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  • " continues to offer its members one of the most unique and exceptional online experiences of any adult site on the web." - AVN
  • "The whole thing for me can be summed up by the picture I'm eyeing at the moment: redhead Chloe B nuzzling her mouth into brunette Violet's neck while pinching her nipple, and the latter's wide-mouthed expression is pure lust, pure hot. The video? Let your imagination run." - RanchoCarne
  • "This site is packed with actual amateur chicks baring their all and showing the goodies for perverts the world over." - rogreviews
  • "Undoubtedly, the very best amateur site. Incredible quality, fantastic presentation, and the best girl-girl content I have ever seen." - thepornoisseur
  • "Abby Winters is the ultimate site for girl-next-door lovers." - gottabeporn
  • "Abby Winters is literally the only porn site that I know of which has both very stimulating content and moral integrity." - mrpinks
  • "AbbyWinters is one of the finest adult sites on the internet - innovative, challenging, beautiful and most importantly, arousing in the extreme." - honestpornreviews
  • "Judging from the reactions on the always-active message board, the members are loving it. As expected, Abby Winters continues to set the bar in quality softcore content." - Maggie, thebestporn
  • "What I really like about this site is that the updates are not just thrown in your face. Each update comes with a short written comment about the shoot and it adds a nice personal touch to the site." - gottabeporn
  • "These aren't silicone-injected, Brazilian-waxed AVN stars. These are your typical girl-next-door babes (that is if you lived in Australia and had the lucky chance of having any of these cuties live next door) who were just happy to be there. It didn't appear as if they were doing it for the money. But I'd pay to see them do their stuff, regardless." - 18reviews
  • "Abby remains one of the best sites around, it's just that good." - Duke, thebestporn
  • "The site is beautiful, efficient, and professional. All of the content is extremely easy to access." - mrpinks
  • "Now where have you ever heard the words "classy and tasteful" accompany an adult website review? But that's what you are, Abby Winters, a classy, tasty act!" - 18reviews
  • "I'm not sure how hard it is to take those kind of pictures, or make a site so customisable, but to have both on one site is a great find." - Spencer, thebestporn
  • "Abby Winters is a truly unique site packed with high quality content in a nice looking, user friendly members area. If you love cute natural amateurs, treat yourself and visit Abby Winters." - gottabeporn
  • "the girl-girl content is some of the best on the web and definitely a highlight of the site." - thepornoisseur
  • "From the site design and execution to the actual quality of the content, is one site that will continue to stand out above the rest." - Vanessa, thebestporn
  • "AbbyWinters is a very special site indeed that cares for its customers better than any site I've ever seen. The customer service here puts most other sites to shame with the focus here being on satisfying the members... ...There is no exerting on members here what they 'should' be looking at. Abby gives her members what they want to see, not what she wants them to see." - honestpornreviews
  • "This Australian-based site offers up beautifully photographed, amateur models that are as real as it gets." - jaxonjaganov
  • "A brilliant masterpiece of media and a must for any porn connoisseur." thepornreview
  • "And to think in your tour you show more titillation than a half-dozen regular sites do in their main members' areas." - 18reviews
  • "These images are incredible in their detail and subtle artistry." - mrpinks
  • "Abby Winters' is full of simply stunning Australian amateurs allowing us lucky people to see pictures of them in their natural state, performing incredibly erotic movies, and being displayed in a fantastic array of pictures." - pamsreviews
  • "It's obvious from the preview pages that Abby Winters puts a premium on respecting their models as well as their loyal members. " - porninspector
  • "There is a slew of content on and what's available is great; so whatever membership you select, it's certainly worth it." - sexherald
  • "The level of organization and attention to detail here is pretty astounding." - qualityamateurpaysites
  • "The videos in the main members section are high quality mpgs, looking great full-screen. The pace is very relaxed, but erotic." - pornreports
  • "I'm quite relieved that I am a porn reviewer because if I had any other job I would have to quit it in order to view everything this site has to offer. It's THAT good." - selfloversworld
  • "The vibe that runs throughout the site is remarkable. Exploitation and degradation aren't part of Abby's vision and it shows. The models even look like they're having fun. Now that's high-concept." - jaxonjaganov
  • "Does that make the site and content amateur? Not at all - its one of the best designed we know and the content is all original, superb quality, high resolution photos and video." -
  • "This site always aims to give it's members and models a simply pleasurable experience." - porninspector
  • "The absolute pinnacle of this sparkling site though is the girl-girl content." - honestpornreviews
  • "I'm usually more of a fan of the more glammed up sites but this one just has such a fresh, honest feel to it that I can't help but rave about! Abby is a fantastic photographer ... The superb navigation, almost daily updates, reasonable membership cost, brand new models, and integrity that comes with this site are second to none. I can't imagine many faults one could find with this site." - Maggie, thebestporn
  • "Abby's photography has a very natural feel to it that complements the fresh-faced look of her models." - qualityamateurpaysites
  • "The photos allow you to linger and enjoy the girl's overall beauty as every inch of her is revealed, rather than rushing to stark naked poses. I love the teasing photos of girls bending over to show off their round bottoms in underwear even before they get completely naked." - porninspector
  • "The resolution of the stunning photography on this site captures the texture of each girl's skin... it is about capturing real sexuality." - guide2porn
  • "If you think you don't want to look at amateurs, think again, you will be blown away by how beautiful they can be." - pamsreviews
  • "Just two people having real sex - with a camera watching the action." -
  • "They're just like the girls you know, the girls you joke around with, and the girls you have sex with in Real Life." - jaxonjaganov
  • "Overall AbbyWinters is to be congratulated on a superb unique site - long may it prosper. If you like natural, sexy, real women having natural sex by themselves or with other natural, sexy women, you will enjoy AbbyWinters." -
  • "Like gazelles in the wild, you'll find these girls in their natural habitat - not coerced into uncomfortable and unnatural sex scenes. There are lots of outdoor photos and photo shoots that occur right in the girl's apartment." - porninspector
  • "So quit your job, empty your bank account into a long-term subscription, put your feet up, and enjoy. Abby Winters - I salute you!" - selfloversworld
  • "The pictures are excellent. There are so many to choose from and the quality is perfect... What I like about what Abby does here is she's showing off her photography skills and not just displaying a bunch of nudity." - sexherald
  • "Man I gotta say, I had a great time at this site." - Duke, thebestporn
  • "I found the personal interview-type clips to be the most interesting; even though the chicks were getting naked, it was just so different from the usual staged fakery that I've come to expect from most porn sites." - qualityamateurpaysites
  • "And while our own prejudices lean more toward fantasy and porn with a narrative, there's no denying Abby's triumph in creating such a terrific site to showcase her own vision." - pornreports
  • "(Hairy pussy lovers and pit lovers will be in heaven when viewing the girl/girl hairy scenes)." - pamsreviews
  • "Whether it's a masturbation video, people having sex, or someone putting lotion on her tits, Abby does an excellent job of giving a wide variety of choices to her members." - sexherald
  • "It's abundantly evident that she dedicates an enormous amount of time to the site, making it as near perfection as it is." - Vanessa, thebestporn
  • "We know of only one way to capture this kind of naturalness and that's through the rapport between the photographer and the subject." - guide2porn
  • "There's no popups, and no ads." - Spencer, thebestporn
  • "We highly recommend this site which we feel will appeal to both men and women." - guide2porn
  • "Aside from the quality content and inclusive daily updates, the true marvel of this site is the navigation features and design. You'll love browsing this site just as much as you'll love looking at the naked girls on it." - Vanessa, thebestporn
  • "I can't hide it, I think this is one of the very best true amateur sites I have come across as my time as reviewer, and the VERY low price for this amount of content and quality just convinces me that this site has to get 5 stars.... True amateur lovers, you MUST check this site out." - pornliving
  • "If you're a fan of true amateur porn (real, fresh-faced girls in natural poses and locales), you owe it to yourself to experience Abby Winter's unique brand of photography and video." - qualityamateurpaysites
  • "At about $17US a month its a fantastic value, I'd gladly pay more to check it out. Two thumbs up from me." - Spencer, thebestporn
  • "It may not want to be "glam", but it's flat out impressive all the same." - pornreports
  • "Abby actually goes to the girl's houses to shoot " - adultsitesurfer
  • "For those who like to keep it real, we recommend it very highly." - pornreports

    "At Abbywinters you get completely original raw video of solo girls or girl on girl in very high quality ... not a mega site with connections to vast galleries of pre canned porn, the same old girls, live feeds etc." -
  • "one of the busiest forums I've seen" - adultsitesurfer
  • "amazingly great quality" -
  • "...the amount of work that goes into this site is close to incredible..." - pornliving
  • "...wonderfully done site, incredibly easy to navigate..." - Jane's Guide
  • "just keeps getting better and better" - adultsitesurfer
  • "We got lucky here though this site is nothing if not innovative in the world of porn..." - pornliving
  • "we can absolutely highly recommend this site!" -
  • "If amateur porn is your thing, it doesn't get any better" - adultsitesurfer
  • "cheaper than the average amateur porn site" -

Here's what our peers say about us:

  • "Abby Winters's site is a gem among the murk of the Internet. With great programming, design and photography wrote the manual for good adult. Contains both hard and soft core pics and vids." - Girls Kissing UK
  • "Abby Winters has raised the bar for all of us for what is erotic on the internet. A cool fresh breeze in a dank cellar." - Little Mutt Productions
  • "I don't think there's a single pair of plastic boobs in the entire site" - SimonScans
  • "This Australian photographer's work is among the best on the Net" - Dionysian Archives
  • "Abby is a highly talented photographer" - Sapphic Erotica

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