• Tue 30th Jun 2009 Clara | Solo

    Clara possesses a pair of the most gorgeous ski-jump little breasts I've ever seen! They're pale, milky cream and soft but still firm and young. Her glowing skin and bright, healthy eyes are just divine and as she smiles your heart will surely melt and form a puddle on the floor. She's a sweetheart and I know you'll love her!

  • Tue 30th Jun 2009 Alice Y | Solo

    Alice's bright personality and twinkling eyes are not the only things that will put a smile on your dial - her perky, round, tight arse might have something to do with it also! And don't let her angelic smile fool you, her sexuality is in full swing and she's not afraid to use it! Enjoy!

  • Mon 29th Jun 2009 Lisa T & Tiana | Intimate Moments

    Lisa and Tiana have the whole afternoon ahead of them...and what's a better way to spend the time than undress each other and share some intimate one-on-one lovin'? These two unclip and unzip themselves into an orgasmic release as their fingers work moan-inducing magic on their wet pussies...Don't miss this hot double masturbation video!

  • Mon 29th Jun 2009 Djion | Solo

    Djion's a fun loving, sassy, natural Aussie babe and as she lounges around amongst the greenery of the Australian landscape, the camera follows her every curve and delicious mound. Her chrome yellow undies hug her yummy arse cheeks and her tank top reveals the outline of two rather hard nipples....

  • Sun 28th Jun 2009 Helen J | Intimate Moments

    It's certainly a red-head feast today as a rather tasty masturbation session with Helen is served up. She's alone with herself and her desires as her mind wanders and her hand snakes down her body and between her waiting legs. Her gingery head resting quietly on a pillow, her whole body quivering as she comes...

  • Sun 28th Jun 2009 Alice Y | Solo

    Who here likes natural red heads? Especially the extra cute ones with a mixture of sugary sweetness and devilish sexuality? Alice is back for her second solo shoot today, and she's loving every minute of the attention as she teases with a slow smile and a sexy arse wiggle. Enjoy this Aussie babe!

  • Sun 28th Jun 2009 Djion | Solo

    Beautiful dark skin and cheeky eyes make Djion the quintessential abby girl. She's out in the lush green of Melbourne, getting nude and baring that incredibly perky, round arse of hers. If you're a fan of standing full nudes, this stills set has loads of 'em! Enjoy this naturally delicious Aussie babe!

  • Sat 27th Jun 2009 Stephanie J | Solo

    Two friends home alone and raring for a good time! This is Stephanie's first time nude in front of the camera but luckily she's got her pal to relax and comfort her. Two chatty friends getting nude and enjoying their naturally naked bodies. Make sure you check them out!

  • Sat 27th Jun 2009 Aneta | Intimate Moments

    Aneta's large boobs are super soft, deliciously touchable and pleasingly tickled by the long auburn hair flowing down her shoulders. She enjoys giving them a light squeeze before reaching over to get her pink vibrator, turning it to medium intensity(she told me) and pressing the head riiight up hard against her clitoris...

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 Silvie | Solo

    It's sexercise time again this week as Silvie takes the plunge into previously unexplored abbywinters.com territory! She's bouncing around on the ball, getting herself into all kinds of interesting positions - you too can give the gift of great pleasure by donating a toy for an abby girl to use in her shoot! Find out how here!

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 Stephanie J | Solo

    Long legs and a swish of her sexy hips will melt your heart as today's new model Stephanie toys with her tee shirt - teasing and threatening to reveal all... Her long creamy-skinned legs lead up to her perfectly shaved, smooth and soft pussy and her inviting lips are bursting to show you her pink yumminess!

  • Thu 25th Jun 2009 Maria S & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    The Girl Girl sessions here at abbywinters.com usually have pictures THEN video - but these two girls just couldn't contain themselves! Halfway through their imageset, with multiple orgasms looking very likely, the abby crew scrambled to capture video of two incredibly natural, passionate Aussie babes enjoying sex just the way they like to...Enjoy!

  • Thu 25th Jun 2009 Kara D | Intimate Moments

    This yummy video starts with a view of just Kara's yummy legs...then her little denim skirt falling to the ground. There's an agonising wait before her divine self bends down and smiles (you both know what's on her mind). Slow, teasing hands and some truly tasty breast squeezes take her swiftly over the edge! Go on, join her...

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 Maria S & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    Passionate and attentive, red headed Maria slowly licks the length of Zasha's incredibly creamy and rather aroused pussy. One slow, sweet lick turns quickly into something deeper as she inserts first one, then two fingers in gently and deep in answer to Zasha's pleading eyes. A HOT girlgirl moment not to be missed!

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 Lisa K | Solo

    Lisa's a outdoorsy girl. Weathered arms and a sun-browned nose to match her sunny, simple outlook on life. She's unhurried and unspoiled, enjoying her naturally delicious body each day at a time. Today she's enjoying the freedom of expressing her girly sexuality, getting naked and showing off her yummy rump!

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 Silvie | Solo

    Silvie's got herself a ball...not the kind she normally likes I'm sure, but a large purple swiss ball that has some rather special features. A quick undress and a twist of the knob later and soon she's sliding in ecstasy up and down the glossy silicone shaft, slick with juices and passion...Enjoy!

  • Tue 23rd Jun 2009 Lisa K | Solo

    With long, sexy legs that reach up into one of the most pert, most squeezable arses I've ever seen, Lisa's a new model you're going to cream over! She gets deliciously naked enjoys the sensation of sexual freedom as her large blue eyes flirt with you down the lens. Picture 67 is my personal favourite! Enjoy!

  • Tue 23rd Jun 2009 Angelika | Solo

    Angelika's going on a date and you're invited to help her get ready! She's choosing different outfits and imagining what her man would like...the pink bra? The lacy floral one? What about the rather sexy blue frilly one? What do you think of a g-string or panties?...Are you jealous of her date yet or what?!

  • Mon 22nd Jun 2009 Sarah P | Solo

    A gorgeous redhead with a breathtaking smile, Sarah chats about her life, her loves and anything else that takes her fancy. She's an easy going babe with loads to say and sexy smile as she says it. Creamy skin and delicious, firm young breasts are the icing on the cake of this tasty treat!

  • Sun 21st Jun 2009 Patty | Intimate Moments

    A real girl's orgasm. Just the way she likes it. A loving gift from herself to herself. A sensual experience. All these things and so much more as Patty eagerly dives her fingers into the waistband of her knickers... a little breast grope doesn't go astray either! Talk to Patty right now!

  • Sun 21st Jun 2009 Angelika | Solo

    Angelika's one smokin' hot babe! Blonde, blue eyes, long legs and an unassuming nature mean this model will be at the top of your list! She's gradually getting naked and as each torturous button pops, she manages to look utterly adorable, cute, funny, wild and totally, breathtakingly sexy all at once...

  • Sun 21st Jun 2009 Sarah P | Solo

    Glistening ripples of red hair, a smattering of freckles and a slow, playful tease that's totally intoxicating. Sarah is tall, leggy and has a delicious smile she only shows when she's feeling particularly cheeky. You're going to love this bright, colour rich photo set of a naturally delicious Aussie babe!

  • Sat 20th Jun 2009 Emma G | Solo

    Emma's video today reveals all her soft and furry sides as she undresses in the bay of a bright, sunlit window. Her angelic face and rather enticing grin are just the icing on the cake of this rather delicious open-leg video. Make sure you check out some of Emma's other shoots, like a masturbation session with Laurice!

  • Sat 20th Jun 2009 Gemma T | Intimate Moments

    Sexy, sultry, steamy sex. Gemma's alone, restless and horny. What's a girl to do except indulge in a little breast squeeze, a little thigh caress or a little clit stimulation? With her fingers moving in ever quickening circles, Gemma's passionate, all embracing orgasm will pulse through you with a shiver...Enjoy!

  • Fri 19th Jun 2009 Mercedes | Solo

    A magical experience today as you follow Mercedes on a wander through the forest - luckily she's undressing along the way! She's wearing bright, stripy knickers under her a-line skirt, and (whoops) nothing at all under her tee shirt! She knows you're looking down her top and her cheeky grin lets you know she just loves it!

  • Fri 19th Jun 2009 Emma G | Solo

    Shapely legs, a tiny waist and a thick thatch of dark brown pubic hair to run your tongue through are some of my favourite aspects of today's new model Emma! Her little denim mini skirt is slowly unzipped, her bright tank top is dumped on the floor and her lacy knickers are teasingly pulled away as she reveals herself to you...

  • Thu 18th Jun 2009 Anneke & Giselle | Girl-Girl

    Raw, passionate, unscripted Australian sex! Anneke and Giselle are explosive today as their flirting gets more outrageous, their desires mount and their passion bubbles away under the surface. They can't hold on for long though and soon their clothes are in piles on the floor, their ams are wrapped around each other and lips lock in a heated kiss....

  • Thu 18th Jun 2009 Susie | Intimate Moments

    Ever wondered what it'd be like to see a co-worker, or even your boss, wanking, without them knowing you were there? That was kinda how I felt since today's stunning new video comes from my ex manager Susie! She's alone, and undisturbed, her fingers itching to get down her pants , and soon she's racing towards a body shaking orgasm...wow!

  • Wed 17th Jun 2009 Anneke & Giselle | Girl-Girl

    A brunette on top of a blonde, don't you just love that sexy combination? Anneke and Giselle grind, kiss, suck and fuck their way into a truly orgasmic session of lesbian love this afternoon. You're invited to watch! You can also chat to Giselle on the message boards - you'll find she's witty, honest, smart and loads of fun to be around!

  • Wed 17th Jun 2009 Helen J | Solo

    Helen's a bright, fresh little bundle of energy. A natural red head (yes, even down there), she's blessed with pale, milky skin and an interesting smattering of freckles across her totally kissable shoulders. Her video today explores her legs, her tummy, thighs and warm, soft breasts so don't miss out on this naturally delicious young lady!

  • Wed 17th Jun 2009 Mercedes | Solo

    Incredibly long, lush waves and a tantalizing smell (well I can dream can't I?) Mercedes' hair falls about her shoulders like a velvety curtain. Her smiling face and curvaceous body will keep you glued to your screen as she wanders alone through the Australian forests. Little peeks up her skirt and glimpse of her pert breasts will leave you wanting more!

  • Tue 16th Jun 2009 Helen J | Solo

    Bright, coppery red hair, milky skin and an incredibly sexy half smile are just some of the tasty treats in store from today's new model Helen! She's in the bathroom, slowly and intimately undressing, revealing a little more of herself with every item. I love the way the water beads on her skin, the droplets falling from her nipples...Bliss!

  • Tue 16th Jun 2009 Zasha | Solo

    Zasha kicks up her heels and takes an afternoon break of sexy self appreciation today as she chats to you about herself. Long legs, a gorgeous smile and a laid back nature will surely put her at the top of your favourites list! This girl is a dream, and after you take a gander at her, I'm sure you'll agree!

  • Mon 15th Jun 2009 Alena & Khristine | Intimate Moments

    What's better than masturbating on your own? Sharing that orgasmic experience with your girlfriend! Alena & Khristine sit side-by-side with glowing skin and rosy flushed cheeks. Their hands embracing all things juicy as fingertips explore nipples, bellies and finally delve deep into warm wet pleasure spots... Enjoy!

  • Mon 15th Jun 2009 Jade C | Solo

    I just love lacy, soft-cup bras. There's no padding to get in the way and the shape and "hang" of the breasts is natural and untouched...until Jade whips it off that is! Her pale pink bra was hiding under a green halter top and her cute, rather tempting smile is delicious... Make sure you check out Jade's yummy shoot today!

  • Sun 14th Jun 2009 Janina | Intimate Moments

    Janina's all alone with just a camera observing her. Now some girls are really loud - full body shudders and moans of pleasure that'd redden the cheeks of even the most liberal of listeners, but Janina is quiet as a mouse. The slightest of whimpers, the smallest of sighs..every woman is different and Janina is just divine!

  • Sun 14th Jun 2009 Zasha | Solo

    A cocoa skinned goddess, Zasha's back for even more delicious abbywinters.com shoots! A tight, vibrant blue tank top and the shortest mini skirt I've ever seen grip her body enviably. As she teases with that brilliant, warm smile her clothes come off gradually, her legs spread wider and her body shivers with anticipation...

  • Sun 14th Jun 2009 Jade C | Solo

    There's nothing between you and new model Jade and that's the way she likes it! Her gingery freckles are sprinkled all over her forever smiling face and her little cheeky grin as she pulls down one cup of her lacy pink bra will cause your knees to shake and your heart to form a gooey puddle on the floor! Yummy!

  • Sat 13th Jun 2009 Samantha E | Solo

    A gorgeous redhead with a breathtaking smile, Samantha chats about her life, her loves and anything else that takes her fancy. She's an easy going babe with loads to say and sexy smile as she says it. Creamy skin and delicious, firm young breasts are the icing on the cake of this tasty treat!

  • Sat 13th Jun 2009 Sylvanna | Intimate Moments

    Lying on her belly, her fingers moving in a steady rhythm, Sylvanna is having the time of her life as she goes for gold with a wanking session that includes some breathtaking sighs, some drool inducing moans and then there's the way she wiggles and jiggles her arse. Spoil yourself with a blistering masturbation video from Sylvanna!

  • Fri 12th Jun 2009 Courtney C | Solo

    Bright, bubbly and covered in pink, Courtney's a naturally delicious Australian babe. From her pale pink nail polish and pink bra and knickers, to her salty, wet, warm little (pink) honeypot, she's super....pink! She sits back to indulge in a session of self love as her dildo is pushed in deeply...

  • Fri 12th Jun 2009 Samantha E | Solo

    Glistening ripples of red hair, a smattering of freckles and a slow, playful tease will steam that's totally intoxicating. Samantha is a tall, leggy and has a delicious smile she only shows when she's feeling particularly cheeky. Blue leggings and tightly pulled crotch seam bring the colour to her cheeks with a flush... Enjoy!

  • Thu 11th Jun 2009 Blaire & Jette | Girl-Girl

    Blaire & Jette get their fingers dirty today as the heat between them bubbles over. Their arms and legs entangled, their soaked pussies rubbing up against each other, their mouths open and gasping. With a shudder and a breathy moan, they release hours of pent up emotion. Hot stuff. Raw, undirected. Only at abbywinters.com...

  • Wed 10th Jun 2009 Blaire & Jette | Girl-Girl

    Ever wondered what girls really get up to in a change room...? I sure have! Blaire & Jette already had the major hots for each other, they'd been flirting madly on the forum for days - but together, passion released, their clothes were off in a scattering of buttons and their lips moist with anticipation...

  • Wed 10th Jun 2009 Natasha Y | Solo

    Natasha's a petite blonde with a smarts, sex drive and a killer smile. She chats to me about her family, her life and her loves including a wonderful tour of her naturally delicious body. She has some incredible tattoos, and some interesting piercings so she's not afraid to express herself! Enjoy a slice of Natasha today!

  • Wed 10th Jun 2009 Courtney C | Solo

    Courtney's long milky legs stretch out, her sexy hips sway and a devilish smile plays about her rosebud lips. She's about to reveal a very intimate side of herself...she parts her knees, pulls her knickers to the side and slides the tips of her dildo between the soft pink frills of her dripping wet pussy...Thanks to Sabrina for donating this toy!

  • Tue 09th Jun 2009 Natasha Y | Solo

    Hauntingly beautiful, Natasha's first time nude in front in front of a camera will take your breath away. She's tall, blonde and in possession of a vulnerable sexuality that'll melt you. Her firm young body is slim and lithe, her tattoos extensive and her completely shaved pussy the cream on the cake...Enjoy!

  • Tue 09th Jun 2009 Christen | Solo

    A siren if ever there was one, Christen's back for more super hot shoots at abbywinters.com - starting with this upbeat photo set that shows off all her best assets! Her shapely legs, her purrfect arse, her toned tummy, pale, full breasts and her soulful eyes. Don't miss this naturally delicious babe!

  • Mon 08th Jun 2009 Evette & Keilyn | Intimate Moments

    What's better than one hot naked Aussie girl alone with her fingers down her pants? Two hot naked Aussies that's what! Evette & Keilyn are home alone, with just their urges to entertain them. Some incredibly erotic, natural, passionate and totally unscripted orgasms (not to mention loud!) will make you cream your pants...

  • Mon 08th Jun 2009 Laurice | Solo

    Take a tour of the laundry basket today as Laurice shows off the clothing collection she brought to the shoot - imagine, she could have been wearing any of those for the photos! Wow, but I'm kinda glad she chose to go with the lime skirt and cotton top - it's deliciously see-through!

  • Sun 07th Jun 2009 Christen | Solo

    A lover of all things Mariah Carey, Christen's a songbird and believes in natural nakedness! Woo! Her frank discussion of her life and her sweet nature will win your heart while her incredible beauty will win your loins... Make sure to check out some of Christen's other shoots - I recommend Ball Pit Girls

  • Sun 07th Jun 2009 Alice Y | Intimate Moments

    Alice lets you get really close today as she undresses in more ways than one... Her most secret pleasures are revealed when she closes her eyes, relaxes and lets her mind wander to all things naughty... Hips bucking and mouth wide open, her orgasm is real, raw, natural and all for you!

  • Sun 07th Jun 2009 Laurice | Solo

    Soft waves of chestnut hair and a fringe that flops into her eyes, large hips and an intensely sexual stare, Laurice is a simply stunning new model. Her huge, totally natural breasts are more than a handful, super sensitive and she loves them to be gently caressed. Make sure to take a sneak peek of Laurice today!

  • Sat 06th Jun 2009 Shelley | Solo

    Bathed in sunshine, the hum of crickets in the air, Shelley gets nude with a cheeky smile and a naughty giggle. Her long tan legs are typical of a traveller, as is her can-do attitude and try-anything style. A sexy peek as she unbuttons her white cotton dress and you'll be in as much heaven as angelic Shelley...

  • Sat 06th Jun 2009 Mia H | Intimate Moments

    An intimate look at a young girl's ultimate pleasure today as Mia dives straight into an orgasmic afternoon of bliss. Her large, 100% natural Aussie breasts jiggle and sway as she lets loose her hidden desires, her pent up energy and all her delicious sounds. Spoil yourself today with a slice of Mia!

  • Fri 05th Jun 2009 Katherine F | Solo

    You've seen Katherine in her very first pool side nude dip, and you've seen her rubbing sun lotion into her girlfriends on the Hiking trip...now you get to learn a little bit more about this divine young girl. Her sass and smarts will have you both grinning from ear to ear and fogging up your computer screen! Hot!

  • Fri 05th Jun 2009 Shelley | Solo

    Shelley's a blue-eyed minx. With long flowing blonde hair and firm, creamy white breasts that sit heavy and full on her chest, she's got a body to cream over! She's also got that classic abby girl glint in her eye that lets you know whatever's on her mind is sure to be fun! Enjoy Shelley as an afternoon treat today!

  • Thu 04th Jun 2009 Silvie & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    Do you like slim girls? Exotic skin? Real orgasms and passion filled caresses? Silvie & Zasha's hot bedroom sex session is made for you! They romp around in a myriad of different positions, gasping and giggling with every lick and rub. Don't miss this quiver-inducing girlgirl session and backstage video!

  • Thu 04th Jun 2009 Louise K | Intimate Moments

    Shiny blonde hair and a natural grace that's so approachable, Louise is an Aussie darling you're going to love! She's already done a solo shoot (with me!) but today she's here to let you in on a little secret...her orgasmic secret! She spreads her legs wide and with little rubs, circles and jerks her whole body quivers with pleasure. Don't miss it!

  • Wed 03rd Jun 2009 Silvie & Zasha | Girl-Girl

    Intense, passionate, explicit. It's abbywinters.com girlgirl at its best. Silvie & Zasha make love as though there's no one watching. It's their private, special moment where they'll release soft kisses, smooth caresses, longing-laden sighs and urgent gasps. Don't miss this delicious photo set!

  • Wed 03rd Jun 2009 Elisabeth | Solo

    Slow and seductive, Elisabeth has only one thing on her mind. She twists and curves her fit body into all sorts of inviting positions but it's her stories of naughty pleasure as she undresses that will really get you in the mood! Crisp, sexy sounds of her hands gliding over firm young thighs... Yum!

  • Wed 03rd Jun 2009 Katherine F | Solo

    Katherine loves abbywinters.com - she's a regular on our forums and has embraced all things girlgirl (but you'll have to wait a little longer for that steamy shoot!) Meanwhile enjoy plenty of alone time with this sultry, sexy, smart young woman as she gets closer to you in deliciously explicit detail

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 Elisabeth | Solo

    An incredibly touchable, smooth body and startling blue eyes will take new model Elisabeth to the top of your favourites list! She's a serious young woman but she knows what she wants and she knows exactly how to make you give it to her! With a stunning array of positions, she's mighty flexible and her slim curves are delicious!

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 Joanie | Solo

    Joanie's a sex bomb with long legs and smooth glossy black hair. There's no hair down there however, so if you like an unadulterated view of your lady's lady parts then this is a great video to start you off! Nestled against a tree in the lush Australian forests, this natural babe undresses, pleasures herself and gasps just for you...

  • Mon 01st Jun 2009 Jade C & Kara D | Intimate Moments

    Two cute girls + lots of flirting + bubbles = bath time fun! Jade and Kara are in the mood for some loving! The don't want to take it too far though on a first date so settle for sharing some orgasmic time together! Their bodies contorting, legs shaking, they plunge over the edge of bliss in this hot masturbation video!

  • Mon 01st Jun 2009 Hayley F | Solo

    Super stunner Hayley is romping around today, getting naked and having fun in the afternoon sunlight. Her graceful, sensual movements are drool-inducing and just when you think it can't get any better she pulls out a dildo (donated by Allen -thanks Al!) and gets to work inserting it deeply... Creamy!

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