• Wed 30th Nov 2011 Gaby & Gretchen | Girl-Girl

    Glorious Gaby and Gretchen pamper each other in the bed room before things start to take a turn a little bit more sexy!

    Tearing away each others clothes Gretchen cant wait to get to Gabys tanned body, large breasts and pert nipples. In beautiful contrast Gaby exposes Gretchen's pale skin, full bush and long slim body.

    On the bed the two of them cant keep their hands off each other and the set culminates in some gorgeously sexual and intimate displays between the two of these stunning natural girls

  • Wed 30th Nov 2011 Aletta | Solo

    Introducing Aletta in her first ever solo shoot, and were glad its for us! She's a beautiful Dutch girl who at first is very shy, timid and cute but even though the cuteness stays as time passes she opens up more and more to reveal her great personality and stunning body.

    Paying special attention to her amazingly pert large breasts she undresses herself and moves onto the window ledge. Picking up a guitar and holding it against her slim, petite body she stares introvertly out of the window. Aletta's big eyes, great body and cute looks make her effortlessly seductive, even to her friends...

  • Tue 29th Nov 2011 Alexis V | Solo

    Hot-body, masturbation, Alexis V not only is a cutesy shy girl with perfect pert boobs but is also a World of Warcraft player! Peering through the door to watch her masturbating under her tight denim shorts, it's sexy sensual start and a playful finish. After she comes I make sure I ask her about all things masturbation, how she likes to do it and what she thinks about when she is doing it.

    And you'll never guess what you have in common with Alexis V - She too likes to watch pornography when she masturbates. To find out exactly what - you'll have to just watch and find out.

  • Mon 28th Nov 2011 Aletta | Solo

    The absolutely beautiful Aletta comes to abbywinters.com for her first ever time in front of the camera, and we're very excited she did! She's gorgeously shy Dutch girl with a cute and reserved demeanor, but one who definitely hides a very sexual side of herself!

    Undressing she shows off her perfect, large, pert breasts and slim body with stunning tan lines. Moving around the room she removes more and more effortlessly seducing you with every glance and movement... oh and did I mention she came with her best friend...?

  • Sun 27th Nov 2011 Alexis V | Solo

    Alexis is a cute Aussie girl with brown smooth skin, big green eyes and flirtatious smile. She invites you to her bright room with colorful posters on the wall where she is lying down on a big bed. Alexis wears sexy blue, short jeans which emphasize her beautiful bottom and long legs. She moves around and teases you. Later she is jumping on the bad and starts to dress down to reveal her gorgeous body.

    First she removes her white-blue T-shirt and shows her round pert boobs. She is squeezing her erect nipples between her fingers. Next she takes off her shorts and shows more of her shaved pussy and anus. Just take a look for sure you will love it.

  • Sun 27th Nov 2011 Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Tucked up under the hood of her jacket Kylie writhes and streches her long slim legs out over the bed, letting her hand wander down towards her cute, pink frilly underwear.

    Unzipping her jacket and removing her clothes she plays with her smooth shaved pussy and twists her slim, toned body until reaching her climax under the changable Amsterdam sun.

  • Sat 26th Nov 2011 Julia M | After Dark

    Ballerina Julia M and all round top chick, prepares her seductive dance by stretching her groin muscles, her ankles and her arms.

    Listening to her ipod, she uses the chair in more ways than one showing off her skills as a talented ballerina and she proves she was born to entertain.

  • Sat 26th Nov 2011 Carmina & Klara | Intimate Moments

    Beautiful Spanish Carmina makes dark eyed Dutch Klara feel right at ease. They talk, off course, about clothing. Carmina uses the subject to get Klara naked as soon as possible. Klara doesn't mind Carmina's cheekiness and plays along.

    These girls make the sun come out. They share their best sex experiences with each other, And while masturbating, discuss lesbian sex and the loudness of female orgasms. Curious as they are they observe each other's techniques. This leads to satisfactory smiles and orgasms on both sides.

  • Fri 25th Nov 2011 Misha & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Pale skinned English girl Satine and long legged Dutch girl Misha tease, passionately kiss and try something kinky for both of their very first times...they pour hot wax all over each other in this scintillating girl on girl sex session.

    Satine and Misha are sitting opposite on the kitchen bench mirroring each other and temping the other to move closer and consummating. Eventually the foreplay is too much as they kiss and undress and devour each other all while negotiating the difficulties of the kitchen bench. This is a thrilling orgasm fest with two contrasting but very sexy abby girls.

  • Fri 25th Nov 2011 Julia M | After Dark

    Sexy brunette ballet dancer Julie invites you to a private show against the cold, hard, exposed bricks of the studio.

    Slipping her ballet shoes on and her clothes off, she gracefully spins, stretches and poses her stunning figure. As she moves, the harsh singular spotlight picks out her small pert nipples, smooth shaved pussy and long toned legs. The lace corset top that once held in her breasts now disregarded in this underground visually erotic feast.

  • Thu 24th Nov 2011 Backstage 294 | Behind the scenes

    Plenty going on in this set! One huuuuge location with models and shooters doing there thing all over the place, so just another sexy and action packed day for abbywinters.com.

    Stunning Kiki and Shee-ra induldge in each others dark skin and of course some awesome girl-girl action whilst another solo is shot elsewhere in the house. Then we've got the backstage images from the beautiful Selena and Kylee.

  • Wed 23rd Nov 2011 Misha & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Sat in sexy and seductive symmetry to one another Misha and Satine spread out over the long kitchen work top, exchanging suggestive eye contact and stretching out to one another. It seems like what ever one does the other follows, so it doesn't take them long to realize that the quicker one gets naked the other will have to follow!

    Lifting off her top and bra Misha reveals her stunning tall, slender frame and beautiful large, pert breasts. Satine follows suit, also bringing to view her smooth pale skin, sweet smile and great large breasts. Playing with one another they step the gears up until they entwine on the work top. this is surely a great lesson for sex in difficult places!

  • Wed 23rd Nov 2011 Trijntje | Solo

    Introducing Trijntje, a natural and timidly beautiful Dutch girl modeling for the first time, and were very happy its for abbywinters.com! With her blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and athletic horse riding body she moves through the screen giving only hints at first to her whole stunning naked form.

    Following her through her morning routine we get to tail her to the shops and even an a personal insight into herself through her own homemade footage!

  • Tue 22nd Nov 2011 Jenna K | Solo

    While Jenna waits for Priya for some masturbation action we take a slow and detailed tour of her body. She has a fantastic tight bum, small breasts and has shaved since her last shoot.

    Getting a bit frustrated that her friend is out flirting with boys, Jenna starts without her. She truly has a fantastic body and wastes no time in showing us that. Finally Priya arrives and the two of them take to it with vibrators. The Priya is off again, hunting men.

  • Mon 21st Nov 2011 Trijntje | Solo

    Everyone has their morning routine, get up, wash, dress, make some breakfast. Well today you'll be following new model Trijntje through hers! In the cold light of the morning we sneak peeks as she washes and dresses herself before breakfast, and as she walks to the shop to collect her pancake ingredients.

    A real outdoors girl and keen horse rider Trijntje has an athletic body, toned stomach and matched with her blonde hair and piercing blue eyes she looks stunning in the bright light of the morning. Trijntje also likes to document her days and takes her camera most places she goes so look out for some shots by her amongst the set.

  • Sun 20th Nov 2011 Jenna K | Solo

    There's something about Jenna's classically beautiful looks that keep you transfixed on her every small and sensual move, how she undresses her slim body, pert breasts and pert round bum, its hard to look away, and really why would you want to!?

    In this playful set Jenna starts off in a cute little denim skirt under which she has no pants and we get some cheeky little peek-a-boo's of her smooth shaved pussy. Moving around the bed and over to the mirror she slips in to the wardrobe, lets just hope she comes back out to show us more in the future.

  • Sun 20th Nov 2011 Lana M | Intimate Moments

    Have you ever come home and just wished that there was a naked girl, sprawled across your coffee table? Lana M licks her fingers, then rubs her clitoris until she makes herself come. Once she removed her pink underwear, you have full view of her pussy and even anus.

    I'm not sure how comfortable masturbating on a coffee table is, but it sure doesn't deter Lana M.

  • Sat 19th Nov 2011 Mystery Shoot 4 | Mystery Shoot

    Outdoors, green grass, sexy model and yoga...What's not to love? Dina L has long dark hair, feline features and a sexy hairy bush.

    Dina L is one of abbywinter's more mature ladies, and as we get to know her, she shows us her hot yoga positions and her unique self defence moves.

  • Sat 19th Nov 2011 Klara & Satine | Intimate Moments

    Klara and Satine are two very sexy chicks with completely different looks. Satine is a blonde English girl with pale skin and a flirting smile. Klara is a tall Dutch girl with dark olive skin and teasing dark eyes. They look great together.

    Klara is teaching Satine Dutch, they start with simple words like "hello" or "how are you" and finish with "horny" or "I want have sex with you". This innocent word game leads the girls to very intense masturbation and orgasms. They help each other take off their clothes, slowly revealing their sexy bodies. First we see their round and gorgeous boobs and later the shaved pussy of Klara and in the end Satine exposes her hairy pussy...Poeseje.

    If you want to learn horny words in Dutch and watch sexy chicks having thrilling orgasms then lock your eyes on this feast!

  • Fri 18th Nov 2011 Analyn & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    Asian girl Analyn developed a thing for Jenna when they masturbated together. Analyn felt a breast for the first time, nervously and tentatively she squeezed Jenna's boob- exclaiming how soft it is.

    And because of all the tension and chemistry between these two sexy Dutch girls and all the comments you members made we got them back for a complete go around! Well they didn't really have to be asked...truth be told, they were both banging down the door for a shoot together and here it is.

    Analyn is dressed in her work clothes and looks very sophisticated and sexy. The wonderful expressive face of Jenna lights up as they kiss, touch, lick, suck and finger each other into dizzying orgasms.

  • Fri 18th Nov 2011 Mystery Shoot 4 | Mystery Shoot

    Mature and beautifully natural Dina invites you to join her in relaxing in the vivid greens of the dutch countryside.

    Setting her slim toned body, small breasts, full bush of pubes and untamed hair free she explores her surroundings picking flowers and relaxing on the picnic rug.

  • Thu 17th Nov 2011 Backstage | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 293 already! There's some very beautiful shots in a stunning location looking out over the hills. theres two great solos being shot here with two great models, Emm and Odette.

    So dive back into the archive and see what more you can pull up on these two, or even some more shoots in the great outdoors!

  • Wed 16th Nov 2011 Analyn & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    Business and pleasure are a good mix! Or maybe its pleasure after the business? Coming back from work Analyn returns to Jenna as she relaxing on the couch. First things first. Analyn kicks off her shoes while Jenna gently removes her makeup. After a hard day off work Analyn seems to want only one thing, soon she get's Jenna out of her pants and makes sure she gets her in all the positions she wants.

    But the roles change when Jenna slips in Analyn's work clothes and takes over. With tied together wrists Analyn is forced to the couch so Jenna can go down on her. Now Analyn is not the one to sit and wait for something so this all flows in a very passionate ending. So sit and back and relax because these two dark haired beauties bring you the best just-out-of-work-sex!

  • Wed 16th Nov 2011 Talita | Solo

    Curly hair, great boobs and a bubbly personality, Dutch newcomer Talita spends a good 20min talking about her sex life as she gets naked for us.

    It seems Talita is in more than one relationship, well, they're all the same big relationship, sort of... Girls and couples and other lovers, swingers, foursomes and three way love. Describing herself as poly-amorous, Talita is one hell of a handful. Oh, and she loves giving blowjobs, did I mention that?

  • Tue 15th Nov 2011 Anouk | Solo

    The Beautiful dark skinned Anouk shows of her large breasts and well toned body on a hot and sunny day.

    Outside on her balcony she is talking about taking care of her hair and sunbathing while she is slowly stripping of her clothes. Teasingly slow she shows of her well trimmed pussy. What an hot day this is.

  • Mon 14th Nov 2011 Talita | Solo

    A fun and bubbly debut from the very beautiful and all natural dutch Talita. Moving gracefully in the corner of the room she undresses on the top of the table, seductively playing with you as her stunning eyes lock your gaze.

    Her slim body, pale skin and curled hair gives her an elegant look as she stands on the table raising herself to the roof. Picking up a bottle of liquid she playfully blows bubbles at you, grabs her coat and runs outside...

  • Sun 13th Nov 2011 Anouk | Solo

    Imagine sitting on your balcony having a bask in the sun, only to look across at a neighboring balcony to see a dark skinned goddess lapping up the sunshine on her large breasts and stretching about showing off her toned body.

    Anouk is that goddess. And a sun filled balcony is her playground. Gorgeous twists of her body show off every inch of her delicious form. From her shaved pussy, to her incredible long dark hair, there are more than one treat embodied in this woman.

  • Sun 13th Nov 2011 Kandice | Intimate Moments

    Hairy pussy, Long dark hair, hot English accent and flawless skin...hello Kandice!

    Don't you hate it when you sit on a wet chair? Kandice accidentally sits on a wet chair and conveniently takes off her short skirt. She reads a book that gets her in the mood and begins masturbating.

  • Sat 12th Nov 2011 Fleur D & Nikita | Intimate Moments

    Nikita has big boobs, curly dark hair and smooth pale skin while her masturbation partner has a full bush down below, glasses and a fit body.

    They chat, flirt and undress one another. Agreeing that their window setting is all the more exciting because someone could be watching them. We even see some movement in the background too...

    The finale to this video is exhilarating as Nikita announces her orgasm and gives Fleur time to ensure these girls come together.

  • Fri 11th Nov 2011 Gaby & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Pale skinned Satine is checking out her new tights while tall and pert breasted Gaby is tidying her balcony. Soon she realizes its much too cold outside and hopes to warm herself against Satine. Satine can't get her eyes and fingers off her hard nipples so when Gaby start talking about a long time fantasy the girls are good to go.

    This shoot is probably Gaby's last one so Satine is eager to make that an magnificent experience. Without a doubt she approves to let Gaby have her ways with her tights and is enjoying every second of it. Which results in a multi positioned session of hot lovable sex! and gives Fleur time to ensure these girls come together.

  • Thu 10th Nov 2011 Backstage 292 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 292! Another flip back through the abbywinters.com pages to see exactly what does go on behind the cameras. This time you'll see Angie as she gets ready to shoot her video news letter, then jump in the car with Kiki and Indiana as they drive into the country for a beautiful girl girl shoot in an outdoor bath.

    And whilst all that's going on we can just see Shee-ra in the background shooting her solo. There's lots of other great models and staff floating around behind the scenes as well in this set, and in case you want to dive into the archives and find out what they were doing here's a list for you: Emmalee, Toby, Prue, Sue-Ann, Emm, Jacki and Michelle

  • Wed 09th Nov 2011 Gaby & Satine | Girl-Girl

    A beautifully intimate, passionate and high paces session of sex for this Gaby's final shoot! Its very sad but with this mammoth set and gorgeous pairing with Satine its the perfect way to say goodbye. After all the sexual tension between these two, they finally let their passion take over and as their bodies collide against each other and the sexual desire is released you can see the want in their eyes. Pulling and ripping at her clothes and pale skin Gaby starts to treat Satine to a frenzied session of oral, over and under her clothes before tearing them from her.

    Satine exposes Gabys large natural breasts and tanned body as she moves her around the front room into a multitude of positions! This really is a great set to indulge in as two girls indulge in each other.

  • Wed 09th Nov 2011 Lexi | Solo

    Lexi is a cute English girl with a lovely body, small pert boobies and straight black hair. Sometimes she looks at you in a very innocent way and then draws you in with her dark teasing eyes.

    We see her walking on the street where she shows us her undies and just one breast. After a small stroll she arrives home and moves out onto the terrace to talk to us about her having sex in the toilet with another woman...

    A small part of the video was recorded by Lexi herself, in a very intimate scenery, alone and under the white sheet she tells you special secrets about her first time.

    If you want to know what other special treats Lexi made just for you then watch this video!

  • Tue 08th Nov 2011 Chervana | Solo

    Chervana has wonderful large round boobs, beautiful smooth skin and an amazing bum supported by her long legs.

    In her her glasses and tight fitting outfit Chervana tells some arresting sex stories and even shows us her singing prowess. But the feature act of this redux solo is full of tension as she builds with slow and controlled rhythm to a sensual orgasm as the afternoon sun laps up her fine figure.

    Also there is a lovely surprise in this video as Chervana introduces to a special friend of hers to us...

  • Mon 07th Nov 2011 Lexi | Solo

    Quirky and beautiful English Lexi debuts on abbywinters.com for the first time in this beautiful solo shoot. Her dark hair, unique style and seductive presonality bursts through as she moves from the warming low sun outside to the bedroom.

    Follw her under the sheets as she slowly reveals herself to you. Slipping off her bra and pants she slips under the bed fully nude for some very personal alone time that only your invited too.

  • Sun 06th Nov 2011 Chervana | Solo

    Tall, slim and tanned Chervana strips and plays with herself in front of the bedrooms open window of the Amsterdam apartment, running her hands down her smooth silky body and over her breasts.

    Starting downstairs after a naughty little fumble with her friend Dewisandra Chervana goes up the stairs and into her bedroom, still horny from the thoughts of what she has just done with her friend she strips off and slowly starts to statisfy her sexual cravings. On all fours she pushes her tight little bum into the air and reaches underneath to her gorgeously smooth shaved pussy for a play. All around the room she stretches out her long legs and slender body as she indulges in some personal play time.

  • Sun 06th Nov 2011 Dewisandra | Intimate Moments

    Dewisandra is a petite, dark skinned beauty with perfect breasts.

    Sneaky wank on the rooftop anyone? Outdoors on her balcony she makes sure no-one can see her as she puts in her ipod and begins her intimate session. With the weather warming up, it brings an opportunity for Dewisandra to get it off in an almost public locations.

  • Sat 05th Nov 2011 Analyn & Jenna K | Intimate Moments

    Asian girls Analyn and Jenna look so sexy together as they tentatively embark on their double masturbation session together in the kitchen.

    The have a rousing discussion about masturbation and trade stories and Analyn nervously asks to touch Jenna's soft breasts. Jenna pervs on Analyn throughout as Analyn uses the toy from her first solo to have a quiet 'sneaky' orgasm as Jenna describes it.

    Then Analyn helps Jenna by licking and sucking her boobs while she masturbates and then the girls go back to masturbating together for a thrilling finale!

    Also if you like this pairing I have the feeling these two girls won't want to stop their sexy trysts here, so stay on the lookout for more of Analyn & Jenna together ;)

  • Fri 04th Nov 2011 Chloe B & Misha | Girl-Girl

    The amazing big breasted Chloe B is back with her earth shattering orgasms and passionate girl on girl sex. Her partner is the un-suspecting large breasted tall blonde Misha. Misha has been told her partner is someone she knows from abbywinters.com but that is all.

    She is nervous, worried if she might not like her partner to be, she almost decides not to go through with the shoot. But lucky for us and Chloe she did. And both girls ravish each other in this orgasm fest that is one of the wonderful going away presents that the sensational and beautiful Chloe left behind for us all to enjoy.

  • Thu 03rd Nov 2011 Editor's Choice - Glasses | Editor's Choice

    The First Editor's choice video has arrived. An added free bonus to the site, which will appear each month and feature video content from a fetish or popular tag as chosen by our AWHQ editors.

    The inaugural Editor's Choice is glasses, so for all those glasses aficionados enjoy this special compilation.

    The details of the specific shoots included are provided in the forum thread about this shoot.

    Also please let us know your thoughts on this forum and leave your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Thu 03rd Nov 2011 Backstage 291 | Behind the scenes

    Joining the girls backstage on the set of the awesomely sexy 'Orchard Girls', we get to see all the fun, planning and preparation that went ahead to make this happen.

    So relax as Toby, Jacki, Juanita, Noelle, Petria, Sue-Ann, Prue take you through their day from their point of view.

  • Wed 02nd Nov 2011 Chloe B & Misha | Girl-Girl

    Get ready for this! As a lot of you will know our famous staff member and one of abbywinters.com's most prolific models, Chloe B is leaving. But thankfully not without a few departing shoots, this is the first of them and there's a surprise in store for Misha!

    Kept under wraps for a long time this shoot was a secret from the beginning and one that Misha was kept in the dark about until we were on set. Blindfolded and lead into the room she only knew that she was in for a mystery girl, and little did she know Chloe lay in wait! Soon the two are passionately kissing, Misha feeling Chloe's large breasts, smooth skin and slim body trying to decipher who it may be. When the blindfold comes off she can hardly contain herself and pounces upon Chloe.

    From that point on the passion and the sex is elevated to a level only these two could take it, each grabbing handful's (and mouthful's) of the other. Misha pulls on Chloe's red hair as the two scream too orgasm grinding against each others full bush and writhing bodies.

  • Wed 02nd Nov 2011 Klara | Solo

    Klara is a sexy Dutch chick. Her long brown hair falls down softly over her olive skin. Her big brown eyes and teasing smile are complemented by her gorgeous face. It is a windy autumn day, Klara is on the balcony observing people. The wind is moving softly, blowing her blue dress and showing small glimpses of her smooth skinned body.

    We soon discover her mature and shy personality and then in the bed she exposes her sexy body. First we see her long legs, later she shows us her round boobs and in the end she reveals her shaved pussy.

    In the next room, her best friend is waiting there...nervous. Will they join each other, will we meet her too...what will happen?!

  • Tue 01st Nov 2011 Editor's Choice - Glasses | Editor's Choice

    The First Editor's choice video has arrived. An added free bonus to the site, which will appear each month and feature video content from a fetish or popular tag as chosen by our AWHQ editors.

    The inaugural Editor's Choice is glasses, so for all those glasses aficionados enjoy this special compilation.

    The details of the specific shoots included are provided in the forum thread about this shoot.

    Also please let us know your thoughts on this forum and leave your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Tue 01st Nov 2011 Hayden | Solo

    Blonde haired hippy chick Hayden, gets shows us her best yoga moves among the Holland trees.

    Her long transparent dress flows in the breeze as she does the slow reveal of her toned body and sexy boobs. Yoga...with a twist coming right up.

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