• Mon 31st May 2010 Alena & Chahna | Intimate Moments

    It feels so good... Or so they say... Watching each other undress and talking to break the ice, the girls shed their clothes almost immediately, revealing full pubic hair and two very hot bodies.

    Chahna shyly sneaks a lustful glace or two at Alena as they lay together getting off on the sounds of their lascivious bodies.

  • Mon 31st May 2010 Kasey F | Solo

    A little bit of soft focus to tease and torment you today - you'll see incredibly sexy new model Kasey in the background - just out of reach... Not for too long though!

    Kasey enacts her fantasy of a workplace quickie romance as she undresses - giving you a wonderful view of her personality..among other things!

  • Sun 30th May 2010 Samantha L | Intimate Moments

    A different camera angle today as Samantha settles into a little private time...alone with her desires...

    Her body wriggles and her knees quiver as she gets closer and closer to a blissful, natural orgasm! Naturally!

  • Sun 30th May 2010 Manuela | Solo

    Cocoa perfection today because Manuela returns for her second solo at abbywinters.com!

    She has such a fullness about her - full of life, laughter and pizzazz, not to mention the fullness of her pert, firm young body...Her solo today features more of her sassy personality so check it out!

  • Sun 30th May 2010 Kasey F | Solo

    If you like bums you're in for a treat today because Kasey has a fine one and this shoot shows it off to perfection!

    Round, pert buns with high cut grey cotton briefs so her sexy arse cheeks are peeking out, plus tan lines, plus long blonde hair, big blue eyes and a sweet smile - this young thing will drive you nuts!

  • Sat 29th May 2010 Courtney M | Solo

    Often models are nervous but super excited to get nude and express themselves at abbywinters.com - new model Courtney is no different!

    A little shy to begin with she whips off her white tank top and then slowly slides her tight jeans over one of the tastiest arses I've ever seen! Pert, firm, round and in purrfect proportion...you'll see what I mean!

  • Sat 29th May 2010 Zita | Intimate Moments

    I love Zita's technique! She always begins her sexy sessions of self love with a long, sensual, luxurious full body rub- making sure she touches every part of her body (well all the good bits) with loving, desire inducing strokes...

    A licked finger provides a little lubrication before her hand ducks in deep between her thighs...

  • Fri 28th May 2010 Gilian | Solo

    Something a little different today as Gilian returns for her third solo shoot - LOTS of close ups!

    Get in tight and cosy as Gilian undresses, letting her fingers linger on buttons and her attention sway towards her desires... This video includes a super hot close up masturbation session towards the end...

  • Fri 28th May 2010 Courtney M | Solo

    Huge eyes, long lashes, slim figure, pert boobs - the list goes on!

    New model Courtney is naturally sexy chocolate flavoured fun! Her classy laid back cool is very appealing, and as she slowly undresses she reveals her gorgeous figure to boner-inducing effect!

  • Thu 27th May 2010 Hannah C & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    There's no pretence, no coyness - Hannah and Katherine are just themselves, ready and hungry for sex.

    Their hands move slowly and sensually over each other, savouring each soft mound and warm curve. Things really heat up as licked fingertips explore dark, wet, womanly places...

  • Thu 27th May 2010 Claire C | Intimate Moments

    A passionate orgasm today from delicious new model Claire - sexy tanned skin and a thick mane of glossy dark hair that frames her slowly blushing face.

    She gets really into the motion as her fingers entice a knee wobbling orgasm from between her thighs...

  • New Video: Sylva

    Wed 26th May 2010 New Video: Sylva | News

    A life lived just for dancing, Sylva is soon to finish her formal training and today she gets nude for abbywinters.com staffer Lotti and demonstrates her enviable flexibility... Enjoy!

  • Wed 26th May 2010 Gilian | Solo

    An absolute angel, Gilian is the quintessential abby model - healthy, vibrant, confidant and in love with life!

    Staff at AWHQ all seem to go a bit gooey whenever she's around and this shoot is a stunning example of her radiant beauty. Enjoy...

  • Wed 26th May 2010 Hannah C & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    Simmering heat that can't contain itself. Passion as their eyes lock. Desire bursting to the surface as Katherine and Hannah reach for each other, locking lips hungrily and pressing bare breast against bare breast...

    Thick creamy pussy juice lets fingers slide in easily and tongues enjoy the ride...

  • New Model: Sylva

    Tue 25th May 2010 New Model: Sylva | News

    A trained dancer, new model Sylva glides about her studio shedding her dress, her lace bra and her white panties effortlessly while smiling over one shoulder...

    Her quite confidence shines through and her petite lithe body is purrfectly trim and toned. A stunning young girl you're going to enjoy!

  • Mon 24th May 2010 Kylie H | Solo

    Kylie is one sexy gamer girl who isn't adverse to a bit of experimentation.

    She recounts for us a heated threesome encounter before undressing herself in front of the mirror and sliding her fingers under her panties. If you like watching girls with glasses getting themselves off in the privacy of their bedroom, then you'll love this video!

  • Sun 23rd May 2010 Kyle | Intimate Moments

    Working from home has it's distractions. You know, like masturbation. Kyle sneakily undoes the zipper on her denim jeans and buries her hand inside.

    Her lips part as she moans softly, struggling to free the buttons from her top. Naked, massaging her breasts and going for her life: all the ingredients to a good intimate moments video.

  • Sun 23rd May 2010 | News

    The stunning Rachel, with her long blonde hair and magnificent young body, wastes no time getting down to business.

    Her bra is off as she sinks into a bean bag while her hand sinks into something else entirely.

    Warning: drooling may occur when watching Rachel reveal her natural, hairy pussy.

  • Sun 23rd May 2010 Kylie H | Solo

    Kylie peeks at you over her black-rimmed glasses. She's lying playfully on her bed, her t-shirt rolled up to show off her pink bra and spotted undies.

    This Aussie babe could be the girl next door or the girl you went to school with, but she's definitely the sort of girl you'll be fantasising about for the next month - guaranteed.

  • Sat 22nd May 2010 Kamila | Solo

    Climb onto Kamila's bed and watch her take her clothes off.

    She's looking for a new boyfriend, but for now she's happy to show you her hard nipples, delicious skin and spicy, slender body all in the comfort of her own bedroom.

  • Sat 22nd May 2010 Manuela | Intimate Moments

    Have a peak over the couch and spy on Manuela; a dark-skinned goddess who just loves to play with her fantastic breasts and touch herself all at the same time.

    And you get to see it all from your hidden vantage point. This is one intimate moment you'll never forget!

  • Fri 21st May 2010 Tinsley | Solo

    Tinsley sneaks into her bedroom for a quick little session with her brand new vibrating toy. After telling us about her favourite vegetables to masturbate with, she slips out of her dress and starts to play.

    It's warm in her bedroom, but this only adds to the sexiness as sweat drips down her young, natural body.

  • Fri 21st May 2010 Kamila | Solo

    Kamila looks very tempting in her blue top and green skirt, which she cheekily pulls up to show you her cute, pink underwear.

    With her gorgeous smile and long dark hair, Kamila might look innocent, but we all know the innocent ones are often the naughtiest!

  • Thu 20th May 2010 Charlotte E & Dana B | Girl-Girl

    It's super-hot outside, so the girls retreat inside for some heat of their own. Charlotte has a makeshift couch of a hundred cushions that make it all the more easier to seduce Dana.

    But Dana wants to be seduced. Eagerly kissing and touching, they pull each other's clothes off and suck, lick and rub each other into seventh heaven.

  • Thu 20th May 2010 Vanda | Intimate Moments

    With lovely bronze skin and a colourful dress, Vanda reclines in a chair, erotically touching herself in all the right places.

    Peeling off her colourful underwear, Vanda moans and groans like you wouldn't believe as she works herself into incredible bliss.

  • Wed 19th May 2010 Leiko | Solo

    Leiko, who makes chocolate for a living, just sparkles on-screen. With shortly cropped hair and a cute smile, she climbs a tree, then removes her bra to show us her small, pert breasts before disappearing deep into the bush.

    Once she gets naked, you'll wish you were also disappearing into the bush...

  • Wed 19th May 2010 Tinsley | Solo

    With gorgeous hazel eyes and dyed red hair, this salacious Aussie babe is in the mood for some self-loving!

    Peeling off her white dress, she massages her juicy breasts while exploring her damp pussy with her slim white vibrating toy.

    This toy was generously donated by LoveCouple - find out how you too can be the giver of much orgasmic pleasure!

  • Wed 19th May 2010 Charlotte E & Dana B | Girl-Girl

    The cute as a button Charlotte is all over Dana's soft, firm body, sliding her panties to one side and sinking a finger deep inside.

    You can almost hear Dana moan with ecstacy. She lifts one leg up high so Charlotte can pull her panties off and slide her tongue in for some serious action!

  • Tue 18th May 2010 Leiko | Solo

    With cutoff jeans and a red bra visible through her white singlet, Leiko looks good enough to eat!

    Stripping off her clothes under the shade of a tree, Leiko shows off every sexy curve for your viewing pleasure - including her cute tuft of public hair and firm, hardened nipples.

  • Mon 17th May 2010 Capucine & Viola | Intimate Moments

    Capucine & Viola have both experimented with girls and today they chat a little about what they find attractive about other girls and there's even lots of interesting talk about bras!

    The girls are soon naked and rubbing slowly at first but speeding up as waves of pleasure and desire start to rush over them... Watch out for Capucine drinking in the sight of her partners quivers - it's clearly a turn on for her...

  • Mon 17th May 2010 Nadya | Solo

    Nadya is pretty nervous - it's her first time naked in front of you, she's never done anything so risque before but she summons her courage for the video camera and really starts to get into it... before too long, with her fingers gently exploring her shaved young pussy, the wetness and the juices seems to flow...

  • Sun 16th May 2010 Erin M | Intimate Moments

    It gets a bit boring in the kitchen sometimes, let's be honest. And when debut Abbywinters.com model Erin gets bored, she gets a little frisky.

    Touching and teasing herself, she gradually peels off her singlet and undies, then climbs atop the kitchen table for a thrilling display of pure enjoyment; her pocket-sized vibrator sending her into waves of ecstasy!

  • Sun 16th May 2010 Kara D | Solo

    An incredibly sexual being, young Kara has that soft purity of an angel but then a shake of her hips and that sexy glint in her eye alert you to her tasty side...

    Kara loves to get naughty and naked and today she's inviting you to watch as she strips down to her creamy bareness... Yum!

  • Sun 16th May 2010 Nadya | Solo

    Bathed in soft golden light that warms her supple young skin, new model Nadya will undress and reveal herself to you...

    Her tight cotton shorts grip her arse cheeks and her unique floral bra hide small, pert breasts with little pink nipples that harden as she spreads her legs....

  • Sat 15th May 2010 Gypsy | Solo

    "Young, curious and provocative", three words Gypsy uses to describe herself - and she certainly is all those things!

    Pushing the boundaries, playing up to desires and constantly flirting, this cute little abby girl with deliciously puffy nipples is one to watch out for in the future!

  • Sat 15th May 2010 LeeLee | Intimate Moments

    Lying on her tummy, her hand jammed tightly between her legs, her arse moving, slowly at first but then faster and faster - this super fast quickie session is incredibly erotic!

    LeeLee's whole body quivers and her muscles ripple...did you enjoy it as much as she did..?

  • Fri 14th May 2010 Jacque | Solo

    A raunchy mix of total sexual freedom and infectious confidence, Jacque's video today if chock full of juicy details about her fantasies and past experiences, including her first time!

    After all that talk she needs to address those urges so out comes the dildo and Jacque masturbates to a blissful end!

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