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  • I have a daughter and sister; and I have to say, yours is one of the few sites where I'd be fine (proud, even) if they chose to work with you. And, my wife most definitely appreciates all I've learned. Keep up the good work!

  • Unique or not, I look forward to the boy/girl scenes done in AW fashion. People saying horrible things to each other while they spit, and/or are spat upon is not exciting to me. This has kept the bulk of my interest in films from the 70's because they at least acted like they wanted to have sex with the PERSON and not just the BODY. Its nice to be able to see this kind of interaction in good lighting and a dearth of dicks with sideburns.   :P

  • I enjoy tremendously. You guys have really put together a truly professional, quality-wise program. Kudos to all of you. A confirmed fan

  • Never really thought of getting a subscription to any "adult" site before, but was sold on Abby Winters immediately. The content here just can't be compared to others. When I contacted Customer Support, their response was nearly immediate and both professional and positive.

  • What can I say? You guys just keep getting better and better. Beautiful naked girls, hot sex, and you still manage to keep that "girl next door" feeling..KUDOS!

  • Time and again nobody does it like Women of such incredible beauty model for and posing is as if they are at home in their living room and you are an old friend. I fully appreciate close-ups, bare feet as a woman's foot is delicate and pretty and the interviews. Chloe B will always be my favorite but all of the other ladies make me weep with desire. Hear me cry, ladies!

  • To call Abby Winters a "porn site" would be a tremendous disservice and misrepresentation. Traditional "porn" sites exploit women.  Abby
    Winters is truly an artistic representation of female sexuality. One is rarely, if ever, left with an impression that a model is performing. Moreover, it oft appears to be a personal and true exploration of the model's sexuality. How refreshing to witness an actual orgasm! Abby Winters presentation is unparalleled as the viewer, or voyeur, is given license to view intimacy so deep and sacred as to form a greater respect and admiration of feminine sexuality. Personally, Abby Winters has taught me to have a greater respect for women and their respective sexuality where traditional "porn sites" teaches one to objectify women. I am grateful for my membership and have the greatest respect for the collective group of models who oft start and end my day. Long live Abby Winters!

  • Hi there, RedDruid here, wanted to say I love the new format. All bright and cheery. Can't imagine getting the site in anything but all 3 pieces, so I fail to see that logic. the bells and whistles on the site seem cool but aren't in the way. Selections of models are great. the frequency of posting is great. quality of photography is great. great, great, great. You're the only site I bother with, and the only one I pay for. I've been with ya for years, and I'm happy with a site that has raised the bar substantially and challenged the industry. way ta go. Keep up the good work.
  • Why wait signing up? I've always been waiting for the next update on your free site, and never been disappointed. Since I've signed up for one month, my biggest problem is the free space on my computer... You should advise new members that they should buy an external hard disc to put on all this high quality material you are offering...NEVER SEE BETTER!!!
  • Unquestionably, your site is the most. Prolific, extremely stunning and a delight 10 fold, hundred fold?, thousand fold? It is class. I love it. And, thank you.
  • I just wanted to tell you how fucking awesome your site is, in case you didn't already know. The design is awesome, and the filtering system is brilliant. You guys also aren't super shady, like almost all other porn sites. The only other time I paid for porn, I got billed from like 30 different companies that I didn't sign up for, and I had to waste a ton of time threatening them with chargebacks unless they refunded me. You guys rock.
  • When I began using the beta version of your new website I didn't like it because it was so bright. But a few months after the switch, I gotta admit, I don't even remember what the old site looked like. Job well done!!!
  • I just wanted to say how impressed I am with how well this site is run. You're not hiding anything from me, I love the billing reminders and the accurate history that is recorded for me to see on your site. I'm really pleased. As for the content I feel that I have finally found porn that is good for my soul. Thank you. You're a blessing in my life.
  • Again, I appreciate the quick and courteous response. This is one of the main reasons why I have been, and will continue to be a long-term AW supporter. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for all you've done!
  • I've been a subscriber to your site for a couple of years now and I just wanted to say that your new layout and configuration is AWESOME! It really looks good, is very intuitive and IMO has improved my viewer "experience"! Thanks a million for continuing to invest in quality content and a user friendly site. You guys are the best.
  • Abby Winters has without question raised the bar to an unbelievable level. One look at this site and you will never wonder again where to see the most beautiful women in such detail and clarity. Just try to view without saying ......amazing.......unreal......superb.....and hot as hell. Please keep up the excellent work.
  • This is quite simple. I have been a member of several sites over time, It's without any doubt, and without any hesitation that I say this is by far the best site I have signed up to.
    I'm not in to pouting lips and 'sexy' glances; which means that Abbywinters is spot on for me. What comes across as genuine affection and intercourse. I know it isn't, but AW is good, very good at making it real. And that's what counts for me. As AW grows it gets better, which is a good thing. Staying the same, stagnant, is a bad thing; and AW isn't that.
    Well done AW and I look forward to some exciting and innovative material ahead.
    Thanks a mill.
  • AW is helping mankind rid itself of sexual inhibitions that should eventually lead to a more loving society. AW is far superior to American, cookie cutter porn. I spent too much time indulging in the wonders of AW, Thanks you so much staff and models.
  • I wrote awhile back after joining your website. Have to write back again and tell you how happy I am with the website. Love the fact that your models are not scared to grow some hair, even underarm hair is a turn-on. I'm so happy I paid for all three sections of your website, I didn't waste a penny in my eyes. And what a treat to my eyes it is. Thanks
  • Abby and the team have definitely got the highest quality site around, and the all natural theme that the girls have is irresistible for a perve like me. There's no need to go anywhere else, everything's well catered for here, the exquisite girl-girl scenes, and all the shapely girls that appear in the solo and video sets, I'm in heaven. Cheers to Abby and all the rest of the crew.
  • For once I finally feel like there is a website that understands me! I have always admired most the very things that are the focus of this site, regular girls and the the beauty of there imperfections. No cookie-cutter models, no airbrushing. I once thought I was alone (or in very limited company) in my admiration of the REAL female form, complete with all of the quirks and imperfections. The goosebumps on beautiful skin, large puffy nipples on small breasts, the tiny hairs on a breast or surrounding a bumpy areola, or the sexy curvature of a full-figured woman, just to name a few. These women are absolutely gorgeous! And the are treated as such, which is the best part. I am new to this site and just when I thought is couldn't get any better, what did I find? I open a photo set of one of the most adorable girls I have ever seen only to find wonderful images of her peeing! That sealed the deal. This is the greatest website I have ever seen, bar none!
  • Surprise , Surprise. You guys are probably the only honest, legitimate people in the business that you are in. How refreshing. You have my permission to quote me if you like. The BEST content, BEST designed most user friendly site, You respond to reasonable questions of your customers in very prompt and clear fashion and you are not out to screw the world. Pinch me I must be dreaming. Damn I love you guys. Thank you thank you!
  • The customer service is great. I really appreciate that the people running the site don't screw over their customers. I canceled my account for a few months a while ago and was happy that I didn't have to jump through any hoops to unsubscribe. I rejoined and was a member when the site got split into Solo, Girl-Girl and IM and was happy when the re-bill price didn't change. The charitable donations thing is really cool too. I also like that the site works fine in Linux. The content is totally awesome. The realism and video quality is hard to find any place else. As for suggestions, there isn't much I would change except for perhaps a few more "deviations" or maybe a boy-boy video on April fools day.
    Cheers, -Tom
  • Dearest Abby,
    I had seen your clips on "The Hun" for years of the girls on the beach and others, but a couple of weeks ago I went to your site! I was flabbergasted to say the least. I have rules for the best porn ever, and your video's and picture come the closest I have ever seen.
    I dont want to ever say anything bad about any of you models, Because each have own charming allure. What they don't have in the Perfect Body, Most Beautiful Looks, they more than make up for by their Natural Seductive allure. I adore the before,after and backstage clips. It confirms that these lovely sexy seductive young ladies are for real the girls next door. I have always wanted to move to Austraila. Now I have two things I want to see, The "ZOO" and Abby.
    P.S. where do we see pictures of you and your staff, Some of the camera ladies and Instructors are on the wrong side of the camera!
  • [in response to's donation to the 2008 Victorian bushfire appeal]
    I'm very impressed with the huge AU$50k your company provided. That's astounding, and reinforces my perception of your company as caring about your models and your community. That's important to me and plays a large part in my membership.
    I'm a current AW member, but no need to add a week to my membership. Matching my donation is more than enough.
    God bless those affected.
  • It's all good. Everything. The images of course! The commentary on the backstage items, the captions on the sets ...I even like to read your FAQs once in a while. Everybody seems so PLEASANT and INTELLIGENT. You just seem to be folk who like their work and each other and my do you put out a fine product! Thank you.
  • I just saw the Tricia L vid... fun! That one little moment where Sue-Ann flutters her hands in the air, frustrated & not knowing what to do, but needing to put them SOMEWHERE ~ this is why I love AW. The playful spontaneity, the way the girls' sexuality just bubbles up in wonderful ways. So often, it's spanking hot & completely adorable at the same time. Don't know how you manage it, but it's terrific! I've never been a fan of a porn site before. But I am one now. Wonderful stuff!
  • Hi AW and all the crew. I just love your site, the openness between the girls, the respect, fun and intimacy. It shows with all the shapes and sizes you put up how beautiful the female form is to touch, explore, caress and yes at times just get down and dirty. I love the cheekyness between girls, their smiles, looking into eachothers' eyes when caressing a most intimate part of the body, and how they just sink into moment very exciting. And yes, how free the girls are at orgasm. This should probably be compulsory viewing for M/F couples too because it has taught me so much about what a woman wants sexually, when, where and how to touch. Yes, alas I'm mere male and oh how I wish I was a girl at times so I could do a GG and experience first hand that type of sensuality. Short of a sex change I must continue thru life as a male and the next time I'm with a woman I'll most definitely bring all the AW sensuality, openness and honesty into the sexual relationship. Thanks so much girls.
  • I'm back after trying other sites and this is the most real site that I have found. I am honored that I get to see the true heart and honesty into every shot, same with all the work that goes into each scene. Thank you girls and the company that put all together. Oh ya thanks Abby your ideas are educational. Yours truly honestman
  • Hi abbywinters team, I love you all. I dont know how I can say I love you. your laughing, your playing, your talking, I love ot so much, I wish with this sentences I wont make you tired, but I want to say I am fan of you. I like abbywinter models because they are natural, it is very very important, no make up , that is cool . I can feel their body smells. yea that is cool . fantastic, their real breasts are nice which are without opperation. their stomach, their hairy pussies, their hairy armpits. their hairy armpit is lovely, the resolution of the videos are fine then I can feel even the smell of their pussies, ..., but I love to be with them when they are going girl girl actions. you are the bests , you are the...bests , you are the bests , I love you all . I love you allllllllllllllllllllll.
  • Just have to tell you what a great job your doing. For 13 years I have been taking what most photographers call good photos and changing them into a work of art. What a joy it is to find that I'm not the only one that sees the female body as the most beautiful thing on our small planet, and I've only seen the tours. Please tell your models that at a time when the world is flooded with smut, they are the ones bringing artistically done videos and photos to people like me, who see the art and true beauty of the work they are doing.
  • I absolutely love this website. The detail in the hi-res pictures is absolutely amazing, not to mention the sheer beauty of the models. What really blew me away was being able to count the taste buds on a models tongue while she's licking another girls pussy. I must make it to OZ some day, but I'll have to run out and buy a terabyte drive just to store the photos and videos I'm downloading first :). I could go on for hours, but the quality of the photography just blows my mind. Please keep up the good work.
  • Abby, this is for you to use as you wish. I urge you to share it with your lovely women who make such delightful videos. "Imagine you are young again, when it was all so new. Everything was a bit of a mystery with girls, and as you became more bold, you discovered so many wonderful things about them. How soft those panties were. How curly that hair down there was. How slippery that slit was. And, later, how strong and exciting her smell was, when you put your fingers to your face. These memories come back so strong and fast watching these young women enjoy each other. The playful banter, the serious looks, the delicious, noisy kisses, so many, so long, so passionate, so tender. The gasps and sighs as lips find nipples, as fingers brush outer lips, the moans as fingers plunge to the knuckles, as mouths suck and lick wet pussies, and the wonderful close-ups of shiny fingers and chins, covered with that wonderful girl-cum. These are girls who care about each other, who chat and hug and try so hard to give pleasure because they like to, and because they know it will be returned, and because they want to see the tense, blushing face of their lover as they cum, as they feel that release, that shudder. These are girls who are doing something wonderful and erotic and I thank you so much for these memories you provoke." And please, tell Marigold once again she has such a fan in the USA. Those eyes!!! That voice!! That enthusiasm!! And those wonderful breasts and nipples!
  • I Love your Re-Worked site. It's better than ever. And I didn't think it could be. How witless of me. Never sell a Lady short...Never sell a short Lady. Never sell a Lady. Just Love them. Feed them. Cuddle them and then let them shop until they drop. Then pick them up and Love them and feed them some more...'Course you might wind up with a rather chubby but very Happy and Satisfied Lady. I'm gonna join again soon. The Best to You All.
  • i have recently decided to clear some of the clutter and uncessary B.S. out of my life.
    This means alot of things to me--like not taking work so seriously, saving more money, living cleaner and healthier, maintaining my apartment and my car, and not spending as much time on the internet looking at porn. i've decided to delete any uneccesary subscriptions i have to porn/Adult websites effective immediately...except for, that is. The fact is, your website, although definately pornographic and Adult, offers so much more pleasure and honesty then other Jerk-off sites. i may not know the women on this site, but i do know they're real. i know they're beautiful. and i know they can teach me things both by what they say and how they look.
    other adult sites focus so much on boring fucking and pointless and repetetive cumshots in order to attract an audience, and its SO boring! i love for aiming truer and higher than other sites. it is the best, hands down. so, while all those other sites are useless to me anymore, i still find excitment checking out daily. trust me, i plan on being a Member of this wonderful site for a very long time.
    thanks again for being around.
  • Very impressed with your workout shots, especially the the group shots you ended with.
    They reflect personal power, self assuredness and the beauty of the feminine body. I'm glad that you choose to do shoots that seek to be more than just titilating.
    Often I run across shots on your site that are truly works of art. I hope that some day they are truly recognized for that.
  • Just wanted to say a big THANKYOU for the simplicity of your site navigation. I realise you must all put a lot of efforts in behind the scenes to make it work as well as it does.
    Also a big THANKYOU for the very fast download speeds we are getting in the UK these days, I know we've had them for a while now but I'd thought I'd mention it as I was writing anyway.
  • I have used many porn sites and always been disappointed. Why? Well usually because what you get is a bunch of disinterested, over dubbed, silicon babes that are just in it for the money. And of course there is also the hype and dangerous web content that lurks in the background waiting to bite you in the bum. But then came Abby Winters and it was as though all of the windows had been opened and the fresh Australian air had blown in! I will never again go anywhere else in a vain and futile attempt to find anything that even comes close to this site. The girls are diverse, 100% natural and actually want to be here!
    There is a great mix of new and returning (redux) models and the tone is one of fun, not sleaze. The production is first class and rarely have I seen a duff picture, or video.
    So good on you AW. I love the site and am sure that thousands of others do too.
  • Abbywinters changed my life. After stumbling in to the site I was so enchanted that I signed on for six months, & will again when my term is up. Within days - daze! - I got a high speed connection and now my 289 gigs of memory are 2/3s full... of AW girls. The variety of new girls keeps one on the qui vive... like Cleo, so shy at the outset &, after a shoot or two, so deliciously wanton. Ah, but it's the classics - unique, compelling, prodigious - to whom one returns with ever greater fascination. Chloe B., Giselle, Alexiah (even her bad complexion has a certain appeal), Johanna (such a winning tease), Anthea, Nadine (despite her frantic impatience), Julia B., Jamie-Lee... too many to name & many that I haven't! ... Though I'll take care to lock in my rate, I applaud your rise in prices: to have given these girls to the world is a public, as well as a pubic, service & you should derive a proper reward for it, as well as renewed resources for more Good Works.
  • Hello to the most wondrous adult site in the world!
    I have never taken the time to thank you before. I suppose it is due to a certain shyness involving this material. But when I saw the new homepage I just had to let you know how impressive it is. I am stunned!! I bought a 32" Sharp Aquos to use as my computer monitor, and I can assure you I almost had a heart attack the first time I brought the site up on it. Now with the new homepage it is like the models come to life right in front of me. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work. This dedicated member is more than truly satisfied, and has been for more than a year now. Please, keep up the amazing work.
  • No answer required, but this is just a note to say that this is the fastest, friendliest feedback system I've ever seen on any web site. Period.
  • Your non-members tour is exceptional, - seen nothing else half-as-good.
  • Thanks! You guys rock! Great bang for the buck!
  • There is no place online where one can find so many beautiful and most importantly "real" girls. With everyone trying to airbrush and touch up every little imperfection this site keeps the little things that make these girls unique intact. The only thing I can think of that might be better to spend money on online is an airplane ticket straight from the U.S. to down under and if I use this site as a gauge of Aussie women that would definitely be a one way ticket!!!
  • You have the single best nude website in existance. All the smiling models makes it so easy to enjoy. And the passion between girls is intense.

    Love you.
  • I think this is hands down the best Adult website in the world. The girls are beautiful. The sex is amazing. I love the interaction between models, whether they're being intimate or just hanging out talking.
  • Finally! A site that doesent harm the beautiful women who make this world so seductive! I have been entirely turned off to the entire concept of pornography until right now---always having felt guilty for entertaining mysogenistic pornography I am so happy to see authenticity---It will only breed more honesty and love into sensuality and everything associated.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you-----this is the beginning of a movement I hope---where the real intrigue of the human sensual side can grow and blossom!

    I am utterly impressed
  • Your site is awesome. It is way sexier than normal porn - as these are more the types of girls normal people hook up with, and you feel as if you get to know the girls.
    You also don't feel dirty after watching it.
    Also Aussies are hot.
    This is the future of pornography. You're making art
  • You're basically geniuses.
  • I have joined dozens of sites with adult content over the last 10 years. This site is, without fail, the best in terms of content, layout and features. Other sites may have good, even very good content, but you have captured the "big picture" here: authentic sexuality that celebrates women and the women and men that love them.
  • I'm something of an "amateur sex researcher". At least that's what I tell people when they wonder why I spend so much time looking at online porn. (Not too many ever buy it, but hey, it's worth a try. ;)) So I've been to a few porn sites, even joined a couple. Most were crap. Some were a bit better than that, but never great. Then I got here. (Please excuse the following lapse of netiquette.) THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!
    Oh, I had a feeling it might be. I even remember taking the tour and thinking, well, this is different. But I had no idea.

    Here is a short list of the qualities I've found, so far, that set the site apart from all others:

    1)A female point of view. Yes, it is subtle but undeniable. The whole vibe of this place is feminine, in the best possible way. Some men don't appreciate this, but in my experience women have a better erotic imagination to start with. And this place is proof. Nothing here is forced, rushed, or over the top.

    2)A feminist slant. This goes hand in hand with number 1, I suppose, but then all my points lead into each other. I'm not talking millitant feminism. I've been to a few sites that were considered feminist, or alternative, porn. I found them unwelcoming. Not here. AW is extremeley approachable. What makes it feminist, in my eyes, is what the site is about. Most porn sites are dedicated to men's idea of what women are like. And, let's be honest, how many men really know much about women, especially their sexuality? This place is dedicated to letting women show you what women are like. It's revolutionary. It's subversive. It's about damn time.

    3)The women. (No, not the girls. The women.) Look around. No sillicone-boobed idiots giving the camera the evil eye. (What is that supposed to be about, anyway, desire? If a woman looked at me like that in real life, I wouldn't be turned on, I'd be scared.) No vapid manequins with coiffed hair and pouty lips. (Those are sometimes nice to look at, I admit. But then, they start talking, and I just wish they'd stop. The lights may be on, boy, but nobody's been in that house for a long time. Maybe ever.) So what do you get, instead? How about real women. Women that look like women, talk like women, act like women. They do not represent some misguided male ideal of feminine beauty. They do not conform to anyone's image of women. They do not conform at all. All the women on Abby Winters are beautiful, because they are all real.

    4)The GG shoots. This is a personal favorite of mine. Two women together are sex incarnate. So I felt a little trepidation before viewing the first one. The vid downloads, the player starts, and what do I see? No scripts. No horny middle-aged guy giving loud directions. No unnecessary raunch. Just two women, in a room together, confident in their sexuality, exploring each other. Real passion, real sex. Sometimes even uncomfortably real. It's the dream of every person who ever rented or downloaded a porn video. I don't think anyone can ever truly know what two people do together when no one is watching, but this is as close as you'll ever get. And again, what a brilliant idea. Shoot a sex vid by letting people have sex. Seems kind of obvious, doesn't it? And yet, nobody else thought of it.

    5)The site. Well organized, interactive, easy to navigate. Having worked on a few web applications in my time, I know how rare that is in any field, especially in the disposable world of online porn. Now I need to take the time to list just a few of the beautiful women who have left an impression on me so far. (For those of you not on my short list, I love you all, but I've only been here a few days, and besides, we all have to have preferences.;))
    Armine. An elemental spirit, a true force of nature: complex, ephemeral, breathtaking.
    Jilly. A true earth mother, in every sense: pure, natural, peaceful, beautiful.
    Shane. Her Divine Self, the Goddess of Chaos.
    Ava. Lovely, vivacious, lights up a room by her very presence in it.
    Gabrielle. The Lady Gabrielle. Classical beauty and smoldering passion under complete control. Wow.

    Of course, this site is not for everyone. Some men like their women anorexic, dumb, submissive. Safe women for safe sex, with no one to challenge your conception of yourself, no one to exhilirate you. What is the point of that? If all you want is to stimulate yourself, get an inflatable woman. I'm looking for a real person, not a vagina with something attached to it.
    (Case in point: I was talking to someone today about the site, encouraging him to join, and I mentioned in passing that Ava is a lesbian. He wanted to know how I could be attracted to a [insert ugly epithet for lesbian starting with d]. I ask you, what does her sexual preference have to do with her beauty? Anyone?)

    I don't call this place porn. This is anti-porn. I would like to start a foundation to donate a subscription to AW to every young American man on his eighteenth birthday. Say to them: everything you know about women comes from your dad's stash of old cheap porn. Here is an alternative. Study it well, my son. You will need this information later. This place is revelatory, educational. It is beyond erotic -- it is sexual satori. Abby, I know you're worried about selling out, but everyone should sell out like you.
    God bless you, woman!
    Wow. I got a little carried away here. Well, that's what happens when you're writing a love letter.:)
    Thanks for the site. Best electronic money I ever spent.
  • ...I really appreciate how good you guys are at listening to suggestions from members. It's one of the little extras that makes AW so special, and so unmissable.
  • Absolutely hands down the best site I have ever browsed. I can't begin to describe how easy it is to navigate, and keep up with whats going on. The models are outstanding, and the content is never ending. I joined up for 3 months, and I can already see I will be rebilling! I have considered joining sites every now and again, but for some reason, everytime I considered it, my attention was always drawn back to Abby.

    After careful consideration I joined up, and I made the right decision. If your a lurker, take the extra step and join, you won't be sorry!
  • What is so wonderful about

    A long time before I finally became a paying member of the Abby Winters community I had become a fan. In my internet searches for delectable and exciting female bottoms I sometimes was so lucky to find pictures that were extremely superior in quality. One could really see every detail of the skin without stupid light effects. Moreover these girls didn't look like models.
    Whenever I wasn't obsessed enough about bare bottoms and looked at their faces, their clothes or their hands I was touched by their normality. They looked like my students: nice girls, sometimes very attractive, sometimes plain who like to dress in all kind of things, but seldom in stiletto heals and lacey girdles.
    When I became a bit richer and less stingy I became a member of several premium sites. was one of the first. I've never regretted it. I've downloaded unbelievable quantities of pics and videos from that site, but it will take many months before I'll be anywhere near exhausting all the possibilities. I visit the site almost daily and then often spend half an hour there. So one may conclude that the site must be interesting to me somehow. And that is the subject of this article: what is it that makes such an irresistible place?
    The short answer may sound something like this: it has unbelievable quantities of nude, natural, spontaneous girls. That's true and it is a rare thing, but it is only part of the wonderful truth. There is so much more to tell. So take a seat and prepare for the long answer.

    First the girls themselves. I'm very happy to say that there are no males in Well that's not strictly true: there maybe male photographers, but you don't get to see them. Also there is very occasionally a girl with her boyfriend in a heterosexual video, but I've never seen those. They are classified as deviations, so the viewer is warned. On the other hand there is a growing amount of videos and picture series with girl-girl encounters. Even these performances seem to be spontaneous and natural to an amazing extent. The girls really like each other, sometimes even love each other. The same goes for the many videos with masturbating girls, alone or in pairs side by side. The faked orgasm in porno is almost a rule, but I dare to bet both of my little fingers that most of the orgasms in these videos are genuine. I'm not a great lover of this kind of video. It's almost painful to watch them sometimes because they're so intense. But whenever I'm brave enough to do so I feel so much gratitude that I'm able to do it. It's probably the first time in history that one can get such a close look at something so private and misterious.

    I told you already that the girls are natural and spontaneous. That can only be partly true of course. What I'm saying is that the girls are not models and don't try to behave as models. There are many amateur sites in internet, but the main joy in looking at them is to see girls and women fail at their feeble attempts to look like professional models. At Abby's there is only the very rare girl who is a model or can act like one. Such a girl is immediately doomed to the deviation category. Again: you are warned. As for spontaneousness: being asked to undress in front of a camera with at least one person present tends to deaden ones spontaneous impulses. Many girls act rather shyly at the start of the sessions. But then! That's the real wonder.
    They unfold and they become happy girls who look into the camera as if into the eyes of their admiring lover. I don't know how the photographers do it, but they must be extremely good at their job.

    For the viewer it has the effect to look at a girl who seems to be in love with him/her. That is a very heart warming and often crotch warming sensation. It happens again and again. In almost every session we witness a transformation. The girl not only sheds her clothes but also her inhibitions. As a viewer you may see her shyness, her fears, her defenses, but also the softening of her look, her willingness to dare. It may well be the most precious sight on earth. Sometimes it doesn't work. These series are also on view. The girl stays contained inside her protective cocoon, even though she may show you all her female parts. Sometimes not even the latter. Every girl has different limits and they are respected in In other words it is a very woman friendly site.
    More in general it is a friendly site. As aviewer you get a very warm welcome. You're made to feel a member of a nice group of people. The group does very humane things like supporting all kinds of help organizations.
    They don't beg for your money, don't be afraid. They just give away the money you just gave them.

    But the site is friendly in a lot more ways: you're able to interact. In a direct way you can communicate on forums with many of the models and other clients. Personally I haven't done that, but it may be nice when you like that kind of thing. An original way to interact is that the site offers the possibility to make and publicize your own favourites. So with my peculiar addiction to bottoms I have a choice of collections from likewise perverts called 'beautiful butts', 'full moon', 'asses up and open' etc.

    There's more. Very much more. As I told you, I haven't seen all of it, not even half of it. But you're really harming yourself when you don't try it.
  • Wow. I can't believe how amazing you people are. The content here is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is sexy but not dirty, incredibly imaginative but never demeaning. The yoga girls and belly dancing girls are like fantasies that you pulled right out of my brain! It blows me away to be able to see this kind of imaginative erotica brought to life. Thank you!
  • "I'm finishing up a one-month membership, and my expectations were completely blown away. What an amazing site! Never mind the great design and easy browsing, never mind the incredible amounts of updating. More importantly: How great it is to see real, live women with real-life bodies, and who look like they're enjoying themselves! As a man in his 30s, I'm sick of seeing porn where women look scared, or bored, or queasy. That is not sexy! - THAT is sexy. I'll be back, most definitely. Thank you for making this site."
  • "I absolutely loved your site. The girls were lovely, unique, and real. I liked hearing them talk about themselves, seeing where they lived, etc. Unlike most cheap net porn, they remind me of my girlfriends, and that drives me crazy. Nothing else like it on the web and would enjoy continuing to be a part of the community. I'm sooooo glad you exist and have added sweet, curvy australian girls to my fantasy list. will have to make a trip soon!"
  • "I would just like to say how impressed I am with your customer service! I have never before been contacted by a vendor to remind me that an upcoming charge on my credit card is from them. You are a truly professional organization which cares about your clients. For that reason alone (let alone your excellent product!) I am glad to be a member of Abby Winters."
  • "... your checking in with me impresses me, like about a gazillion other things at that are likewise impressive. This company sets a standard for quality and customer focus, not just for the online erotic industry, but for all industries. The world has a lot to learn from you. I'm not just a fan of the photography, I'm an equally large fan of the way you operate. You're simply stellar."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the thousands of hours of breathtaking delight you've provided me over the years. Your efforts have helped to brighten many a crappy day over the course of my membership.

    "I'm sorry it's taken me so long to tell you this. My mother raised me better than that - well, actually, my mother never really taught me how to respond to a pornographic site, but she sure taught me how to thank people who do wonderful things on my behalf.

    "Gee, I'm really sorry I brought my mum into this.

    "Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you! There's a star in your crown!"
  • "I just had to say that, the first glimpse I had of this web site was wonderful. I thougt to myself, could it be that I've found a web site that contains regular girls? Girls that haven't been changed (digitally)? And the answer was YES!!! And a different, a really good, thing with this site is that the girls feelings towards each other are there. It also feels like, that the girls like what they do and that the photograper loves her job. The girls are not just objects, this is because you can sense the feelings when you look at the pictures and the videos. I LOVE THIS SITE THANK YOU ABBY! Ps. when a girl make a site like this it becomes good!"
  • "The other 50 million or so of nude ladies [sites] on the net may now disappear. This is the one, the only site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
  • "A quick endorsement of AbbyWinters: They do indeed get it right. I've been a member for some time, and the whole thing is deliciously filthy, heart-stoppingly beautiful, astonishingly sweet. Often in the same shoot."
  • "Wow. Just wow. I've been gone from AW for five or six months do to financial constraints and DAMN if didn't pick the right time to come back. The pictures are stunning, the videos are stunning, the women are stunning, really there is nothing critical I could say about this shoot. In terms of non-orgasm containing content, the best thing I've ever seen here or anywhere else. Truly great work." [referring to the 16-girl yoga shoot]
  • "I am generally opposed to the porn industry. I believe it's wrong, and can border on evil.

    However, pretty much all the objections I have to it are obliterated by the business practices Abby Winters describes [on the site]. In short, then: were all skin-pics and skin-flicks produced under the guidelines described [on the site], with the same attention to the welfare of the models, I would have absolutely no complaints about the industry."
  • "I will never be satisfied with another site after becoming a member here. I've been all over the web and joined many sites only to be disappointed. Your site has without a doubt the best quality I've ever seen."
  • "I have just been back to your site tour for what is probably the fifth or sixth time and thought this was the appropriate juncture to pass on my opinion. I have never before seriously considered joining a porn site. However -- despite my girlfriend's likely reaction to the idea -- I currently am. I'm sure you've been told this ad nauseum, but your site is massively, massively better than the competition. Having sat through umpteen videos of clearly bored, often ill looking models, your site is refreshing. I have been looking for years for a tasteful, ethical pornography site and that is clearly the kind of site you keep. Thank you for what is surely a great service to man and womankind alike: if it fills the hole (pardon the pun) in the market which some exploitative, sordid little site would otherwise have filled, a service of that magnitude it surely is."
  • "In all honesty though, it's not just the girls, it's the site itself that made me pre-pay for a full six months this time around. I know that whenever I login there will be just more quality pictures and videos (though I hardly ever look at the pictures) of REAL girls. So many sites around just don't compare to"
  • "[Esta web es deliciosamente agradable, magnifica, con gusto, finura y dificil de superar. Les doy la enhorabuena por lo bien que esta hecha. Un saludo.]

    This website is deliciously agreeable, magnificent, tasteful, fine and hard to beat. You should be enshrined for the good work you've done."
  • "This is the only place I have ever seen actual female orgasms. It makes standard porn seem fake and shabby by comparison. I can't live without [AW] now."
  • "This is not only the best website I subscribe to, I would venture to say it is the best service I subscribe to anywhere including the real world. Sure, not all of the content is to my liking but the professionalism and passion the people of aw have is one of a kind. Any problem I have is always addressed right away (not 48 hours later in an automated email), the content is excellent. No bandwidth throttling bs and a price for which I almost feel ashamed (you could really charge more, you damn sure deserve it)"
  • "AW has spoiled me. This (for me) is as real as it gets. No other site that I have come across has anything even close as good as AW."
  • "Whoever designed and created the site gets a 10 out of 10 and I am not influenced by the content when I say that, but rather by working 30+ years in the computer industry and being a bit of a web-designer (not professional) myself."
  • "And thank for the thorough response. Didn't expect to get such kind of reply from an adult entertainment site ;)"
  • "[customer support technician] Michelle, Thanks so much for getting on has been something of a nightmare with having to cancel credit cards and submit fraud claims... Thanks for being, *by far*, the easiest company to work with."
  • "Love your work. The best by far. No comparison. Nothing like it. Truly fresh."
  • "Congratulations on setting up a deliciously honest site."
  • "I'm actually quite ashamed to be a man when it's Abby Winters who has created this utterly unsordid 'porn' site where I can look at girls and not feel guilt. Yes, bring on the girls who know what men want."
  • "The site is in its own class. For those who are sick and tired and fed up with conventional porn the site is a real treat. Just pure, natural joy and the personal touch that is added because of the lovely girls talking and laughing and just being warm and nice. Thanks for setting new standards!"
  • "I think you might be providing a greater service than you might know: the insight into female sexuality that comes (no pun intended) with actually seeing the real thing has to change the viewer. You can't see the gentle pace, the tactility, the emotional engagement without eventually getting to know women better, and that has to be a good thing for a lot of relationships out there."
  • "Your site is far and away the best designed website on the internet and it was very evident from your free area. "
  • "I was just blown away by the incredible quality of the images and sample videos. Really top quality amateur girls. There are some sites where "amateur" is code for "ugly": not here. Really attractive natural girls! Lots of talking, which I love! and high quality solo action. Just brilliant!"
  • "When I first chanced upon and was taking the tour, I came to the IM fragment where Mim finds her way to a park restroom. As the video finished, I thought "Wait a minute... that was real!!" And the lead-in portion with cute Mim's delightful narration and the anticipation in her voice and the whole extemporaneous feel resulted in me going straight to the signup page, and I had never joined a site before. With the rare personal connectedness this great site offers, I've ended up feeling such affection for these models that when watching the IMs I find I am cheering them on, wanting them to feel as good as they and their wonderful bodies possibly can!"
  • "Just tried the Live Support and am absolutly thrilled. No waiting 24 hours for some standard response which doesn't take care of one's issue. A live person within seconds who offers a real solution. Wow."
  • "I joined this site a few days ago and it is DYNAMITE! The passion, tenderness, and sensuality is phenomenal. I love the fact that the women are 100% natural, and they are not afraid to have a bush, unlike all the American who are obsessed with shaving to their bare skin. The accents are almost worth an orgasm alone. If this is indicative of Australian women then I may have to plan a trip down under very soon. If they continue to be frequently updated (especially the gold girl-girl section) then you will have a member in me for many years to come... "
  • "Your place is fantastic. It beats ATK all over the place. Only been on for half an hour and I love it."
  • "You guys are a credit to yourselves! From watching the online Sex industry grow over the past *cough* years, and your site has consistently been value for money and a pleasant change. This is why I've chosen your site the one I will pay for."
  • "Every time I visit this site - whether it's to look at beautiful young women doing whatever they fancy doing, or to see what's being talked about on the discussion boards and maybe join in, or to download the most beautiful and honest erotic material I've ever found anywhere, or (as I've just been doing for nearly an hour) to browse through the comments others have made on the site -- I come around to feeling that the world is a better, brighter, sexier, cleaner and less sordid place for the fact that Abby Winters and the AW team, and this lovely, honest, candidly erotic and wholesomely human site and its community of members are in it."
  • "Wow! An adult site that isn't out to scam people. This is really nice (and I love the site). I think I'll keep my membership for a while."
  • "If you told me a couple of months ago that I would be a paid visitor to an adult website, I probably would have laughed at you. But is the real thing. Gorgeous women with no breast augmentation, no acting and nothing demeaning or insulting. Celebrating real women, curves and all. I love this site and I want to thank everyone involved."
  • "What I have had a lot of trouble finding is a site that I would actually join and enjoy being a member of. So much of the material on the internet (I'd say about 95%) is so absolutely disgusting, gross, harsh and exploitive of women that I find it totally offensive. I am probably giving away my age and generation, but humiliating or harming beautiful, sensitive, young women whose lives lie ahead of them is about as attractive to me as being mugged.

    I am no prude by any standard, but I am appalled at the amount of pornography that exists. I have 3 children (2 of them girls - 18 and 5) and the thought of someone manipulating them into harsh sexual activity and exploitation (For a few hundred dollars) and then presenting it for the entire world to see is as awful a thought imaginable.

    But after only 3-4 days as a member of your site - Which IMO is a celebration of the female form as well as the female personna (Which is the biggest turnon of all IMO), I am absolutely thrilled to know that there is someone out there who is bold enuf to display young women in all their natural glory as well as being as revealing about their feminine sexuality and sensuality - Yet able to do it so very tastefully and inoffensively as to make it beautiful to view as an art form, yet without being so foo foo schmaltzy - as if ones shit doesn't stink.

    BRAVO ABBY!!! I have found a website that I can be proud to be a member of. This is the best nude work I have ever seen and so very personable as well.

    For some reason, it is the personable thing that makes it so unique and attractive.

    Pleasure to make your aquaintance and again, thanks for being the yardstick for good taste in this industry."
  • "I JUST LOVE THIS SITE! I don't know where to begin this testimonial, because I find everything about simply exhilarating. Of course, the models are the obvious attention-getter and they are marvelous. Very natural, healthy girls that very much appear to enjoy every photo and minute of video. It is very important to me that no one is being abused in a sexually oriented site to which I subscribe and there is not a hint of any coercion or drug use or anything the least bit sordid here. These girls are enthusiastic participants. They are also very genuine. You will not find glam models that are overly shaved, overly made-up and airbrushed. No over-the-top moaning or hair-trigger(and transparently faked)orgasms. Just regular girls in all the natural variety; some sweet and cute, some darkly tantilizing, some adorable, some blatantly sexual and some stunningly beautiful - they are all here.

    The content is also a cut above the norm and then some! You are treated you to seductive, interesting, creative and breathtakingly revealing still sets (all shot by Abby herself). You are also privileged to partake in complete sexual encounters captured on video of excellent quality. By complete sexual encounter I mean from initial contact to arousal through stimulating, excruciating intensification and gradually to climax. Very real, very exciting, and you can tell that the lucky participants are loving every moment. There is also plenty of kink for those of unusual tastes. A particularly, if strangely, fun feature are videos in which the models talk directly to the viewers through the camera, inviting you into the scene. That makes the experience so personal - just delightful!

    I'm not particularly internet savvy, but I found the site design very easy to learn and great fun to explore. It is a quite straightforward process to follow the internal links and dropdowns. Abby has also provided helpful information for newbies and terrific lists of all kinds of things that make targeting particular features very fast. Contributors to the discussion boards provide in depth reviews of content and just generally have a great time conversing.

    You owe it to yourself to take the tour. Then once you are panting to see more, join us! I love it here and I think you will too."
  • "I've had memberships to many dozens of sites before, and I must say this site is the best I've seen on the internet. Bar none. The quality of video, web-site layout, the girls, the ease of navigation, camera work is superb. Good job to all abbywinters staff. You guys rock! This is the real deal."
  • "Hi, I just re-newed my membership. I can not live without AW in my life. Let me try and find the right adjectives to describe you guys. You are so : SEXY RANDY GORGEOUS HEAVENLY FULL-OF-LIFE SO-DOWN-UNDER NATURAL BEAUTIFUL FUN-LOVING GIVING DOWN-TO-EARTH VERY-GIRLISH BUSHY-AT-TIMES ALWAYS-HORNY

    Please keep up the good work. God bless you all!!!"
  • "Hi Abby and Friends, thanks for the mail. yes ..i have enjoyed your site..the navigation is just marvelous..and the beautiful women are presented with well as sexy..I was thrilled to see you had a section on flattish and small boobs , as I find these women most erotic. Theres a lot about your site that is excellent..its fast load up, the custom zips are great, the forums entertaining, the classification of body types saves trawling , and there's much diversity in the models..and they are fellow Aussies! bloody brilliant thinking team! Thankyou for the info re: billing and upgrade..i am thinking of staying on board with the AbbyWinters scene.. Thanks Abby, for doing it right. Arte."
  • "I am a porn addict and I have over 100 gb of porn on my comp. I have seen it all, but I have never experienced this sort of satisfaction before. I am not one to usually send feedback (mostly because I am not satisfied with content)...

    But I must say, you people got it right. This is what real men want to see. We are not interested in clean shaven, plastic titted fake skanks having pathetic artifical intercourse with some small dicked body building tank with basically all hair removed from body and topped off with a shitty fake tan. This is what MOST men want. If you dont believe me, trust me, I know. I have looked around and read around on other forums like (largest amateur porn site).

    The days of clean shaven fake artificial high definition sex with camera zooming on the man's testicles and ass is over (hopefully)...

    I sincerely hope that your website becomes stupendously successful, and I definitely will do my part in letting others know.

    The problem with your site is not the content. The content is brilliant. Beyond brilliant. Superlatives fail to justify its greatness. The problem is awareness. If more (wo)men knew about it, everybody would be switching here.

    I mean, you have everything. Real girls, young, natural looking, the scenes are well shot generally and convey a sense of realism--the viewer feels like the girls are really enjoying themselves. A girl doesnt have to scream and moan like stupid whores for this to seem authentic. Thats just rubbish. This is just brilliant.

    I hope you guys can figure out a way to really get your material out to a larger audience. You deserve every penny you get. And unfortunately I'm not rich enough to afford this gold membership beyond this month at the moment. But I will get back to you...

    Keep this up. Dont ever stop or go out of business. I am one of the horniest and most porn addicted guys in the world, and I say this is the real deal.

    I finally found GOD, and it's this website."
  • "I am not a member (yet), but I just took your tour. I've taken dozens of tours of adult sites over the years, but I have never, ever been so impressed. The photo quality, attention to detail, and raw beauty of the models took my breath away, the fact that they are not obsessed with watching the camera did it in for me. I will definitely join at some point, when I can purchase a year all at once. I just wanted to thank you for a refreshing view of a celebration of the female body done properly."
  • "Sometime words are not enough to describe a perfect work. Abby's site is one of the best, if not the best, site that I have seen. It makes you feel that sex is clean and not that dirty as it is on other sites. The models are very natural, like your next door girls. They are lovely because they are simple. No funny make-up no funny clothes and high heels shoes no silicon breasts, just all natural. The team is lovely, photographers and video team. Locations are simple but lovely and the organization is working like a Swiss watch. Above all that is our Abby. I sent her a mail a couple of days ago, wasn't expecting an answer at all, but just the next day she did answer with those lovely words. This is a lady who really has a lot to do, but she still finds the time to read reviews, and answer her mail. I hope that this site will keep going from better to excellent and hope to see more of this fine work. Just vote for this site as I already did."
  • "Thank you so much for such a great site to enjoy. The girls look like some one I would date. A lot of the models look like my girlfriend of the past 2 plus years she is beautiful and so are your models. They are natural looking, no photoshop stuff, no tons of makeup and touchup. It's great photography, great webdesign too. I'm going for my Bachelor of Fine Arts and I appreciate good photography and I appreciate the interface of the website too as a computer graphics major. It's easy to read and navigate on and easy to find what you want to find."
  • "I guess I am not the only one who is telling you what a great job you are doing. I also know that you have lots to do, and I wonder where do you get the time to read all the post we members send. Again, words are not enough to tell you how much do I appreciate the fun and pleasure you bring with your lovely work. It is simple, it is natural and that is why it gets through directly to the heart. All your models are perfect, all your staff is wonderful, and you are unique."
  • "there is a site called Sapp--- Ero---- (sorry, I just could not bring myself to give them any credit)-they think they have hot G/G stuff; wrong. The Gold membership has opened (no play on words) a whole new level of appreciation for what you have. Your site is very clever and they way you go about "merchandising" the ladies is second to none. Basically I am VERY pleased to have returned to you. Again, THANK you for a SUPERB site."
  • "This site is like no other I have seen on the web. It treats the girls with respect and gives them the chance to express their own sexuality rather than having someone else's idea of sexuality impressed upon them. There a feeling of integrity about the website which makes it feel okay to enjoy it. The girls seem to trust the photographers and to have a great time doing what they are doing. That is a huge improvement on anything else I have seen."
  • "I really love the 'clean' feeling of this site. Non-sleazy, and real. I always knew that looking at these sort of images didn't have to feel shameful and dirty! Thank you for reflecting this with your high quality work. I really like the daylight you use in most of your images. Also, as a woman I feel this is one of the only sites that's not JUST for men."
  • "Abby - I know a bit about advertising and communication and digital media and you have the one of the smartest, most functional sites I have seen anywhere, in any category. Forgetting about content ( which you clearly never do ) everything here is first class, immaculately organised and intelligent. Just for fun I browsed your FAQs, and the writing and explanations are clear, honest and totally frank. Believe me that's very unusual. Most people can't do this, can't communicate this clearly - especially in the ad industry. I see this every day in NZ. Kids who have a post-grad ad diploma but can't construct a sentence. I'm not - as we say in NZ - pissing in your pocket. I mean it. Very smart. All the best."
  • "I love girl with girl sites and honestly, the thing that impresses me most, putting this one above all the others is that the girls are so into it and so professional, they don't take time to look at the cameras. They are really into each other, I love that and I love this site. Thanx for providing it."
  • "The whole fun of the IM videos is that the women are AS CLOSE TO NATURAL in their intimate moments as possible. If you want lots of fake yowling and hard breathing and "oh yeah baby" histrionics, practically any porn DVD ever made will prove satisfactory.

    Abby Winters is for those who prefer a thin slice of heaven to a dump-truck load of the every day."
  • "...One thing I really liked about your first shoot was the fact that you didn't wear your best pair of panties -- just a normal, comfortable, everyday pair. [member chatting with a model on the discussion boards]"
  • "Not normally my thing to post but in this case ur question is quite specific and - specifically - I joined up for Saphic Erotica. Boooooooring. Talk about 'By the numbers'. Downloaded a bunch of vids, the only thing that seemed to change were the faces and - after a while, it wasn't worth looking at those either. Didn't believe a word of it. On the other hand - downloaded ['s] Paula in one of her 'Girl Girl' sessions - kept me up all night"
  • "How did you find Abby? I used to download a lot from the newsgroups. (Tho, less and less as the enchantment of AW grows ever stronger - yeah, really!) My "policy" is that if I keep seeing things from a particular web site that I really like and keep a lot of (i.e. it gets to the point that I might be - or soon will be - ripping them off) I hie myself off to the site and, IF they offer an annual subscription I join. One night last year in the merry month of May I was going thru the clutter of what my newsreader had gathered from the news groups and when I saw shots from Morgan's set I said, "Okay, that does it - Abby Winters here I come!" And here I am. (But please don't blame Morgan for it; it would have happened sooner or later anyway.)

    Shouldn't everyone be a member? Of course not, silly. Or as the saying goes: Be careful what you ask for. But then again, if evryone in the world, after arriving here, were like the members on the boards (the only members we know much of) the world would sure be a better place, woudn't it? Or maybe that's what you were thinking.

    Is there anything you like at other sites that you wish we had here? I honestly can't think of anything I've seen elsewhere that I wish was here. I've never seen a site that makes anywhere near the effort to know its members, their needs, and their desires as AW does (more on this below). Other sites seem to put only a small bit of energy into claiming they do and leave it at that. (And I don't mean just porn sites.) The design is superb. Very easy on the eyes even during prolonged viewing. I,too, love the color scheme of the colors in multiple shades on the model's pages. Beautiful, soothing, calming. And considering what's embedded in those colors we could use a little calming. Also, I don't think anybody in the world but the AW staff could organize this much, and this varied content as well as it's done here. It really is a marvel. Whoever is contributing to this, working in there among the trees - you should step back and view it as the forest a new member sees. I think you'd be amazed at the job you've done.

    Other sites. I've visited many and at one time or another joined a handful. Currently I subscrbe only to AW and one called Unfortunately (for my tastes) ALS stands for "All Ladies Shaved", ho-hum. But they do seem to respect their models and maybe even care about them. As soon (or earlier) as the Alsscans expires I'll subscribe to ISM. When I visited the sight and read their philosophy I agreed that it was valid art and thought, Yeah, I'd like to help support that. I didn't commit at the time because the annual rate was a bit steep. Now that I've found out that it's in some way an enterprise of Abby's I'm gonna join. I believe in her phiosophy and, more to the point, what's materialized from it, and I wanna support it in any way I can. As for other sites, what I know of them is largely what I've seen in news groups ("Ye shall know them by the fruit they bear") and, like so many of the forum members here, I think it's mostly crap.

    How we compare with [other sites], what you like about Abby. There isn't any comparison, really. AW is unique. You said it all, "This is such a cool place, Abby and everyone at abbyhq are such great people, and this community on the boards is wonderful." But I assume you want to hear specifics of what that means to individual members.

    Abby & the staff (at HQ and, like you & Luxman, in the field). There's so much to be said for these people, both individually and as a group, but I'll pick one I think is enormous: Their candor and basic, deep-seated honesty. matchless also picks the honesty, so this will serve to amplify the point and show its importance to multiple members. In fact you should probably hear a lot of repetition as this thread goes on.] And I don't mean in a cavalier, "I don't care what [I]you think" kind of way, because they do care and it shows all over the sight. I've never seen anything on this site that sounded like saying what someone wanted to hear so they won't quit the site. Wanna know what's going on? Have a suggestion, request, or complaint? Just ask and you'll be heard and told the truth. It may not be what you want to hear but it'll be the truth. You can't ask for any more respect than that and there's precious few places you'll get it. Members really are appreciated here for more than their money - none of that "Dear Valued Customer" shit. But one doesn't have to ask; honesty permeates the very fabric of the sight. In one of the Backstage pages Abby, I think it was, said of a model (and I honestly don't remember her name) that she's "not the sharpest tool in the box." This didn't diminish my feelings for the girl a whit because it didn't come across as a put-down. It was part of a description of a sweet, fun person. (If - for once - I'm not confused, she may have been the girl who showed up at the initial interview with her mom!) The same candor shows up in staff posts all over the boards - and look how much time they spend there! This ain't no marketing scheme, they really think we're worth their time. Now, I ask ya: Where else ya gonna find that? (For those who want more examples of this and other qualities of the staff just read the boards, read the site - download the goodies while you read.)

    This community on the boards is wonderful: You can say that again! For the first couple of months at the site I never even thought of reading the boards, assuming it would be just a bunch of psycho sleazebags. HA! I was, and remain, amazed at their intelligence, their wit, and their thoughtfulness - both in the sense of thinking, and of consideration for others. I've never joined any other forum but after a few visits I thought, "Wait a minute! This is supposed to be a porn site. They need at least one psycho sleazebag." So I joined. (That's how I do my part around here, I add to the diversity.) Then the staff is on the boards, and to top it all off the models get on and talk to us! The last time a beautiful woman talked to me was in 6th grade when a substitute teacher told me I should have been culled at birth. Maybe the boards aren't the heart of the site exactly but they're where the spirit of it can spread its wings and fly around. They're also a major element of the next and - you'll be happy to hear - the last part of this post.

    The meta-site (humanity and learning). I've called it a phenomenon, terulaen very aptly calls it anti-porn, a lot of folks here just call it Abbyland. Whatever it is, it's not - in any sense that the term is popularly used - a porn site. At a porn site you get images that you can gaze at, period. There's a photo-videographer about whom you know little or nothing, a model who is a formulized product, and you, alone with your fantasies. The only humanity apparent to the viewer in all this has to be supplied by his or her fantasies. Very linear; very one-dimensional. If you did this for a hundred years, about the only thing you'd ever learn are the changing trends in commercial pornography. Abbyland is a different world, or a different universe. We know who the photographers are, the videographers, editors, model liaissons, home page writer/updater, copyright adviser, site designer, shoot organizer, programmers, customer supportist, Godess of creativity, forum moderator, and even the office dog, Ellie. We know what they do, why they do it, and what they think about it because they share it with us. (Except Ellie. We need some more Ellie on the boards. Stories, pictures. I was gonna send her a bone but I was afraid someone might not know who it was for and put it in the toy drive.) And they'll entertain all our praise, criticism, and misguided attempts at help (like this message), give it due consideration and thank us for it. We've even seen a lot of these people without their clothes on! This isn't a porn site, it isn't even a business - it's ... it's Abbyland! Where we're all welcomed and can be a real part of it. We also know they truly care about the models, each other and, yes even us. And the Models? From the videos and the forums we know who they are. We know they're not under-age runaways or slave-trade victims or drug addicts selling their bodies for cash. They're real, honest, and - independent of their natural good looks - beautiful people. They tell us what the personal experience of doing a shoot is, what they like or don't like, what they care about and believe in, what they did at the pub last night, why they love all the clothes in their closet and knickers in their drawers. They bare their bodies yes, but often their souls, hearts, and especially on the boards, their minds as well. Without any images at all we get intimate glimpses of these people. And what about humanity and learning? There are endless instances of models describing what their experience here has done for them in confidence, empowerment, whatever. And for models that read the boards, what the members (that wonderful community!) have to say can only re-enforce it. Have you seen Harriot's "Leafy Shade" sets? At the time of the shoot she had really bad acne. But so what? She's a very good looking girl and Abby came to the conclusion that it was the beauty that matters, not the acne. Can you imagine what this must have done for Harriot? Here's a big-time pro who makes her living photographing beautiful women saying, "The acne may be ugly but you aren't." This really touches me. And who else but Abby would have the vision and guts to that? There's a video (and damn, DAMN my tiny pea-brain, I don't remember whose it is) but anyway, she says that when she did an earlier shoot for AW she was thinner. Now, I'm a skinny guy and I like skinny girls. My first reaction (reflex, really) was to go find that earlier shoot. But I also really, really hate the way society stigmatizes and punishes people for being fat (and I don't use any euphemisms here because I don't think it's a dirty word and I don't think anyone needs to be ashamed of their weight - if it's a health concern it's a health concern, but not a moral one). But she went on and talked about her tummy and how much she liked it the way it is now. By the time she was through I wanted to jump up and hug her and swing her around and shout "Yes! Yes! Right on, girl, RIGHT ON!" In fact I actually did shout it. And no, I never did go find that earlier shoot. She's beautiful and if that's the way she likes herself then so do I. See? I learned something. Thanks again, Abby. Are the models here really so beautiful? [Chuckle] At first I would go through the news/members home page looking at the photos and occasionaly say, "Naw, skip her." I quickly learned that by doing that I was missing a lot of the beauty offered on the site. I mean, here I am on a porn site (so-called) and I'm not picking and choosing based on they way a woman looks. Learning this did a lot for me and if the same thing happens to a lot of others (and I suspect it will as time goes on) it does something for society as a whole doesn't it? Did Abby dare imagine, when starting out, that things like this might happen?

    The last thing (Finally!) is a something I said a few days ago but it belongs here. Before finding AW I was never comftortable about pornography. I was always afraid that by viewing it I was humiliating the model or at least contributing to her humiliation by being a down-stream consumer. I could rationalize it in many ways but I could never know for sure it wasn't just a cynical rationalization. GUILT. But the girls here make it quite clear that they want to do this because they can do it in their own way, for themselves as well as for the viewer; it's okay, I can look, I have their permission. Aaaah.

    It's all this (and more) that sets AW apart from other sites and from pornography as it's generally perceived by society at large, because it's not a porn site - it's Abbyland. For which I'm sincerely grateful to Abby, the models, the amazing staff, and all my fellow psycho sleazeball forum members."
  • "Congratulations to whoever thought up the concept of the AW site, an inspirational idea to say the least, and A HUGE PAT ON THE BACK to all the Staff at AW for bringing the concept to fruition in such a fine fashion. I surf the net a lot, and I've never come across any other site even remotely similar."
  • "I have been a member in many adult sites but this is by far the best. The content seems endless and the girls are attractive without being "made-up" pretty. The custom zip download is a godsend. Keep up the good work."
  • "Fantastic site. I've only been a member for a couple of months but plan to stay, the models and standard of photography are great, and the customer service second to none. All this for the price of a couple of pints of beer a week. And did I mention the variety? There's something here for everyone. Great value!! Keep up the good work girls."
  • "Abby's girls are the girls we see every day in the street. No silicone, no fluffed hair, no porn "stars", no fake anything. These girls are knockouts, every one of them, and Abby has done her work beautifully, and with the help of her staff, they run rings over any other site on the internet that claims to have real next door type girls. Subscribing to was a pleasure and I'm certain I will continue viewing the best girls in the world...Australian made."
  • "This is the first and, after a year, only adult site I have joined. I was nervous about it at first, but am glad I did. Abby and her staff are quick to answer all e-mails, twice I encountered (software) problems, and both times the issues were investigated and resolved within a couple of days by Abby's staff. It is a level of personal service seldom seen today. But that is not the real reason I have signed up for another year's subscription, there are the girls.

    In this age of plastic breasts and anorexic air-brushed perfection, Abby's women stand out for their veriety and natural appeal. The women on this site come in all shapes and sizes, beutiful, blemishes and all. I love this site because there is nothing fantastic (as in unrealistic) about these women. I have met, dated, and loved women just like them. These are real women, just like those I know, work with, and see on the street each day. And that is very sexy."
  • "This site is so beyond anything else out there. In my book you have no competitors even close to what you're doing."
  • "I really love your site. From the whole ideology and theme behind it to the quality of models and how happy they seem to be. I like everyday average women. I'm not prejudiced by any means, but I'm not into huge breasts, big butts, starving, huge, or plastically altered girls. I'm from America and your site makes me want to visit. Thank you."
  • "I have learnt about rock climing, salsa dancing, child birth, car maintenance, netball strategy, escapology and gardening. All I wanted was to see some naked chicks, guess I was wrong, this is much better. Been downloading porn for more than 10 years(BBS Days, pre internet) and its the first time I have found soul in the nakedness."
  • "I just wanted to say that this site has some of the best quality erotica I've ever seen. I really appreciate that your scenes have real interaction between the girls. No faking, loud boisterous, "do me harder" BS like most erotica. Sex and women are beautiful. This site shows that beauty in it's purest form."
  • "This site is quite amazing in how genuine it feels, these handwritten notes are just another thing that add to that."
  • "As someone who has been associated with the industry I do get stunned by the non-exploitative approach to your work-it's so healthy."
  • "Penelope, I just followed your link and read your description of entering Abbyland. What a beautiful story. It confirms my constant impression of what a downright magical place AW is. I joined a porn site expecting to look at mere pretty pictures. What I found was a wonderland teeming with real, live, beautiful people - the models, the staff, and members of the forums! ... I know what you mean about dancing in the street; the site - the phenomenon - has the same affect on me sitting in front of a computer way off in California. Watching the vids and reading the boards, I laugh, I get teary-eyed, I get rushes of a long lost faith in humanity - I care, for chrissake! It's a friggin' porn site and it's positively uplifting. Who'da thunk?"
  • "I have never been to a more imaginative and erotic site than this. The vast array of beautiful young ladies and the perfect understanding you seem to have with what makes a guy tick along with the incredibly high resolution of the well-thought through photography makes this by far my favourite destination on the web.

    Quite simply Abby, the cost of my 6 month Gold Level subscription has already been repaid in the 24 hours I have been a member, and every subsequent visit will be a bonus!"
  • "You have utterly ruined the vast majority of all pornography on this planet. With your genuine healthy attractive models you have raised the bar to such an honest and sincere level that you make the rest about as erotic as raw sewage."
  • "Abby... I've come to realize how astonishing this place is. Aside from the rare excellence of the aesthetics - all of it; the photography, the site design, and the much-more-than-skin-deep beauty of the models - it truly, meaningfully enriches the lives of the models, the staff, and all of us who are fortunate enough to participate in the forums. That it might enrich your bank account as well is some of the happiest news I can imagine. There's a humanity here that's rare enough anywhere in life but almost unheard of in a commercial endeavor. Whatever the future has in store for you - fame or fortune, frustration or failure - please know that you've touched the lives of so many of us. From the bottom of my heart, thanks."
  • "Now I'd like to thank you Abby and all the staff at for not having one of the best sites but for having the best - yes THE best site on the web, bar NONE. If you want porno 'stars' with inches of makeover, plastic boobs, going 'ooh,ahh' 'take me' all night - well, go somewhere else. Abby has real girls who are unscripted, unrehearsed, unmade-up. They are real, they are lovely and lovable and frankly, are a privilege to watch enjoying themselves. Thank you Abby, all the team and all the models. You are all great."
  • "...It only takes moments to see what a truly wonderful site this is. Clean, friendly, respectful of women and their interests, beautifully photographed and most of all HAPPY! The clarity of the Membership details, full explanation of any implications, the costs, privacy and honesty is probably unknown in this type of internet activity. ...if you compare this with other USA/East European sites with their poor quality, very troubled and oppressed women and highly dangerous links, AW is on a different Planet. Even more impressive is being able to contact Abby directly and get a fast reply.... I suggested a variation on a category theme and within days it's here! Thank you Patricia and Abby!"
  • "sorry my enghlish is 0, pero desde el año 2000 creo que en internet este es el mejor sitio qque encontre la fotografia un 10, los videos un 10,la empresa un 10, todo un un 10 !! living for long time abby winters!!"
  • "I have made it to 41 years old without ever buying membership on a porn site. Then I found yours - and joined inside 10 minutes. Brilliant even down to telling us what kit you use. This site is enough for me to contemplate emigrating to Oz. Superb! or 'Good onya' as you lot say."
  • "I just want to say thanks for offering a safe place to share a part of myself that I don't share with anyone else. Though most of my friends and family are pretty open minded, porn is still strictly taboo (more from a feminist perspective than a conservative one), and not something which is discussed, even among my guy friends. Hopefully, AW is chipping away at the face of porn that disgusts so many people."
  • "I am blown away by the contents of your site. It's nothing short of excellent. Truly, deeply and madly, I am in love with your site and the way it is made. All girls featured in the site are just awesome and the way the pictures and videos are shot is just too good. This is the third time I am subscribing to your site."
  • "You have given me more than I could ever hope for. I found sample clips of one of your ladies and she was talking to the camera. Personally the most erotic part of the video... was the fact that she was talking. Very polite, not very explicit, just everyday talk. I thought I'd put in my two cents and let you know that some of your fans like the "accent" too."
  • "Oh my goodness! Let me tell you, I have viewed and joined MANY adult sites, and am somewhat of a porn enthusiast. Really, this site goes beyond porn, and delivers a natural crisp clear look at very hot and REAL looking women in honest and natural sexual acts. After viewing this site, I now know what I have been missing, and typical "porn" no longer appeals to me. This is what I have been looking for! Truly a masterpiece. The only thing better than this would be if the girls were at my house. But actually, the photographers and directors do such a good job of capturing everything, it would almost ruin it for them to be here live, if that makes sense. Absolutely astonishing, very provocative, and extremely sexual in a natural and...horny way! Thank you!!!! p.s. I guess I would still hang out with the girls, ha ha."
  • "Oooooooh yessssss... I really have never ever seen such an erotic video in my life. It's so incredibly beautiful, so marvellously sensual... it makes this site into the very best of the universe (Liandra and Katya Y in Gold)"
  • "I've never before commented on a site that I've become a member of. After watching some of the content (girl - girl), I must tell you that this site is AMAZING. It is the best site of its kind that I've ever seen. Whatever it is that you do. However it is that you find these stunning models... Just please continue to do it. The membership is worth every penny."
  • "No wonder this site offers such an easy rebilling cancellation. After this weekend's offerings you guys know full well that you're nailing it. Brill."
  • "Abby Winters really has it going! I've purchased from so many video companies, written erotic stories for different websites, contributed to forums and hostboards, etc. In other words, I've been around. When I ran across, my eyes bulged. It's just simply one of the best finds on the web today. So refreshingly natural and pleasant. Nothing phony or made-up. Abby Winters portrays next-door girls like I have never seen before! Abby, keep up the great work!! Pleeeeeeese! :)"
  • "It was late september. I was a six month member of Atkingdom. While surfing through it early one morning I realized that every category was beginning to look like the same babe-of-the-week. I realized I needed a change. Was I doomed to thumb through countless updates of babe of the week look a likes? Or was I going to admit that I had a problem and do something about it!

    Thats when I came across your ball-breaking site.

    I like your site because you don't photograph strippers; Those sites are a dime a dozen. Your subjects are mostly college students caught in their routine. Very sexy. The photos are the same quality as Atkingdom, a little bigger and is at a hi quality, ball-breaking resolution. Your updates so far are hot. I only have looked at 2% of your site and I've cum like three times to it already in my first few days. Your vid feeds are hi quality- and nice resolution. It takes a bit to download them, but I'd rather find a way to get hi speed to quicken the download time than to ask you to offer a grainy format. Quality feeds are important. Models talking during vids is a plus.

    Your site is great! Keep rocking me Abby!"
  • "Simply put: this site rocks my world in a huge and very sensual way. You, your staff and the wonderful women on your site keep it totally real. I love the variety of women (I love them all, but have favorites of course), I love the unstaged reality, I enjoy the spontaneous way some shoots catch on fire, others smolder and still others never quite warm up... it all speaks to the way you work with the models and how much trust there is."
  • "Abby - Just wanted to say thanks for a magnificent site. You are SO true to your word. This site IS unique and very, very hot. These are sweet, awkward, honest and incredibly sexy young women - watching them share this kind of intimacy with each other and us, is profoundly sexy to me."
  • "The IM's are extra-special and the shared IM moment with Emma and Armine is one of the absolute sexiest things we have ever seen!!"
  • "The videos are really high-class here, my preference is the girl-girl section, and I especially like the sound quality; there's no background music to interfere with what the girls are doing. The sounds of them breathing, kissing loudly, smacking, slurping and licking on each other, the way they giggle sometimes, it's all more than worthwhile! I'm mesmerized by this site, I really am."
  • "I always felt that there was nothing shameful about my desire to look at naked women, and that a better job could be done about it. You've done a better job than I could have imagined. You should be very proud."
  • "I cannot thank AW enough for the Dressing Room. For me and my particular delights this is a dream come true. It is brief, it is easy to ignore if you choose to. But as someone who has literally COMBED the web for this sort of material, I can tell you how rare and how fine it is. Thank you thank you for this section. I'm so glad I found this web site and this part of it in particular."
  • "I just love the unabashed way you have represented the female form in all its authenticity. No where else can one be "present" for normal female visuals. By that I mean at Abby's place we can enter the world of women as nowhere else. Your models seem to celebrate being real. Real peeing, real mucosa, real clitoris, real orgasm, real labia, real smile, real ecstasy, real interest. Where else can I have someone share their inner selves in such an authentic way? I love you "guys," you have given me hope there are real people out there that celebrate their bodies and feelings. If I lived closer I would love to share my appreciation with you in person. You have made me a very happy person. I love you all."
  • "Absolutely Fantastic! The most erotic yet not another one of those 'pornographic sites'! I have seen quite a few of these, none of them come even close to Abby!"
  • "Abby Winters. What else online is there? When I stumbled upon Abby's website, I was amazed at how much detail and thought went into every shot, the sensual and sexual realm of the female 'girl next door.' It is a form of art that Abby has damn near mastered, as everyone can see in *every* picture she takes. The girls are all beautiful, not because of silicone bodies or touched up portions, but because they are all in one way or another attainable. (Unless they happen to be lesbian, but in other cases that means they are STILL attainable.) There is beauty in all of them, from their remarkable eyes to the small hairs that decorate their bodies. Because you can see it.

    However. What makes Abby the *only* choice in online viewing, their customer loyalty and response time. I did not expect to hear from Abby until well next week, but at the moment I saw "Abby" as the From: line my heart immediately started to pump faster, no one had ever returned an email to me from a website as big as Abby Winters. Lo and behold, it was Abby herself! The one who had taken all such artistic pictures! I was speaking to the person who brainstormed all of the brilliant... EVERYTHING! It totally floored me.

    If you have an option, (like there really is one) take Abby Winters. No other is like it."
  • "I've ended up renewing for 90 days using a new username. Thanks for your patience and assistance. It's not often one deals with a site manager for these sort of problems, but, believe me... it adds a great deal of credibility and personal service that all too many sites are lacking."
  • "OK hands down this is the best 'amateur' site on the market, I've looked at sites such as Simonscans, Sapphic etc and none can compete with the vids on this site. I have to say the Girl-Girl and IM vids are just so erotic and enjoyable as to be beyond description. I could just listen to the soundtracks and be happy."
  • "God, your whole program - organization - background and history - you - the people working with you - are just so damn cool, sexy, empowered. A really neat organization - It would be great, SOOOO much fun and so rewarding to be a part of that. *sigh* Probably a fantasy of at least 98% of your male members... er, subscribers."
  • "...I've given up on mainstream porn, this is better."
  • "Thanks for your response - one of the great things about your business, apart from the wonderful photography, is the responsiveness of everyone, right up to the Boss."
  • "WOW!!! As a Kiwi, I was hesitant about a website full of aussie chicks (kidding!), but wow, words are lost, amazing pictures and videos to die for, best money I ever spent!"
  • "O.K. I know that I am new to all this, But i stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and as a long time Aussie Male, I have found that this is the best site on the net, Personal Opinion, Love the girls on here and am slowly learning who is who. These girls are great, sorry to all the U.S. Guys but your sites don't compare. Too many false fingernails and boob jobs. Keep up the good work Abby."
  • "The site has it all, community, beauty, tons of originality and much more. One can get lost in a wondrous haze of soft, luscious beauty as in a fantasy. That gorgeous skin, the enchanting grins. Even the clowning that goes on is exhilarating -- (embarrassing, perhaps, ah, what the hey) gives me goose bumps. The girls, ladies, women, in my mind are the flowers of the Universe. I am honored to have access to and plan to remain a member for a long, long time."
  • "It's like a layer of illusion has been removed in abbywinters that remains on the great majority of sites, especially the multitude of crude "reality" porn sites based on some lame recurrent seduction ploy that snags a fresh girl each episode for boy-girl action."
  • "This site is deliciously "amateur" in scope but professional in style. Please ignore all those horrendous and aggressive male oriented sites. This site, run by women, has shown it IS actually possible to put "erotic" and "nice" back into porn."
  • "I would like to wish you and all the ladies working for you every success in your endeavours. In the world of erotica, famed for its dishonesty, is the hope I've always had that one day somebody would stand up, be honest, go back to basics and get it right!"
  • "What really sets [] apart is that it celebrates the true loving human exchange in all its beautiful imperfections. Although the sex is kept spontaneous and natural,there is still a strict attention to detail in its production. The end result is breathtaking photography and refreshing erotic entertainment for both men and women."
  • "...there is something else about Abbywinters that you can't appreciate until you've been here for a month or two. There is a "community feel" to the site, similar to the old BBS days where you just feel a part of this thing called Abbywinters. This community feel exudes from the whole staff to the models and members."
  • "The outstanding aspects Abby has succeeded with is getting girls who are REALLY into one another, (and it certainly shows!), no forced moves, little in the way of choreography (they do what comes naturally), and natural scenes - mostly bedroom (none of that car-wash/back of a 4x4/top of a Chieftain Tank trash either!) and natural lighting. All of this makes for an incredibly intense experience which can be enjoyed over and over again.

    Anybody wanting a refreshing, highly erotic, and very positive change in web sites/ girl-girl moves should look no further than Abby Winters.

    Truly outstanding!"
  • "This is the most 'human' site of its kind. You not only show beautiful women, they're represented in ways that makes us want to sit and talk to them and you all."
  • "...You always go, "no way I stay signed up on a porn site more than three months," and here you are, easily turning into a potential lifetime member..."
  • "I've been a member three times and let my membership lapse three times while looking for a "better" website. I'm about to renew for a fourth membership only this time I don't think I will be able to find anything better. As a matter of fact, I've given up looking. has the best, most natural girls with varieties to fit every taste (pardon the pun). 'Nuf said."
  • "[Regarding] ATK, The girls are often lovely, sometimes girl next doorish, and there is an undeniable variety but for this UK member at least the girls in AW mean something more. By this I refer to the videos where we get to know them, the home locations, the boards where you feel a member of a community, the common language, the constant innovation of the staff. With ATK there is always an open legs, explicit shot. The absence of this in AW in all the models, I will admit, threw me at first, but they do often appear, you do accept the self-imposed limitations of the models, you do get a candid admission by the owner of the site that she would like to see more orgasms in the videos (that's certainly candid), you do get girls on the boards talking with us. Membership of ATK is worth it; membership of AW is well worth it. I cancelled membership of ATK after one month. I'm still here."
  • "It was a blast being a member. Abby has the greatest job in the world; not to mention, talent and an eye for creativity. Looking forward to rejoining some day soon."
  • "Fantastic site all-around. Been a member for several years and intend to stay, and am always satisfied with the models, the photography, and the customer service. I even credit Abby with helping me have kids (since we had to go the medical route and I needed visual help). Absolutely top quality every week."
  • " is the best site I've ever seen. Nothing comes even close to it. I found Abby's site just when I was about to give up on the porn biz on a permanent basis. There's so much (99%) crap out there. is truly a great relief, a monument of amateur erotica! Abby, we salute you! Never stop doing this!"
  • "I've yet to begin my membership and already I'm impressed. It's just so heart-warming to have porn that's, actually, heart-warming."
  • "Seriously, this is awesome."
  • "I said I've seen enough shoots from Abby's, that it really must be a pretty good site, and maybe, just maybe, someone out there gets it. And after my tour, I opened my wallet, and for the 1st time in 10 years of surfing, have paid for quality, beauty, reality and photographic skill... Am I the only one out there who finds nothing sexier than having the light forearm hair of the girl next door, shimmer in the sunlight? Obviously not, cause this site captures it beautifully. And the facial close-ups.. STUNNING, they actually seem like they are enjoying themselves."
  • "I went on the web saying that I would never buy from a site. Why, when there's so much free stuff out there? I first ran into your women at pinkworld, then began to look for you there. The combination of photography and attitude just stood out. I couldn't not join! After a month or so, I'm very pleased. Decency and respect obviously do not have to disappear with clothes. I love looking at real women who want to be looked at -- lovely and stimulating at the same time. That's who you have, and so I'll be here a while. Thanks again!!"
  • "Its hard to believe you've been around all the time I've been hopelessly searching for ages for something even one tenth of this quality. The sleaziness and deceitfulness I have experienced elsewhere was something I had come to expect as part of the deal with this genre and it was all very frustrating... but your site is a real breath of fresh air. Frankly I am blown away by it."
  • "... Since I've found you, I haven't been on any other sites. There is a genuine feel of honesty and respect here that I haven't seen elsewhere and its funnier and more intelligent than all the rest are combined."
  • " is simply the best web site I have ever seen. The photography is the best. More importantly the models are captivating and intriguing. I just got bored with the 'hollywood' type models with massive make up that appear on other web sites. The girls appearing on are both entertaining and down to earth. It seems like all of the photo shoots are natural for them. What a pleasure it is to see the models be themselves. I have cancelled all of the other 'adult' web site subscriptions I have based on the content of this web site."
  • "This is by far the best site I've ever been to. I am impressed with the excellent candidness (not sure if that's even a word :-) of all the shoots. I love the close up shots. None of this seems fake, which in this particular category of the internet is a rarity. Thank you so much!"
  • "That's the cool thing about [your] visual imagery... it just is... it's bright, sunny, wet and therapeutic. It's hot and green and red and sandy. It's happy and confident, natural and honest. It reminds me of paddling up a cold, spring-fed river on a warm, sunny day"
  • "The best!! As an avid photographer, I have enjoyed Domai and Met Art in the past, but Abby has it all: Fresh, natural girls... with good self esteem and comfortable with their bodies. Abby's girls have reminded me how easy it is to get caught up in the shallow image of glamour and forget the beauty next door. I would be proud to be associated with most any of these wonderful women. Keep on rockin' Abby."
  • "After only three days here, I'm beginning to think that just about every other skin site on the net is utterly redundant."
  • "Here's my best shot at summing it up - I think Abby worships these girls and their personalities and their bodies; and it comes through in every single picture. There is, simply, nothing else like it that I have found."
  • "Eventually I joined on a Full Year Membership and now two days later I can say with absolute certainty, I am amazed. It is truly magnificent to finally find a site that depicts their models in all their natural glory - that doesn't stoop to creating artificial beauty. Seeing all Australian girls proudly showing off their pubic hair, and confidently sharing their lives and bodies with members, is a wonderful experience. I am truly honoured to be able to share an insight into these women's lives."
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  • "All up, great stuff Abby, you are just fantastic."
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  • "Finally found a website that delivers... unique, and well-maintained, I might add (I too witnessed the little technical 'bug-a-boo' with the site the other day). But I also witnessed how quickly you all responded to the glitch, whatever it was, and how you let everyone know you were working to repair things. Kudos.. not a lot of sites out there that maintain that level of concern for their subscribers."
  • "I am a new member and wanted to commend you on the best site around. Yours is a head above 1 By Day, ATK, KarupsPC, Sapphic Erotica, etc. Keep up the good work and thanks for resolving the slow downloads problem. At this rate am not interested in other sites that do not have as many good looking Girls Next Door types! I see why your site is rated high by all the top reviewers."
  • "Can I just say at this point how wonderful your service is. This is the third time I have joined/upgraded and will continue to do so for as long as you guys are in business. You're a perfect example for all other businesses in regards to customer service. Just had to let you know how good a job you do from both behind the camera and at the computer helping customers."
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  • "I think its a no brainer just from looking at the setup, the organization, the models, and the beautiful photography (just to name a few). I don't know, maybe its just me, but I was hooked by the fact that you're not just down and dirty hardcore with pathetic, obviously rehearsed plots that are supposed to convince people that the situations are genuine. You have an underlying sexy element to your site that separates the beautiful from the trashy and the genuineness from the absurd.

    A few points: the sexiest parts of your site are....
    1) the videos of the women walking around nude and chatting (love the accents and the cuteness, but sometimes the talking makes sexy become limp)
    2) the multi girl photoshoots (that 6 girl shoot - WOW)
    3) the TWINS - WOW 2X
    4) finally, call me old fashioned, but I love the close up facial shots of the models...(there is still nothing sexier than a pair of seductive eyes).
    Over all, your site stands out above all. And don't get corrupted by the competition. Stay true to it and you'll clear the path."
  • "PS. By the way, your site is brilliant. I love girls the way nature made them... natural beauty and sensuality are the only way to go... and you guys/girls are the only ones doing this that I can see. Great quality... and now, great service from you. You rock!"
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  • "The porn industry acts in tandem with advertising and the mainstream media to create a bizarre, artificial version of what women are supposed to look like. I always seek out stuff that is closer to the real thing. Since finding two months ago, I have not frequented a single other pornography site. Abby Winters has beauty without the airbrush. These are real women, and she knows how to draw out their personality and sexiness."
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  • "Please cancel my membership to Unfortunately, this site was not up to the expectations I had ... This site is very difficult to save pictures from and impossible to save videos from. The webmasters should look at to see a truly inspired website that delivers user focused content and user friendly access."
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  • "I would like to congratulate you on running such a great site. It's easy to navigate, and I especially like how the guest preview *really* indicates the quality of the content that you have in the paid site. As for the quality of your pictures... what can I say? ...the quality and effort you put into the site is (in my opinion) unrivalled. I'm also impressed with the forums, and how you really care about your membership and seek their opinion on decisions that affect the site."
  • "Wow, I feel I have come of age. After surfing porn sites intermittently for the past 5 years, yours is the first I have joined! 'Natural' girls photographed by someone that knows how to use a camera (depth of field, fill in flash etc. etc.) - absolute bliss!"
  • "This is a fantastic site! I've only been a member 2 days and I am SO impressed! This site has real class! Usually when I join a site, I have no real idea what lies behind the subscription cost. Invariably I cancel within a week because I am either disappointed with the falsehoods the "tour" gave me, or it only took me 3 days to explore the entire site. Now with AW, I KNEW I wanted to join after the second page of the tour. The superb, large sample photos are what sold me. That and the incredibly cute girls in them (right now, Petra is staring back at me from my desktop and I hope to have some sweet -- and naughty -- dreams about her soon)(And I'm buying a ball of red rope tomorrow to put by my bed)."
  • "And Abby, you rock. Only once have I had this quick of a response from any website, and that one time the response was rude, inconsiderate, and generally spiteful."
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  • "What a wonderful little community this seems to be! It gives the entire site a legitimate human voice, which really intensifies the pleasure of the amazing visual treats." [re, discussion boards]
  • "Anyhoo, thanks again for a great site with the best girls on the net, from now on I'll forget the rest and stick with the best, and if there was an option of a life time membership I'd seriously consider it."
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  • "I like someone who shows interest in current and prior customers."
  • "Well done on such a superbly presented site, you put many of the other (& bigger) sites such as ATK and Karup's to shame. It's very easy to navigate, and is intelligently laid-out too."
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  • "I would much rather spend my time looking at one girl and watching her slowly undress over 32 pictures than look at eight girls showing their assets in four pictures apiece without any sense of gradual revelation. This is something most pay sites, including amateur sites, don't seem to understand, and what yours obviously does."
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  • "It is great that you are offering ZIP files of your photos, so many sites make you download each individual image and it can be a real pain. "
  • "Thanks for following up my email, and a beautiful site too!"
  • [hacker attack brought the site down for a day]
    "One of the reasons why I (and I'm guessing a lot more of your customers) reacted so vehemently when we couldn't log on to your site is because of how special your site really is. When we couldn't get our fix, we got angry!"
    [now have software installed so hackers IP's are banned]
  • "Hey, great site - glad to be a member! Fantastic quality and speed!"
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  • Abbywinters; at last, tender love-making instead of debauched pornographic exploitation (that is giving our young people a warped idea of what sex should be).
    Tender, genuine love making. Wonderful.

  • I am so happy that I rejoined after being gone for 2 years! I applaud you all for the changes that have been made. One of the most unexpected and hottest things is all of the girl girl scenes featuring armpit licking, it's so sexy!

  • Congratulations to the AW team for maintaining such a well-run site for all these years. Thanks and keep up the terrific work!

  • Great! Thank you and keep up the good work! I watch your videos with my wife. The only adult movies that we actually enjoy! No massive guys or women with fake elements. We like the girls all natural.

  • Hi, I'm new to your site. Thank you; nice to see real girls comfortable in their own beauty.

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  • I just wanted to send you a big thanks for the work you do. Unlike other sites, your shoots are just off the wall awesome. Not just some plastic fake stuff; real deal shoots where you can get the mood the girl was in during the shoot. Just awesome work. Please keep it up! Kudos to all of the team!

  • Just wanted to say I still think this is a great site!  I have been a member for a while. AW is so well organized, and put together. I have been trying out a competitor of yours, and their website is not quite as polished as this one.  The tags are super helpful and comprehensive on here, I can find stuff easily.  Keep up the good work and adding improvements, I keep coming back. Peace.

  • I love how AW has brought back REAL, natural girls, presented in real, natural settings.

  • WOW I've never seen so many beautiful, worldly, whimsical, funny, smart women all in one place.  Truly a master collection of beauty and sexuality here, unbelievable!

  • I have looked at many things and made excellent use of your splendid facilities. To me it's an absolute model of how to organise such a website: I haven't found anything half as good!

  • I just wanted to say that your site is the most refreshing adult website that I've seen in a long time, maybe ever. I find myself disappointed with main stream stuff mostly due to the way the women are treated, but you folks are on to something here. Well done.

  • Couldn't be more content with the subscription myself, as well as for my wife. We're big fan of your amazing photos. Love it all.

  • Today I just want to praise the team of behind the scene for their good job for the shooting of Anjali and Gala video.

    I have seen this kind of video at abbywinters after so so long. Now Anjali is my most favorite model and I really want to see more of her girl girl video.

    I like the whole package I mean the camera movement was correct except some but was best, both the models were great. I like their energy, enthusiasm everything was perfect. I like more licking, anal licking and it has everything in it. So in short it was great experience for me. Pls. give my regards and love to Anjali.

  • You are my favorite website.  You make the best lesbian porn. I have over 50 scenes and i also have brought over 70 DVDs since 2008.

  • Abby winters is the most awesome paysite I've ever used.  I've used about 30-40 different sites and abby has been the best. Your models are so uniquely gorgeous. The natural aspect works really well. I love the slow undressing. You've absolutely nailed the girl next door/first shy lesbian experience.  

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