• Wed 31st Dec 2008 Kacey | Solo

    A super fun, super sexy solo video today featuring the bright eyed and bushy tailed Kacey. Her video uses some great slow motion effects to really highlight her deliciously creamy skin and flowing naturally blonde hair. She jumps and twists, her muscles rippling in the bright sun drenched room, she's pure sweetness!

  • Wed 31st Dec 2008 Janina | Solo

    A firm, ripe young body and a beguiling smile to hide behind, Janina is a shy minx who gradually comes out of her shell. You'll enjoy the bright, light flooded room and crisp, clear close ups of Janina's full breasts and pert arse cheeks as she wriggles and twists out of her jumper and jeans...

  • Tue 30th Dec 2008 Gilian & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    What better way to get some lovin' than by treating your girlfriend to a relaxing...slow...sensual shoulder massage? Keilyn is easily convinced of the benefits of some raunchy make out time and her lips are licked and waiting even before Gilian asks! They grind their sweet spots against each other for a blistering start to their sex romp!

  • Tue 30th Dec 2008 Kacey | Solo

    You've already spied her talents with - five incredibly alluring babes having some muddy outdoor fun - but now you should get to know Kacey a bit more in her first solo video for abbywinters.com! A natural blonde whiling away the time in a man style shirt and fluffy bed socks, spoil yourself and go join her!

  • Tue 30th Dec 2008 Brandy | Solo

    Sophisticated city chick Brandy seems a bit out of place in the wilderness- but she makes the best of it by exploring her surroundings and getting naked of course! An old tractor has plenty of knobs just begging to be played with, and soon she's giving it a sexy lap dance and rubbing up against the cool steel...

  • Mon 29th Dec 2008 Amanda R & Emily K | Intimate Moments

    Amanda R and Emily K are two cute Aussie babes, natural as anything, being themselves, most importantly FOR themselves. Lying side by side, they chatter about lots of interesting girlie stuff before whipping their clothes off and enjoying the finer things in life- such as pure, unscripted masturbation!

  • Mon 29th Dec 2008 Gilian & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    There's something about Gilian, some raw, other worldly stark beauty that captures your attention and lights a bright, hot fire in your loins. Her incredibly emotive eyes let you know exactly what she's feeling with every kiss, every caress and every hungry look at her lover Keilyn. Enjoy this steamy girlgirl moment...

  • Mon 29th Dec 2008 Kara D | Solo

    A product of passion, it's hard to believe this is only Kara D's first time in front of a camera. Totally at ease with herself and her body, she's a natural stunner with oodles of confidence and charming humility. She'll take you on a breathtakingly orgasmic ride as, thanks to the Dildo Drive, she explores the many benefits of battery operated assistance...

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Gemma T | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous deep, moody lighting reflects the sensuality of Gemma T and the care she takes to properly show her body the love it deserves. Her hands caress her breasts in soft, firm sweeping motions and soon her hips start to gently rock and thrust up, signalling her readiness for a deeper kind of touch...

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Brandy | Solo

    A sleek cap of glossy brown hair, tanned and toned limbs and simply the most amazing pair of breasts on the planet, Brandy is back and typically wowing. Her third solo today sees her climbing over and around a cool, rusty old farm tractor. She slowly gets undressed and lets you peek just a little at her naughty bits...

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Kara D | Solo

    A cheeky, beckoning smile and sea green eyes to drown in, Kara D will win you over in her very first glance. Highly sexual, this vibrant young woman is at first a little coy about showing you her body, but by the end she's willing to grant you the rare privilege of that spine-tingling, red-flushed moment- captured in a photograph.

  • Sat 27th Dec 2008 Zora | Solo

    Zora's bright, girlie voice rings out clear and enticing. She playfully invites you come follow her on a little walk down to the water's edge. Casually, but oh so seductively this tattooed minx slips out of her silk slip, out of her sheer lace bra and ever so slowly, ever so teasingly, pulls..aside..her knickers..

  • Fri 26th Dec 2008 Backstage 232 | Behind the scenes

    The laughter, the fun and games (among other silly things) the divine crystal clear waters of the Australian Great Barrier Reef...and lots of hot (naked) Aussie babes!! Enjoy some more backstage photos of the various Far North Queensland shoots. And Susie in a bikini!

  • Fri 26th Dec 2008 Zora | Solo

    Pale as winter, Zora really suits this sylvan landscape for her second solo today. Down by the waters of a mineral quarry, she uses her long legs to bound around the rocks, some sneaky glimpses of her white frilly panties under her skirt. Totally unintentional of course...or were they?

  • Thu 25th Dec 2008 Fae & Kiki | Girl-Girl

    Fae leans in for a kiss but is shunned by the eternally-frustrating Kiki. They play this teasing cat-and-mouse powerplay game until Fae can't stand it anymore and is total putty in her hands. The words "I wanna do you on the couch" have never sounded soo good! Masturbation, oral sex, fingering and pure Aussie passion!

  • Thu 25th Dec 2008 Zasha | Solo

    Zasha is such a natural beauty! Super smart and sexually confident, she enjoys showing off her deliciously juicy sweetspot... With smooth chocolaty skin, lush, glossy black hair and pale pink kissable lips- she's melt in your mouth goodness! This 20 minute vid just isn't enough time with her...perhaps eternity might satisfy?

  • Thu 25th Dec 2008 Chloe B | Intimate Moments

    The as ever effervescent Chloe B has even more orgasms to give! She's a sharing person and today as she's relaxing in the backyard, a warm breeze swishing through her long amber hair, her Choo-choo train cries and even her little aftershock cough are still as endearing as the day she burst onto our screens!

  • Wed 24th Dec 2008 Fae & Kiki | Girl-Girl

    Teasing and tension building, Kiki performs a sexy strip tease at a just-out-of-reach distance from sofa bound Fae. It's totally understandable that Fae should start to edge her hands closer to her own crotch, her eyes glued to the swaying and twisting chocolate Goddess that is the divine Kiki... An erotic look at pure lesbian love, don't miss it!

  • Wed 24th Dec 2008 Nicola C | Solo

    Under the blossoms of a cherry tree Nicola C tells me all about herself- her likes and dislikes, her favourite part of her body, first times, her views on pubic hair and other general juicy tidbits! She's a really laidback lady, enjoying life just as it comes and shining in her element with ease...

  • Wed 24th Dec 2008 Zasha | Solo

    Zasha 's feeling rather relaxed and a little in the mood, so for this photo set she unties her halter dress and lets it fall down around her lovely hips, her bra-less breasts free to be lovingly squeezed and caressed... Her dress finally off, her knickers down around her knees, she spreads her legs wide to give you a peek!

  • Tue 23rd Dec 2008 Katia | Solo

    Katia 's second solo video features the two of us playing "Thumb Wars"- loser has to strip! Her bright, springy ginger curls bounce around as we tussle, her boobs jiggle and laughter fills the room. I think she let me win a few times too- she knew I wanted to get a peek at her cute rounded arse...

  • Tue 23rd Dec 2008 Nicola C | Solo

    An icy blonde with a rosy blush, Nicola C is full flavoured fun! She takes photographer Jacki on a tour of her garden before settling down under a blossom tree to reveal some secret treasures! Her milky white skin glows in the dappled light, her full young breasts are firm and untouched...go on, spoil yourself!

  • Mon 22nd Dec 2008 Aneta & Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Aneta and Ellyn hit it off from the moment they met- so naturally, like the friends they are, getting naked and having a wank was like second nature! They cuddle up to one another, linking legs and arms while their conversation quickly turns dirty... soon their hands are reaching lower and lower- itching to get into their pants!

  • Mon 22nd Dec 2008 Laura T | Solo

    Laura T LOVES to dance, and you'll drool at the sight of her pink-lace clad arse wiggling and bouncing to her beat. But her sexy salsa moves put her in the mood for a little self-love so her hands start to roam over her bare skin, lower and lower until, unrestrained her fingers slide into her moist, sweet, tight little honeypot...

  • Sun 21st Dec 2008 Patty | Intimate Moments

    Maybe it's true what they say about red heads because Patty sure does go off in this intimate look at her private, masturbation technique. Her top and jeans are off when her hand dips into the elastic band of her undies- sending a shivery ripple through her body. She also enjoys a contented little giggle right after she cums...

  • Sun 21st Dec 2008 Laura T | Solo

    Nestled into the lush green ferns, Laura T smiles up at you looking totally angelic! Her fit, tanned body is slowly revealed as she daintily slips out of her hot pink lacy bra, keeping her panties on to tease you and draw you closer...but you don't have to wait too long before she spreads her beautifully shaved little pussy!

  • Sat 20th Dec 2008 Valentina | Solo

    Watch a smoking hot girl strip off on a dirt road?! Hell yes! This ravishing beauty peels off her pale green top, her bra-less breasts falling heavily and with a satisfying fullness... Birds sing in the background(wouldn't you?) and it feels like the world stops for a moment to enjoy Valentina's raw naturalness.

  • Sat 20th Dec 2008 Maiara | Intimate Moments

    The sound of skin on skin, slight, breathy gasps and unselfconscious sighs is a wonderful feature of leaving a girl totally alone to masturbate. Maiara swiftly and steadily builds up her desire, adding little pauses just to tease herself. She uses both hands and loses herself in the moment of a blissful release!

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Backstage 231 | Behind the scenes

    Ahh, early morning torture yoga...Such fun! Some more backstage pictures from the weeklong trip to Far North Queensland last year. We(the models) had about 5 little backstage cameras to capture the naughty goings on...these cameras were in service from first light until well after dark..just us, being normal...I swear....

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Beck & Lea | Girl-Girl

    Beck and Lea's first girlgirl experience is warm, tender and just a little on the dirty side! These two Aussie cuties roll around on their pure white linen bedspread- their hands groping and feeling for the first time. As their hunger mounts, their kisses grow more intense, their hands squeeze and their cries of pleasure fill the room...

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Valentina | Solo

    Valentina's long lush locks hug her body, tendrils of deep auburn licking at her nipples in the wind.. This naturally delicious photo set features typical Melbourne weather- rain and icy wind swiftly followed by soul warming sunlight...and of course it features the gorgeous Valentina- wild and untamed!

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Beck & Lea | Girl-Girl

    A fair skinned blonde looking so deceptively innocent, Lea is pleasantly awoken when Beck climbs into bed with her... Some yummy spooning(you know the kind where you rub up against each other) soon leads to delicate fingers exploring some soft...dark...moist spots, with really sweet results!

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Noelle | Solo

    abbywinters.com videographer Patience really captured Noelle's essence in this incredible outdoor shoot today. She followed the red-headed nymph on a meandering walk through a nut plantation, followed every twist of her hips, every shake of her hair and every delicate finger movement as she slowly reveals herself..

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Keira | Intimate Moments

    Keira is one super hot Aussie babe(!) and this intimate look at how she likes to pleasure herself, for herself and no one else is a privilege to watch. On all fours, bent over a sofa, her pert rounded arse jiggling with her subtle thrusts, she thoroughly enjoys ten minutes of pure, private bliss!

  • Wed 17th Dec 2008 Christen | Solo

    Christen's from another world, one where beautiful dark-haired angels perform tantalizingly delicious dances and swish their long silky locks in the sunlight...sigh... She basks in the light, swaying her body in the wind, her fingers ever-so-lightly grazing over her pert, softly puffy, perfect nipples.

  • Wed 17th Dec 2008 Noelle | Solo

    Noelle's back again back again, blazing into your life in truly spectacular fashion! Caught out in a chestnut plantation, she lays down a picnic rug and lets her red-headed beauty shine! Totally devastating, her almond eyes stare into yours, beckoning you closer and closer- close enough to touch...

  • Tue 16th Dec 2008 Carly T & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Hauntingly beautiful, Carly T's large, deep set eyes send shivers thorough Keilyn's warm body as they touch. Their long slender legs wrap around each other as their hands quickly rip off pyjamas and knickers, the movie forgotten and the popcorn spilt... spoil yourself with this passionate, all Australian girlgirl goodness...

  • Tue 16th Dec 2008 Christen | Solo

    New model Christen has a super cute smile and legs to die for! Her very first shoot today features her seductively fondling some wild daffodils while teasingly slipping out of her clothes... Her firm young body is matched by her young outlook on life. Playful and energetic, you'll need to run to catch up with her!

  • Tue 16th Dec 2008 Hayley T | Solo

    18yr old Hayley T will have you smiling from ear to ear by the end of her video today! Sweet apricot lace is revealed as she slips her white cotton dress off over her head and proudly shows off her favourite bra. She's a little shy, and chooses not to reveal too much but there's something so hot about her she'll surely melt your screen!

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