• Sun 31st Oct 2010 Juno | Solo

    This is Junos second solo, making it the second chance you've had to see her gorgeous pale skin, sensual form and natural bush.

    In this set Juno starts by staring playfully into the lens, and as the eye contact stays her clothes quickly depart. As the clothing peels away Juno reveals exactly what youve been searching to find.

  • Sun 31st Oct 2010 Constance | Intimate Moments

    A moment alone in a small pink dress quickly turns into a quiet, erotic orgasm.

    Constance's pale skinned hot body begins to shudder as she rapidly plays with her clit and cups her small breasts.

  • Sun 31st Oct 2010 LeeLee | Solo

    If there was ever a model to completely cute you out, LeeLee is the girl to make you smile.

    Having personally shot one of her redux solos before, there is nothing to not love about this pint sized red head. A petite deliciously shaved pussy pleated neatly, a freckled face which dots beautifully to the rest of her body, blue eyes that don't stop sparkling...and swoon that smile.

    Cheeky, yet girly in the best possible way. Her every attribute is captured in fine art today with greens pulsing through a floor to ceiling window. Moving coyly on a kitchen chair in a blue men's business shirt, I would die and go to heaven if this is the site I found when I returned home from work...

  • Sat 30th Oct 2010 Giselle | Solo

    Roxette sang that song, "She's got the look" and well Giselle certainly has the look. A beautiful sharply defined face, long long legs, a round bum and a confident aura that knows exactly how to tease and tempt.

    In this return solo Giselle seduces the camera which is fixed on her every move and twist in her tight fitting short dress and see through undies. There are some tantalising upskirt shots that show off every magnificent inch of Giselle's long legs and round bum. This video is a silent meditation on Giselle's powerful sexual presence, her physical beauty and her ability to seduce you into a blissful trance.

  • Sat 30th Oct 2010 Alice G | Intimate Moments

    Relaxing on a blanket, Alice soon gets frisky and reaches for a small purple dildo.

    One leg goes up on the window sill and the dildo goes deep inside her. Rolling around she cant seem to get it deep enough as the action gets more and more intense.

  • Fri 29th Oct 2010 Liliana | Solo

    Something very delicious happened when I was processing this solo of Liliana. A type of 'down the rabbit hole' melting, that I'm sure many of you experience frequently when viewing a set. What started out an inside smile, soon turned into a momentary crush and pure titillation by the beauty before me.

    Sparkly blue eyes that drift in and out of confident woman, to inquisitive young girl. A gentle bite of her pink pouting lips as she feels the clench of her pussy to her slowly inserted fingers.

    In a welcoming bend over a desk chair, Liliana rolls narrow hips to allow shards of soft light to wrap around every curve of her round ass, the detailed wrinkles of a petite anus and the beautiful meeting point of her lightly haired lips which she explores so generously.

  • Thu 28th Oct 2010 Kate C | Solo

    Kate, and her luscious long legs, is back at Abby sporting a new natural hair style. Yet again we get to gaze at her strong, tall body and listen to her endearing, sweet lisp as she tells stories of her travels.

    But there's more, Kate has grown a full bush! And is ever so glad to show it to us in full detail!

  • Thu 28th Oct 2010 Blossom & Laila | Girl-Girl

    Blossom and Laila are lying in their pink bed snuggling underneath the covers chatting. They talk about all their past girl girl experiences when Laila reaches in and moves some of Blossom's beautiful strands of raven curly hair delicately away from her face and glasses.

    This is a sweet video with two cute girls very turned on by each other. The flirting at the start is so arousing to watch as the girls playfylly embark upon their love making session.

    Laila drives Blossom wild with careful and controlled stokes and all the teasing techniques she knows of. And they all seem to work as Blossom is very responsive. She gets so horny she rubs herself on Laila. Soon the girls are 69 ing and engaging in all kinds of unbridled displays of their affection and desire.

  • Thu 28th Oct 2010 Mykala | Intimate Moments

    Mykala takes her time in this intimate moments treat. She teases the camera with seductive looks as she gets herself in the mood gently caressing her boobs.

    She slowly undresses, and rubs her whole body continuously building her arousal. Obviously fond of foreplay, Mykala builds the tension with patients, but just like a volcano the pressure eventually erupts.

  • Wed 27th Oct 2010 Vanda | Solo

    The vivacious and curvaceous Vanda the sports fan is back! In this video she shows us her brown skinned body and large nipples and how she uses her scar to pick up boys. She also answers an age old question: Do catholic schools create the best lesbians?

    Vanda, unashamed boy hunter is larger than life indeed!

  • Wed 27th Oct 2010 Kate C | Solo

    Kate returns to abbywinters.com with a different haircut. In her first solo Kate had two toned hair but in this image set she opted for the straight brunette after traveling around where she found it easy to maintain natural.

    She looks so hot with her freshly tanned body out in the backyard. And it is some body. Kate is tall, with long legs and a really firm and tight body from head to toe. I loved the shots of her hiking her g string up around her waist and twisting and writhing all her clothes off to reveal her amazing body in complete detail. A real treat!

  • Wed 27th Oct 2010 Blossom & Laila | Girl-Girl

    There are some days when you need no excuse at all, to simply pounce on a beauty that is laying about in front of you. And it certainly seems to be the case for brunette stunner Blossom and freckle faced Laila. The mood is mature yet excitable.

    Blossom let's her hungry sexual appetite wonder yet again in latching on to any piece of skin she can find. A delectable display of what a woman can share of herself when in the mood. Laila in teasingly short skirt flashes knicker glimpses, before Blossom tears them off her. A vibrant setting for two vibrant personalities. A girl-girl to sink into when you want an indulgent moment to yourself.

  • Tue 26th Oct 2010 Vanda | Solo

    Introducing Vanda, here she is in a colourful abbywinters shoot. Baring proud scars and all there is no one like Vanda. A confidence that will rival any sexual hedonist, Vanda is a woman that knows what she wants. A never quenched thirst for sex that is so refreshing to be around, and especially to document. Cuddled on an armchair with a wealth of blankies and cushions, Vanda wraps you up in an intimate journey of her every inch.

    Not afraid to show you what makes her beautiful, she gently grips at her pert breasts with honey tipped nipples. And as you journey deeper, you find the inviting part of her perfectly shaved pussy is evoking, beyond any self control.

  • Tue 26th Oct 2010 Jodie C | Solo

    What a natural, happy, abby girl is Jodie! Watch her long slender body move as she tells us how she loves her different dildos and how one of them was stolen by a four legged thief!

    Jodi's short hair, long legs and when I say long I really mean LONG, her pins are seriously a sight to behold and matching lingerie are the perfect appetizer for her full bush and firm round arse.

  • Mon 25th Oct 2010 Erin M & Kasey F | Intimate Moments

    Kasey runs a hand over Erin's chest, gently sliding her top down over her bare hiding breasts beneath, skimming her fingers across her nipples. A soft breath escapes Erin's lips and it's on.

    Kissing each other as the rubs their clits and finger themselves, it's a totally body experience for both these stunning ladies... I'm sure it will be for you too! This is HOT!

  • Mon 25th Oct 2010 Beck | Solo

    Hot little Aussie rocker, Beck, is here to show us a good time. Big blue eyes, red lips and a cute smile, every budding guitarists dream. She takes her time, teasing off her very short skirt to show us her small breasts and hot body.

    Rock on Beck, Rock on.

  • Sun 24th Oct 2010 Esra | Intimate Moments

    Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen it's an up-skirt heaven! Perfectly perched on the edge of her dresser, Esra slowly pulls her long dress up, teasing with the slightest glimpse of her smooth curvy butt and thighs beneath.

    When the dress comes off her hand plunges down her clingy pink knickers and the fun really begins!

  • Sun 24th Oct 2010 Jodie C | Solo

    ....there was a song that you might fondly remember from the year 1983..."she's got legs and she knows how to use them". And truer statement were never true when it comes to redux model Jodie C.

    Adorable mousy brown hair cropped daintily around her jaw, drawing your attention to cheeky little dimples that smile nervously. From the tips of her pink toes you can follow her giraffe like legs all the way up the heavenly path between her thighs.

    Wearing a blessed tight denim skirt that stretched across her pale thighs to show you the sensational, throb evoking glimpse of her patterned g-string. With plenty of floor movement, the added down blouse teasers are enough to send you over the edge.

  • Sun 24th Oct 2010 Beck | Solo

    Hot blonde, naked in the corridor! Sounds like a kinky game of cluedo doesn't it?

    Well this is one situation you'd love to find yourself in; Beck's a sexy Australian rock chick that's definitely a good reason not to leave the house!

    Starting off in a fitted short blue dress, she slowly slips out it to reveal her stunning body and small lickable breasts.

  • Sat 23rd Oct 2010 Kelly M | Solo

    Kelly is gorgeous. She has a petite frame with awesome DD boobs. She is wearing a lovely and very tight fitting summer dress with an equally tight fitting bra. Kelly also has one those faces that you just get lost in and then after you have been staring too long you suddenly get shocked out of your dreamy trance. She is a stunner and as we get to know her as well, we also realise how nice and warm her personalty is too.

    If you had seen Kelly in the Fitball Girls shoot you might already know some of this already, but its so great getting to know her more personally and in much more detail in her debut solo.

    This video has a very relaxed and comfortable feel. I recommend you snuggle up to it and enjoy some tantalising sex chat and a simply beautiful girl from head to toe.

  • Sat 23rd Oct 2010 Lauren A | Intimate Moments

    Lauren is feeling it! Every touch of her skin, each circle on her clit, her hands grabbing her breasts... Send her further, deeper into unimaginable pleasure.

    She closes her eyes and her tousled hair falls across her face, she rides her hand as a body quivery orgasm slams through her. It will blow you away!

  • Fri 22nd Oct 2010 Kelly M | Solo

    Kelly is hot. And in this stills set you can see a long list of reasons why! I think you probably have to start that list with her beautiful, youthful and pretty face. Then you move down along her smooth lightly tanned skin and find her double D sized boobs sitting firmly next on the list. Its also awesome how she has big areola's too.

    And as she moves around in her tight summer dress showing off her flexibility and dexterity you get some sneaky pics with an upskirt bonus that would stop traffic dead. Her petite frame also features a firm but round bum. I am not quite sure how this all happened to such a slender lady, but whoever was responsible for creating such a beauty needs to be commended on their work.

    She has so much fun in her stills, smiling as she moves her fantastic body around. You get some really naturally images that show off all of what is a huge list of features this girl possesses in spades.

  • Thu 21st Oct 2010 Chanise & Viola | Girl-Girl

    Chanise laps up Viola's huge boobs and large nipples, sucking and biting as they burst of out her tight bra. This video is passionate in every touch, kiss, breath on the neck and suck on the toe. These girls aren't into romance, they are very sexual attracted to each other and are both in one of those urgent and needy moods, desperate to fulfill their desires and nothing is going to get in their way.

    Both chicks are hairy, top to bottom, hairy armpits, hairy pussy and Chanise sports a good set of dreads. These natural busty girls are sensational match and it very arousing watching all the oral sex as these girls go down and burry their faces in each others bushes, moving their head to increase the power of their to tongues as they drive furiously towards orgasm heaven.

    This video features passionate unrestrained sex that is expressed in the rawest, realist and dirtiest way these two chicks know how.

  • Thu 21st Oct 2010 Carly T | Solo

    If you've heard good things about Carly then now is the time to become acquainted and if you know her already, it's time to enjoy another sexy video from one of the most self-aware gals out there!

    Every movement she makes is filled with sensuality and it's obvious how much she enjoys feeling her hands run over her skin.

    Carly is a sexual dynamo!

  • Thu 21st Oct 2010 Jaiden | Intimate Moments

    Jaiden looks delightful in her matching red lingerie. The best thing is that the lingerie matches the hair and bush colour too. Awesome!

    Her fit body looks great as the afternoon light drapes across her as she gently caressing her body while laying on her bed.

    She then yearns for a more intimate touch, removes her clothes and uses a range of techniques to bring herself right to the peak... and then over the edge.

  • Wed 20th Oct 2010 Carly T | Solo

    Looking delightfully sleepy, with sexy bed hair and cute girly pyjamas on, Carly T rolls around her bed first thing in the morning, looking suspiciously like she may be trying to stop you heading off to work! She peels her clothes off seductively, revealing slowly but surely more and more of her slim, natural body.

    It'd be hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with Carly around.

  • Wed 20th Oct 2010 Chanise & Viola | Girl-Girl

    Raw and down right dirty. There isn't any frills or pretty words exchanged. Just powerful looks filled with sexual innuendo of the naughty kind. This buxom combination of Chanise, the big breasted hippy styling vixen and her equally well embowered dark haired, pale skinned sex siren Viola release all of their sexual tension in one massive explosion of hardcore sex.

    Both girls possess huge boobs that burst from their slightly too small bras and into the hands of their partner ready and willing to lick and suck every inch of them. But these girls are too horny to wait too long with needless foreplay. They jump straight in and Chanise buries her face in Viola's rampant full bush. She fingers her and clearly things are progressing too fast for Viola. Not wanting to come to soon, she turns the focus to Chanise, pushing her back onto the chair, ripping her tights off, leaving just Viola left with her long white tights on and she inserts two fingers into Chanise's pussy. When she pulls them out the wetness is dripping off her fingers.

    This image set is a sex fest, filled with all of the best moves these two horny busty babes can think of in their passionate heat of the moment session of not stop action.

  • Wed 20th Oct 2010 Elisabeta | Solo

    Get to know Elisabeta. A fun, cute new model with a dark little secret. Deep brown eyes, small breasts and raven black hair.

    From ballet to bondage, Elisabeta is a mysterious beauty well worth the time.

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  • Tue 19th Oct 2010 Joannie | Solo

    Joannie is set against the Aussie bush in this return to AW. This supple bodied blonde looks great in the outback as she sensually strips. This teasing video explores every single inch of Joannie's wonderful frame in the hot Australian sun.

  • Mon 18th Oct 2010 Giselle & Katherine F | Intimate Moments

    Giselle & Katherine are fresh faced, horny delights! For those that aren't familiar I highly recommend spending some time checking out their other shoots! But for today treat yourself to some pyjama clad action from both these luscious hotties.

    Smooth skin and small, pert breasts abound they rub themselves with deft hands, Katherine sneaking a glance or two at Giselle as she quivers and tenses in the throes of rising orgasmic pleasure. Coming in sync they bask, completely satiated, in the blissful afterglow.

  • Sun 17th Oct 2010 Darina | Intimate Moments

    Darina's nervousness quickly gives way to a desire to please herself and her natural sexiness pours out of every tasty inch she has to offer.

    If you catch a glimpse of a reflection in Darina's glasses and you think you know what she's up to then you're probably right! Lying on the couch she has her laptop open and is keeping an eye on some sexy scenes that she knows are sure to send her over the edge into a rushing climax.

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  • Sat 16th Oct 2010 Marina M | Solo

    Marina is a 21 year old Romanian girl with a very confident sexual presence. In her first time experience on camera with she is not the slightest bit inhibited. If you like a girl that can take charge of you, seduce you, be in control, dominate you and best of all satisfy your every need and come up with a few that you didn't even think of yourself then Marina is your ideal girl.

    She is as flexible as an Olympic gymnast. And she is not afraid to demonstrate it either, comfortably putting her legs behind her head in what videographer Michelle described as the "pretzel" position.

    Marina is blonde, with a slender body and what she described as her favourite part of herself, which you cannot miss: her finely cut bum.

    This video is full of surprises too, including a section where Marina becomes a videographer, pantie sniffing and wide range of insertions and masturbating ensure Marina will be the word you whisper as you fall asleep contented tonight.

  • Sat 16th Oct 2010 Tegan | Intimate Moments

    Teagan is extremely horny. Her eyes are fixated on her pussy as she gently teases herself with her fingers. She gasps with pleasure, as she is all to familiar with the orgasm waiting for her, edging closer and closer with each precise and gentle touch.

    First her undies come off, then her top and finally her large full boobs are revealed as she removes her purple bra. Using both hands, one to separate her lips and the other to work her clit, Teagan masturbates with speed and control.

    Only pausing to lick her fingers. I love how her boobs squish between her arms and jiggle as she works her clit. Not even the nearby builder going nuts with the circular saw interrupts Tegan, she is determined and committed and boy isn't there a pot of gold at the end for everyone!

  • Fri 15th Oct 2010 Marina M | Solo

    Ever been walking along the street and caught eye with a stranger? And by some stroke of luck, that very stranger smiles back! You're mind spirals into a whirl wind of what could be, but probably won't be.

    Your fantasies start manifesting wildly in your mind as you picture the beautiful stranger in many delicious positions under your admiring eye. She bends suggestively, teasing to an almost blissful torture, and then wraps you into an intimate viewing of her every delicate inch. Well what if I told you that could be your reality.

    A reality you will fall deep into in this set of new model Marina. Blonde, svelte, generously sexual and the answer to that fantasy you have pined over every time you catch eyes with that girl on the street...

  • Thu 14th Oct 2010 Jorja | Solo

    Jorja is cute, funny and has a killer body. She tells us of losing her virginity at 16 with her boyfriend, how much it hurt, but also how romantic the whole experience was with candles, rugs and flowers on the bed.

    Jorja also has a beautiful sharp featured face with short hair and dark mesmerising eyes. She is a stylish chick that is very well maintained, not short on accessories and sporting a freshly shaved box, Jorja is divine. She writhes and rolls around on her bed, rubbing her hands delicately all over her body.

  • Thu 14th Oct 2010 Laria & Satine | Girl-Girl

    The buxom Laria has a confident sexual presence. She flirts openly with Satine at the start of their sensual girl girl video. She asks to try on her shirt. Satine is a strawberry blonde British babe, with a similarly womanly frame and pale skin. She obliges and takes of her shirt for Laria.

    Satine is cute and shy, clearly she is smitten with Laria but is unsure how to make the first move and satisfy their bubbling urges. The tension is very arousing as these two girls gently run their fingers across each others skin. Exploring and caressing and soon de-robe their partner. Then they consummate their affair with a much anticipated kiss. This video features some of the softest, most sensual and passionate kissing ever seen before.

    When the attention starts to head south it is revealed both girls have blossoming full bushes and they both demonstrate a keen desire to plant their faces deep inside and give their lucky partner all the pleasure they can muster.

    This girl girl is romantic, real and has all the hard-core ingredients too, featuring heaps of oral sex that does test the durability of the antique couch were all the action takes place.

  • Thu 14th Oct 2010 Nicole D | Intimate Moments

    Face down on her bed, Nicole lifts her dress up to reveal fire red panties and delicious round booty tucked inside them.

    She skims her hands along her body... over her full breasts, over her waist and across her butt... Sliding her knickers off, she sucks on her fingers and jams a hand between her legs, her butt clenching as she trusts and gyrates. Quivering and breathing heavily her body explodes with desire!

  • Wed 13th Oct 2010 Jorja | Solo

    Skin is possibly one of the most stimulating parts of a woman's body for me! Watching the light wrap around her curves, and up inside her thighs when they part is like heaven on a stick and a throb in my pants for me. Jorja shown here, shares with us her second shoot that she did with abbywinters.

    Her caramel skin picks up the daylight through window, letting us see every rise and fall that her sweet body has to offer. With tunnel vision, she stares down the camera asking you to keep all eyes on her. A bed laced in lush faux fur, this playpen of fabrics allow her to melt into the bed and uncover her delectable skin one layer at a time.

    Her pert breasts brush against the quilting around her and as she sits up, her stiffened nipples crease and bud so that you see every crevasse perfectly. Keep an eye out for that rare Jorja smile, that will burst through unexpectedly, like a charge to your heart.

  • Wed 13th Oct 2010 Laria & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Like something that could've been pulled out of a period piece, this erotic girl-girl is subtle yet suggestive, modest yet magnetic and gentle yet gritty in rawness.

    Set on a vintage velvet chaise, brown haired Laria with a face full of freckles, and blonde bombshell Satine with pale skin as milky as snow, show us what it is truly like in the first encounters of sex in a new arena.

    Newly introduced to the bliss's of girl-girl exploration, these two fresh faced youths find wide eyed excitement in discovering every delicious inch of each other. Letting moist tongues lick through hair covered mounds, these natural goddesses love to watch their partner moan in bit lip enjoyment.

    Hurried undressing, nipples that kiss, and a plethora of tasty tongue and finger penetrations mean this girl-girl hardcore shoot is a must see.

  • Wed 13th Oct 2010 Gretchen | Solo

    Welcome to Amsterdam abbywinters.com! And welcome Gretchen to abbywinters.com for the first and innagrual shoot at the new AW HQ. Its pretty obvious why we chose Europe after you take a look at the beautiful Gretchen. This long blonde haired German lass, has a innocent and smart look with her reading glasses and library girl aura. But you only have to scratch the surface to feel the sexual power of Gretchen bursting to get out and thrive in all its splendor.

    Gretchen writes a letter to a partner she is pining for. She dictates the letter to you as she undresses. "If you were here I definitely would love it if you licked my pussy, soft first and then harder, sucking and licking to make me so wet." Gretchen reveals her smooth, tanned body taking off her purple tights elegantly to reveal a magnificent, slender body with a full bush. Featuring a buffet of rhythmic insertions as Gretchen builds slowly but powerfully towards her orgasm. And not even a knock at the door or a peeping tom is going to stop her! This shoot is mouthwatering, direct, real and very arousing.

  • Tue 12th Oct 2010 Gretchen | Solo

    I know some members have had some lingering nerves and reservations as to what this move to Amsterdam might do to the caliber of natural young women we have here on the site...but oh my word...do we have a treat for you. Exploding on to the screen today is our very first, very sensuous and VERY provocative solo shoot by our darling newbie Gretchen.

    The German folk had a good day when this exquisite being was created. When Gretchen mentioned she had a lover abroad who she missed terribly, we jumped on the opportunity to connect the lovers in a sexual experimentation. A saucy hand written letter describing every detail of her shyly spoken sexual desires. But this blonde shy flower does not stay closed for very long. Her budding sexuality evolves fervidly before your wide eyes, until the freedom of her delicious exploration is almost too much to bare.

    Peering daringly over dainty glasses, a book worm this lady is not. The appetite in which her fluffy laced lips devours her sleek glass dildo, will demand your attention and send you into a deep fluster.

  • Tue 12th Oct 2010 Joanna M | Solo

    Joanna is studying creative arts and drama because she is "a massive attention seeker". Well I have no doubt this video will create a huge amount of attention. And for all the right reasons. Joanna is beautiful, innocent and youthful. Her dark hair looks great against her milky white smooth skin.

    We get to know her personality really well as she describes relationships, first dates, her inner feelings and desires. But pretty soon the tone shifts to a more serious note and Joanna shows she has a very seductive side too. Parading her body around like a lioness in her cage. It is this rare dichotomy of innocence and sexual prowess that Joanna possesses in spades that will leave you breathless, baited and blown-away.

  • Mon 11th Oct 2010 Khloe & Tinsley | Intimate Moments

    You know when your with a girl. And you can feel the overwhelming desire from her and you just know you are going to kiss. But instead of kissing, you enjoy basking in the sexual charged moments, teasing one another every way imaginable.

    Well that is exactly how Khloe & Tinsley begin and end their double intimate moments masturbation video. The flirting and furtive looks are strong as the red haired Tinsely enjoys every bit of British Khloe's sexual charged gestures. Compliments flow, delicate touches, removals of clothes, slightly nervous talking and laughing, a cheeky bum spank, a boob caress and then intertwined masturbation complete a thrilling and sexual charged orgasm explosion.

  • Mon 11th Oct 2010 Zilly | Solo

    Zilly is a 21 year old social worker with a cute smile and a keen interest in erotica. She has as videographer Michelle describes "massive boobs" and Zilly confirms they are in fact size 12 F!

    This busty babe is full of energy, sexy stories and knows how to be seductive without even trying. She lifts her skirt up and swings around giving us the slightest hint at the beautiful full bush that lies beneath. Once exposed, Zilly touches and plays with her pink pussy lips, giving us a look with that adorable face that makes you weak an the knees.

  • Sun 10th Oct 2010 Laria | Intimate Moments

    The pleasure is written all over Laria's face from the moment this video starts... As she touches herself, following her hands with her eyes she's lost in the moment...

    Her dress pulls down over her bust with the gentle movement of body, the sounds of her hands running across fabric and her soft skin make you feel as if you could reach out and touch her... And it only gets better from there!

    Join Laria on her blissful journey of self discovery!

  • Sun 10th Oct 2010 Joanna M | Solo

    Joanna is the kind of girl you might miss the true and rare beauty of initially. She is shy and unassuming in her manner. But if you paid attention you would notice some very beautiful and striking things about this very gorgeous girl. And if you didn't notice soon enough, Joanna would be swamped by all the boys and you missed you opportunity. So guys stand up and pay close attention to every single pixel and don't miss any of the wonders of Joanna.

    Pale white milky soft smooth skin, short dark hair, round bum, pert boobs, neat bush, a seductive allure and a smile with luscious lips that would melt even the iciest of glaziers.

  • Sun 10th Oct 2010 Zilly | Solo

    When Zilly smiles at you. You can't help smiling back or perhaps getting a bit nervous and flushed. She is a confident, cute and buxom dark haired babe. With huge boobs and a naturally sexy aura, she looks beautiful in her summer dress.

    Playing with it as we get sneaky views up her dress in this hot image set featuring extra large pics for your viewing pleasure. And its evident when looking in closer detail that her full bush has sprouted to awesome proportions as it squeezes outside her undies. Just mentioning the word squeezing and Zilly though, will draw your attention straight to her huge boobs, as they squish into her see through bra and look like two wonders of the world. But its also Zilly's dark hair and eyes that are striking features, complimented with her naturally seductive and cute demeanor, Zilly is very good times.

  • Sat 09th Oct 2010 Laura P | Intimate Moments

    We all know that sometimes a quickie hits all the right spots and Laura P is testament to this in her latest Intimate Moments shoot.

    With her skirt tangled up around her waist, her hand slides firmly against her silky purple panties her wet pussy beneath creating a tasty wet spot on the outside. Her hand slides down them, the fabric hiding nothing of what she's up to below. Then they come off and she uses both hands to bring on a full body orgasm that seems to last minutes!

  • Sat 09th Oct 2010 Jaiden | Solo

    Jaiden is an adorable red head. She has braces and a very cute demeanor. This slender fit bodied girl is full of exciting stories of her sexual exploits which are as exciting as they extensive as she reveals all in this sexy introduction to abbywinters.com

    Sporting matching fire red undies, freckles accompanying her pale white skin Jaiden is as cute as can be.

    She is excited and undresses all out of order. Revealing and touching her supple pussy whilst still having her top and bra still on. Very sexy stuff!

  • Fri 08th Oct 2010 Jaiden | Solo

    Jaiden is one of those girls in high school that sat quietly in the corner, tapping her toes, twirling her pencil and giving you shy glances out of the corner of her eye with a secret look that said 'ask and I might tell you'. With a flirty yet reserved appeal, this natural redhead has more than just her fiery locks to keep your eyes locked to the screen. Freckled face, youthful narrow hips supporting a svelte perky breasted torso, she climbs about the living room furniture in a display that is not unlike a playful kitten.

    Her bud like pink nipples change shape as she reveals her bare skin. And the bare skin is a trend on this gorgeous young woman, a perfectly shaved, petite pussy to complete the appetizing picture. If red hair, milky skin, shaved pussy and pert breasts weren't enough to pull you undone at the seams... this new abbywinters model even sports a silver grin with the ever so rare braces. Watch carefully for her fleeting smiles spotted all the way through today's set.

  • Thu 07th Oct 2010 Katia & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    Non stop sex. You won't only be aroused and satisfied after this girl girl, you'll be exhausted. Katia & Tamra are insatiable, they waste little time beginning and barely give themselves time to catch their breath throughout this marathon session of sex.

    There chemistry is obvious and they stop at nothing to give each other unrelenting pleasure every way imaginable

  • Thu 07th Oct 2010 Naida | Intimate Moments

    Her long, lean figure could not be captured more ideally than this! A touch of self exploration while standing!

    Pressed up against a wall, Naida's confident, unabashed nature come together perfectly with her punkish attire, embellished body and shock of brightly coloured hair as grabs and rubs her pussy until it's dripping wet and her body and face twist in pleasured delight.

  • Wed 06th Oct 2010 Nikita | Solo

    Nikita is a buxom British chick travelling through Australia. She joins abbywinters.com for the first time and throws herself straight into the deep end. Stacked with DD boobs, dark curly hair and a striking face, Nikita is hot.

    She divulges intimate stories about her sexuality, fantasies and masturbation patterns. Explaining that her main inspiration for masturbating is an experience she had with a girlfriend. Hot! She also goes into detail describing her technique and frequency. Then she gives us a full and complete demonstration.

  • Wed 06th Oct 2010 Katia & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    The sensual side of these two beauties comes out for their latest shoot. Tamra reciting DH Larence poetry to Katia in the bedroom sets the scene; it follows with a glance, a smile, then soft lips burning with desire meet and their bodies rush for more.

    They hold each other close, feeling the warmth grow between their legs, until they can't hold back and their tongues begin to lick and explore swollen clits.

  • Tue 05th Oct 2010 Melissa R | Solo

    You might remember Melissa from the awesome step aerobics girls shoot. If you haven't seen it, you should right now... it's a must see!

    And in this return solo video Melissa parades around her living room slowly undressing and revealing her curvy body with seduction and style.

  • Tue 05th Oct 2010 Nikita | Solo

    Nikita makes her debut to the abbywinters community today in what is a introduction to remember. This set reminds me of what it might be like to be a guy, and have your sisters best friend sneak into your room. Only to find remnants of her being there, when you return home.

    In her own style of racy exploration, Nikita takes advantage of the absence of a young guy, and indulges in the pleasures of what it is to be a young girl. Cheekily strolling around his room, in all her naked beauty. Feeling the texture of different textures on her bare skin barely touched by the sun.

    Lacing blue sheets with the aromatic scent of her hair covered pussy, she reclines and arches until her fingertips reach deeper inside her heated nook. If only we could be a fly on the wall the next time a seductive, curly haired, brunette decided to find sexual refuge in amongst our sheets.

  • Mon 04th Oct 2010 Gem & Laine | Intimate Moments

    Two blonde bombshells, Gem and Laine are in their own little worlds for their Intimate Moments shoot but both worlds appear equally as much fun!

    Watch as they attentively rub and caress themselves through their clothing, rocking slowly with each touch of the hand and filling with lust as tingles start to run through their bodies. Panties come off and fingers plunge inside as the juices start to flow... Laine whispers "I'm coming" to Gem when the moment arrives.

  • Mon 04th Oct 2010 Riley | Solo

    Riley has an immaculate body. It's tanned, toned and simply svelte. In this debut solo video she finds hand written instructions all over her bedroom.

    These exciting, surprised filled notes were compiled by someone who knew what they were doing. We get to see Riley involved in some explicit yoga/sex positions and engage in hot fingering.

    My favourites are the two hands style and the position where Riley is on her front reaching around and thrusting.

  • Sun 03rd Oct 2010 Nicolette | Intimate Moments

    Nicolette sits peacefully on her couch. She listens to the birds chirping and relaxes in her tranquil surroundings. But as she gently caresses her smooth skin and brushes up against the outside of her panties, we get an excited look from Nicolette as she imagines the pleasure not too far away. She takes off her top first, then her short denim skirt and sticks her hand underneath her panties, masturbating slowly, teasing herself as she knows with familiarity this terrain and the pleasure getting closer and closer.

    Next her bra comes off revealing a superb set of breasts that complete an amazing figure on this stunning and petite brunette. Then it's off with the knickers and one leg over the arm of the couch and a mixture of one and two handed masturbation that brings about a quick release of full body pleasure. And you can watch Nicolette bask in the afterglow as she seems very pleased with herself, although I'm sure there will be a few people even more pleased ;)

  • Sun 03rd Oct 2010 Melissa R | Solo

    Melissa looks splendid in this rousing image set. Strong blue eyes, brown hair and milky white smooth skin are just a few of a long list of why this set is awesome.

    Check out a few of the cheeky posses as Mielissa gets down and dirty in her living room.

  • Sun 03rd Oct 2010 Riley | Solo

    In her AW debut Canadian cutie Riley uncovers a set of cheeky, hand written instructions that she's more than happy to follow.

    After slipping out of some tight denim shorts she shows us her pert little butt, chocolate coloured nipples and her very best yoga moves...

    Riley is flexible and works her tanned, toned body into a variety of positions before sinking two fingers deep within her dusky pink pussy. Absolutely delicious!

  • Sat 02nd Oct 2010 Alicia K | Intimate Moments

    Stretched out serenely on the sofa, laying on her front and shot in nice and tight Alicia is back to show you another way she likes to pleasure herself.

    Her tiny, toned frame is a delight to watch as she wriggles out of her clothes and slowly tenses and writhes in the beginnings of the bliss yet to come. With every movement you can see her muscles tense and then as her orgasm comes on, her concentration is abandoned and she loses herself in the moment.

  • Sat 02nd Oct 2010 Eden | Solo

    Cute, blonde hot, sexy and smart. If I only had five words to describe Eden those would be them. But there is a whole lot more to Eden than that. She will engage you, teases you, tell you intimate stories, reveal a hot body, masturbate, suck her fingers- then inserts them inside her repeatedly and moan with delight as she works around her neat bush. Basically, Eden does it all and in a way that is very unique, cute and classy.

    This debut solo video is 24 minutes of pure bliss. She explains how she finds it easier to orgasm in a bath, recounting her intimate moments experience where she came twice and the fist time, in only 3 minutes! That video is also a must see, but be prepared is my advice. Eden might come really quickly, but after watching this so will you. ;)

  • Fri 01st Oct 2010 Eden | Solo

    Have you ever been talking with a girl, and in a moment of sex personified, she looks up at you with eyes that could drop you to your knees in an instant? That is the power of this blonde bombshell Eden. Tulip lips that curl in way that make you gulp hard.

    Blue eyes that plead you to touch her. And the feminine curve of a young girl freshly tip toeing into womanhood! This is an unaltered, extremely rare stills set full of pure, real masturbation. Not often caught in as much texture as this, this set gives you over 350 images of freeze frame self pleasure ecstasy. To let you really indulge in the journey to a woman's orgasm!

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