• Sat 30th Jun 2012 Lacie & Masie | Intimate Moments

    Can you imagine what would happen if we let friends Masie and Lacie do an IM together! Well if you imagined 'cake filled boobs', anal, teddy bear antics, breast exercises and lots of chatter you were pretty close.

    Red head Lacie is caught with her boobs out by Masie and the girls quickly start chatting about Masie's recent large breasts. After much personal chatter the girls settle down and decide to masturbate together. Lacie reveals her crush on Caramel S and her sex fantasy soon has both her and Masie moaning. After a quick seat switch they settle down to some serious self indulgence which comes with a bit of an after shock for Masie!

  • Fri 29th Jun 2012 GGT3 Video: Fenna & Klara | Girl-Girl

    We put Dutch girls Klara and Fenna in a room full of messy food and waited to see what would happen. Fenna shows off her artistic side using icing pens to decorate Klara, especially focusing on her pert breasts. After a small fight the girls pull each other together for some long kissing.

    This video has lots going on, cream, messy feet, anal and a surprise ending that saw the shooters chasing after the ladies to see what would happen next!

  • Thu 28th Jun 2012 AW Education: Mystery Shoot 10 | Mystery Shoot

    This month's Mystery Shoot features the launch of AW Education. A project designed to inform men more about women. Models responded to a series of questions from four topics: Potential Partners, Internet Dating, Sex and Relationships. This launch features models responses to one question from each topic.

    We will regularly release responses to additional questions as a bonus update. Let us know if you have any questions you would like to hear the models respond to.

  • Thu 28th Jun 2012 Backstage 325 | Behind the scenes

    The beautiful red head Noelle running around naked outdoors for her third abbywinters.com solo.

    The only difference is this time you get the unique perspective of being backstage with the shooters and model to see all the antics!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2012 GGT3 Stills: Fenna & Klara | Girl-Girl

    Its a messy one with the gorgeous Dutch Klara and Fenna as they flirt with each other and cover their naked, slender bodies, amazing bums and pert breasts with all kinds of sweet treats.

    Covered in cream and sprinkles they climb on top of the table, and on top of one another as they slip on the cream and food. Licking each others sweet, smooth shaved pussies in multiple positions they bring each other to a great and sticky orgasm!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2012 New Model Video: Evelina | Solo

    Take an artistic trip through Amsterdam with Evelina as she draws one of her erotic fantasies on the canal, with her cute, innocent demeanor and soft pale, slim body Evelina is really great person be be around and watch.

    Exposing her pert breasts and small bum she completes her drawing inside, and gives us some insight into what about he female body excites her so much. With the prospect of her boyfriend coming to see her the following day, she draws what she thinks their first encounter might play out...

  • Tue 26th Jun 2012 Nude girl: Zarina (Video) | Solo

    Sweet and shy Zarina once more comes to show us her hour glass shape and soft, olive skin. Her cute smile and big eyes teases you every time she looks into the camera.

    Zarina slides into her room to play with her self. First she pulls down her pants and directly starts stimulating her vagina. After a few minutes of playing with herself, Zarina tells us about her bisexuality and submissive character. After awhile she shows up her round boobs and inverted nipples. YES, ZARINA HAS INVERTED NIPPLES and she shares some interesting stories about them!

  • Mon 25th Jun 2012 New Model Stills: Evelina | Solo

    The very cute and very natural Evelina shows of both her beautiful, slim naked body and her unique and sexual works of art.

    Inside and outside Evelina looks gorgeous illuminated by the soft Amsterdam sunlight. Exposing her large breasts, pale, soft skin and full bush she sits and draws her latest piece. At the end she even treats us to a flick through some of her work.

  • Mon 25th Jun 2012 Editor's Choice - Red Head | Editor's Choice

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is red heads! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalog, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material containing these fiery-haired beauties.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Zarina | Solo

    The gorgeous Zarina invites you up to her room and onto the bed as she undresses her slim body and pert breasts in this intimate shoot.

    With her unique inverted nipples and seductively you won't be able to take your eyes off Zarina as she moves around the room and plays with her smooth shaved pussy

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Girls Talk Podcast Episode 2 | Podcast

    This is the second episode of Girl's Talk. A podcast brought to you by abbywinters.com as a free bonus update to the site.

    Models, Marleen and the never before seen Sasha, who makes her abbywinters.com debut with the podcast join host Masie to delve into the wonderful world of the female orgasm. This recording features both video and audio- and even includes a a surprise at the end...

    So enjoy and tube in to Episode three of the Podcast and look out for more shoots from Sasha, Marleen and Masie on abbywinters.com soon.

  • Sun 24th Jun 2012 Analyn | Intimate Moments

    Analyn is a gorgeous Asian with sexy body and soft olive skin. Her black hair falls on her smooth shoulders and emphasize her playful face.

    She is lying down on a black blanket and her head rests on a red pillow. She wants to read something but can not find anything what she likes and then she decided to play a bit with herself. These innocent frolic turns into an intense masturbation. Analyn begins by removing her t-shirt later skirt and finally her undies to reveal her hairy pussy.

    With this Intimate Moment video you should sit comfortable, put your headphones on your ears and listing to the sound what is making Analyn during her masturbation. This time you will find something for your eyes and ears.

  • Sat 23rd Jun 2012 Editor's Choice - Red Head | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is red heads! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalog, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material containing these fiery-haired beauties.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!

  • Sat 23rd Jun 2012 Mina & Sidney | Intimate Moments

    Have you ever heard about girls taking their knickers off in restaurant and handing them to their partners? Well, cute Dutch girl Sidney has and over lunch persuades Mina to give the practice a trial run in the safety of the home.

    Ever alert for fictitious waiters the girls slowly try and undress with out being caught. Mina drops her fork so she can try and peep at Sidney's shaved pussy. Soon ecstasy over rides them and Mina pulls out her pert boobsand the girls get down to some serious pleasuring.

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2012 Kaylee & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    You never know what you might find in another woman's handbag or where that discovery might lead! American Kaylee didn't know what she was starting when she settled down to enjoy a racey picture of Samantha-Jane over the top of her glasses.

    Once English Samantha-Jane works out what is going on she slides herself on top for some long kissing. Kaylee considers herself sexual inexperienced in comparison to her friend and wants to learn more! She is put through her paces doing lots of oral, licking of Samantha-Jane's large breasts and even trying pee for the first time!

  • Thu 21st Jun 2012 Backstage 324 | Behind the scenes

    Come backstage for Ramona's first ever solo shoot for abbywinters.com

    The gorgeous, tall and very fun Aussie sits outside in the recently rain soaked garden. But its the off camera antics you'll get to see this time!

  • Wed 20th Jun 2012 Kaylee & Samantha-Jane | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeous dark haired, large breasted Samantha Jane spends the day in with the beautifully cute, American Kaylee. In the apartment Kaylee spots a photo booth print of Samantha in her back and cant resist to take a peek at the naughty image.

    Working each other up they can't help but get closer and closer until all they can do is rip each others clothes off and indulge in each others bodies.

    There's even a little surprise at the end as Samantha manages to convince Kaylee to do something she's never tried before..!

  • Wed 20th Jun 2012 Sadie | Solo

    Follow the gorgeous and very sexual Sadie around the suburbs of Amsterdam and into her apartment as she strips of, streaks, flashes and exposes all of her stunning body, inside and outdoors!

    With her piercing blue eyes, huge full bush and natural under arm hair she'll be one to stick in your memory for some time to come!

  • Tue 19th Jun 2012 Jia | Solo

    Cute Asian girl Jia exposes her pale, soft skin and petite body in her second solo shoot. She teases you with her shy personality, beautiful dark eyes and subtle smile.

    She searches for hidden envelopes and answers intimate questions inside. She slowly undresses as she offers tantalizing answers. First, she pulls down her colorful undies and shows her pussy. Next she takes off her lace bra and exposes her lovely small breasts. With every minute she gets more aroused and touches her body more confidently.

    All this leads to a soft and sensual masturbation session with ...a spoon!

  • Mon 18th Jun 2012 Sadie | Solo

    Keep up with the beautiful Sadie as she makes the most of summer, outside in the sun she flashes her awesome full bush of pubes and long legs. Care-free and so much fun to be around Sadie takes you back inside and on the balcony to show you more of her slim body.

    Natural and hairy Sadie shows off her under arm hair, smiling and staring with her stunning, piercing eyes.

  • Sun 17th Jun 2012 Jia | Solo

    The stunning, Asian Jia comes back for her second solo for abbywinters.com, to show you her beautiful slender and petite body.

    Stripping down to nothing but her cute little headband she slides from the sofa to the floor to play with her smooth shaved pussy. Holding her small, pert breast in one hand and running her fingers over her clit with the other she gives you a cute and effortlessly seductive smile.

  • Sun 17th Jun 2012 Maya C | Intimate Moments

    Maya is a beautiful dark haired Romanian girl with a slender body and dark olive skin. Her cute face and bold dark eyes are captivating.

    Maya looks for some clothing in her wardrobe but unluckily she can not find anything that suits her. She tries to change her outfit and slides down to the floor and slowly starts touching her soft skin. Her hands slide into her sexy underwear and she stimulates herself.

  • Sat 16th Jun 2012 Dani L & Latisha | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned, English Dani L relaxes next to pale skinned, Dutch Latisha as they expose their beautiful bodies in the sun light.

    The sunbathing makes them really lazy, so lazy that Latisha doesn't want to go inside in order to pee!

    Crisis over, they slowly undress exposing their wonderfully different bodies. Dark skin vs pale skin, full bush vs shaved pussy! It is very exciting to see so many differences side by side. Add in the fact that they are sexy girls who start to kiss each other and you get a very sensual masturbation session!

  • Fri 15th Jun 2012 Alyssa & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    In the before video, tall Dutch lady Marleen S explains to us how she goes pole dancing at a gym to keep fit. With Spanish Alyssa in town she may have found a even sexier way to get sweaty!

    With Alyssa stranded in town for an hour Marleen invites her in while she waits. Talk soon turns to kissing as Marleen tries to find out the best way to entertain her new friend. With lots of soft, slow oral these two ladies make the most of their afternoon. Look out for the unusual sideways tribbing during which you can hear the ladies excitement!

  • Thu 14th Jun 2012 Backstage 323 | Behind the scenes

    Lifting up the skirt of abbywinters.com and taking a peek underneath... that actually happens in most of these backstage sets!

    This time its Shaminee's awesome third solo outdoors, Tricia L's first ever! and not forgetting the stunning Rachel K debut.

  • Wed 13th Jun 2012 Alyssa & Marleen S | Girl-Girl

    A beautiful and seductive set as the tall, sexually charged Dutch Marleen invites the Spanish Alyssa into her home for some help navigating around Amsterdam...

    ...inside the house Alyssa drops her bag and Marleen gets her to relax on the sofa, pulling off her shoes and socks. Tossing Alyssa's map on the floor Marleen moves closer, desperate to take a peek at Alyssa's amazing pert breasts and sweet, shaved pussy.

  • Wed 13th Jun 2012 Lena D | Solo

    Tall and Dutch, Lena boldly exposes her olive skin and round bum in her debut solo experience. She immerses you in not only her sexy body but also her courageous and cute personality.

    What is better: a sexy girl or chocolate? The answer is: a sexy girl covered from head to toe in chocolate!!

    Lena organizes a "dirty" little picnic in her living-room. She starts by teasing you, getting naked slowly and touching her soft smooth skin and nipples with a strawberry. Next comes the chocolate! Watch what this sexy, Dutch girl can do with a big jug of chocolate and strawberries!

  • Tue 12th Jun 2012 Talita | Solo

    Cute, Dutch and innocent, Talita exposes her beautiful body in a lotion video. She does not talk a lot but instead teases you with every second.

    On a cold day, wearing a short blue dress, Talita walks in to her house where she slowly shows her round, beautiful boobs. Next she takes of her underwear and starts rubbing lotion on her soft, pale skin. She starts with her breasts and slide down to her long legs. Do you think that she knows that you are peeping on her?

    ...watch this video to find out!

  • Mon 11th Jun 2012 Lena D | Solo

    Its a beautiful shoot of first's for all involved, Lena's first ever abbywinters.com shoot and new shooter Masie's first ever time behind the camera, Throw some melted chocolate in there are you've got a new record!

    A fantasy for both involved, Lena plays with the chocoltae, pouring and dripping it all over her tanned body, small breasts, smooth shaved pussy, and of course licking off all she can get her tongue to!

  • Sun 10th Jun 2012 Talita | Solo

    A voyeuristic look at the beautiful, natural and effortlessly sexy Talita as she moves from outside to the warmth of her apartment.

    Under the golden glow of her bedroom lamps she checks out her svelte slender body and awesome large breastslarge+breasts}. Running her hands over her figure she lifts off her dress and continues through the house to apply some lotion to her smooth soft skin.

  • Sun 10th Jun 2012 Jessie T | Intimate Moments

    Irish girl Jessie takes a shower and washes her pale white skin and curly hair, but this shower also turns into a wonderful and thrilling voyeuristic masturbation session.

    Jessie slowly washes her round boobs and slender neck with a soapy sponge. After her shower she slides down to the floor where she starts pleasuring herself. With one hand holding her pert breast and the other on her hairy pussy, things build more and more and more...

  • Sat 09th Jun 2012 Leon & Saskia | Girl-Boy

    Here at AWHQ we think everyday should be like valentines day - full of love and chocolates (love optional).

    Polish Saskia and her English husband Leon were kind enough to share their valentines day with us. They were not so keen on getting up early so we joined them in bed to watch their morning routine. Naughty blonde Saskia woke up feeling suitably horny and decided to treat her man to a blow job.

    Real love making is what ensues with Leon taking her small boobs into his large hands as she sits on top of him. Her tan lines rise and fall to rhythm of their love.

  • Sat 09th Jun 2012 Masie & Samantha-Jane | Intimate Moments

    AW staff Masie bumps into English model Samantha-Jane as they walk down a corridor. Their eyes lock and without saying a word the ladies are drawn closer to each other.

    Masie's mouth is drawn to Samantha's pale skin and its not long before they are removing their clothing. Watching each other the ladies plunge their hands into the pants and start to touch themselves. Leaning against the walls of this small space the woman get naked and start to climax together their bodies struggling to remain up right as they do so.

  • Fri 08th Jun 2012 Carian & Lacie | Girl-Girl

    Can I please urge you to watch this with a note book and pen! Lovely bottom owner Carian does things with her tongue that I have never seen before! In fact both girls do! This is full mouth oral at its best. Their is pussy slurping, licking, tongue twisting action, topped off with loud orgasms!

    Red haired Lacie has to stuff her fist in her mouth at one point to stop herself screaming as Carian's tongue laps at her hairy pussy. Wet pussies, active tongues and wonderful kissing!

    Prepare yourself as you are about to see never before viewed positions like boob 69ing and sexual techniques in a league of their own!

  • Thu 07th Jun 2012 Leon & Saskia | Girl-Boy

    The gorgeous, slim, blonde Dutch Saskia introduces you to her husband Leon in this very cute and intimate girl-boy shoot.

    Waking up next to Leon, Saskia starts to nibble at his ear and run her hands over his boxers trying to encourage some morning fooling around. Sliding her taught slender body down his she starts to give him oral under the covers to further seduce him. Loen lifts up and holds Saskia's small pert breasts and small waist and laying her down penetrates her waiting wet pussy

  • Thu 07th Jun 2012 Backstage 322 | Behind the scenes

    WOW, there is some really amazing images in this backstage set which is split between 321 and 322 so we can share the goodness with you twice!

    The drop dead gorgeous Valentina's second solo shoot features heavily in both sets as she strips the clothes away from her amazing slender body and walks down an old abandoned road outdoors in the bush. Exposing her large pert breasts and fun, cheeky personality on and off camera! then we drop by Ren and Shaminee's phone sex double intimate moment for something a little different and very sexy!

  • Wed 06th Jun 2012 Carian & Lacie | Girl-Girl

    Vivacious red head Lacie and the gorgeously sexual Carian come together for a stunning and passionate girl-girl.

    Lacie's amazing slim, petite, pale body and pert large breasts run against Carian's toned figure as the get more and more intimate with each other on the sofa, illuminated by the light streaking through the net curtains behind.

  • Wed 06th Jun 2012 Yale | Solo

    Dutch, blonde, Yale bakes in the sun on the balcony before pealing off her bikini to reveal her naked body. Her boobs show fading white tan lines from her trip away and her nipples grow hard as she covers them in sun tan lotion.

    As she lies there kissed by the light she tells us about her beach themed sexual fantasy with another woman. She shows us where and how she would want to be touched by her mysterious female lover while showing her body to us in detail.

    If they promise everyone there will be like Yale we should all run off and join the circus!

  • Tue 05th Jun 2012 Jodhi | Solo

    Beautiful Aussie Jodhi is back for another solo.

    While she is rolling around the room she takes the time to have a good look at her flexible, toned body, watching herself in the mirror.

    She speaks about her Synesthesia, the things she sees and feels and the benefits it has on her sexlife. In this solo we really have the time to learn more about this wonderful, playful but oh so seductive creature.

  • Mon 04th Jun 2012 Yale | Solo

    Natural, cheeky with wonderful small breasts! I met Yale while she was out busking and couldn't not slip her an abbywinters card! This cheeky girl danced the whole way back to the apartment and even kicked up her long legs so that all the passers by could see up her skirt.

    Showing us her sunbathing routine Yale slips beneath a towel to change into her bikini. In the heat of the sun Yale soon starts to heat up, pealing off her costume to reveal faint tan lines. Armed with some sun lotion and two naughty hands the fun that follows is guaranteed to make you want to get out and play in the sun!

  • Sun 03rd Jun 2012 Jodhi | Solo

    Beautiful and natural Jodhi is back from Australia for a second solo! This time we meet her indoors where she plays around her room.

    While she is rolling from her bed onto the floor and up against the wall she slowly slips out of her clothes and starts with joyful pleasure to examine herself.

    In this shoot we see Jodhi from al her best sides while she is playing with her amazing breasts, cute bum as well as the camera. And who said make-up can't be fun!

  • Sun 03rd Jun 2012 Arianna | Intimate Moments

    We already knew that curly haired Arianna had a love for strange positions so we've made sure we could register this dark skinned beauty as good as possible for her first IM.

    Arianna twist and turns on the couch giving a perfect example of flexibility to end up side down in a very wet sounding orqasm.

  • Sat 02nd Jun 2012 Mystery Shoot 9 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the ninth Mystery Shoot.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Sat 02nd Jun 2012 Alyssa & Darcie | Intimate Moments

    What could be nicer than laying on a soft bed, with water flowing passed the window, while cute Alyssa gives you a full body massage. Darcie must have been on her best behavior as this is exactly how she got to spend her afternoon.

    Laying on her front to begin with, Darcie's back has cream gently rubbed in by the Spanish girl's small light fingers. All this rubbing gives Darcie an idea as she asks if Alyssa could help massage her large breasts as well. Soon Alyssa's small breasts are rubbing up against Darcie's and one thing leads to another.

    Both girls enjoy this relaxed afternoon pleasure and Darcie repays Alyssa for her massage by helping her to climax!

  • Fri 01st Jun 2012 Carmina & Evelina | Girl-Girl

    Cute, Spanish Carmina and shy, Finish Evelina present their pale skin and innocent personality in front of camera.

    In the backstage video Carmina promises to have soft sex with Evelina but all the promises turn into dust when the girls are naked and give each other a lot of orgasms.

    The innocent beginning finds Eveline drawing the sexy shapes of Carmina but this quickly turns in to very passionate sex! Both girls expose their petite bodies and beautiful round breasts with the front door wide open! This long but very exciting sexual act is crowned with unusual anal insertion...

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