• Wed 30th Apr 2008 Pink Shower Girls | Girl-Girl

    The models, Shee-ra, Carys, and Mayla make up the Pink Shower Girls. They begin the video shaving their legs, which quickly turns into a shaving cream fight. So then into the pink shower they go to wash each other off and things get a little "touchy". The second video in this set is a backstage video of the making of the Pink Shower Girls still image shoot and it's really interesting to see.

  • Wed 30th Apr 2008 Isla | Solo

    Isla talks with us from the Australian bush about her life and hobbies - so why not get naked while you're doing that? She's in the country studying fashion design, and for fun she really likes to snow board. She has nice perky smaller sized breasts, and overall she's so cute. Look at her, isn't she a little honey?

  • Tue 29th Apr 2008 Tricia | Intimate Moments

    Going for the belly-down approach, Tricia slips down her undies and works her hand down her front. She slides her fingers over her clit and other bits until she comes in a nice orgasm. Tricia's pretty arse is in view the whole time.

  • Tue 29th Apr 2008 Katy | Solo

    Katy is naked on a hillside out in the bush showing off her own bush. She teaches videographer, Adora, some yoga, then she gets shoot assistant Prue to let Katy show her what she does with her girlfriend, without actually getting too touchy with Prue. When all the staff is back behind the camera, Katy shows you some explicit views of her pink bits.

  • Tue 29th Apr 2008 Isla | Solo

    Isla is looking cool in the shade of a big tree. She has a great body and she is shaved very thoroughly and looks smooth down there. Extra-large images and a Dressing Room set round out this beautiful girl's first visit here - videos are next!

    Look at this model's, (Alisa's) beautiful long blonde hair and fantasticly toned-bum. We can't see her face, but you just know it's got to be a good one. Alisa is a very new model, but we'll get her onto the site as soon as we can. She's currently found in the AW Today area.

  • Mon 28th Apr 2008 Pink Shower Girls | Girl-Girl

    Carys and Shee-ra are shaving their legs and play-fighting with the shaving cream when in walks Mayla. She seems to be the catalyst for everyone getting naked, playing with their boobs, and taking their undies off. The girls need to get the shaving cream off and wash their dirty bodies in the shower (that's where the pink shower comes in). So all three hop into the shower and as you can imagine, hands will roam.

  • Mon 28th Apr 2008 Magdaline & Odette | Intimate Moments

    Magdaline & Odette talk a lot about orgasms and sexual experiences as they are undressing. Once they begin to masturbate, they both come very quickly, and it was a good one from the looks of things.

  • Mon 28th Apr 2008 Mareesha | Solo

    Peruvian goddess, Mareesha, teaches us some dancing from her native country. Later she takes all her clothes off and rubs her breasts seductively. Lying naked on the floor, Mareesha tells an interesting story about a sexual experience with a guy. Lucky fellow.

    Kylee and Chloe B are going on a picnic to the park, and once they get there Kylee tells you all about this week's sexy and arousing shoots in the Video Newsletter. With around twenty new photo and video sets per week, abbywinters.com is a great bargain. Listen to Kylee in the Video Newsletter for a coupon code to get ten percent off your membership.

  • Sun 27th Apr 2008 Olay | Intimate Moments

    Rubbing her crotch through her undies and her breasts through her bra, Olay begins to get herself excited. She removes all of her undergarments and it's skin on skin, fingers on nipples and pussy. Olay has an intense orgasm when the feelings become too strong to bear and she bursts into an orgasmic release.

  • Sun 27th Apr 2008 Katy | Solo

    Katy's out in the bush taking her clothes off for us in front of a big old tree. She reaches around from behind and slips her fingers up inside herself to spread her lips apart. Using her clothes like a blanket on the ground, Katy lies on her stomach and reaches down to stroke her clit and give it a rub for good luck.

  • Sun 27th Apr 2008 Mareesha | Solo

    This big-brown-eyed visitor to our country from Peru has nipples that slip out of her bra a lot. What fine big dark nipples they turned out to be, too. Mareesha slides out of her undies and shows us that she has neatly trimmed pubes and a nice softly rounded shape.

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  • Sat 26th Apr 2008 Natasha M | Solo

    This is a very cute video of Natasha M playing a cat-n-mouse game with the next-door neighbour who's trying to peep at her. She runs back and forth, taking clothes off, then putting them back on again. Natasha has tremendously excellent boobs and goes topless sunbaking, but she doesn't want the neighbour to see. Eventually she gets fully naked in this most entertaining video.

  • Sat 26th Apr 2008 Greta | Intimate Moments

    Greta starts off her masturbation very slowly and gently, but by the end of this video that will be only a distant memory. Once she gets rockin', there's no controlling this girl. Multiple orgasms and lots of moaning let you know she's really feeling it!

  • Sat 26th Apr 2008 Melinda & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Melinda & Fotina set a romantic mood with candles, then kiss and lick their partner, and then the other's boobs. The girls eat each other out and give their sex partner good orgasms in the process. Don't forget to watch the after video.

    The Video Newsletter for next week's new sets has been released. Kylee's your host and Chloe B's her accomplice in taping this video in the park. They tell you about nine of the twenty-one unique shoots coming to the site next week. Watch for a discount code to get ten percent off when you join.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2008 Brittany & Janessa | Intimate Moments

    Brittany & Janessa are quick to get their gear off and start masturbating. Janessa has some tremendously nice tan lines, doesn't she, and Brittany's the cutie in glasses for part of the time. It doesn't take long for them to come, so they just keep going until they're both really satisfied.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2008 Judi | Solo

    Judi shoots her video from her colourful home environment. She removes her bright pink tights and also shows us her new bra. Off come the white cotton undies, and once again we get to see her thick pubes while she's putting up posters in the nude.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2008 Melinda & Fotina | Girl-Girl

    Melinda & Fotina have a great time in their girl-girl shoot. Lots of kissing, sucking on toes, then breast licking. They seem to both like going down on each other and being gone down upon. A Dressing Room set is included for those who like to see girls put on their bras and undies.

    It's your chance to talk to the models directly on the AW forums (the boards). Right now I can see that at least ten models have posted there recently. All current subscribers of abbywinters.com may login to the boards immediately using their website subscription username and password.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2008 Backstage 197 | Behind the scenes

    Among many other things in Backstage 197, there are lots of images of Vickie getting ready for, then shooting the Video Newsletter on the tram. Alex T & Jilly go at it while Adora shoots a video, and Yvette is naked in the rain.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2008 Natasha M | Solo

    Natasha M's a flirtatious young thing with her see-through bra and her leopard-print shirt. She's outside on the steps treating us to a good view as she undresses. I wonder if that slide down the railing on her crotch felt nice. Her ample breasts are adorned with white tan lines that accentuate her curves nicely.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2008 Abigail | Intimate Moments

    Abigail is relaxing in a big cane chair wearing a white flowing skirt. She pulls up her skirt and we get a nice surprise - no undies! Abigail slips some fingers up into herself then diddles her clit to get to that special orgasmic point that she knows so well.

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  • Wed 23rd Apr 2008 Orchard Girls | Girl-Girl

    Three models visit a plum orchard, pick some fruit, and get touchy-feely with each other in these Orchard Girls videos. They don't pick much fruit before they start kissing and caressing each other. They pull their knickers off and play around in the orchard, heedless of their nudity. Mmmm, who would like a nice plum that's been rubbed on Noelle's arse? Backstage video shot during this photo shoot is included just for fun.

  • Wed 23rd Apr 2008 Mayla | Solo

    Mayla's a humourous girl from Scotland. She has toys in her bathroom - no not the kind you're thinking - rubber animal toys. She chats a bit with us about a three-some she had, then seductively undresses and plays with her boobs and clit.

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2008 Evonne | Intimate Moments

    You can watch Evonne have lots of orgasms in this Intimate Moments video. She likes to use the thumb of her right hand, work it up and down her clit, while applying pressure with her left hand. Sounds complicated, but it's not really. Definitely works for Evonne.

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2008 Rosanna | Solo

    It's time for Rosanna to moisturise and we get to watch. She has her bottle of lotion and she gradually undresses as she rubs the lotion in. High points, as you might expect, are the lotioning up of her boobs and moisturising between her legs. She rolls over onto her tummy and lotions-up her backside too.

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2008 Mayla | Solo

    Mayla keeps a lot of greenery in her bathroom and it really is beautiful with her darker-toned skin. Wait until you see Mayla's breasts - they're some of the most perfect you'll find anywhere. She's got a little surprise between her legs - a clit ring, and it looks very nice on her.

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  • Mon 21st Apr 2008 Brandy & Shee-Ra | Intimate Moments

    Brandy & Shee-Ra are cute and sweet with each other. They tongue kiss, then remove their dresses to start masturbating in earnest. Both models say they're so wet inside and they seem to be making each other hornier, and have a nearly simultaneous orgasm at the end.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2008 Freya | Solo

    Freya is German, so we didn't ask her to speak too much English, just gave her a bottle of lotion and filmed her while she enjoyed herself. She moisturises everywhere, but especially her pussy got well lubricated. She didn't have an orgasm in this video, but she came pretty close.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2008 Orchard Girls | Girl-Girl

    A fantastic day in the orchard - sun shining, blue sky, and the perfect orchard workers. When was the last time you saw labourers in the field getting naked, and they looked like this? It's an idyllic scene with the models in white sundresses, then getting out of their clothes and enjoying each other's nude delights.

    Spunky Ann T, who isn't on the site yet but will be soon, energetically leaps around on the street and brings you the Video Newsletter for this week. Take a walk with her and she'll tell you all about some of the shoots coming up soon. Don't miss the coupon code in the video to get a discount on your subscription.

  • Sun 20th Apr 2008 Freya | Solo

    Bright red-haired Freya twirls around in her flirty red dress, then gives us a look at her boobs which are larger than I expected. She removes her sexy undies to reveal her well-shaved crotch. Sticking a finger inside herself, Freya looks very hot indeed.

  • Sun 20th Apr 2008 Rosanna | Solo

    Here's another Rosanna redux and she looks as cute as ever - cuter even! Does this girl have great breasts, or what? Her pink bits look especially nice, and anal fans won't be disappointed. It's always such a pleasure to have Rosanna back.

  • Sun 20th Apr 2008 Petria Self-Shoot | Self-Shot

    Petria gets her big pink vibrator from the sex-shop revved up at home and videos herself masturbating. She writhes around on the bed in great pleasure - it's hard to say just how many orgasms she had. Let's just say it seemed like one long and large orgasm.

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  • Sat 19th Apr 2008 Cleo | Intimate Moments

    Cleo rubs herself lying on her tummy, but this one is extra-special due to the low and right-up-there cam angle. She rubs her pussy really fast - who would have thought her fingers could fly like that? Nice orgasm at the end of her work pleasure, though.

  • Sat 19th Apr 2008 Backstage 196 | Behind the scenes

    A favourite part of many folks abbywinters experience is looking through each week's Backstage photos. We're up to Backstage 196, and that's a lot of photo sets. There's plenty more where they came from, though. Have a look and see the staff and models behind the scenes.

  • Sat 19th Apr 2008 Caitlin K | Solo

    Caitlin K loves both dogs and kittens, but mostly she's into exercise - all types of sports, the gym, and cardio. Sex is also a good way to get exercise, so Caitlin gets plenty of that in her weekly regimen.

    Join Ann T for a walk down an urban street as she stars in the Video Newsletter for next week and tells you who is coming up soon. Ann will also tell you the coupon code to get a discount if you join soon - so pay attention for that.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2008 Ren & Sue | Intimate Moments

    The two models are side by side, and Ren & Sue talk a good bit about their feelings about the whole thing. Eventually when they do start masturbating, they both come quickly and forcefully, leaving seemingly satisfied with their encounter.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2008 Gabrielle | Solo

    Gabrielle visits Sydney to help teach the crew at our new office the ropes. She wears a very short black skirt, probably not decent out in public, but wonderful for our purposes. Gabrielle gets herself especially wet and is able to come two times before the end of the video.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2008 Anneke & Violet | Girl-Girl

    If I had a partner like Anneke & Violet, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my board game playing either. The girls go down on each other with a fury, then trib their partner forcefully. By the third video, the girls need to cool down, kiss each other, and play with their feet.

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  • Thu 17th Apr 2008 Caitlin K | Solo

    Caitlin K prances around in her sundress and polka-dot underwear. She hangs out with her surf board and gives us an idea how it's done. Caitlin has very few tanlines on her boobs - ahh to be in Australia and surfing topless.

  • Thu 17th Apr 2008 Olay | Intimate Moments

    Lying in the middle of her multi-coloured throne, Olay slips out of her dress and bright pink sexy undies to rub herself gently. As her horniness builds, Olay rubs faster and moans louder until her body can hold her orgasm in no longer.

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