• Mon 31st Dec 2012 Nude girl Gisela (Stills) | Solo

    Beautiful blonde Gisela appears on abbywinters.com for the first time in her tight workout clothes tautly wrapping around her firm and supple physique. Her full breasts are busting out of her tight bra and top and there are some thrilling cleavage shots as she commences her workout on her fitball. Speaking of fitball, if you like watching girls workout be sure to checkout Fitball Girls and Step Aerobics Girls.

    Gisela continues her workout as she slowly undresses and reveals rubs her breasts and bum against her fitball. Her round bum is delightfully firm. Her smile, light freckles and long hair look great in this introduction to abbywinters.com. Welcome Gisela.

  • Sun 30th Dec 2012 Nude girl Ana B (Stills) | Solo

    The thin white material of her thong barely covers, the outline of Ana's smooth labia pushing out from her underwear pulled taught as she moves.

    Ana lets the thin bed sheets glide over her naked slim body as she stands off the bed. Falling down around her the gaps in the material reveal her tan lines, small breasts and athletic figure. Smiling, exposing her braces she slides her hand down...

  • Sun 30th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Maya C | Intimate Moments

    Maya is a cute chick with dark olive skin and a lovely soft voice. Her delicious body is beatified with small pert boobs and a shaved pussy.

    We see Maya in her bedroom where she is left by her boyfriend after energetic sex with him. As you notice, she is still a bit horny and can not stop touching herself. With one hand she holds her round boobs and with the other one she stimulates her pussy. Her masturbation gets more intense with every stroke and second...

  • Sat 29th Dec 2012 Classy, elegant Mercedes (Video) | After Dark

    Slender Mercedes is in her dark bedroom after she returns from a night out wearing a hand made violet short dress and dark high heels which accentuate her long legs and reveal sneak peeks of her tanlines and upskirt views.

    She gets undressed and relaxes on her big red bed. The light in the room highlights her well defined features and her small round boobs. When you look into her big dark blue eyes you want to just drown in them and spend your night with her in this dark room.

  • Sat 29th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Jade S & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Following the final of a certain sporting event English Jade and American Renae D, have taken the day off to relax. What better way to treat their worked muscles than to to lay and warm them naked in the sun.

    Being in the middle of nowhere can cause its own problems as Jade needs to go to the bathroom. Luckily Renae is on hand to show her how easy it is to pee outside in nature.

    As they lay in the sun, Jade's pale skin looks creamy and soft next to Renae as she shows off her tan lines. Laid side by side with the heat of the sun on their bodies the two woman settle back and enjoy themselves.

  • Fri 28th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Carmina & Claudia S (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Real life friends Carmina and Claudia S have traveled over from Spain to have an outdoors adventure. Sat in the shade of the tent to protect their pale skin, the ladies drink water to keep hydrated.

    The water soon takes effect and the woman's first adventure is to find somewhere safe to pee!

    Giggling throughout the ladies tease and play fight their way to the first kiss, leading into longer frantic kissing as the passion takes over. With anal fingers, spanking and leg shaking orgasms, the ladies have a busy afternoon.

  • Fri 28th Dec 2012 How important is the internet dating profile pictures to girls? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models how important is the internet dating profile pictures.

    AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Thu 27th Dec 2012 Backstage 350 | Behind the scenes

    Just the one very sexy shoot in this backstage set, we're going on set with the very beautiful and popular Zasha on her third solo.

    Here's what Jacki her photographer, had to say on the day...

    "Zasha is an A-class model all the way. Her calm demeanor and sexy energy always makes for amazing photos. Her skin tones in amongst this plant/brick-a-brack store looked incredible."

  • Thu 27th Dec 2012 Classy, elegant Mercedes (Stills) | After Dark

    Mercedes slender body, blonde short hair and playful personality are revealed in this captivating solo return. Adorned with make-up, wearing a light purple dress, unleashing her commanding eyes and cat like movements prove a very seductive combination as she writhes around on her bed.

    She teasingly gives us a peak of her small pert breasts and faint tan-lines. Her muscular back is beautifully captured in the contrasting light as the peach fuzz on her back is clear. We also get a glimpse of her blue undies underneath her dress as she gets completely naked and reveals her hairy bush.

  • Wed 26th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Carmina & Claudia S (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous Spanish best friends Carmina and Claudia spent some fun and sexy time outdoors together undressing each others svelte, petite bodies under their little private tent.

    Having fun with each other there's some awesome tight-ripping oral from Carmina and some great, passionate kissing! It'a always risky outside but these two make no worries about being caught, and there's even some tandem peeing!

  • Wed 26th Dec 2012 Nude girl Jessika F (Video) | Solo

    Join me in welcoming the delightfully cheeky, curvy, English, lovely Jessika F! With her sparkling eyes and infectious laugh Jessika lights up the room. She tells us a little bit about herself and what made her decide to share her naked form with the world.

    She talks to us about her 'big juicy boobs' and tells us which one is the most sensitive. We talk in detail about her orgasms and learn that they can go right to her head! Her hands run over her soft skin before resting on her hairy pussy and then we get to see what she was describing for ourselves!

  • Tue 25th Dec 2012 Nude girl Arianna (Video) | Solo

    Toned, tanned Arianna is the perfect mix of shyness and confidence wrapped into one tight little package. Slowly removing her clothes, she shows off her very toned body, and comments on how much she likes her bottom because it is still "tight" from her years as a gymnast. She talks of her love for dance choreography, and the different things she looks for in a partner.

    Moving into the shower, her "favorite place to masturbate", she runs the warm water over her smooth skin, trimmed bush and small, perky breasts. Arianna certainly knows the best way to use a detachable shower head as a masturbation aide as she rushes towards a powerful climax.

  • Mon 24th Dec 2012 Nude girl Jessika F (Stills) | Solo

    Blonde British natural beauty Jessika comes to abbywinters.com for the first time to show off her cute smile, pale skin and voluptuous body as she undresses in front of the window.

    Exposing her breasts and pussy she slides her hands down over her body and through her short, trimmed pubes towards her wet pussy. Slipping a few fingers inside of herself she lays back and pleasures herself!

  • Sun 23rd Dec 2012 Nude girl Arianna (Stills) | Solo

    Tanned, dark haired Arianna undresses her slim body and small, pert breasts as she jumps into the shower to play with her wet pussy and full bush.

    Letting the warm water from the head of the shower flow down her body and drip off her curves she slips her fingers into her pussy and treat herself to some mid-day play!

  • Sun 23rd Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Latisha | Intimate Moments

    Dutch Latisha walks into the room with her pink toy in hand and a mind to have an intense afternoon. She starts by removing her clothing to reveal her pale skin and sits down to play.

    With her legs in the air she pushes her vibrator onto her clitoris so she can feel the vibrations flowing inside her. Suddenly she hits the right spot and her body rewards her with a clear liquid that squirts from inside. Feeling the pleasure she continues with her toy till she achieves her foot twitching orgasm and more squirting.

  • Sat 22nd Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Ana B & Dani L | Intimate Moments

    Mouths ache to touch, soft moist lips part to kiss. Legs wrap around dark skin as naked flesh presses together. 'I want you on top of me'.

    A flash of pants up skirt as Ana's legs swing on the desk. Nervous giggles as feelings are explored, passionate embraces when established. A glimpse of young ripe breasts down blouse as Ana falls forward laughing. Clothing is peeled off to reveal a tight bottom with white tan lines. Dani and Ana touch each other intimately, collapsing together in a pile of warm skin.

  • Fri 21st Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Candice (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Is there anything better than sex after sex... slender, tanned Alyssa looks in big, blue eyes of curvy, large breasted Candice and once again seduces her with soft touching, and slowly initiates one more round of passionate sex.

    These two girls are full of desire for having sex with each other over and over. They just finished their first sex experience together and after a few moments jump for more! Alyssa sucks on Candice's big, pert boobs and Candice pays her back with clitoris sucking and licking. All this is punctuated with large amounts of tender kissing!

  • Fri 21st Dec 2012 How do I approach girls? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models how they like to be approached.

    AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Thu 20th Dec 2012 Mystery Shoot 13 | Mystery Shoot

    Pants slide over a perfect ass, warm from it's spanking. Pubic hair peaks from the side of excited labia lips, Annabelle Lee waiting to be instructed to touch herself.

    From the warmth of her bath, Annabelle describes her ultimate sexual fantasy so vividly that it comes to life. Her small breasts are exposed by a strangers hands, her movements dictated to the smallest of details, inserting fingers in order of instruction. With her eyes blind folded her other senses grow in strength as she builds towards a heady, sexually fulfilling climax.

  • Thu 20th Dec 2012 Backstage 349 | Behind the scenes

    Something a little bit different with todays backstage set as we tag along with the recording of Chloe B's newsletter. She flashes her large breasts and pale skin as she films under a railway bridge!

    Then we move back inside to the awesomely passionate and fun intimate moments set with Lea and Leah

  • Wed 19th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Candice (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    An incredibly sexy shoot between beautiful large breasted redhead Candice and the stunning, tanned and toned Alyssa as they indulge in each others bodies on the bed.

    Sliding over to Candice, Alyssa effortlessly seduces her, and as they start to undress and explore each other further their want and passion increases! Sticking out her incredible, round, pert bum Alyssa holds Candice's perfectly smooth shaved pussy and licks it from top to bottom!

  • Wed 19th Dec 2012 Nude girl Alex K (Video) | Solo

    Aussie girl Alex stops in from her travels around Europe to show off her fit and flexible body. She is a boxer and takes us through a lesson. She has a very strong physique and her toned body looks great as she stretches and moves around the living room.

    She is a bit nervous and you can see this in her demeanor and hear it in her voice. But she gets more comfortable throughout and is clearly enjoying her modeling experience. She has faint tan-lines, fit round bum and toned stomach. She is also very flexible and easily does the splits and contorts her body into some positions that make the imagination run wild.

  • Tue 18th Dec 2012 Nude girl Evelina (Video) | Solo

    There are some sounds that invoke clear emotions and the drumming of rain is one of them. Evelina slips her bare feet into green wellington boots and steps out on to the balcony to feel the energy of the storm.

    The balcony above stops the rain from hitting her so she takes her water bottle and starts to let it run down the pale skin of her chin and into her top. Her full breasts start to become visible through the fabric, you can even see the outline of her large areola. She presses her boobs to the glass door, lifting her top so her bare skin can be pulled across the glass.

    Energized by the storm outside she heads inside to put that power to good use.

  • Mon 17th Dec 2012 Nude girl Alex K (Stills) | Solo

    Beautiful Australian Alex debuts on abbywinters.com and treats us to her stunning toned and tanned athletic body.

    Illuminated by the soft Amsterdam light she undresses in the window as she works out, stretches and shows you some of her boxing moves. Her cute, seductive smile is infectious, and as she reveals her small breasts, full bush and long legs you'll be knocked out!

  • Sun 16th Dec 2012 Nude girl Evelina (Stills) | Solo

    Natural and innocent looking Evelina shares some time with you as she moves around the kitchen and balcony, passing the time by having some fun with her slim body, large breasts and full bush.

    Undressing her pale body she moves inside and takes off her wet clothes, sitting on the floor she brushes her hands through her full bush and starts to slowly slide a finger inside herself.

  • Sun 16th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Carmina | Intimate Moments

    Carmina is a lovely and cute Spanish chick with milky pale skin and short funky white hair that show off her innocent look.

    Carmina lays on a bed and very innocently starts touching herself while texting a friend on her mobile. Slowly she moves her hand under her t-shirt and into her blue shorts stimulating herself more and more. This innocent and lazy "siesta" turns into a very intense masturbation session and explosive orgasm.

  • Sat 15th Dec 2012 Real life couple: Gaby & Wouter (Video) | Girl-Boy

    It's double Dutch as curvy Gaby brings her real life partner Wouter to share in her abbywinters adventures. This is a spicy and frantic encounter as the two lovers fly through all their favorite positions! Gaby has bought a new dress especially for the occasion and it shows off her stunning body and lovely long legs. Wouter eventually releases the dress from behind her neck allowing her full breasts to tumble free.

    There is lots of steamy eye contact, oral sex and intimate understanding in this video as they show us what they get up to in their private life.

  • Sat 15th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Alyshia & Marleen S | Intimate Moments

    Tall Marleen S and curvy Alyshia are ready to do their laundry the competitive way!

    Selecting their machines the girls sit on their vibrating devises and race to orgasm. Marleen S is keen that things are done correctly and suggests some rules! For the first five minutes they can only play with their breasts, Marleen pulling on her small breasts and Alyshia massages her large breasts. As the minutes pass the clothing falls off until it is finally a clear rush to the big finish!

  • Fri 14th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Latisha & Lena D (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Adorable Dutch cutie Latisha is here to do her first video with another girl. We entrusted her to the capable hands of lovely Lena D.

    It's short v tall as Latisha looks up at her new friend waiting to see what will happen next. Lena takes her time, slowly undressing Latisha to reveal some of her tanned skin, before helping her into an arm chair. Kneeling down Lena slowly uses her fingers and later her mouth to help Latisha to orgasm.

    Both ladies continue to explore one another and uncover the fact that they each have a special talent, both ladies can squirt!

  • Fri 14th Dec 2012 How clean should I be before sex? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models how clean their partner should be.

    AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Thu 13th Dec 2012 Real life couple Gaby & Wouter (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    The beautiful Dutch Gaby is back for abbywinters.com and she has returned with her partner Wouter for this girl-boy shoot.

    I'm sure you'll once again be more than excited to get a fresh glimpse int Gabys sex life and her tall, tanned body and large breasts.

  • Thu 13th Dec 2012 Backstage 348 | Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes of two great solos this time with backstage 348! First we are with the gorgeous Asian Jenny-lee for her very simple, sexy shoot.

    Then we move to see whats going on with Courtney B on the set of her solo as she undresses her pale body and small breasts.

  • Wed 12th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Latisha & Lena D (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Two stunning, tanned Dutch girls flirt and play with each others slim bodies and shaved pussies as they are illuminated by the sun streaking through the large widows of the lounge room.

    Latisha and Lana share a passionate kiss after some very provocative eye contact, and soon they are pulling each others clothes off and exploring each others bodies.

    Standing in front of the window, on the floor or spread across the arm chair, these two share some real passion and don't hold back on the oral!

  • Wed 12th Dec 2012 Nude girl Greta B (Video) | Solo

    Meet Italian born Greta B, an Athletic lady with a very sexy accent. Her bright laugh and bubbly personality light up the room as she tells us a little about herself, including a love of boxing.

    Greta's large eyes smile into the camera as she tells us about what she thinks is her best attribute- her bottom! Round and firm we can see it moving through her see-through underwear as she moves around on the bed.

    Greta dives under the covers before revealing her freckle kissed body and small breasts. Her hands run over her soft skin, teasing her nipples slowly. The white of her tan lines are clearly visible against her recently tanned body, as she emerges from her sheet and allows us to appreciate her body in full.

  • Tue 11th Dec 2012 Nude girl Jia (Video) | Solo

    Asian girl Jia takes us on a sensual and erotic journey as she describes some fantasies, undresses and masturbates to orgasm working her clit in a steady motion.

    She has a very slender body and is very delicate and demure. She has an innocent exterior but as we get to know her better and she feels more comfortable, we get invited into her naughty and sexual side too.

  • Mon 10th Dec 2012 Nude girl Greta B (Stills) | Solo

    Gorgeous Greta and her stunning tanned petite body, cute smile, brunette hair and glasses debuts on abbywinters.com with this beautifully simple shoot.

    Illuminated in the window she flirts effortlessly with every lingering stare, and as she undresses her small breasts and smooth shaved pussy you'll want to focus on nothing else but her!

  • Sun 09th Dec 2012 Nude girl Jia (Stills) | Solo

    Stunning Asian Jia once again shows you her amazing slender, tanned body and small pert breasts as she invites you to spend some time on the bed with her.

    Highlighting her beautiful slim, long legs with her knee high socks she slides her hands over her body and towards her smooth shaved pussy where she starts to play and slip a finger inside...

  • Sun 09th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Marleen S | Intimate Moments

    Athletic Marleen S wants to share her masturbation routine with you. Bouncing onto the bed this toned Dutch beauty looks into the camera and starts to reveal how she likes to bring herself to orgasm at home.

    Laying down on the bed, her long legs stretched out in full, she lets her hands wonder over her body. She uses the timer on her phone to see how long it will take for her to turn every inch of her body on and finally to rush to full pleasure at the end.

  • Sat 08th Dec 2012 Best of Anal Play (Stills) | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is anal licking! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the best rimming in our collection.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!)

  • Sat 08th Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Daisey & Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Curvy, Portuguese Daisey is sat next to cheeky, mature, English Sofia M and they have lots to talk about! So much so that we thought we would film what happened before and after their video as well!

    Having talked about a shared passion for linguistics it's not long before all eyes (and hands) are on Daisey's large breasts. 'Do you hold those with one hand or two' Sofia asks just before Daisey drop her right breast onto her hand with a pleasing smack sound.

    As well as breasts the ladies also discover they each have soft fluffy pubic hair and they have a feel of their partners.

    Having helped each other out of their clothing, stoked their hair and estimated the weight of their breasts it is time! With hands still seeking their partners nipples the ladies lay back, share a look and seek out their orgasms as one.

  • Fri 07th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Fenna (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Fenna and Claudia start their girl girl hardcore session off very tenderly, lots of light gentle caressing and teasing touching builds their desires slowly and strongly until they softly kiss and release their emotions.

    This titillating build up turns into unbridled sex as Claudia licks Fenna with palpable enthusiasm. The favours are returned by Fenna and the two indulge themselves in tribbing, 69ing and a host of different positions and ways to get their passionate partner off.

  • Fri 07th Dec 2012 What should I not get my girlfriend? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models what gifts they did not like. AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Thu 06th Dec 2012 Best of Anal Play (Video) | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is anal play! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the best rimming in our collection.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!)

  • Thu 06th Dec 2012 Backstage 347 | Behind the scenes

    WOW! This is a great backstage set with some classic abbywinters.com shoots! Starting down in windy Victoria, South Australia the beautiful dark-haired Keilyn shows off her natural side in her second solo shoot, as she runs through the hills throwing her clothes off. Its simply stunning.

    Then we match the beauty of the solo with the passion of Blaire and Fae's full paced and action packed girl-girl.

  • Wed 05th Dec 2012 Lesbian sex: Claudia S & Fenna (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Seductive dark haired, slender, Spanish Claudia spends some very intimate time with the beautiful Dutch Fenna and her large, pert breasts.

    Some light touching and flirting soon turns into some more passionate and intense undressing, kissing and sex! Claudia's deep piercing eyes look longingly at Fenna as they pleasure each others smooth shaved pussies.

  • Wed 05th Dec 2012 Nude girl Amy L (Video) | Solo

    Amy slides her hands up inside herself, pulling her pink labia open examining her vagina and G-spot.

    Her tops straps slip from her shoulders exposing ripe, bouncing breasts. Fingers pinch at puffy nipples "If I am turned on you can see they are perky". Amys fingers slide back inside herself exposing her wet urethra. Searching around she pushes her digit into her anus, "...it's a bit tight!"

  • Tue 04th Dec 2012 Nude girl Karlijn (Video) | Solo

    Arriving home from a run, toned, tanned Karlijn decides that she isn't tired yet and begins to workout her toned stomach and pert bottom on her exercise machine.

    Stripping off as she works up a sweat, she reveals her slender body and smoothly shaved pussy. Moving on to some floor work she bends and twists her body in a variety of very sexy ways!

  • Mon 03rd Dec 2012 Nude girl Amy L (Stills) | Solo

    Amy's lace underwear barely covers her smooth shaven vulva as she studies it with her fingers and the reflections from her make-up mirror.

    Her hands running down over her petite body, and under her top, expose her pert breasts. Her fingers slide deeper inside of herself as she feels the urge to experiment further with her body. The tip of her fingers now penetrating deeper into her anus her lips tense with pleasure.

  • |

  • Sun 02nd Dec 2012 Video Masturbation: Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Standing in the kitchen we join slender, Mature, English Sofia M as she waits for her lunch to cook. In these busy times it is increasingly difficult to find time for ones self but being a modern woman of the world, Sofia shows us how we can have it all!

    Her dinner is not the only thing heating up in the kitchen, as she makes the most of the other wise wasted time. Her hands soon work their way into her top and find her small breasts, her fingers seeking out her hard nipples. Sitting on the side she starts to rub her hairy pussy through her trousers, letting her body warm up slowly. Needing more room she slowly peels off her trousers and slides her pants to the side, so she has room to pleasure her clitoris properly.

    Naked on the kitchen top, her breath starts to quicken, as she nears her orgasm...

  • Sat 01st Dec 2012 Video masturbation: Latisha & Lulu | Intimate Moments

    Latisha and Lulu are having a quiet afternoon relaxing. In her new glasses Latisha looks very sweet, as she lays on the footstool wanting to know more about her friends petite body.

    Lulu's pale skin looks especially white next to Latisha's tanned body and the ladies start to compare the two. Both woman have small breasts but Latisha has the larger nipples. Latisha is smooth and hairless where as Lulu is hairy. They talk about how they like their bodies to be touched and squeezed as they are stimulated and begin to talk about how they like to prepare their body for masturbation.

    Preparation done the ladies let their fingers do the rest...

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