• Sun 31st Jul 2011 Sylvanna | Solo

    Sylvanna once again eposes her greatest assets to us in this latest solo instalment, bathing her glowing tanned skin under her small desk top lamp she starts to reaveal exactly what you'd hope, a beautiful shapely and sensual body highlighled by pert breasts and inviting, trimmed pubic hair.

  • Sun 31st Jul 2011 Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Escaping a rainy day, charming Renae D decides to get herself wet in other ways...

    Rubbing her hairy pussy, slowly at first, then harder and faster to bring herself to a glorious orgasm.

  • Sat 30th Jul 2011 Susie | After Dark

    abbywinters.com fans new and old will all know the glorious Susie. In this video we get to see her dressed to the nines and spend a long long time watching her undress oh so slowly.

    Susie has a full bush, pale skin and dark raven hair.

    Sultry just doesn't quite cover how hot raunchy this video is. Blue sequined dress, matching elegant cream and moron bra, knickers and suspenders. This is just stunning from end to end, just like Susie.

  • Sat 30th Jul 2011 Fleur D & Gaby | Intimate Moments

    Gaby and Fleur are so cute, they look great together. Gaby is a tall blond dutch woman and Fleur is a hippie girl with long dreadlocks, cute smile and nerdy glasses. They are very different but both look very sexy.

    They meet together in the bathroom where Fleur is sitting on the wash machine and reading a magazine while Gaby is taking off her clothes to take shower. When Gaby starts touching her round breasts and cleaning her body in a very passionate and sexy way Fleur gets horny and takes off her hippy clothes and starts to masturbate. Check how this sexy story finishes... maybe they will take a shower together or maybe they will pash... you never know!

    And don't forget to check the bonus interview with Fleur and Gaby!

  • Fri 29th Jul 2011 Gaby & Kandice | Girl-Girl

    Tall blond Gaby just bought a new set of kama sutra cards when dark curvy Kandice is visiting her.

    The girls decide to try some sexy positions. At first the girls are all giggly but soon they're getting warmed up for some long and intense licking and fingering.

    Although Gaby never had sex with a woman before she makes Kandice come, helping her draw out a long and exciting orgasm.

  • Fri 29th Jul 2011 Susie | After Dark

    Susie as never seen before, her dark hair, piercing eyes and gorgeous slim body punch through the high contrast of the dark shadows and red patterned wallpaper to leave her silhouette engraved in to your mind. Playing and teasing with her stockings and suspenders she'll have you hooked, her gentle touch and sensual movements reel you in closer to her and as she pulls off her sequined dress to reveal her stunning red underwear you'll be begging her to remove it!

    Underneath she exposes her pert breasts, beautiful long legs and all natural full bush of pubes. Susie and After-Dark were almost made for each other.

  • Thu 28th Jul 2011 Backstage 278 | Behind the scenes

    Dedicated to one intensely sexual shoot between Chloe B and Gabrielle we get to see that backstage of what went on and how Toby manages to capture it so intimately.

    These two have done some pretty amazing shoots in there time and this is up there with them all, but who of you remember Chole's girl-girl appearance with Kiki & Lirissa M? Or maybe you spotted her in yoga girls?

  • Wed 27th Jul 2011 Gaby & Kandice | Girl-Girl

    Kadice's gorgeous body and brunette hair perfectly compliment the tall frame and blonde Gaby as the two flirt and move closer to each other, finally getting together with a passionate kiss and ending with the two embraced and holding each other.

    Apparently opposites attract and smooth shaved Gaby certainly seems to have an affection for Kandice's full bush as she runs her hands and mouth down towards it.

  • Wed 27th Jul 2011 Renae D | Solo

    Renae D our cute Texan biologist, with amazing red pubic hair tells us about her fervid passion for Crayfish and knitting.

    Starting outside she soon moves in showing us her slim toned body, beautiful breasts and tan lines. It's cute and educational!

  • Tue 26th Jul 2011 Maria S | Solo

    A private moment with the freckled Maria. Nice.

    In this fixed camera, slowmo shoot Maria teases the camera as she slowly removes her clothes. First her girly t-shirt, then the bra and finally the purple tights.

    She then spends a long time wrestling with the tights and stretching them around various parts of her body while you get to see her red pubes and pale skin.

  • Mon 25th Jul 2011 Renae D | Solo

    The gorgeous redheaded Renae debuts in this her first solo, stood outdoors in the lightly spitting rain she makes a quick entrance back indoors through the window, giving us a sneak peek at her long legs, pert bum and smooth skin.

    Inside and on the bed Renae removes her clothes to reveal the rest of her slim and beautiful body and as she relaxes she starts to play with full bush or red pubes and slip inside herself for a play.

  • Sun 24th Jul 2011 Maria S | Solo

    Pale skinned Marina, with her tightly curled black hair, sits seductively in her pale green retro armchair. With nothing more than a small red t-shirt and a pair of worn and ripped blue tights Marina stretches and flexes her slim, curved body, elongating her slender legs onto the cabinet she removes her clothing.

    Underneath her torn tights and pale yellow bra she exposes her full bush of pale red pubes and shyly erect nipples.

  • Sun 24th Jul 2011 Fleur D | Intimate Moments

    The all natural Fleur comes into view in nothing but her sarong, removing it to put in the wash she reveals her petite body, cute round bum and full bush.

    Sitting against the wall and framed by the greens of the back garden she starts sensually and quietly bring herself to a midday climax

  • Sat 23rd Jul 2011 Kandice & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Feel the tension build as cute Texan Renae D and English gal Kandice hang out together which leads to some scorching mutual masturbation.

    ...plus a special cameo by a certain sexy Dutch lady.

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2011 Chervana & Dahlia | Girl-Girl

    While tanned Italian vixen Chervana is sunbaking, redhead Dahlia plots her attack!

    Chervana wearing her bathers, gets her boobs pulled out of her top almost instantly as Dahlia cannot wait to see her incredible body. There is a load of passionate kissing, nipple sucking and awesome mouth to pussy orgasms to keep you occupied. Don't forget to watch to the very end as you don't want to miss the waterfight!

  • Thu 21st Jul 2011 Backstage 277 | Behind the scenes

    Following the models and shooters of abbywinters.com we this week find ourselves shadowing Jacki, Michelle and Toby on set as the shoot the gorgeous Fotina and Michelle R for their fun filled Girl-Girl set.

    Rolling around on the shag pile and pressed up against the big windows of the room they explore seduce and please each other, and all from the unique perspective of backstage!

  • Wed 20th Jul 2011 Chervana & Dahlia | Girl-Girl

    Watching the beautiful tanned Chervana undressing down to her bikini on the sun soaked balcony Dahlia can't resist but join her and try to get down to her smooth olive skin. After some passionate play the two decide to take things inside for a more private and intimate play.

    On the bed redheaded Dahlia wastes no time in getting all remaining clothes off Chervana and revealing her in all her nude beauty. Chervana with equal eagerness runs her tongue and hands all over Dahlia, moving down from her small breasts too her full bush of pubes. After a leg tangling session inside they move naked back outside on the balcony to relax in the sun and cool out with some water.

  • Wed 20th Jul 2011 Fleur D | Solo

    Hippy chick with glasses AND a brand new model for aw Fleur D embraces her natural surroundings in this sexy outdoor shoot.

    Don't miss another quintessential abby shoot in the green fields of Holland with a model fully equipped with a hot body and long dreadlocks.

  • Tue 19th Jul 2011 Anycka | Solo

    Anycka shows off her her shaved pussy and inverted nipples, while trying on her boyfriends hats and using his soccer ball in ways he never thought of.

    You don't want to get on the bad side of Anycka...or do you? Her boyfriend must have done something unsavory, because when she wakes up at his house she is less than impressed with him and she ain't buying his apology letter either. Instead she romps around his room and has a ball.

    This playful young girl warms herself up by writhing around on his bed and running her hands all over her smooth body. And as she ventures into this more worked up state she has come around to the idea of forgiving him and maybe even having a special treat in store...

  • Mon 18th Jul 2011 Fleur D | Solo

    Natural and down to earth Fleur spends some time outdoors between the bright greens relaxing and having fun undressing her petite body, large breasts and full bush.

    Moving around on the sun warmed concrete steps she goes further onto the country path where she lets loose her playful side, bouncing from position to position, stretching for the sun to hand stands.

  • Sun 17th Jul 2011 Anycka | Solo

    Waking up in the morning after an argument with her boyfriend Anycka might feel just that little bit guilty about making him sleep on the floor last night, whilst she enjoys the double bed to herself.

    Playing around with his clothes in the wardrobe and stripping herself down to nothing Anycka seductively flirts with the camera and starts to feel the dissatisfaction from a night on her own. Running her hands over her soft skin she moves down to play with her gorgeously smooth shaved pussy and small breasts, showing off her rare and sexy inverted nipples. Spreading her legs and arching her back she reaches her peak of sexual frustration she decides its time to let him back in the bed for a much needed make up!

  • Sun 17th Jul 2011 Gaby | Intimate Moments

    Wearing leopard print underwear, leggy blonde bombshell Gaby slowly reveals her tanned body, then brings herself to a sensual orgasm.

    It's a simple shoot; 1 girl and 1 camera, but really what more do you need to have an exclusive sneak peak into a woman's private time.

  • Sat 16th Jul 2011 Kandice & Nichole | Intimate Moments

    The beautiful cute British brunette Kandice Joins sexy aw dutch staffer Nichole in this intense and erotic double intimate moment.

    These two busty girls are relaxing and lounging on a bed catching up with current affairs reading the newspaper. It's not long before the the pair are naked and enjoying their amazing bodies rubbing, fingering, caressing themselves making for an intense climax.

  • Fri 15th Jul 2011 Kylie H & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Cheeky blonde Satine flirts with hot Aussie Kylie H in this sexy, racy and sensuous girl girl shoot.

    As foreplay they compare notes on on their favourite girl girl experiences and then make their own story. Wait, I almost forgot to mention the awesome mouth-to-pussy orgasms!!

  • Thu 14th Jul 2011 Backstage 276 | Behind the scenes

    The newest installment of backstage images see's models Jackie and Petria on set to record an old abbywinters.com newsletter.

    We them move onto another set with Fotina and Michelle R's girl girl and once again Jackie joins them on set to watch and record all the action which can be found here.

  • Wed 13th Jul 2011 Kylie H & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Satine flirts and tries her best to distract Kylie with cute little pokes and seductive smiles from the sofa, understandably unable to resist Kylie joins her and wastes no time in getting Satine undressed and revealing those gorgeous pert breasts and lick-able pale skin.

    Satine unwraps Kylie, pulling her clothes off and and getting intimate with her soft skin, beautifully slim waist and smooth shaved pussy. The two wrestle around on the sofa, the floor and some very sexy positions on the wooden arm chair from Kylie really make this set one that you'll want to come back too!

  • Wed 13th Jul 2011 Madelief | Solo

    Sexy blonde Dutch lass Madelief makes her debut with a cute and innocent, yet arousing shoot.

    With her flirtatious nature she tells us exactly why she doesn't want a boyfriend and shows off her delicious body and shaved pussy.

  • Tue 12th Jul 2011 Naomi E | Solo

    Naomi is back. She did appear first on abbywinters.com way back in April of 2006 and has done a big collection of shoots since then. But it has been sometime before Naomi last graced us with her beautiful presence and she has never looked better in this return solo video.

    She reflects on her past shoots with AW and her girl girl and sexual experiences in general with some very rousing insights and matter of fact sex stories. Naomi is very cute, with pale skin, light freckles and a very slender and trim body.

  • Mon 11th Jul 2011 Madelief | Solo

    Debuting with this, her first shoot is the gorgeous, dutch Madelief and you are all going to be glad she's here to show off her gorgeous body, long legs and blonde hair.

    Relaxing in the sunlight of her bedroom she teases and seduces with glimpses of her soft white skin and suggestive little smiles as she slowly undresses at the foot of her bed, revealing to you her beautiful breasts, smooth shaved pussy and secret little piercing...

  • Sun 10th Jul 2011 Naomi E | Solo

    Once again Naomi appears in another sexy abby winters installment, and were sure you'll be glad she decided to do so. Maybe you've already seen some or her previous shoots and know what visual treats your in for, but if not we'll give you a quick briefing.

    Naomi is a really down to earth, sexy girl from Australia that loves been very open about who she is and exactly what she enjoys. Always with a sensual look in her eye, gorgeous figure and sweet pink nipples, Naomi's shoots are always a more than enjoyable viewing experience.

  • Sun 10th Jul 2011 Dahlia | Intimate Moments

    Petite redhead Dahlia is back in this intimate moment.

    This time shes perched herself on the floor, wearing cute blue shorts and a Daisy Duck t-shirt. This little lady is all natural to the max, with her full bush and hairy pits, and she certainly knows how to enjoy her tiny body. Her small boobs are pert and shapely, and her nipples stand to attention. Dahlia is one cutie that you sure as hell don't want to miss.

  • Sat 09th Jul 2011 Chervana & Gaby | Intimate Moments

    Two sexy Dutch ladies Chervana and Gaby have an orgasmic afternoon together.

    They compare the time it usually takes them to climax, then have a crack themselves. Talking us through the experience and resulting in one sexy and horny shoot.

  • Fri 08th Jul 2011 Dahlia & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous red-headed Dahlia and brunette Jenna were always going to make for an intensely sexual partnership, so this set is a guaranteed winner, especially when you realize its starts of on set with Kylie H and Annabelle-Lee playing spin the bottle!

    After Kylie and Annabelle sneak off upstairs for their little 'get-together' Dahlia and Jenna can really let loose and dive into each other. Moving from the chair, to the windowsill and finally the floor these two explore all of each other, from Jenna's gorgeously slim body and sculptured round hips to Dahlia's full bush. Teasing and indulging each other these two bring each other to a well deserved and intimate climax.

  • Thu 07th Jul 2011 Backstage 275 | Behind the scenes

    Setting off on a wet and rainy Aussie day Indiana and Mandy M set off for their girl-girl shoot together where they attempt to erect a tent indoors, but soon steer off on an all together more sexual tangent.

    Also making an appearance in this set is Melita and Violet, cuddled up with Indiana at the abbywinters.com HQ.

  • Wed 06th Jul 2011 Dahlia & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous red-headed Dahlia and brunette Jenna were always going to make for an intensely sexual partnership, so this set is a guaranteed winner, especially when you realize its starts of on set with Kylie H and Annabelle-Lee playing spin the bottle!

    After Kylie and Annabelle sneak off upstairs for their little 'get-together' Dahlia and Jenna can really let loose and dive into each other. Moving from the chair, to the windowsill and finally the floor these two explore all of each other, from Jenna's gorgeously slim body and sculptured round hips to Dahlia's full bush. Teasing and indulging each other these two bring each other to a well deserved and intimate climax.

  • Wed 06th Jul 2011 Gaby | Solo

    Gaby is a georgous young Dutch girl with beautiful breasts, blonde hair and blue eyes. She speaks to us about her fantasys and listens to some dance music on her decks. slowly undressing to reveal long legs and a shaved pussy she plays with herself while tipping some water on her breasts and pussy.

    By the end of the video she has gotten too horny and decides to finsh the day with an orgasm.

  • Tue 05th Jul 2011 Satine | Solo

    Blond haired Satine returns to abbywinters.com with a sexy story about fucking her boyfriend in a public place...and getting caught.

    Her cute English accent and crystal blue eye, make story time with Satine a mouthwatering experience.

  • Mon 04th Jul 2011 Gaby | Solo

    Daring to stand her slim and curvaceous body in the window for all to see Gaby playfully hides and peeks, playing with her large breasts and clean shaved pussy.

    She moves away from the window and towards the record collection where she lets the music get her in the mood. She starts to slowly remove her clothes, running her hands over her smooth skin and down her long legs. Letting a finger slip inside she moves and rolls into a multitude of positions bringing herself to a long awaited orgasm.

  • Sun 03rd Jul 2011 Satine | Solo

    The gorgeous blonde and playful Satine takes us on another of her sexually boisterous solo adventures. She slowly undresses her small, slim body with the help of a plastic horse and a flower (sounds odd, but very sexy!)

    Showing off her beautifully pert breasts and gorgeous tight round bum she moves around the room exploiting every surface for her own erotic gain.

  • Sun 03rd Jul 2011 Keilyn | Intimate Moments

    Small breasted, sexy, brunette Keilyn masturbates to an intense orgasm in this Intimate moment with a twist.

    Get up close and personal with the fair skinned beauty, as videographer Michelle grabs the camera and films Keilyn masturbating on a couch.

  • Sat 02nd Jul 2011 Kelly M | After Dark

    Take a trip back in time ... 1952 perhaps? Kelly will take you on a journey discovery, revealing her womanly body, big boobs and shaved pussy.

    Kelly defines cleavage and if you are a 'boob' person, this is a must-see video! She describes what she is doing throughout the scene in just enough detail, to keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • Sat 02nd Jul 2011 Dahlia & Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Young, cute, hairy, Dahlia joins her friend the sexy glasses wearing beauty with small boobs, Kylie H together for a masturbating session in the bath.

    The two young girls get naughty in the tub and watch each other rub their lady bits!

    Watch as the girls pleasure themselves in this steamy erotic double intimate moment.

  • Fri 01st Jul 2011 Annabelle Lee & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    American redhead and known firecracker Annabelle Lee returns to show cute Aussie Kylie H exactly how she likes to fuck women.

    Remember the days when you played spin the bottle? Hanging out with Dahlia and Jenna K, you can relive this experience in a shoot which starts out similar to a girl girl fun shoot.

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