• Sat 31st Jan 2009 Blaire | Solo

    Blaire's just as bubbly and confident as ever! Her perfect skin gets a nice rosey blush as she describes all the naughty things she's gotten up to on a squeaky sofa....but that's nothing compared to the blush of her juicy pussy as it accepts the firm shaft of a g-spot dildo donated by "Allen". Thanks Al!

  • Sat 31st Jan 2009 Lea | Intimate Moments

    Lea relaxes into the clothes at the back of her wardrobe, her fingertips quickly reaching for an aroused nipple as she releases a contended sigh... soon her hand slides down over her body, closer and closer before plunging down between her thighs and dipping wetly into her sweet juices... talk to her here!

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 Backstage 237 | Behind the scenes

    We don't call her Peeee-tria for nothing! With nowhere to go in the pristine sugar plantations of Tropical Australia, and all of us drinking gallons of water a day - Petria let loose a steady stream of straw coloured pee on anything she could find: plants, rocks, bugs ....even other models!

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 Carly T & Silvie | Solo

    Nothing's more fun than hanging out at the beach with your girlfriends and getting naked! Silvie and Carly told me this was one of their favourite shoots- and even though they were just playfully mucking around, by the end of the day there was so much heat between them they asked to do a raunchy girlgirl together!

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 Blaire | Solo

    Blaire's back, but she's all alone...why don't you cheer her up by drooling all over this photo set and then telling her about it in her thread! That's right! You can chat to this model directly! She's a sunny babe with a heart of gold, a verry dirty mind and some of the biggest natural boobs you'll ever see!

  • Thu 29th Jan 2009 Carly T & Silvie | Solo

    It's always nice just to see girls having fun, mucking around or relaxing with their friends- especially when they get their kit off! There's no kissing or naughty touching but lots of fun and laughter in this beach side photo set. Carly and Silvie enjoy the waves, the sunshine, the sand and their friendship.

  • Thu 29th Jan 2009 Gabriela | Solo

    Gabriela's out in the rain, talking about her life, her loves, aspirations and deepest, darkest desires... Get to know her more intimately, her natural, supple young body, her little quirks, and what she does while watching abbywinters.com videos...She's also been talking up a storm on the forums- why don't you go chat to her now!?

  • Thu 29th Jan 2009 Jakkie | Intimate Moments

    Jakkie has urges. Her body ripples with heat and her hips thrust and rock- enjoying the arousing sensation of her clit against the lace of her panties. When she's ready, she wriggles out of her dress and gently traces her fingertips along the crescent of her breast- shivering and dissolving into her self pleasure...

  • Wed 28th Jan 2009 Luanna | Solo

    Luanna's deep sapphire eyes sparkle as she lets you peek into her hidden pleasures...and maybe down her top! Gorgeous long legs and thick locks of natural auburn hair are not her only assets and as she slowly peels off her blue cotton tank top- her large, full, deliciously creamy breasts jiggle and bounce - I'm all shook up!

  • Wed 28th Jan 2009 Gabriela | Solo

    Sassy and saucy, Gabriela turns up the heat in her second solo reveal today. Her eyes give a cheeky twinkle before she shakes her hips and wiggles her bum just for you...a bum with two sweet cheeks that just peek out from under the hem of her tight green cotton dress and fill out her lacy knickers purrfectly! So Tasty!

  • Tue 27th Jan 2009 Step Aerobics Girls | Solo

    This is what abbywinters.com is famous for! 19 hot Aussie babes sweating it out- for real. Their aerobics instructor pushing them to the max, sweat trickling down into uncomfortable places and pooling into salty wet spots. Their muscles burning, but their adrenalin surging- the energy palpable!

  • Tue 27th Jan 2009 Luanna | Solo

    This natural redhead used to be a naughty abby BMX girl - but today she's sweet as apple pie at home in her first solo shoot! Her ultra pale, almost translucent skin is velvety soft, holding her firm, young breasts up nice and perky... She gets undressed slowly, and teasingly- but always with a cheeky smile!

  • Tue 27th Jan 2009 Elizabeth C | Solo

    Elizabeth's smokin' hot body with brilliant curves and a tiny waist will definitely cause your knees to weaken and your heart to puddle on the floor... Her video today teases and tempts as she slooowly peels off each item of clothing- wiggling her bum and stroking her soft olive skin with the love it deserves...

  • Mon 26th Jan 2009 Jette & Roxy | Intimate Moments

    Jette and Roxy are hanging out, chatting to each other and having a lively debate about the pros and cons of dildos, vibrators and bathroom attachments...before all the talk gets them into a ball of horny nerves and their fingers itch to reach down and touch one another... indulge in some double trouble!

  • Mon 26th Jan 2009 Step Aerobics Girls | Solo

    Thighs pumping, arms swinging and bare, sweaty, BOOBS JIGGLING!! Exercise never looked soo good! The biggest abbywinters.com production to date featuring 19 amazingly energetic girls- they're fit, healthy and happy- at the beginning at least! Gilian, Carla, Kylee, Petria, Kiki, Melissa, Zasha, Emily, Keilyn, Christen, Cassie, Julia M, Maria S, Veronika, Silvie, Helen, Harper, Jette and Sarah P!

  • Mon 26th Jan 2009 Veronika | Solo

    Veronika seems all sugar and spice until her hand disappears down her knickers for some creamy self exploration... She's out in the beautiful Australian countryside, casually chatting to abbywinters.com videographer Patience about her life, her loves and her gorgeous, naturally delicious body!

  • Sun 25th Jan 2009 Emily K | Intimate Moments

    All alone, feeling secure and safe from prying eyes, Emily relaxes back into an easy chair to show you how she likes to masturbate. She swings her creamy-skinned legs wide apart and letting her hand dive in! Totally knicker-less under her pink cotton dress, it doesn't take long before she's squirming and gasping...

  • Sun 25th Jan 2009 Elizabeth C | Solo

    Elizabeth has a very squeezable arse and you'll melt with anticipation as she teases- her fingers popping off the buttons to her tight jean shorts ever so slowly...just because she knows you're watching. Her matching electric blue lacy bra and undies are hiding some tasty treats and a slim body I know you'll enjoy!

  • Sun 25th Jan 2009 Veronika | Solo

    A twinkle in the eye and some curious glances from beneath a thick curtain of glossy natural red hair, Veronika is a flaming bombshell! You've already seen her trek up a mountain...and get sweaty along the way in Hiking Girls, now get to know her a bit more intimately in her very first solo shoot!

  • Sat 24th Jan 2009 Kiki | Solo

    Kiki's sleepy afternoon snooze is rudely awaken- but she doesn't seem to mind so much since she loves all the naughty attention... Her smooth dark skin is velvety soft and just begging to be touched! She loves to be licked, and her signature move in the bedroom is to lick and kiss from your toes up to your sweet spot...

  • Sat 24th Jan 2009 Helen J | Intimate Moments

    You'll need an umbrella for this masturbation video! Helen's home alone with just a camera to capture her pure and unselfconscious indulgence. Her clothes are dropped to the floor and as she lays back into the soft leather sofa she spreads her legs wide open for a little finger action before SQUIRTING girl juice everywhere!

  • Fri 23rd Jan 2009 Backstage 236 | Behind the scenes

    Try as you might, you can't help but enjoy the lush green serenity of tropical Queensland...and all the babes walking around topless! This Backstage set features: Violet, Chloe, Melita, Jilly, Anneke, Julietta, Marigold, Jacki, me, Patience, and lots of Petria!

  • Fri 23rd Jan 2009 Kiki | Solo

    Sometimes sweet, mostly spicy but always heart stopping, Kiki is snoozing in crisp white cotton sheets today. Her soft, smooth, cocoa skin is covered until she rolls over in her sleep and the sheet gently pulls away from her breast. Her nipples harden in the cool breeze and her whole body springs up in goosebumps...gorgeous!

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 Fotina & Zora | Girl-Girl

    Wild office Christmas parties play a big role in Fotina & Zora's festive fucking session today. Always passionate and frequently dirty, these two have no boundaries! Their session features some of the juiciest lesbian licking and fingering - and it's all real, natural and completely unscripted!

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 Marigold | Solo

    Marigold's back and she goes off like a bride's nightie! She's come back from three months of backpacking through Europe, some things have changed- she's grown into a beautiful young woman with long silky raven hair, but some things are the same - her totally smokin' body and the way she can get her legs spread soo wide....tasty!

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 Brandy | Intimate Moments

    Sexy as hell, Brandy has a toned and tanned killer body and she knows how to use it. She was part of our Jelly Wrestling Girls, using her gorgeous boobs to distract opponents while she undid their bikinis! Cheeky! Today she's all alone- free to pleasure herself anyway she likes - and soon she's gasping and writhing as she get closer and closer to a happy release...don't miss this yummy masturbation video!

  • Wed 21st Jan 2009 Fotina & Zora | Girl-Girl

    A special addition to our Deviations section today, two strong young women, inked up and ready to get dirty! These two certainly aren't tame, their passion for something more raunchy than previously seen here at abbywinters.com takes them to new heights of orgasmic bliss. Fingering, deep, probing licking and an insatiable hunger for each other mean this girlgirl is sure to end breathless and sweaty!

  • Wed 21st Jan 2009 Megan L | Solo

    Good news, Megan's boobs have grown recently and she's filling out her pale pink lacy bra very nicely! I get to interview her on all the merits of a good bra and what she looks for in a man before some silly antics like jumping up and down on the bed get her all hot and flustered and she simply HAS to get naked! Enjoy!

  • Wed 21st Jan 2009 Marigold | Solo

    With her knickers around her ankles and a devilish smile on her face, Marigold is one sweet temptation that'll surely spoil your dinner! She's back from her world trip and ready to show off her newly toned and tanned body and her little denim skirt is perfect for those quick peeks whenever she bends over...

  • Tue 20th Jan 2009 Megan L | Solo

    Megan possesses the most warm and inviting eyes you'll ever bare your soul to. Her tasty arse isn't bad either! In her first solo today she slowly unbuttons her dress, teasing, cat-like and coy. A glimpse of her pastel pink lace bra and the wonders of her hidden creamy breast are well worth the wait!

  • Tue 20th Jan 2009 Keilyn | Solo

    With hair-whipping winds that also catch the hem of Keilyn's dress -revealing just a hint of her lilac cotton undies and selective use of slow motion as she slips her dress up off over her head make this solo video of Keilyn a sensual, haunting piece. Due to the Antarctic chills, this video is only four minutes long. Four minutes is all it takes though!

  • Mon 19th Jan 2009 Beck & Luanna | Intimate Moments

    Beck & Luanna hit it off like jam on a crumpet! Two sweeties with an urge for shared self pleasure, they snuggle before peeling off each other's clothes and sliding a hand down between their legs... Some quivering knees and the sound of urgent gasping signal a deliciously real, whipped to perfection orgasm!

  • Mon 19th Jan 2009 Gemma T | Solo

    It's a hairy feast for the eyes as cute-as-a-button Gemma is guided through her very first shoot nude shoot by her eternally effervescent best friend Cleo! You'll have to pick your jaw up from the floor as these two jiggle and wiggle, helping each other out of their clothes with lots of cheeky giggles!

  • Sun 18th Jan 2009 Ilona | Intimate Moments

    When a girl prepares herself for an intimate session of "afternoon delight" she goes through a complex routine. Her breathing slows, her eyes close, her mind relaxes and her hips start to grind in eager anticipation. Ilona's sighs and gasps as soon as her fingers reach between her legs are only the start of a naturally delicious afternoon!

  • Sun 18th Jan 2009 Keilyn | Solo

    Keilyn freezes in the chill winds that fly straight from Antarctica, her milky white breasts ripple in goosebumps, her nipples wrinkled and hard, her raven hair whipping around her bare shoulders. She's so hauntingly beautiful in her second photo set today, baring herself to the wild Australian elements...and to you as well...

  • Sun 18th Jan 2009 Gemma T | Solo

    Introducing Gemma! She's Cleo's very breastest buddy and when she heard about all the fun Cleo was having she just had to join in! Her cheeky photo shoot today is packed with giggles and cheery smiles as she slowly unbuttons her shirt and lifts up her skirt to reveal her soft creamy skin...

  • Sat 17th Jan 2009 Leah | Solo

    Healthy, happy and bursting with sexual energy, Leah glows in this brightly lit photo set today! Her caramel skin is smooth and satiny and her mane of glossy black hair tumbles down her back in sexy bedroom waves. She slowly undresses, peeling away her dress and sliding off her panties before showing off all her naughty bits!

  • Sat 17th Jan 2009 Shaminee | Intimate Moments

    Shaminee is home alone with a camera so we can capture the way she likes to masturbate...privately...alone. On her side she slides off some shorty shorts, building herself up by running some fingers over the soft, smooth skin of her arse. When she's ready she plunges in some fingers that instantly send her over the edge!

  • Fri 16th Jan 2009 Backstage 235 | Behind the scenes

    This Queensland Backstage set features some more abby girl cheekiness! Susie taking sneaky crotch photos as we did naked yoga and hot girls filming other hot Aussie girls making out! I love the way Violet brightens up any picture with her twinkling eyes -you just know she's thinking something naughty!

  • Fri 16th Jan 2009 Leah | Solo

    Healthy, happy and bursting with sexual energy, Leah glows in this brightly lit photo set today! Her caramel skin is smooth and satiny and her mane of glossy black hair tumbles down her back in sexy bedroom waves. She slowly undresses, peeling away her dress and sliding off her panties before showing off all her naughty bits!

  • Thu 15th Jan 2009 Jocelyn K & Sian GG | Solo

    Short, little floaty skirts that fly up in the breeze and a fast and furious game of "first to strip off the other's clothes wins!" are sure fire ways to make this fun set a highly enjoyable way to while away an afternoon... Pictures only, this is a previously unreleased shoot! It's bonus time! Woo!

  • Thu 15th Jan 2009 Keira | Solo

    Keira is getting ready for a night out on the town! She casually chats about all kinds of girly things- what she's planning to wear, what types of undies she likes and all the reasons why she HATES underwire in her bras! In the meantime abbywinters.com videographer Amber sneaks some up skirt shots that are oh so arousing!

  • Thu 15th Jan 2009 Irene | Intimate Moments

    Irene is expressive, sensual, in touch with her needs and not ashamed to be wildly vocal! Today she's all alone in her room, bent over with her lickable arse high in the air. Her fingers reach around to gently stroke her aroused pussy, dipping her fingers into her juice before pushing herself over the orgasmic edge!

  • Wed 14th Jan 2009 Roxy | Solo

    A gorgeous, naturally bubbly country girl, Roxy enjoys life to the max! She loves driving around in her ute...maybe squeezing in some "wheelies" too! Her first time on camera today and getting her kit off is a new, slightly challenging experience but her full creamy breasts and pert young arse are totally worth it!

  • Wed 14th Jan 2009 Keira | Solo

    Keira is super petite with a tight, firm little body. She looks good enough to eat in this pair of coral coloured knickers and her famously large and every so deliciously puffy nipples peek through the lace of her cream knit mini dress. She pulls and teases at her cotton panties before sliding them down and spreading her legs...

  • Tue 13th Jan 2009 Kara D & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    Passionate, explorative and sensual, Kara and Keilyn make love the way they want to- no script, no instruction and no direction except where their fingers take them! Their attraction is heated right from the start, some casual suggestions and some light touches become deeper and more suggestive until the passion spills over onto the floor...

  • Tue 13th Jan 2009 Roxy | Solo

    The only thing better than one pussy is two right? New model Roxy had some company for her very first shoot, her little pal was just as cheeky and playful as Roxy herself! Some lounging around in the backyard and a slow, sensual reveal of beautiful bare skin are all in a day's work for this vivacious, lively young Aussie!

  • Tue 13th Jan 2009 Tricia L | Solo

    Tricia is making a welcome return today- she's dressed in red, in the mood and thanks to the abbywinters.com dildo drive, one lucky member received a rather colourful thank you letter and an exclusive personalised video segment featuring Tricia and her new favourite toy! That's one package I'd love to get my hands on!

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Cassie & Silvie | Intimate Moments

    These two cuties are getting ready for work when one thing leads to another and a naughty suggestion slips out of Cassie's sweet mouth and her hand slips down her raspberry cotton panties. Pressed up against the cool glass, these two are totally relaxed, talking about how they feel as they edge closer and closer to a blissful release...

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Kara D & Keilyn | Girl-Girl

    You might all remember Kara from her first solo- one of the few models with enough energy to orgasm both in the pictures AND video! Well she's back and steaming up the lens with raven haired beauty Keilyn. Her orgasms are perfectly captured in these photos- blushed cheeks and tightly shut eyes, her lips mouthing that wonderful big "O"...

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Jana | Solo

    Easy going but with a feisty side, Jana and I chat about her love of surfing and swimming naked in wide blue Australian ocean.. she just loves the feel of cool salty water rippling over the most sensitive parts of her body- her little brown nipples, her ticklish inner thighs.. even over her pink little sweet spot!

  • Sun 11th Jan 2009 Kara D | Intimate Moments

    Kara has quickly become my new favourite lady! The obvious attraction and the natural way her hands roam over Gemma in their steamy masturbation session let's you know this babe gets seriously wet between the legs at the sight of another girl touching herself.

    Alone this time, Kara steals some pleasure-filled fun...

  • Sun 11th Jan 2009 Tricia L | Solo

    Tricia's solo video today isn't really solo - she's got me to play with! I get to ask her LOTS of questions all about dildos: the sizes that feel good, textures that send her over the edge and positions where she can make a dildo hit her special G-spot! Lots of orgasms in these videos! Don't miss out on our red-faced bliss!

  • Sun 11th Jan 2009 Jana | Solo

    Jana's legs are out of this world, long like a gazelle and suggestively flexible. Her first photo set for abbywinters.com is moody and seductive, deep ochres and caramels really highlight her smouldering beauty and passionate personality...it gets even hotter under the collar when she introduces her toy donated from the Dildo drive!

  • Sat 10th Jan 2009 Jenny-Lee | Solo

    What's not to love about the delightful Jenny-Lee?! She's smart, sexy, funny, possesses an incredible body and her sparkling eyes will draw you in and steal your heart! Her second solo video today is divine. Breath-taking landscapes and Patience's smartypants technical skills show off Jenny-Lee perfectly!

  • Sat 10th Jan 2009 Zora | Intimate Moments

    One of the luxuries of owning a penthouse in the city, touching yourself outdoors is certainly not a problem! Zora's creamy skin is all on display as she bends over, two slender fingers rubbing her clit slowly at first and then with vigour before she's ready enough to plunge into her creamy goodness for a body-shaking orgasm...

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Backstage 234 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage pictures are purrfect for capturing the funny, sexy girls of abbywinters.com! This set is packed with even more quirky moments from a trip to tropical Queensland - even featuring a mini shoot with the deceptively sweet Julietta and some pics of beloved photographer Carlee..

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Jenny-Lee | Solo

    OMG! Jenny-Lee is pure Aussie honey on legs! She's been brightening the forums with her quick wit and flirty charm, now get to see what all the fuss is about with her solo photoset today! Caught in the first blossoms of spring, she dances, twirls and fires sneaky, sassy looks at you...such a tease!

  • Thu 08th Jan 2009 Annalisa | Solo

    She hasn't used a dildo for a while, so the excitement has been brewing for Annalisa's second solo video today... She's lounging around at home, thinking naughty thoughts to get herself in the mood- her hands roaming and caressing her nicely tanned body. When she's ready she spreads her legs and pushes the toy deep inside...

  • Thu 08th Jan 2009 Corelle | Intimate Moments

    Corelle's a brunette now and it really suits her in this passionate release of pent up urges. Have you ever seen something that really turned you on, but you had to wait all day to get home before touching yourself? Corelle managed to last all day, and it was worth it because her orgasm ripped through her body and left her panting and satisfied...

  • Wed 07th Jan 2009 Campervan Girls | Solo

    Three gorgeous girls enjoying their summer holidays, splashing around in the wide blue open sea, enjoying the outdoors- then helping each other out of their wet clothes...One thing leads to another, a hand disappear down someone else's knickers and before you know it you're going very red in the face and getting a little weak at the knees!

  • Wed 07th Jan 2009 Amanda R | Solo

    Amanda is a natural cutie with oodles of sexy charm. Her long chestnut hair ripples down her shoulders as she swirls and twirls down an light-drenched walkway in the Autumn sun. Her bubbly personality shines through and as she slowly undresses she reveals a special part of herself - her body is changing with the first blush of womanhood.

  • Wed 07th Jan 2009 Annalisa | Solo

    Annalisa's large blue eyes seduce and her bee-stung lips look soo kissable! She's wearing the most incredible coral coloured lace bra and her panties are the cute Brazilian style that hug and curve around her perfect arse- almost disappearing as it presses close to her increasingly aroused pussy...

  • Tue 06th Jan 2009 Amanda R | Solo

    Amanda is a blue-eyed Aussie sweetheart. Her long waves of natural light brown hair fall about her freckle-smattered breasts as she slowly peels off her clothes. Her fun loving nature is reflected in her wide bright smile and gorgeous dimpled cheeks - don't miss Amanda's very first nude blush!

  • Tue 06th Jan 2009 Kara-Lee | Solo

    Ah! Nothing better than sunbaking by the pool in suburban Melbourne! The palm trees swaying, the birds singing and the naturally delicious Kara-Lee getting naked! She spends oodles of time sensually rubbing lotion into her soft skin, over her nipples her belly and thighs...and even her pussy!

  • Mon 05th Jan 2009 Gemma T & Kara D | Intimate Moments

    Kara and Gemma lock eyes and reach for each other across the open table after sharing a meal...it seems they're hungry for some tasty dessert! They caress each other, their hands sweeping lightly and sending tingles through their naked bodies. A beautiful, simmering masturbation video between two very horny friends...

  • Mon 05th Jan 2009 Anabela | Solo

    Anabela knows exactly how she needs to be touched! She caresses her long golden legs, moving higher and higher, shedding her coat, her lacy bra...before dipping her hand into the sweetness below her waistband. Her hopes and dreams, her desires, her raw sexuality are all released in this sensual, teasing, tension-packed video...

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Aneta | Intimate Moments

    Aneta's large boobs are super soft, deliciously touchable and pleasingly tickled by the long auburn hair that flows down her shoulders. She enjoys giving them a light squeeze before reaching over to get her pink vibrator, turning it to medium intensity(she told me) and pressing the head riiight up hard against her clitoris...

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Kara-Lee | Solo

    A slightly voyeuristic photo set today! Peek on Kara-Lee as she relaxes by the clear, blue swimming pool- her slim body glistening as she applies sun lotion, rubbing it in with care and concentration... Her small breasts are freed from their restricting bra before she leaps up and dives into the water...

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Anabela | Solo

    Anabela's posting up a storm on the forums(so you should go talk to her stat!), now her shoot goes live today! Yippee! A super slick photo set- what's not to love about a tutu and sexy red lace...especially some red lace that's gently cupping a pair of full, creamy skinned, all Australian breasts?!

  • Sat 03rd Jan 2009 Karla | Solo

    Karla returns today in a smouldering solo video that reveals a naturally delicious side of her personality- not to mention featuring her whipped to perfection body! Her smooth creamy skin is firm and her large blue doe-eyes are pools you'll happily fall spend eternity in. Don't miss this hot honey!

  • Sat 03rd Jan 2009 Carolyne | Intimate Moments

    Big breasted Carolyne was comfortable enough to let the shooter hold the camera for this solo masturbation video today, and boy does she go off like a bride's nightie! Naked in the first three minutes, touching herself feverishly a second after that, Carolyne has an explosive orgasm just the way she likes it!

  • Fri 02nd Jan 2009 Backstage 233 | Behind the scenes

    Another backstage installment of the incredibly sexy abbywinters.com AVN team from 08 including Anneke, Violet, Chloe B , Jilly, Petria, Melita, Marigold, Jacki and myself loving it up (and each other) in Far North Queensland!

  • Fri 02nd Jan 2009 Carly T & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    What happens when two of the hottest new abbywinters.com models are finally free to Go All The Way?! Their clothes hastily abandoned, their inhibitions out the window- Kara D and Carly T let the passion swirl around them in this sizzling, lick-filled, body shaking all girl pure sex scene!

  • Fri 02nd Jan 2009 Karla | Solo

    Channelling a little Marilyn Munroe today, Karla's sultry blue-eyed stare will grab you in the goolies and cause your heart to puddle on the floor- she's a sexy siren with a crown of platinum curls and a milky skinned body to die for. She slowly teases with her casual undressing, giving little peeks only when you really deserve it...

  • Thu 01st Jan 2009 Carly T & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    A signature abbywinters.com shoot- bright, fun, everyday sex and flooded with light so you can see ALL the good bits! Carly T and Kara D hit it off the moment they meet- their arms and legs intertwined on the bed and their increasingly urgent moans let you know they're having a REALLY good time!

  • Thu 01st Jan 2009 Janina | Solo

    A moody, serious video today- Janina's back and enjoying some quality alone time to show you her smoking hot body. Quiet and reserved, she slowly and silently undresses, spending ample time on her tummy, breasts, thighs and totally shaved pussy. She even pulls her lips apart to show you a pink peek!

  • Thu 01st Jan 2009 Carly T | Intimate Moments

    Waking up from an afternoon nap, there's no better way to ease those dreamy urges than a quick wank! So, left completely alone, Carly T's uninhibited fingers start tracing little circles all about her quickly hardening nipples and edging closer and closer towards her knickers and full, natural bush!

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