• Mon 31st Mar 2014 Backstage 416 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    13 models across 13 shoots are featured in this week's backstage set. Beautiful nude models under a colorful sky feature in sunset girls; MichaelaJanie, Laura P, Renata, and Antonella all get wet. 

    Also behind the scenes, Blossom & Elizabeth S masturbate together for their masturbation shoot. 'Totally hot. At the bar, sensual all over', says Jacki, referring to Willow's After Dark scene!

  • Mon 31st Mar 2014 Nude girl: Maylin (Video) | Solo

    Moaning gently, Maylin lets the waves of her orgasm pass through her small body before her fingers slip to her vagina again, her insatiable needs still un-quenched. Pressing on her G-spot she is rewarded with two large squirting eruptions!
    Cute Asian Maylin shows off her flexible small body, her bare breasts visible down blouse as she reaches forwards. Slipping from her t-shirt she pulls the straps of her shorts over her breasts, like braces, teasing her nipples with the strips of material before massaging them between her tiny fingers. Slipping free of her shorts Maylin pulls her full bottom briefs high into her body to form a revealing camel toe, her neat black pubic hair visible at the edges of her panties.

  • Sun 30th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Maylin (Stills) | Solo

    Asian Maylin's pert young breasts push past the straps of her cute denim dungarees as she starts to undress her petite body.
    On her back she slips her fingers inside her underwear and surprises by pulling out her little toy that has been in there whole time! Reaching her her other favorite toy she presses it against her open vagina, slowly pushing it inside herself until only the string is left sticking out.

  • Sat 29th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Sasha M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'Can I take your underwear off?' Sasha gently pulls down Mila's knickers, exposing her dark full bush. Smiling shyly behind her glasses Mila opens her legs for another woman, for the very first time.
    'I'm usually a lot smoother than this!' nervously hiding behind some beautiful puns, Sasha massages Mila's bare feet and seeks a means of getting closer to her new friend. Mila reveals she has never had sex with another lady, her lips tantalizingly close to Sasha's as she confesses. Kissing for the first time they begin to explore each others very different sexual needs, learning a great deal from each other as they each learn how to pleasure in a new way.

  • Fri 28th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Mina | Intimate Moments

    Mina's large breasts spill from her dress, their round tops firm and high as she sinks a pen into the flesh, testing the sensation on her skin. 

    With the light from the window illuminating her feminine body, Mina explores her senses. Using a pen, she teases at her nipple through the fabric of her dress, slowly warming her body up for more. With her bare foot resting on the window ledge, she slips from her dress, running her hands over her soft thighs and sinking them inside her underwear.

  • Fri 28th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Janee (Video) | Solo

    Janee crawls up the outside steps of the cabin, her perfect ass wiggling with her movements. Her panties are visible upskirt, a small damp spot on the crotch revealing her growing excitement.
    Teasing up her skirt Janee mounts the bicycle, letting her naked bottom rub against the padded seat. Slipping lower she rubs her exposed vulva on the cross bar of the bike, her labia lips parting to curl around the cold metal as she slides along it. Inside she demonstrates how she keeps her bottom in such perfect shape, gently raising up and down doing naked squats.

  • Thu 27th Mar 2014 Real life couple: Alida & Brian (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Alida's breasts spin as she is penetrated in doggy position by her husband. Alida collapses forwards onto her pillow, moaning in pleasure, as her husbands thrusts jiggle her peachy ass in rhythm with their movements.
    Alida kisses into her husbands neck, her nipples visibly excited through her tight dress. Reaching forwards to place her glasses on the side, Alida's panties are visible upskirt, her thong buried between the two round cheeks of her bottom. Her bullet hard nipple brushes Brian's thigh as she kisses his hardening penis, before she moans onto his erection while they both enjoy 69.

  • Thu 27th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Sasha M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Laying underneath Sahsa, Mila pulls her pert bum onto her face, her tongue running around Sasha's labia. Pulling and sucking at them as she tries to make her squirm on top of her.
    Looking over her tick rimmed glasses Mila hints at what she wants from Sasha. Undressing Sasha exposes Mila's beautiful pert breasts and full bush. Kissing her naked skin Sasha starts to explore further!

  • Wed 26th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Janee (Stills) | Solo

    Asian Janee undresses her slender body amongst the lush greens of the garden, hiding amongst the washing she exposes her full bush and small pert breasts.
    Pulling her pink labia apart she pushes her fingers inside herself. Laying on her back she rests her legs above her head and spreads her bum as she starts to press her fingers deeper.

  • Tue 25th Mar 2014 Real life couple: Alida & Brian (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Pushing her lips against the tip of her partners penis, Alida looks up at him as she pulls off his underwear and slips her mouth around his erection.
    This real life couple shows us their passion for each other and how they love to have sex, flirt and pleasure! Undressing each other they move from position to position. Laying on her back Alida lifts her leg onto Brian's shoulder as he pushes deeper inside her. Her mouth open wide and arms up high Alida's body tenses as she reaches orgasm!

  • Tue 25th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Saskia & Tahlia J | Intimate Moments

    'Maybe you can show me how you come?' Saskia and Tahlia's knees gently bump together as their naked bodies splash around in the bath tub. Running her fingers along her perfect shave job, Saskia demonstrates how she stimulates herself in private, giggling as her long legs slip from beneath her, sending her sliding back into the water.
    'What do you do in a bath?' Saskia reaches for a towel to wipe the water splashes from her glasses. In a sea of rubber ducks Tahlia and Saskia share intimate stories, questioning one another about how they like to masturbate. Despite the warm water, Saskia's nipples grow hard on her small breasts, as she shares an intimate story with Tahlia. Rising from the water they masturbate, Tahlia looking up at Saskia while rubbing into her full bush.

  • Mon 24th Mar 2014 Backstage 415 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    In this weeks backstage set boobies jiggling around while Lynley, Hayley, Angie, Leiko and Hayden are absorbed in the action shooting video game girls

    Also we have some fun images behind the scenes from Angie's AfterDark shoot and Ravenna's solo.

  • Mon 24th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Caisa (Video) | Solo

    Blonde Caisa parts her warm thighs and slowly slides her fingers inside her hairy vulva, as she talks about her sexual personality. With her legs wide open she teases herself and giggles until her breathing becomes faster and squeezing her beautiful breasts she orgasms again. Wait! again? so how many times do we see her masturbate..?

  • Sun 23rd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Caisa (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling her skirt up slowly Caisa shows off her perfect bum as she crawls on the bed. What is she hiding in her Bra? 

    Undoing the little bows on her knickers she reveals her warm bum cheeks but, pinching and stretching her meaty labia Caisa gets turned on and slides her fingers inside herself which makes her squirm.

  • Sat 22nd Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Lulu (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Janee inhales Lulu's sweet personal scent off her panties, pressing the warmth of the crotch to her nose while she looks down at the exposed full bush bellow her.
    'You don't think I'm that naughty do you?' Lulu grabs Janee's bottom, spanking it playfully over her nylons as they make out on the sofa. Lulu spanks Janees round bottom in 69 position, rubbing her wet vagina onto her face, as she moans with orgasmic satisfaction under Janee's delicate touch.

  • Fri 21st Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Gia (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Gia's fingers tease at her shirt, massaging her firm breast through the fabric. Her hand reaches inside, teasing at her nipples as her excitement builds. 

    With the sun reflecting off the water beside her, Gia finds shelter in the shade of a tree. She quenches her thirst, her sticky knickers just visible upskirt as she rests. Her fingers trace across her top, letting in the warm breeze as she exposes her breasts. Her fingers drop lower and soon she is exploring her full bush outdoors, in nature.

  • Fri 21st Mar 2014 Nude girl: Kami (Video) | Solo

    Kami's breath peaks in excited gasps, nearly blowing out the candle which she is dripping over her chest. Red wax dribbles over her large nipples, encasing then in warm heat, while her fingers flex deep inside her vulva.
    Wiggling her shoulder blades to get comfortable in her flexible stretch, Kami reaches back up, her small breasts visible downblouse as she moves. Stretching out her toned body Kami bends forwards, pushing her wonderfully round ass backwards in many spank able poses! Reaching around she exposes her neat anus and reveals her love of anal pleasure.

  • Thu 20th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Lulu (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    With her hands spreading Asian Janee's bum cheeks wide, Lulu pushes her tongue deeper into hairy vulva.
    Flirting and exploring each others bodies they passionately kiss. Undressing and pulling away clothes they lick, kiss, suck and finger each other until they both reach orgasm!

  • Wed 19th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Kami (Stills) | Solo

    Kami's naked body tenses as she drips the hot wax around her open pink vulva! The heat heightening her senses and making her squirm on the table.
    Showing her enviable flexibility Kami lays backwards over the sofa, her legs spread wide either side of her, and her labia pushing against the tight material of her underwear.
    Moving positions in the room she demonstrates how limber she really is, and with every suggestively sultry look she draws in closer.

  • Tue 18th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Adelle & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    'Hold me!' Twyla's legs buckle beneath her as she orgasms, her body collapsing down onto Adelle. She looks up to her partner, kissing her deeply on the lips. 

    'I'm going to make you take off your clothing very soon'. Twyla pulls Adelle towards her by her belt, their glasses almost touching as she slowly pulls Adelle's crotch onto her well placed knee, stimulating her through her clothing. 

    Twyla pops one of Adelle's long delicate fingers into her mouth, sucking on it as Adelle's other fingers rub into her own pubic hair. With reluctance Twyla lets the finger slip from her mouth so she can take off her own knickers, revealing her dark full bush

    'How wet are you now? ..... can I suck your fingers again

  • Mon 17th Mar 2014 Backstage 414 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    In this backstage beautiful models as always enjoying themselves behind the scenes shooting for abbywinters.com 

    This weeks backstage includes Roxy's, Nadja's, Klaudia's After Dark shoots but also Iveta & Lynley's wet and sexy moments in their lesbian sex shoot.

  • Mon 17th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Gloria (Video) | Solo

    Gloria's tight anus pulses as she bends forwards, her knickers pulled down from her perfect ass to rest at the top of her thighs. Pulling back her knickers she drops to her hands to do push ups. 'I'm going to make my ass 'pompa!' 

    Gloria glows with happiness as she slowly unwraps her slender body. The sun from the window highlights the toned lines on her flat stomach, her small breasts first visible from under her bra as she lifts up her arms. Her fingers brush at her underwear, which clings tight to her warm crotch. Rubbing into the fabric her fingers star to tease at something inside. 

  • Sun 16th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Gloria (Stills) | Solo

    Pulling down her panties Gloria has a surprise hidden inside her immaculate shaved vulva bare of hair. 

    Moving around in different positions she shows off her perfect ass and long legs but does not miss the chance to insert a toy into her clean and lick-able anus. This dark haired and fair skin girl is so playful she uses her knitted top to tease her nipples letting them poke out of the wholes as they get hard.

  • Sat 15th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Noa humps Lulu's warm thigh, a damp spot visible on the crotch of her knickers. Lulu opens her legs, her dark full bush rubbing against the cotton of Noa's knickers, while they are tribbing on the floor.
    Lulu breathes into the back of Noa's neck as she wraps the tape measure across her waist, letting her face press into the warm of her neck. Slipping away, she pulls the tape around Noa's breasts, want sparkling in her eyes. On her knees Lulu pulls down Noa's panty hose, kissing the stray pubic hairs on the side. Sucking on Noa's knickers, Lulu delights in teasing gasping breaths from her quivering body, Noa's pale skin flushing pink as she orgasms.

  • Fri 14th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Lona | Intimate Moments

    Lona's fingers rub into her pubic hair sending ripples across her full breasts. The sound of her natural wetness echos around the room, as her fingers disappear into her opening. 

    Laying on the sofa, Lona's fingers tease through her long hair. Her breasts push together slightly as she brushes her hair, her knickers visible upskirt as she works. Slowly she removes her clothing to reveal her pale skin, her nipples already hard and excited under her bra as she removes it. Nude, she lays back and spreads her labia apart, sliding the handle of her hair brush deep inside herself building to foot twitching orgasm.

  • Fri 14th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Ren (Video) | Solo

    Walking through the lush green outdoors, Ren stops to take some photos and appreciate the quiet. 

    Realizing that she's all alone in nature she takes the opportunity to indulge herself in some outdoor play! Slipping her hands inside her short denim hot pants she leans against a tree, rubbing her clitoris. Unbuttoning her top she grabs her breasts as she starts to masturbate

    After her first intense orgasm Ren moves into a more private area where she fully undresses and starts to go for round 2!

  • Thu 13th Mar 2014 Classy, elegant: Irena (Video) | After Dark

    Irena's bra pushes out through a gap in her skirt, hinting at the breasts that lay beneath. Her breasts are pale with pink nipples, her hands will tease over them, feeling their shape. 

    Dressed in a long skirt and panty hose, Irena teases at her legs. Her fingers ripple across the fabric of her nylons the intoxicating sound filling the empty room. Laying on her back she pulls at her tights, letting the fabric slip down to reveal the bare skin of her legs. Her bare feet rub across the tops of her warm thighs as she plays with her nylons across her pale breasts.

  • Thu 13th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Lulu & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pushing her long tongue deeper into Noa's pink, wet vagina Lulu keeps her hands firmly gripped around Noa's pert bum, as she starts to bring her to orgasm.
    Starting off together they innocently flirt and faint kisses at one another. Lulu then seductively runs her mouth, lips and tongue around Noa's pale skin. Breezing over her shoulders and neck, hinting at what she wants. Undressing each other they fervidly explore one another!

  • Wed 12th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Ren (Stills) | Solo

    Pale skin Ren undresses to masturbate while taking a walk in the park. Groping her large breasts she gets really turned on, revealing her natural full bush while she slides her hands into her panties

    Ren pulls her bra to the side and squeezes her breasts getting nude outdoor and opens her legs flashing her meaty lips pulling them and stretching them.

  • Tue 11th Mar 2014 Classy, elegant: Irena (Stills) | After Dark

    Running her fingers up her tights Irena pulls at the thin nylon, hinting at exposing the smooth pale skin beneath.

    Looking up through her brunette hair she starts to undress... slowly revealing her breasts she moves towards the camera. Moving her attention towards herself once more Irena pulls of her tights fully, and opening her legs legs shows off her smooth shaved vulva!

  • Tue 11th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Latisha & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Latisha watches as Lucie exposes her large pert breasts from under her white dress.
    Talking about their sexual fantasies and fascinations with other women's bodies they watch each other as they start to masturbate. Describing the feeling and differences between their two contrasting bodies they both reach orgasm!

  • Mon 10th Mar 2014 Backstage 413 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another super sexy image set with the beautiful models joking and teasing each other behind the cameras, but the Abbywinters.com backstage lens picks up all the deliciously sexy and natural moments. Some of the models that appear in this set is Rosanna, Dolly, Catrinia, Allison, Everette, Meagan K, Jenni, Joannie and Leiko. Some Indoor and some outdoor shoots where the girls love to walk around half nude, so here we get a peak behind the lights and equipment.

  • Mon 10th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Alida (Video) | Solo

    Alida's smooth long legs slide over each other as she lays on the sofa. Her firm bottom moves from side to side as her thighs work up and down, the crotch of her pink underwear just visible between her legs.
    Alida adds the finishing touches to her drawing, her pen teasing across her bottom lip, slipping inside her mouth, as she studies her work. Standing up she wiggles out of her panty hose, her perfect ass fully visible as she bends forwards over the sofa. Her hands grasp her firm bottom, pulling open the cheeks to expose her neat anus and the delicate pink inside her vulva.

  • Sun 09th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Alida (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting up her long slender legs, Alida pushes out her round bum as she slips off her tights.
    Laying arched over the sofa she shows off her svelte figure and pert breasts. Running her hands over her smooth body, she feels around the soft labia with her fingers, moving them inside her labia she pulls them out to expose her open wet vulva and pink, open vagina.

  • Sat 08th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Amaya M & Bisera (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Amaya's thighs press into Bisera's head as she straddles her face sitting onto her tongue. 'I wanna see your face', flicking her red hair, Amaya turns around to look deep into Bisera's excited eyes while she tastes her exposed vulva. 

    Bisera kisses into Amaya's warm thigh while she receives a tender massage on her kissable neck and shoulders. Their bodies tangling together as they press ever closer on the sofa, pushing into one another s soft young flesh. Bisera's fingers slip inside Amaya's top, teasing at her breasts. Freeing a pink nipple she pops it into her mouth, suckling on it till she draws gasps from Amaya! Bisera rubs her own breasts into the pale skin of Amaya's face, till she opens up her small mouth and takes her nipple inside

  • Fri 07th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Red pubes frame Renae's vulva, the sticky clicks of her natural wetness filling the air, as she inserts her fingers. 

    The light from the window drops a gentle pool of light onto the tops of her breasts and her fingers tease at the neck line of her dress. Agonizing seconds pass, as she undoes each button slowly, and slips a hand inside to her inverted nipple. Reaching into her bag she pulls out her toy and not only stimulates her red full bush but also her anus

  • Fri 07th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Lotte (Video) | Solo

    Lotte's ripe young breasts are visible down blouse as she teases at the fabric of her top, looking up into the camera with innocent eyes.
    Lotte's breast are barley contained in her tight t shirt as she wriggles from the bed to floor. Crawling back up to the bed, she explores her body, her hands teasing across her pale skin. Spreading open her bottom, Lotte inserts one finger into her anus and a second inside her vagina before bring herself to an anal orgasm.

  • Thu 06th Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Amaya M & Bisera (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Slim brunette Bisera bites on Amaya m'a nipples running her fingers on her pale thighs. Amaya sits on Bisera's face in a sixty nine position and gently slides one finger inside her immaculate shaved vulva. pulling her leggings tight up against her pussy Bisera's lovely thigh gap is accentuated after a playful "hair curling" session.

  • Wed 05th Mar 2014 Nude girl: Lotte (Stills) | Solo

    Lotte's breasts hang over the side of the bed as she leans over to search her bag for her her vibrating toothbrush. Grabbing hold of it she returns to the soft bed to lay back suggestively,rubbing the sides of her vulva she pushes the handle of the brush inside...
    Peeking through her glasses Lotte explores her breasts as she releases them from her purple bra. Her fingers moving gently around her pale pink nipples she begins to play to her urges. Laying on her back she lifts her legs into the air and slips off her underwear to expose her trimmed bush of dark pubes around her pink vulva.

  • Tue 04th Mar 2014 Video masturbation: Bisera & Juliette M | Intimate Moments

    'You like that?' Juliette pops Bisera's small nipple into her mouth, suckling on it till Bisera moans her answer. The whites of Julette's eyes sparkle behind her glasses as she witnesses Bisera orgasm. 

    Juliette's soft tummy is visible between her form fitting trousers and her cropped top. The suggestive text she is reading stirs her feelings and she instantly starts to flirt with Bisera. Leaning in she breaths in her scent, kissing first her lips and then her neck, 'I can't keep my hands off you!' Juliette's fingers slip insider her own transparent knickers, her dark pubic hair visible between her legs as she touches herself.

  • Mon 03rd Mar 2014 Backstage 412 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Sexy models half nude enjoying the shooting day and we get a peak behind the scenes. 

    'two new models, Iveta's first ever time with a lady! Much to see in this one.' describes Jacki after Iveta & Tamra' s shoot. this backstage set features also Rachel S, Ela, Navah, Dana B, Gypsy and some After dark shoots. 


  • Mon 03rd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Emilie S (Video) | Solo

    Creamy girl cum oozes from the dark labia lips of Emilie, as she pulls out her fingers. Her Asian skin is tanned in contrast to the hot pink of her vagina, as she searches for her orgasm.
    Emilie moves her legs, a hint of her cotton panties visible up-skirt as she rests on the edge of the bath. Flicking her long hair over her shoulders, Emilie teases up the hem of her dress, revealing the toned lines of her flat tummy and the two small mounds that make up the bottom of her boobs. Smiling she reveals her small breasts, her fingers stimulating her hardening nipples as she applies lotion to her body.

  • Sun 02nd Mar 2014 Nude girl: Emilie S (Stills) | Solo

    After her beautifully introvert orgasm, Asian Emilie slides her pink dildo out of her smooth vulva, letting her wet, white girl-cum flow out from inside her vagina. Feeling her wetness Emilie rests satisfied back against the wall.
    Looking out from beneath her brunette fringe Emilie lifts her tight t-shirt to reveal her small breasts and brown nipples, pushing her breasts together with her arms she glances back seductively, and moves her hands down towards her shorts...

  • Sat 01st Mar 2014 Lesbian sex: Kylie H & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'Your nice and wet!' Kylie and Noa link legs, grinding their labia against one another, in sweaty outdoor tribbing

    Kylie smiles behind her glasses as Noa's fingers gently trace across her soft thigh. They draw together and hungrily kiss. 'That's a view that I want to appreciate for a minute'! Kylie takes in Noa's moist crotch, with it's soft full bush sticking out the sides of her knickers. Kylie sighs with happiness before pressing her lips to Noa, so she can taste her natural sweetness.

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