• Mon 31st Aug 2009 Hayley F & Katherine F | Intimate Moments

    It's double delight today as not one but two(!) incredibly hot Abby models share that most intimate of girlie pleasures. Katherine and Hayley sit side by side to caress, giggle and tease each other before their hands slowly snake down to the hot spot between their thighs... Naturally delicious!

  • Mon 31st Aug 2009 Mirabelle | Solo

    Mirabelle's heart shaped face lights up when she talks about her global travel plans - she's jetting off on a round the world trip soon so keep your eyes peeled for her in your home city!

    With an amazing arse and the eagerness to caress her skin, she's sure to become your new favourite model. Bonus! She's not wearing a bra under that white top...

  • Sun 30th Aug 2009 Chanise | Intimate Moments

    Probably thinking really naughty thoughts to get herself in the mood, hippy girl Chanise loves her body. Taking long, sweeping strokes, she takes her time to build her passion, the warm heat between her legs finally taking over for a passion-filled, moan inducing natural orgasm. Not to be missed!

  • Sun 30th Aug 2009 Julia M | Solo

    A returning model (so you can check out all her other HOT shoots), Julia is a fun-loving babe with a killer smile and one heck of a seductive stare! She's alone just for you today, teasing and toying with you. She s-l-o-w-l-y undresses, keeping you on the edge of your seat before rewarding with some juicy delights!

  • Sun 30th Aug 2009 Mirabelle | Solo

    Australia is so deliciously multicultural and today's new model Mirabelle has that certain exotic flavour! Her smooth, tanned skin against the white walls looks so kissable and so touchable and so...er, where was I?

    She's drool worthy and I know you're going to love this sweet hottie - thanks to Jacki for the awesome photography!

  • Sat 29th Aug 2009 Nashi | Solo

    Pint-sized pleasure with large, smiling doe eyes that twinkle and tease with every coy grin...Nashi is today's new video and she's open, honest about her life, she loves travelling and her experiences in Australia have taught her a lot about herself. She chats casually about what turns her on as she bends over and toys with the waistband on her knickers..yum!

  • Sat 29th Aug 2009 Joannie | Intimate Moments

    An afternoon of guilt-free pleasure? Yessir! Joannie has been a star on the forums, posting lots of her own photos and flirting her cute little arse off! She's cute, pert and today, she's revealing a whole lot more to you with a simply stunning display of natural, non-posy, orgasmic delight! Enjoy!

  • Fri 28th Aug 2009 Susie | Solo

    Did you know Susie is probably one of the first abbygirls ever?! She was right there from the beginning of this website 9 years ago and after doing loads of shoots as a model, she stepped behind the lens, becoming a staff member!

    Back again for one last shoot, she tells you about her experiences with abbywinters.com and shows off her still mighty fine body!

  • Fri 28th Aug 2009 Nashi | Solo

    Do you like petites? Looking super cute in her white shorts and white cotton tank top, today's new model Nashi is a pocket full of fun!

    Round, pert bum cheeks that look incredibly lickable and I'm sure would feel really good to squeeze- plus the added bonus of a gorgeous red lace bra to cup her yummy breasts!

  • Thu 27th Aug 2009 Maria S & Tricia L | Girl-Girl

    Exquisitely teasing, intensely erotic, this passionate video set today captures everything wonderful about raw girlgirl sex.

    Pale skin is explored, treasured, caressed and every inch is kissed. Maria and Tricia enjoy long sessions of passionate breast play before some urgent penetration takes them gasping and moaning over the edge!

  • Thu 27th Aug 2009 Luanna | Intimate Moments

    Luanna's not wearing any undies.... and that's great news for you as the view of her fingers easing in and out of her juicy pussy while the other hand whizzes around her clit is truly boner-inducing!

    She's quite subtle in the sounds she makes but there's no mistaking the tensing of her back, the increase in pressure and the quivers that run through her as she gets closer to natural orgasm...

  • Wed 26th Aug 2009 Hao | Solo

    Hao is just one of the many stunning Asian abby girls who've gotten a little naughty and revealed themselves just for you!

    Our List system will help you find your way around our huge catalogue of content and the forums are a great place to ask questions and get help finding a model. Jenny-Lee is an awesome Asian-Australian and you can talk to her right now!

  • Wed 26th Aug 2009 Susie | Solo

    Susie has a bright, glossy mop of jet black hair and a blunt fringe that seductively hides her large brown eyes. A cute button nose she sometimes wrinkles up with a stellar smile to brighten the darkest of rooms.

    We're very lucky to bring you another beautiful shoot from long time abbywinters.com model Susie...Enjoy!

  • Wed 26th Aug 2009 Maria S & Tricia L | Girl-Girl

    A casual stroll in the sand with two horny redheads turns a bit cheeky! Some knowing glances are swapped and a loving kiss turns heated, the girls hands slipping under tops and down each other's pants! Sex by the sea has never been so good!

    Don't forget to check out the other hot shoots these two have sizzled in!

  • Tue 25th Aug 2009 Hao | Solo

    A long tumble of black hair that matches the thicket of curls covering her soft pussy lips and a brilliant, natural smile to light up a room, it's Hao's first time in front of the abbywinters.com camera, and she's not shy at all! Beautiful, pale white skin she eagerly reveals...just for you!

  • Tue 25th Aug 2009 Katarina | Solo

    Lace bras, coy smiles and cute little frowns abound as Katarina flexes and caresses her firm young body...that is - until she bends right over to peel down her leggings...

    There's a little bit of music to go with this video, and it fits purrfectly as the camera zooms in on all the important parts! Enjoy!

  • Mon 24th Aug 2009 Col & Marika | Intimate Moments

    We never know exactly what's going to happen when we leave two girls alone to masturbate, there could be a bit of boob comparison, some touching, shy looks and giggles or even outright sex!

    Col & Marika are filmed from two angles, letting you see all the good stuff as they lick and suck their way to pleasure!

  • Mon 24th Aug 2009 Allison | Solo

    Creamy skin, sugary sweetness and one of the downright naughtiest smiles I've known, Allison is the dessert you've been waiting for! She's such a perfect blend of nice and naughty - she's pure and tender but at the same time frank about all the incredible sex she's had - describing everything in delicious detail...Spoil yourself!

  • Sun 23rd Aug 2009 Petria | Intimate Moments

    Babe of the site, Petria owes her stunning looks to her Chilean ancestry, but she doesn't owe anyone for her incredibly sweet, always quirky personality! After viewing her super yummy masturbation video, make sure you check out her other shoots and then chat to her directly on the message boards!

  • Sun 23rd Aug 2009 Katarina | Solo

    It's monochrome fun today as lithe minx Katarina wiggles her firm young arse and toys with you. Her fiery eyes are hauntingly beautiful, her looks are piercing, suggesting she knows exactly what you want. She peels her clothes off and lets you drink in every inch of her body...She's naturally delicious!

  • Sun 23rd Aug 2009 Allison | Solo

    Blonde-haired, blue-eyed puppy love today as Allison decides to get naughty! She's young, fresh, super pretty and excited for her first ever nude photo shoot. You'll love her large, twinkling blue eyes that exude both innocence and wild naughtiness.

    My favourite bit: Funtastic arse cheeks covered in pink lace..Heaven!

  • Sat 22nd Aug 2009 Tiana | Solo

    A masturbation lover, Tiana caresses herself at least three times a week, whenever she can get a spare moment alone! She's frank and honest about desires and it's interesting to hear her explain what an orgasm feels like.

    Check out Giselle's thread on the forum to see which vagina number Tiana has!

  • Sat 22nd Aug 2009 Kellie K | Intimate Moments

    Sexually aware and vocally expressive, Kellie just can't keep her fingers too far away from her pussy. Her hands roam feverishly over her body, teasing, stroking, pushing herself just to the edge but stopping before it's too late.

    When the time comes, when she knows she's ready, she pushed her fingers in deep...

  • Fri 21st Aug 2009 Tiana | Solo

    Abby Girls tell all their friends! When Tiana heard about all the fun and naughties her pal Giselle was getting up to, she thought she'd have a go too! Getting into the spirit early, Tiana raided the Dildo Drive box and pick out a powerful but dainty looking silver vibrator donated by Mark. Can't wait for the video...

  • Thu 20th Aug 2009 Chloe B & Susie | Girl-Girl

    It's nipple sucking, finger licking fun today as Chloe and Susie tease each other relentlessly and dive (tongue first) into satisfying girlgirl sex! Deep, passionate kisses, the sound of zippers bursting and sight of Chloe's gorgeous pink tongue rubbing a wet patch on the outside of Susie's knickers. Super hot, real, natural orgasms!

  • Thu 20th Aug 2009 Mei | Intimate Moments

    A masturbation technique similar to Giselle's, Mei's cute little pointed toes wiggle and squirm under the pressure as waves of pleasure course through her body. Her right hand rubs tight little circles on her clit while her other hand tenderly caresses her small tanned breasts. Keep watching for some magical 'afterglow' enjoyment!

  • Wed 19th Aug 2009 Darina | Solo

    Gorgeous, natural, Aussie amateurs is what abbywinters.com is all about! Darina is 23yrs old, smart, funny and aware of her ridiculously sexy stare. She's into multiplayer online games and tells you all about it while bouncing around on the Swiss ball, getting naked of course! Fun times with this naturally delicious smarty pants!

  • Wed 19th Aug 2009 Keilyn | Solo

    Stunning. Sexy. Hungry eyes. A brand new solo image set from Keilyn today, she's wearing her favourite denim mini skirt and a fitted cotton tee that she tugs and twists at, gradually revealing a few more inches of her pearlescent skin. Compleatly nude, standing before you, letting you admire her raven beauty. Not to be missed...

  • Wed 19th Aug 2009 Chloe B & Susie | Girl-Girl

    It's 274 pictures of pleasure today as two long time AW models finally get to get in each other's pants! They've worked together for years, stood by the photocopier with weak knees and lusted across meeting rooms. Finally allowed to explore their desires, Chloe and Susie delve into a raunchy, exciting, fresh, girlgirl experience!

  • Tue 18th Aug 2009 Darina | Solo

    It's bouncy time today as cute brunette Darina jumps on the Swiss ball for a wiggle. Pale white skin, nerdy little glasses and large areola are some stand out features but there's heaps to love about this Aussie beauty. She's 100% natural, real, and ready to get naked and have some fun! Why not join her?!

  • Tue 18th Aug 2009 Tinneale | Solo

    New model Tinneale gets wonderfully explicit with you today as she spreads her firm, creamy young thighs wide to totally indulge herself in the pleasures of a donated dildo thanks to Jeff . Her back arches gracefully and her breasts jiggle with every breath and sigh. Her very first solo video today will surely brighten your day!

  • Mon 17th Aug 2009 Charlotte E & Giselle | Intimate Moments

    Girls alone to masturbate? Talking about how much they like it? Where they do it and what turns them on? Only at abbywinters.com will you find frank, natural, unscripted girls being themselves and enjoying the ultimate pleasure without a care in the world. It's a panting, saucy, steamy video. Naturally delicious of course!

  • Mon 17th Aug 2009 Cate | Solo

    Join Cate, Janina's gorgeous little sister, for her first foray into nude modelling. She's wearing not very much besides silky knickers and a shirt, but I love the way she's so comfortable talking while her nipple peeks out from behind the crisp cotton. Bright, talkative and full of life, Cate is full-flavoured fun!

  • Sun 16th Aug 2009 Kylie T | Intimate Moments

    A gorgeous redhead who has elected to shave off all her fiery pubic hair, Kylie is home alone today, just her fingers and a tiny pink vibrator to entertain herself. You have the perfect view as her fingers push deeply and the vibe sends her clit into orgasmic overdrive. Multiple orgasms and a full body shakes galore!

  • Sun 16th Aug 2009 Tinneale | Solo

    Handstands in a mini skirt? Hell yes! Tinneale is the quintessential abby girl. Bright, happy, smart, carefree and here today to get a little naughty! A bob of vibrant red hair picks up the pinks in her nipples and the extra long set of 269 images available in XL will keep you occupied and out of trouble!

  • Sun 16th Aug 2009 Cate | Solo

    Hauntingly gorgeous with electric green eyes that hint at something special, new model Cate is a stunner! Waif like and delicate, needing someone to love her but still possessing an admirable inner strength, she gradually reveals herself to you. She's also the sister of another beautiful abby girl - can you guess who?

  • Sat 15th Aug 2009 Edita | Solo

    A little nervous about being naked in front of a camera for the first time, gorgeous new model Edita takes time telling abbywinters.com videographer Lotti about her life before relaxing and shedding her clothes. A tiny waist and lovely large breasts are finally revealed in all their glory! Don't miss!

  • Sat 15th Aug 2009 Renee P | Intimate Moments

    Sensuous and seductive, Renee is all alone and enjoying her body. We gave her a camera and as much time as she needed to bring herself to orgasm. She uses both her hands, enjoying some clit stimulation with one while the other hand fingers her pussy deeply. Incredibly erotic moans will let you know exactly when she cums!

  • Fri 14th Aug 2009 Bai | Solo

    A great model, Bai is natural, outgoing, super smart and a lover of lifes simple pleasures. She's becoming a woman quickly and finds abbywinters.com a great way to express herself without judgement. I loved her large, hard nipples and the sensuality with which she caresses them... 100% passion, made in Australia!

  • Fri 14th Aug 2009 Edita | Solo

    An exotic beauty to keep you entertained today as ravishing new model Edita lights up your life! Dark curls of glossy hair fall in waves about her shoulders and match purrfectly the little tendrils of her pubic hair. She's a glowing beauty with a stunning white smile and long, shapely legs. Don't miss!

  • Thu 13th Aug 2009 Katherine F & Mei | Girl-Girl

    'I like your skin, so soft' ..words to launch a thousand kisses and soft, roaming caresses. I love the way these two explore each other, Mei's fondling and playful tweaking of her lover's nipples sent shivers through me and as she lowered herself onto Katherine's face, every tongue lick released a delicious moan...

  • Thu 13th Aug 2009 Lea | Intimate Moments

    Enjoy a little alone time with gorgeous blondy Lea as she lets her urges take over this afternoon! Getting undressed as she always does, with spare time on her hands and a warm swelling between her thighs, she slides her eager fingers down her pants. It's an orgasmic session like no other as this hot Aussie babe shows herself some love!

  • Wed 12th Aug 2009 Sarah J | Solo

    Sarah's a returning model but this is the first video lucky long time members are able to feast their senses on. She's a fun loving, super confidant Aussie babe with loads to tell you and everything to show you! Much has changed since her first shoot 5 years ago, she's turning into a woman and still has a bangin' body!

  • Wed 12th Aug 2009 Bai | Solo

    Today's returning model Bai has loads of cheeky self confidence and some full, round curves to show off with a grin! Her long flowing skirt has buttons to tease you as she slowly undoes them one-by-one, letting you peek at her thighs and her blue cotton knickers. Lovers of fine underarm hair will rejoice as will full bush fans!

  • Wed 12th Aug 2009 Katherine F & Mei | Girl-Girl

    It starts with a look, progresses swiftly to a nervous kiss then they both jump in head first, not caring about the consequences, their arms and legs intertwined and their clothes swiftly piling up on the floor. Wet licks and cream covered fingers abound as Katherine and Mei experience steamy girlgirl sex!

  • Tue 11th Aug 2009 Sarah J | Solo

    Sarah's a siren and she knows it! Sandy blonde hair she swings with a flick of her delicate shoulder and the cheekiest look to ever tease you, she's up for a little fun for her first time nude. Cupping her breasts lightly as she frees them from a pink tee-shirt bra she's shy at first but gives in to you with a smile...

  • Tue 11th Aug 2009 Aisling | Solo

    Sensual, soft and very supple, Aisling gives you a tour of her body starting with her shapely legs, moving up to her high, pert round arse before she gets a little carried away and dives her fingers eagerly between her legs to explore her most intimate of pleasures - her pussy. Wonderfully explicit and lots of frank details like how she likes to be touched...

    Garion, our CEO, has posted some very alpha sample images and commentry on our new website design on the boards. It is well cool. Feedback welcome.

  • Mon 10th Aug 2009 Katarina & Maria S | Intimate Moments

    A redhead and a brunette, alone with just a camera, celebrating the best and worst of bras until the conversation takes a turn south...the pauses get longer, the giggles more nervous and the heat in the air builds! When the party tricks are over their sensual, honest display of raw emotion blooms in rosy patches on their cheeks. Orgasmic!

  • Mon 10th Aug 2009 Chanise | Solo

    Get naked and climb a tree?! Hell yes! Chanise's video is in two parts, includes fascinating facts about her life, loads of great movement shots (see her boobs jiggle and bounce!}, juicy pussy shots and then it's topped off with a birds-eye view of her enjoying the ultimate self pleasure...Magical!

  • Sun 09th Aug 2009 Caitlyn J | Intimate Moments

    Alone, unhurried, given just a camera and some respect, Caitlyn reaches down to the soft pink folds of her pussy and feels the waves of pleasure course through her. Her cheeks flushed and her knees shivering, she lets the world watch as she explores her desires and quakes her way over a blissful edge...

  • Sun 09th Aug 2009 Aisling | Solo

    Aisling's long blonde hair and cheery smile will keep you occupied while she wiggles her bum and tugs at her dress. As the purple cotton slips down over her perfect breasts, two cute, round, rosy pink nipples pop out, ready for action and a kiss or lick or two! A great range of standing nude shots you'll get positively creamy over!

  • Sun 09th Aug 2009 Chanise | Solo

    Great boobs and a cute little tummy, hazel eyes to get lost in and a smile to tempt. New model Chanise has already played with other girls in her masturbation videos but get to know her, every inch of her, with this bright, fun photo set. Only at abbywinters.com!

  • Sat 08th Aug 2009 Vicky T | Solo

    Incredibly shy, wonderfully sweet and almost totally unaware of how deliciously sexy she is, new model Vicky takes a walk on the wild side for her first time nude and naughty! A great arse, firm, toned legs that go on for miles, soulful eyes and glossy locks, don't miss this hottie! Bonus: She's also an avid Beatles fan!

  • Sat 08th Aug 2009 Cassie | Intimate Moments

    The birds are out and they're not the only ones warbling! Cassie's sighs and moans are all due to the fact she's alone and she's got heaps of time to build up her desires and her let her fingers work their quick little circles into her hard clit. This is how she really likes it, no fake squeals here! Just pure, natural orgasms!

  • Fri 07th Aug 2009 Joanna M | Solo

    An innocent bundle of giggles, hottie Joanna reveals her naughty side today with an intimate look at the glorious moist pinkness between her legs. After a brief introduction she pulls off her tank top, you could tell she had no bra on, and wiggles out of her undies...then, ever so slowly, a cheeky grin on her face, she spreads her pussy lips wide...

  • Fri 07th Aug 2009 Vicky T | Solo

    Available in an extra large set, you can enjoy crisp, clear, high quality images of gorgeous new model Vicky. She's a little bit awkward and a little shy but bursting with untapped sexual energy she needs to explore. Long legs and a smokin' hot body, Vicky's sure to become a new favourite as she wiggles and jiggles her assets all afternoon!

  • Thu 06th Aug 2009 Chahna & Katy | Girl-Girl

    Not awkward or shy, Chahna & Katy's afternoon gets hot and heavy as fingers explore and sighs are released... Loving kisses and a need for release fuel this rather sticky girl girl session. Chahna's big, beautiful breasts bounce around and Katy makes full use of them - burying her face in them!

  • Thu 06th Aug 2009 Jane A | Intimate Moments

    Text sex! Jane knows the benefits! As she reads messages off her phone her hand starts to sneak its way down her chest, pulling the zip on her jumper as it goes... One hand resting gently on her breast, the other making increasingly urgent tugs and rubs at her clitoris, a climax comes hot and heavy when she inserts two fingers deep...

  • Wed 05th Aug 2009 Blanka | Solo

    A regular gym bunny, real life lesbian Blanka loves working out to keep her Latino arse full like a bubble. Her incredibly athletic and toned limbs are a delicious sight to drink in and in today's super yummy video she pulls off her dress and peels down her undies to give you a glimpse of all her hard work...

  • Wed 05th Aug 2009 Joanna M | Solo

    A cheeky smile and devilishly sexy eyes twinkle out at you as Joanna wiggles out of her panties... her long legs are pure white, her thighs young and firm, her pubic hair just starting to form little curls. A tiny waist leads up to pert little breasts with perfect pink nipples- she's pure Australian fun!

  • Wed 05th Aug 2009 Chahna & Katy | Girl-Girl

    Do you like passionate, emotive sex between real girls? No makeup and no clothes between them? Incredibly busty Chahna doesn't need to be tempted for too long before she practically pounces on Katy in a steamy girl girl romp that'll fog up your screen! Tribbing, licking, luscious sucking, beautiful breast fondling and deep finger penetration...Sticky!

  • Tue 04th Aug 2009 Blanka | Solo

    An exquisite blend of fragility and strength, new model Blanka has an athletic grace that matches her defined muscles and strong, independent stance with a soulful gaze and soft, womanly lips. A beautiful nude shoot, Blanka summons her courage and takes it all off with free-spirited pride. 100% Made in Australia!

  • Tue 04th Aug 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Catrinia's life has completely changed after discovering the delights of nude modelling for abbywinters.com! Her mind has been opened to many wonderful possibilities and with heaps of spare time on her hands she's jumped straight into a world of gay bars, three-somes and raunchy home movies! Enjoy!

  • Mon 03rd Aug 2009 Chanise & Sylvanna | Intimate Moments

    Chatty friends hanging out for a little bit of girlie fun, Chanise & Sylvanna have loads to giggle about before some super horny urges take over! Their natural, untouched bodies start to quiver and arch as they lose control, unable to resist sharing loving embraces and passion-filled kisses. Don't miss natural masturbation at it's best!

  • Mon 03rd Aug 2009 Janet | Solo

    You've enjoyed her stunning photos, now get to know her a little more intimately as Janet unclips her denim overalls, peels off her loose cotton tee and shimmies out of her knickers. As she spreads her legs a bit farther apart all the wondrous ripples and frills of her pussy can be explored...grab an umbrella! It's wet down there!

  • Sun 02nd Aug 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Long flowing silky hair that I know you'd just love to run your fingers through and equally stunning long colt-ish legs will make Catrinia your new favourite abby girl! Soft skin and a devilish smile will start a party in your pants so make sure you don't miss this incredibly sexy babe!

  • Sun 02nd Aug 2009 Janet | Solo

    Long legs that seem to go on for miles and a serene look to match the perfect woodland setting. Janet's a firey natural redhead - and her lush ginger sugarbush is both thick and fluffy and covering her most womanly of pleasure pots... brilliant white skin covers her large natural breasts -topped off with cute little nipples! Yum!

  • Sat 01st Aug 2009 Nikki S | Solo

    The first thing you'll notice is Nikki's chirpy, flirt-laden voice then as she talks you'll realise she's actually sharing a lot of herself, letting you get to know her deepest desires and the way she likes to be pleasured. Her full, round figure is yumminess on a stick so I know you'll just adore dreaming about every last lick...Don't miss!

  • Sat 01st Aug 2009 Tiana | Intimate Moments

    Private. Alone. Special. It's her very own oasis of juicy pleasure. Tiana's a blonde hottie with desire on her mind and fingers just itching to get to work. Her breasts enjoy some gentle caresses as her hands free them from her bra cups. Her soft sighs growing and her face flushing as pure pleasure sweeps through her...

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