• Tue 30th Sep 2008 Emm | Intimate Moments

    One by one, Emm pulls her breasts out of her dress to play with her nipples, twisting and squeezing it. She slips out of her knickers to massage her pussy, but still she wants more. She uses a Dildo Drive vibrator sent to her by Frans to really get herself going. Emm cums so many times in this video they're impossible to count.

  • Tue 30th Sep 2008 Noelle | Solo

    Pretty redhead Noelle heads for the beach to build sand castles. The sand's too dry though and she ends up with sand volcanoes instead. What else could she do here on this deserted stretch of coastline? Let's get naked and feel the sand and the wind the natural way. Along the way Noelle gives us a good look inside her private parts and tries not to get them too sandy.

  • Tue 30th Sep 2008 Elizabeth C | Solo

    I wonder if Elizabeth C is as innocent as she appears with her librarian's assistant look and demure glasses. I think not. She looks like she has a bit of a wild streak in her. She readily takes off her bra and slides down her undies until she's wearing only a skirt, with a bare bottom underneath. And Elizabeth sitting naked in a chair looks very happy to be here with us at abbywinters.

  • Mon 29th Sep 2008 Larissa M & Zasha | Intimate Moments

    Larissa M & Zasha find themselves together in the same bed. They compare clothes and undies while they admire each others hot bodies. After removing an article of clothing each, they begin to masturbate side by side and it's just a couple of minutes until Larissa has her orgasm. Zasha uses a vibrator and Larissa helps her out by playing with her chocolately nipples and sucking on them. Zasha finally comes like a freight train as the orgasmic contractions ripple through her feminine parts.

  • Mon 29th Sep 2008 Chantelle K | Solo

    Chantelle K's been out house-hunting and thinks she's found one she likes. It has only one piece of furniture at the moment, a spartan wooden chair, but Chantelle has a seat and proceeds to tell us all about her life - sex life included. Then she gets undressed and reveals those nicely-shaped boobs and her long straight pubic hair which she enjoys playing with. Chantelle sits down on the chair again and opens her legs to give you a lasting and good impression of her body.

  • Sun 28th Sep 2008 Leah | Intimate Moments

    Leah is getting her buns toasty warm by the fireplace while she starts rubbin' the nubbin. Her breasts have been well taken care of and Leah has taken her clothes off and moved her attentions a bit lower. She works at it diligently until it's orgasm time.

  • Sun 28th Sep 2008 Noelle | Solo

    Noelle's back for a Redux shoot of carefree fun on the beach. She runs and jumps happily and makes you feel good just watching. Noelle will also give you some other feelings as she sits in the sand and explicitly spreads her lips wide, and lets you see that she's horny by just how wet she is. Noelle's first set is here, and her second set was part of the Orchard Girls.

  • Sun 28th Sep 2008 Chantelle K | Solo

    Chantelle K is a pretty Asian girl with very fancy undies and bra. She smiles seductively as she sticks her well-rounded boobs out toward the camera. Long and straight pubic hair partially covers her pink bits, but that's okay; we can see what we need to see through her dark forest.

    The Video Newsletter for this week is brought to you by Sue-Ann, a model and a staff member. Sue-Ann has abandoned the previous style of Video Newsletter for a quiet, intimate, and hot chat with you about the wonders of the site. Take one of our tours and subscribe today. There's one for the Solo site, Girl-Girl site and the Intimate Moments site. Why not subscribe to all three? You'll be glad that you did.

  • Sat 27th Sep 2008 Annalisa | Intimate Moments

    Swedish babe Annalisa pulls off her sun dress and lays down on the sofa with the promise of self love hanging in the air... her panties are soon off and her bottom rising and falling to a delicious rhythm as her hands work feverishly on her pussy.

    ..sometimes I wish I could move the camera- it'd be yummy to look from the side and see what her fingers are doing to cause such orgasmic pleasure- a soft moan and a final thrust from her hips before she collapses contentedly.

  • Sat 27th Sep 2008 Violeta | Solo

    Turn up the volume on this hot video because the soft spoken Violeta has a wonderful accent from southern Italy you'll surely enjoy. She chats casually about her love of soccer and re-enacts some funny antics before shucking her tank top and undies!

    Her slender, athletic body is perfectly proportioned. Full breasts and a high round bum are some of the best our shooters have ever seen...

    See even more of Violeta and her passion for all things sport in the recent Wrestling Girls shoot!

  • Fri 26th Sep 2008 DIY Girls | Girl-Girl

    Who would have thought flat pack furniture would be so entertaining? Kylee, Keira and Keilyn move into a new pad, try to disassemble an Ikea bed, give up and make out instead! I'm soo jealous!

    In the first video there's fun and games as the three DIY Girls playfully muck around, chatting as they work but in the second video tops are shed and small hands reach surreptitiously for jean zips...desire hangs in the air..mmm

  • Fri 26th Sep 2008 Bettie | Intimate Moments

    Bettie's lush dark hair compliments her pale milky skin to perfection. And while she's home alone this afternoon her hands decide to fluff up her dark thatch before slipping gently lower to lend a pleasurably wet finger to her pussy!

    Her sighs become more insistent but she takes her time, building tension but enjoying the ride...why don't you join her?

    See some of Bettie's other hot shoots here and here!

  • Fri 26th Sep 2008 Brooke T | Solo

    Slim and sultry, Brooke T saves her smiles for special moments...her shoot today lets you get close to her in the best way: get to know her personality and her beautiful naked body...

    What more could you ask for!

    Shot in a cool urban warehouse, Brooke's long legs and cute panties peek out from her denim overalls...as do her gorgeous, soul searching brown eyes from her glossy fringe...

  • Fri 26th Sep 2008 DIY Girls | Girl-Girl

    Three hot girls are trying to take apart a Do It Yourself bed. All the effort must be making them warm because all three take their shirts and bras off. It's not long before they can't help but kiss each other and touch each others breasts. Their excitement builds and off come the pants. They kiss each other all over and grab each others arses. Seems like a good way to spend the afternoon. I wonder if they'll fix something at my house.

  • Thu 25th Sep 2008 Violeta | Solo

    My oh my, I'm in love all over again. Violeta has lovely medium sized breasts and one of the most beautiful hairy pussies ever. She spreads her legs and the sun comes out. It's that good. I shouldn't leave out her curvy bum, pretty brown hair mixed with blonde, and gorgeous eyes. She's definitely a stunner.

  • Thu 25th Sep 2008 Krystin | Intimate Moments

    A soft little growl of hunger from her tummy can't stop Krystin's hand unzipping the side of her retro dress and slipping a hand sneakily down to where it's needed most...

    Her special, private time alone is for her to explore her body and experiment with different techniques. First she tests to see how wet she is, slips her knickers off quickly and lays back- spreading her legs to let the vibrator hit the right spot. But that only works for a little while, she needs more power so she rolls onto her side- wriggling and squirming- a sheen of sweat glistens on her cheeks before finally, blissfully, waves of a very subtle but none the less enjoyable orgasm ripple through her body...

  • Wed 24th Sep 2008 Chloe B & Marigold | Girl-Girl

    My two favourite ladies, Chloe B & Marigold are having a barbeque but there's another kind of hunger sizzling on the hot plate...Tensions soon burst and the sausages are abandoned for some intensely passionate kissing, licking, sucking and fucking!

    Two videos totalling more than 50 steamy minutes and a backstage compilation you'll love just as much as the main videos!

  • Wed 24th Sep 2008 Brooke T | Solo

    Brooke T is totally stunning. Her new darker hair colour and cut really suit her. And those blue eyes - they're so pretty. With so many goosebumps all over, I hope she wasn't too cold, although it does make her nipples stand up nicely. Brooke's body is in great shape and she has the sexiest arse around.

  • Tue 23rd Sep 2008 Shee-Ra | Solo

    Shee-ra twirling + green outdoors + nakedness = hot video!

    Some beautiful Magpie song to accompany Shee-Ra as she discards her clothes and wanders around the field twirling her ribbon, first in her bright red undies then nothing but a bare bum!

    It's a beautiful, picturesque scene- her velvety chocolate skin framed upon the bluest of blue skies. Young, perky breasts sitting high and full. Cute round bum and a perfectly shaved pussy to top it off....what more could you ask for?!

    Centaur says: We reconsidered and decided that we just can't deprive you of the video this week. The stills set will come along at a later date.

  • Tue 23rd Sep 2008 Meagan G | Intimate Moments

    Meagan G is sitting in a sports car. I started to wonder what sort of sports car when I was pleasantly diverted by Meagan's hands. They had just disappeared down her top...

    It got even more interesting when her shorts started to slide down her thighs...

    "Sports car? What sports car?!" By the end of this video I wasn't aware of anything other than the sticky wet spot on my own panties...

  • Tue 23rd Sep 2008 Amy J | Solo

    Amy J's gorgeous lotion shoot is going up today! Her cute stockings are rolled off and her hands work the moisture-giving goodness deep into her supple young skin.

    A beautiful lotion video that I know you'll enjoy!

    You might also want to check out our AW Today page because Amy was in town today for some saucy double masturbation action with sweet-as-pie Becky T!

  • Tue 23rd Sep 2008 Larissa M | Solo

    Larissa M looks very cute, but at the same time very hot in her white bra and blue undies. Larissa lies on the bed and spreads her pink bits so that you can get a look right inside. She pops out her pink vibrator toy received from the Dildo Drive (thanks again Yusa) and gives it and her pussy a fine workout. This girl is very wet with lots of girlcum, you have to love it!

  • Mon 22nd Sep 2008 Lea & Leah | Intimate Moments

    "Do you want me to take off your bra...?"

    Such innocent words from Leah, forcing Lea to lean forward- precariously close to her partner's bosom...not that she'd mind much I'm sure!

    These two girls had never met before today, but their connection was fierce and instant. Facing each other, their legs intertwined, Leah keeps a keen eye on Lea's fingers as they work feverishly in tight little circles, occasionally dipping wetly into her increasingly aroused pussy. The closer Lea gets to the edge- the more it turns Leah on! It's double trouble time!

    My favourite bits: they analyse the experience and end "officially relaxed."

  • Mon 22nd Sep 2008 Chloe B & Marigold | Girl-Girl

    Extra-Large still photos today and previously DVD-only videos in two days. This set was so nice we thought it deserved the extra-large photos that it didn't have originally. Chloe B & Marigold were going to do some grilling outside, but were hot to get cooking in the bedroom with each other. Two good hairy pussies and two sets of large breasts make this set a treat - that and the wonderful personalities of these two popular girls. They get each other off with their tongues and come explosively as a result.

  • Mon 22nd Sep 2008 Jordana | Solo

    Sultry stare with soulful eyes, Jordana is a New Zealander- and proud of her heritage.

    With long, flowing, black hair and tanned, smooth skin, you're sure to fall head-over-heels in love with Jordana.

  • Sun 21st Sep 2008 Maiara | Intimate Moments

    I think this was shot the same day as Angie & Chloe B's girlgirl- so I'm sure Maiara had no trouble at all getting into the mood for some self-love with all the sexual innuendoes and tension flying about that day!

    Her hands moving in time, one gripping her more-than-a-handful right breast, the other hand rubbing her pulsing pussy while her pelvis rocks faster and faster with fervour and passion...

    Make sure you also investigate Ilona & Maiara's heart-palpitation inducing double date. Their hands reach out for each other as they get closer to climax.

  • Sun 21st Sep 2008 Amy J | Solo

    Amy J has come inside for her Redux stills shoot. You may remember her from this hot set outdoors among the trees. Amy's dressed sexily in a cute red top, white stockings with hearts, and garters. I love Amy's succulent pink nipples on her pale breasts and her good and hairy pussy that would make anyone's eyes pop.

  • Sun 21st Sep 2008 Jordana | Solo

    Another exotic looking model - this girl's name is Jordana. She has brown eyes with nice brown nipples on her large breasts. Jordan sexily slides out of her hot purple undies to show you her dark-haired pubic triangle. It's everyone's hope to sit on a bench outdoors with someone as pretty as Jordana.

    Don't forget to watch this week's Video Newsletter. Leah is on a pier jutting out into the ocean and it's an absolutely beautiful day. Let her tell you about some of the shoots coming up this week and tell you how you can subscribe to the site. Model Shee-ra that Leah mentions will be returning soon, but another week.

  • Sat 20th Sep 2008 Freya | Intimate Moments

    Auburn haired Freya moistens one finger with a light lick of her cute pink tongue, releases her breasts with a quick snap and slowly encircles her soft little nipples...

    She's all by herself, and she's in need of a little self-love. Sitting spread legged and bare fleshed she pushes two fingers deeply inside herself, alternating between g-spot love and clit stimulation bliss! Her boobs jiggling wonderfully too but her glasses are never askew! ~teehee

    If you're new to abbywinters.com and a bit surprised that Freya doesn't notice the camera or make lots of moaning noises when her hands aren't anywhere near her sweet spot- this' because her build up and climax is totally real. She's a genuine amateur and her first and only time on film shows only how she really masturbates when there's no one around...so go on and educate yourself! There are currently 433(!) different masturbation videos to taste!

  • Sat 20th Sep 2008 Tammy B & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    Tammy B & Jilly make love the natural way...nothing artificial! Their slow and tender kisses intensify and the passion that is finally released takes the breath away from both of them

    Don't miss this sensual girlgirl moment from abbywinters.com

  • Fri 19th Sep 2008 Marnie | Intimate Moments

    Marnie is naturally gorgeous!

    She has thick, shiny hair that falls in waves about her shoulders and a peaches and cream complexion. Her singlet top and lacy yellow bra are peeled off quickly so her full milky-skinned breasts swing freely- wrinkling and tightening as she squeezes them. It's not long before she pulls the crotch of her shorts to one side and slides two fingers in feverishly.

    A sexy as hell masturbation video, it's very long and steady, both teasing and revealing. Her closed eyes, her halted gasps and finally her mouth frozen for a few blissful seconds in that wonderful silent "O" shape...drives me nuts!

  • Fri 19th Sep 2008 Kiki | Solo

    A coy smile and a cheeky nod to all her female sexual conquests(...Carys, Indiana, Fotina, Kylee, Lou-Ellen..and they're just the ones we know about!) Kiki is enjoying her solo time in front of an adoring camera today. She has an innate sensuality about her, every move and twist is natural but incredibly sexy.

    Her dark, smooth skin is complemented by hot pink matching top and knickers...both of which she casually removes before laying down and spreading her wonderfully juicy and smooth pussy lips.

  • Fri 19th Sep 2008 Giselle & Theresa | Girl-Girl

    Two of our favourite models have returned for a Hardcore photo shoot together. Giselle & Theresa are looking beautiful, refreshed, and ready to get down to business. Giselle really loves Theresa's boobs and pussy so she licks and sucks on them a lot, as much to get pleasure as to give it. I really like the way Giselle's inner pussy lips hang out of her pussy. They're just perfect for nibbling, right?

  • Thu 18th Sep 2008 Alera | Solo

    Alera's such a pretty and exotic-looking girl. She has a real treasure chest underneath that bra. Absolutely beautiful, large breasts. What a cute little snail trail of dark fuzz that leads from her bellybutton down to her sweet bits. We've had a lot of knockout girls lately and Alera continues that trend of perfect models.

  • Thu 18th Sep 2008 Kiona | Intimate Moments

    Kiona's not wearing any undies! This makes for easy access as her hands dip down between her legs, pushing deeply inside her wetness with earth shattering results! The squish and slurp of her juicy pussy is stopped for a moment as she pulls her blue dress off over her head revealing full, milky breasts cupped in a pretty powder blue bra.

    Looking through a key-hole this exciting video spies on Kiona- her legs spread invitingly open and her hand clamped hard on her needy pussy...

  • Wed 17th Sep 2008 Annalisa & Blaire | Girl-Girl

    Blaire is in the shower when Annalisa decides to join her. Annalisa rubs soap all over Blaire's fit body. It's so arousing and teasing to watch this sensual foreplay as the girl's desire for one another rises.

    So many different positions! Up against the wall, on the floor of the shower, on the edge of the bath, in doggy style and one leg up and over... These girls bring it everywhere. Thick and fast. Hot and heavy.

    I love this passionate and dynamic sex session of Annalisa & Blaire!

  • Wed 17th Sep 2008 Bronte | Solo

    Super sweet Bronte is a like a drop of freshness in her very first time in front of a camera. Her intense shyness and her first time nerves are eased by videographer Amber's gentle questioning... Bronte squirms and giggles but eventually spills the beans on her "private time"- she likes to stimulate her clit and (shhhh don't tell anyone) sometimes she even likes to use two hands!

  • Tue 16th Sep 2008 Dennie | Intimate Moments

    Dennie's tight yellow tee shirt comes off quickly and her fingers linger on the fine lace of her girly cotton bra. She's alone in her bedroom, sighing as her licked fingers twist and pull at her increasingly erect nipples. Her arousal intensifies and her body undulates with desire at every passing second. She wriggles out of her tight denim shorts but stops her hands from delving into her special place just yet- she manages to contain her urges, building up the tension until her pussy is truly ready....but as soon as her fingers graze passed the nub of her clitoris her orgasm explodes through her body. Red faced, back arching and quaking- it's incredibly sexy...

    ...at the end she carefully replaces her panties and tucks each delicious breast back into its cotton cup as though nothing had ever happened.

  • Tue 16th Sep 2008 Bronte | Solo

    Bronte is a shy girl, but a very sexy one. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. She's slim and trim with nice boobs and a good mound of lovely pubic hair. Just a little pixie is Bronte.

    Bronte's photos merited an extra large set, so here you go, they're on her photo page.

  • Mon 15th Sep 2008 Annalisa & Blaire | Girl-Girl

    This girl-girl stills set has it all. Annalisa & Blaire take a shower together, have see-through wet clothes, and wash each other. That's just the beginning. There's peeing, large boob licking, finger insertions and they go down on each other. It's one of the best girl-girl shoots around.

  • Mon 15th Sep 2008 Ilona & Leah | Intimate Moments

    Ilona & Leah only met on the day of their shoot, but these girls quickly get acquainted- they undress one another and can't seem to keep their hands off each other while masturbating. These girls found a groove and slotted into it nicely. They have engaging orgasms almost at the same time...

  • Mon 15th Sep 2008 Blaire | Solo

    Blaire's first solo is live!! Yippee!!

    This was the first video she'd ever done and it's interesting to see how shy and fresh faced but eager and soooo sexy she is. Her recent, steamy girl-girl's have made her a favourite model with many abbywinters.com members the world over but I think this solo video where we get to know her more personally is pure bliss.

    She has loads of fun with her big purple vibrator donated by "Yusanord" (thanks Yusa!) If you'd like to be the giver of much orgasmic pleasure check out our dildo drive programme...send in a toy, a girl chooses it, uses it in a shoot and writes you a lovely note and personalised video package! Yum!

  • Sun 14th Sep 2008 Hillery | Intimate Moments

    Hillery's long legs lead up to her sweet little honeypot, and in this sexy masturbation video she lays on her tummy but her round arse is high in the air so you get a great view of her teasing and probing fingers...

    Chat to Hillery right now! She's super active on our forums so you might like to ask her and the other models how it felt to be filmed doing something so intimate, maybe what she tastes like or what turns her on..?

  • Sun 14th Sep 2008 Oriel | Solo

    A surprise model substitution - Oriel is filling in for Erinn who has asked that her photos not be shown at this time. We'll be seeing Oriel's videos first, then stills later in the week. Oriel's a little hottie and I'm sure you'll like her videos and her very sexy body.

    For this week's Video Newsletter, Alera is on the tennis courts for a little practise. She's got all the scoops on the week's hottest new sets. Alera's looking good herself, and she debuts this week - anyone up for a game?

  • Sun 14th Sep 2008 Blaire | Solo

    Blaire seems to be having a good time in front of her comic book wall, posing like a superhero and flying backwards into a beanbag chair. You'll have a lot of fun too looking at Blaire's big boobs and full, sweet pussy with its shiny clit piercing. She slides the big vibrator donated by Yusa to the Dildo Drive in and out of her bald pussy. Thanks Yusa.

  • Sat 13th Sep 2008 Selena | Intimate Moments

    Selena is back with her first Intimate Moments video. Selena likes her tattoos, but she masturbates the same way as other girls - with fingers and dildos. As a matter of fact, Selena brought her sex toy bag so she could have a choice. She starts off with the smaller black vibrator, and then switches to a much larger pink dildo. That did the trick; you really know when she comes.

  • Sat 13th Sep 2008 Valentina | Solo

    Valentina's Spanish solo has some fancy editing- her lush, ripe voice narrates her tale - her desire to be slinky and feline. She tears and rips away her nylon stockings, rubbing, smoothing and caressing the sleek tanned skin beneath. You'll fall head over heels for this incredibly beautiful, smart and funny young woman...


  • Sat 13th Sep 2008 Angie & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    Angie & Cleo enjoyed a playful afternoon with teases and underlying urges just sizzling below the surface of their "girls night".

    Abbywinters.com videographer Amber tells me the girls giggle for a just a while but the passion erupts and the juice soon flows... There are two main videos totalling 30 minutes of steamy action and before and after interviews where each girl answers the deliciously nitty gritty questions about their experience...

    ...talk to Angie and Cleo on the forums! They're smart, funny, sexy and always up for a flirt!

  • Fri 12th Sep 2008 Fotina | Intimate Moments

    Breathing hard and fast, Fotina's pillow-biting orgasm comes with a gasp and a bliss-filled moan - her body quaking and her buttocks thrusting down hard as she cums.

    Masturbation videos from abbywinters.com aim to capture the deliciously real, natural orgasms of everyday girls in their everyday clothes- no make-up or stilettos in bed! The camera is locked off on a tripod and she's left completely alone in her room to do her thing: fast or slow, with fingers pushed deeply inside or just lightly flicking her clit...every orgasm is different but all are from real girls doing it their way. It's so hot you won't want to leave!

  • Fri 12th Sep 2008 Melinda | Solo

    Get a great sneaky peek up Melinda's skirt without her knowing as she explains what she loved the most about her girlgirl sexual encounters... She loves boobs, nipples and the soft, gentle touch of another girl- that's the sort of stuff that really turns her on...After slipping out of her loose, frilly white skirt and unbuttoning her hot pink shirt, her hands dip down to her moist, tight pussy. She gently parts her lips and there are some wonderful close-ups as she licks her fingers and inserts it into her wetness...

    Don't miss this and other videos featuring Melinda!

  • Fri 12th Sep 2008 Angie & Cleo | Girl-Girl

    Angie doesn't mind having her book reading disturbed for some good sex. She's invited her friend Cleo over to her apartment for some hot sex. Angie & Cleo pull each others clothes off and Cleo gets her dark and crinkly nipples sucked warmly. Next Angie slides her warm tongue down to Cleo's pink bits and Cleo is in heaven. Cleo returns the favour to Angie, both with her fingers and her tongue. Not surprisingly, Angie thought that was pretty great.

  • Thu 11th Sep 2008 Backstage 217 | Behind the scenes

    In Backstage 217, you can see how the models and abbywinters staff interact during a photo shoot. Whether they are filling out their handwritten notes to the members, being actively photographed, just horsing around, or chowing down at lunch, it's all interesting and something you don't get to see just anywhere.

  • Thu 11th Sep 2008 Valentina | Solo

    As if Valentina is not pretty and sexy enough, today she's wearing some purple lacy tights that carry her sexiness to another level. And those eyes, she has stunning, even piercing eyes at times. Valentina tears open the crotch of her stockings to reveal her pussy, and then peels them off. Looking at her body with those dark nipples is almost too much to bear.

  • Thu 11th Sep 2008 Mandy M | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous Mandy M returns in a scintillating solo masturbation video...her deliciously see-through, white matching set gives you a sneak peek at her cleanly shaved pussy while she fondles and grabs her breasts. You'll have to endure her teasing for what seems like an eternity, her fingers rubbing just the outside, but then- finally and gloriously, her hand darts inside- sending waves of bliss coursing through her body.

    She frowns, bites her lip, pauses to keep herself on the edge but all the while her hand doesn't cease her intense pressure until restlessly, tossing and bucking in a final blissful cry, her lengthy orgasm arrives and she collapses with a faint sigh.

    Don't miss some of the other steamy videos Mandy has let us film like her girlgirl scene with Annalisa, and get to know her more in her solo's!

  • Wed 10th Sep 2008 Blaire & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Poor Blaire was a little sick so Fae decided to cheer her up with a little girl lovin' - jumping into bed for a cuddle, things soon heat up with a kiss on the neck and a hand up, under Blaire's jumper to squeeze her beautiful breasts. Fae pays extra attention to her partner's needs, knowing that Blair likes her labia lips sucked on she spends lots of time doing just that....to great effect!

    My favourite bit: Blaire pressed up against a dressing table mirror- panting as Fae licks her out, steaming up the glass with every moan...

  • Wed 10th Sep 2008 Bianca Y | Solo

    Ever made a sexy home video for your partner? Bianca Y really enjoys making hers- stripping out of her white dress, revealing her braless breasts quickly and almost immediately reaching seductively into her panties...

    Some intense close-ups of her creamy pussy and tight little rose-bud anus are enough to send me over the edge! This is a long video and lots of time is spent enjoying all the possible views of Bianca as she fingers her creamy goodness and rubs her clit...

    My favourite part: being able to enjoy the extended shots of Bianca's hand sliding deeply in and out of her juicy pussy and dreaming of ways to "assist" her...

  • Wed 10th Sep 2008 Melinda | Solo

    After she fixes her hair, Melinda undresses on the bed and it looks like she wants to have a play with herself. Yes! She does. After her bra is off you can see her lovely large-areala'd breasts. Then it's down to her pink bits and she spreads them wide for you to get a really good look. Melinda slides her finger inside and you can see that she's getting nice and wet. I wonder what comes next. Someone's going to get very lucky!

  • Tue 09th Sep 2008 Shasta | Intimate Moments

    Shasta has a super fit body, tight, toned and very very flexible. Her tummy rumbles hungrily- but it's not lunch she's after but rather the chance to peel down her panties, spread her knees wide open and with a wet finger delve into her moist, pink pussy. Her glistening slit is just visible under her feverishly working fingers- she frequently stops to lick them...and I think she enjoys the taste.

    Look out for: the momentarily surprised looks on her face...like she wasn't expecting it to feel so good!

  • Tue 09th Sep 2008 Bianca Y | Solo

    Bianca's looking very sexy in her lacy white dress. She has long and pointy nipples that would look great under a thin t-shirt too. Bianca couldn't wait to start playing with her pussy so she slipped her hand down into her undies for a quick grope around before she took them off. I love the curviness of her hips and her pretty eyes.

  • Mon 08th Sep 2008 Blaire & Fae | Girl-Girl

    Blaire & Fae are reveling in some foreplay on the bed just before they go really hardcore. Blaire pulls off Fae's eat me t-shirt and Fae removes Blaire's snug green top, which shows her tits to their best advantage. Fae plays around with Blaire's pussy, including her clit piercing to provide extra sensation. Next Fae inserts her fingers into Blaire's pink bits, including a finger for Blaire's anus. After they reverse positions, Fae's bumhole gets the same attention. What an exciting day these girls had!

  • Mon 08th Sep 2008 Danielle B | Solo

    Incredibly cute with just a tad of awkward, Danielle B is the girl next door you grew up with...always wondering what her body was like under her jeans and colourful, sweet pullover's.

    Her fingers slowly trace the band of her pink cotton undies for a while before she pulls them down and lets you see her soft, unruly thatch. She's very shy though and doesn't let you look for long- choosing to draw your attention up to her full, milky breasts- hiding her nipples in the pattern of her pink scarf...

  • Sun 07th Sep 2008 Em | Intimate Moments

    Delightful Em with her full, heavy breasts, shapely legs and lush dark hair is back again today...and she's feeling horny!

    On her bed, wearing bright purple panties that she fingers and pulls at absentmindedly while making little circles over her nipples, she takes her time showing her body the love it deserves. She wets her fingers and plays with her nipples, enjoying the sensation while building her arousal. Off comes her dress and her panties are pulled to one side so she can get full, unrestricted access!

    One of my favourite masturbation videos, abbywinters.com style.

  • Sun 07th Sep 2008 Rosalind | Solo

    Rosalind's on the floor of her bedroom leaning against her bed and getting naked. What a sexy and soft rubenesque figure! I love it. Rosalind finds a friend down there. It's a blue vibrator with quite a curve to it. Thanks Gery for the gift to the Dildo Drive, and Rosalind thanks you too.

  • Sun 07th Sep 2008 Danielle B | Solo

    Danielle B's come in from the cold, and now she doing a good job of heating things up inside. She slips out of her lacy pink bra on the stairs, then keeps on going to slide out of her underwear too. How pretty and nice to see is her light brown pubic hair.

    Sexy Chloe B is up by the railroad tracks to tell you about five of the twenty-one shoots that we have going live this week. She parades around by the bridge with her tits barely covered, and before the end of the video she flashes the riders on the train. You can find this Video Newsletter on the right side of this page. Don't miss Chloe, she's definitely quite a handful (and then some)!

  • Sat 06th Sep 2008 Phoenix | Intimate Moments

    Drop dead gorgeous Phoenix is completely alone, with her legs spread and her pussy facing a recording camera. In this intimate masturbation video you get to see just how she likes to pleasure herself, uninterrupted, undirected and completely natural...

    My favourite bits: her "tickling" technique...and then some pussy slapping!

    See more of Phoenix in some steamy girlgirl moments with Chloe or Sahara, on her own in a deviations solo shoot or in another masturbation video with Tammy B to keep her company!

  • Sat 06th Sep 2008 Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie T is a freckly English beauty, out here in Australia like everyone else to soak up the sunshine and seduce some nice Aussie boys...and that she did with gusto!

    She chatters away about her travels and naughty, stolen sex romps while casually but slowly getting more and more naked. Her tight red top disappears and then off come the white lacy bra and then (oh joy!) she plays with her nipples: rolling them between finger and thumb, every wrinkle and bump shown in crisp, clear detail.

    With the kind of curves you want to lick with a really wet tongue Kylie's body is delicious. She holds herself open from behind and then from the front her hand gently, teasingly pulls back the hood of her clit before she tells you exactly how she likes it!

  • Sat 06th Sep 2008 Angie & Odette | Girl-Girl

    Angie and Ode were meant to be together. Their natural attraction for each other plus a morning spent enduring the photo session and not being allowed to orgasm (but being soo very close to it) only intensified the lusty urges. These two videos explore their final union, their bodies pressed up closely, the passionate kissing, the licking and sucking only after much teasing and initial denial...

    Patience even sounds a little nervous as Angie propositions her in the backstage video...hum, a threesome Abby? <wink wink, nudge nudge>

  • Fri 05th Sep 2008 Kara-Lee | Intimate Moments

    Kara-Lee's gentle exploration will melt your heart and excite your loins... Her slim young body is pale and supple- moving quickly and easily under her touch. She takes her time getting undressed but when her hand dips into her wetness and her breathy gasps overtake the squish of her fingers working in her pussy her head tilts back and she orgasms in a subtle but sweet way.

  • Fri 05th Sep 2008 Jamie-Lee | Solo

    Jamie-Lee is concentrating on herself today! She pays attention to every part of her body, her mind is soothed and smoothed by the relaxing motion of her hands running wet and soft over her legs, thighs, down her tummy and up over her breasts. She puts lotion on her little finger and rubs it into her nipple- making sure it's thoroughly moisturised...

    Be sure to see some of the ways Jamie-Lee pays attention to OTHER girl's bodies in her steamy girlgirl moments with Violet, Melita or my personal favourite: Em! Oh, and thanks to Matt Adams for the cool unicorn-horn dildo that Jamie-Lee uses.

  • Fri 05th Sep 2008 Angie & Odette | Girl-Girl

    Angie & Odette make love in a most romantic location - in front of the fireplace on a white shag rug. They must have been inspired by it because they have great sex, including anal. There are lots of pussy close-ups and girlcum to be seen in this hot set.

  • Thu 04th Sep 2008 Backstage 216 | Behind the scenes

    In what may very well be the largest backstage set ever, we follow the models in learning bellydancing and performing. Backstage 216 is all about the Bellydancing Girls and nothing else. You can see the camaraderie develop and flourish as the girls go through time, learning the moves in their sweats, practicing in their costumes, and finally the big show.

  • Thu 04th Sep 2008 Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie T's hair matches the colour of her many freckles which cover her face and chest. Her breasts are nice and white, squeezable, and ready for action. Kylie will give you a good close-up look at her pink lips and clit, both from the front and the rear. She also did a Dressing Room set so you can enjoy watching her pull her clothes back over that nice body of hers.

  • Thu 04th Sep 2008 Emeralda | Intimate Moments

    Wowee! Mirrors can be hot, and no one knows this better than Emeralda! She's alone, watching herself in the full length mirrors, loving the reaction her body has to her rubbing and fondling fingers. Her panties pulled to one side and her hand firm and fast on her clitoris, Emeralda turns a brilliant vermillion and utters some highly arousing moans to signal her delight...

    ...and afterwards she takes a quiet moment to explore her flushed, post-orgasm honeypot, pulling her lips apart and looking at her clit...

  • Wed 03rd Sep 2008 Marigold & Christiana | Girl-Girl

    Are you ready for a road trip?!

    You'd better be because Marigold & Christiana have their bags packed and are all go! This shoot features some amazing and unique backstage footage of the girls peeing and masturbating in a car- you name it and these girls did it! This is an oldie but most certainly a goodie since these two girls get on like a house on fire. You can see in every single frame the tension and passion they possess for one another.

    They devour each other in the most engaging and erotic session of passionate and lasting sex. These girls certainly found their destination in more ways than one!

  • Wed 03rd Sep 2008 Oriel | Solo

    Gorgeous new model Oriel is a keen musician- and typically she's surrounded by groupies... I can see why!

    With long brown hair and beguiling eyes she's irresistible in her little sailor stripe undies. As she teasingly pulls them down she reveal a pussy with lush but neatly trimmed dark bush. She explains her taste in music, going through some cd's on her desk but apparently videographer Lee wasn't listening because the camera just keeps roaming her deliciously naked body just so you can drink her in...

  • Wed 03rd Sep 2008 Tiff | Solo

    Yay! Tiff's a spunk with an amazing body- I know it well...jealous much? ...and she wants to have sex on a plane! I'm in heaven!

    So in today's feature video Tiff puts a vibrating harness she received from Lovecouple to good use, experimenting with all the speeds and different vibrating attachments...yummy

    My favourite bits: watching her bounce up and down on an exercise ball - oooh boobies... Send us a dildo! Watch a sexy Aussie girl using YOUR toy! Receive a hand written note and video just for you!

  • Tue 02nd Sep 2008 Krista | Intimate Moments

    Krista enjoys some hearty bum squeezes before unlacing and unzipping her tight blue denim shorts. She wriggles and twists, looking contemplative as her fingers explore what's down between her legs. As her bra come off and she relaxes, slowly spreading herself and beginning to rub her face takes on a gorgeous pink flush.

    Many different positions to be seen here as Krista changes from on her tummy, bum spread high, wide with pink bits just visible and on her side where her fervidly rubbing fingers are stimulating her clitoris to gasping and body-shuddering effect.

    What to know more about Krista? See her sweet solo!

  • Tue 02nd Sep 2008 Krystin | Solo

    Bubbly, flirty, sweet and super cute Krystin loves being naked! And that's great because a) she's confident and b) she's got a KILLER body! A gorgeous, tiny waist, luminous skin, a cute blue button bra hiding the breasts of an angel but she teases just like a little devil...

    She's turned on by the knowledge you're watching her and as she separates her moist pussy lips with a soft moan and cheeky smirk her fingers dip into her wetness gently and spread everything apart so you can see just how full cream tastes better!

    Some of the most deliciously creamy close ups I've ever enjoyed...

  • Tue 02nd Sep 2008 Oriel | Solo

    Enjoy the pert breasts of Oriel, a rock chick and bit of a hippie. She has a hairy little snatch that just deserves to be loved - and she'll have no trouble getting some. As a whole package, Oriel is a cool girl that I'd like to meet sometime. I'll just have to wait for the videos like everyone else, as a substitute for her lovely self in person.

    Don't forget to contribute to our Dildo Drive. You'll have the gratitude of the model who uses your new dildo to masturbate with, and she'll send you her personal thank you, a short thank you video, and credit on this page of the site.

  • Mon 01st Sep 2008 Juliette K & Larissa M | Intimate Moments

    What happens when two naked girls are left alone with a rolling video camera....or even TWO cameras?! We never really know until we watch the tape back at the office and this video is both stimulating and entertaining! Juliette K & Larissa M introduce themselves, strip off and are soon rubbing their hot little pussies with fervour. Their orgasms are intense, gasping, breathtaking to watch and one after the other! It's double the fun!

    My favourite bits: the way their heads loll from side to side in sync sometimes and Juliette's face as she tries to see the sense in a three-way girlgirl shoot that doesn't involve going down on each other! (I agree, it'd be hard to stop yourself!)

  • Mon 01st Sep 2008 Marigold & Christiana | Girl-Girl

    Two models, Marigold & Christiana head out in their car cross-country. Hmmm, no bathroom, we'll just wee behind a tree. They feel the urge to merge and stop at a motel in the middle of the afternoon. Pulling each others clothes off, they make love on the bed, kissing breasts, inserting fingers, and licking pretty pussies.

    This week's Video Newsletter is shot by Toni B in the butterfly house at the zoo. There are lots of pretty things flying around and one big pretty thing right in the centre of the frame. Learn what new sets are coming up for you this week and learn it from a hot model - what could be better?

  • Mon 01st Sep 2008 Michelle T | Solo

    Incredibly nervous in her first ever time in front of a camera, natural redhead Michelle T talks about her clothes and her travels to help her relax before taking off her top- and surprise(!) she's not wearing a bra! Yippee! Her lovely breasts are a 34D -a deliciously weighty handful- with cute, tight brown nipples.

    Her skirt has a tonne of buttons and as she slowly peels away the fabric her cute pink pussy cat panties spring into sight, but they don't stay on for long and finally her ginger pubic hair is revealed...but that's all..sorry boys!

    Best bits: watching her boobs jiggle as she does a naked handstand...

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