• Sun 31st Jan 2010 Tiana | Intimate Moments

    Tiana has returned for another enthusiastic, impassioned orgasm.

    This time, there's a variety of positions, techniques and even some ruffled hair as Tiana works her way towards some flavoursome erotic satisfaction.

  • Sun 31st Jan 2010 Julia B | Solo

    Julia returns in all of her natural goodness, sprawling her delicious figure across a bench and giving you a fantastic view of her body in every imaginable way; with particular attention to her creamy breasts and full bush!

  • Sun 31st Jan 2010 Monika | Solo

    You've already caught a glimpse of tall, brown-eyed beauty Monika in Life Drawing Girls, now get to know her a little better as she undresses and edges her long, delicate fingers closer and closer to her soft wet pussy lips... Enjoy!

  • Sat 30th Jan 2010 Arienne | Solo

    Cute as a button with a devilishly sexy accent that rolls off her exotic little tongue, Arienne is complex, intelligent and on some levels at least, very aware of her ravishing beauty.

    Smooth soft skin in a deep caramel colour and long waves of dark hair complement the thatch covering her delicate pussy lips..

  • Sat 30th Jan 2010 Kamila | Intimate Moments

    Laundry day will have new memories for slim new model Kamila...

    ...alone and unpressed her absent minded hands start to rub herself as she loads the machine. Before long she's run out of clothes and her hands are now rubbing feverishly at her very aroused clit. A captivating masturbation session once it gets going...

  • Fri 29th Jan 2010 Courtney C | Solo

    Be a fly on the wall of Courtney's bedroom today as she appears to be unaware of the camera...

    She wanders about, letting you admire her tasty shape, before laying on the bed and letting her fingers run wild! She massages and squeezes, rubs and caresses while slowly but surely losing all of her clothes!

  • Fri 29th Jan 2010 Arienne | Solo

    Untouched beauty that simply smolders, new model Arienne is dressed in nothing but a shirt and her knickers.

    Wild raven hair frames her hauntingly beautiful eyes as they beckon you to watch and salivate as she reveals herself to you... Confident, and at times very cheeky, Arienne is a knockout you won't want to miss! Also available in Extra Large Image sets!

  • Thu 28th Jan 2010 Jacque & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    Rude and raunchy, naughty and rather noisy, Joannie takes Jacque on an orgasmic ride of pleasure as she's introduced to her first time with a girl!

    Flirting like crazy it felt only natural that their clothes should come off, that their kisses should travel and their fingers slide into warm, wet, wanting places...Enjoy!

  • Thu 28th Jan 2010 Caitlyn J | Intimate Moments

    A quiet moment stolen in the privacy of her garden. Caitlyn enjoys this blissful moment as the world continues around her - her hands darting over her willowy body and under her clothes for that special release...

    Urgent and uncontrolled, she gasps as waves of pleasure crash around her...Enjoy!

  • Wed 27th Jan 2010 Capucine | Solo

    Get to know Capucine a bit more as she introduces herself and talks a little about her favourite things...

    ...then pick your jaw up off the floor because this nude only model looks utterly edible in nothing but a hot red bra and a man's white shirt... YUM!

  • |

  • Wed 27th Jan 2010 Jacque & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    Fair skin and freckles, playful desire and burning lust, Joannie and Jacque jump on each other as fast as they can!

    Kissing turns quickly to hands unbuttoning, unclipping and unzipping as they dive tongue-first into an explosive girlgirl moment. Watch Jacques face turn that telling rosy glow...

  • Tue 26th Jan 2010 Capucine | Solo

    With a cheeky smile and a coy wiggle of her nicely curved arse, new model Capucine twirls around as she undresses, showing a complete view of her tasty treats.

    A simple yet ample photo set of a bright, confident young woman at her best. Don't miss this yummy addition!

  • Tue 26th Jan 2010 Giselle | Solo

    Giselle: "It's hard to concentrate with Patience filming me, you know our history, the heat is still there..."

    Giselle is of course, referring to her blistering girl girl moment with then model, now abbywinters.com staff member Patience. Fingers were licked and urges were satisfied...for now!

  • Mon 25th Jan 2010 Keilyn & Navah | Intimate Moments

    Catch a peek of dark tendrils covering the wet tightness between Navah's legs and you'll soon join her in heavenly bliss...

    I'm sure Keilyn wanted to pleasure Navah with a loving lick but this video is all about masturbation so both girls keep their hands (barely) to themselves...incredibly erotic, not to be missed!

  • Mon 25th Jan 2010 Jane A | Solo

    A traveller exploring the world and discovering her sexuality along the way, Jane shares her personality and her toned body...

    She explains the spiritual meaning behind her tattoos as she undresses then Patience leaves her alone so she can release some much pent up energy and enjoy a blissful, all-consuming orgasm!

  • Sun 24th Jan 2010 Col | Intimate Moments

    You've got a bird's-eye-view tonight as Col tentatively investigates what's underneath her skirt...

    ...at first she touches herself gingerly, through the fabric of her clothes but as her arousal takes hold and her desires for more pleasure seize her, the panties are pulled off and her hands plunge into herself...

  • Sun 24th Jan 2010 Giselle | Solo

    A knockout shoot of a simply stunning model, Giselle's latest solo is breathtaking! Cuban heel silk stockings and delicious knickers tantalize and tease before she reveals all!

    Since she shares an office with me now I asked about the day: Giselle: "I turned it on for photographer Charlie, I know she doesn't model but I can't help but lust..."

  • Sun 24th Jan 2010 Jane A | Solo

    Athletic and super toned, you've met Jane already and you've seen her obvious desire for other women as she hungrily watched Adaleen masturbate.

    Now you're introduced to her alone, enjoy her body as she spreads her legs and indulges in a little sticky-fingered pleasure...

  • Sat 23rd Jan 2010 Justine K | Solo

    Back in Oz after a long five years in Canada and looking for something a little risque, new model Justine is a bit nervous but she's ready to reveal all!

    Wearing sheer white panties and sporting a fine thatch of dark pubic hair, Justine caresses her entire body with long, sweet, loving strokes...Enjoy!

  • Sat 23rd Jan 2010 Iveta | Intimate Moments

    With the soft cool wind blowing over her horny body, stunning, naturally curvy model Iveta takes long, intense passes over her breasts, tummy, thighs and presses ever-so-urgently at her moistening crotch...

    ...her breathing speeds up and her juices flow as she stimulates her nipple with one finger and rubs her clitoris with the other...

  • Fri 22nd Jan 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    Looking heartbreakingly demure and fluttering her long eyelashes, Rachel barely conceals her restless sexuality.

    With a pair of the most delicious Aussie breasts ever to be cradled by red lace, she slowly and very simply undresses for you, enjoying your eyes wandering over her sweetly scented bare skin...go play with Rachel today!

  • Fri 22nd Jan 2010 Justine K | Solo

    PUFFY NIPPLES!! Like little marshmallow cream puffs that need tender caresses and urgent squeezes, Justine's nipples raise to attention as she slips off her bra and frees her pert, natural breasts. Next, it's off with the sheer panties and then she stretches out, cat-like, on the sofa so you can drink in her loveliness...

    This Nude Only shoot is also available in Extra Large!

  • Thu 21st Jan 2010 Jette & LeeLee | Girl-Girl

    Jette & LeeLee engage in a teasing game of darts. The winner can touch and feel the loser while the loser can do nothing but let it happen.

    In my opinion, even losing is winning where these playful, natural Aussie babes are concerned. Besides, if the end result is hot, unrestrained girl-girl sex, it's win-win for you!

  • Thu 21st Jan 2010 Aleit | Intimate Moments

    The best view of a delicious session of masturbatory delight today as Aleit closes her eyes, parts her knees and starts to touch her juicy pussy...

    Using two fingers, and tight little tugs, her body is still but tense as pressure builds and her hips buck invitingly. A very visual orgasm you'll enjoy without sound.

  • Wed 20th Jan 2010 Jodie C | Solo

    With a partly unbuttoned shirt and an extra short denim skirt, the sporty and slender Jodie is definitely off to a good start.

    Her long legs and delicious puffy nipples will ensure Jodie becomes an instant favourite.

  • Wed 20th Jan 2010 Rachel S | Solo

    Young, tender body with a blooming sexuality, Rachel sets my heart racing every time...

    Long blonde curls and eyes that seduce, she undress with agonising restraint before a deadly smile crosses her sweet lips and she parts her knees just for you... A standout model for me this year, Rachel will be on your mind for a long, distracting, night...

  • Wed 20th Jan 2010 Jette & LeeLee | Girl-Girl

    Don't Jette & LeeLee look scrumptious in their dresses?

    Well, not for long as cheeky hands and engaging lips quickly lead to baring all and sparing nothing. These highly aroused girls make the sweetest couple as they embrace, kiss, lick, suck and finger each other into oblivion...

  • Tue 19th Jan 2010 Jodie C | Solo

    Jodie is intentionally teasing as she leans forward, letting her cleavage spill before you, before bending over just enough so you can have a peek at her underwear... drool...

    Of course, Jodie isn't one to not deliver, and deliver she does as she parts her legs just for you.

  • Tue 19th Jan 2010 Marianna | Solo

    Lots of hot peeks up her skirt and views of Marianna moving her yummy body around as she wanders the length her rooftop courtyard... there's also a view of the Melbourne city skyline, but who wants to look at that when Marianna's suddenly missing her dress!?

    Pale skin and a slim figure featuring cute breasts with upturned nipples...Enjoy!

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Kara D & Mia H | Intimate Moments

    Kara and Mia have a chat about all things sexy before comparing underwear and what lies beneath...

    There's plenty of chat about orgasms, masturbation and sex before this well-endowed delicious duo get down to business with some body-shuddering orgasms. Wow.

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Cathy | Solo

    The amorous brunette Cathy gets naked by the water for the first time.

    With an irresistibly cheeky smile and lovely, smooth legs, Cathy is almost too good to be true!

  • Sun 17th Jan 2010 Aisling | Intimate Moments

    The gorgeous Aisling is back and this whipped to perfection blonde is in full bloom.

    Watch her grasp her succulent breasts and satisfy herself openly and with unrestrained pleasure.

  • Sun 17th Jan 2010 Marianna | Solo

    Reaching lofty heights, returning model Marianna perches delicately on her rooftop for a delicious reveal...

    An authentic smile and beautiful, natural radiance than shines through with a touch of the coy, Marianna will sweep you off your feet in no time at all. I hope you enjoy this classic Aussie treasure...Also available in Extra Large Image size.

  • Sun 17th Jan 2010 Cathy | Solo

    With mesmerising hazel eyes and an equally mesmerising body, debut abbywinters.com model Cathy will leave you entranced!

    Her toned stomach and legs are very lickable and her firm bum is like no other!

  • Sat 16th Jan 2010 Jorja | Solo

    The gorgeous, exotic Jorja talks a little bit about herself, gives a few tips on what pick up lines to avoid, then starts taking off her clothes to show a stunning, sexy body you'll be dreaming about for weeks.

  • Sat 16th Jan 2010 Charlotte E | Intimate Moments

    Charlotte is as scrumptious as can be. With her smooth, tanned skin and magnificent figure, its hard to look away as she rolls onto her stomach for an incredibly erotic orgasm. I'll have two of those, thanks.

  • Fri 15th Jan 2010 Jette | Solo

    Spunkalicious abby girl Jette gives a frank debrief of her other super hot shoots including her masturbation session with Mia and what it felt like to be with a girl for her first tender time...

    ...all this talk of sweet memories starts her fingers moving over her soft skin and before too long her clothes are off and fingers inch between her thighs! Indulge in a little taste of Jette today!

  • Fri 15th Jan 2010 Jorja | Solo

    Join Jorja on the couch. She's only in her singlet and undies, but she won't mind...

    In fact, if it makes you uncomfortable, she's quite happy to remove them to show off her amazing, natural body!

  • Thu 14th Jan 2010 Lynley & Milena | Girl-Girl

    Slow, tender, sometimes even a little bit awkward, this is the first time Milena has ever been with another woman and it's beautiful to watch.

    The look in her eyes as she's guided by her gentle partner changes as she warms to the heated sensuality as though it's second nature.

  • Thu 14th Jan 2010 Monika | Intimate Moments

    The spicy redhead Monika looks absolutely sizzling in her lacy singlet.

    She strips down and gets comfortable for a body temperature rising two-handed display that will blow your mind, among other things.

  • Wed 13th Jan 2010 Elga | Solo

    Elga is travelling abroad and just can't get enough of the Australian lifestyle. And you won't be able to get enough of her either! Watch as she lifts up her dress to expose her beautiful, natural body and teasingly perky boobs.

  • Wed 13th Jan 2010 Jette | Solo

    Another steamy, sexy shoot from Jette today as she invites you to get even closer to her lovely, pale creamy skin!

    Soft, touchable and totally kissable, Jette enjoys new sensations as she gently inserts her choice from the Dildo Drive bucket - a pocket rocket donated by Alexbee!

    Find out how you can send us a dildo here!

  • Welcome!

    Wed 13th Jan 2010 Welcome! | News

    A big warm welcome today to Giselle, long time model and our new Model Liaison! She'll be working closely with Sue-Ann and Chloe B introducing new models to abbywinters.com. Yay!

  • Wed 13th Jan 2010 Lynley & Milena | Girl-Girl

    Drawing on each other's legs with crayons logically follows with spontaneous, raunchy sex, right?

    Well it certainly does with this pair of aroused, playful girls as they explore each other's hardening nipples and supple, natural bodies.

  • Tue 12th Jan 2010 Elga | Solo

    Elga has the most wonderful smile you'll ever see - and a bum to match!

    Every curve and arc in her body is deliciously inviting as she carefully removes each item of clothing. Such a cutie!

  • Tue 12th Jan 2010 Dana B | Solo

    Dana is a born performer! If you like your abby girls full of personality, then the amiable Dana is definitely your ticket. Not only is she gorgeously quirky and entertaining, she bears the most heavenly legs and lusciously full breasts...

    Check out her first solo, which I had the pleasure of taking part in! Absolutely delightful!

  • Mon 11th Jan 2010 Manuela & Vanda | Intimate Moments

    It's double chocolate fun today as Vanda and her partner Manuela exchange suggestive glances and breathy sighs of encouragement.

    Their hands each on their pussies, you can tell Manuela really gets turned on by Vanda's movements - the closer she gets, the more she moans...it all gets her hotter...

  • Mon 11th Jan 2010 Alma | Solo

    Join Alma in the lounge as she tells you all about her recent erotic experiences - along with some sexy demonstrations.

    Alma has the most magnificent, natural breasts that you will simply have to see to believe.

  • Sun 10th Jan 2010 Hayley F | Intimate Moments

    A stolen moment alone in her room, stunning Hayley lets her mind focus and her hands wander...

    A tight wet warmth between her legs and her fingers pressed inside herself deeply, she moans softly and delicately. Her rhythm speeds up and her breathing gets louder before the orgasm breaks and washes over her body...

  • Sun 10th Jan 2010 Dana B | Solo

    Dancing, posing, performing and just being adorably silly, dazzling Dana is strikingly out of the ordinary in both her charisma and her off-the-wall humour...

    Watch out, because this girl has zing!

  • Sun 10th Jan 2010 Alma | Solo

    It's hard not to be drawn to Alma's rousing full boobs nestled suggestively under her singlet, or her firm, natural bum!

    This Australian delight is one you won't be forgetting in a hurry. Nor would you want to! Yum!

  • Sat 09th Jan 2010 Everette | Solo

    Everette is a little bit nervous, but she enjoys getting naked and showing off her incredibly sexy body with some nude hula hooping.

    Everette is fun, cheeky and full of surprises!

  • Sat 09th Jan 2010 Patricia B | Intimate Moments

    Soft, sensual and focused on her ultimate self pleasure, Patricia is heaven to watch as she devotes her mind and her fingers to a body shaking experience.

    You're invited to watch as she undresses, caresses and expresses herself with soft moans, sweet sighs and an indulgent orgasm...

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Caitlyn J | Solo

    Some tasty treats are in store for you today as gorgeous Caitlyn bends over, pushes her arse riight out and pulls the soaked crotch of her knickers to one side...

    She's confident and sexually empowered, she enjoys sex and she enjoys her body....maybe even as much as you'll enjoy this delicious new video!

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Everette | Solo

    Newcomer Everette has a playful and seemingly innocent nature.

    With her deliciously shaped breasts and alluring stockings, she is sure to impress as the ultimate girl next door.

  • Thu 07th Jan 2010 Annabelle Lee & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    "Honey! I'm home!" ...and what better welcome home gift then the waiting embrace of her smoking hot partner Katherine?!

    Long, intense French kissing starts their hearts racing, soon the feeling of being desired and wanted is too much and their clothes end up on the floor- fingers and tongues start exploring...

  • Thu 07th Jan 2010 Hayden | Intimate Moments

    Something a little different in today's intimate moment - Hayden enjoys the reflection of her hands skimming lightly over her clothes and then down between her legs as her earthy desires overwhelm her...

    With moistened fingertips moving in fast little circles over her clit it isn't long before a spine thrilling orgasm hits!

  • Wed 06th Jan 2010 Davana | Solo

    Davana welcomes you to her colourful bedroom for some tarot reading and nude boxing.

    She's feisty, confident and full of flavour. This is one all-natural babe you'll want to keep an eye on.

  • Wed 06th Jan 2010 Caitlyn J | Solo

    Unbelievably long legs that reach up into her moist delights, and a sweet rosy bloom on her shy cheeks, Caitlyn enjoys sharing herself with you tonight...

    A little skirt and a top that hugs her body in all the right places, this wonderful creature seduces with just her natural simplicity. Enjoy!

  • Wed 06th Jan 2010 Annabelle Lee & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    With her yummy arse hidden behind a tiny denim skirt, Annabelle Lee leans in for a kiss, her eyes closed, her mouth ready and wet...

    What follows is a tender, passionate exploration of female sexuality - arms entwined, legs wrapped around each other and their clothes discarded on the floor, Annabelle Lee and Katherine enjoy natural girl girl sex.

  • Tue 05th Jan 2010 Davana | Solo

    First-time abbywinters.com model Davana stretches out on her luxurious bed. With a body to die for and an irresistibly cheeky smile, she has no hesitation to unveil her naked body...

  • Tue 05th Jan 2010 Mandy B | Solo

    Mandy's video features this pint sized babe exploring her body and letting her fingers get sticky in all kinds of places...

    After an introduction and a quick update on what she's been up to, Mandy undresses and lets her hands roam over her firm, tanned little breasts, giving nipples a light tweak...

  • Mon 04th Jan 2010 Giselle & Hannah C | Intimate Moments

    These two would have loved to have gone all the way...

    They kiss passionately, undress each other with careful, tender fingers and enjoy pleasuring one another with licks to erect nipples... Lots of hot pussy grinding and gasping as these two cuties masturbate the afternoon away...

  • Mon 04th Jan 2010 Bo-Lee | Solo

    A firm, high arse + great camera angle = HOT opening to a scorching video!

    You're going to love Bo-Lee, she was an elite gymnast for most of her youth, and she uses her skills for the most interesting of positions... and she demonstrates with a little help from her satisfying little dildo... Yum!

  • Sun 03rd Jan 2010 Katarina | Intimate Moments

    A stationary camera provides the best view in the house as gorgeous model Katarina spreads her legs wider...

    Her eyes closed, her head leaning back with concentration, her fingers begin to work in fast little strokes on her juicy pussy. Electricity running through her body, she gasps and arches her back in blissful release...

  • Sun 03rd Jan 2010 Mandy B | Solo

    Cute little blonde Mandy is a little shy at first and a little nervous just before she lifts her top up over her head to reveal her perky little breasts...

    Being naked is very liberating however and she soon allows you full access to her body, her small curves and her petite mounds...Naturally delicious!

  • Sun 03rd Jan 2010 Bo-Lee | Solo

    Bo-Lee is a flexible, flirty, fresh faced and excited about getting nude and having some fun!

    Her very yummy first shoot features her lovely features both dressed and sans clothes as she gently peels off her tank top and shorts, even putting a pink pearl dildo to good use too! Enjoy!

  • Sat 02nd Jan 2010 Zita | Solo

    Zita is free, creative and uninhibited with all things - especially of the sexual variety. And you won't question that once she invites you into the shower to watch her rub her glistening, curvaceous body all over.

    How could you resist?

  • Sat 02nd Jan 2010 Leiko | Intimate Moments

    A great full frontal view of Leiko as she indulges in the ultimate pleasure, love for one.

    Her soft sighs and look of concentration are wonderfully sexy, the urgent movements of her rubbing fingers hypnotically erotic and her orgasm...well, you'll just have to wait and see....

  • Fri 01st Jan 2010 Keilyn | Solo

    Slow and sultry, Keilyn entices and teases - her hands roaming over and under the tight nylon stockings...

    She grabs at her round, firm young arse cheeks before reaching up to cups her breasts. Watch as she slowly strips off her clothes, revealing herself - all of herself - just to you!

  • Fri 01st Jan 2010 Zita | Solo

    Zita has lovely big areolas and a lush bush that bursts forth from her delicately polka-dotted knickers.

    Of course, the knickers are off in a flash as Zita steps into the shower for a titillating rinse, scrub and rub.

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