• Mon 30th Jun 2008 Chloe B & Violet | Girl-Girl

    Fresh faced and bare skinned they pleasure each other in the most beautiful of Australian locations: a tropical rainforest. The picture set of extra large images will get you hooked on Chloe B & Violet. They share a special moment in time together, dressed in plain white cotton and the Aussie staple denim jeans, they tenderly kiss and lick each other. This is abbywinters.com girl-girl "Tier 2" -lots of pashing, nipple grabbing and hot naked bodies pressed close against each other. If you enjoy melt-in-your-mouth make-out sessions but don't want to spoil yourself with a hardcore session, Tier 2 is the thing for you. If you haven't seen it already, enjoy their slightly more ...energetic encounter here.

  • Mon 30th Jun 2008 Claire J & Tricia L | Intimate Moments

    Two naturally delicious abby models, Claire J & Tricia L are left alone, unaware of the rolling camera...They're excited, turned on and feeling frisky. Never vanilla, an abbywinters.com masturbation video is Hi Definition orgasmic delight as whole body quivers, real sighs, authentic gasps and the beautiful sight of two girls cumming together melts your screen.

  • Mon 30th Jun 2008 Chessie | Solo

    Chessie's had sexy times up against the wall of a church! Holy Moley! Sweet Lord! (where's Toby when you need her?!). She's a Canadian adventurer, travelling the globe, sampling the culture with her characteristically sunny outlook-luckily she decided to model for us! Chessie's smiling eyes, self-assured, confident voice and flirty glances will keep you smiling till the end of this tasty explicit solo video.

  • Sun 29th Jun 2008 Hillery | Intimate Moments

    Tall, slim and super fair skinned Hillery is our feature masturbation video today, it's an interesting one to watch - only the power of an orgasm can make her shudder and weak at the knees. abbywinters.com won an AVN Award for the unique way we show a woman's naturally delicious orgasm. Totally alone, without pressure, forgetting about the rolling camera -she's not airbrushed or plastic- an abby girl is just what you've been waiting for.

  • Sun 29th Jun 2008 Rosanna | Solo

    Beautiful Rosanna is pregnant! And it's true what they say about yummy mummies glowing. She looks naturally wonderful, her already DD breasts have grown bigger- her belly is showing now, nice and round. This will be her first child and everything about her body is changing- except her bum- that has remained exactly the same, deliciously squeezable. If she's not already one of your favourites she will be after you enjoy some of her other shoots!

  • Sun 29th Jun 2008 Chessie | Solo

    This shoot makes me think of toffee apples - it's so bright and happy! Well it fits perfectly because Chessie is such a bright, perky model...in this picture series she shows off her killer body- even teasing us a bit - pretending to lift up her bra but not..Oh the tease will drive you nuts!! But it's worth the torment because Chessie is so gorgeous in all her naked glory.

  • Sat 28th Jun 2008 Fae | Intimate Moments

    Left alone in her room cutie Fae is reading but she just can't seem to concentrate...her fingers have absentmindedly wandered down to over her undies, then quickly under her undies. She soon abandons the book an gives full focus to her fantasies. The way she touches herself and the little cries and gasps of pleasure are tension building like nothing else can be. I love the cute little way she touches her messed up bed hair with a "Phew! That was good!" look on her face...

  • Sat 28th Jun 2008 Nicole P | Solo

    Cornflower blue eyes smile out from an angelic face and you can't help but melt in their gaze. Nicole is sooo sweet and pure I imagine sitting next to her beautiful nakedness while she plays the piano her grandmother bought her- she's also a skilled dancer, so graceful! Patience shot this video of Nicole P and I think you'll all agree she's quite skilled now - watch for an incredible focus pull close up of Nic's fingers!

  • Sat 28th Jun 2008 Cleo & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    I blush whenever I think about myself trying to be cool and casually asking Cleo to whip off her top...I was soo nervous. I wanted her so much but I wanted more to be all aloof and pretend I didn't think her bum looked amazing in those shorty shorts. The shorts came off, we tussled and tossed- then with great pleasure the fun began...a gentle and sensitive first time experience.

    To see my very first girl girl date with Giselle click here.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2008 Dominica | Intimate Moments

    Right from the very start you can see how incredibly aroused Dominica is in this Intimate Moments masturbation video. She's shimmied out of her little denim skirt in less than a minute and with her legs spread wide and her whole body undulating she knows how to rub herself just the right way. Don't forget to enjoy some of the other great shoots Dominica has done!

  • Fri 27th Jun 2008 Darya | Solo

    I can't pin it down but there's something so incredibly sexy about watching a hot girl rub moisturiser into her skin, it's the squelching of the lotion as she rubs it into her skin, the sound (and the view!) of her hands running up and down her shining limbs, the concentration as she aims to touch absolutely every part of her amazing body...Darya's hands are the envy of many as she lathers lotion on her breasts, massaging, squeezing and fondling. Don't miss this wonderful video!

  • Fri 27th Jun 2008 Cleo & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    Cleo's full, heavy and extremely squeezable breasts deserve lots of attention from a lucky lover - as do her soft pink kissable lips, her suckable nipples and her cute little toes. She and I spent a blameless day enjoying each other's bodies, I particularly enjoyed the tension between us the first time my hand slid between her legs. Don't miss this blissful, gentle girl-girl moment.

  • Thu 26th Jun 2008 Nicole P | Solo

    When Nicole P's deliciously dark areola are finally revealed you'll be in heaven....Catch a sneaky peek at Nicole's naughty bits as this sweet, blue-eyed cutie-pie clambers around a piano for us- she doesn't know it but we can see up her skirt! She's wearing my favourite type of knickers - her dark, soft pubic hair just poking through...

  • Thu 26th Jun 2008 Carey | Intimate Moments

    Not many things are more pleasurable than cumming with Carey. She's a colourful model with funky red hair and in this slow and steady masturbation you can experience with her: sighs of pleasure, gasps of anticipation and finally tip over the edge into a blissful orgasm together!

  • Wed 25th Jun 2008 Pillow Fight Girls | Solo

    Hooray! Three slim, sexy abby girls are having a girl's night in and it's all fun and games until someone picks up a pillow...

    This is another steaming hot multi-girl shoot with lots of playful nakedness! Some other fantastic shoots you might enjoy include BMX Girls, Waterfall Girls, Bellydancing Girls and of course, the Yoga Girls!

  • Wed 25th Jun 2008 Darya | Solo

    A glimpse of baby blue undies, a sprinkle of soft, dark pubic hair and legs that never end will send you crazy in love with Darya. This gorgeous brunette possesses some mouth-wateringly suckable nipples but you'll be truly mesmerised by her seductive smile and warm eyes.

  • Tue 24th Jun 2008 Danielle K | Intimate Moments

    Danielle K seems very shy at first but get her talking about her fantasies and she warms right up (she warms me up too). She's a cutie who hates bra shopping because her DD's never want to stay in a bra! That's good news for us because Danielle has beautiful, creamy breasts that jiggle playfully in her favourite sex position: doggy style.

  • Tue 24th Jun 2008 Sahara | Solo

    Confident, and fun loving Sahara has incredible control over her orgasms- she proves it is possible to learn to squirt girl cum as she describes her envy-inducing evening caught in between two pulsing pussies with a saturated finger in each...

  • Tue 24th Jun 2008 Selena | Solo

    abbywinters.com models never wear makeup. Fresh, clean, pure, bare. Selena bares all by unbuttoning, then pausing, then deciding another button should come undone, a beckoning glance at us then a peek at the sexy lacy bra hidden below. As she gets more aroused and her undies get out of the way, she uses all her fingers to spread her moist inner pussy lips apart.

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2008 Pillow Fight Girls | Solo

    What would you do when a pillow bursts and showers the room in feathers? Have lots of fun in a pillow fight! And get naked, of course! It's sleepover time at Julietta's house so naturally the girls gang up and strip her nightie off first. Feathers are flying around the room, there are giggles and peals of laughter - join in the fun as they snuggle up on the bed together in mounds of fluff. Frenchy's slumber party in Grease has nothing on this one!

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2008 Corelle & Immie | Intimate Moments

    Make sure you turn the sound up for this stunningly erotic masturbation video! The girls exchange shy glances and slowly undress themselves, bra straps slide down and knickers are pushed aside as Corelle slowly reaches down between her legs. You get a great view of a very touchable, pert bum as Immie kneels over to perv on Corelle's beautiful naked body and spread legs. Watching and getting more and more turned on by Corelle's moans Immie's entire body quivers with her orgasm...and so will yours!

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2008 Becky T | Solo

    Becky T's video is so hot the steam will melt your screen! She teases and seduces as you follow her wiggling bum up the stairs to her room. She's having a naughty afternoon inserting a large purple dildo she just happened to find under her pillow...and as she stares into the camera you can imagine yourself right there with her- to lend a helping hand of course!

    You too can be the deliverer of multiple orgasms- by sending in a dildo to the lovely Aussie models of abbywinters.com. Send your 'package' (teehee) to our Melbourne office and you'll be rewarded with a personalised thank you video and handwritten note from the lucky lady! Thanks go to Adrian for this dildo submission!

  • Sun 22nd Jun 2008 Sahara | Solo

    Spend an afternoon of delight with beautiful, intelligent and naturally delicious Sahara. Her sweet smile will melt your heart and with her panties around her ankles her sultry stare will make you dribble- hardly seems fair to have to wait two whole days for her divine video...

  • Sun 22nd Jun 2008 Becky T | Solo

    Becky T has been super flirtatious on the abby forums- and I have become one of many hungrily awaiting her photo shoot debut. Becky has the cutest raspberry panties and just when you can't handle the teasing any more she slowly bends over and peels them down her youthful thighs. With super crisp close ups (No. 106 is my favourite) you can feast your eyes on all the treats of her body.

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Em | Intimate Moments

    Em gets out of her skirt and top, showing us undies that seem reminiscent of that movie where the rose petals fall onto the girl's crotch - you know the one I mean. She takes off her bra and rubs her clit through her "rose petals." Off comes her underwear and now she rides her clit bareback until she cums.

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Ilona | Solo

    Ilona's a netball fanatic who's been playing for many years. She wants to show you the way that she warms up before a game. Lots of stretches - and it's easier to stretch when you're nude. Ilona struts around the flat and goes out onto her balcony while you get a look at her tits and pubes.

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Angie & Indiana | Girl-Girl

    Indiana tries to teach Angie a bit about pool, but it seems like both Angie & Indiana are more interested in personal games - games that you can put your whole body into. They climb up onto the table which is a sturdy but soft spot to lie while you're being eaten out. The girls are into kissing a lot too as well as coming. There's a Backstage video that accompanies this video, and it shows the making of the stills shoot.

    Next week's Video Newsletter has been released and it's a scorcher. Petria shows off an amazing wall of graffiti while she tells you about the new sets coming up soon. Get the full group of sites and you'll have three model shoots per day.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2008 Phoenix | Intimate Moments

    Phoenix is a multi-orgasmic wonder! She moans and cums almost the entire video. Rubbing her clit, inserting her finger, slapping her clit - it's all good. This Intimate Moments video must not be missed!

  • Fri 20th Jun 2008 Narida | Solo

    Narida has such nice breasts - it's a pleasure to see them moisturised with lotion. Her entire body looks equally hot and it gets covered in lotion too. But the best part is when her undies come off and her thick and dark pubes are revealed.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2008 Angie & Indiana | Girl-Girl

    Oh my - Angie & Indiana have two of the nicest pairs of breasts around. What a great match this is! The girls are playing a friendly game of pool, and Angie really licked Indiana. Come to think of it, they both really licked each other! They crawled around on the soft felt of the table kissing and eating each other out. There's even some anal play to be found here.

    The abbywinters Site Map page will give you the stats on all of our shoots, a listing of all of the pages on the site, and an alphabetical list of all of the models, which can be sorted by date or age, etc.

  • Thu 19th Jun 2008 Backstage 205 | Behind the scenes

    Models filling out paperwork, drinking wine and learning about video cameras are all seen in Backstage 205. AW staff calling our instructions to the models, videotaping, taking backstage photos, and zeroing in, getting right up between the legs of a model to get the close-ups you desire; that's all part of this backstage set too. What a cool job for all involved!

  • Thu 19th Jun 2008 Ilona | Solo

    Ilona has some good-sized boobs underneath that dress. She pulls off her bra and lets the melons roll out. Nicely shaped, especially from the side, her breasts are a real turn-on. Ilona is producing a good amount of wetness and girlcum, although it hasn't really started to drip out yet over her natural and hairy pubes. Just give her five more minutes!

  • Thu 19th Jun 2008 Anneke | Intimate Moments

    On a relaxing afternoon, Anneke's reading a racy novel from a few decades ago. She can't help but want to masturbate herself. She tries her tummy, but lying on her back works the best. Anneke brings herself to mind-blowing orgasm in about ten minutes.

    In AW Today, it's cliche', but Chloe and Angie go for a roll in the hay for their Tier 3 video shoot together. They had better keep Mr. Ed away from these two young fillies.

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Kitchen Girls | Solo

    These four waitresses in Kitchen Girls can't resist the urge to spray each other with the hose. Fortunately that results in four girls in see-through wet tops. They might as well take off all their wet clothes and play around naked. It's a good thing the customers haven't noticed that they're not getting their food...uh oh!

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Ann T | Solo

    Ann T tells us a lot about firsts - first time touched down there, first sex, etc. She doesn't think she's had her first orgasm yet, though, and that's too bad. Ann's really flexible and does some amazing gymnastic moves. Take a look.

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Narida | Solo

    Narida's first shoot was good, but this Redux goes beyond my wildest dreams. I love her in her glasses, with her hair back, and wearing shorts on her long tanned legs. From her little goosebumps on her boobs to her extra-thick bush with girlcum, I love this model!

    Our forums have a few rules of order that keep it a pleasant place for members, staff, and models alike. They can be found at the top of the forum pages, and mostly they are just common sense. Don't be rude to others, be respectful. Don't post about politics or religion - our members have many opinions on these topics and to bring them up will surely cause tempers to flare. These and a few other more specific rules can be found in the Forum Rules.

  • Tue 17th Jun 2008 Courtney K | Intimate Moments

    Courtney K slides out of her bra and undies, flips over onto her knees and puts her pretty bum in the air to begin masturbating. She finds a better position with her pussy toward you and rubs away furiously. She's sounding pretty wet down there, her face gets red and you can be sure she had a good orgasm.

  • Tue 17th Jun 2008 Sue-Ann | Solo

    Sue-Ann has a lot to tell you about her life and her flight school. Recently she was in a men's magazine and all the guys at her school saw it - how embarrassing! Sue-Ann uses her blue double dildo again to ream both her pussy and her anus at the same time. She actually cums during this video; you can't miss it.

  • Tue 17th Jun 2008 Ann T | Solo

    With a big smile on her face for you, Ann T crawls around on the couch and undresses. She pulls off her colourful undies to show you her well-trimmed pussy and that she has a tattoo on one breast. Ann bends over and gives you a good look so you can easily imagine doing her doggy-style.

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service at abbywinters.com. If you have a problem go to the Feedback page found under the Membership tab. There you'll find the feedback divided into three general areas - account/billing help, technical help, and general feedback. We respond to all feedback emails in 24 hours maximum, often in under an hour.

  • Mon 16th Jun 2008 Kitchen Girls | Solo

    Four waitresses get a little wild in the restaurant kitchen. When they spray each other with the hose, it's like a wet t-shirt contest in their thin white shirts. The Kitchen Girls skin is glistening sexily with water droplets after their wet shirts get pulled off. The action doesn't stop until all of their pants are off too and they're fully nude in the kitchen.

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