• Tue 31st Jan 2012 Madelief | Solo

    Madelief is a tomboy soccer player and shows off all of her ball skills and her sublime smooth skinned body in this intimate redux solo video. Madelief is extremely hot, a very attractive face, perfect skin, great boobs and a . She is literally a picture perfect blonde.

    She also has an plethora of great sex stories, describing in cm how big she likes penises, her first time and current dilemmas with boys including fast sex sessions, kitchen sex and about how she had sex yesterday.

    Great to see you back Madelief!

  • Mon 30th Jan 2012 New Model Stills: Martha | Solo

    The absolutely stunning Martha appears for the first time in this gorgeous, early morning shoot. The seductive and sexual gaze she exudes from her smokey and piercing eyes is enough to have you hooked, and her plump, soft lips accent her irresistible looks.

    Waking up and moving to the end of the bed she slowly uncovers herself to reveal her slender body, tanned complexion, small pert breasts and well trimmed pussy.

  • Sun 29th Jan 2012 Madelief | Solo

    A sporty second visit from the gorgeous Dutch Madelief, she meets us outside with her football to show us not only her skills. But also her amazing, tall, slender and toned body.

    Coming inside her beautiful eyes seductively hint to you, at the nudity to come. Slipping off her clothes she exposes her smooth tanned skin, pert breasts and gorgeous shaved pussy. Moving from the chair to the sofa and onto the floor you won't be able to keep your eyes off Madelief!

  • Sun 29th Jan 2012 Jenna K | Intimate Moments

    Dressed in a pink dress and pink panties, sexy sandy blonde Jenna K gives herself an orgasm while laying in the green grass of her homeland Holland.

    Starting by sliding her hands down her pants, she undresses, then makes sure her pussy is wet enough to insert her favourite vibrating toy. The cars are close, so close they could have even seen Jenna on the hill, I wonder if anyone stops?

  • Sat 28th Jan 2012 Alena | After Dark

    A young professional unwinding after her long day, Alena takes time undressing, rubbing lace against her nipples, sliding her skirt over her thighs and walking naked save for her heels. An incredibly beautiful young woman, you'll fall helplessly for her...

  • Sat 28th Jan 2012 Dewisandra & Jia | Intimate Moments

    Two sexy, slender Asian girls are chatting and rubbing lotion on their bodies when one proposes a masturbation session.

    Jia asks to see Dewisandra's pussy and then exclaims how nice it looks. The two girls chat and whisper to one another as they undress and touch themselves.

    Dewisandra asks Jia how she likes to do it and Jia replies 'with my hands', however Dewisandra has other ways in mind...and these two Asian babes have a thrilling and sensual masturbation session that closes with Dewisandra exclaiming, "oh my God its wet everywhere!"

  • Fri 27th Jan 2012 Aletta & Edie | Girl-Girl

    One of the nicest things of living in this age is that almost everyone has got a digital camera. And that means: a whole lot of pictures! Perfectly breasted Aletta took out her camera to take some cute pics of beautifully toned Edie. It doesn't take long before these two hotties turn from cute to sexy: they take off their clothes, bit by bit, and get themselves into provocative poses.

    The girls start having sex in the bathroom but why stay in one place if you can have fun somewhere else? They move to the bedroom where they create a whole new set, play with each other with a ball of rope and with some extreme flexibility. Beautiful!!!

  • Fri 27th Jan 2012 Alena | After Dark

    Slipping onto your screen in full After Dark glory Alena returns for this very special shoot. Shot in a stark and cavernous hotel room Alena moves from light to shadow exposing her stunningly slender body. long legs and natural tan.

    Glimpses of her eyes out of the shadows instantly seduce whilst flicks of her blonde hair work equally well to entrance. Its a beautifully fresh look and an extremely gorgeous girl.

  • Thu 26th Jan 2012 Backstage 303 | Behind the scenes

    Peeping behind the curtains to see what goes on backstage at abbywinters.com! This week we've got plenty going on in this 100+ image set of 'behind-the-scenes' fun. On set with loads of great girls, starting with Alice P, Carly T and Sachi solo shoots, then moving on to Chessie solo and finishing with the beautiful Cleo & Kylee!

    There's so much that goes on behind the camera's to produce our unique and sexy content and we're glad we can share that with you aswell!

  • Wed 25th Jan 2012 Aletta & Edie | Girl-Girl

    The stunning Dutch Aletta meets the very sexual Australian Edie in this very intimate and fun girl-girl experience in the bathroom. Playing with Aletta's large and awesomely pert breasts, they quickly and playfully undress each other.

    Taking photos along the way, with their little hand held snap shot camera, they also share their pictures with us. Moving away from the bathroom, they move each other into a multitude of positions as Aletta makes full use of Edie's gorgeously smooth shaved pussy.

  • Wed 25th Jan 2012 Roos | Solo

    Roos is half-Portuguese and half-French, and has beautiful, curly, long, red hair. Her flexible body is wonderfully pale skinned and sports tan lines on her breasts and round bum.

    She is very flexible, and shows us heaps of different yoga positions, as well as revealing which positions she would like to have sex in! When she gets undressed she reveals one more secret... Her full, natural bush of red pubic hair!

  • Tue 24th Jan 2012 Gaby | Solo

    Tall Dutch chick Gaby has a very sexy, curvy body with gorgeous round boobs. Her tanned skin is very soft and smooth all over.

    This time Gaby shows us her boxing skills, she wears her blue sport shorts and black boxing gloves. She prepares herself to go out to the gym, but before she goes she has a couple of minutes to pleasure herself.

    She drops her blue shorts and red undies and gets lost in another type of sport...

  • Mon 23rd Jan 2012 Roos | Solo

    Introducing the very beautiful, very natural, redhead Roos! Her stunning looks radiate from the screen in this very simple and intimate shoot. Staring at you with innocent yet seductive intent from her large, deep brown eyes she teases and provokes. Glimpsing over at you through her golden red, curled hair she undresses her svelte and gorgeous body.

    Timidly removing her bra and pants to reveal her all natural full bush, her shyness turns to seduction. Moving around the room, over the table and too a mural on the wall, she presses her body against it. Rolling and twisting in a and out of view you won't want to keep your eyes off her!

  • Sun 22nd Jan 2012 Gaby | Solo

    Gaby is very sexy, tall Dutch women with beautiful blue eyes and a very cute smile. Her amazing long legs complement her sexy body.

    This time we see her in a Thai boxing outfit in her cozy and colorful room. Watch as she playfully decorates her gold toy with her lace panties, sliding into a world of pleasure.

  • Sun 22nd Jan 2012 Jodhi | Intimate Moments

    Jodhi is the smooth skinned brunette Aussie girl that gets home from work upset and angry about something. We don't know what it is but we do know how she likes to make herself feel better.

    She has flopped herself down just inside the front door. She undresses herself and is not wearing any undies. One of the many surprises this video has, another is an interruption from a neighbour at exactly the wrong time. Ok I have given away enough, its time for you to do the watching now.

  • Sat 21st Jan 2012 Fenna & Misha | Intimate Moments

    Fenna and Misha are two very hot, Dutch chicks with an amazing good body. Both are very tall and have long legs and great round boobs.

    This Intimate Moments video is difficult to describe. There is not enough good words with which I could express all passion and tension between this two girls. Their kisses are so intense and they are very into each other. All this lust leads to very intense masturbation which is crowned with two profound orgasms.

  • Fri 20th Jan 2012 Annabelle Lee & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    It is Fenna's first time on camera with a girl. She is paired with the experienced and full bushed Annabelle Lee. Despite her nerves Fenna is adventurous and daring at heart and in her very first girl girl shoot she goes into some oral and fingering anal play.

    This scene starts with some exercise and running that builds the tension and arousal for the girls as Annabelle seduces Fenna. Both girls have very fit bodies, Annabelle Lee has a wonderful tight bum and Fenna's Boobs are perfection as both girls relish these assets of one another in this naughty and daring girl on girl video.

  • Thu 19th Jan 2012 Backstage 302 | Behind the scenes

    In this backstage set we see the long legged Luanna having heaps of fun with Jacki who gives us some exciting upskirt shots of herself as she photographs Luanna. Meanwhile Becky T Emm are also in the mix on the set of their thrilling double masturbation video.

    Also the gorgeous blonde Alice is seen on the set of her first solo video in another edition of backstage behind the scenes at abbywinters.com.

  • Wed 18th Jan 2012 Annabelle Lee & Fenna | Girl-Girl

    Some morning exercise with the vivacious Annabelle-lee and the very beautiful Dutch Fenna. Stretching her long legs Fenna is jogging back to the house to meet back up with Annabelle who is doing her own exercise. Stretching out in the front room she flexes her slender and petite body, showing off her pert round bum and toned frame.

    Coming in and seeing each other limbered up and sweaty must have given these two a second wind to team up for some more exercise. Removing each others clothes and running their hands and mouths all over each other, they entwine on the floor. Playing with Fenna's large pert breasts and Annabelle's hairy pussy they can't get enough of one another.

  • Wed 18th Jan 2012 Mina | Solo

    Mina is a half-Italian, half-Dutch beauty. She has straight dark hair and lovely blue eyes. Her slender body is complimented by her lovely large breasts.

    She'll surprise you by talking about her Italian temperament, and show you her different looks with two pairs of glasses. Then, it gets hotter. She takes off her pink bra, and reveals her firm, pert breasts through her white, transparent shirt. She will reveal not only her body, but her horny personality as well! She shares her hot stories about having sex with three guys at that same time...

    Interested? Watch it!

  • Tue 17th Jan 2012 Navah | Solo

    Navah and, err Navah sit down to a game of strip chess. Now, I don't know about you but next time I play a game of chess I'm going to think about my opponent being Navah. Lovely pale skin is exposed as she flashes you a cheeky glance through her cute bob haircut.

    She's loosing capital pieces and capital pieces of clothing until her hot body is naked and fighting back. Will she take your Queen or will you get check mated!

  • Mon 16th Jan 2012 Mina | Solo

    Italian and Dutch girl Mina undresses her beautiful body and lovely full breasts slowly in her first time experience. She is nervous and excited about being photographed naked for the first time. But the camera loves her curvy figure and she studies herself in the mirror playing and teasing with it as she rubs her body up against it and kisses herself too! There is also a see through white top which gets wet as Mina makes a big impression.

  • Sun 15th Jan 2012 Navah | Solo

    This in Navah's 5th shoot now for you now, and once again its a shoot definitely not to be missed.

    Navah manages somehow to not only be a seriously cute chick, but smoulderingly sexy at the same time! In the kitchen innocently dressed in white and messing up someones game of chess, Navah takes a turn to the naughty side and begins to slowly touch her silky smooth body whilst removing what remains of her clothing. Eventually naked she sedctively sits open legged on the chair exposing her perfectly trimmed pubic hair and tight little pussy.

    Navah never dissapoints with her stunning looks and out going personality. Roll on the next shoot!

  • Sun 15th Jan 2012 Fleur D | Intimate Moments

    In to the kitchen for a cup of tea Fleur looks naturally gorgeous as she moves around the the narrow room and sits on the work-top, puts her feet up and exposes her full bush and small breasts as she plays with and twists her dreadlocks.

    Bringing herself to an intimate orgasm she relaxes back with her tea.

  • Sat 14th Jan 2012 Real life couple: Ben & Renae D (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Renae is a cute girl with a sexy slender body and all over pale skin. Her strawberry blond hair softly falls around her shoulders and her short skirt hides her red bush. Today she has brought with her, her boyfriend Ben.

    This couple look lovely together, in the beginning they kiss very softly and innocently, however, don't let the first few moments deceive you, because this video quickly turns in to a frenzied love making session. Ben takes his time to ensure his girl is pleasured and multiple intense orgasms are an affirmation of his love making skills!

  • Sat 14th Jan 2012 Jade S & Karlijn | Intimate Moments

    Jade and Karlijn are two sexy chicks. Jade is English with pale skin, with a very cute smile. Karlijn is a dutch beauty with a slender, tanned body. Her delicate glasses highlight her sexy eyes and lovely face.

    We see them siting on two big chairs and talking about the way they like to masturbate. Karlijn masturbates with a toy and Jade uses lube, they share their experience and sensations related to their different methods of masturbation.

  • Fri 13th Jan 2012 Gaby & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    Gaby is a very tall, sexy Dutch chick with beautiful blue eyes. Jenna is as well a dutch sexy woman with very flirting look.

    Jenna observes Gaby when she takes a shower. Water wraps the round bum and big boobs of Gaby, it looks really sexy. After shower Jenna gives to Gaby very sensual massage which leads to a lot of tickling. This innocent beginning quickly turns into very intense sex, with a bit of tying up and a lot of sexual fighting for domination in the bed.

  • Thu 12th Jan 2012 Real life couple: Ben & Renae D (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Mexican heart throb Ben is a born lover. Knowing how to please his pale skinned beauty, brings him great pleasure.

    With every open mouthed gasp that Renae let's out, he gets that much more excited. She is his feasting platter, and he is her lustful stimulus. Watch as they grind their way through multiple positions, this girl boy shoot is another goldmine.

  • Thu 12th Jan 2012 Backstage 301 | Behind the scenes

    Lots of stuff going on in Backstage 301! Double IM's, from with Magdaline and Odette, a solo with the beautiful dark skinned Zasha. And an amazing girl-girl with Kiki & Lou-Ellyn outside in a quite little part of town.

    All these shoots are well worth some time to look at, and the girl-girl with the stunning, large breasted and very sexual Kiki is something a little different and very sexy indeed!

  • Wed 11th Jan 2012 Gaby & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    Jenna takes full advantage of having a shower connected to the bathroom and grabs a few lustful glances at Gaby as she run's her hands and soapy water over her soft, tanned skin and large breasts.

    Pulling her onto the bed Jenna wrestles Gaby underneath and starts to make her way down to her smooth shaved pussy where she can let loose on what she been craving for. Gaby fights her way back, tickling pulling and pinning down Jenna and returning the favor...

  • Wed 11th Jan 2012 Dani L | Solo

    Welcome our new English dark skinned model Dani L. This heavy accented economy student took a day off to have a remarkable bath at AW. Don't let her straight blonde hair fool you, this girl has a full bush at more than one place.

    While she is slowly undressing her wet body and show you all the right spots, she happily tells you about her shaving and her masturbation rituals.

    After all this Dani L has got just one thing left to do, get a dry towel and water the flowers... Thank you so much for skipping school today!

  • Tue 10th Jan 2012 Satine | Solo

    Satine and her sweet, girly and innocent demeanor are complimented by her lovely looks; which feature her light blue eyes and soft pale white skin.

    These attributes are however thrillingly contrasted with her naughty stories and secret pleasures revealed in this re-telling and re-enacting of her personal masturbation routine and technique...among other sexy things...

    This video will educate you on exactly how Satine likes to get off. She has a beautiful body with fine perky breasts and a lovely round bum. And her sex-stories and secrets about her masturbation practices are riveting.

  • Mon 09th Jan 2012 Dani L | Solo

    Take a dip with Dani as she debuts in this beautiful wet and intimate shoot in the bath. She's a unique and gorgeous girl with a great and out going personality. Unveiling her smooth dark skin, large breasts and trimmed full bush, she really does give you a stunning introduction to herself and her body.

  • Sun 08th Jan 2012 Satine | Solo

    Secrets and an sexy little insights in to how Satine like to be seduced, played with and all beautifully presented on her slim, pale and pert body.

    Nude in the window of the canal boat she reaches for her diary and stack of post-its, feeling the need to divulge she gives you a step by step of personal insights on how she likes to be touched, stroked, squeezed and even nibbled. Do you think you could learn anything from this sexy education on Satine!?

  • Sun 08th Jan 2012 Gaby | Intimate Moments

    Gaby is tall, tanned, blonde, sexy as hell and has the nicest boobs ever!

    And if that's not enough, let me tell you that Gaby is also keen on taking her aw.com experience further in girl girl territory.

  • Sat 07th Jan 2012 Karlijn & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Karlijn and Renae start their double masturbation session with some playful talk about their masturbation habits and sex routines.

    Karlijn is the smooth tanned skinned petite Dutch girl and Renae is the pale skinned and freckled American girl. Their sex talk builds the tension as the girls undress and Renae watches Karlijn intently as she comes and then Renae gives Karlijn her own demonstration!

  • Fri 06th Jan 2012 Aletta & Annabelle Lee | Girl-Girl

    Pale skinned red head Annabelle Lee is back on the girl girl hardcore sex scene with her inexperienced partner- the big breasted Dutch Aletta.

    They start with massage and oil as they caress, rub and squeeze each others fit bodies. This sensual touching gets them into the mood for more and they kiss and then excitedly undress and progress things further.

    Annabelle's tight bum sticks up as she fervidly licks and sucks on Aletta's wet pussy and then the favour is returned by Aletta with some cunnilingus of her own. There is 69 ing and much much more as the hungry and irrepressible Annabelle has her way with the innocent and inexperienced Aletta!

  • Thu 05th Jan 2012 Backstage 300 | Behind the scenes

    Joining Becky T and the shoot team on the sofa for backstage 300. A great way to break in a new century of backstage's.

    Beckys shoot really is a great one, and the backstage looks as fun as the released set is sexy. Flirtaceous yet shy and reserved Becky is great to watch, and it looks like they all had a blast out there as well.

  • Wed 04th Jan 2012 Aletta & Annabelle Lee | Girl-Girl

    Aletta and Annabelle sit it beautiful parallels to each other, both slim, red hair, great bums and of course the desire to get the other naked as soon as possible!

    Kissing licking and grabbing each other Annabelle spends special attention to Aletta's amazing pert, large breasts whilst its Annabelle's tiny waist and full bush that interests Aletta.

    Moving from stretches on the floor to sex on the sofa, these two finally end up cooling off in the shower together.

  • Wed 04th Jan 2012 Daisey | Solo

    Daisey has huge boobs. She is a more voluptuous model with big curves. This Portuguese girl shows off all the tricks she can do with her big boobs that are very exciting and interesting to watch.

    She also discusses exactly what it feels like to have big boobs, very insightful stuff here and she even has a serenade with a guitar to finish.

  • Tue 03rd Jan 2012 Editor's Choice - Panties | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Panties! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy pants.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Tue 03rd Jan 2012 Asdyna | Solo

    Sexy Romanian Asdyna is back for her second solo. Cute 19 year old single girl, floral dress and a houseboat all to herself. What more could you ask for?

    She has unique green eyes that draw you right in, a cute bum and dark hair. In this video she shows us her body, and her tampon string and finishes by rubbing lotion on her nipples. Yum!

  • Mon 02nd Jan 2012 Daisey | Solo

    The volumptuous, large breasted and beautiful Daisey makes her fun filled appearence in this debut shoot. Teasing and flirting with you she moves around the room removing more and more clothes, and showing us more of herself.

    Playing with and grabbing her large breasts she'll keep you glued to the screen. And as she shows herself and her full bush off in the miror you'd really struggle to get distracted!

  • Sun 01st Jan 2012 Editor's Choice - Panties | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Panties! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy pants.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Sun 01st Jan 2012 Asdyna | Solo

    Coming back through the cold and frosted Amsterdam streets, Asdyna extends an invitation into the houseboat for some time to warm up; of course in the sexiest possible way! Taking off her coat and playfully flicking away her scarf Asdyna slides onto the floor of the bed room and begins to teasingly undress herself.

    Peeking out the window and moving around the room she slowly undresses, pulling off her clothes and running the blue ribbon from her top under her pert small breasts, exciting her nipples as the material slides past. From bed to floor and back again this is really an amazingly sensual shoot, highlighted by Asdyna's tanned, slim beauty.

  • Sun 01st Jan 2012 Jade S | Intimate Moments

    Jade makes a phone call to a lucky friend and she begins to touch herself and take her clothes off while talking. She leaves the phone next to her ear as she gently touches her clit, reacting with a heavy breath of pleasure that would have ruffled against the microphone of the phone. She then puts the phone down on the ground next to her and touches herself more vigorously which leads to a powerful and pulsating orgasm. This is phone sex at its best!

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