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    Fri 26th Nov 2010Backstage 243 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 243 is up today!

  • Fri 26th Nov 2010 | News

    Janey Solo 243-001 to 079 Toby: Janey has a fascination with Dusty Springfield, her whole room is set up like a shrine to her! Its pretty neat, I love cluttered rooms, so much fun to shoot in. I nearly killed Janey though, when I tripped on a power cord sending her tape player and a bunch of her tapes falling onto the bed beside her head, I also knocked a speaker into the ground. A bad day for audio equipment, a good day for the rest of us. Adora: Mirror, mirror, on the wall; and the ceiling too, if it wasn't for the fact that Janey's phobic about it crashing down on her & causing a spot of trouble. She does show us how she likes to check out her face during the penultimate moment though. Gotta luv curious chicks. She's shows us around her cosy bedroom, and then around her slender body, just for good measure. Hey, Janey, is that a funky glass dildo I see before me?... Prue: Guys watch out for Janey cause she was interesting to film so im sure she will be interesting to watch. We follow her around her room, getting her to try on her favorite outfits.She was a star and the team shined with her.

    Tatjana Solo 243-001 to 079 Toby: I shot Tatjana at the end of a long day, I'm pretty pooped, its been a busy week here at Abby Winters. But Tatjana was a light at the end of the tunnel, she was so bubbly and fun even though she must have been just as tired as I was, we joked about the dutch being cold, but Tatjana was as sweet as they come, she had a great tan too, lucky thing! Adora: Young ladies like Tatjana make for lovely shoots. She was great; attentive, friendly, sexy, I could go on. Tatjana is a pro with the ol' racket - cool, cos I need a few pointers, this being the Australian Open time and all. Just as well the ball we were using was fashioned out of a tea-towel because it landed on my head. Listen out for the wimpy girly squeel. Priceless. Prue: Tatjana is a sweetheart! It was her first shoot and she was up for anything we threw at her...Literally. She showed us her great moves when playing her fav, volley ball and tennis. She loves playing sports and she was a great sport today. Tatjana have a great time travelling around Australia!

    Frances Solo 243-080 to 185 Susie: Its been a month since I have been out on a shoot so I was a little rusty this morning but after a little while I slipped back into the Shoot Manager role pretty well (I hope!). I guess its just like riding a bike... Adora: Hey, don't mind me, coming into your loungeroom to shoot the video. S'pose you're not missing much on the box, being daytime TV and all. Yep, Frances had far more interesting things to show us - funky dance moves, her favourite positions and all her glorious curves. Hubba-hubba. Toby: Trying to keep my reflection, or the lights reflection, out of the window was my biggest concern today. I certainly wasn't concerned about Frances, she was a dream! really sweet and totally into every little thing. She asked questions about the camera being heavy and was that a closeup lens I was putting on? Having Suzi help out was a bit special too, that girl really knows how to slap together a sandwich. Ali Solo 243-080 to 185 Toby: Interesting backyards are great fun to shoot in, and Ali has heaps of junk back there. She drags a few old chairs and a bike into the mix for us to play with in todays shoot. It turns out Ali is quite the reptile fan, as am I, so we spent much of the shoot chatting about snakes and lizards. So nice to see a hot girl who isn't afraid of things that slither. Adora: Ali had the greatest attitude, and I really mean that! She had a go at all the goofy challenges I set and was a wonderfully patient girl, even when the perfectionist in me wanted to get that umpteenth close-up. She's also an active lass and not afraid to get physical, so we had a laugh together in the backyard, just messing about. I'd like to see her on a surfboard for real - knarly dude! Susie: Ali has the best boobs ever. Oh, apart from Harriet of course. Sorry Ali, but second place is still a winner in my book! Was great to finally meet her today, we have spent about a month trying to get her in and finally, here she is. Phew. What a day - two blonde spunks!

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