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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation little breasts Gilian

    Sun 31st Aug 2008Gilian | Intimate Moments

    Translucent skin and pure, soulful eyes, Gilian has many awe-struck admirers. This is her fourth solo masturbation video and she works herself up by slowly, tenderly massaging her body and taking deep, relaxing sighs. She rubs her pussy through her jeans, gets too horny, rips her tee-shirt off, unzips and plunges her hands down her pants with blissful results...and you get to watch!

    See more of Gilian, including her passionate girlgirl sex romps with Patience, Jamie-lee and Em only by joining today.

  • Image of Nude Girls red hair Krystin pink nipples

    Sun 31st Aug 2008Krystin | Solo

    Krystin's locks are still fiery red - don't you love it? She teases you by taking a long time to undress, but look at her boob from the left side once it's visible. It's a perfect shape and it's very beautiful. Close-ups of her pink bits are especially nice in this shoot.

  • Image of Nude Girls large breasts Michelle T tan lines

    Sun 31st Aug 2008Michelle T | Solo

    Yowza! This girl is sexy beyond compare. The early photos of Michelle T in a tight pink top and no bra underneath are to die for. So hot, hot, hot! With her shirt off, then you get to see the amazing jiggly breasts that caused her shirt to bulge out so nicely - they're great. Then lastly the undies come off and her pussy is a pretty and beautiful one too. Yummy!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation small breasts Alyx

    Sat 30th Aug 2008Alyx | Intimate Moments

    Look out for a gorgeously cheeky smile as she slides her dress off her round arse cheeks, preparing to get VERY comfortable for this steamy wanking session. She has her arse to the camera for a few moments giving you a great view of her fingers in her shaved pussy as she lets her bum rise and fall to glorious effect...

    Another bonus in this video: Alyx keeps her eyes open for long periods, concentrating with lots of effort- her frowns and the way she nibbles her lip are exquisite!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls redhead Tricia L

    Sat 30th Aug 2008Tricia L | Solo

    Two videos, two talkative chicks and some bare breasts! What could be better? Hummm....

    Part one gets some juicy sex stories out of first time model Tricia L, intimate details of losing her virginity, her girl crushes and what she likes in bedroom...then in the second video I peel her out of a waay too modest dress for some nipple grabbing through a see-through silk slip and an in depth instructional on how she likes to be licked out!

    Talk to Tricia on the forums! She's smart, funny and loves a flirt!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl extra large breasts Angie and large breasts Blaire anal

    Sat 30th Aug 2008Angie & Blaire | Girl-Girl

    Sweet as cherry pie Blaire is wearing a cherry print, transparent dress! She sensually takes it off though in a slow, teasing strip tease for Angie, teasing enough to make her mouth water...

    A long lick up the calf of Angie's leg is enough to tip her over the edge (like she needed an invitation?) and she pounces on Blaire, rolling her over, spreading her legs and plunging her tongue in deeply.

    This is a steamy, passionate video, Angie licking long strokes and blowing cool air along Blaire's smooth limbs- sending chills and quivers of pleasure...

    Most girlgirl sessions have before and after interviews with the girls- they answer questions about how they felt, what she tasted like, if being with a girl was what she'd expected or what her favourite position was...check them out!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation nerdy girl next door Crystal

    Fri 29th Aug 2008Crystal | Intimate Moments

    When we set up a camera in a girls home and leave her completely alone to do whatever she wants, we know roughly it'll be hot, steamy and end in a satisfied and slightly sleepy model...we don't however know that she'll be wriggling and squirming so much she moves out of frame! That's kinda what happened here, but Crystal's video was so delicious there's no way we'd let you miss out on spying her cute round arse rise and fall as she cums...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls meaty labia Katy

    Fri 29th Aug 2008Katy | Solo

    Sweetie-pie Katy - and you can talk to her directly here - went to Sydney for a day and got up to some typically naughty things with Bela! Sharing sexy secrets like her views on having a male lover (she's bi-sexual) as she teasingly bends over to pull down her tight jeans...

    But just when you've recovered enough from that tasty little sight she lays face down on the sofa, her hands moistened and edging towards her hairy pussy to begin some intensely arousing finger-humping....

  • Image of Girl Girl extra large breasts Angie and large breasts Blaire anal

    Fri 29th Aug 2008Angie & Blaire | Girl-Girl

    We enter the scene with Angie & Blaire tongue kissing and grabbing each others boobs. Down onto the rug they go, undies get yanked off and they slip their fingers inside of each other. In one of Angie's favourite techniques, they both stick their finger in the anus of their lover. Anal loving members have been getting a lot lately!

  • Image of Behind the scenes pert tanned bum Violet and buxom Paula and small breasts Vicki and small breasts Lou-Ellyn and big nipples meaty lips Mandie young ladies naked together

    Thu 28th Aug 2008Backstage 215 | Behind the scenes

    Lots of models have been caught in Backstage 215 - too many to comment on them all, but I particularly like Sahara's outdoors shoot - very sexy. There's even some Paula and Penelope(Penny) to be seen. Looks like everyone was having a good time at their photo shoots.

  • Image of Nude Girls redhead Tricia L

    Thu 28th Aug 2008Tricia L | Solo

    Tricia L seems to be acting a bit coquettish as she rolls around on the floor taking her clothes off. She has freckles on her shoulders and a nice pair of boobs that you'll very much enjoy. Tricia's a softly rounded girl with curves in all the right places. She has prettily-shaped lips both above and below and you may just come away drooling.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation hairy armpits Estella Z

    Thu 28th Aug 2008Estella Z | Intimate Moments

    Wowee...with the camera set low to the bed and beautiful Estella Z's creamy white legs spread either side, the quickly growing wet spot on her panties is in plain view! She rubs and wiggles before pulling them to one side and finally off. One hand clutching her breasts, the other frantically rubbing her clit, then when she's ready, with a slight gasp she pushes two fingers inside herself.

    If you like seeing a girl's silky wetness, there's plenty to see in this hard-on inducing masturbation video!!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl chinese Fae and curvy Odette anal insertions

    Wed 27th Aug 2008Fae & Odette | Girl-Girl

    I know you've all been waiting eagerly for Fae & Odette's passionate girlgirl moment- the cuteness of Fae, her small gasps and high pitched cries and the womanly sex appeal of Odette with blonde waves and an incredibly high sex drive. Fae catches Ode watching a porno and decides to re-create some of the works well because this shoot has it all, double penetration, anal play, fingering, licking the works. I loved the agonizing suspense as we hold our breath awaiting Odette's shuttering orgasm. Gold!

  • Only 19 hours to go.....

    Wed 27th Aug 2008Only 19 hours to go..... | News

    Backstage pictures are the best!

    This hot(!) shot shows clearly what we do every day here at

    Fae and Odette having a licking good time on their shoot about two weeks ago...wish I could join them really... sigh~ their shoot goes up soon tho- not long to wait!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls amateur Dara

    Wed 27th Aug 2008Dara | Solo

    An invitation to get intimate with a drop dead gorgeous foreign student?! Hell yes!

    Dara beckons you to watch her have fun getting naked in front of a mirror, watch her playing with thick dark hair and petite, ski-jump breasts (some fab close ups!) and then admire her sprinkling of soft black pubic hair are she runs her fingers over her little honey pot. The camera follows her around, panning up and down her legs to get a good view of all her curvy angles before she signs off and you're left hungry for more.

  • Image of Nude Girls meaty labia Katy

    Wed 27th Aug 2008Katy | Solo

    Katy looks cuter than ever with her soft tits poking out of her shirt. This is an explicit stills shoot with insertions - finger insertions that is, and Katy really spreads her lips and lets you see some girlcum. We're always glad to have Katy drop by for a shoot!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big boobs Ellyn

    Tue 26th Aug 2008Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    After a hard day at the office Ellyn flops down on her bed, unbuttons, unclips and unzips to lay naked and prone on the bed. Getting onto her knees and bending over she reaches her hand down between her legs and sighs with pleasure. Her breathing quickens, her boobs jiggle and her arse clenches as she gets closer and closer...

    If you like exploring all the wonders of a girl's orgasm, this is a good video to watch- some are loud, neighbour disturbing events and some-like Ellyn's- are subtle, almost imperceptible and not meant to be seen by anyone else... . Just like nature intended.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Seriya

    Tue 26th Aug 2008Seriya | Solo

    Seriya returns home to Australia after travelling the world and decides to drop in on the Sydney shoot team! Yay because this wonderful redux solo, including yummy views of her doing some yoga stretches and telling sexy stories is a gem and shouldn't be missed!

    With long, lush brown curls, blue eyes, great boobs and a to-die-for arse Seriya gives us an update about what's happing in her life and some great parties she's been to, including one where she experienced the delights of mixing pleasure with pain...

  • Image of Nude Girls amateur Dara

    Tue 26th Aug 2008Dara | Solo

    Dara's a sexy and tanned, super-fit young woman. Her dark hair cascades down to her breasts and she looks really hot topless in jeans. Enjoy Dara's large pussy lips as she spreads her legs for you in the mirror.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation small breasts Lea and rubenesque Augustine

    Mon 25th Aug 2008Augustine & Lea | Intimate Moments

    Some wonderful, natural chatter about everything tacky, kinky and sexy to start these two milky skinned friends off on a delectable afternoon of self love! With two camera angles set up you get the very best views of both Lea's flushed face and Augustine's fingers furiously working back and forth on her own wet pussy...her gasps and quivers of orgasmic bliss quickly set off Lea's gasping, body shuddering orgasm too....enjoy!

    By the way - spunky Lea is super active on the forums! You should chat her up today- find out what it was like for her!

  • Image of Girl Girl chinese Fae and curvy Odette anal insertions

    Mon 25th Aug 2008Fae & Odette | Girl-Girl

    Black hair or white hair, they've both got dark pussy hair. Fae & Odette find more than that to like, too. They like good boobs and they like to eat pussy. While down there, how about a finger or two in the anus. Is there anything that doesn't get Fae and Odette horny? I don't think so.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation small breasts Tricia

    Sun 24th Aug 2008Tricia | Intimate Moments

    Tricia is feeling completely relaxed and more than a little horny. Her breathing is deep and calm and her hands are moving sensually all over her body. She flicks her feather-light touch over her breasts and when she licks some fingers to play with her nipples you know there's sex in the air...

    ...hands slowly reach down to between her legs, finding their target through her transparent panties. She enjoys this special, private alone time to caress her pussy and build tension before finally slipping off her panties and sliding some fingers inside her wetness.

    My favourite bits: with her knickers around her ankles and her hips thrusting hard, her pussy makes squelching wet sounds that are incredibly arousing...and it's all natural.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Seriya

    Sun 24th Aug 2008Seriya | Solo

    Seriya has the most beautiful hair, long, thick, brown with a hint of reddish highlights. I love it. Imagine my surprise when I looked at her first photo shoot. Who is that beautiful blonde? Now I can't decide which is best, I love them both. Seriya has a killer curvy body with great boobs and a good bum. Two hot girls for the price of one.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasts Kerina outdoors

    Sun 24th Aug 2008Kerina | Solo

    Kerina's up on the lookout tower, but it's a good place to be looked-at too. This pretty long-haired brunette wears a white and lacy bra that looks great on her - and even better when it's off. Kerina poses for some nice close-ups against a blue sky with fluffy clouds. What (or who) could be more photogenic?

    The Video Newsletter for the upcoming week is found here on the News page. Hosted by Jacki this week in a botanical conservatory, it's just jam packed with beautiful treasures, especially when you count in the models and your lovely host. It's the best way to find out what's on tap for the week.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation big areolae Joanna B

    Sat 23rd Aug 2008Joanna B | Intimate Moments

    Who's a fan of Jiggly Breasts?? I sure am and Joanna has a fine set! Held up by a gorgeous raspberry lacy bra, which she ditches pretty quickly before bending over the back of an armchair to do something that will make them jiggle even more...

    Moaning, whimpering with pleasure and gasping as her hands work their magic on her now very aroused pussy, Joanna B finally clenches her arse cheeks and gives one last "mmmmmm" before collapsing in a red-faced contemplative heap. Wonderful.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasted petite amateur Hayley T perky nipples

    Sat 23rd Aug 2008Hayley T | Solo

    Hayley T is positively blossoming into a young woman, becoming aware of her body and her powerful sexuality. Gold hot pants, a sexy tank top and a hungry stare convey her drive and passion for life. A short n sweet video shot by Amber, using slow motion to sensually follow the curves of her body and some music to get you in the mood to enjoy the wonderful sight that is Hayley T!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl tanned puffy nipples Caitlin K and pale skin Carly T and Pink pussy Larissa M making our nude in book store

    Sat 23rd Aug 2008Book Shop Girls | Girl-Girl

    Video time! Three nerdy(but hot) book lovers delving into forbidden reading... .this can only lead to good things! Plaid skirts and homemade knits are hiding long sexy legs and small but firm, round breasts. They're soon kissing and unbuttoning, smiling and throwing cheeky looks at each other, grabbing lily white breasts and running fingers through long, silky hair....must've been a bestseller!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann

    Fri 22nd Aug 2008Sue-Ann | Solo

    Four Solos! Yippee! Hope you never get tired of seeing my giggly glow... Feeling a little self-conscious but rather horny, you can follow my train of thoughts pretty easily in this half solo, half masturbation video. A little mental picture of sexy girls with long, sweetly scented hair and my fingers are already inching towards my pussy. Not a fan of fast clitoral stimulation, I love a firm, rhythmic pressure - moving my pelvis to get the best angle....ahh good times!

    ..spoil yourself! Indulge in some Sue-Ann today!

  • Image of Behind the scenes little breasts Gilian and Irish lass Jamie-Lee and petite Melita and asian Aylan and flexible Marleen young ladies nude

    Thu 21st Aug 2008Backstage 214 | Behind the scenes

    Our Backstage section is a big hit with our members. They like seeing how an erotic photo shoot is made, our staff, and the models behind the scenes. Backstage 214 won't let you down. It's full of photos of all of the above types and a bit more.

  • Image of Nude Girls small breasted petite amateur Hayley T perky nipples

    Thu 21st Aug 2008Hayley T | Solo

    Cute-as-button Hayley T is covered with gold sequins on her shirt and has undies made up entirely of gold disks that make a fish scale pattern. Maybe she used to be a mermaid. Hayley has long blonde hair, dimples, and beautiful eyes. I think she's going to charm the pants right off a lot of you!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation supple breasts Portia

    Thu 21st Aug 2008Portia | Intimate Moments

    Portia's got some time on her hands and she puts it to good use with a session of intimate self-love. With her undies around her ankles and her knees spread open wide she uses her middle finger pressed up close to her wet inner pussy lips to quietly but quickly and assuredly bring on a beautiful, unique rushing orgasm....twice!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl extra large breasts Angie and chinese Fae rimming

    Wed 20th Aug 2008Angie & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Fae's breathy gasps as Angie kisses, fondles and licks her breasts are cuteness personified. Her almond eyes and creamy Asian skin flushes pink with her rising excitement and her jet black silky hair gets damp with sweat. The sexual tension keeps building and building until it bursts in a pussy grinding, back-arching, breast sucking and finger ...licking good time!

    If you were spell bound by these real, natural, raw orgasms, have a look at what Annalisa & Fae get up to...

    Or Angie & Shaminee: see multiple orgasms, passionate kissing and kinky anal licking...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls petite Janina perky nipples

    Wed 20th Aug 2008Janina | Solo

    Brown eyed beauty Janina is sizzling in her first time on film. Under a lemon tree she's all sweetness, stripping off her yellow knit and denim skirt, pretending to be too hot and restricted in her clothes...but I think she just wanted to get naked!

    I love the way she adjusts her g-string - moving it up and down against her crotch until she teases us no more and slips it down around her ankles. Then she does some great stretches, showing off her lean, taught figure and glistening skin.

    Make sure you don't miss out on this wonderful video from Janina, but you'll have to wait patiently for her redux!

  • Image of Nude Girls tall leggy amateur Sue-Ann

    Wed 20th Aug 2008Sue-Ann | Solo

    Sue-Ann confirms her status as a sex goddess in this stills set shot on the red metal bars. She gives some very hot looks to the camera and lets you see her pretty eyes and smile. That's not all she'll show you - her boobs and sexy arse and pussy are also on display. YeeHaw!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation latina Cristina

    Tue 19th Aug 2008Cristina | Intimate Moments

    Large, puffy, biscuit shaped nipples and a ripple of lush dark hair down below, Guatemalan Cristina has many delights to share in this titillating masturbation video!

    Her soft cries of mounting pleasure will quicken your breath as her fingers encircle her clit with ever increasing intensity. Her hips start to buck, pushing her pussy up and invitingly forward, her legs spread wide for the perfect view...

  • Video capture of Nude Girls long legs pert breasts Maddy

    Tue 19th Aug 2008Maddy | Solo

    MADDY'S BACK!! Yippee!

    She's super hot but you all knew that! In this lotion video, it seems whatever she does she makes it look sexy. Something so simple as moisturising her skin becomes intensely arousing since the camera follows her hands roaming and smoothing silky lotion into her gorgeous skin.

    All the best bits get some attention: Maddy's perfect, heavy breasts, then her hands move down to her yummy thighs before she bends over to slip out of her panties and lather up her pert arse...even her neatly shaved pussy gets a little rub!

  • Image of Nude Girls petite Janina perky nipples

    Tue 19th Aug 2008Janina | Solo

    Resting in a forest glade in front of an orange tree, Janina will take off her shirt and get more comfortable. She removes her undies, but keeps her jeans skirt on for a while. When Janina does remove her bra, she lets you see her shapely, high and firm boobies. There a couple of close-ups of her beautiful blue eyes that will send you reeling.

  • Image of Girl Girl extra large breasts Angie and chinese Fae rimming

    Mon 18th Aug 2008Angie & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Enjoy the contrast of breasts - from Angie's extra-large with pink nipples, to Fae's medium sized ones with the sexy dark nipples. I like image number 55 where Angie's slipping her hand down into Fae's pants - hot, hot! Angie & Fae take turns licking each other and sticking their fingers in the other's bum hole. They like that a lot!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls small breasts Rachel K

    Mon 18th Aug 2008Rachel K | Solo

    Rachel K loves being outdoors in the sunshine, practicing ballet and hip hop dancing where she teases her boyfriend with her swaying hips. She chatters away comfortably while undoing the row of buttons that no doubt are hiding her slim, tender young body.

    One of the most slender girls I've ever seen on, Rachel gets delightfully explicit- with her g-string down around her knees she spreads her legs then peels apart her sticky pussy lips for a delicious view!

    Bonus!: All the women in her family have a unique beauty spot near their belly button...I wonder where else?

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation extra large breasts Angie

    Sun 17th Aug 2008Angie | Intimate Moments

    Always seeing her with another girl, pleasing someone else and making her partner weak at the knees, it's pure pleasure to see Angie alone, completely by herself for this intense masturbation video. She takes a long, titillating ride towards her orgasmic destination, playing with her enormous, natural boobs and no doubt thinking very kinky things...

    Alisa hosts this week's video newsletter, check it out to see sneak peeks of some raunchy video updates! Share it with your friends!

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