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  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Immie

    Sat 28th Feb 2009Immie | Solo

    Immie stretches out her super long, gazelle like legs on the dining room table (wouldn't you love her for dinner?!) and passes her hands ever so slowly over her breasts, pert nipples and around to pull down the zip and let her dress fall about her tasty! Chat to Immie right now if you like!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation puffy nipples Sue

    Sat 28th Feb 2009Sue | Intimate Moments

    A knickerless Sue is enjoying some quality alone time to allow her hands to explore some creamy skin. Her hands roam over her slender, tender young body, quickly becoming more and more aroused. She builds up the tension, teasing herself before diving her hands down between her legs and rubbing her pussy into a juicy, totally natural orgasm!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl short red hair Evie and petite Celina

    Sat 28th Feb 2009Celina & Evie | Girl-Girl

    Celina & Evie stroll down the river for a shady picnic lunch on a blanket. Blankets can be useful for a lot more than just sitting and eating - once your appetite has been whetted for food, the sexual appetite is ready to go too. The girls get naked and move in for a taste of each other's sweet bodies and delicious lips.

  • Image of Girl Girl short red hair Evie and petite Celina

    Fri 27th Feb 2009Celina & Evie | Girl-Girl

    A basket full of snack foods and drinks by the riverside make for a relaxing afternoon for these two lovers. Celina & Evie's lips touch as they find themselves sharing an apple, then their clothes drop off around them and they're in bliss as they caress each other's bums and breasts. Ah, the joys of a summer romance...

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Immie

    Fri 27th Feb 2009Immie | Solo

    Immie's clear sea green eyes are peaceful and serene but still alive with eager cheekiness! It's her third solo picture set today and it's breathtakingly beautiful. I'll freely admit to total infatuation with Immie, her clear skin, long legs, sharp wit have caused many a wet spot on my knickers!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls skinny and toned Rebecca D

    Thu 26th Feb 2009Rebecca D | Solo

    Rebecca's video is intensely erotic- she rubs and smooths small amounts of moisturiser into every part of her slim, athletic body. Every part of her firm thigh is caressed, loved and made supple by her concentrating hands and lots of attention is paid to all the bits that count! Enjoy this smokin' hot lotion video!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation small breasts Lou-Ellyn

    Thu 26th Feb 2009Lou-Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Feel like a quickie?! Lou-Ellyn does! She goes hard and fast in this blistering self love session - her hands roaming over her body, a light squeeze of a nipple here, a caress of a thigh there and as she slips her hand past the crotch of the blue jumpsuit her sighs and gasps of pleasure come thick and heavy!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls plump with small breasts Annaliesa and puffy nipples and dimples Hana sisters

    Wed 25th Feb 2009Bathroom Girls | Solo

    What do these two sexy sisters get up to when they share a bathroom and even the shower? They have lots of laughs and giggles while soaping each other up. Bathroom Girls Annaliesa and Hana wash and dry themselves and each other with boobs jiggling and softly rounded bums showing off their hot tan lines. But they don't stop there - once they're dried off it's time to blow dry their hair and tenderly moisturise each other with beauty cream. It's all a very private look at two naked girls who are completely comfortable with each other.

  • Image of Nude Girls skinny and toned Rebecca D

    Wed 25th Feb 2009Rebecca D | Solo

    Yowzah! Rebecca is a knockout! This brown skinned beauty is yummy as honey and as she rolls around the plush carpets and wiggles her bum your way, her cheeky grin'll let you know just what she's thinking! Long, colt-like legs, big, almond shaped doe eyes and soft kissable lips will surely have you falling in love with Rebecca!

  • Image of Nude Girls plump with small breasts Annaliesa and puffy nipples and dimples Hana sisters

    Tue 24th Feb 2009Bathroom Girls | Solo

    The infectious playfulness of sisters Annaliesa and Hana is a delight to behold, as they fool around in the bathroom. Their laughter and puckish intimacy shows an intriguing side to their nature, and bring us closer to them. they do each other's hair, undress each other, wash each other, then dry each other.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls hippy amateur Jessica L

    Tue 24th Feb 2009Jessica L | Solo

    Jessica's a desert rose, surveying the harsh summer landscape and shedding her clothes bit by bit to get closer to nature. She's silent the whole video, and you wonder what she thinking as she lays down, running her fingertips gently along the soft skin of her naked breasts, tummy, thighs and down between her legs...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation petite Emma G and rubenesque Laurice

    Mon 23rd Feb 2009Emma G & Laurice | Intimate Moments

    Intelligent, bright young girls with loads to talk about, Emma and Laurice enjoy a lazy afternoon of unashamed self love in this glorious display of real, natural, Aussie orgasms! Emma's face develops a sheen of sweat and Laurice's face, chest, and both arms flush a deep rosy blush before they both burst into pleased little giggles...

  • Image of Nude Girls hippy amateur Jessica L

    Mon 23rd Feb 2009Jessica L | Solo

    Jessica's a sexy wild child! She's a free spirit with loads of saucy sass and her very first time naked in front of the camera today shows off both her exuberance and naturally beautiful body! A thick thatch of gingery brown pubic hair, loads of natural underarm hair and some funky piercings are sure to make her a favourite!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls milky white skin Jette small breasts outdoors

    Mon 23rd Feb 2009Jette | Solo

    Hopefully you didn't miss Jette & Roxy's HOT double masturbation video, where all manner of girly things were discussed before they eventually got waay too horny and their hands edged closer to their knickers! This time Jette's all on her lonesome! Get to know her a bit more intimately as she slowly undresses just for you...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big boobs Amanda R

    Sun 22nd Feb 2009Amanda R | Intimate Moments

    Moody shadows in earthy tones let you see Amanda's body in beautiful, feminine curves. Her body undulates as she twists with pent up desire, slowly freeing her breasts from their bra cups and indulging herself in a squeeze. Increasingly aroused, her hand slips down between her thighs for a squishy release!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls red hair Agnes redhead

    Sun 22nd Feb 2009Agnes | Solo

    Agnes is a total hottie! And not just because she's covered in gorgeous freckles and thick mop of bright, gingery red hair or has an incredibly pert, rounded arse! It's her bubbly, friendly personality that will surely excite your loins and cause your heart to puddle on the floor - lot's of talking from this cute abby girl!

  • Image of Nude Girls milky white skin Jette small breasts outdoors

    Sun 22nd Feb 2009Jette | Solo

    Jette has been shooting up a storm because once she got a taste for being naked alone, she said "why not try it with others?". Campervan Girls was a saucy finish to a fun day on the beach and Step Aerobics Girls got her all hot and sweaty! Today she's chillin' by the leafy green boardwalk, letting you get know her a bit more intimately...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls supple breasts Violeta

    Sat 21st Feb 2009Violeta | Solo

    Beautiful glinting hazel eyes and an almost constant coy little smile, Violeta strips out of her clothes as she wanders around machinery at an abandoned gold mine. My favourite scene is just as she slowly slides off her tight little denim shorts, she bends over and her purrfect buns appear over the waistband! Hotness!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation alt emo amateur Carey

    Sat 21st Feb 2009Carey | Intimate Moments

    Carey's a pinup babe! And she's alone today, listening to tunes on her iPod that will get her in the mood for a little self pleasure. A comfy little nook in the corner lets her lean back and her fingertips work their magic in tight little circles around her aroused clitoris. Her gasping, shuddering climax leaves her sweaty and deliciously spent...

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and freckles Jacki and redhead Chloe B and thigh gap Marigold and buxom Anneke naked camera play

    Fri 20th Feb 2009Backstage 240 | Behind the scenes

    It's that time of the week again! This is the last backstage collection from the trip to Far North Queensland and it features many of the outtakes, booboos and general fun and mischief of the promotional trip. Some girls you might see include Peeetria (because she wee-ed on anything that stood still) Jacki, Violet, Anneke, Chloe, Julietta Marigold, Patience, Susie and me!

  • Image of Nude Girls supple breasts Violeta

    Fri 20th Feb 2009Violeta | Solo

    Violeta has to be one of the most stunning girls ever to grace! Dressed in a simple cream jumper and denim shorts, her tanned caramel skin and cheeky grin are sure to make your day, nay your year! She casually slides out of her clothes, revealing perky, perfect breasts and a thick thatch of dark pubic hair!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls extra large breasts Angie

    Thu 19th Feb 2009Angie | Solo

    Angie's a show stopper! With some of the biggest creamy-skinned, natural, 100% Aussie breasts you'll ever have the privilege to feast your eyes on, she's actually a pretty down to earth young girl! She's having just as much fun alone today as she did in her explosively passionate girlgirl moment with Fotina...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation voluptuous Claire M

    Thu 19th Feb 2009Claire M | Intimate Moments

    Claire's taking some quiet time today to show her body the love it deserves. She kicks off her pants and pulls her top up over her head, revealing large, creamy skinned natural breasts. Her bra is off and her knickers shucked, and soon her hips are bucking and she's surrendering in a breathy gasp to the waves of blissful orgasm!

  • Image of Girl Girl pale skin Carly T and sri lankan Zasha tongue kissing

    Wed 18th Feb 2009Carly T & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    Sexy, sultry, steamy. Zasha and Carly fog up the lens with their slow, considered but thoroughly passionate girlgirl encounter. Their arms and legs entwined and their hands eager to explore in a perfect example of the real girls, real sex, and real orgasms that make so delicious!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slim waist Cerys

    Wed 18th Feb 2009Cerys | Solo

    Cerys' tee-shirt is hiding one of the most amazing vintage bras! It's a bright orange taffeta and its small cups are hiding pert, goosebump covered breasts just begging to be warmed up by someone special. Her bright, sunny personality shines through on this chilly day and her super fit, athletic body is something to be truly admired!

  • Image of Nude Girls extra large breasts Angie

    Wed 18th Feb 2009Angie | Solo

    Angie's back! Whoohoo! She's smouldered in some fiery girlgirl shoots with hotties like Shaminee, and Indiana - and who could forget the passion of her hay shed fling with Chloe?! Anyway, this time she's all alone so she needed the help of a sturdy red dildo to help ease her loneliness - with some bubble bursting results!

  • Image of Nude Girls slim waist Cerys

    Tue 17th Feb 2009Cerys | Solo

    Cerys' smooth tanned skin glows and her large, clear, sea green eyes twinkle as she slowly and carefully peels off her white cotton top and slides down her denim jeans. Her arse is tight, round and incredibly squeezable and her neat little breasts prickle with goose bumps...spoil yourself with these beautiful photos from Cerys.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls fit and flexible Jemima

    Tue 17th Feb 2009Jemima | Solo

    Did you know we've been nominated for "Best Website 2008"?! WooHoo! The Australian Adult Industry Awards are taking votes now so if you love (I know I sure do!), vote for us so we can take home that pretty little statue! Voting closes tomorrow!

    Stellar modern dance artist Jemima returns for a risque run across an icy Melbourne beach in public! Half backstage video, half main video there's some great conversations in the back of the AW model-mobile about what she's been up to since you last saw her, including some tricky, sometimes sticky situations!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation pale and petite Kylie V and hippy Chanise

    Mon 16th Feb 2009Chanise & Kylie V | Intimate Moments

    Cute pixie Kylie and beautiful nature girl Chanise have a fantastic chat about how their boobs grew practically overnight before comparing different body parts and naughty experiences! They're completely alone, so you can be a fly on the wall and listen in to what happens when two cute girls are left alone to masturbate...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite asian Silvie dildo play outdoors

    Mon 16th Feb 2009Silvie | Solo

    Laying out her picnic rugs on a grassy clearing between the trees, Silvie chats casually about how it feels being alone, naked and basking in the sunlight of the great Australian bushland. Her long silky black hair falls about her shoulders, gently tickling her nipples while her jet black fringe frames her almond shaped Asian eyes...gorgeous!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation round bum Cassie

    Sun 15th Feb 2009Cassie | Intimate Moments

    A quiet, stolen moment when no-one's looking is all Cassie needs...Her eyes close with contentment as one hand caresses her right breast and the other rubs moist fingertips in fast little circles over her pussy. Her breathing quickens and her hips start to buck faster until waves of beautiful orgasm crash all around her...

  • Image of Nude Girls fit and flexible Jemima

    Sun 15th Feb 2009Jemima | Solo

    Jemima's back! And getting naked on the wind-whipped shores of a Melbourne beach. She bravely sheds her thick, warm clothes and runs free and bare in crisp air - even attempting some cartwheels and handstands! Her creamy, pale skin glows in the chill and her dark little nipples are hard and pointy - too cute!

    We've been very successful at the Australian Adult Industry awards in the past where famed model and superstar poster Susie(you can chat to her here) accepted the award for Best Website. This year we're hoping to take home the same award and we'd appreciate some votes thrown our way! Vote here!

  • Image of Nude Girls petite asian Silvie dildo play outdoors

    Sun 15th Feb 2009Silvie | Solo

    You've already seen her highly erotic shared masturbation video with sex bomb Cassie and the fun-filled road trip the was Campervan girls, but now get to know Silvie a little more intimately as she shares herself with you. Slowly removing her tank top and shorty shorts, basking in the warm Aussie sunlight...she is divine!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls slim Amy J

    Sat 14th Feb 2009Amy J | Solo

    Softly spoken Aussie darling Amy chats up a storm with videographer Amber in her third video for! She talks about her body, what's changed since the last time you saw her and there's a bonus - she's so aroused by the end that Amber leaves her alone so she can indulge in some "afternoon delight!"

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation thick labia Luanna

    Sat 14th Feb 2009Luanna | Intimate Moments

    Luanna's back to share something private with you. Something she usually does to relax, to sooth tension and release built up tension when she's got a girl crush... her fingers move in quick little circles over her wet clitoris, occasionally dipping into her sweetness until with a subtle sigh and some gasping breaths she cums in waves of pleasure...

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and freckles Jacki and redhead Chloe B and thigh gap Marigold and buxom Anneke stripping with cameras

    Fri 13th Feb 2009Backstage 239 | Behind the scenes

    Some more of the deliciousness that was the Far North Queensland trip! This backstage set is a great representation of the promotional trip to tropical Australia, featuring Violet, Anneke, Marigold, Chloe, Jacki, Patience, Melita(and her broken wing) Julietta and lucky me getting to make-out with all the blondes!

    Just a friendly reminder that if you haven't already voted you'll need to get a wriggle on because we need you! We've been nominated for the Annual Australian Adult Industry Award's "Best website 2008" so please vote for us and support all the hard work that happens behind the scenes!

  • Image of Nude Girls slim Amy J

    Fri 13th Feb 2009Amy J | Solo

    Amy's a natural Aussie babe! Her clear blue eyes sparkle with a cheeky glint and you can tell she enjoys getting naked and showing off for! She wriggles and twists in just her knickers and a cotton top and the sight of her glistening wet fingers poised for entry is almost too much to bear!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls big areolae Carys

    Thu 12th Feb 2009Carys | Solo

    Spunky, super sultry Carys does a slow, sensual strip tease in her second solo video today! She's smokin' in a white hot lace bra(it gets even better when she takes it off!) and her very dirrty stares are just soo enticing! Make sure you peek on her raunchy girlgirl's with Fotina or Cleo - even her steamy masturbation video with Shee-ra!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation meaty labia Renee P

    Thu 12th Feb 2009Renee P | Intimate Moments

    Sensual and in touch with her body, Renee's hands glide over her breasts, tummy, and thighs before unbuttoning her jeans and plunging a needy hand inside...her breathy moans get louder, her hips start to thrust and buck and soon her moans of exquisite pleasure are filling the room with sound!

  • Image of Girl Girl pale skin Carly T and petite asian Silvie kissing and licking each other

    Wed 11th Feb 2009Carly T & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    A lover's embrace is the best place to be. Soft, warm and glowing in the aftermath of a steamy love session where all kinds of yummy licking, kissing, squeezing of bum cheeks and deep fingering was enjoyed. This delicious girlgirl moment between Silvie and Carly will surely melt your screen! So Hot!

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