arts as well in man. In this shoot we see her training her modeling skills as she gets out of her clothing quickly and shows you a variety of poses on her little stage. She talks away about Florence, food, man, sex and art. Now and then she moves a bit to caress her big breasts and stretch her long legs.

  • Tue 14th Feb 2012 Dahlia | Solo

    Beautiful, natural and seductive Dahlia is enjoying herself in the Bathroom. Touching and rubbing, slowly removing her clothes revealing her small breasts and full bush

    After enjoying the shower head she gets out her secret gift of one of the members, and enjoys herself with it until it makes her intensely orgasm.

  • Mon 13th Feb 2012 Kaylee | Solo

    Stunning new model Kaylee debut shoot, and she really hits the ground running. So natural and flirtatious on camera she shows herself and her personality off effortlessly.

    Her cute glasses are framed by her dark hair, sweet smile and red lips. Undressing her Svelte body as she moves around the kitchen she reveals her neatly groomed strip of pubes and smooth, pale skin. This shoot is cute and sexy all at once, Kaylee looks great on camera and her timid sensual-ness is beautiful to watch.

  • Sun 12th Feb 2012 Dahlia | Solo

    We've seen her before, but not like this. Red hair, blue eyes and full bush, Dahlia does another sexy insertions shoot incorporating the shower head and a silver dildo.

    Capturing the water cascading down her pale skin is a delight and her smile while she inserts her fingers is to die for. Thanks again Dahlia for another remarkable and sexy shoot.

  • Sun 12th Feb 2012 Jia | Intimate Moments

    Black haired asian cutie is back for another IM. After a quick midday nap she stretches out and is ready to go for some fine mastrubating. We got to see her fine technique and how and where she uses one finger only to pleasure herself.

    Although she has her eyes closed most of the time she takes a little sneak peeks at her small breast before she sighs deeply into her orgasm.

  • Sat 11th Feb 2012 Carmina & Edie | Intimate Moments

    Carmina is a cute Spanish chick with pale skin and a lovely smile. Her short blond hair adornes her sweet pretty face. Edie is an Australian girl with a sexy crazy personality and hot temperament. Her long brown hair softly falls down on her freckled cleavage and breasts.

    Edie is busy with finding her earring and with some help comes Carmina. After a few minuets this quest turns into very intense masturbation. Edie grabs the small breasts of Carmina and asks her to take off her red and transparent undies.

    Edie doesn't just look but wants to participate and slides her hand under her denim skirt to stimulate her hairy pussy.

  • Fri 10th Feb 2012 Annabelle Lee & Nayomi | Girl-Girl

    Annabelle Lee is a sexy American woman with a slender body and small breasts. Her partner is the vivacious and hot Nayomi with her chocolate dark skin, curvy body and big round boobs.

    Both of these girls are so contrasting and its very hot to see them caress and adore their partners body. They are like chocolate and milk. When Nayomi exposes her dark skin boobs Annabelle uses her special tongue tactic to pleasure her.

    After this Nayomi takes control and starts playing with Annabelle's hairy pussy and gives her a very intense orgasm.

  • Thu 09th Feb 2012 Agnes | Nude in public

    Agnes is a total hottie! And not just because she's covered in gorgeous freckles and a thick mop of bright, gingery red hair or has an incredibly pert, rounded arse! It's her bubbly, friendly personality and eager cheekiness as she does a nudie run through the streets of Melbourne, flashing unsuspecting passers-by!

  • Thu 09th Feb 2012 Backstage 305 | Behind the scenes

    Completing last weeks set with the second half of the backstage madness and fun that went into one amazingly sexy and fun multi-girl shoot.... BMX girls!

    So much going on, beautiful girls, bikes, crashes, laughs, lunch breaks and a very worn out shoot team. With Luanna, Kristal, Noelle, Zasha and Alice P out doing the pedaling on the the bikes its a stunning scene, and for all of you interested in a bit of cycling, probably a fantasy!

  • Wed 08th Feb 2012 Annabelle Lee & Nayomi | Girl-Girl

    Bubbly and very sexual Annabelle-lee seduces the beautiful, dark skinned Nayomi through a not so innocent, blindfolded game of taste testing. Pulling her into the room and sitting her down Annabelle teases and plays with Nayomi, liking food off her smooth dark skin and pressing against her body.

    Foreplay endured for as long as they can bear Nayomi Strips down Annabelle's slender body and reveals her small breasts and full bush of dark pubes. Forgetting about the food they use the table top for a far more deviant and exciting activity!

  • Wed 08th Feb 2012 Caramel S | Solo

    New Russian model Caramel is scintillating, her svelte body and gorgeous face are simply sublime and when her cute and innocent smile you will find it hard to control yourself.

    This rare beauty lounges around at home reading questions and answering them very cutely. She slowly undresses and reveals her amazing body. Faint tan lines and such an innocent, cute and nice personality are striking features of this young girl that seems to simply have it all!

  • Tue 07th Feb 2012 Misha | Solo

    Misha is a stunning blonde, with long legs, a slender body and porcelain skin. Her straight hair softly falls down on her arms and above her round breasts.

    This time Misha reveals some hints about her place of birth. She gives you a description of the place that she was born and tells us that long legs are common where she comes from. She reminisces about the fit-ball girls shoot, and half-naked she shows us what kind of exercise she remembers doing during that shoot.

    Wanna get to know Misha better? Then, this shoot is a must-watch.

  • Mon 06th Feb 2012 Caramel S | Solo

    The extremely beautiful and effortlessly sexy Caramel does her first ever nude shoot, and we are positive you'll be glad she has chosen to share it with you! Her perfect slender, toned body, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy in combination with her innocent looks make her simply stunning to watch move around and undress.

    In the bath playing with the bubbles and on her sofa plating with her furry jumper, its impossible to look away from this gorgeous, natural beauty.

  • Sun 05th Feb 2012 Misha | Solo

    Is that...? Yes it is! Misha's back for a long anticipated second solo shoot and she's brought back her stunning looks, slim, toned body, amazing pert breasts, long legs and blonde hair.

    She moves around the room, undressing herself and seductively moving her body to show it off in all its beauty. Enjoy

  • Sun 05th Feb 2012 Scarlet | Intimate Moments

    Starting with some self commentary, Scarlet is back to her naughty ways. You can her a group of people in the vicinity, so close they could almost be watching.

    Imagine if you were one of the those guys and Scarlet brings herself to an orgasm only meters away from you and your friends. Imagine.

  • Sat 04th Feb 2012 Real life couple: Karlijn & Paul (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Karlijn is the petite and compact pocket rocket that leads her boyfriend through a wondrous girl-boy session of oral sex, 69 ing and thrilling penetration.

    This real and natural scene features a loving couple going at it passionately. As Karlijn attests, she totally forgot about the cameras and got lost in the moment. This is obvious when watching the scene just how into it she was. It is fantastic watching her technique and her prowess giving oral pleasure and riding her boyfriend.

    A lovely scene filled with pleasure and passion.

  • Sat 04th Feb 2012 Aletta & Lawan | Intimate Moments

    Cute Dutch Aletta sits on the sofa slowly plating Lawan's stunning black hair. Out of no where Aletta suddenly looks Lawan up and down and says, ' I like your dress maybe you should take it off!' With a smile on her face Aletta rips of her top revealing her perfect breasts.

    Pale soft Aletta next to deliciously tanned Filipino Lawan - no sofa has every been happier to be sat upon. Staring into each others eyes the girls decide they want to try and come together. This isn't an orgasm race this is two women working in perfect harmony and their little moans of joy will be amongst the sweetest music you have ever heard.

  • Fri 03rd Feb 2012 Real life couple: Karlijn & Paul (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Girl boy shoots have been going gangbusters recently and this hot stills set is no exception.

    Dark and handsome Paul, tries to get his sexy girlfriend Karlijn's attention by texting her naughty things. The plan works and soon enough he is going down on her shaved pussy and sucking on her nipples. The couple then get so turned on that they move into 69 position then prepare for their climax!

  • Fri 03rd Feb 2012 Carmina & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    What would you do if you had a few spare minutes?

    Read a book? Masturbate?.

    Dutch beauty Fenna combines the two. Carried away by Marquis de Sade's perverse stories she forgets the time and Spanish cutie Carmina bumps into her.

    Surprised, she's keen to know what got Fenna so heated. Together these two girls go on a fantasy trip, where they explore the very basics and origins of sadism. Fenna seems to be the dominant one, when she ties round bummed Carmina up with her own belt and sits on her face. But Carmina gets her share of dominance when she gets Fenna to orgasm in an imaginary bath, in a most uncomfortable position.

    Yes ladies and gentleman, Reading is good for you!

  • Thu 02nd Feb 2012 Mystery Shoot 6 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the sixth Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Thu 02nd Feb 2012 Backstage 304 | Behind the scenes

    Here we are the first half of the backstage madness and fun that went into one amazingly sexy and fun multi-girl shoot.... BMX girls!

    So much going on, beautiful girls, bikes, crashes, laughs, lunch breaks and a very worn out shoot team. With Luanna, Kristal, Noelle, Zasha and Alice P out doing the pedaling on the the bikes its a stunning scene, and for all of you interested in a bit of cycling, probably a fantasy!

  • Wed 01st Feb 2012 Carmina & Fenna DR | Girl-Girl

    Carmina in pure white and Fenna in her own fetish pair of leather trousers, and all in red, looks like it beautifully sexual scene of deviant versus innocent. The stunning and gorgeously unique Carmina discovers Fenna reading one of her erotic novels, and wants to know more. So sitting down next too and sliding up against Fenna's slim, toned body and large breasts she leans in to get a peak of the novel.

    Taking control, Fenna pushes Carmina over the bed, lifts up her skirt to expose her amazing, pert round bum and starts to spank her with her leather belt. This obviously gets the both of them too horny to play around anymore, passionately kissing Fanna strips down Carmina, playing with her small breasts and puffy nipples.

  • Wed 01st Feb 2012 New Model Video: Martha | Solo

    Martha is an Ukrainian beauty with a slender body and flirting eyes. Every time when this sexy girl looks at you, you drown in a sea of bliss.

    Her lips look ready to kiss and her small breasts are begging to be softly touched.

    Marta wakes up with some very horny feelings, and can not stop touching herself. Under a pink cover she touches her slender body then she sits in front of a mirror and repeats continues to pleasure herself.

    Martha seems like she's looking for something.

    What is she looking for?

    Unexpectedly she moves to look under the bed and in a small cabinet, whilst exposing her small pert bum covered with sexy, red undies... and she keeps looking...

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