• Thu 31st Mar 2011 Laura P & Marina M | Girl-Girl

    Slim, blonde Romanian babe Marina and the tanned blonde Aussie beauty Laura team up in this intense and erotic sexfest.

    Both girls fool around in the hot sauna, passionately kissing and teasing, while groping and folding each others tight and luscious bodies. When things get too hot, the girls cool down and get dirty in the shower, sucking, touching and exploring each other.

    When they can't contain their hunger and passion any longer, the pair then retire to the bedroom to lick, suck, finger and 69 each other into orgasmic bliss.

  • Thu 31st Mar 2011 Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    When Gretchen became the first model of the Amsterdam move, we knew this was a great sign of all the good things to come. This German lass was a sexual sensation. Her glasses and conservative look was only a dichotomy existing against her strong sexuality, experimental and provocative nature. We really opened an awesome present with Gretchen and the goods just keep coming as she returns for a very erotic and typically sexual charged masturbation video.

    Her full bush and firm boobs look wonderful as her precise masturbation technique brings about phenomenal results as Gretchen once again shows us how amazing she really is!

  • Thu 31st Mar 2011 Giselle | Solo

    No stranger to girl-girl and masturbation action, Giselle is a sexy and confident bisexual woman, who cannot wait to tell us about her naughty stories on her travel adventures.

    Giselle is one abbywinters.com favorites, she delivers a provocative and sexy video, "I had to make out with a French girl, "Get an Asian boy naked!". Wearing a tight, button up play-suit she slowly reveals her toned body, shaved pussy and petite boobs.

  • Wed 30th Mar 2011 Laura P & Marina M | Girl-Girl

    Now this is a hot shoot in more than one sense! In the bathroom Laura teases and pulls Marina into the small hot confines of the wooden sauna room, where the sexual tension quickly breaks and gives way to sporadic and passionate kissing. With hands wandering all over their slim bodies clothes get peeled away to reveal Marina's large breasts and Laura's beautifully curvaceous bum.

    Out of the sauna the girls take it to the shower where the cool beads of water are captured frozen as they cascade down their entwined bodies. It is a gorgeous spectacle that just keeps on going, and when the girls get to the bedroom they really let loose...

  • Wed 30th Mar 2011 Una | Solo

    Cute, flexible Una is keen to try out her purple dildo in a long masturbation session in her flat. But she's forgotten it. It must be downstairs with Lana who apparently has the same idea.

    After a quick conversation and a dildo exchange Una heads back up stairs for a very long and loud time. She has a cute smile and braces and quite clearly loves to masturbate.

  • Wed 30th Mar 2011 Giselle | Solo

    Giselle is HOT, there's no two ways about it, this girl is stunning.

    Gissele once again shows off her amazing figure, starting off in a short, tight all in one she starts to un-button the top top half bringing to light a matching red bra covering her perfectly formed pert boobs. Soon all the clothes are gone to reveal her silky smooth skin, toned stomach and long legs, this shoot really is a must see!

  • Tue 29th Mar 2011 Una | Solo

    Una's sexy slim, tanned and seductively curved body is accented by her braces and cute smile. The late afternoon Amsterdam sun streams through the windows illuminating her in its warmth as Una starts to flirt and play with herself and you.

    Removing her clothes she reveals her frilly yellow knickers and tight strapless blue bra. Delving deeper into herself she climbs on to the desk with now only her knickers left and reaches for her favorite purple toy. After a quick play she pulls her knickers to one side and slowly penetrates herself. Una moves around the room, from the desk to floor, stood up and under the window sill in this gorgeously erotic and quick paced self indulgent and personally sexual romp.

  • Mon 28th Mar 2011 Anabela | Solo

    Anabela comes home only to find she doesn't have her keys. She goes around the side of her house and relaxes in the backyard waiting for someone to come home and let her inside.

    During her wait, Anabela frolics around her backyard. Her red hair, milky soft white skin and full bush look splendid. But its Anebla's divulgence of naughty sex stories that is most exciting. She tells us about her girl girl experiences for abbywinters.com. Explaining how the shoot with Anabela & Kara was her first girl girl experience. Recounting it and all of her shoots at abbywinters.com in detail.

    There is also a special story she tells about a public sex romp she had at a bar with some of her favourite abbywinters.com models. Names and dirty details are all revealed in this thrilling redux solo video.

  • Mon 28th Mar 2011 Elisabeta | Intimate Moments

    Elisabeta's masturbation session happens in a warm bath. Watch as she reveals her curvaceous body, then slides gently into the bath and starts her orgasmic session by getting bubbly and slowly rubbing soap all over herself.

    Never is her cute landing strip of pubic hair out of sight. The sound of the water hitting her while she inserts her fingers, and rubs her clitoris for the ultimate stimulation of the senses is almost too much to bare.

    Although Elisabeta takes her time making sure the water temperature is just right, there is no doubt that this intimate moment is HOT!

  • Sun 27th Mar 2011 Anabela | Solo

    This is Anabela's second shoot now and she insisted that she wanted to be shot outside, we of course were more than happy to oblige her!

    Seeing this Red headed beauty and her stunning body unveiling outside was something nobody would want to miss. Sat in her armchair she reveals to us her sporty little blue bra, and we wont tell you what happens after that, you'll just have to look inside and find out... its worth it!

  • Sun 27th Mar 2011 Natalja | Intimate Moments

    As Natalija masturbates in view of the nearby window, you could almost be watching her from across the street, seeing her switch between inserting her fingers and rubbing her clit, observing her lick her fingers for extra lubrication and witnessing her face go red as she has an explosive orgasm.

    What do you think when you see the colour red? Sex, love, lust or romance? Now you can add Natalja to the list!

    Lucky for you, you do get to watch her anyway, and you can hear clearly the sound her pussy makes when she inserts two fingers at a time.

    Thanks Natalja for sharing your very special intimate moment with us.

  • Sat 26th Mar 2011 Lana M | Solo

    Lana is a smooth tanned skinned long dark haired babe, with a peach round luscious bum and the most amazing firm round large breasts that are bulging with supple goodness.

    She isn't wearing any undies either! Her tight top and leggings press firmly against her smooth body and round features. She also has a pink toy she puts to good use giving us some tantilising and visceral demonstrations of what it would be like to be with Lana.

    This is her first time experience on abbywinters.com and the camera certainly laps up every inch of her amazing body and pretty face.

  • Sat 26th Mar 2011 Marina M | Intimate Moments

    Marina is back! This time the Romanian sex bomb plays with her pretty shaved pussy laid back on a bed, working herself up to a quiet but intense orgasm.

    Sexy Marina has a perfectly toned body and is a pleasure to watch. She is hot and she is horny.

    My favourite part? Post orgasm, Marina sensually licks her own breasts. Putting a fitting full stop, no make it an exclamation point to a great intimate moment!

  • Fri 25th Mar 2011 Lana M | Solo

    Lana's pert, round and gorgeously tanned bum stretches the tight material of her pants as she moves her toned, slim body onto the sofa for a stunningly intimate play with her self.

    Starting off in the glorious Amsterdam sunshine she stands on the balcony, leaning over the side her room mate Una catches her attention to let her into their apartment. On her own, downstairs and horny Lana starts to feel a bit self indulgent; and as she bends, stretches and starts to reveal her slim beautiful frame and amazing, large natural breasts the mood gets sexier with every little move she makes.

    After building herself up to such a level of intensity she starts to search around for her favorite little toy to help her really enjoy herself. From the sofa to the floor and in an erotic montage of positions the seductive Lana uses the toy to its full potential!

  • Fri 25th Mar 2011 Backstage 260 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 260 is up today!

  • Thu 24th Mar 2011 Gretchen & Masie | Girl-Girl

    A beautiful opening sequence with Gretchen practicing her piano then serenading naughty and playful Masie, which of course leads to multiple orgasms by licking, sucking, tribbing and even a bit of spanking!

    Masie starts proceedings by blindfolding Gretchen so her other senses can be heightened, as this is Gretchen's first girl girl experience, she takes it slow and lets Gretchen enjoy the ride. My personal favorite lines from the video are Gretchen ,"can you slap me?", and Masie replies with "Do you want to be made into a fuck slave?".

    If you want to speak to Masie and Gretchen and ask them what their favourite part was, you can chat to them here:

  • Thu 24th Mar 2011 Carly T | Solo

    Follow Carly T as she frolics around the Australian outdoors collecting flowers and making a crown from reeds.

    We love Carly's elfin slim body, small breasts and curiosity.

  • Wed 23rd Mar 2011 Gretchen & Masie | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeously slim and playful German beauty Gretchen comes back with Masie in this awesome girl on girl shoot, and as she admits, it is the first time ever she has had sex with another girl! So we're privileged to see this natural and sensual moment as her and Masie experiment and play with each other.

    Starting with Gretchen playing the piano (which in the video sounds amazing!) for Masie. They start to flirt and get closer and the tension builds and as Masie reaches for Gretchen's pert breasts, playing with her nipples through her top, and as Gretchen reacts by starting to undress Masie the scene ascends to fervid sexual heights.

    Naked and entwined on the table their long legs and full bush of pubes rub against one another as they bring themselves to a long awaited and passionate climax.

  • Wed 23rd Mar 2011 Karin | Solo

    Karin has a fit and firm body that she shows off with some pole dancing moves and a sensual oil massage. She has curly hair, pale skin and a magnificent toned athletic physique.

    This Dutch chick makes her first time experience on abbywinters.com and she seems a little shy and nervous, but slowly she warms to the camera and throws it some adorable smiles and cheeky looks ;)

  • Wed 23rd Mar 2011 Carly T | Solo

    Lying in the soft green grass warmed by the Australian sun Carly pulls at her cute little blue dress, wanting to relieve herself from its tight constraints.

    Taking it off she exposes her pale slim body and beautifully pert small breasts. Letting her hands run down her smooth skin she goes all the way down between her legs to her shaved pussy. She rolls around onto her front and looks back at the camera, and with a blade of grass between her lips suggestively and inviting opens her bright wide eyes, making you wish you were there alongside her!

  • Tue 22nd Mar 2011 Karin | Solo

    Karin shows off her gorgeously toned, firm and athletic body as she slides and spins on a dancing pole. Her strong physique is perfectly contrasted by her cute, soft smile, pert round bum and bouncing brunette curls.

    Breaking through her shyness this energetic Amsterdam local breaks through to show us an exhausting and erotically charged peek into herself.

  • Mon 21st Mar 2011 Evette | Solo

    A sunny day outdoors in the back yard. Evette takes us on a short tour of her garden and a much longer tour of her body. A lovely body at that: pale pale skin, flashing blue eyes and a full bush. This girl is as hot as the summer weather to look at.

  • Mon 21st Mar 2011 Lacey | Intimate Moments

    Lacy is the voluptuous red head back for her second solo masturbation video. Her pale skin and red pubeslook amazing as she removes her matching undies and begins her long and teasing wank session.

    Lacey has done quite a few shoots over the last four years and her passion and sexuality is so great to see again. She works herself while sitting on top of her bookcase and giving us a fantastic view in this captivating and committed solo masturbation video.

  • Sun 20th Mar 2011 Evette | Solo

    Nudity in nature, its always a good thing, and Evette is a prime example of why being a naturist is a good thing!

    Her natural form and stunning figure stands beautifully amongst the lush greens of the garden, and as she moves around the scene slowly undressing, she'll have you wishing you were there to join her and be part of this sexy outdoor escape.

  • Sun 20th Mar 2011 Alexis V | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous Aussie Alexis appears in her first solo masturbation shoot. Sitting on a chair and feeling frisky, she starts to play with her small pert breasts.

    She takes off her pretty red top to reveal erect nipples. When her pants come off, we all get a good view of her smooth hairless pussy.

    Then this dark haired stunner continues to work on herself, using her middle finger to penetrate her vagina, with her other hand firmly holding onto a her luscious boob. A true pleasure to watch... a sexy girl, loving herself!.

  • Sat 19th Mar 2011 Cresea | Solo

    Cresea is a smooth skinned Asian girl with great natural breasts and pronounced bold nipples and large areola.

    She lounges around her room taking care of her chores, making her bed and packing her clothes. We get glimpses of her tight and firm body as she slowly undresses and writes around on her freshly made bed teasing and seducing ones imagination...to think of what a treat it might be to join Cresea in her warm and comfy bed.

  • Sat 19th Mar 2011 Esra | Intimate Moments

    Esra returns to abbywinters.com for her second solo masturbation video. She moves around a lot as she undresses and the fixed camera observes her from a variety of angles during this disrobing process.

    Esra does however leave her undies on as she plunges her left hand inside them and starts to work herself as her full bush spills outside the edges of her undies. She continues rubbing her clit and rocking her body backwards and forwards in a rhythmic fashion and her gasps of pleasure get louder and louder.

  • Fri 18th Mar 2011 Cresea | Solo

    Gorgeously tanned, Asian beauty Cresea lets us take a peek into her intimately sexy and erotically charged bedroom frolicking, in this her debut solo shoot. She slowly undresses herself on the brightly colored bed sheets, slowly removing items of clothing to reveal her small, slim body and wonderfully pert natural breasts.

    She slides off the bed and onto the cold, hard wooden floor where we get to fully appreciate the beauty of her small frame and tight body. Cresea's playfully sexual personality, soon gets the better of her and she starts to empty the wardrobe for a naked little venture inside...

  • Fri 18th Mar 2011 Backstage 259 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 259 is up today!

  • Thu 17th Mar 2011 Kandice & Marina M | Girl-Girl

    This sensual girl on girl video starts with two girls comparing their large breasts, then moves onto sensual massage with creams and ends with some up close oral sex as Marina happily devours Kandice's free flowing bush and pussy. Marina's breasts have grown since her Girl Girl with Masie. And as these girls gently caress each others busty figures it feels like you can almost reach out and touch these two contrasting beauties.

    This is British girl Kandice's very first girl on girl experience and Marina welcomes her by hungrily and enthusiastically licking, sucking and fingering Kandice's hairy pussy to orgasm.

    This shoot also includes some foot play, masturbation and both models eager to communicate so they get exactly what they want with some tantilising dirty talk.

  • Thu 17th Mar 2011 Lauren A | Intimate Moments

    Lauren is really horny from the outset. Her breathing is a little flushed and heavy, almost nervous but that is offset by the confident way she touches herself.

    She unbuttons her dress and grasps her boobs, although we cant quite see them until she moves her hands and reveals her full boobs and tan lines. The dress is then fully unbuttoned, her hand wanders down to touch her lips and she arches her back as she gets closer and closer to her pulsating and electric climax.

  • Thu 17th Mar 2011 Nicole D | Solo

    From just over the fence we patiently watch like a voyeur the beautiful and buxom Nicole as she wanders around her porch on a windy and warm afternoon.

    There is certainly a dreamy feel to this video as we sit for some time from a fixed camera and gaze at all the wonderful assets that Nicole possesses as she wanders around, occasionally teasing the camera, exposing a boob with her large areolas and then wandering off, riding up her white dress and displaying her round bum and sexy tan lines.

    This video is something different in style, almost feels a bit like a Michael Haneke film and certainly has, as the French say, a certain Je ne sais qua!

  • Wed 16th Mar 2011 Kandice & Marina M | Girl-Girl

    Vivacious blonde Marina indulges herself in the gorgeous, big breasted, brunette beauty Kandice in this sexually charged girl on girl meet. The two almost instantly start to peel off their clothes and get to the smooth, supple and lightly tanned skin beneath.

    Rubbing in cream over each others breasts the two get more and more charged and turned on until they cant help but strip each other down and let their hands wander all over each other. Both fully naked, Kandice leans Marina back and starts to lick her smooth pussy and run her hard erect nipples over her clit; the favor is returned in an equally erotic fashion ans she licks and scissors Kandice's hairy pussy to bring her to a sexually intimate climax.

  • Wed 16th Mar 2011 Kalina | Solo

    The very excitable Kalina has a very fit body and long legs that go on for ever. Glasses, curly hair and a bubbly personality make this girl just sing on video.

    Though she is a photographer herself and model this is her first time in front of a video camera and she doesn't waste any time getting nude. She likes bright and colourful things and she's a bright and colourful girl too.

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  • Tue 15th Mar 2011 Kalina | Solo

    An alluring sweet smile, slim natural body and gorgeous bright eyes under cute and slightly geeky glasses really make Kalina a beautiful and most welcome addition to abbywinters.com. Her first shoot see's her in the living room surrounded by her books and slowly undressing herself on the sofa.

    Partially dressed, with nothing but a small denim skirt on and her small breasts and slim frame beautifully exposed she reaches across for her xbox controller and picks a game to play to entertain herself; and moving on and off the sofa she starts to get more and more engrossed in the prospect of winning. She leaves the game, and on the floor starts to stretch and flex her long legs and shows off her gorgeously round and pert bum before seductively sliding off the solitary item of clothing to reveal her trimmed pubes and unbroken smooth pale skin.

  • Mon 14th Mar 2011 Julia M | Solo

    Julia has bold brown eyes that instantly make the mood sexually charged when she throws that assured deep look your way. She does not say much in this video, but her looks say it all for her. She has a lovely curvy but finely cut figure and perfect smooth skin.

    She wears a short denim skirt that wraps nicely around her beautiful bum. She moves around the big couches in her living room showing us her silky smooth naked body and lovely curly hair. Julia is one girl I have a total soft sport for...she is just awesome and I cant recommend her and this sensual video enough!

  • Mon 14th Mar 2011 Kandice & Marigold | Intimate Moments

    Guess who's back? thats right, everyones favourite the beautiful miss Marigold! She traveling around and is visiting her bestie, aw staffer and model Chloe B, so its a great excuse to get her into awHQ and to team her up with the gorgeous Kandice, a brit with nice full natural breasts and hairy pussy.

    So today we have two enchanting dark haired girls playing with themselves on a mattress on the floor. Its such a delight to watch theses two girls do their thing, first they talk about how they like to masturbate, then they get down and dirty and get to it.

    So sexy and hot to watch how these two girls masturbate, see how they get themselves off and what turns them on, and watching them having a perve on each other.

    In true Marigold style she makes herself cum three satisfying and exhausting times.

    Looks like your enjoying your time in Amsterdam Marigold!

  • Sun 13th Mar 2011 Julia M | Solo

    Julia looks seriously stunning in this shoot; Alone in the apartment on the creamy white sofa she gives a winning lesson in seduction. Touching her smooth tanned skin she stares right at you as she evocatively uncovers her gorgeous figure, small breasts and tight little nipples.

    By the end of the scene she lays nude outstretched on the sofa. A truly gorgeous girl revealing herself in gorgeous surroundings is a beautiful sight to behold and one you'll defiantly want to see from start to finish.

  • Sun 13th Mar 2011 Tegan | Intimate Moments

    Reading quietly on her lounge room floor, the urge for some self love sneaks quietly up on Tegan. She pulls her bra and top off, her skirt still sits bunched around her hips, and she runs her hands over her large hard nipples.

    She gently pulls her lips apart and licks her fingers and slides her hands between her legs, gently rocking and breathing softly. Her large breasts and areola jiggle more and more with the motion of her fingers beginning to speed across her swollen clit. Tensing and quivering she climaxes with a real and passionate orgasm.

  • Sat 12th Mar 2011 Lawan | Solo

    "I want to have (sex) four times a day... but my boyfriend cant keep up so I touch my self three times a day to make up". Lewan tells us while showing off her compact body.

    She has wonderful, smooth tanned skin, a bright pink pussy, cute bum, small breasts and, thanks to the gym, buff biceps.

    With a smile that lights up the room, Thai girl Lewan also takes us through what porn she likes to masturbate to and what positions she likes to have sex in.

  • Sat 12th Mar 2011 Alexis V & Laura P | Intimate Moments

    Two Aussie chicks Alexis and Lara get frisky on the floor.

    One pale and blonde the other tanned and dark... both beautiful! Watch theses two girls get into it, rubbing, grabbing and teasing themselves next to each other.

    Laura asks Alexis to tell her when she's about to cum, so they they both can climax at the same time. They moan softly and wok themselves up, panting, wriggling and grinding their hip... Do they achieve their goal? watch and find out.

  • Fri 11th Mar 2011 Lawan | Solo

    Gorgeously tanned Asian beauty Lawan moves through the hall as she puts away her washing, her slim figure illuminated by the deep blue light through the glass door. Her bright Filipino smile is as enchanting to watch as her slow and seductive removal of the clothes that cover her.

    She runs her hands past her small breasts and down her smooth, tight body she heads down to her shaved pubes where she pulls at her labia to reveal her wet, pink vagina. Trying on her bright blue jumper and little patterned hot pants she wraps up this vivid and brightly sexual glimpse into a portion of her day.

  • Fri 11th Mar 2011 Backstage 258 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 258 is up today!

  • Thu 10th Mar 2011 Laura P & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Cheeky Asian Twalya is up to no good...

    She sets up a hidden camera in the bedroom to catch some girl girl hardcore loving between the beautiful British sex bomb Masie and the lovely Aussie, Laura!

    It doesn't take long before blonde Masie seduces Laura with a sensual foot massage, which also includes some toe sucking and using her supple breasts to massage Laura's tanned back.

    The two play and experiment on each other, exploring their bodies and fingering, sucking, tribbing and more. These two young girls are beautiful and a pleasure to watch, and Twalya seems very pleased to have caught all the action.

  • Thu 10th Mar 2011 Darina | Intimate Moments

    Darina watches herself in the mirror. She runs her hands over her body while studying her short dark hair and milky white skin. Her glasses and colourful underwear look great as she fingers herself and watches her every move in the mirror.

    The mirror offers a great angle and also seems to provide Darina with the extra stimulation she needed to have such a intense orgasm.

  • Thu 10th Mar 2011 Zasha | Solo

    The sassy, brown haired Zasha tells us about her trip to Europe as she strips down to just knee high socks. A four day sex affair with a guy and a one night stand with a girl.

    Then she lets us know how she loves giving head but likes getting it even more. Then she goes on to tell us about times on her trip she got head, how she gets worked up into a frenzy and exactly how she likes it to be done. All the while we watch her beautiful brown skinned and slim body.

  • Wed 09th Mar 2011 Laura P & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Lifting Masie out of her winter blues, Laura offers her some bed-side compassion with a warm bowl of soup and a flirty little hug. Feeling the erotic tension building both girls take a cheeky peek at each other, from here on the passion escalates and soon Masie has climbed on top and the two are frantically removing each other clothes.

    Revealing Masie's supple breasts and Laura's gorgeously slim figure the two run their hands and tongues over each others skin in an erotic blur of blonde hair and entangled legs. After a montage of exotic positions and an intense orgasm the two relax on the bed together...

  • Wed 09th Mar 2011 Zasha | Solo

    Once again Zasha makes a stunning appearance on site for your undeniable viewing pleasure. Zasha is a seriously cute girl, big eyes, slim figure, dark skin and amazing breasts make her a definite must see! In this shoot she presses her tight toned body up against misted, rain dropped windows.

    Its a seriously sexy scene to watch and as the sharp cold of the glass touches skin her perfectly small little nipples tighten up in a mix of cold and sexual stimulation.

  • Wed 09th Mar 2011 Dewisandra | Solo

    Asian and Indonesian hottie Dewisandra shows off her amazing boobs and sexy compact surfers body in this first time video experience. She starts out in a cute pink mini, a yellow boob-tube and green knickers, but she quickly gets naked and decides to paint her toenails before breakfast.

    She has a gorgeous fit body, fantastic breasts with big nipples and flashing, cheeky eyes.

  • Tue 08th Mar 2011 Dewisandra | Solo

    Gorgeously, slim and tanned Dewisandra shows of her natural Asian good looks and sexually vivacious personality in this, her first solo appearance! Removing her short stripped dress she stands in the kitchen wearing nothing more than a pair or tight green knickers and small bright yellow boob tube.

    On the floor she flirts and seduces through the lens as she goes about painting her nails. With her clothing now completely gone her statuesque body shows off her pert breasts, large nipples and smooth shaved pussy.

  • Mon 07th Mar 2011 Anna L | Solo

    Anna is making out with Lailie and Chloe as those two are embarking on their long awaited sex romp. Yes you heard right! This is how Anna's return solo video begins. Jacki taking pictures of her getting kissed and groped by Lailie and Chloe.

    After there three way make out Anna leaves the two girls alone and we get a one on one look at an absolute beauty. Tall with long legs, incredible boobs and a lovely face, Anna is perfection. She starts out shy of the camera and embarrassed but soon warms to the occasion meanwhile Chloe & Lailie are making enough noise in their heated sex session to provide her with plenty of external stimulation too.

  • Mon 07th Mar 2011 Laura P & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    Tanned Aussie babe Laura and glasses wearing Asian are getting horny while eating chocolate. The conversation soon turns naughty as they take their clothes off.

    Laura... shaven, blonde, and with sexy tan lines plays with herself in front of hairy, small breasted Twyla.

    Twyla soon joins Laura in this all naked, all girl masturbation-ton. We get to watch theses two girls play with themselves naturally, touching their bodies the way they like it, teasing themselves to the brink and then finally beyond.

  • Sun 06th Mar 2011 Anna L | Solo

    Starting off on the set of Chloe B and Lailie's shoot, things get pretty intense between the three girls, heated flurries of passionate kissing and groping come to Anna from all sides and you can see her getting more and more aroused by the sexual bombardment. When it comes to her leaving she reluctantly goes into the room next to the girls, and as she can still hear them next door needs to get rid of all that sexual desire that is built up inside of her.

    Quickly jumping onto the bed and with the sounds of Chloe and Lailie coming through the door, she tears her clothes off and lets her hands wander and sensually move around her slim, tanned body as if still guided by one of the girls from two minutes before. Already exposing her amazing, large pert breasts Anna passionately slips her hands down her knickers and inserts a few fingers in to her wet pussy, i wonder what she's thinking about!?

  • Sun 06th Mar 2011 Nicolette | Intimate Moments

    Nicolette is slender and sexy. She is just lounging around on her bed in her knickers and a shirt. She looks around the room, delicately rubbing her smooth skin when almost without thinking she unbuttons her shirt, just revealing her pert boobs and the beginnings of her tanned body. Next her undies come off and linger around her ankle as we see her neatly shaved pussy.

    She smiles emphatically as her hand first makes contact with her lips and her nipples instantly go hard. She bites her lip and begins to writhe around her comfortable bed. She introduces a second hand briefly reaching around from behind. There are many positions employed in this rousing session from a very hot and horny Nicolette. Look out for her afterglow, full of content and a cheeky smile to herself.

  • Sat 05th Mar 2011 Sofie | Solo

    Sofie is the lovely French Parisian with curly hair, a long slender body, pale skin, full bush and a tantalisingly sexy accent.

    She is also very smart and shows off her language skills, sharp wit and charming personality. Sofie seems full of innocence and a shy exterior, but we get hints at her playful and more adventurous side during this debut video.

    It is very rousing watching her move around in her wrap around purple top catching sneaky glimpses of her finely cut figure beneath and her supple pert breasts. Thanks for a great first encounter Sofie, looking forward to more with much anticipation.

  • Sat 05th Mar 2011 Alexis V & Elsbeth | Intimate Moments

    Two small cuties sitting on some couches. Before we know it, The brunette Alexis is topless, a few seconds later Elsbeth follows suit and gets naked also. So now we have two naked cuties, playing with themselves and getting naughty.

    Alexis is stunning, petite and Australian with tanned skin and awesome breasts. She plays with her boobs while fingering herself with her right hand.

    Elsbeth is blonde, pale and super cute, she plays with her breasts while rubbing her clitoris. Both of theses tasty lasses climax at the same time. Brilliant work girls!.

  • Fri 04th Mar 2011 Sofie | Solo

    The tall, slim, tanned figure of Sophie moves around naked on the windowsill of a multi-story apartment block. The bright blues of the cold Amsterdam sky wrap around her, highlighting every small detail, from her gorgeously pert breasts to her full bush of thick dark pubic hair.

    Playfully shy she elegantly drifts around the space and picking up a poker dot umbrella she teases and flirts. There's something effortlessly seductive about Sophie and i think we're all looking forward to seeing her again soon.

  • Fri 04th Mar 2011 Backstage 257 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 257 is up today

  • Thu 03rd Mar 2011 Masie & Twyla | Girl-Girl

    Cute and blonde Masie is swept away by the alternative Asian beauty Twyla, for a very hot, fervidly passionate and intensely intimate girl on girl sex session you would not believe!

    With Twyla's hands working to release Masie's smooth skin and supple breasts from the restrictions of her clothing the two are soon entwined in a barely dressed embrace on the sofa. These two genuinely share a huge sexual passion for each other and as they fall deeper into one another their experimentation truly begins.

  • Thu 03rd Mar 2011 Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Dark Beauty Nayomi lays on the dinning room table and gets frisky. Slowly undressing and touching her smooth chocolate skin.

    She takes off her bra and plays with her erect nipples. Then out comes her favorite toy. She teases herself and rubs it on her clitoris before taking her undies fully off and puts her legs in the air.

    She licks her vibrator and changes the setting and gets into it as she presses the toy firmly on her clitoris making her cum quickly. Good work Nayomi!

  • Thu 03rd Mar 2011 Hao | Solo

    Hao is a very cute Vietnamese girl. Her long dark hair looks great as she lounges around on her couch. She undresses and reveals her budding full bush.

    She also reveals her smooth skin as is very common among Asian girls. And her dog is just going nuts in the other room, barking incessantly, he obviously has a great sense for when treats are being handed out inside...

  • Wed 02nd Mar 2011 Masie & Twyla | Girl-Girl

    Girly girl Masie is taken by the Asian tomboy Twyla, into a kinky world of immense sexual gratification, squirting and emotional release. Her smooth skin and supple breasts are touched and tweaked, also introduced is an umbrella, cleaning implements and the vivacious passion of their partner- this girl girl stops at nothing to reveal raw, passionate and emotional sex.

    "That's the most sexual thing that's ever happened to me. That was so lovely. Do girls always cry when they have had sex? Oh my god that is the most amazing thing I have ever done...We have had an experience here today at abbywinters.com." Masie.

  • Wed 02nd Mar 2011 Hayley F | Solo

    Hayley is simply amazing. She is everyone's dream girl. A fabulous smile, beautiful voice and lovely demeanor. And that is all failing to mention her absolutely svelte figure. She tells stories of her travels having recently been in Europe and partying with hot Swiss chick Veronica.

    Hayley has done 14 very rousing shoots including girl on girl and masturbation videos. They are all treats as this girl is a flawless picture of sexiness. And she knows precisely how to move her body with grace and control that will have have you absolutely mezmerised. Hayley is sublime graceful moving perfection over every single inch of her searingly hot body!

  • Wed 02nd Mar 2011 Hao | Solo

    Hao is a really uniquely sexy woman, long flowing hair falls over her slim Asian frame and small pert breasts. Her flirtatious smile and soft brown eyes invite you closer in and you'll be glad because as she turns around to reveal her bright striped knickers you'll notice the delicate dark black pubes poking out, hinting at what is yet to be exposed.

    Laying naked on the sofa with legs spread Hao's small boobs and are in full view and as she flirts more and more with the camera you'll find little sensual parts of her you maybe didn't notice straight away.

  • Tue 01st Mar 2011 Irena | Solo

    "Good things come in small packages", this may not always be true but in this case it couldn't be more right! Irena may be short but she is perfectly formed, her playful and seductive personality shines through as she moves around her bedroom, removing clothing as she goes.

    Soon were left with her smooth skin, shaved pussy and kinky little nipple ring. Irena might look cute and innocent but behind that lies something much naughtier!

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