• Fri 31st Oct 2008 Anastasia | Intimate Moments

    Pint sized Anastasia is spending the afternoon with herself. She's in the mood for lots of self love but she takes her time undressing, treating her body to lots of loving caresses first. When she finally spreads her legs and starts to tickle her clit in a steady, even rhythm, her breath quickens and she starts to gasp with pleasure.

    A slow and steady masturbation video, totally real and for herself....

  • Fri 31st Oct 2008 Anneke | Solo

    Anneke is easily one of the sexiest models on the site. Not just in body parts (which are fantastic), but with her whole personality. And she does have some of the best tits around - check out those close-ups. Anneke puts a blanket down, climbs into the old trailer, and spreads her legs. She spreads her lips too for a fine look at her clit.

  • Fri 31st Oct 2008 Ball Pit Girls | Solo

    What a hot looking group of cuties the Ball Pit Girls are. They all leap into the ball pit and pull the pants and tops off of each other. Next to come off are their white undies then it's arses galore - a veritable sea of tits and arse.

    This is probably your best opportunity to say that you saw these girls get balled.

    Extra-Large images have now been added for a very high-rez look at the models.

  • Thu 30th Oct 2008 Backstage 224 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 224 is just the latest in a long history of great backstage sets. It offers as always, a mix of staff and models doing their thing in what is usually kept from the public, but you are offered an insiders view. Some of the images are very sexy, some are insightful, and some are just fun. Enjoy!

  • Thu 30th Oct 2008 Chloe B | Solo

    Everyone's favourite red-headed devil angel Chloe B is back in front of the camera again! Her video today charts her experimentation with a new kind of sex toy- the rabbit! It was kindly donated by a member, check out our dildo drive page here...anyway Chloe releases her wonderfully natural boobs and slips daintily out of her cute polka dot knickers so she can put that multi-speed pleasure-giver to good use.

    She uses it in heaps of interesting positions and gives her pussy a firm workout til she explodes in TWO red-faced, super-loud orgasms!

  • Thu 30th Oct 2008 Chloe B | Solo

    Looking all soft and warm and cuddly, Chloe B slips out of her bra, jeans, and undies to reveal her red-haired pubic mound. She spreads the lips of her pussy and lets you get a really good look. Chloe has a surprise, a large and fancy vibrator. Thanks to GG for donating it to the Dildo Drive. She takes an immediate liking to it, and if you'd like to see her cum with it, watch for her videos coming up very soon.

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Freya | Intimate Moments

    Elfin Freya is a pleasure to watch. Her long flowing red hair piles around her fair skinned shoulders...shoulders that quickly become bare and exposed...

    Her bra off, she enjoys some nipple play- squeezing and twisting- enjoying the sensations. Her eyes close blissfully and her mouth opens in that glorious, silent "O" that will send you over the edge! My favourite part: I love the way her breasts wobble and bounce as she cums!

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Chloe B & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Frantic, feverish and fast paced- sex in a nightclub toilet is hard and fast. Chloe B & Fae share a stolen moment in the loo with passion erupting as soon as they're alone. They whisper hurried instructions between gasps and moans, each guiding their lover with a soft "faster, slower, harder, longer". Don't miss this screaming hot video!

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Melissa R | Solo

    Beautiful, porcelain skinned Melissa R shines in her very first time in front the abbywinters.com camera! Her New Zealand accent is super cute, as are her full breasts and high, pert bum...

    This is something new for her, but she was keen and proud of her body so she'd thought you'd like to see it! After slowly getting undressed and telling us a bit about herself, videographer Amber captures some sexy close-up shots of her gorgeous smile...among other naughty things!

  • Tue 28th Oct 2008 Chloe B & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Chloe B & Fae meet in a dark and moody bathroom stall and have sex right there. Chloe B rips Fae's red tights open at the crotch exposing Fae's hairy pussy. She fingers Fae and squeezes her tits making Fae squirm.

    There's something exciting about this illicit sex that not only makes the girls horny, but the viewers also. Fae eats Chloe out, then they both insert their fingers into both of their pussies and arseholes. The encounter is concluded with a kiss.

  • Tue 28th Oct 2008 Melissa R | Solo

    This blue-eyed temptress, Melissa R, awaits you to show off her lovely small breasts and creamy white skin. Her flat tummy smoothly flows down to her well-trimmed pussy with its enticing lips. If you like feet, Melissa R shows them off nicely, and if you're a tattoo-lover she has a pretty treble clef tattoo on her back.

  • Mon 27th Oct 2008 Amy J & Becky T | Intimate Moments

    The tender, ever-so-slightly awkward way two young girls experiment is so arousing to watch. Amy J & Becky T look a bit shy and nervously approach one another before really getting it on!

    Hands quickly slip down the front of their pants as the temperature rises. Totally alone these two explore one another's bodies, pressing, and caressing each newly discovered nook and curve with their fingertips. In the end they simply can't contain themselves, each having a deliciously satisfying, gasp-inducing orgasm.


  • Mon 27th Oct 2008 Kylee | Solo

    Kylee's back! Her incredibly sunny personality lights up the gloomiest of rooms and in today's shoot she's just bursting to tell you all about what she's been up to lately!

    In her front yard in the suburbs of Melbourne, Kylee giggles and laughs her way through her attempt to climb a tree. Watch out for some sexy up skirt shots! When her summery cotton dress finally comes off she smiles with pride at her large creamy breasts and cute little tight nipples...

  • Mon 27th Oct 2008 AnnaBelle Lee | Solo

    AnnaBelle Lee was a member of abbywinters.com, and loved it so much she contacted us wanting to be a model! Lured here from Los Angeles by model-turned-staffer Patience, she exploded onto our cameras with passion and zeal!

    She's eloquent, expressive and very sexually intelligent. Her video today is in two scintillating parts and she shows us how she's been blessed with the ability to orgasm clitorally, internally via g-spot and anally!

    An absolutely smoking young lady!

  • Sun 26th Oct 2008 Juanita | Intimate Moments

    Some fiery South American blood today with Juanita's sexy solo masturbation video. She strokes her lush caramel skin before getting on her knees for 13 minutes of blissful, natural, creamy fun!

    With her arse high in the air and her firm young breasts swinging freely with every thrust and shake, you should indulge yourself with some alone time with Juanita!

    ....don't forget to talk to her- she's been very active in our forums lately, so go chat to her!

  • Sun 26th Oct 2008 Kylee | Solo

    Kylee is teasing us by climbing up a tree in a dress. But she soon comes back down and undresses for us. A close-up side view of her breast is enough to make a person drool - it's that perfect. Finally, Kylee climbs up on a tire swing nude, then scampers up a ladder back into the tree still naked.

  • Sun 26th Oct 2008 AnnaBelle Lee | Solo

    All that beautiful, lovely hair. You can't see it in this photo, but AnnaBelle Lee has reddish hair that falls almost to her bum. She takes off her sexy silky undies and cheekily throws them at the camera, then she finds two sex toys to use - a vibrator and a butt plug. Thanks Flatspin and dirtysickal for the two toys that you donated to the Dildo Drive.

  • Sat 25th Oct 2008 Krystin | Intimate Moments

    Krystin is so picturesque in her lemon nightgown, resting her sweet head on the aqua back of her sofa before her hand snakes down into her pants....for some not-so-sweet fun...

    As she gets into position with her powerful clit vibe on max speed, her body quivers with uncontrollable pleasure. Her pale milky skin develops a sheen of sweat and her breathing gasps and chokes before she comes..

    She collapses in an exhausted, sweaty, very satisfied heap...and it's beautiful to watch!

  • Sat 25th Oct 2008 Larissa M | Solo

    Multitalented Larissa M is assembling her drum kit today and I'm sure you'll enjoy the way the camera roams over her tender young body as she concentrates on the task...

    After getting completely naked, she enjoys some two-finger insertions in all kinds of positions...she's naturally delicious!

  • Sat 25th Oct 2008 Blaire & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    19 year old super babe Cleo has flirted her arse off in a bid to get into sweet, innocent Blaire's pants. All her efforts paid off with this incredibly sexy, passion filled afternoon romp. Things start with some deep tongue kissing with hands roaming all over each other's bodies before dipping down into the wetness of their panties for some much needed stress relief!

    There's lots of fingering, licking and tribbing -that hot move where both their pussies grind together and their boobs jiggle soo invitingly... Make sure you talk to these two cute Aussies on our forums! They're both super keen to chat to new members!

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Meagan G | Intimate Moments

    Meagan G likes her sports car...I can tell because she moves from stroking it's sexy expensive panelling to stroking her full, sensitive breasts. Her mind wanders over the day's possibilities and she soon decides some alone time is in order...

    With her legs spread wide over the steering wheel and her increasingly urgent fingers freeing and cupping her breasts, the fingers on her other hand rub, press and pulsate their way to giving her an explosive, body shuddering, gasping orgasm that surely would have set off the car alarm!

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Larissa M | Solo

    With her red hair flying, Larissa M bangs away on her drums. She's without a doubt the sexiest drummer I've ever seen, in her panty hose, white underwear, and white bra. After the undies and hose come off, you'll get a close-up look between her legs at her pretty pink bits. Larissa slides her fingers up inside herself and brings out a good amount of girlcum stuck to her fingers. Then it's back to the drums for another session.

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Blaire & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    Tender loving is the name of the game here.

    Blaire & Cleo kiss passionately and hold hands. Cleo licks Blaire's pale nipples then Blaire goes for Cleo's dark nipples. They suck on each other's pink bits, then scissor each other in a beautiful act of tribadism.

    This Tier 3 girl-girl shoot is a match made in heaven.

  • Thu 23rd Oct 2008 Backstage 223 | Behind the scenes

    As always there are lots of interesting photos in Backstage 223. Jamie-Lee & Melita have a large grouping of nice photos, including one involving a bit of gymnastics. Susie was there that day and it's nice to see her again. Our photographers and videographers can be seen preparing the set, adjusting the light just right, and then shooting the final product. The models and staff have to lug all the heavy camera gear into the buildings, and you're right there to watch.

  • Thu 23rd Oct 2008 Kara-Lee | Nude in public

    Wowee! Kara-Lee is a standout in this VERY different solo video for abbywinters.com! She takes videographer Prue on a tour of Melbourne, flashing her perky young boobs and perfect arse- much to the pleased surprise of many a workman!

    She's incredibly confident and she's proud of her body! She gets a thrill from showing you sneaky peeks in public, (watch out for heads turning and strangers doing a double take!) before stopping in a little alcove to have a sexy little wank with a vibrator that looks deceptively like a mobile phone!

    Send in more cool vibrators and dildos to see a cute model like Kara-Lee have some knee-weakening fun thanks to you!

  • Thu 23rd Oct 2008 Nancy | Solo

    The girl in blue for today is Nancy - blue sweater, blue undies, and blue bra.

    She gets out of her underwear in a flash and lets you see her hairy pussy and medium sized breasts. Close-ups of her privates are no big deal. She lets you get right in there and have a gander, including at the girlcum that she pulls out with her vibrator.

    Thanks go to James for his generous contribution to the Dildo Drive.

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Agnes | Intimate Moments

    With a faint tummy rumble at the start, divine red-headed Agnes gets down to the business of self-love! Her freckled forearm traces patterns on her smooth lily white skin, her fingers thumbing at her panty line... She knows what to do...

    Some girls are really vigorous, with shuddering, earth quaking orgasms, and some like Agnes, are extremely subtle. Her hand pressed firmly to her pussy, her milky little bum wiggling only ever so slightly...she makes absolutely no noise at all!

    She does however, turn a brilliant shade of vermillion and the squelching from her pussy is such a turn on!

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Courtney B | Solo

    Courtney B is a little skater girl spunk! I remember she was extremely nervous but all she needed was a few encouraging nudges for her to strip off and show us her beautiful naked body!

    I loved the way she pulled down her boob-tube dress ever so slowly. The way they "plopped" out very satisfyingly showed their fullness and weight.

    Courtney is bubbly and has many varied interests so I'm sure you'll find something to love about her! Yummy!

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 Courtney B | Solo

    Courtney B is another girl-next-door with creamy pale skin and pretty eyes. She's nicely curvy and soft with breasts that are just the right size.

    Courtney is classic girl who will be lusted after by many subscribers.

    Why not join our Email Newsletter mailing list and get sample images of the week's models delivered right to your inbox. We absolutely will never share your email address with any third party.

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 Sienna | Intimate Moments

    This beautiful, almost 17 minute long video captures perfectly the soulful, sensual manner of Sienna. She's touching her body, caressing it, squeezing and rubbing just for herself, no-one else. She takes her time building her arousal and her need -by bringing herself soo close before pausing, taking off an item of clothing and only then starting to pleasure herself again...it must be torment for her...even harder to watch!

    By the time she's completely bare and natural, she's very close to heaven- one hand making vigorous circles on her clit, the other pushing just a finger tip quickly inside herself.

    She holds her breath, a sheen of sweat on her brow before an absolute explosion of orgasm arrests her entire body. One of the most powerful orgasms I've ever seen!

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 Beauty Girls | Girl-Girl

    Three girls, Cassie, Corelle, and Taysha , give each other a facial (no, not that kind, the beauty kind). The Beauty Girls smear goop on each other's face and manage to get it on their feet and legs too.

    As they beautify themselves, they undress and compare boobs and bodies. Lastly comes the nail polish and ta-da, now they're even more beautiful.

  • Mon 20th Oct 2008 Kiona & Lou-Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Sitting side-by-side, these two cuties Kiona & Lou-Ellyn instantly start rubbing themselves. Their fingers go back and forth over the aroused nub of their clits with ever increasing fervour- even before getting undressed!

    I love how in sync they are- they seem to be unaware of each other because their eyes are closed but they take off their knickers at practically the same time, then a second later they both suck their fingers before ... well, you know... and it's all 100% real!

    Make sure you indulge in some more sweetness from these two girls, Kiona's solo masturbation spied through a keyhole, or Lou-Ellyn's double trouble with sex pot Kiki!

  • Mon 20th Oct 2008 Carly T | Solo

    A Rooftop + a chilly winter morning and the incredibly sexy Carly T = goosebumps on your hard-on!

    Carly twists and shivers, shucking her clothes in favour of naked freedom. Her athletic, toned body is so svelte her muscles ripple with every shimmy. She has the most divine breasts, small but weighty. Pink, soft nipples that harden as she rubs them against the rough wool of her coat. And a delicious way of moving her body that is ...just...so...tantalizing....

    Hope you enjoy her little "rooftop rendezvous" as much I did!

  • Mon 20th Oct 2008 Ren | Solo

    Super spunky Ren's first time naked in front of a camera shows off her bright, bubbly personality. She names her slender collarbone as her most prized body part, but I happen to think her full, weighty breasts are mighty fine!

    She's got a fantastic sense of humour, and her cheeky wit will surely make you smile!

  • Sun 19th Oct 2008 Fae | Intimate Moments

    I enjoy some erotic literature as much as the next girl, and Fae's video today is typical of what happens when a horny girl delves further into the story....the skirt comes off, the shirt disappears (nipples rubbing on the sheets is always nice) and then a hand surreptitiously snakes down under the waistband of her knickers...

    She enjoys herself thoroughly before collapsing in an exhausted heap...you should try it!

  • Sun 19th Oct 2008 Carly T | Solo

    Up on the urban rooftop, in full view of the Melbourne office workers, Carly T undresses down to the bare skin. The act seems to make her horny, having prodigious girlcum, even though she's obviously cold.

    Carly has been in a good number of other shoots such as Book Shop Girls, Wrestling Girls and the double Intimate Moments video with Anastasia.

  • Sun 19th Oct 2008 Ren | Solo

    Ren, a frequent poster on our forums has finally had the time for her first Solo shoot to come up on the site. She has fine-looking large breasts and a deliciously hairy pussy. Ren doesn't mind showing you finger insertions at all. Her Dressing Room photos can be found on the same page as her Solo set.

  • Sat 18th Oct 2008 Tash | Intimate Moments

    Tash is alone with herself, undisturbed and unhurried. She takes this special, private moment in time to explore her sexual urges, moistening a finger to rub an erect nipple on her sizable, highly squeezable breasts. Loving the sensation and extra stimulation, her hands can't wait to dip down lower to her sweet spot.

    I love the way she opens herself up- it's so easy to see her index finger hard and fast on her engorged clitoris, the speed, the exact angle and pressure needed to bring on a blissful release...very educational!

    This is a special Intimate Moment with two camera angles giving you a crisp, moist close-up of her juicy pussy!

  • Sat 18th Oct 2008 Katia | Solo

    You might remember this vivacious green-eyed red head from Florist Girls where some simple bouquet arranging turned into a passionate make out session! Well this is her very first solo video so you get to know her body a bit more intimately...

    Her ginger curls and freckle-smattered cheeks are incredibly beautiful, and perfectly match the hue of her natural pubic hair. Katia giggles nervously as she slowly undresses, gradually getting more relaxed and letting her natural confidence shine through!

  • Sat 18th Oct 2008 Cleo & Zora | Girl-Girl

    Cleo & Zora kiss and caress, perving on each other, their hands down their pants, desire in the eyes....but something's holding them back. It soon becomes clear this was MEANT to be just a double masturbation video- no oral sex allowed (wah!) But there are some times when your own fingers just can't satisfy like a strong, wet tongue deep inside a needy pussy!

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Dom | Intimate Moments

    I'm in love with Dom! The raw sexuality of this girl is so intense she'll melt your screen!

    Her piercing eyes that dare you to come closer, her roaming, grabbing hands that tear at the buttons of her shirt. She's clearly aroused by the camera, the knowledge you'll be watching her and drinking her in is too exciting for her...

    I was seduced by her, mesmerised by her licked finger darting inside herself and the gasping sighs of pleasure escaping her rosebud lips. She comes on her knees, letting you see her beautiful arse buck before turning over to tease you some more with her moans...

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Emm | Solo

    This video is kinda a bit "backstage-y", you can see photographer Toby snapping away as the sun sets, capturing Emm and her pussy "Peaches" in all her naked glory! This Texan goddess is super confident and happy with her body, and says modelling in the Australian bush was one of the most liberating experiences she's ever had!

    Enjoy this interesting backstage sort of video which is Emm's 2nd solo and don't forget to see her first solo video shot earlier the same day!

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Cleo & Zora | Girl-Girl

    As ethereal light pours down upon Cleo & Zora from above, they kiss and touch each other's breasts gently.

    Cleo's dark nipples contrast nicely with Zora's pink ones. Zora's body art will be an instant hit with some of our membership. Cleo's full lips, and stunning beautiful eyes and hair make her one of my personal favourites on the site.

  • Thu 16th Oct 2008 Backstage 222 | Behind the scenes

    Welcome to Backstage 222 and this week's instalment of behind the scenes images from abbywinters.com. As always we have an assortment of images of our models and staff being photographed while they work. Often they seem to be having a fun time at it too. Whether out in the woods, in the bedroom, in the street, or waiting in the car, our Backstage cameras are there and ready the capture all of the sexy and interesting moments.

  • Thu 16th Oct 2008 Katia | Solo

    Mmmm, a see-through sheer top and prominent nipples; I'm loving it!

    This red-haired (above and below) goddess is sure to break a lot of hearts. Katia seemed a little shy at first, but warmed up to the whole camera thing very quickly. Her ginger pubes and meaty lips are a lovely sight for a new model.

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Blaire & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Keilyn's very first girlgirl moment! She's dominant in the bedroom and Blaire doesn't seem to mind one little bit! Keilyn quickly jumps on top, planting tender kisses all down her lovers neck...breasts....belly.....and arse before sucking her pussy through her little grey shortie shorts.

    There's lots of passionate kissing, hungry squeezing, fervid grinding and deep, wet licking! Hot!

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Gabriela | Solo

    Gabriela's Greek heritage has given her lush, thick dark curls, large soulful eyes and a pint-sized but deliciously curvaceous body. She quickly slips down the straps on her camisole, but hides her nipples, teasing and making you wait for a glimpse...

    Her huge white bed is the perfect setting to show off her body. Her small hands glide over soft skin, down to her tummy and then between her legs.

    Pulling her pussy lips open she reveals the wet, pale pink sweetness deep inside. Yummy!

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Emm | Solo

    Sharing her mountain-side retreat with us, Emm sits on a rope swing and enjoys the day. She seems to have forgotten her undies today which is a good thing when looking at a pretty girl on a swing. The view from the rear of the swing is quite nice too, since Emm's round arse hangs sexily out the back. Be sure to take a good look at her protruding little clit as Emm spreads her lips for all to see.

  • Tue 14th Oct 2008 Amy J | Intimate Moments

    Amy J is bent over the dinner table and feeling VERY horny. Her hands have somehow slipped down the front of her shorts and are doing something so good her face is rapidly turning pink. Amy's smooth, perfectly rounded creamy white arse wobbles nicely as her fingers insert into her wet little pussy from behind.

    She bucks and thrusts against the pressure on her clit until she finally gasps with a climax and a satisfied sigh...

  • Tue 14th Oct 2008 Sue | Solo

    Returning after 4 years (!) Sue is back in front of the abbywinters.com cameras for more naked fun! This time around she's wearing the cutest little blue tank top and tini tiny shorts, leaving her toned, smooth stomach gloriously bare. She reveals why she likes sun baking topless, swimming naked and how it lead to her first time sex with a girl in the sand...

    My favourite part: Her pubic hair is thick and curly and she loves running her fingers through it when she thinks no one's looking!

  • Tue 14th Oct 2008 Gabriela | Solo

    Gabriela's shiny hair and sparkling eyes are set off well by the gold foil wallpaper. She has nice-sized breasts and a luxuriously hairy pussy. Gabriela will spread her pink lips for you and expose her pretty inner labia.

    She looks like a nice everyday girl who I'd certainly like to meet.

  • Mon 13th Oct 2008 Caitlyn Y & Daria | Intimate Moments

    Set in the beautiful countryside, these two talkative Aussie chicks instantly bond and then start undressing each other! Luckily our cameras were set at the perfect angle to catch their hands rubbing feverishly and their beautiful gasping moans! Teehee~

    Caitlyn Y & Daria chatter non-stop as they rub their pussies, linking legs and arms they get more aroused... moans get louder and bodies shake uncontrollably- Daria's heavy breasts bouncing enjoyably!

    Spoil yourself with this super hot double masturbation video!

  • Mon 13th Oct 2008 Blaire & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Blaire & Keilyn seem to be quite enamoured with each other's bodies, searching out and licking every nook and crevice.

    They begin with tongue kissing and venture out into the licking of nipples and of warm, moist pussies. Anal play is not out of reach for these two and they softly participate in it. Keilyn's pink bits and Blaire's clit ring both get lots of attention.

  • Mon 13th Oct 2008 Keilyn | Solo

    Get to know spectacular new model Keilyn in her very first ever nude shoot! She's 19 and really down to earth- loves old school rock and roll music...naming Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and Elvis among her tops!

    Her sweetness is intoxicating. As she takes off her bumble-bee printed panties, she reveals her protruding labia nestled in a thatch of soft brown pubic hair...yum!

  • Sun 12th Oct 2008 Daria | Intimate Moments

    Daria's feeling like a real girly girl today. She nestles into her hot pink pillows and prepares for a steamy session of self love by slowly getting undressed and stroking her tender young body. Wearing matching orange bra and panties, she strokes her glossy brown hair with one hand as the fingers on her other work their way down, slipping under the elastic of her panties.

    With a great view of her smooth white breasts jiggling and her face wincing as she gets closer, you and Daria will surely come together!

  • Sun 12th Oct 2008 Sue | Solo

    Take off your top, Sue, and now your undies. We're all friends here...right?

    This redux shoot is Sue's fourth solo set on the site. Popular girl, huh? Maybe it's the nice hairy bush and the way she spreads her lips so that you can see really well. Dressing Room photos and Extra-Large photos are all a part of today's still set.

  • Sun 12th Oct 2008 Keilyn | Solo

    The most striking things about Keilyn are her eyes and her hair. They're simply lovely.

    Keilyn models in a bright house, which shows off her features nicely, and her black cat brings good luck to us! Rolling around on the bed and then going into the bathroom, Keilyn lets us follow her and imagine being there with her. I think it's time for her bath - maybe next time for us...

  • Sat 11th Oct 2008 Beck | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous Beck looks super spunky in her stripy pink undies, even more so that she's vigorously rubbing her aroused pussy through the fabric. She can only take so much of that because she quickly plunges her hand down, twisting and wriggling her hips with pleasure...

    She bites her lip and squeezes her eyes shut as she gets closer and closer to a hip bucking, moan inducing orgasm.

    My Favourite bits: the warm squishy sounds as she slides fingers in and out of herself.

  • Sat 11th Oct 2008 Jamelia | Solo

    Spunky, perky young blonde Jamelia loves fast cars and horror movies! Chased inside for her shoot today by the rainy weather, she teases and entices as she slowly peels down her white cotton undies- making you wait as she demurely hides her sweet sex.

    She doesn't keep you waiting too long though, with a coy smile she parts her knees then reaches down to spread her moist pussy lips.

  • Sat 11th Oct 2008 Blaire & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    Blaire & Larissa M kick it up another notch in their videos. They eat each other out with gusto and Blaire has some great shout-outs when she comes. Tribbing seems to really suit the girls and they make an extra effort to come at the same time. Cool!

    The Video Newsletter for next week is ready for you to see. It features Cleo on the sandy beach, and she has some of her favourite upcoming stills and videos for you to get a peek at. Cleo's so pretty, isn't she?

  • Fri 10th Oct 2008 Danielle K | Intimate Moments

    I think there's nothing sexier than getting to watch a girl alone with herself. She moves only for herself, she's not worried about how she looks nor self conscious about the sounds she makes.

    Danielle K seems totally unaware of the camera and after firmly squeezing her magnificent boobs, rubbing her nipples and giving her pussy a few exciting slaps- her fingers are moistened and slowly slipped inside...

    A beautifully captured moment in this hot Aussie girl's life. Don't miss it!

  • Fri 10th Oct 2008 Sahara | Solo

    Knicker-less Sahara looks stunning in her third solo video today. She brushes her long, thick brown hair before applying lotion to smooth and moisturise her supple, tanned skin.

    She peels off her cotton sun dress and spends lots of time rubbing cream into her large wrinkly nipples before moving lower and lower to her hairy pubic mound. Her moist fingers slowly and sensually explore the folds of her pussy lips before plunging deeply inside...

  • Fri 10th Oct 2008 Blaire & Larissa M | Girl-Girl

    These two models are very sensual in their approach to making love. There's lots of kissing and soft girlie caressing.

    Blaire & Larissa M go down on each other with the same affection and true passion like they kiss. Larissa flicks Blaire's clit ring and drives her crazy, then Blaire licks Larissa's nipples and makes her wild. I think these two will hook-up again sometime.

  • Thu 09th Oct 2008 Backstage 221 | Behind the scenes

    You can get an idea of the wide range of shoot locations that abbywinters.com chooses to bring you the most interesting sets around.

    Looking around in Backstage 221 I see Belinda F outdoors in a park, a makeshift stage for Jemima's dancing, Mandy M in a residential backyard, and Skye T on a bed getting instructions from the photographer.

  • Thu 09th Oct 2008 Jamelia | Solo

    Jamelia has taken this morning to sit around the kitchen in her underwear and socks. Yummy!

    But Jamelia doesn't stop there. Oh no, she soon has her bra off too and is playing around with her pink bits down there. "Spread your lips wide." "Ok, now turn around and let us see your bumhole and the rear of your pussy." "Now show us your little pink clit." Check, check, and check. All the photos look marvellous.

    If you still haven't seen the private photos from the girls at the model's party, go to this thread on the forums, flip through the pages, and see them having a bunch of naughty fun.

  • Thu 09th Oct 2008 Dominica | Intimate Moments

    Exotic, slim and caramel pure skin, Dominica invites us into her room to watch her pleasure herself the way she likes it! She caresses her large pink nipples until they harden with arousal then slips her hand lower and lower, under the waistband of her red cotton panties.

    Her fingers work feverishly faster and faster in firm little circles until her eyes close and her head tilts back in a rapturous release with gasps and moans of pleasure.

    Don't miss this very teasing masturbation video!

  • Wed 08th Oct 2008 Caitlyn Y & Daria | Solo

    Bonus girlgirl video today! Who likes to pee?! Caitlyn Y & Daria do! While taking a break from their upcoming double masturbation video they just had to go - I asked if they'd let team abby film it and that's how this little 2 minute gem came about!

    Hot golden wee trickling at first with a dainty tinkle and some stage fright and then a massive gush as they burst together!

    BMX Girls Noelle, Alice P, Zasha, Luanna and Kristal ride through the woods looking tough in their BMX biker gear. Hair rumpled, hot and sweaty after some falls they all get naked... as you do...

    The camera follows every delicious item of clothing as it's removed and abandoned on the forest floor. Round, smooth arses rise and fall, humping the bike seats as they ride.

    ...full flavoured fun in the sun!

  • Wed 08th Oct 2008 Catherine P | Solo

    Catherine P and I went to school together! So imagine my surprise when I met her at HQ for her very first shoot!

    Naturally highly sexual, but initially shy about appearing with her legs spread on the internet- she gradually opens up to my playfully probing questions. She shares intimate secrets about what positions she likes for sex and experimenting with toys. We both get undressed, exploring her body with lots of tickling hands because her DD size breast are full and high..and fun to hold! Teehee~ are you jealous??

  • Wed 08th Oct 2008 Sahara | Solo

    Sahara has some of the nicest boobs on the planet; and her pussy is a thing of artistic beauty too.

    She spreads her lips wide for a full view of all she's got, from pubes to arsehole. She really airs the orchid. Sahara plunges her fingers deeply inside herself, and I'm sure that must feel fantastic. The more Sahara we see around here the better.

  • Tue 07th Oct 2008 Kiki | Intimate Moments

    Kiki is just sooo hot! She rubs herself through her jeans, slips out a breast and caresses it, then takes her pants off. Gotta love those dark nipples. Kiki rubs her clit up and down quickly and is obviously highly aroused. You can actually see drops of thin girlcum running out of her pussy and down her arse cheek. Kiki is looking tired and sleepy after her orgasm and just curls up on the couch to rest.

  • Tue 07th Oct 2008 Melissa D | Solo

    Melissa D is such a sexual person. She has a lot to tell you about sex with boys and girls. Melissa tells a particularly interesting story about sex with a girl that she met at a gay club. They went back to the girl's place which was a youth hostel and Melissa had to be really quiet during their sex which is not her normal way of being. It was tough but she managed and had one of the best whole-body orgasms of her life.

    Best quote: "My pussy is like a man's cock. It controls me, it drives me."

  • Tue 07th Oct 2008 Catherine P | Solo

    Oooh...the wet-look hair, glasses and nipples peaking through Catherine P's shirt is really hot. Her tits and pussy are fine looking too. Did I mention that I really like the way her boobs show through her shirt?

    This model gives a whole new meaning to the name Catherine the Great!

  • Mon 06th Oct 2008 Carla & Katia | Intimate Moments

    Carla & Katia have strong eye contact in this highly arousing double masturbation video today... they caress their soft skin with love and desire but as they become more involved their focus changes and they each concentrate on bringing on a body shaking, breath taking natural orgasm!

  • Mon 06th Oct 2008 Caitlyn Y & Daria | Solo

    It's golden shower time for Caitlyn Y & Daria.

    This short but good girl-girl photo set captured the two models taking a break and peeing outdoors on some large rocks. There are some great close-ups of the pee coming out - you feel like you've got you head right up in there watching. The girls got quite a laugh from doing this side by side and for the camera.

    The BMX Girls shoot is being reintroduced today after being pulled from our line-up a couple of days after it was first released. Five smokin' hot girls ride through the forest on their bikes, getting progressively more naked. This really was a great shoot and we're happy to return it to you. BMX videos will follow in two more days.

  • Sun 05th Oct 2008 Juliette K | Intimate Moments

    Sexy and empowered- Juliette is having fun with her body today. Her tanned, slim body looks too yummy to eat in a pale pink dress and matching lacy panties.

    She drapes her lickable body across a desk and squeals with delight as her hands reach down to her "special" place...

    Spoil yourself with a little taste of Juliette K!

  • Sun 05th Oct 2008 Melissa D | Solo

    We've caught Melissa D in a glade of long grass wearing a very snug-fitting red top.

    She strips down to her sexy undies, and lets her boobs go free when she pops the snap on her bra. Melissa sits on a rock and shows you what's inside her meaty lips. Wouldn't you love to meet such a nice and sexy girl out in the bush?

  • Sun 05th Oct 2008 Jenny-Lee | Solo

    Pretty Asian model Jenny-Lee has a certain sexy flair about her. The streaks of red in her hair, the see-through bra, the denim shorts, and her long dark pubic hair all contribute to it.

    Jenny-Lee's nipples are like tasty little raspberries with a piercing in each. Surely Jenny-Lee is an Asian delicacy.

  • Sat 04th Oct 2008 Larissa M | Intimate Moments

    Larissa M is an inserter. She needs to push fingers deeply inside herself. Her pale skin quickly turns pink as she races towards a blissful release- her hips thrusting and pumping in a steadily building rhythm.

    She's alone with herself, pleasuring herself just the way she likes to- real, natural and deliciously sweet...

  • Sat 04th Oct 2008 Rana | Solo

    Rana's cute New Zealand accent gives her away pretty quickly- not that she'd mind- she's super proud of the country that gave her her long tanned legs and full, perky breasts.

    After peeling off her tight denim shorts and draping herself provocatively over a conveniently low tree branch, there's a wonderful dramatic pause before she swings her delicious legs wiiiide apart to play with her perfectly shaved pussy!

  • Sat 04th Oct 2008 Kiki & Ren | Girl-Girl

    What's a much better activity than knitting? Helping your partner Kiki to some full cream lashings of orgasm that's what!

    Kiki & Ren have a tender love for each other, their small hands glide over soft skin and their sexuality blossoms as they explore each other's bodies.

    Ren's very first time with another girl is sweetly pleasurable and smoulderingly sexy as Kiki's tongue dips and delves, tastes and indulges in Ren's wet little honey pot.

    ...MUCH better than knitting!

  • Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Narita | Intimate Moments

    Narita is an angel!

    She positively glows in the warm afternoon sunlight of this sneaky masturbation break. She nervously looks around a few times(since she's in the front yard- only partially shielded by trees) before indulging in some sticky self-pleasure...

  • Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Corelle | Solo

    Darling Corelle (seen Jelly Wrestling Girls yet?) is chilling out in her boyfriend's room- raiding his CD collection and getting naked just for the fun of it!

    She sits down and swings her legs wide open, a cheeky look playing in her eyes. Her fingers are moist and as they gently explore the pink folds of her neatly shaved pussy some wonderful squelching of girl-juice can be heard.

    My favourite part: As she bends over to pick out a CD, her bum wobbles and gets pushed right up close to the camera!

  • Fri 03rd Oct 2008 Kiki & Ren | Girl-Girl

    Kiki & Ren are sitting by the fire doing some deep kissing and caressing each others body. They have breasts about the same size, but what a contrast - Ren's are very white with pink nipples and Kiki's are brown with very dark nipples. As soon as their undies are off they immediately go down on one another.

    What a nice way to spend a cold day in Australia.

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Backstage 220 | Behind the scenes

    Some people we haven't seen in awhile can be found in Backstage 220, like staffers Fallon, and Penelope (Penny), and the model Paula. Kiki even gets a close-up mobile phone cam photo of a friendly horse.

    Check out all of the backstage pics for this week without delay - they're really good.

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Rana | Solo

    You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Rana is not a real cutie. Her whole stills set centres around a tree in her backyard.

    She takes her bra and undies off while holding on to a tree branch, then spreads her pink bits for the camera with a leg thrown over that same branch. And nice juicy bits they are too!

  • Thu 02nd Oct 2008 Brittany | Intimate Moments

    Blonde, glasses, a great body and some super sexy moves to get herself in the mood, Brittany's all set for an afternoon of delicious self-love! After sashaying her pert round arse as she peels down her green lacy panties she takes her place on a throne-like chair and slowly, carefully spreads her legs wide open. Her fervent fingers rub and caress her exposed pink pussy, a hard pressure and fervent speed are all she needs to come to a hip bucking and back arching blissful orgasm!

    My favourite part: She announces her orgasm "Oh I'm gonna come!" and I nearly wet myself!

  • Wed 01st Oct 2008 Elizabeth C | Solo

    Get naked with new model Elizabeth C!

    She's just hanging out today..getting naked..you know, everyday stuff. Her glasses are the only thing she keeps on- she unzips her top, unwraps her little skirt, unclips her bra and shimmies down her pink frilly panties. Spend some time admiring her gloriously nude body as she lounges on a chair, inviting you to look!

  • Wed 01st Oct 2008 Corelle | Solo

    Corelle's form-fitting red shirt really shows off her curves. And with her shirt and bra off, her luscious large areolae are amazingly hot. Corelle sits on top of the old record player and spreads her lips apart for you to see, and the close-ups of her beautiful face near the end of the set are especially nice.

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