• Fri 31st Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Alex K | Intimate Moments

    Alex breaths in the smell of the candle before spilling hot droplets over her arched body. She shudders in pleasure as the wax hits and drys on her skin, her free hand stimulating her vagina as she pours. 

    Illuminated by a beam of light from the window, Alex lights her plate of candles. Her long hair is held from her face by a beaded Alice band, as she settles back on to a large pillow. As the wax melts she warms up her body, reaching into her top to massage her small breasts. Her hand starts to rub her underwear into the warmth of her vagina and her fingers can be seen working up the leg of her shorts. Ready, she strips and pleasures herself further, the soles of her bare feet sliding on the floor, scrabbling, as her orgasm starts to build.

  • Fri 31st Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zarina (Video) | Solo

    Sexy brunette Zarina touches her inverted nipples softly and talks about her naughty sex adventure in the cinema.Running her fingers on her body she slowly takes off her panties revealing her sexy bum.

    Getting on fours on her bed she slides her red toy inside herself and then lays back parting her knees to play with her clitoris. "I always get hot after.." Zarina says breathing heavily after her pleasurable orgasm.

  • Thu 30th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Tallulah & Uma J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Uma j licks Tallulah passionately and her spit drips on her hairy pussy

    Watching a movie gets these two girls so hot they cant wait to explore each others body with their tongue. Tallulla licks Uma j's pink pussy giving her an orgasm. Uma passionately pushes Tallulah against the glass window while she slides her fingers inside her, but their pleasure picks with a sexy surprise through the window. 

  • Wed 29th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zarina (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her breasts together Zarina leans over, her eyes effortlessly seductive as her hands wander over her body. 

    Playing with her inverted nipples she explores her body in the mirror. Grabbing her pink dildo she pushes it inside herself, her body tensing as it gets deeper!

  • Tue 28th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Latisha & Rose D | Intimate Moments

    'We have the same nipples!' Latisha rubs her small breasts against Rosa's fuller boob, their similar nipples stimulating each other as they touch. 

    The game, to 'try to come at the same time!' With the sun in the sky Rose and Latisha try on summer dresses. Rose bends down to assess Latisha's perfect ass in a new dress, her feminine curves shown off by the tight fabric. 'I think I like it better without the dress!'. Pulling the dress down Rose discovers two hard nipples. As Rose strips down, her pubic hair is visible through her cotton knickers, dark against the crotch of her white pants. 

  • Mon 27th Jan 2014 Backstage 407 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    'Flec has just a stunning presence that's makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. I love her energy on and off the camera. She is a pure young woman with the most sensual movements. Blues are definitely the color that suits her in my opinion especially with her striking red hair.' That's what Suri said after Felicity C First solo shoot. 

    In this image set we get a peek behind the scenes the first solo shoots for 8 models including Everette, Milena, Davana and Manuela 

  • Mon 27th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Amaya M (Video) | Solo

    Resting her perfect ass on the table, Amaya peeps through the window to the busy street bellow. Her hand unzips her home made dress, revealing her feminine hour glass figure. 

    Amaya flashes us with a prefect upskirt while looking through the balcony door. Her fingers softly stroke her warm thighs, slowly moving down to her worn underwear. She pulls her knickers to the side, exposing her hairy crotch. 

    "This was my first bra!" Playing with the straps of her worn brassiere, she reveals her small breasts. Her hands wander across her pale skin before she gently slides her fingers deep inside herself, intensively stimulating her body to orgasm.

  • Sun 26th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Amaya M (Stills) | Solo

    Sexy pale skin Amaya M peeks through the window as pull her panties to the side running her fingers through her pubic hair.

    Crawling under the table she sticks her beautifully shaped bum out and pushes her bra strap against her aroused nipples. She plays innocent with her big eyes as she inserts two fingers inside herself, pulling her labia apart and massaging her clitoris.

  • Sat 25th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Bisera (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa's perfect ass catches Bisera's attention while they are showing each other yoga exercises.

    Bisera massages her partner's breasts and in return Alyssa slides her wet tongue softly between Bissera's immaculate shaved labia. The intense orgasms that come after that could not be described but Bisera's shiver says o lot.

  • Fri 24th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Pippa | Intimate Moments

    Pippa slides her hands into her shorts, stimulating her perineum. Reaching for her perky nipples she grasps them with her fingers, shaking her small breasts to increase her pleasure. 

    Pippa sits on a chair gently brushing her fingers over her pale thighs, slowly reaching into her crotch, touching it over her shorts. Moving her hands higher Pippa plays with her nipples, stimulating them over her thin t-shirt. Slowly, she gets naked. Pushing her fingers deep inside herself she arouses her intimate parts, bringing herself to a very intense orgasm.

  • Fri 24th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zoey (Video) | Solo

    Zoey's hand slips inside her panties, pressing her naked labia lips to the gusset of her tights. Her fingers tease over her open vagina through the fabric, her dark pubic hair, followed by the exposed flesh within. 

    "I'm always wiggling my toes", Zoey's naked feet rub together on the table top, her blue knickers visible upskirt as she squirms. Slipping her feet into bright panty hose, Zoey's fingers pull the fabric along her warm thighs and down towards her peachy bottom. Bending forwards she stretches, her dress lifting up to reveal her cotton panties, molded tightly around the form of her perfect ass.

  • Thu 23rd Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Bisera (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa seems to love Bisera's thigh gap as she massages her labia with her warm tongue.

    Bisera presses on her pert breasts as the move into a sexy sixty nine position the tow models begin to get really wet. Pushing Alyssa's perfect ass down in the couch with her feet up end Bisera parts her legs gets the chance to tickle her clitoris with her soft lips inserting her fingers inside herself

  • Thu 23rd Jan 2014 Real life couple: Ask & Caisa (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Blonde Caisa slides her hand into her boyfriend's jeans grabbing his penis after she gets caught playing with his flute. 

    Her pale bum gets red as he spanks Caisa, while she enjoys him thrusting from behind. "My favorite position... doggy she says looking into his eyes. Passionate and hard sex between this couple seems to be their thing.

  • Wed 22nd Jan 2014 Nude girl: Zoey (Stills) | Solo

    Pale, Zoey runs her hands on her legs looking in the mirror as she touches her hairy vulva pulling her meaty lips apart. She shows off her sexy toes as she puts one knee on the desk taking of her wet panties sticking her perfect bum and gives cheeky looks over her shoulder.

  • Tue 21st Jan 2014 Real life couple: Ask & Caisa (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Sexy blonde Caisa finds her boyfriend flute and gently places it on her lips . She explores and blows through the holes but Ask her boyfriend is there to show her.

    She quickly climbs on top of him and ends up exploring his body rather than his flute sliding his penis into her mouth warm mouth. This couple enjoys some passionate sex in many positions. Caisa's perfects bum is sticking as she is bent over with her boyfriend throbbing from behind her.

  • Tue 21st Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Lotte & Lucie L (Video) | Intimate Moments

    "What do you feel when you are coming?' Lucie's fingers squeeze into Lotte's young breasts, helping her to build to a natural orgasm. 

    'Do you want to touch it?' Sat outdoors by a log, Lotte and Lucie compare everything. Their fingers tentatively reach out as they look at each others bra's, Lucie's large breasts barley contained by the fabric. Lucie's breasts are almost as pale as Lotte's skin and Lotte is amazed by the contrast of Lucie's tan lines as they slowly get naked. 

    'You don't mind if I start to touch myself?'

  • Mon 20th Jan 2014 Backstage 406 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Jacki says 'Naked bodies twisting around and around and around...well you get the picture. So many candid moments of laughter and fumbles.' referring to the shoot included in this backstage called Hula Hooping Girls in which we see Giselle, Caitlin, Roxy, Tamara, Aisling and Charlotte E.  In this set we also get a peek at some other young ladies shoots and what happens when the production camera is not rolling.

  • Mon 20th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Justyna (Video) | Solo

    Justyna knows how sexy her small and perky breasts look under her thin white top although she says she is shy

    "My first experience with a girl..." she says as she gently touches her nipples. Her smile is even bigger as she slides her fingers into herself covered under the bed sheets.

  • Sun 19th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Justyna (Stills) | Solo

    Laying down and reading a book brunette Justina gets distracted by her body reflection.

    Looking in the mirror she feels her small breast and cowls on the floor and her chair parting her knees and posing for herself feeling her warm thighs and bum cheeks. Looking at her puffy labia showing on the side of her stained panties get Justina even more turned on. 

  • Sat 18th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Juliette giggles as Tahlia nibbles into her neck. Her nipples are hard as bullets, her eyes flashing intense desire behind her glasses as she is gently pushed back onto the sofa. 

    Tahlia's breasts bounce free as she slips from her dress, Juliette eagerly kissing into the exposed flesh as they are uncovered. Standing bare, Juliette's perfect ass wiggles as Tahlia's hands squeeze into the flesh, Tahlia's young lips covering the sides in kisses. Settling down between Tahlia's legs, Juliette presses her face to her hairy vagina, slurping up her juices in dripping oral sex.

  • Fri 17th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Sasha R | Intimate Moments

    It's hard to find a quiet moment in the city but Sasha finds time to create her own tranquil haven, while the rest of the world crashes on around her. Laying on her back she slowly devotes time to herself, beginning by brushing her long hair before slowly pealing off her clothing, to reveal her petite frame. 

    She teases her large nipples with her hair before rubbing oil into her olive skin. As her body comes alive her hands stroke the skin before finally finding her pleasure spot ready for a climax. 

    In her own words this is simply, 'awesome'.

  • Fri 17th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Marleen S (Video) | Solo

    Marleen wiggles free of her knickers, sliding them down her long legs, which continue for seven rungs of the ladder she stands on. Tensing her upper body, she grasps the top of the stairs, extending her legs into a flexible v shape. 

    Marleen's shapely legs fold in front of her in the tight corridor, her knickers peeping out between her thighs as she removed her roller blades. Her nipples are hard from the outdoor chill, their shape visible through her t shirt. Upstairs, her fingers tease at a hole in her top, navigating her nipple so it pops through the fabric.

  • Thu 16th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Juliette M & Tahlia J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Juliette M takes her glasses off and passionately pushes the Australian Brunette Tahlia J against the glass door inserting her fingers inside her hairy vulva. Both pale skin girls lick each others juices from their fingers and enjoy lesbian sex on the couch wall and floor..

  • Wed 15th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Marleen S (Stills) | Solo

    Tall Marleen stretches out her long flexible legs as she gives suggestive glimpses up her little skirt

    Looking through her blonde hair she undresses her athletic figure, playing and teasing with her tights as she starts to get herself more turned on. Moving her hands around her smooth shaved vulva Marleen stretches out her legs and pushes her fingers deeper inside herself.

  • Tue 14th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Bisera & Daisy B | Intimate Moments

    'You taste so good!' Daisy stretches up towards Bisera, kissing into her young lips. Her womanly shapes are visible as she wiggles in her underwear, her hand stroking into the warmth of Bisera's thigh. 

    'I'm nearly see through I am so pale!' Daisy compares her pale skin to Bisera's darker skin tones. Her hand rests on Bisera's leg while her nails are painted, 'your legs are all soft and smooth!' Flirting with one another, the ladies eyes sparkle! Bisera's hand starts to rub at her knickers, her small breasts eager to be freed.

  • Mon 13th Jan 2014 Backstage 405 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Giggling and being cheeky with each other behind the the scenes, in this set we see the models Caitlin T and Joannie enjoy the sunny day jumping on a trampoline nude as well as Annabelle Lee and Michaela's having fun backstage at their solo shoots. 


  • Mon 13th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Sileny (Video) | Solo

    Sileny's body rocks up and down on the sofa, her hands stimulating her nipples, her meaty lips curling together. Her fingers gently tease apart her long labia, revealing the intimate pink inside. 

    Sileny's round bottom wiggles as she looks out of the window, her fingers teasing at the fabric of her skin tight trousers. Pulling on the fabric of her trousers, the cloth grinds deeper into her crotch, the outline of her labia visible in a defined camel toe. Taking off her glasses Sileny confesses her masturbation record before showing us how she touches herself.

  • Sun 12th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Sileny (Stills) | Solo

    Short hair blond Sileny Looking serious with her glasses but then she takes them of and start to crawl from the floor to the couch. Pulling her tights off she stretches and twists her meaty labia and squeezes her small breasts. It looks like she is enjoying inserting her finger inside her clean shaved pussy while looking at herself in the mirror.

  • Sat 11th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Poppy C (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Lulu's perfect ass is bent over the log and her knickers are pulled down. Her dark pubic hair is visible even from the back, as Poppy's hands start to touch her! 

    Outdoors by a fallen log, two new friends kiss for the first time. Lulu licks Poppy's open mouth, holding her head still with her hand. As Lulu starts to explore Poppy's pale breasts, her natural armpit hair is visible peeping out the side. Poppy's face glows red as she tries to muffle her orgasmic cries and they haven't even gotten to their organic dildos yet!

  • Fri 10th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Candice | Intimate Moments

    Stunning redhead Candice really lets lose in this very sexy and revealing Intimate Moment. Caressing her smooth, milky white skin, she removes her bra and fondles her large perky breasts. As she plays with and watches her self in the mirror, she reaches over for her favorite vibrator and that's when things really start to heat up. Keep an eye out for the moment her strong orgasmic contractions cause her smooth, shaved pussy to almost push her vibrator out!

  • Fri 10th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Irmina (Video) | Solo

    Irmina's perfect ass wiggles into tight jean shorts. Her round bottom cheeks flatten as they squeeze into the tight fabric, before slipping inside and pushing back into two perfect curves. 

    Irmina's undies cling to her crotch as she crawls in doggy position across the table and onto the window ledge. With her bright eyes shining, the light from the window illuminates her skin, highlighting her tummy muscles as she sits fixing her bra. Her fingers tease at the lace on her knickers, her finger tips tracing over the crotch, wisps of her full bush just visible from the sides.

  • Thu 09th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Poppy C (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lulu's panties are pulled down to her ankles by Poppy C, who slides her fingers in lulu's hairy pussy after giving her a light spanking. The girls look intensely into each others eyes while they passionately kiss and have sex in nature

    Poppy leans on the tree and opens her legs for lulu who uses her long tongue to go deep into her partner after teasing her clitoris, the connection between these two is obvious! 

  • Thu 09th Jan 2014 Classy, elegant: Anabela (Video) | After Dark

    Anabela's hands stroke over the pale skin of her neck and breasts, tracing the lines where her friend's soft female lips had been kissing her. 

    Stocking topped legs draw the eyes upwards towards Anabela's warm thighs. Slipping from the armchair onto the floor, she peals off her knickers, her naked round buttocks touching gently back to the floor. Her fingers reach between her legs teasing at her red pubic hair as breathlessly, she tells us more of her naughty encounter.

  • Wed 08th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Irmina (Stills) | Solo

    Irmina pulls her jeans down showing her perfect ass and slides her knickers to the side while she is sitting next to the window. She pinches her hard nipples and crawls around the room and on the table sticking up her bum cheeks before she uses her top to pull her panties of completely.

  • Tue 07th Jan 2014 Classy, elegant: Anabela (Stills) | After Dark

    Slowly and seductively lifting up her dress Anabela reveals the lace trim of her stockings and suspenders.

    Falling back onto the sofa she leans forward, her full breasts nearly spilling out she starts to slip the dress off from her shoulders. Leaving on only her stockings and high heels her hands wander over pale skin, feeling the contours of her body she stares straight at you with her smoldering eyes!

  • Tue 07th Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Elva & Tahlia J (Video) | Intimate Moments

    'Maybe we should just kiss!' In just their knickers the ladies touch, their shapely thighs leading up to the firm buttocks of their perfect asses

    'I have never actually watched a girl masturbate before!' Tahlia and Elva are keen to get naked, wiggling free from their clothing. Elva's hand rubs against her underwear as she reaches forwards kissing Tahlia. Laid at either end of the sofa their fingers dip between their legs, Tahlia rubbing into her dark full bush, her breasts jiggling slightly with the movement of her arm.

  • Mon 06th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Alyd (Video) | Solo

    Two peachy buttocks are visible upskirt as Alyd lays on the bed. Her eyes follow her pen as she updates her diary, her pert breasts visible down blouse as she writes. 

    Alyd's finger delicately dabs perfume onto the tops of her soft breasts. Her finger dips bellow her top, the whitest flesh of her chest momentarily exposed. Her chest is topped with a blanket of neat freckles, slightly red from the summer sun. Smiling up from behind her glasses she slowly starts to tease off her clothing.

  • Mon 06th Jan 2014 Backstage 404 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    This image set gives a joyful inside to 4 model's first shoot. Max says "Darina looked super cute in her glasses... The light was rad while she rolled around on a fit ball... Yummy times for everyone involved" referring to Darina's first solo. 

    What do the models get up to while the set and lights are being prepared? Piano playing, giggling, teasing and a room with colorful underwear and leggings around.

  • Sun 05th Jan 2014 Nude girl: Alyd (Stills) | Solo

    Sexy Alyd gets undressed as she is reading a book on her bed really turned on applies essential oils on her pale skin

    As she crawls around the room with a scarf between her legs rubbing her vulva she pinches her hard nipples and squeezes her perfect breasts

  • Sat 04th Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Immie & Ren (Video) | Girl-Girl

    The soles of Immie's bare feet rub against Ren's reddening face in the 69 position. Ren's orgasm is soft and breathless in comparison to Immie's, which shakes her body and explodes from within. 

    As the waves crash on the beach, Ren and Immie are lost in each others eyes. Sitting close together their finger tips gently reach out and trace the bare skin of their partners, legs or hands. Immie kisses along Ren's neck as she wriggles like a cat being petted. Keep an eye out for Immie's glasses the second time you watch this video, they end up everywhere!

  • Fri 03rd Jan 2014 Video masturbation: Amber L | Intimate Moments

    Amber's face is so close to her hairy vagina that she can almost peep inside. Her flexible body bends in half, her pale legs stretched behind her, hands stroking her round buttocks. 

    Amber raises her feet up to her face for inspection, her fingers pushing between each of her wiggling toes. Pressing the soles together she stretches, her pink bra visible through her white t shirt as her body pulls taller. Slipping from her clothing, she continues to stretch out her toned body. Warmed up, her fingers pull at her nipples till they stand like bullets and she intimately touches.

  • Fri 03rd Jan 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Video) | Solo

    Grisel's raging full bush protrudes out the sides of her firmly fitted undies that hug her fit round bum

    This Argentinian babe plays outside on her trampoline before retiring inside for some more fun play. Her hands run lightly across the bulge of her panties and then inside her thick bush and down to her wet lips. 

    Grisel brings her wet fingers to her mouth, tasting herself and explaining "its delicious".

  • Thu 02nd Jan 2014 Lesbian sex: Immie & Ren (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Ren licks Immie's vulva through the hole she made on her leggings when their picnic turns into a joyful sex adventure. What better way is there to enjoy the sunny day. Ren dips her tongue in Immie's dripping wet pussy who has a very strong and unique expressions when is orgasms

    Rens perfect round breasts are constantly a turn on for Immie who cannot resist groping them and sucking on her nipples with every chance.

  • Wed 01st Jan 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Stills) | Solo

    Grisel's long legs and fit body are put to great use as she jumps around on her trampoline out in an picturesque field. Her supple breasts and fit body are slowly exposed as she writhes around on the trampoline before retiring inside for some more intimate touching. 

    Her full bush, so thick it explodes out the sides of her panties and she runs her fingers through it until she makes her way down to her wet pussy.

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