• Sun 30th Sep 2012 Nude girl Zoey (Stills) | Solo

    The very beautiful, natural and seductive, yet timid Zoey come back for her second solo, and your second chance to see her slender and pale naked body!

    Slipping into the bath and glancing suggestively from the bubbles she runs her hands over her body, her small, pert breasts, her cute round bum, and her natural full bush!

  • Sun 30th Sep 2012 Video masturbation: Kaylee | Intimate Moments

    Long legged American Kaylee is taking some time to read a magazine and listen to her favorite music.

    But soon her thoughts start to wander. Playing her body with some feathers she decides to get naked and and bring her self to a very sexy orgasm

  • Sat 29th Sep 2012 Best of Tribbing (Stills) | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Tribbing! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around scissoring.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

  • Sat 29th Sep 2012 Video Masturbation: Marleen S and Sasha R | Intimate Moments

    Marleen S sits in the window with her long legs bent in front of her looking sad. She is missing her time with Carmina. Luckily, cheeky Sasha R is on hand to cheer her 'little bumble bee' up.

    In this Short v Tall pairing, olive skin Sasha R may be the shorter but that doesn't stop her taking charge. She instructs Marleen S to touch her small breasts while she creeps forwards and slide Marleen S's foot into her mouth for some feel better foot fetish.

  • Fri 28th Sep 2012 Lesbian sex: Carian and Carmina (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Pale skinned cheeky Spanish chick Carmina is ready to face a clothing challenge with tanned Dutch beauty Carian.

    With clothing flying in all directions the ladies race against the clock to present themselves in the styles written on the cards they select.

    With their adrenaline still pumping the ladies turn to each other for some high energy passionate kissing. This shoot left models and shooters speechless! The ladies really clicked and used every second and every inch of space avaliable. Enjoy this orgasm fueled encounter!

  • Thu 27th Sep 2012 Best of Tribbing (Video) | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Tribbing! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around scissoring.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

  • Thu 27th Sep 2012 Backstage 337 | Behind the scenes

    Some fun and of course sexy shoots in this one! The beautiful Carys, in Jacki's words,

    "We tried something really different which is always a little scary, but luckily it turned out amazing. Carys was the perfect model for the shoot. Small in size and full of sass. I had her climbing about an old wooden chest. She was the best treasure I reckon anyone could find."

    That's got to get you excited! if you want to see that shoot and the others this backstage sets shows, here's the links... Alisa, Blaire & Kylee IM

  • Wed 26th Sep 2012 Lesbian sex: Carian and Carmina (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    A passionate and and very sexual shoot of the beautiful Spanish Carmina and the Dutch Carian as they dress and undress each other, flirting and seducing each other.

    Exploring their slender taut bodies, small breasts and smooth shaved pussies the two bring one another to full and passionate orgasms!

  • Wed 26th Sep 2012 Nude girl Kimberley (Video) | Solo

    Pale skin, freckles, beautiful supple breasts and full round bum are the features of Kimberley that first strike you. But her beautiful smile, nervous voice, her intelligence and warm personality that we get to know in more detail as this video progresses, make this girl the complete package.

    She talks about her hobbies and interests, slowly undresses and reveals herself in this first ever shoot.

  • Tue 25th Sep 2012 Nude girl Mina (Video) | Solo

    Since we last saw her, Dutch lady Mina has been on a journey of discovery. She has had her first lesbian experience and developed her spiritual side. Over a naughty breakfast she tells us all about it.

    Licking Jam seductively from her fingers its not long before the temptation to rub some on her pert breasts over comes her. With her breakfast milk dripping off her nipples she strips down and starts to pleasure herself. Laid on her back on the kitchen counter Mina builds her body up to a leg shaking orgasm.

  • Mon 24th Sep 2012 Nude girl Kimberley (Stills) | Solo

    The beautiful redheaded, American Kimberley debuts on abbywinters.com with her first ever shoot! Lifting herself up an tip-toes she shows of her long legs and gives a cheeky little look up her mini skirt before turning to catch your eye.

    Undressing her stunning natural, lightly tanned body, small, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy she teases and effortlessly seduces with quick and cute glances in the mirror.

  • Sun 23rd Sep 2012 Redux Stills: Mina | Solo

    Beautiful Dutch Mina in her second solo, and your second chance to see her amazing large, pert breasts! A casual and very sexy shoot ensues as we sit and watch her make and eat breakfast.

    Moving closer with her piercing, seductive blue eyes she starts to slip off her clothes, top first to reveal her amazing breasts, then bottoms to show off her smooth shaved pussy and slim figure.

  • Sun 23rd Sep 2012 SIM 1: Daisey | Intimate Moments

    Curvaceous Daisey discovers that masturbation in a shared house is hard! Kicked out of her bedroom by the antics of Rebekka and Dani L, she sits on the sofa and tries to ignore the naughty happenings next door. Being human its not long before she is reaching into her top to pull out her own large breasts as the the girls start to touch themselves beyond the curtain.

    Sat on her own Daisey is just starting to run her fingers over her trimmed pussy when she is caught by her two friends and dragged back into the bedroom! Will Daisey ever get an orgasm !

  • Sat 22nd Sep 2012 AWAD Video: Angelika | After Dark

    Smooth skin, sultry lines, provocative and nude. Angelika steps into some black stockings for this video and steps right out of them. Red high heals come off and she gently slips the stockings down her long tanned legs revealing tan lines on her bum and breasts.

    Hot, German and dressed to the nines, she's our own answer to Marlene Dietrich.

  • Sat 22nd Sep 2012 DIM: Inga & Lena D | Intimate Moments

    Finnish Inga is snuggled down on the sofa with Dutch Lena D. Dipping their cookies into hot drinks the ladies look into each others eyes and smile nervously. Inga helps to wipe away the cookie crumbs from Lena's breasts and her friend seizes on the moment to remove her top, under the guise of showing off her new bra.

    Soon Inga finds her self blushing with no bra on, her small breasts naked next to her friend's. Smiling with confidence Lena leads the way. Placing her hand between her own legs she looks into Inga's eyes and smiles before they both drift away into happy pleasure.

  • Fri 21st Sep 2012 GGT3 Video: Kylie H & Renae D | Girl-Girl

    Missing one Australian. She has long dark hair, glasses and some how escaped from HQ! Throw into that mix an American with red hair, freckles and a new found appreciation for the fairer sex and you get this!

    And oh how good is this! The ladies held nothing back as they threw themselves into lots of tribbing, kissing and general exploration of each others bodies. Kylie H's pale skin is almost the same colour as Renae D's Tan lines as they thrash around on Kylie's creaky bed! Topped off with loud orgasms it's no wonder our neighbors just moved out!

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 AWAD Video: Christen | After Dark

    Christen is a stunning young girl with near perfect boobs and a compact sexy body. Home alone she strips to the waist in front of the hallway mirror before going to lie down in bed.

    She lasciviously moves around on the bed top in suspenders and blue stockings until she finally removes her panties before turning out the lights. Goodnight Christen.

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 Backstage 336: Backstage | Behind the scenes

    Another great backstage, and this time I'm going to let a voice from the past descibe it at its best for you...

    "We all know how much of a sexy minx young Angie is - this is no secret, though let me tell you about Odette. It was her first Girl-Girl today and she was a little nervous which is completely normal, but as soon as we started rolling it seemed she forgot about the cameras altogether having 3 massive orgasms, her whole body was shaking! I also got some funny backstage stuff you will all be interested in." -Patience

    Excited yet!? Well if you want to view the sets from this backstage, here's the links: Angie & Odette, Hayley T and Alisa

  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 GGT3: Kylie H & Renae D GG | Girl-Girl

    Wow, stunning dark haired Australian Kylie H and the beautiful American Renae D indulge in each others slim natural bodies as they engage in some intense and passionate midday sex.

    Kylie undresses Renae to expose her red bush of pubes, large, pert breasts and smooth pale, freckled skin. Kyle runs her hands down toward her wet pussy and slowly slips in a finger making Renae writhe with pleasure! Between that, the amazing tribbing, anal play and more they bring each other to powerful and intense orgasms!

  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 New Model Video: Kissa | Solo

    Kissa's Dark Skin looks stunning in the light from the window. We can see her slender body stretch and turn as she slowly dresses, sliding her necklace over her small breasts. She puts on her favorite shoes and transforms into a fashion model, walking the cat walk for us.

    Part-time model Kissa is an absolute first timer being nude on camera and her infectious smile lights up the room as she finds out what its like to move while naked in front of the camera.

  • Tue 18th Sep 2012 Redux Model Video: Beck | Solo

    Hello Sexy Beck! Natural and naked in the great outdoors, what more can we ask for? With blue eyes and pert small boobs, watch Beck get explicit as she shows you her amazing body and hairy pussy in this shoot in the bush.

    All of a sudden I feel like going for hike in the woods. Who's with me?

  • Mon 17th Sep 2012 New Model Stills: Kissa | Solo

    Beautiful dark skinned and slender Kissa enters abbywinters.com in very dramatic and eye popping style to let us revel in her svelte body, amazing long legs and small pert breasts.

    A real life fashion model Kissa shows off some of her moves and favorite items of clothing as she dresses up and strips down!

  • Sun 16th Sep 2012 Redux Stills: Beck | Solo

    Unseen before and unreleased until now, the natural and beautiful Beck takes us outside into the stunning Australian outdoors to treat you to a cute and intimate set.

    Undressing her pale body, small breasts and full bush of pubes she gives an innocent yet suggestive smile as she slowly starts to tease and insert her finger into her wet pussy.

  • Sun 16th Sep 2012 Alyssa IM | Intimate Moments

    Spanish Alyssa is making a secret message to send home. She sets her camera up on the side of the bath before stepping into the tub wearing just a t-shirt. Her peachy bottom peeks out of her clothing as she dances around in her video.

    Pealing off her top to reveal naked pale skin, she stares into the camera and starts to let her hands wander. The water runs off her pert boobs and between her fingers as she parts her lips and starts to masturbate. Looking down the lens her hands start to quicken as she starts to reach climax!

  • Sat 15th Sep 2012 Evelina & Kayla T IM | Intimate Moments

    Our two Finnish ladies are together for the first time and decide to play a game to get to know each other. Cheeky Evelina decides to add a twist where by either model can duck a question by taking off an item of clothing.

    With their lovely pale skin illuminated by the light from the window, we soon end up with two ladies sat in their underwear, trying to decide on their next move. Turning to face each other Evelina boldly asks if she can feel Kayla T's large breasts. The ladies lay back and slowly start to masturbate while watching each other their connection growing. Evelina's bare feet start to run up and down Kayla's legs as the urge to touch starts to take over.

  • Fri 14th Sep 2012 Darcie & Lena D | Girl-Girl

    When Dutch Lena D met buxom British Darcie, the chemistry between them was obvious. Their slow, passionate kissing becomes frantic and wanting and they even find time to have a play with a cucumber!

    Lena expertly licks Darcie's hairy pussy and Darcie returns the favor more than once! See if you can pick the point where Darcie makes Lena squirt- they were so intertwined it was hard to capture it but the look on their faces says it all.

  • Thu 13th Sep 2012 Backstage 335 | Behind the scenes

    It's another sexy and funny trip into the shoot days at abbywinters.com! This time we're exploring the amazing girl-girl between the beautiful, big breasted Angie and stunning Asian Fae as they mess around on the bed post sex!

    But we're also going to stop by to visit Catherine P in her first solo, and the very cute Katia for a behind the scenes look at her first solo. Enjoy!

  • Wed 12th Sep 2012 Darcie & Lena D | Girl-Girl

    The seductive dark haired Lena works her magic on blonde English Darcie as they sit together in the kitchen. Provocative eye contact and strokes of her smooth tanned skin soon bring Darcie around to the idea.

    Passionately kissing each other they quickly undress, Lana reveals Darcie's large breasts and makes sure to get a hand full! Darcie undresses Lana's small, pert breasts and smooth ; which is beautifully contrasted against Darcie's full bush as hey experiment with some unorthodox play!

  • Wed 12th Sep 2012 Video masturbation: Lawan (Video) | Intimate Moments

    A boring sunny afternoon, so what can you do? Lawan knows!

    Lying on her back we have a nice birds eye few on how this black haired cutie helps herself to a peaceful orgasm. But pay especially attention on her afterglow. Where she slips her fingers in again, takes a good stretch and has the most satisfied smile on her face.

  • Wed 12th Sep 2012 Lulu Solo | Solo

    Lulu is a beautiful Spanish chick living in Germany. She talks to us about her life and how she likes to be touched whilst she plays with her hairy pussy and shows us her hairy underarms.

    She lets us into her private life as she reads some very secret passages from her diary. Lulu slowly begins to masturbate, and proves that she is a multiple orgasmic woman!

  • Tue 11th Sep 2012 Misha Solo 3 | Solo

    What could be more Dutch than a blonde beauty, with long legs, riding her bicycle through the streets of Amsterdam. Never mind seeing the sites of the city, the view up Misha's denim skirt will have your full attention in this voyeuristic afternoon in the life of an Amsterdamer.

    Tying her bike up Misha retreats from the noise of the city to the quite sanctuary of the bathroom. Pealing off her clothing so we can peak at her large breasts Misha steps into the shower and unwinds.

  • Mon 10th Sep 2012 Lulu | Solo

    Stunning and all natural beauty Lulu enters abbywinters.com with this gorgeously sultry, sexual and seductive first solo.

    Engaging and holding you with her wide, bright eyes she hints at something more. Undressing her slim body she reveals her small breasts, dark, full bush and as a little surprise her long and beautifully natural underarm hair! Follow her and step outside onto the balcony as she effortlessly seduces.

  • Mon 10th Sep 2012 Girls Talk Podcast Episode 3 | Podcast

    This is the third episode of Girl's Talk. A podcast brought to you by abbywinters.com as a free bonus update to the site.

    Models, Lena and Latisha, join host Masie to delve into the somewhat mysterious world of squirting or gushing and also cover pee. This recording features both video and audio - and even includes a few in studio demonstrative treats...

  • Sun 09th Sep 2012 Misha | Solo

    Tall, stunning, blonde Dutch Misha returns with her simple and very sexy third solo shoot. Wetting her t-shirt in the shower and showing off her pert breasts and erect nipples she looks amazing.

    Drying off she changes into some new clothes, goes outside and puts her slender, long legs to work as we watch her cycle away!

  • Sun 09th Sep 2012 Sadie IM | Intimate Moments

    We join American Sadie as she is taking a pee in the bathroom. In a white summer dress she looks so innocent as she sits on the throne, her purple pants around her ankles.

    Sadie's hands slowly massage her tummy to make she has gotten all the water out, her fingers stopping to touch the hair between her legs. Slowly her hands start to wander elsewhere until she is lifting off her dress, allowing us a glimpse of her underarm hair. Nude on the toilet she starts to rub at her clitoris en route to a very loud orgasm.

  • Sat 08th Sep 2012 Cole & Crystal S | Girl-Boy

    Adorable English cutie Crystal S has brought her American boyfriend Cole to abbywinters, so we can get a look into their private relationship.

    Giggling throughout Crystal and Cole share their normal sexploits with us which include, toys, anal plugs and lots of orgasms. As they kiss at the very start, we catch a glimpse of Crystals wetness seeping through her pants, showing how turned on she is. This continues throughout the shoot as you can hear her wetness as she is pleasured by her lovers fingers and her many toys on route to being penetrated by her man.

  • Sat 08th Sep 2012 DIM: Kaylee & Merel | Intimate Moments

    American Kaylee dreams about becoming a dancing instructor. When faced with an energetic Merel and a cold afternoon she decides to put her teachings into practice.

    After one squat thrust to many the ladies collapse down onto a rug to rest. With Merel's Dark Skin and Kaylee's pale skin they decide that they look like chocolate and milk and set out to make some hot chocolate.

    After studying their breasts the ladies lie down and talk about how important it is for a woman to know and explore her own body. With wandering hands and a little talk about alone time in a steamy shower the ladies slowly build their pleasure to orgasm.

  • Fri 07th Sep 2012 Carmina & Marleen S GGT3 | Girl-Girl

    Its short v tall in this self defense teaching update. Spanish Carmina may be shorter than vertically blessed Dutch Marleen S but she can hold her own in a pillow fight!

    Collapsing on to the bed the girls start some slow kissing, Carmina's pale skin pressed against Marleen's tanned. Carmina spends most of this video upside down as the ladies try out lots of crazy positions!

    You'd think two orgasms would be enough but make sure you check out the after video where the ladies get a BIG surprise!

  • Thu 06th Sep 2012 Cole & Crystal S | Girl-Boy

    Naturally kinky and real life couple Cole and Crystal invite you to indulge in their sex life as they come back home for some extremely raunchy mid-day sex! Crystals petite frame and smooth pale skin lays in gorgeous contrast to her partner as they begin to undress each other. Holding Crystals large pert breasts and rubbing her full bush and wet pussy the sex starts to gather pace and when Crystal suggests using some of her personal toys the scene really heats up!.

    Its a beautiful set with some very intimate moments that show the real passion and love between these two.

  • Thu 06th Sep 2012 Backstage 334 | Behind the scenes

    Following on from the last backstage release here is the second half of the behind the Scenes footage. The amazing, sexual, most anticipated (at the time!) and one of the most popular shoots gets exposed in this backstage set, i am of course talking about the incredible Angie and Chloe B girl girl shoot outside in the stable.

    These two gorgeous, natural girls can keep of each others hugely large breasts, soft pale skin, full bushes of pubes and sexual personalities! Ravishing each other on the hay, see from the crew's eyes and watch this timeless shoot as it happened!

  • Wed 05th Sep 2012 Carmina & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    The beautifully tall, Dutch Marleen comes in to disturb the small, cute and petite Carmina; something she does not take to kindly and retaliates with a bit of infamous Spanish passion!

    Getting very flirty and handsy with each other they kiss. Furiously trying to get one over on the other they strip down to their smooth naked bodies. Inserting and licking each others shaved pussies and moving around the room they raise one another to orgasm.

  • Wed 05th Sep 2012 Alyssa R Solo | Solo

    Sexy Canadian Alyssa R shows off her amazing flexibility and stamina in this steamy yoga shoot.

    Starting her morning with a hot cup of tea, Alyssa changes into her yoga gear and begins her very revealing workout. Working up a sweat, she removes her clothing piece by piece until her toned, tanned body is totally naked. She twists and bends her bare body in a mix of poses which will have you working up a sweat along with her!

  • Tue 04th Sep 2012 Theresia Solo 2 | Solo

    Pregnant Theresia came back to us ready to burst with a big round tummy. Guest director Izzy decides to join her for a warm bath and a catch up.

    Theresia begins by telling us how her breasts have changed and even shows us some milk coming out of her dark nipples!

    In the swirl of the water Izzy helps her wash her dark skin while she tells us all about the changes to her body and sex drive including her new ultra speedy orgasms.

  • Mon 03rd Sep 2012 Alyssa R | Solo

    Welcome the the gorgeous Alyssa for her first ever abbywinters.com shoot, and she looks incredible stretching and undressing her toned, slender and tanned body, her small pert breasts and her amazing long legs.

    Following her natural morning routine she sits in the window with her drink before laying out the mat and running through her yoga moves, all with a seductive and stunningly sexually twist!

  • Sun 02nd Sep 2012 Theresia | Solo

    The stunning and glowing Theresia comes back to show us her beautiful pregnant body, and how she has changed and grown since her last shoot.

    Her large full breasts stand pert and her smooth, dark skin looks radient as she can hardly contain her joy. Smiling contagiously in every shot she undresses and slips into the bath and under the bubbles.

  • Sun 02nd Sep 2012 Yale IM | Intimate Moments

    Dutch lady Yale is laid on the sofa, her blonde hair draped over the arm. In the light from the window Yale starts to feel the warmth inside her and her hands begin to wonder over her body.

    Finding her nipples through her shirt Yale starts to pull and play, her other hand resting over her pants, making small circles on top. Slowly she pulls off her clothing to reveal her soft skin. With her pussy finally bare her hands start to move faster and faster as she builds to her orgasm.

  • Sat 01st Sep 2012 Claudia S & Latisha IM | Intimate Moments

    Spanish cutie Claudia S and cheeky Dutch Latisha have a very naughty time together as they hide from a persistent door knocker. As they undress each other, Latisha's tanned skin contrasts beautifully with Claudia's milky white pale skin. They giggle as they touch their perky small breasts fantasize that someone may be watching them as they build up to an intense climax.

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