• Wed 31st Mar 2010 Isadora | Solo

    We like our redheaded ladies with bright gingery red hair (down there) and loads of attitude so Isadora doesn't disappoint!

    Her skin is pale, super soft and possesses that typical translucent glow most read heads do. Enjoy this yummy new solo and hang out to see more of her soon!

  • Wed 31st Mar 2010 Charlotte E | Solo

    You just can't go past Charlotte's delicious skin and disarming smile.

    Sitting in a meadow, Charlotte cheekily hikes up her tight little dress to show her the shape and curves between her legs...

  • Wed 31st Mar 2010 Dana B & Iveta | Girl-Girl

    Iveta pulls off Dana's undies with her teeth to reveal soft pubic hair and firm, toned skin just begging to be licked.

    Dana gives in to Iveta's desires and lets her stroke, touch and penetrate with reckless abandon!

  • Tue 30th Mar 2010 Isadora | Solo

    Ginger muff delight today! Isadora is a vibrant redhead - with full, puffy pussy lips (picture 56 is my fav!) that she shows off in a variety of tasty positions...

    ...her sheer moss coloured knickers will drive you nutso until she peels them off in her own graceful, Aussie way...

  • Tue 30th Mar 2010 Kailin | Solo

    Kailin is cute as a button, spontaneous and very, very sexy....

    Every inch of her body is accessible and full of flavour. Why not have a lick - your invitation to Kailin's bedroom is ready and waiting!

  • Mon 29th Mar 2010 Caitlin K & Giselle | Intimate Moments

    The gorgeous bronzed Caitlin and the tempting, impassioned Giselle sneak out to the stairs for a quick make-out session.

    Things get a little heated and soon undies are flying off and dressed are hitched and fingers are working furiously through some explosive orgasms!!

  • Mon 29th Mar 2010 Janee | Solo

    Janee jumps around her bed, shedding layer after layer of clothing and quickly transforming from playful to downright sexy, empowered and confident!

    Rubbing her rock-hard nipples and sliding her pink dildo inside her, she wants you to watch her...

  • Sun 28th Mar 2010 Jaclyn | Intimate Moments

    Some girls play up to our cameras when they're left alone and some girls lose themselves completely.

    I think there's a mix of both in this tasty addition to the Intimate Moments site as new model Jaclyn enjoys squeezing her breasts and pulling the crotch of her undies tight against her clit...a blissful, natural orgasm awaits!

  • Sun 28th Mar 2010 Kailin | Solo

    Feisty Kailin has bucket loads of attitude and a saucy mix of slick sex appeal and endearing vulnerability.

    A verry low cut top and some super tight hot pants are an incredibly inviting way to show off her assets. A mighty fine cleavage, delicious curves and light that only emphasises their fullness..this is a hot shoot!

  • Sun 28th Mar 2010 Janee | Solo

    Cheekily revealing her pink bra and sliding off her tiny denim shorts, Janee shows you her natural seductive body and the moist goodness between her legs.

    This is heaven down under, in every sense of the word!

  • Sat 27th Mar 2010 Emily P | Solo

    Emily's kind of shy, and a little bit cheeky.

    But she warms up real quick from timid footsteps to sensual leg parting and breast stroking, and of course her preferred sex positions on flights of stairs!

  • Sat 27th Mar 2010 Elizabeth S | Intimate Moments

    It's a verry wet and soapy video today because Elizabeth is horny in the shower!

    Relaxing under the warm embracing stream that hits her gorgeous young body, Elizabeth's hands quickly bring her to a gasping, knee-wobbling orgasm! Enjoy!

  • Fri 26th Mar 2010 Iveta | Solo

    Come spend a sundappled afternoon with the devine Iveta as she sways her hips and wriggles her lovely arse in an oh so tempting way...

    Her cheeky smile will tantalize and tease as she gets progressivly more naked, showing off her finest assests. Indulge yourself in a little bit of Iveta!

  • Fri 26th Mar 2010 Emily P | Solo

    A sheer lace bra and oodles of self confidence make new model Emily a star!

    She'll let you peek up her dress before teasingly squeezing her creamy breasts. I love how her personality shines through in all her gorgeous imagery. Enjoy!

  • Thu 25th Mar 2010 LeeLee & Navah | Girl-Girl

    It's no bra day for Navah...much to LeeLee's delight as she makes the discovery on-the-go so to speak!

    A hand slipped deliciously under the warm folds of her jumper and their lips locked in a passionate kiss, this girlgirl shoot is sure to steam up your screen with it's back arching, thigh quivering, juice inducing action!

  • Thu 25th Mar 2010 Laine | Intimate Moments

    Laine's not wearing any undies under her jeans!

    I always thought that'd make it easier to masturbate - with the seam of the thick denim pressing firmly against my clit..apparently Lanie doesn't agree since she slips her jeans off and spreads her legs wide to slide two fingers into perfect position and bring herself to lusicous, natural orgasm!

  • Wed 24th Mar 2010 Gigi | Solo

    Deep olive skin and eyes that look at you with utter adoration, new model Gigi is just what you've been looking for!

    I love how the music speeds up as her hand slides up over her thigh and gently brushes past the edge of her skirt. It's Oh So Tantalising! An Open Leg shoot not to be missed!

  • Wed 24th Mar 2010 Iveta | Solo

    Beautiful colours in todays vibrant shoot - because I know that's what you're really looking at... Iveta is her fresh faced bubbly self as usual today, revealing her gorgeous, full figured body in an effortlessly sexy way!

    As she peels off her clothes you're free to admire her full breasts and fine arse with unrestricted ease... Enjoy! Also available in Extra Large Image Size!

  • Wed 24th Mar 2010 LeeLee & Navah | Girl-Girl

    It's girlie and gingham today as Navah and her partner LeeLee indulge in some deliciously erotic girl on girl pleasure...

    They both enjoy licking and sucking on each other's breasts before heading south to explore their juicy pussies and even juicer desires... This set is also available in Extra Large Size!

  • Tue 23rd Mar 2010 Gigi | Solo

    The gorgeous Gigi has a sweet smile, a firm bum and dark nipples that look good enough to eat!

    Join her by the piano as she undresses just for you.

  • Tue 23rd Mar 2010 Nadja | Solo

    The softly spoken Nadja will charm the pants off you (which is a good thing, right?) with her seductive smile and jaw-dropping figure.

    A figure you'll get to see a lot more of as she unzips her dress and carefully removes her sexy underwear. After a bit of posing on the fireplace, she lies down on a nearby rug and runs her hands over her body.

  • Mon 22nd Mar 2010 Annabelle Lee & Jette | Intimate Moments

    Annabelle Lee & Jette have a little chat about sexy underwear before stripping them off and talking about sex!

    But enough about talking. What these girls really want to do is get down to some serious masturbating! Lip biting, screaming, touching each other ... seriously, what more would you want from a Double Intimate Moment?

  • Mon 22nd Mar 2010 Janie | Solo

    Janie looks absolutely delicious. Dressed in nothing but her bright pink panties and an open white shirt, her golden tan looks great on her legs and breasts.

    Janie shares a few hilariously sexy stories before revealing a bright pink dildo, which she lovingly works to her satisfaction.

  • Sun 21st Mar 2010 Nadja | Solo

    With her piercing pale blue eyes and sharp, sexy fringe, Nadja is definitely a show stopper. Or a show starter, if you know what I mean.

    Lounging around the fireplace, she provocatively undresses and spreads out on a soft rug in a variety of suggestive positions.

  • Sun 21st Mar 2010 Gem | Intimate Moments

    When no one is looking, the colourfully dressed and very naughty Gem sneaks into the back seat of a van wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties.

    Hoping no one walks past and peers inside, she takes off her t-shirt to reveal her hard, pierced nipples and begins stroking and sliding fingers deep inside her.

  • Sun 21st Mar 2010 Janie | Solo

    Slipping you sneak peeks of her firm young breasts, Janie shows her cheeky personality and devilish desires...

  • Sat 20th Mar 2010 Viola | Solo

    The mysterious dark-haired Viola shows us her sewing kit, but it's easy to get distracted by her plentiful bust, rising and falling with each breath.

    Once Viola's dress hits the floor, so will you.

  • Sat 20th Mar 2010 Jasmine | Intimate Moments

    Sliding off her tight denim jeans and falling back onto her pillow with a relaxed smile, Jasmine's hands quickly reach down to between her legs and soon small sighs of pleasure can be heard...

    With bucking hips and twitching toes Jasmine's self love session is one juicy update not to be missed!

  • Fri 19th Mar 2010 Roxy | Solo

    Ooh! Zips! and tight lace up punk boots! And not much else! Did you know Roxy is a Law Shool student?! Who knew sex and brains could come in such a tasty package?

    Roxy enjoys a cheeky video shoot today as she rolls around on a couch, teasingly showing off peeks of her nipples and pussy before getting out her toy and ordering it to work. Masturbation session at the end too!

  • Fri 19th Mar 2010 Viola | Solo

    With a silky smooth voice and a drool-worthy cup size that will blow your mind, Viola is every bit the super tasty Aussie babe you hoped for - and much more.

  • CMS2 ready for etsting!

    Fri 19th Mar 2010 CMS2 ready for etsting! | News

    We have added access to CMS2 (our new-look, new functionality site) for all users now, and we'd love for you to check it out. You'll find it faster, nicer to look at, and way easier to use (searching, tagging and filtering in particular) than our old CMS.

    Please read the known issues list (there's a link at the top of every page of CMS2), and do not report bugs on those incomplete things. We'll be fixing all of them over the next few days. Watch the Intro video, and have a play. This is a very exciting time for us, and we're keen to hear what you think on the CMS2 forum.

    You'll see the special CMS2 access panel on the top right of this, the members home page.

  • Thu 18th Mar 2010 Anabela & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    Anabela and Mia start off slow by rubbing moisturiser over each other's highly aroused bodies, then get into the hottest positions for some seriously sexy all girl action!

  • Thu 18th Mar 2010 Klaudia | Intimate Moments

    Petite, fine featured Klaudia uses two hands jammed firmly between her thighs during her intimate masturbation sessions.

    This is the way she likes to do it, the best way to tip her over the edge. Pulling down her top sharply, she squeezes and caresses her breast while her other hands rubs feverishly at her pussy until...

    well, you'll just have to watch!

  • Wed 17th Mar 2010 Denisa | Solo

    Denisa is a petite blonde jazz singer with a delightful smile and a mouth-watering body hidden under her singlet and dress.

    But not hidden for long!

  • Wed 17th Mar 2010 Roxy | Solo

    Nothing but a leather jacket and gorgeous lingerie today as racy Roxy entices and teases with another delicious solo shoot!

    Familiar with the fun of an abbywinters.com shoot, this solo takes a bit of a dark and dreamy turn as Roxy enjoys the pleasures of a toy donated to the dildo box by member Frans...

  • Wed 17th Mar 2010 Anabela & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    There is nothing quite like Mia's perfect breasts or Anabela's lip-biting moans of delight.

    What begins with some rousing body rubbing escalates quickly into some unbelievably seductive, juicy sex.

  • Tue 16th Mar 2010 Denisa | Solo

    Denisa is as stunning as they come.

    With beautiful lips, eyes and of course lips, this blonde Aussie babe will ignite passion of every kind - and in every place!

  • Tue 16th Mar 2010 Lynley | Solo

    The quirky and cute Lynley shows off her yummy caramel skin and natural, playful body in this sexy bathroom video.

    Sit back and enjoy as Lynley peels off her knee-high socks and teasingly parts her legs.

  • Mon 15th Mar 2010 LeeLee & Milena | Intimate Moments

    LeeLee needs a bit of help getting out of her dress, and Milena is only too happy to oblige.

    After a quick comparison of favourite masturbation techniques (take notes, guys!) these girls are on fire!

  • Mon 15th Mar 2010 Nina G | Solo

    Nina's a traveller and a hot one! She loved the opportunity to be naked in nature and after this experience said she'd try to get nude more often, whether the situation permitted it or not!

    Expect nudie sunbaking if you're her next door neighbour! Enjoy!

  • Sun 14th Mar 2010 Calypso | Intimate Moments

    Cocoa skin and soft velvety moist pussy lips are revealed for the first time as Calypso spreads her legs wide just for you...

    Her fingers move in slow circles at first, speeding up as her breathing quickens, she bites her lips, arches her back, gasps, moans and her whole body quivers....YUM!

  • Sun 14th Mar 2010 Lynley | Solo

    Lynley looks just delicious in her knitted top and knee-high white socks, all of which she coyly slides off to reveal her seductively smooth skin and soft pubic hair.

  • Sun 14th Mar 2010 Nina G | Solo

    My Goodness! It's a lemon treat today as brilliantly smilie new model Nina lights up your screen wearing a pale yellow top that hugs her in all the right places!

    A cute little mini skirt allows lots of yum up-skirt shots as she climbes over a fence and generally goofs around... Blonde sweetness, made in Australia of course!

  • CMS2 RC1

    Sun 14th Mar 2010 CMS2 RC1 | News

    It's finally time! We're rolling out our "RC1" (Release Candidate 1") of our new-look site. Over the next few days, some select users will have CMS2 access. Please read the known issues list (there's a link at the top of every page of CMS2), and do not report bugs on those incomplete things. We'll be fixing all of them over the next few days.

    Access to the RC1 version of CMS2 might disappear without notice - this is the last phase of final testing before we go live with our new site for good, and while we have run exhaustive tests, there's no way to test the site under the real load of thousands of members. If it breaks, we'll take CMS2 offline, fix it, then make it available again. Our "old" site (the current one you have been using) will remain up until CMS2 is 100% stable and reliable.

    Watch the Intro video, and have a play. This is a very exciting time for us, and we're keen to hear what you think on the CMS2 forum.

    (If you don't have CMS2 access yet, check back often - we'll be adding more users all the time. You'll know if you have it from a new panel on the top right hand side of this page. Subscribe to the notify thread on the boards if want an email when we add new batches of users.)

  • Sat 13th Mar 2010 Dita | Solo

    With long flowing hair and a very cheeky smile, Dita delicately rubs moisturiser on her slender legs, toned stomach and naturally petite breasts.

  • Sat 13th Mar 2010 Janie | Intimate Moments

    Enjoying long, indulgent caresses of her nipples and cupping the fullness of her breasts with one hand, the other rapidly building her hot desire with quick, tight little circles with the other hand, Janie is home alone masturbating and you're invited to watch!

  • Fri 12th Mar 2010 Jemma M | Solo

    Cute Aussie babe Jemma explains all the behind the scenes fun on set at an abbywinters.com nude photo shoot!

    While she gets naked and naughty for the photographer you can catch a glimpse of staff members and the camera gear before getting distracted by the sight of Jemma's glorious pubic bush...

  • Fri 12th Mar 2010 Dita | Solo

    Give a warm welcome to the elegant and charming Dita. She lifts her dress to reveal her gorgeous long legs and some sexy mint green underwear.

    Her lithe, natural body is sure to be a breath of fresh air for you...

  • Thu 11th Mar 2010 Chloe B & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    Soft kisses on her lover's neck and brewing passion beneath the bed sheets, Jilly and Chloe take each other to very limits today, exploring their bodies with pressing fingers and wet tongues...

    Lots of boob grabbing and nipple licking are sure to delight, and Chloe's orgasm up against a wall is incredibly erotic!

  • Thu 11th Mar 2010 Hannah C | Intimate Moments

    Slim white legs and a summer sun dress that deliciously creeps up her thighs, returning model Hannah has a lot to share today as she delves into this most private and intimate of pleasures...

    Alone in her cocoon of soft bedding, she slips out of her clothes before slipping a hand down between her legs...

  • Wed 10th Mar 2010 Lyla | Solo

    Lyla is a shopaholic who has some very stimulating yoga positions to show you...

    ...and you just can't help but notice her breasts slip out the side of her dress...

  • Wed 10th Mar 2010 Jemma M | Solo

    Jemma's a free spirit with fine legs and a great arse!

    She's home alone, showing her body the love it deserves and you've got the perfect view! Slipping out of her demure print dress she reveals more than creamy soft thighs and a smooth flat stomach, she reveals moist, pink, untouched and unspoilt pussy lips...

  • Wed 10th Mar 2010 Chloe B & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    Sexy as hell, Chloe and Jilly pash deeply, lick hungrily and pleasure each other for hours!

    Natural, unhurried sex between two favourite abby girls who have explored their bodies (and others) and know exactly what they like and how to get it! Lots of different angles, lots of bum grabbing and lots of back arching orgasms are cumming your way!

  • Tue 09th Mar 2010 Lyla | Solo

    Debut model Lyla has dark locks of hair and see-through lace underwear stirring beneath her colourful dress.

    With some seriously tasty cleavage and a firm, round bum, Lyla looks about good enough to eat, wouldn't you say?

  • Tue 09th Mar 2010 Nikki S | Solo

    Nikki is back in town and just itching to get intimate...

    Letting her juicy breasts spill from her floral dress, she plays with her large nipples and poses in some extra saucy positions upon her futon bed. Yum!

  • Mon 08th Mar 2010 Giselle & Navah | Intimate Moments

    These two smoking hot Aussie girls just can't keep their eager hands off each other in this raunchy, engaging double intimate moment!

    There's some kissing, some fondling of breasts and some vividly mouth-watering orgasms.

  • Mon 08th Mar 2010 Marina | Solo

    Blonde, bubbly and piercing blue lagoon eyes, new model Marina takes time out from her busy life to talk about rebelling and the new found freedoms being 18 provides... She undresses slowly and sensually, just the way she likes it, enjoying every loving caress and touch... Enjoy!

  • Sun 07th Mar 2010 Alma | Intimate Moments

    Alone in her bedroom, Alma indulges in some self exploration...

    ...her hands move slowly at first, rubbing and pulling at the gusset of her g-string, before long, her breathing has quickened, her large breasts bouncing on her chest, and her silent moans of pure pleasure are making erotic expressions on her face!

  • Sun 07th Mar 2010 Nikki S | Solo

    The sweet-natured, lascivious Nikki's returns to spice up your night, assuming of course you can handle the heat!

    This might be a good time to bring yourself up to speed with this eloquent, rousing Australian gem.

  • Sun 07th Mar 2010 Marina | Solo

    Marina's an enticing mix of gorgeous blonde sweetness and big blue-eyed temptation!

    Her perfect skin is slowly revealed as she slips out of her racy red panties, peeling them off her puffy pussy lips before getting totally naked and spreading her legs wide to give you the ultimate view!

  • Sat 06th Mar 2010 Pennylaine | Solo

    With dark locks of gorgeous hair and creamy, smooth skin, abbywinters.com newbie Pennylaine is going to take her clothes just for you.

    This is her first time getting naked in front of a video camera, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • Sat 06th Mar 2010 Laila | Intimate Moments

    Just when you think its a case of the worst framing ever - Laila surprises with one of the more interesting masturbation videos I've seen...

    She's up on her knees, just as she'd be if she were straddling your body... The juicy sounds of her slick pussy and the way she likes her nipples stimulated are sure to turn you on!

  • Fri 05th Mar 2010 Tinneale | Solo

    Cute and nerdy, Tinneale in an engineer in training by day but she took some time out and spent an afternoon of naked bliss with the crew from abbywinters.com!

    A pert round arse and long very well shaped legs, that let you peek a little up her short frilly denim skirt, endearing, yet playful Tinneale will delight!

  • Fri 05th Mar 2010 Pennylaine | Solo

    Pennylaine is as cute as a button and looks absolutely scrumptious.

    Lazing about on a couple of bean bags, Pennylaine's mischievous gaze will keep you wanting more - and you won't be disappointed!

  • Thu 04th Mar 2010 AnnaBelle Lee & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    Amorous licking, sucking and fucking today when Joannie pounces on Annabelle Lee!

    Locked tight between Annabelle's thighs, Joannie reaches in for a luxurious kiss before the two undress each other and have some seriously orgasmic fun in all kinds of juicy positions... Passion made in Australia!

  • AWAD teaser!

    Thu 04th Mar 2010 AWAD teaser! | News

    We have just added a small teaser video showing some exciting stuff that is coming soon - a new abbywinters.com site AfterDark. You can see the video just below your login box, on the right of the members news page. More coming soon. Let us know what you think!

  • Thu 04th Mar 2010 Janee | Intimate Moments

    Something a little different today as Asian Janee hops in the shower for some aquatic fun... her hand slides gently down the front of her knickers and as silky water flows over her tender young body her fingers rub faster and more urgently...

    A little tampon string is evident too for tampon fans...

  • Wed 03rd Mar 2010 Meagan K | Solo

    You've seen her super yummy body in her solo image set but now you can get to know her more as she introduces herself and wiggles out of her clothes for her very first video!

    Meagan says she enjoys her hips the most "...they're easy to grab onto I guess!". Young and gorgeous, she'll soon be a favourite!

  • Wed 03rd Mar 2010 Tinneale | Solo

    Cotton undies that are wedged tightly between her full, lightly hairy pussy lips and a serious yet enticing manner, Tinneale has returned for another solo shoot so you can drink in even more of her pure loveliness!

    Happy, healthy and totally natural, Tinneale relishes the freedom and sexual thrill she gets from modelling nude with abbywinters.com...

    (Also available in Extra Large Images Size!)

  • Wed 03rd Mar 2010 AnnaBelle Lee & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    Delicious girlgirl sex with two feisty, uninhibited, firm-bodied babes!

    AnnaBelle Lee & Joannie sizzle their way across your screen as they straddle an a armchair and each other...

    My favourite picture (apart from when Joannie sits on Anna's face) would have to be the great arse squeeze in picture 243!

  • Tue 02nd Mar 2010 Meagan K | Solo

    Looking rather sporty today with her tight white tank top and high cut shorts (her undies peeking through), new model Meagan has a coy smile that'll melt your heart and put on the edge of your seat at the same time!

    Pale creamy skin and round light pink areola encircle her dainty little nipples...Whipped to perfection!

  • Tue 02nd Mar 2010 Katherine F | Solo

    Katherine tells us about her latest abbywinters.com trip and the naughty adventures that ensue.

    I'm sure you'll just love to hear all about her jam-packed week full of sex, girls and more orgasms than she can possibly remember!

  • Mon 01st Mar 2010 Anabela & Milena | Intimate Moments

    Sexy chit chat is something I love! Anabela & Milena discuss all kinds of pleasure giving treats before reaching in to kiss each other!

    A session of duel pleasure ensues as both girls spread their legs wide and let the vibrations hit their pussies full force! Some delicious orgasms are in store!

  • Mon 01st Mar 2010 Jenni | Solo

    It's Jenni's first shoot and you're going to love this bright, confident young Asian-Australian!

    The camera follows her around as she waddles through a spring, bathing her gorgeous olive young skin in water and light. Full breasts and a verrry squeezable arse are revealed as she gets naked - as is her obvious enjoyment of her dildo...

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