• Tue 31st May 2011 Kitty A | Solo

    Playful, blonde, skinny and adorned with gorgeously tanned smooth skin Kitty is never one to disappoint. In this, her second solo shoot she opens up as much of her personality as she does her glorious physical attributes. Moving around inside one of Amsterdam's famous house boats she flirts and teases the camera, flicking her hair and giving tantalizing glimpses of the white thong that slips between her small pert bum. Taking off all of her clothes until stripped down to her stunning naked body, she plays with her smooth shaved pussy and transposes through a montage of long legged poses on and around the leather sofa.

    Looking through the window of the house boat Kitty spots some of Amsterdam's many ducks and swans moving closer to the windows, so she jumps up, slips back on her clothes and drags our photographer outside for some fun with the wildlife.

    When back inside the warmth the clothes soon fall away again and the ensuing scene is one of pure sexual seduction!

  • Mon 30th May 2011 Felicity C | Solo

    Flic is the girl across the hall you want to bump in to at a bar. Cute smile, blue eyes, young pert body and a lovely full bush. On her way to being naked, Flic tells us her first time was with a girl. Maybe she's actually the girl across the hall you want to catch doing it with a cute friend!

  • Mon 30th May 2011 Hayden & Nichole | Intimate Moments

    Dutch strawberry blonde goddess Nichole and sexy hippy chick with a kiwi accent, Hayden, kick things into gear in the bathroom of all places.

    At first glimpse, you might think you are watching a solo as Nichole moisturizes her long legs. Then enters Hayden and the shoot begins. There is plenty of touching, kissing and intense eye contact to keep you well occupied.

    With some tricky camera work, you also get two Nichole's for the price of one. To find out how, watch the damn video!

  • Sun 29th May 2011 Felicity C | Solo

    Here we find sexy little Felicity alone in a room with only a leather chair and herself for entertainment. Felicity is a pretty shy but exciting girl with a bubbly personality and always game for a laugh. Here shes showing off her quirky side with bright green jeans, sexy pink spotted underwear and lick-able ice-cream print t-shirt.

    Its whats under all of this clothing that Felicity really wants you to see though; and when its all peeled away and her small boobs, tight little nipples and wet hairy pussy is revealed you'll be glad you stayed around to watch this usually shy girl come out of her shell.

  • Sun 29th May 2011 Priya | Intimate Moments

    Pretty Priya is back, this time wearing a nice pink dress and seductively laying on a sofa in her warm apartment. She watches the cold wet Amsterdam winter pass by outside.

    She licks her fingers and gets herself warmed up for an afternoon session of what quintessential abbywinters model Chloe refers to as "flicking the bean."

    Priya is hot, she has small breasts, and lovely dark skin. She is such a delight to watch.

  • Sat 28th May 2011 Kiki | After Dark

    Kiki is a sultry, teasing, exotic temptress with the most amazing perky boobs. She writhes around sexily on her bed, running her hands across her stockings, dress and lacy underwear.

    Kiki's big bold eyes, dark skin and simply perfect boobs are an extremely arousing combination. This petite beauty looks very glamorous dressed up to the nines and when your eyes meet hers, you will be captivated.

  • Sat 28th May 2011 Chervana & Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    Tanned, dark haired beauty Chervana asks hairy German glasses wearing stunner Gretchen about her masturbation experiences.

    Theses girls talk about their first time masturbating with a friend, Gretchens was with a boyfriend watching porn. Chervanas was with a girl when she was very young.

    Things heat up and soon theses two deliciously natural girls show each other what they like and how they like to be touched.

  • Fri 27th May 2011 Kiki | After Dark

    Big piercing eyes and large pouting lips are stunning accents to Kiki's gorgeously smooth dark skin. In an aesthetic hark back the days of 16mm video and 35mm film cameras Kiki sets the scene in an unbelievably sexy pair of Cuban heel stockings, the long thin stripe running up the backs of her legs, elongating them to new sexual heights.

    Kiki's body is knock-out and seen in all its slim curvaceous beauty as she writhes and stretches on her bed. Running her fingers down from her perfectly pert, large breasts she reaches suggestively for her trimmed pussy, giving it a quick stroke of the finger; she then turns back to slide off her stockings for one last sexy play to the camera.

  • Fri 27th May 2011 Backstage 269 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series. It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 269 is up today!

  • Thu 26th May 2011 Hayden & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Masie and Hayden are two amazingly hot chicks. These two blond cuties with gorgeous bodies and great sense of humor will make you very horny.

    This video is very special for me because it my very first shoot. I was so excited to be able to shoot video of two sexy girls in such an erotic situation. I was so close to their intense orgasms, I could hear every whisper and feel every breath. The room was simply full of sexual tension. I still can remember when Masie sucks the small nipples of Hayden's breast and brings her an awesome orgasm. You just have to see for yourself, definitely one of the best orgasms what I have ever seen

  • Thu 26th May 2011 Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Sneaking away upstairs from her friends the dark haired beauty Kylie sits underneath the changing Amsterdam sunlight streaming through above, she plays with and undressess her slim, toned and gorgeously slender body.

    Playing with her pert breasts she runs her hands down her body towards her smooth shaved pussy where she stretches and wriggels her way to a secretive and very intimate orgasm

  • Thu 26th May 2011 Barbara | Solo

    They say it's bad to take work home with you. Well the opposite must be true when a shoot comes to the office.

    Yep, new hottie Barbara comes to abby HQ to help out with some filing and photocopying but before you know it she's shedding her cute red skirt and tank-top and wandering around naked. Round bum, toned body and playful smile she tours the office while the team is beavering away creating more shoots for you. The question is, will she bother to get dressed before leaving?

  • Wed 25th May 2011 Hayden & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Playful and sexually unstoppable Masie goes over and under the clothes which hide Haydens slim, toned and beautifully natural body before pulling them off to reveal Hayden to all; Hayden then tickles, spanks and moves around Masies small pert body, stimulating her with every touch.

    Starting off painting Haydens nails things soon take a turn for the boisterous as the two dive on top of each other, entangleing their legs and stretching into a montage of beautiful, sensual and very sexual positions before reaching an intense climax at the end of the bed.

  • Wed 25th May 2011 Aime | Solo

    Aime is the well endowed young French girl backpacking around Australia making full use of her sexy accent and free spirit. She has a full bush, magnificent large boobs that tightly snuggle into her bikini as she tips her toes and a bit more into the bubbling Jacuzzi.

    Let her whisper sweet and sexy French naughty stories into your ear...

  • Wed 25th May 2011 Barbara | Solo

    Every day is new and exciting for us here at abbywinters.com, but when Barbara started walking up our stairs with her cute little smile we knew that day was going to a little more interesting than most! Wandering around our office in her suggestive little red skirt and tight top she not only helps out with a little bit of filing and photocopying, but also finds a little time to help herself to some mischievous play in the workplace. (which of course, we don't mind!)

    Legs spread and stretched out between the filing cabinets she shows off her gorgeous toned body and pert large breasts. Moving through the office she tries her hand at some computer work and in office acrobatics!

    Sitting naked on the window sill at the end of the day she contemplates her hard days work and we all, as you will, hope that this is not a just a one off!

  • Tue 24th May 2011 Aime | Solo

    The beautifuly bubbly and volumtuous Aime dips her large breasts and gorgeous curves into the warmth of the Jacuzzi as she slowly takes off her bikini over and under the water.

    Teasing us not only with her French accent in the video she teses us with peeks and glimpses of her trimmed dark pubes and cute, seductive smile.

  • Mon 23rd May 2011 Charlotte E | Solo

    This shoot is so simple to explain. Charlotte = sexy smoldering hot naked awesome.

    That alluring accent telling rousing sex stories, that incredibly fit body, those pert breasts, the long gorgeous legs.

    I could watch this girl all day long and never get bored. Perfection with a peeerrrrr.

  • Mon 23rd May 2011 Hayden & Nayomi | Intimate Moments

    Dark Skinned voluptuous big breasted Nayomi teams up up with the pale blonde Kiwi Hayden in a hot double wank session.

    When the t.v is not working theses girls entertain themselves and take matters into their own hands... They talk about having sex with other girls and their shared love of "pussy" and Nayomi tells story of her first oral sex experience with another girl at a very young age. They compare techniques and show each other how they masturbate. Maybe Hayden cheekily did unplug the t.v on purpose? ;)

  • Sun 22nd May 2011 Charlotte E | Solo

    Charlotte's gorgeous brown eyes and pert breasts really add to her amazing bubbly personality, and this multi-colored shoot shows that.

    Charlotte also has extremely smooth and sensual skin, perfectly tanned from the Australian sun which she cant help but touch shyly and seductively. A real down to earth girl that enjoys showing off all shes got.

  • Sun 22nd May 2011 Alexis V | Intimate Moments

    Aussie, Stunner, with a toned, slim body, beautiful eyes, and erect nipples, masturbates to orgasm naturally on the floor.

    Alexis rubs and softly touches her sexy body, teasing herself, sinking her fingers deep into her wet shaved pussy.

    Such a delight to watch.

  • Sat 21st May 2011 Real life couple: Gina J & Steve (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Gina and Steve are a very cute couple and in their first Girl Boy shoot we are treated to an intimate and passionate display of how this couple make love. It starts off very playfully with some flirting and chit chat in Hungarian. Then as the foreplay begins to heighten their arousal things progress into some more intimate and erogenous touching.

    Gina and Steve have been together for four years and four days, their chemistry is undeniable as they lovingly caress, kiss, touch, such and pleasure each other until a sweaty breathless orgasm is shared. Gina has a long steamy build up to her intense orgasm and she doesn't hide her sated state.

    Gina, "Was it really so good for you too?" Steve, "Yes! It was wonderful."

  • Sat 21st May 2011 Dahlia & Nichole | Intimate Moments

    After a long day of school I picked myself up to have an afternoon lounge session with Dahlia.

    This lounge session turned out to be a little more intense than I expected. This red haired sweetheart totally blew me away with her tiny kisses and girlish giggling.

    I'm very pleased that I finally found a girl who has the same fair skin as I! And I do not feel sorry of having an extreme close up of her beautiful face when she orgasms twice. Hopefully you will get to see some more of that soon, as well.

    If I can find the time for that, cause by finishing my semester a new challenge came on my path. This summer I will be trained to be a shooter for abbywinters.com.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy my shooting work as much as my modeling work and please keep me posted on your thoughts on my forum.

    Kus Nichole

  • Fri 20th May 2011 Real life couple: Gina J & Steve (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    The gorgeously slim and sexualy erotic Gina introduces her boy-friend Steve to abbywinters.com for the first girl-boy shoot in well over half a decade!

    In this beautifully honest and sensual shoot Steve and Gina show their intamcy with each other, and open up thier sex life by treating each other to a melange of provocatively arousing oral sex followed by intensely passionate and loving sex. The shoot culminates in Gina on all fours, arching her back and writhing in pleasure as Steve enters her from behind to bring them both to a syncronised climax.

  • Fri 20th May 2011 Backstage 268 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 268 is up today!

  • Thu 19th May 2011 Dahlia & Gretchen | Girl-Girl

    Naughty glasses clad, hairy pale German girl Gretchen is upto no good again, this time she seduces the red haired, small breasted beauty Dahila, on the floor of her apartment.

    Things get passionate early as horny Gretchen wastes no time to get into Dahlias pants. It's clear that Grechten is hungry for some some intense girl girl love and Dahila is more than happy to reciprocate. The two entangle in a solid lustful lady love session, sucking and licking each other into an orgasmic bliss.

    Theses two beautiful girls are sure to raise your heart beat and get the blood flowing!

  • Thu 19th May 2011 Nichole | Intimate Moments

    Sexy Nichole is back with another masturbation video. She slips off her tank top and softly teases her smooth fair skinned body. Playing with her pert nipples and pussy.

    Nichole likes to close her eyes while she touches herself. I wonder what she thinks of? Probably a good question for her on the discussion boards. Her nipples are hard and erect this is a great intimate moment, not just because Nicole is hot but also because she manages not one but two body shaking orgasms.

  • Thu 19th May 2011 Isadora | Solo

    Isadora looks so cool in her sunglasses and stylish top and white skirt as she wanders through the beautiful green field. Her read hair and red pubes look amazing against the lush open fields as the strips in the first long shot revealing her free flowing full bush.

    It is a very picturesque location for an amazingly rare specimen. Along with the red hair and pubes, Isadora has freckles and large boobs. It is perfect for such a uniquely natural women to be set against such a spectacular backdrop and it all combines for an extremely beautiful return solo video.

  • Wed 18th May 2011 Dahlia & Gretchen | Girl-Girl

    Two stunning girls passionatly embracing themselves and each other in this erotically high-paced girl on girl set, Gretchens slim body and beautiful pert breasts presses up to and explores Dahlias sensual curves.

    Dahlias vivid red hair tickles the insides of Gretchens long legs as the two experiment with position after position until helping each other reach an intense and deeply intimate climax.

  • Wed 18th May 2011 Isadora | Solo

    Isadora's vivid red hair stands in gorgeous contrast against the lush greens of the grass field and deep blue of her small dress.

    Laying between the grass she sensually undresses to reveal her stunning pale skin and soft tufts of golden red pubic and arm pit hair.

    This shoot really does show of this all natural girl at her best in all natural surroundings.

  • Mon 16th May 2011 Jemma M | Solo

    Two words that together we love: Sexy Geek. That's what bookworm Jemma is and heavy on the sexy at that. Hangout on her bed for a while and listen to some literature as she lounges around in a flannelet shirt and her light purple g-string.

    She teasingly removes her clothes to show you her beautiful, cute, trim and tall body. As well as her lovely smooth pale white skin. This is one study date well worth making and with a few sexy bonus surprises too. If only studying was this fun.

  • Mon 16th May 2011 Nayomi & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    Beautiful and bubbly Nayomi is quick to get naked and cute Twyla likes this and watches her which lead them into fingering and rubbing themselves for the ultimate climax!

    They flirt and clearly have a bundle of chemistry, Twyla "do you fantasize about things?", Nayomi "Yeah, mostly about eating a girl out".

  • Sun 15th May 2011 Jemma M | Solo

    Innocent and reserved, Jemma's a girl that seems that way at first. But you got to watch out for the quite ones! In the bedroom its another story, flirtatiously undressing and showing off her gorgeous figure, long legs and pert little breasts Jemma really comes out of her shell to show you her passionate side.

  • Sun 15th May 2011 Alyssia | Intimate Moments

    Its washing day and Alyssia is sorting her laundry, but she's soon distracted and sits on the floor and gently opens her nightie exposing a perfect pair of breasts.

    She spreads her legs apart and starts to rub, masturbating intensively and panting softly. Her tanned body shakes and quivers while she cums hard and falls into a heap on the floor, satisfied and content.

  • Sat 14th May 2011 Iveta | Solo

    So most of us know Iveta well through her 12 shoots that feature a range of sex, masturbation and one on one time. However in this solo new things are revealed. We already knew about Iveta's beautiful face, warm smile, buxom body and big boobs. But what some of us didn't know is all about her German heritage. She speaks it throughout the shoot and surprises us with her accent, as her English was so proficient in all her other shoots.

    Iveta proceeds, teasing us by squeezing her cozi against her full boobs and writhing around on the bed throwing suggestive and sexy looks right down the barrel. Iveta you rock!

  • Sat 14th May 2011 Priya & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    With her hairy armpits, glasses and hairy pussy, Twyla leads dark skinned and shaved Priya in an intimate masturbation session.

    They met on Movie Night Girls and now here they are together again. Wearing matching socks and hats, they chat about clothes, vibrators and even compare techniques. Twyla draws it out and makes sure she comes as hard as she possible can. Don't you just love a woman that oozes sexuality and knows how to do it right for her?

  • Fri 13th May 2011 Christen | Solo

    We all know and love the sexy Christen. A popular model with a heap of very teasing shoots. And this is another to add to a stunning collection. However, this particular solo video is a bit different to the rest.

    All silent. A roaming camera follows the every move of her sublime body and look of her beautiful face. She teases and seduces you with her wonderful round pert bum and boobs, and melts you into the palm of her hand with those big bold eyes and sexy facial expressions.

  • Fri 13th May 2011 Backstage 267 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 267 is up today!

  • Thu 12th May 2011 Dahlia & Hayden | Girl-Girl

    Two Horny naturally beautiful girls, short haired blonde Kiwi lass Hayden with her tasty shaved vagina, and the red haired small breasted hairy beauty Dahila, start to have a relaxing picnic in the lush green bush, as the weather heats up, so do theses girls and the innocent picnic soons turns into a shag-a-rama in the bush.

    Natural, erotic, passionate sex with two cute girls having some fiery sex and enjoying themselves.

    Boob sucking, fingering, passionate kissing, pussy grinding, and pussy licking... there is something for everyone in this sex feast in the great outdoors!

  • Thu 12th May 2011 Agnes V | Intimate Moments

    If you missed Anges' first intimate moment then do yourself a favour and click here and open that gem in another window.

    If you had seen that rousing first time display of masturbation by Agnes, then you will no doubt be looking forward to yet another scintillating offering from this stunning exotic Asian.

    This petite minx is amazing. A simply gorgeous girl from head to toe. And best of all, she certainly knows her own body and exactly how to have intense orgasms during another spectacular masturbation session.

  • Thu 12th May 2011 Lynley | Solo

    Lynley is full of energy. So bubbly and and talkative she explodes onto the screen and doesn't stop. We have seen Lynley before in a number of girl girl shoots but its nice to spend some one on one time as she takes us through the garage of a friends place.

    Hoping on pushbikes bikes, motorbikes and juggling all feature. As dose the neatly trimmed full bush, long socks and lovely petite naked body of Lynley.

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