• Fri 31st Jul 2009 Leisl | Solo

    Simply stunning. No other words really to describe gorgeous traveller Leisl - she's a trained ballerina and in this cute little video she shows off everything she's learnt, oblivious to the sensuality of her body or the way her toned limbs and soft smooth skin look so irresistibly touchable... Ah, be still my heart...

  • Fri 31st Jul 2009 Nikki S | Solo

    Naturally delicious Nikki is channelling pin up siren today with some smouldering looks thrown over her shoulder and some rather cheeky grins to entice! Her full round arse cheeks are really featured as she wiggles out of her hot pink cotton briefs and gives you a lovely peek at her wispy patch of pussy hair...

  • Thu 30th Jul 2009 Larissa M & Susie | Girl-Girl

    After escaping inside from the torrent of rain it's obvious these two wouldn't be able to keep their hands off each other for very long! Any excuse will do and a feigned "oops, you're wet, let me dry you off" lets Susie get her hands all over Larissa's perky young boobs. Clitoris stimulation and some eager fingering ensure these two go off!

  • Thu 30th Jul 2009 Jakkie | Intimate Moments

    Jakkie shows her body the love it deserves and you've got the perfect view! Long sensual strokes and gentle caresses as her hands glide slowly but with a quickly hastening pace, over her womanly curves. Her face blushes, her breathing quickens and the juicy squish of her pussy will send you insane! Don't miss!

  • Wed 29th Jul 2009 Mei | Solo

    A tight fit. A jam. A delicious squeeze. All lovely descriptions for the way Mei inches her tasty new toy (all thanks to Sabrina for donating this dildo) deeply and lovingly into her moist little honeypot. Find out how you too can donate a dildo and receive a personalised thank you note and video from an abby girl like Mei!

  • Wed 29th Jul 2009 Leisl | Solo

    A trained ballerina, Leisl is grace and beauty personified. Long legs that stretch on for miles and elegant lighting to show off her curves, this new photo set from abbywinters.com will have you swooning in no time at all! Don't miss a simply stunning young woman!

  • Wed 29th Jul 2009 Larissa M & Susie | Girl-Girl

    Lots of yummy fingering in this steamy girlgirl installment as two fair skinned Aussie beauties explore both their bodies and their sexuality. A light, colourful room and photos that capture all their passion, their heat and their intense facial expressions. My favourite part: their hairy pussies rubbing up against each other...

  • Tue 28th Jul 2009 Mei | Solo

    Mei's glossy black hair and large almond eyes will take your breath away! Then your heart will stop as you admire her incredible flexibility. Your jaw will hit the ground when she pushes her purple vibrator in deep and you'll blow your load as a thick trickle of girl-nectar oozes out of her pussy. All thanks to Sabrina...

  • Mon 27th Jul 2009 Jodie S & Monika | Intimate Moments

    A little chatty and a lot of giggles as these two Aussie cuties get naked and enjoy some finger-licking good times! They watch each other and talk about all the ways they like to be pleasured before the air gets a little tense and their arousal takes over...back-arching shudders and gasps of pleasure fill the room as they cum...

  • Mon 27th Jul 2009 Danielle N | Solo

    Danielle's never done anything like this before, she's a little nervous but she's happy with her body and is confident enough to show it off in a sexy nudie video today! Her tight blue sweater shows off her fantastic breasts and she teases mercilessly without realising how gorgeous she is! When her kit is off you'll be so glad you waited!

  • Sun 26th Jul 2009 Col | Intimate Moments

    Some are soft, some loud, some move their fingers quickly, some like slow strokes. Col loves her breasts to be squeezed and as her hands trace their way down her skin to the warm heat building between her legs, her breathing quickens and her heart starts to race. A beautiful, natural orgasm just like nature intended...

  • Sun 26th Jul 2009 Maria S | Solo

    A mop of delicious bright red ringlets that smell wonderful and would feel amazing tickling up and down her lover's bare chest, Maria's first solo shoot here for abbywinters.com goes off! Lots of stunning full body nude shots to show off her luminous white skin, perky boobs and ginger pubic fuzz!

  • Sun 26th Jul 2009 Danielle N | Solo

    Danielle is a natural Aussie girl-next-door. She's young, cute, super smiley, a little awkward and has never been in front of a camera before this. Pale white skin and untouched hair - her boobs are just like mine! Tini tiny little pink nipples and full pussy lips with a light sprinkle of womanly fuzz...Yummy!

  • Sat 25th Jul 2009 Karleigh | Solo

    New model Karleigh is hitting the track with uber cool style and a funky, laid back attitude. Her long tanned legs are kept fit and toned, her belly tight, breasts firm and perky and her arse is totally drool inducing. Getting nude for abbywinters.com has never been so much fun, Karleigh thinks so too!

  • Sat 25th Jul 2009 Amanda R | Intimate Moments

    Deep, probing fingers and quivers that course through her body uncontrollably. Soft sighs and intense concentration. Amanda's natural, raw and expressive orgasm pulses with waves of pleasure spreading through her pussy, her belly, down her legs and flushing pink through her cheeks...Enjoy!

  • Fri 24th Jul 2009 Annaliesa | Solo

    Annaliesa's wearing one of those cute pure cotton training bras - the kind with absolutely no padding and just a small triangle of fabric to support her budding breasts. The outline of her shape can clearly be seen and as she talks about all the kinds of things that turn her on, her nipples slightly harden...

  • Fri 24th Jul 2009 Karleigh | Solo

    Who loves BMX?! ...and who's jealous of the bikes seat as hot new model Karleigh peels off her knickers and rides through the Aussie bush? Her crop of short brown hair falls sweetly over her rather cheeky eyes and the look she gives you is electric! A great arse and some killer tatts are sure to impress those who like girls with attitude!

  • Thu 23rd Jul 2009 Carly T & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    Katherine's a caring lover, asking Carly gentle questions and gleaning information about how she likes to be fucked. Soft and gentle or a delicious mix of hungry, passionate lust? After a shy giggle and some soothing words, the two girls take their first steps into teaching each other all about their own bodies...

  • Thu 23rd Jul 2009 Aleit | Intimate Moments

    Aleit takes a long sweet moment to silently caress her needy body. Her tanned and toned thighs sprawled over the edge of the sofa, her head resting daintily on a stack of cushions. White, creamy breasts sit high and firm on her bare chest while one hand squeezes her right globe and the other rubs furiously at her tight, wet pussy...enjoy this quiet explosion!

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 Carly T & Katherine F | Girl-Girl

    It's Katherine's first time with a girl! Although, you can't tell because she throws herself into the experience head (and tongue) first! Her kisses are gentle and sweet, her delicate fingers exploring Carly's body, finding every soft nook and wet cranny. A fine sheen of sweat builds up on her brow as both girls experience raw, passionate girlgirl sex...

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 Lani R | Solo

    Lani's got some serious attitude! She's a thrill seeker, a feisty young girl looking to push the boundaries as she sneaks around her hotel getting progressively more nude! She takes the abbywinters.com camera into the emergency fire stairwell and gets intimate with some wire mesh...

  • Wed 22nd Jul 2009 Annaliesa | Solo

    Annaliesa is a bundle of full flavoured fun! Her endearing smile with little dimples, her cheeky eyes, her glossy dark blonde hair - all this and more as she wiggles her denim-clad bum, showing how flexible she is...yummy! Curves to caress and a bubbly personality to enjoy. Don't miss this cute new model!

  • Tue 21st Jul 2009 Lani R | Solo

    Not our usual sunlit, outdoor shoot today, something a little darker, and a little more edgy. Lani is a tattooed, alternative girl with loads of attitude and sexy sass! She's going for a thrill seeker ride through the corridors and stairwells of her hotel...and at any moment she could be caught! An interesting shoot from a very interesting young woman...

  • Tue 21st Jul 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Mia's little blue friend (kindly donated by Mark) brings a lovely rosy blush to her cheeks and a satisfyingly full feeling to her wet pussy! She's sexy, in control and loving her life, we're just glad she chose to share so much of herself with us here at abbywinters.com! Make sure you check out her delicious new shoot right now!

  • Mon 20th Jul 2009 Lauren B & Tiana | Intimate Moments

    What happens when two natural, healthy, happy, not to mention super horny girls are left alone to entertain themselves, just a video camera to capture the action? Tiana and Lauren enjoy some nervous giggles before launching their fingers and their desires into top gear for a sexual explosion not to be missed!

  • Mon 20th Jul 2009 Natalie P | Solo

    Natalie's got my bra! Well..the same style, just in a different colour...Maybe I should wrestle it off her?! Mmm, tasty thoughts! Anyway - she's a sweetie pie with a heart of gold and for this video she's tantalizing and teasing with a slow undress and a yummy wiggle of her hips. A gorgeous smile is just the icing on the cake! Enjoy!

  • Sun 19th Jul 2009 Aisling | Intimate Moments

    Aisling loves her breasts to be squeezed, and every so often she likes to insert her fingers into her juicy honey pot...These and other insights are all available to the observant student if you pay close enough attention. All our girls masturbate to REAL orgasm. No fake moans here! All real, just the way she likes it at home...

  • Sun 19th Jul 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Mia has that tasty mix of minx and madam. Her utterly adorable face and proper, responsible half-smile really hide her down right dirty mind. Getting her yummy, creamy breasts out early and bending right over to show you her smooth-shaved, rather moist pussy, she's ready for her dildo in no time at all! Thanks to Mark for donating this toy!

  • Sun 19th Jul 2009 Natalie P | Solo

    A great smile and a thick patch of yummy pubic hair to run your fingers through, Natalie is getting naughty in the garden today and you're invited to watch! Her short summer dress is slooowly unbuttoned and her pale bra and knickers peeled off with a tantalizing tease... Make sure you catch her video too!

  • Sat 18th Jul 2009 Elfrida | Solo

    Elfrida's moved inside for the video portion of her very first time naked for you! She's a naturally delicious redheaded babe with loads to love. Her long, shapely legs go on forever and her pert rounded arse is perfect for a little squeeze or a gentle rub. Yummy nipples finish off a tasty treat! Enjoy!

  • Sat 18th Jul 2009 Ilona | Intimate Moments

    Ilona's taken away by the fresh air and the bird calls, as she closes her eyes her hands snake down the curves and folds of her gorgeous body, feeling their way into all the soft, dark, wet spots. It's outdoor masturbation like you've never seen before as her hips buck and her knees quiver with waves of bliss..

  • Fri 17th Jul 2009 Harper | Solo

    Harper's a goddess. But it seems like she doesn't know it. Today's video features a half naked Harper laying on her bed with her legs spread, chatting away about nothing much, seemingly completely oblivious to how much she's teasing me! When she finally gets her knickers off, you'll be glad you waited!

  • Fri 17th Jul 2009 Elfrida | Solo

    Elfrida's a natural redhead with a flippy skirt and a killer smile! Slim, sexy and super sassy, this beautiful young girl is getting naked and letting you peruse her divine body as much as you like! Long legs and boobs that hang as purrfect pear drops, just waiting to be touched, caressed and lovingly squeezed...

  • Thu 16th Jul 2009 Anabela & Maria S | Girl-Girl

    A girl girl shoot at abbywinters.com doesn't just involve two naturally delicious Aussie girls expressing their well practiced love techniques, or perhaps exploring for the first time...there are also before and after interviews with the two girls - get to know how they feel and if they're planning anything...naughty...

  • Thu 16th Jul 2009 Charlotte E | Intimate Moments

    Charlotte's all alone, just her desires and some quickly moving fingers to entertain herself... Soft sighs and a gentle caress will keep you on the edge of your seat before she plunges her hands deep between her thighs for a sizzling grill of womanly exploration! The best part? It's all 100% real...

  • Wed 15th Jul 2009 Anabela & Maria S | Girl-Girl

    Raw. Passionate. Unscripted. Two Aussie REAL amateurs, indulging in deep, wet kisses, loving caresses and shiver-inducing licks. Anabela and Maria both have pale skin, some freckles and a burning desire for hot, sticky, sex but they get to know each other slowly, learning about what makes her moan...

  • Wed 15th Jul 2009 Caitlyn J | Solo

    Caitlyn's musical voice will have you hooked on travellers today as she entices with her naturally delicious self. Her long legs look great in a denim mini skirt but it all pales when the skirt's off! She bends right over to peel her pink undies down over two purrfectly shaped, firm, squeezable arse cheeks!

  • Wed 15th Jul 2009 Harper | Solo

    Big blue eyes and perfect proportions in today's solo shoot from Harper! She's an Aussie darling, wholesome but totally sexy with a mane of wild hair and long legs I'd love to get in between. She's lolling about on this lazy Wednesday afternoon, stretching and tugging at her tank top to tease with a glimpse of her pert, creamy breasts...

  • Tue 14th Jul 2009 Caitlyn J | Solo

    Don't you just love a girl's wild, sexy just-fucked bed hair? Caitlyn's mane of brown waves falls over her eyes and down around her shoulders as she slowly peels off her shirt and reveals creamy skin and the thick pink lace of her bra. Woo! She's wearing matching pink knickers! ...Knickers she pulls aside to give you a pink peek...Tasty!

  • Tue 14th Jul 2009 Joannie | Solo

    A sassy swing of her hips and an oh-so-deliciously-cheeky grin will have your manliness standing to attention in no time at all! Joannie's video today lets you get up close and personal for some very intimate one on one time. Her firm young body is revealed and her juicy wetness is just waiting to be touched...

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