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Tue 23rd Apr 2024

Girl-Girl | Lesbian sex: Alexandra T & Paisley (Stills)images

Image of Girl Girl freckles Paisley and pale nipples Alexandra T facesitting

Lesbian sex: Alexandra T & Paisley (Stills)

Freckled blonde Paisley invites her short-haired friend Alexandra to sit on her lap, to learn how to play the keyboard. But when their fingers intertwine on the keys, the lesson is quickly forgotten in favour of sweet kisses and intimate caresses. Paisley is soon topless in jeans, sucking Alexandra's nipples while squeezing her bum over tight denim shorts. Once they're both blissfully nude, Alexandra reclines to watch Paisley lovingly lick her soft shaved pussy, until her whole body tenses up as she's overcome by a burst of pure pleasure. 

When it's Paisley's turn to be ravished, she opens her legs wide apart to feel Alexandra's tongue lapping her clit, while getting penetrated with two fingers to an intense climax. Then Alexandra climbs atop Paisley's face, and squeezes her perky nipples while luxuriating in sensual attention from her friend's gifted hands and mouth. As a finale, the girls make sultry eye contact while tribbing and touching each other all over. Their wet vulvas melt together until they reach simultaneous orgasms, and they celebrate by exchanging bright smiles as they make out.

Fri 19th Apr 2024

Behind the scenes | Behind the scenes: Backstage 634 (Stills)images

Image of Behind the scenes colombian Valeria and red hair Anabelle and meaty lips Justina and voluptuous petite Bianca B and pale nipples Alexandra T models goofing around

Behind the scenes: Backstage 634 (Stills)

Justina, Anabelle, and Bianca know that it's always more fun to masturbate with a friend, and this backstage collection revisits the day of pleasure they shared together. We see Justina and Anabelle putting their panties back on, following a steamy encounter where they started out watching girl-girl porn together, then had orgasms watching each other. Justina also touched herself alongside Bianca, and they positively sparkle when they get cosy in the afterglow. All three girls then gathered for a naked party with balloons and an inflatable pink flamingo. The joyful sight of one blonde, one brunette and one redhead laughing, snuggling and reclining with their legs open is sure to make you smile.

Valeria loves summer, and she celebrates her favourite season by showing off her curves in a tiny bikini, then taking it off to reveal her tan lines. Wearing only her sunglasses, Valeria's perky boobs and silky-smooth pussy are kissed by the sun. Alexandra had a ball during her shoots in Amsterdam, and recorded the highlights from the trip in a series of selfies. They start when she's still under the sheets, as she wakes up naked and teasingly covers her lush breasts with her arm. After a shoot that found her wearing only sexy red stockings, Alexandra strolls through the city and poses by a canal.

Tue 16th Apr 2024

Intimate Moments | Video masturbation: Ariella (Video)video

Video capture of Video Masturbation perky breasts Ariella inserting dildo

Video masturbation: Ariella (Video)

Bespectacled brunette Ariella looks so cosy as she reads in bed alongside her plush bunny. She has her long legs akimbo in tiny gym shorts, and when the words on the page become arousing, her hand drifts between her thighs. Once she lifts up her rose-patterned top to caress her perky breasts, there's no turning back. She quickly gets naked except for her sexy glasses, pulls out her phone to watch porn, and sucks on her thick blue dildo to warm it up. With her eyes glued to the steamy images on the screen, Ariella spreads her legs so we can watch her masturbate.

She clearly knows exactly how to satisfy her urges, alternating between rubbing the toy against her glistening pussy and plunging it deep inside. Ariella periodically lubes up the shaft with saliva, mixes in a bit of anal penetration with her fingers, and gets completely lost in pleasure. The room fills with sticky sounds as she rushes towards orgasm, and her boobs jiggle when she puts both hands on the dildo to vigorously stimulate her g-spot. When she cums, Ariella emits quietly breathy moans and sighs, "Oh my God!" Pushing her glasses atop her head, she contentedly drifts off to sleep with her legs open.

Fri 12th Apr 2024

Solo | Nude girl: Stella C (Video)video

Video capture of Nude Girls large pink nipples Stella C outdoors

Nude girl: Stella C (Video)

From the driver's seat of her campervan, luminous blonde Stella shares how excited she is to take her clothes off in nature. "This is such a cute forest, and I think nobody's here!" she announces, leaning over for an eye-catching glimpse down her tank top. As she stretches, we get to peek up her denim miniskirt at her fluorescent thong panties, which she soon pulls down to uncover her perfectly smooth pussy. Peeling off her shirt, Stella caresses her awe-inspiring big boobs and revels in the freeing sensation: "I like to feel some sun on them, and the fresh air: it's so natural!"

Stella has been with her husband Stephan for almost 10 years (check out their hot shoot together!), and she spreads her legs, while regaling us with steamy stories from their sex life. She recently gave him a sneaky blowjob while he was in a work videoconference, and he arranged Stella's first experience with a girl, which helped her discover she's bisexual. "I was very shy to give her pleasure," she explains with a bright smile. "But with more and more experience, I think I became very practised in this!" Wearing only a straw hat, Stella strolls down a wooded trail, dappled with sunlight and accompanied by birdsong. The serene location enhances the beautiful view of her enchanting nude curves swaying with each step.

Tue 09th Apr 2024

Solo | Nude girl: Stella C (Stills)images

Image of Nude Girls large pink nipples Stella C outdoors

Nude girl: Stella C (Stills)

Graceful blonde dream girl Stella invites us along on a road trip, in her campervan. When she leans over to fill the tank with petrol, and flashes a sweet smile, her ample cleavage nearly spills out of her tank top. After finding a secluded spot in the forest, Stella relaxes in a folding chair, offering an upskirt peek at her yellow panties, then proudly unveils her voluptuous breasts. In the back of the van, Stella slips her knickers around her knees, revealing her firm bum and immaculately smooth vulva.

Feeling cheeky, Stella models a sparkly bikini top and a straw sun hat, while staying nude from the waist down. She replaces the swimsuit with a see-through shirt, then rolls out a towel, and spreads her legs wide apart. At long last, Stella retreats inside the vehicle and takes off every last stitch of clothing. After her pussy is photographed from below, she wants to see how dazzling she looks in the nude, and snaps selfies on her phone with a delighted expression.

Fri 05th Apr 2024

Behind the scenes | Behind the scenes: Backstage 633 (Stills)images

Image of Behind the scenes curly blonde hair Manon and tiny breasts Sienna G and large areolas Milana and meaty lips Ulyana and hairy Adelina setting up for the shoot

Behind the scenes: Backstage 633 (Stills)

This backstage collection looks back at two steamy girl-girl shoots starring luminous French girl Manon. We see her balancing a package on her head, while her impressed new friend Bianca takes pictures, as they get ready to have sex. In the afterglow, the girls relax with their legs open, beaming with satisfied smiles. Manon had an especially romantic connection with Sienna, and they make sweet eye contact after their orgasms, while playing with each other's blonde hair. That's followed by gentle kisses during topless selfies, before they wrap their arms around each other for a heartwarming hug.

The set also checks in with Adelina and Candice, whose double masturbation shoot was extra-hot, because it was filmed in a greenhouse at a farm. Flushed from their orgasms, the girls play with the cameras amid the vibrant plants, and their round bottoms jiggle as they walk over to say hi to the cute chickens nearby. Behind the scenes of their solo shoots, short-haired Alexandra playfully presses her boobs and bum against the glass in the shower, while Gizela listens to music on her headphones, wearing nothing but her quirky sunglasses.

Tue 02nd Apr 2024

Intimate Moments | Video masturbation: Anna X & Lissa W (Video)video

Video capture of Video Masturbation puffy nipples Lissa W and large breasted blonde Anna X touching friend

Video masturbation: Anna X & Lissa W (Video)

After swapping exciting stories about masturbating outdoors, Lissa and Anna simply have to play together. Lissa compliments Anna on her elegant dress, then helps her take it off. When Anna unveils her large breasts in a lacy bra, Lissa's eyes light up: "They're so beautiful! Can I touch them?" Anna eagerly nods and sits on Lissa's lap, and the topless girls exchange gentle caresses and squeezes. As their arousal grows, they pull down their panties, and Anna invites Lissa to perch on the table beside her. "Then I can watch you, and you can watch me!" she declares, and Lissa replies, "I think that's perfect!"

Wearing only her glasses, Lissa reveals that she doesn't have much experience pleasuring herself alongside a partner, which excites Anna. They spread their legs to reveal that Lissa has a fluffy bush, while Anna is neatly shaved, then admire each other as they stroke. "I can hear how wet you are!" Lissa giggles, as Anna inserts two fingers into her pussy.  Lovingly rubbing her clit, Lissa announces, "I think I'm gonna have an orgasm soon!" That pushes Anna over the edge to a blissful release, as Lissa watches with a bright smile. Then Anna leans over and helps Lissa climax by rubbing her thigh. As Lissa moans in ecstasy, Anna makes eye contact and sweetly declares, "You look so sexy!"

Fri 29th Mar 2024

Girl-Girl | Lesbian sex: Delfine & Flo (Video)video

Video capture of Girl Girl meaty lips Flo and dangling labia Delfine tribbing

Lesbian sex: Delfine & Flo (Video)

"I'm super into French accents!" Flo announces with an enchanting smile, and Delfine is delighted to hear that her native tongue will heighten her German friend's arousal. After a playful tickling game, the girls exchange deep tongue kisses, and launch into 80 minutes of pure sex. Dominant Flo eagerly undresses Delfine, reaching up her skirt to spank her and pull down her panties, then worshipping her perky breasts. Spreading Delfine's long legs, Flo swoons, "Such a nice pussy to play with!". Sensual labia sucking and clit rubbing make Delfine explode with a magnificent orgasm, and she melts Flo's heart by crying out, "C'est très bon, merci!".

"You've earned the right to see me naked!" Flo declares. She cheekily orders Delfine to ask permission in French, before peeling off her skintight workout clothes. Blissfully nude, the girls make their nipples kiss, then indulge in energetic tribbing, and a 69 that makes Delfine climax again. Flo then describes exactly how she wants to be pleasured, and submissive Delfine revels in fulfilling her lover's fantasies. The luxurious pussy licking is filmed in a dazzling closeup, as Delfine swirls her wet tongue around Flo's clit, and penetrates her until she cums with electrifying moans. "You're so eager to please!" Flo sighs while embracing Delfine, then makes her giggle by exclaiming, "It was nice to meet you: enchanté!".

Tue 26th Mar 2024

Girl-Girl | Lesbian sex: Delfine & Flo (Stills)images

Image of Girl Girl meaty lips Flo and dangling labia Delfine tribbing

Lesbian sex: Delfine & Flo (Stills)

Delfine and Flo look like they were made for each other, with their matching slender figures, cheeky grins, and passion for girls. They get off to a teasingly sexy start, as Flo tickles Delfine's inner thighs with a feather, and we get at upskirt peek at the growing wet spot on her cotton knickers. The girls begin passionately making out, while Flo strips off all of Delfine's clothes, then settles in to start licking and fingering her hairy pussy. Delfine savours being the centre of attention, but giggles when she realises Flo is still fully dressed.

Once Flo's skintight leggings are peeled off and her thong panties have been eagerly pulled down, the naked girls grind together for lustful tribbing. From that point on, Delfine's tongue scarcely leaves Flo's pussy. First, she invites Flo to sit on her face, and sensually squeezes her bum while licking. The girls then enjoy each other's delicious taste in a sultry 69, before Flo lies back with her legs open, gazing down adoringly as Delfine sucks her clit. After crying out with intense pleasure, Flo gathers Delfine in her arms, and they curl up in a sweet embrace.

Fri 22nd Mar 2024

Behind the scenes | Behind the scenes: Backstage 632 (Stills)images

Image of Behind the scenes large breasts Andreea and large areolas Daniela D and dangling breasts Kristiana and round breasts Erina and meaty lips Calina female videographer

Behind the scenes: Backstage 632 (Stills)

Busty sweetheart Andreea and her awe-inspiring curves are the stars of this backstage collection, which begins on the set of her outdoor solo shoot. Wearing only pink panties and a sun hat, Andreea smiles brightly on a rooftop patio overlooking the Barcelona skyline and the ocean. Once she's completely naked, she plays with the camera tripod and strikes cute poses that accentuate her huge boobs and round bum. Andreea's joyful laughter and sparkling eyes make clear how much she loves having her picture taken with her clothes off.

Andreea then starred in a dreamy shoot with Candice, who was thrilled to help her fellow Romanian explore her girl-girl desires. Candice looks enchanted while spritzing sunscreen all over Andreea's naked body, before they have sex in a lemon grove. After the orgasms, the girls giggle while snapping nude selfies, and pose side by side in the brilliant sunshine. We also check in on several other solo shoots, as Elza beats the heat by getting undressed and enjoying an ice lolly and a fan, Nova playfully puts her undies on her head, and Justina excitedly strips off her bikini to go skinny dipping at the lake.

Tue 19th Mar 2024

Intimate Moments | Video masturbation: Junie & Lilia (Video)video

Video capture of Video Masturbation red hair Lilia and blonde Junie watching friend

Video masturbation: Junie & Lilia (Video)

Flirtatious blonde Junie confesses that she loves redhead Lilia's shoots, and is thrilled to meet her in person. "You have really awesome pictures, but in real life, you are a true beauty," she purrs in a sultry voice, and Lilia shyly puts her face in her hands with delight. Since they both wear cute glasses, the girls playfully test each other's vision by holding up words to read. Junie writes "You are sexy!", making Lilia swoon again. She's overjoyed when Junie suggests getting naked together. They shower each other with compliments as Junie unzips Lilia's girly dress, and Lilia peels off Junie's strawberry-themed pyjamas.

Once the horny girls have pulled down each other's panties, Junie has an idea for a game: "I will show you movements, and you have to repeat!". She spreads her legs and begins touching her pussy, and Lilia matches her stroke for stroke, wearing only sheer stockings. The room fills with sticky sounds and hot moans as Lilia builds to a powerful orgasm. Junie watches her in awe, then shakes all over, cumming with a blissful release. "Oh my God, you are so fucking sexy!" Junie breathlessly exclaims. Genuinely touched, Lilia replies, "You look like an angel!". The girls end their dreamy day together, by sensually licking their wet fingers to taste their pussies.

Fri 15th Mar 2024

Solo | Nude girl: Selena D (Video)video

Video capture of Nude Girls large areolas Selena D glasses

Nude girl: Selena D (Video)

Selena's lovable personality and breathtaking curves are so dazzling that two of her fellow models leapt at the opportunity to film her new shoot. Adriana and Masie capture sensual images of Selena slipping off her jumper and trousers, and relaxing in her lingerie. Pulling down her cute cotton panties, Selena shares that she loves having people lick cream from her body, and using her ribbed glass dildos every day: "Those are the toys that make me squirt!". When Adriana joins her on camera for an aerobics lesson, the last of Selena's clothes fall away. During jumping jacks, her huge boobs bounce free from her bikini top, and all three girls giggle with delight.

Selena has always wanted to try ballet, so Masie excitedly teaches her the basics. Wearing only her glasses, Selena jiggles and twirls her graceful nude figure, and Masie watches and claps with genuine pride, declaring "Now you're a ballerina!". Then, Selena stands with one bare foot on the counter, so her neatly shaved vulva can be filmed from below. She discusses discovering masturbation as a teenager, while writing erotic One Direction fan fiction. When she attempts to suck her nipples, she loses her balance and tumbles onto her friends. "Your pussy was just on my head!" Adriana cries happily as they crack up together. "Everyone wants to be you right now!" Masie replies.

Tue 12th Mar 2024

Solo | Nude girl: Selena D (Stills)images

Image of Nude Girls large areolas Selena D glasses

Nude girl: Selena D (Stills)

As her eyes twinkle behind her glasses, Selena's charming dimpled smile accentuates her girl-next-door cuteness. She starts out wearing snug shorts, which she lets us peek up, and a halter top filled out by her majestic curves. Then, she changes into a cosy pink jumper that struggles to contain her voluptuous breasts. With a cheeky expression, Selena tugs at the soft fabric, sharing glimpses of underboob and her large areolas. When she decides we've been teased long enough, she stands topless on the bed, lifting her hands over her head with a proud smile.

Selena lies on her side and slips her lacy panties around her ankles, uncovering her perfectly shaved pussy. When she bends over with her round bum in the air, she casts an inviting look over her shoulder. Wearing nothing but her glasses, Selena grabs her soft bare feet and spreads her legs wide apart. Then, she playfully wraps a blanket around her neck like a cape, becoming the world's bustiest, nakedest superhero. Selena's joy at taking her clothes off was enhanced by having legendary models/shooters Masie and Adriana behind the camera. "I had an amazing shoot with amazing women!" she writes in her note.

Fri 08th Mar 2024

Behind the scenes | Behind the scenes: Backstage 631 (Stills)images

Image of Behind the scenes big breasts Pilar and tall and slender Candice D and hairy Mischa W and dark nipples Nicole T and slender petite Roselina outtakes

Behind the scenes: Backstage 631 (Stills)

Petite blonde girl next door Roselina positively radiates sweetness in this backstage collection, as she pulls her hair into a ponytail and offers an upskirt peek at her pink cotton panties. In a series of cheeky selfies, Roselina flashes her small breasts while giving us a tour of her flat, including her lingerie-strewn bed and the dildo on her bathroom shelf. Soon she's wearing only her glasses, eager to prove she's not as innocent as she looks. She spreads her legs with a bright smile, as she prepares for an epic masturbation session featuring nipple clamps, a suction vibrator and a sparkly butt plug.

Voluptuous Eve is justifiably proud of her majestic curves, and revels in lounging around nude on the set of her solo debut. She holds her phone over her head, to capture a perfect selfie, shows off her round bum while playing with the camera tripod, and playfully sits in her suitcase with her legs open. In their own debut shoots, Victoria and Celestina are both seen getting naked outside, in different settings. Victoria's fuchsia hair glows in the sun as she frolics in the forest, while Celestina splashes in the pool and tugs her bikini bottoms to the side, for an underwater flash of her shaved pussy.

Tue 05th Mar 2024

Intimate Moments | Video masturbation: Elise V (Video)video

Video capture of Video Masturbation voluptuous Elise V on the kitchen counter

Video masturbation: Elise V (Video)

Statuesque blonde Elise has just woken up, when she arrives in the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. Her tiny pyjamas barely cover her voluptuous curves, so her hard nipples are visible through her crop top, and her juicy bottom peeks from her snug shorts. As she caresses her chest and puts one hand between her legs, Elise realises that she needs to masturbate before she can face the day.

She peels off her shirt to cuddle her big boobs, then tugs on her thong panties, so they rub against her clit. With a mischievous grin, Elise gets completely naked and spreads her long legs on the kitchen counter, giving us a perfect view of her silky smooth pussy. She starts by lovingly rubbing circles on her clit, before inserting one finger, then two, deep inside. Squeezing her breasts tight, Elise whimpers as she penetrates herself, building to a blissful orgasmic release that's followed by a dreamy smile.

Fri 01st Mar 2024

Girl-Girl | Lesbian sex: Alicia G & Sheryl (Video)video

Video capture of Girl Girl green eyes Sheryl and dimples Alicia G deep fingering

Lesbian sex: Alicia G & Sheryl (Video)

"I find you very pretty!" Alicia giggles during a rooftop barbecue with Sheryl. "I was thinking the same about you!" Sheryl replies. Their flirty banter gets serious when Alicia reveals that she doesn't have much sexual experience with girls, but she's curious. "Do you want to try?" Sheryl asks, and they eagerly move indoors, to make out in the kitchen. After removing Alicia's top to caress her small breasts, Sheryl performs an enchanting striptease, slipping off her dress while Alicia touches herself. Then, Sheryl kneels on the floor, swirls her tongue around Alicia's hairy pussy in a steamy closeup, and gazes up to admire her friend's pleasure.

Alicia continues to be the centre of attention when she sits on Sheryl's face, and spreads her legs on the table, to get deeply fingered. "I'm cumming!" she announces, flushing red and moaning in ecstasy. When it's Sheryl's turn to be worshipped, she stands up so Alicia can passionately go down on her, before they devise a creative scissoring position in two chairs facing each other. The girls head back outside for the finale, where Alicia sensually strokes Sheryl's silky pussy to orgasm. At the moment of her blissful release, the fire in the grill flares up, making everyone laugh. "It has been absolutely magical: you're like witches!" shooter Ursula exclaims after, and the girls do a happy naked dance.

Tue 27th Feb 2024

Girl-Girl | Lesbian sex: Alicia G & Sheryl (Stills)images

Image of Girl Girl green eyes Sheryl and dimples Alicia G deep fingering

Lesbian sex: Alicia G & Sheryl (Stills)

Alicia and Sheryl get cosy in the kitchen, while preparing food for a party, and they soon begin sharing soft kisses. Sheryl's hands roam across Alicia's cutoff shorts to squeeze her bum, and Alicia lifts up Sheryl's dress and gently licks over her panties. Overwhelmed with lust, Sheryl uses her teeth to pull down Alicia's undies, then seductively laps her hairy pussy. Alicia savours the sensation of one of Sheryl's fingers deep inside her, then two, and shuts her eyes tight as she moans to orgasm.

Standing nude against the table, Sheryl revels in getting eaten out, then takes Alicia's hand, to show her just how she likes to have her clit rubbed. Grateful for the guidance, Alicia looks up adoringly at her friend, so they can make eye contact as she's transported with pleasure. After steamy rounds of tribbing and facesitting, the girls decide to continue having sex on an outdoor patio. With the breeze in their hair, Alicia strokes between Sheryl's legs until she reaches an intense climax. Then they light a roaring fire in the grill, and cuddle naked in its warmth.

Fri 23rd Feb 2024

Behind the scenes | Behind the scenes: Backstage 630 (Stills)images

Image of Behind the scenes red hair Maddie and skinny Alyona and big breasts Pilar and tall and slender Candice D and rubenesque Viviana nude girls relaxing

Behind the scenes: Backstage 630 (Stills)

This backstage collection revisits the magical adventures shared by Pilar, Viviana and Candice, when they indulged in as much pleasure as possible. The girls starred in an array of steamy solo and double masturbation videos together, before Pilar and Candice excitedly explored their foot fetish while having sex. After countless orgasms, the three satisfied girls are photographed having lunch in the nude, opening their legs while cooling down on the sofa, and sweetly cuddling in bed, with their arms around each other. When Pilar and Candice team up to give Viviana's round bum a loving squeeze, everyone's bright smiles light up the room.

Viviana returned for a girl-girl with Maddie filled with hot rimming, and they discovered that they're a perfect match. The naked girls laugh with delight, as they fix their hair in the mirror and play with lingerie, before Viviana films some behind-the-scenes footage of her redhead friend, wearing only her glasses. We also see Maddie picking out the perfect dress to take off during her cheeky public flashing shoot, Nicole happily reviewing the photos of her masturbation session with her dildo still in her pussy, and buxom blondes Bianca and Mischa romping around half-dressed during their solo debuts.


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