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  • Video capture of Nude Girls long legs Nichole

    Mon 28th Feb 2011Nichole | Solo

    Nichole is a tall, blue eyed dutch girl who just loves to be clean... And dirty come to think of it but in this case she means clean as in the shower.

    She explains how much she takes pride in looking after herself and shows us how. Soap, shampoo, lotion, water, everything. She washes her self, her hair and her feet before taking the shower head to satisfy herself in the bath.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation older Laura P and pale skin Elsbeth

    Mon 28th Feb 2011Elsbeth & Laura P | Intimate Moments

    Aussie Laura joins Elsbeth in this double intimate moment. These two blondes are laying on the floor teasing their beautiful bodies by touching and creasing their soft smooth skin.

    Soon enough the two pale cuties get naked and start exploring their bodies. Laura has small areolas and hard erect nipples, Elsbeth is small, tiny and adorable, one things for sure... this is an arousing intimate moment.

  • Image of Nude Girls long legs Nichole

    Sun 27th Feb 2011Nichole | Solo

    Nicole stands brushing her teeth in the bright white of the bathroom flirting with the expectation of what is to come; she bends over to wash her mouth out and playfully sticks out her bum. Crouching down low she starts to remove her purple top and exposes her large pert breasts.

    Lathering up her brunette hair with shampoo she climbs into the shower and slides off her pants. Under the shower head she lets the water cascade down her body and smooth skin as she rinses herself off. What follows is a mix between her routine of showering and shaving her legs and intense sexual deviations.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation soft pink nipples Fae C

    Sun 27th Feb 2011Fae C | Intimate Moments

    Dark haired raven Fae checks herself out in the bathroom mirror before having a shower. But things heat up and Fae gets her kit off and decides to get a bit frisky, and have some bathroom playtime.

    Fae pinches her nipples and gives her clitoris a good work out. Rubbing herself into a great orgasm. Leaning satisfied and fulfilled against the wall, she takes a few moments to gather her breath and then gets back to having that shower.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Anastasiya meaty lips

    Sat 26th Feb 2011Anastasiya | Solo

    Anastasiya is half Russian and Dutch. And she is a whole lot more too. This 19 year old cutie has an amazing smile that just melts the camera and mesmerises every bit of you.

    Her skin is simply sublime, her personality, so innocent and shy but also so intriguing and warm. This young med student cant keep still and she bounces around and nervously hides from the camera in this first time experience. She likes lacy underwear and wears a lovely pair of see-through undies. Eventually they are removed and this magnificent svelte slender body is revealed in all its splendor.

    Anastasiya has plenty of sexy stories and wonderful insights into her personality to accompany her amazing looks, perfection is a very rare if not impossible thing, but I think we have gone very close to finding it in Anastasiya. One can only hope we get to see this beauty again.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big hips Nayomi and australian Alexis V

    Sat 26th Feb 2011Alexis V & Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Dark Skinned Nayomi and the tanned Australian beauty Alexis both star in this double intimate moment.

    Nayomi uses a toy and Alexis uses her fingers. Both are spread out on the bed touching themselves and getting in the mood.

    The glasses clad Alexis uses an interesting two handed technique, while occasionally grabbing her pert breasts.

    Nayomi touches her womanly body all over paying special attention to her large full breasts while having her toy firmly placed on her clitoris. Both the different styles ultimately end with the same result... both girls cumming hard and strong.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Anastasiya meaty lips

    Fri 25th Feb 2011Anastasiya | Solo

    Stunning, slim, long-legged Anastasiya treats us to this amazingly sexual and playful shoot. Her piercing blue eyes and flawless figure keep's you transfixed on her every movement as she moves and flex's her body on the pink cover of the bed.

    She teases us with each item of clothing she removes, prolonging the tension as we build up to the long awaited full nude reveal! When standing fully exposed on the bed she caresses her small breasts and innocently stares down the lens.

    She says in her handwritten bio "It was a great experience, I can't wait to do the next!", well hopefully we won't be waiting too long...

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and round bum Fotina and Irish lass Jamie-Lee and buxom Danielle K and latina Cici all female team

    Fri 25th Feb 2011Backstage 256 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 256 is up today!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl older Laura P and long legs Nichole lesbian oral sex

    Thu 24th Feb 2011Laura P & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Laura is a blonde, tanned, Aussie chick welcomed to Europe by the tall, full breasted, pale skinned, and long legged Dutch babe Nichole.

    Nichole has been out for the day and Laura is anxious to make her feel comfortable. She starts with a light massage and then progresses to a pilates session where the girls get into all kinds of erotic stretches as their emotions and sexual connection begins to flourish.

    This soon spills effusively into a long and passionate sex session between two fabulous bodies and two fantastic girls, ideally suited. There is a plethora of oral sex, fingering, skin grabbing, tongue kissing- and many other rousing things to whet your appetite!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation girl next door Antonella

    Thu 24th Feb 2011Antonella | Intimate Moments

    Antonella looks hot in her cardigan with no bra and tights. She moves her top down to reveal her pert boobs and then rolls her tights below to show off her lovely white undies.

    Antonella knows what she likes and is not ashamed to show us. She prefers very particular and specific positions in order to masturbate and orgasm in.

    She likes to masturbate standing up!

    It is so rousing watching this alternate style and brings all kinds of imaginative possibilities into play. A great view of a unique style that is so thrilling and sexy to observe.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls meaty lips Mykala

    Thu 24th Feb 2011Mykala | Solo

    For her new video, the blue eyed body and large labia get wet as she gently fingers her self and tells us about her first time.

    Home alone with a boy, her sisters bed, the excitement of his hardness, her first condom and riding him slowly still with her school dress on... "I remember it being really tight at first but it got better the more we did it. I remember thinking, I cant wait to do this again!"

  • Image of Girl Girl older Laura P and long legs Nichole lesbian oral sex

    Wed 23rd Feb 2011Laura P & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Lucky us! Lucky us for being able to witness this tensely erotic feast of long flexible bodies and fervid passion displayed by Nichole and Laura. Nichole has a sore shoulder and Laura P recommends some stretching and light pilates to help loosen up. Stripping away all restricting clothes they begin but accidental bump to the face by long legged Nichole leads to cuddled apology. The two girls start to passionately embrace on the wooden floor, their slim bodies dappled in strips of sunlight.

    Watch as Nichole's pale skin blushes from milky white to crimson rose as she cavorts with Laura, running her hands through her blonde hair and down from her breasts to her smooth shaved pussy, where things start to get a lot more intimate!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls australian Alexis V slender body

    Wed 23rd Feb 2011Alexis V | Solo

    For her new video, the blue eyed body and large labia get wet as she gently fingers her self and tells us about her first time.

    Home alone with a boy, her sisters bed, the excitement of his hardness, her first condom and riding him slowly still with her school dress on... "I remember it being really tight at first but it got better the more we did it. I remember thinking, I cant wait to do this again!"

  • Image of Nude Girls meaty lips Mykala

    Wed 23rd Feb 2011Mykala | Solo

    Gorgeous smooth tanned skin and big bright blue eyes are the first things that strike you about sexy Mykala, but as you'll see in this sexually intimate shoot, she's got so much more hidden away!

    She has a VERY sexual personality and this comes across in the erotic movements and provocative positions of her body, and the way she runs her hands down over her skin and inside her long slim legs. Removing her clothes she rolls her full and firm breasts in her hand as she gives a sneak peek at her smooth shaved and wet pussy. Slipping a couple of fingers in past her large labia she arches her back in pure and intense intimate enjoyment.

  • Image of Nude Girls australian Alexis V slender body

    Tue 22nd Feb 2011Alexis V | Solo

    The long awaited solo debut from Alexis! After appearing in the gorgeous girl on girl shoot with Nichole the anticipation for her solo has been growing daily; well here it is, enjoy!

    Playful and flirtatious, Aussie brunette Alexis gets caught messing around doing the hoovering and turns the day of chores into a much more enjoyable and intimate endeavor. Stripping away her clothes until she has only her underwear for cover she dances around the house listening to her ipod, and making a pretty poor effort at doing the housework she'd planned!

    Giving glimpses of her pert little bum and small firm breasts she reveals whats left to discover of her tanned, slim body as the cute bra and knickers set quickly falls away. Indulging in some every sexy and very intense self indulgent masturbation's Alexis makes this solo, one you won't forget.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls firm butt Charlotte E

    Mon 21st Feb 2011Charlotte E | Solo

    Charlotte has striking eyes. I also love her voice, a bit husky and languid, but sooo sexy. She is excited about a upcoming holiday to Thailand and wants to look her best so she moisturises herself. You can watch as she rubs every inch of her skin sensually.

    She is a real honey, her smooth skin laps up the cream and we see from a variety of angles exactly how hot the body of Charlotte is. Every part of her has something very rousing to offer, she really is a rare exotic elegant beauty.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation meaty lips Rebecca T

    Mon 21st Feb 2011Rebecca T | Intimate Moments

    Rebecca jumps straight into her explosive return solo masturbation video. Her hands dive straight underneath her jeans and result in an instant moan of delight. She has short hair, a beautiful cute face and a pert supple body. She undresses perched up on the arm of her couch spreading her legs out to give us a full view as she rubs her pussy on the outside of her undies with a very fast circular motion.

    Things are urgent and hectic as she races towards a thrilling climax while her undies are still hooked on her ankle. Her desires take hold of her and Rebecca just sits back and enjoys this energetic and fast paced thrilling solo masturbation video. As I am sure you will too;)

  • Image of Nude Girls firm butt Charlotte E

    Sun 20th Feb 2011Charlotte E | Solo

    Tall and seductive Charlotte stands on her bed tugging on the gray dress that hangs so loosely over her tall, slim body. Pulling it down she exposes her gorgeous tanned body and pert breasts. Dragging it down even lower she rolls onto her back and slides the dress of her legs revealing bright blue and sexy lace pants, barely covering her shaved pussy.

    Back to the wall and legs apart Charlotte really shows us just what a stunning body she has, and as she falls back onto the bed and into the covers, she stretches to show us exactly what she can do with it!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation perfect shave Danielle Y

    Sun 20th Feb 2011Danielle Y | Intimate Moments

    Danielle is confident and assured in herself and her sexuality. And why wouldnt she be? She is hot! With an awesome round figure with sexy tan lines and a beautiful face.

    She lies on the kitchen table lifting her top up to reveal her erect nipples and then sending her hand down south to begin tending to business.

    We have a great view of all the action as Danielle teases herself and prefers to draw out this pleasurable process which is completely engrossing to watch such a hot master at their work.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls tall curvy amateur Natalja

    Sat 19th Feb 2011Natalja | Solo

    Welcome Natalja! You may recognize this sexy tall half Dutch half German lass from movie night girls! Shes back! this time appearing in her first solo shoot.

    Curly haired Natalja tells us all a super hot story about her and a work colleague, getting naughty and steamy in the garage at work, She tells in detail about getting pushed her up against the bonnet of a car and ravished.

    Natalja is beautiful with natural full breasts and pale skin. Listen to Natalja tell us what she likes her man to do, watch as she shows us what positions she likes... She's flexible, she's gorgeous, she's Natalja!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pale skin Elsbeth

    Sat 19th Feb 2011Elsbeth | Intimate Moments

    Lovely Latvian blonde Elsbeth is quietly reading a book.

    Relaxing under a warm blanket. Things heat up when this little pale cutie goes exploring and playing with her nice handful size breasts.

    Then off comes her top, the blanket is kicked aside as lovely Elsbeth starts to rub herself under her bright yellow undies. When she can't take anymore, she totally disrobes all and gets into a steamy masturbation session.

    She rubs, fingers and plays with her nipples and climaxes with a satisfying moan.

  • Image of Nude Girls tall curvy amateur Natalja

    Fri 18th Feb 2011Natalja | Solo

    A radiantly seductive smile and bright, beautifully mischievous personality make Natalja instantly stand out in this, her first solo shoot. In the small confines of the bedroom Natalja makes the most of the bunk be as she moves from top to bottom leaving items of clothing as she goes.

    Revealing her large breasts and smooth pale skin is a sight to behold, and as she starts to play with herself and the environment the scene quickly hots up. With her long legs dangling from the top bunk of the bed she drops onto the floor ans spreads out her tall shapely frame giving us a sight to savor.

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and toned and athletic Greta and hippy Jilly and busty Indiana ladies make porn

    Fri 18th Feb 2011Backstage 255 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 255 is up today!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl long legs Nichole and australian Alexis V naked lesbian makeout

    Thu 17th Feb 2011Alexis V & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Aussie newcomer Alexis hits the ground running with Nichole in this teasing, revealing and very girly shoot. Alexis has a compact, fit body, tanned skin and nothing short of a killer smile. Nichole is tall, Dutch, blue eyed and, as it turns out, trying to do her homework. However Alexis has other things on her mind.

    These two girls are so clearly totally hot for each other but Nichole is playing it slow. Alexis pleads with her to show her her pussy, to let her go further. "When will you let me have it?" She asks with the most convincing smile I've seen in years.

    This my friends is a fly-on-the-wall witnessing of two friends who have fooled around before just about to take it to a whole new level. The passion, anticipation, excitement and promise of each others hot bodies is palpable.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation redhead Dahlia

    Thu 17th Feb 2011Dahlia | Intimate Moments

    Watch this redhead stunner laze around in the mid afternoon sun glazing out the window. Sexy Dahlia, with her small breasts and hard nipples, watch as she takes her pants off and fiddles with herself underneath her undies. She grabs her boobs and gets into it, taking her time to enjoy her small petite body. When her panties comes off we find a treasure chest of thick natural public hair.

    She opens her legs and starts to explore her hairy box. Hers eyes are closed and her head is tilted back. You certainly can tell that this little redhead is having a lot of fun.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls loud little blond thing Masie menstruation blood

    Thu 17th Feb 2011Masie | Solo

    There's never a dull moment in the life of the energetic Masie. Just when she thought the afternoon was clear, her mum rings and reminds her she's coming for lunch.

    In a panic Masie cleans the kitchen and changes her clothes but some how gets side tracked when she's naked.

    First she starts to masturbate with her fingers, then with a wet sponge and finally with a dish brush! Masie goes to town on her super wet, hairy pussy with this brush using both ends to do the job. Finally finishing she panics, finishes cleaning and then masturbates /again/! We *love* Masie and you will too!

  • Image of Girl Girl long legs Nichole and australian Alexis V naked lesbian makeout

    Wed 16th Feb 2011Alexis V & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Now this image set is a real treat, Nichole introduces Alexis for her first ever shoot in this intimate and sexual girl-girl. Nihole's tall beautifully shaped figure embraces and compliments the short, slim silhouette of Alexis as they cavort on the bright orange sofa of the apartment.

    Removing each others clothes the mood starts to get hotter and hotter, and as they stand up off the sofa bearing all, they start to passionately embrace against the illumination of the glass brick wall. Alexis holds Nichole's large breasts, whist Nichole in turns runs her hands all over her smooth tanned skin, heightening the sexual tension with each and every touch.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls soft pink nipples Fae C

    Wed 16th Feb 2011Fae C | Solo

    Fae is a cute and shy British chick. You wouldn't expect from the timid demeanor she presents, for her to have such kinky and raunchy stories. But she has them in spades. Escapades that include threesomes, spanking, strapons and all kinds of other "mad, passionate, kinky stuff."

    She is a petite, dark haired girl with pale skin and comfortably shows us how she likes to get off. Her debut is full of surprises and proves that behind close doors there is a whole world of Fae we are privileged to begin to know.

  • Image of Nude Girls loud little blond thing Masie menstruation blood

    Wed 16th Feb 2011Masie | Solo

    Masie always brightens a day up with her bubbly and playful personality, and this shoot must have been one of her very good days! More boisterous than usual Masie giggles and flirts with the lens, bouncing from pose to pose whilst attempting to get ready for the impending visit from her mum.

    Her hands slowly undress and caress her smooth, slim body. Her full bush of pubes and perky breasts slowly revealed as the shoot progresses. This shoot as everything that Masie does is full of surprises, from her captivating use of kitchen utensils to the more unplanned events!!

  • Image of Nude Girls soft pink nipples Fae C

    Tue 15th Feb 2011Fae C | Solo

    Short and slim with jet black hair, Fae makes her inaugural solo shoot. In the bright vivid setting of the bedroom she lays seductively on the pink duvet, flirting to the camera whilst she slowly starts to peel away her purple dress and bright blue underwear.

    Standing naked on the bed she shows off her small breasts and petite frame as she slides her hands down towards her smooth shaved pussy. Moving from one position to the next she finds a multitude of poses in which to entertain herself. Hopefully this wont be the last we see from Fae!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls blonde pubes Gretchen

    Mon 14th Feb 2011Gretchen | Solo

    Right, well, what DOESN'T happen in this video?............... OK so it might be easier for me to tell you what DOES. Gretchen, glasses, perfect breasts, hot body, is a down to earth kind of girl who is not the least bit shy in showing us her body and showing us what she can use as a dildo. Kitchen utensils, oranges, you name it.

    Sitting on a window sill she fingers herself to orgasm and signs off by peeing on the floor! This video has something for everyone.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation loud little blond thing Masie and girl next door Leandra

    Mon 14th Feb 2011Leandra & Masie | Intimate Moments

    Leandra and Masie are cuties that both have long blonde hair and enjoy relaxing on the couch, before long the two are comparing nipples and body parts.

    Maise is amazed by Leandra's "perfect" shaved pussy. The two then then tell each other how they like to masturbate! Masie likes to squeeze and pull on her nipples and Leandra likes to spank her clitoris.

    Masie hairy pussy and Leandra's shaved, contrast so well and we get a great view of all the action in this sexy and rousing double intimate moment.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation Alyssia

    Sun 13th Feb 2011Alyssia | Intimate Moments

    Natural beauty Alyssia stars in this erotic and sensual intimate moment. This dark haired stunner lays seductively on a rug on the floor while she slowly touches and strokes her tight toned and tanned body.

    As he starts getting horny her pretty pink top comes off and she reveals an amazing set of pert breasts.

    Her hands wander down south and goes to work on her clitoris. With one hand rubbing her vagina the other clutching at her nicely sized boobs. Alyssia works herself up, moaning and panting in excitement to a very satisfying climax.

  • Image of Nude Girls blonde pubes Gretchen

    Sun 13th Feb 2011Gretchen | Solo

    Due to popular demand... The Beautiful Gretchen is back!!!

    This is Gretchen's second mind-blowingly sexy solo shoot, and she really has picked up where she left off. Gretchen is a sensuous and very provocative girl that in her first shoot started to enjoy experimenting with insertions in the form of a smooth glass dildo. In this, her experimentation seems to have moved on; and in the kitchen there's plenty to try out and play with. Cute glasses and a sweet smile show her innocence, but her soft shyness eventually gives way to her powerful underlying kinky side!

    In this shoot she moves from evocative play to experimental, spur of the moment insertions with utensils, and even all the way to wanting to pee all over the kitchen floor. Its a seriously sexy shoot that really shows off this all natural girls erotic side!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls girl next door Leandra

    Sat 12th Feb 2011Leandra | Solo

    Blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body and a playful but sexy accent betray Leandra's Dutch/Russian heritage in a wonderful way.

    Just back from grocery shopping Leandra decides to peal off her tight jeans and give us a guided tour of her body. She tells us about the sex positions she likes and rattles off a long list of places she likes having sex. tables, cars, hotel balcony's and even in a toilet which she demonstrates as best she can. Amid all this there is a plethora of fantastic close-ups for you to feast your eyes upon.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big hips Nayomi and redhead Dahlia

    Sat 12th Feb 2011Dahlia & Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Redhead Dahlia and dark skinned Nayomi hangout on the bed, Nayomi shows Dahlia her favourite toy and explains how it "Goes really fast" and makes her cum hard.

    The tension between the two becomes too much and they embrace in a passionate kiss. They both then get naked and Nayomi puts on a masturbation show for the sexy hairy Dahlia. As Dahlia watches, she lubes up her fingers and rubs her vagina into a blissful orgasm. Nayomi does the same with her toy firmly placed against her pussy making herself orgasm twice!

  • Image of Nude Girls girl next door Leandra

    Fri 11th Feb 2011Leandra | Solo

    Leandra is blonde, tanned, slim and oozes sexual seduction. In this much anticipated first solo shoot she stops her daily routine to take part in some serious cavorting on the sofa.

    Undressing she reveals her pert breasts and gorgeously long legs that lead up to her smooth, shaved pussy. Playing with herself she moves around the sofa, stretching and spreading herself out in a display that keeps you engrossed from start to finish.

  • Image of Behind the scenes slender elegant amateur Petria and tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann and toned and athletic Greta and petite Melita female videographers

    Fri 11th Feb 2011Backstage 254 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 254 is up today!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl large areola Marina M and hairy tomboy Marietta gentle lesbian sex

    Thu 10th Feb 2011Marietta & Marina M | Girl-Girl

    Marina is fiery, outspoken and very enthusiastic. We know this from her raunchy girl girl video with Masie, but in this pairing with Marietta the sparks fly in a more teasing and sensual way.

    These two girls flirt, caress, compliment and undress each other, all the while holding back the moment they both eagerly await- a first kiss. The restrained, controlled passion is delightful to watch as they look longingly and with powerful want into each others eyes.

    Once the long awaited moment occurs the video progresses into a wonderful, tantilising display featuring passionate kissing, playful touching and sensual banter. Marietta makes a splendid debut into the girl girl arena and Marina displays her ever growing arsenal of sexy weapons cant wait to release.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation long legs Nichole

    Thu 10th Feb 2011Nichole | Intimate Moments

    The beautiful local Dutch girl Nicole is back! This time in her first intimate moment. Fair skinned Nichole starts off by playing with her nipples though her blouse and then off comes her shorts.

    She slowly rubs her shaved pussy, teasing and getting herself into the mood and when she finally takes her top off things really heat up. She has great large boobs and its very hot watching Nichole masturbate to an intense and satisfying orgasm.

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