• Mon 31st Dec 2007 Fallon | Solo

    Fallon's hair is extra-red for this redux stills shoot. Did you know that Fallon can lick her own nipples? Let her show you. She'll also show you a great picture of her clit with the hood pulled back. Thanks Flatspin for the liquid filled dildo. It's the same colour as Fallon's hair. Here are more details about the Dildo Drive.

  • Mon 31st Dec 2007 Dennie | Solo

    Enjoy the special fortnight edition of the Video Newsletter released last week before the holidays. It's extra long and extra good.

    This softly-rounded blond girl has it all - a great rack, nice bum, pubic hair, and of course her pretty blond hair. Dennie slides down her undies and spreads her pussy lips so you can get a good look inside.

  • Sun 30th Dec 2007 Elana | Intimate Moments

    Elana looks likes she's done this before. Intimate Moments videos are where the model masturbates in a room by herself. Elana seems very comfortable masturbating and knows just what to do to get herself off. She ends up with a powerful orgasm for her efforts.

  • Sun 30th Dec 2007 Astrid E | Solo

    How would you like to start a list of your favourite models or favourite photos? Lists can be public for everyone to see, or kept private just for yourself. The ten newest lists are always posted on the News page.

    Astrid E looks sexy in a tight tank top and jeans shorts. She's got blond hair, freckles, and boobs with inverted nipples. Check this cute girl out.

  • Sat 29th Dec 2007 Fotina & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    Fotina & Sahara do lots of heavy kissing and fondling of tits. Fotina's favourite thing about Sahara is the way she gives head. Sahara's got a special technique of oscillating her head left to right as she's giving it that Fotina can't get enough of. Watch them pee on video and have fun doing it.

  • Sat 29th Dec 2007 Fotina & Sahara | Girl-Girl

    Recently Melita posted a photo of her nudie run down an alley way in the city. A very brave and sexy thing to do. She also sent some topless photos from her bedroom.

    Fotina & Sahara are all over each other in their lust. Their fingers explore every centimetre of the other's body. Sahara's pendulous boobs are a special sexy treat. Near the end of the shoot the girls head outdoors to pee in the garden which was a great success. See close-ups of their peeholes while they take a piss.

  • Fri 28th Dec 2007 Backstage 180 | Behind the scenes

    There are loads of hot models in this week's Backstage 180. Too many to mention them all but here's a sampling. There's Ava, Rosalie & Celina, Paula, and Annette P. You can see what they were doing behind the scenes between the camera clicks.

    Penny's hanging out in the office on this holiday week, so she had the time to post a few new photos of herself looking marvelous.

  • Fri 28th Dec 2007 Rashina | Solo

    Yesterday I told you about using the Sitemap page to look up the models by name. Another cool feature of that page is the chart at the top enumerating the amount of photos on the site (more than a quarter million), and the number of models (1,342) at this writing. That should keep you busy for a while!

    Rashina has done a lotion video for us. She liberally applies the creamy lotion all over her body. Her substantial nipples get a good amount of rubbing, as does her firm little bum and pubic area.

  • Thu 27th Dec 2007 Anessa | Solo

    Anessa's a girl who loves the beach. She also likes to dance, but she needs to do some stretches first because her jeans are so tight. Anessa has nice red polka-dot bikini, but it's even nicer when it comes off. Watch Anessa dance topless for you.

  • Thu 27th Dec 2007 Amelie | Solo

    For an alphabetical listing of all of the models on the site, plus an overview of all of its pages, have a look at the Sitemap page. There's loads of information to be found there.

    Amelie's an instant classic with her soft brown hair, pearly white teeth, and lacy white bra. Not to mention her good handful of boobs, and her thick luxurious pubes.

  • Wed 26th Dec 2007 Portia | Solo

    In Portia's video, she shows us how to do stretches for flexibility and as an exercise warm-up. After Portia's naked down to the skin, she shows us where her clitoris is, and explains the way she thinks you should go down on someone. For more of Portia, check out her Deviations shoot when she plays her flute on video. You'll fall in love with her.

  • Wed 26th Dec 2007 Evangeline | Solo

    Redux means "brought back" or "returned". That's just what we have on Wednesdays - two previous models brought back for another shoot.

    Evangeline is a popular model on the forums. She has returned for this colourful outdoor still image and video shoot. Evangeline has her sexiest underwear on, but she's taking it off and spreading her legs for you. Have a good long look.

  • Tue 25th Dec 2007 Kara-Lee & Tricia | Intimate Moments

    In this Intimate Moments video, Kara-Lee & Tricia massage their breasts, then get out of their shorts to slip their hands down into their knickers. Once they're fully nude, they slide their fingers inside themselves and rub in and out until they both have come.

  • Tue 25th Dec 2007 Cici | Solo

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone here at abbywinters.com.

    Cici is a Peruvian goddess who's come to visit Australia. She has great boobs and even greater nipples. When Cici masturbates she likes to take it slowly for the most erotic feeling. She'll demonstrate her technique on her video.

  • Mon 24th Dec 2007 Hermione E | Solo

    When curly-haired Hermione E sticks her bum out, or up in the air, it's a beautiful sight. She's a flexible girl too - able to get those sexy legs behind her head while nude. Dressing Room photos are included, and while you're having a look at this smiley redux model, check out her earlier set also.

  • Mon 24th Dec 2007 Theona | Solo

    This week, a special fortnight edition of the Video Newsletter. Petria and her model buddies are at the beach to tell you about all of the still image and video sets coming up over the holidays. Contained in the newsletter is a coupon code that will allow you to get a discount when you join up.

    Whether Theona's in her shirt, bra, or naked, she likes to play with her boobs. After her pink skirt is shed, she finds a nice pussy to spread and enjoy, and a softly rounded arse to show off.

  • Sun 23rd Dec 2007 Patience | Intimate Moments

    While laying on her tummy in this Intimate Moments video, Patience snakes her hand down into her pants. Then off comes her bra and her large boobs are free. She's got to get out of those restrictive pants to really get some action going. How many orgasms will Patience have?

    Not only is Patience a model, she's one of our full time staffers! She's a videographer, and she's coming to Las Vegas with us in January... as is her sister Susie (also a model, and also a staffer!). You're invited to join us!

  • Sun 23rd Dec 2007 Rashina | Solo

    Cleo has blessed us with some sexy photos from home on the boards this week. Some with bare boobies on this page, and some with fancy undies over here.

    Rashina is an exotic-looking girl from Thailand. She has big, long, dark nipples. Just imagine Rashina in a wet t-shirt contest!

  • Sat 22nd Dec 2007 Chloe B & Gabrielle | Girl-Girl

    At the onset of Chloe B & Gabrielle's videos, they hope they can make each other come more than once. They needn't have worried since they had 5 orgasms between the two of them. Chloe's beautiful big pillow boobs are a treasure and she comes powerfully when she's eaten out. Gabrielle has a great body and had no trouble coming multiple times under Chloe's expert tongue.

  • Sat 22nd Dec 2007 Chloe B & Gabrielle | Girl-Girl

    Our DVD movies for sale are on this special page. You can view video trailers of our latest releases, and shop online for your favourite choices, whether girl-girl or Intimate Moments.

    Chloe B & Gabrielle make love on a red sofa that almost matches Gabrielle's hair. Gabrielle just loves Chloe's enormous boobs and gives them lots of attention. Then she focuses of Chloe's pussy and gives it a good licking. Gabrielle is the lucky recipient of the same treatment, and both girls come away satisfied.

  • Fri 21st Dec 2007 Backstage 179 | Behind the scenes

    There are lots of models in this week's Backstage 179. Backstage photos are taken during and around the shoots and they give a behind-the-scenes look at the photographic process. By far the model with the most backstage photos this week is Johanna. She's jumping around outside in the rapidly dimming light of a summer evening, and seems to be enjoying all the nude activity.

  • Thu 20th Dec 2007 Bianca T | Solo

    Bianca T's a multicultural girl. She's French, but grew up in Germany, and now lives in Sydney. She likes to go clubbing and tease the boys a bit. Bianca has a very toned and flexible body from going to the gym. She'll get naked and show you some great views of her rad body.

  • Thu 20th Dec 2007 Anessa | Solo

    Take a look at the AW Today section on the left side of this page. abbywinters girls are getting wet again. One group of models has a starfish stuck to their nipples and the other two models are going surfing.

    Anessa's a hot chick with platinum blond hair and really white teeth. She's posing on her terrace overlooking Sydney harbour. Anessa's clothes come off, then her bikini, revealing her shapely figure. See Anessa in the Dressing Room also as she puts her street clothes back on.

  • Wed 19th Dec 2007 Johanna | Solo

    Johanna is cute-as-a-button, but her skin is dry from sunbaking. She breaks out the lotion and smooths it all over her lovely body. Her breasts and bum seem to need the most moisturising, fortunately for us.

  • Wed 19th Dec 2007 Portia | Solo

    Gabrielle posted lots of pics of herself last weekend to celebrate the 2000th post on her thread in the forums. Have a look. They're quite sexy.

    Portia has a somewhat eclectic wardrobe with suspenders, knee socks and blue knickers with clouds. When she unbuttons her white button-down shirt, she reveals some of the most beautiful breasts around. After Portia removes her skirt, we can see her sweet centre, which is already getting wet.

  • Tue 18th Dec 2007 Evonne & Janel | Intimate Moments

    Two models side by side on the sofa, doing what comes naturally, sharing their Intimate Moments. Evonne & Janel shed their clothes and begin to rub, faster and faster. Can an orgasm be far away?

  • Mon 17th Dec 2007 Violet Y | Solo

    That blond cutie in glasses, Violet Y has another redux stills shoot that's fantastic. Could those pants fit any better on her fine arse? Violet gets down on the floor on the ornate rug and rolls around letting us see her from every sexy side. Don't forget to see Violet's previous shoots, Main and the first Redux.

  • Mon 17th Dec 2007 Cici | Solo

    Sue-Ann's got her summery beach hat on and the girls are driving to the beach, hosting the Video Newsletter as they go. Gabrielle's in the back seat and they're cruising for some fun in the sun. Along the way they tell us all about what's coming up on the site this week. How cool is that?

    Cici's a foxy brunette in a bright blue bra. She wastes no time getting her hands down her knickers and spreading her lips for us. Check-out those terrific dark and pointy nipples!

  • Sun 16th Dec 2007 Giselle | Intimate Moments

    Giselle is reading a sexy book in her bedroom that is making her horny. She gets her gear off and begins to masturbate. For some added feeling she pulls out her favourite vibrator. That does the trick and she has a great orgasm.

  • Sun 16th Dec 2007 Nessa | Solo

    From the sound of her handwritten notes, I'd say Nessa had a great time with this photo and video shoot. To see her handwritten note, just go to her page, click on the Profile tab and you're there.

    Here's a pretty redhead named Nessa who looks like she was made for lovin'. With kissable nipples, a fine curvy, womanly body, and shaved pubes, what more could you want?

  • Sat 15th Dec 2007 Jamie-Lee & Melita | Girl-Girl

    Jamie-Lee & Melita both have crushes on each other, so this sexual pairing is a dream come true for them. They start the videos looking at clothes and undies, but very soon they are playing with each other's breasts and kissing. Quite a few orgasms were had by this duet, and tribbing was one of the activities that added to their heightened sexual state.

  • Sat 15th Dec 2007 Jamie-Lee & Melita | Girl-Girl

    The Coming Attractions section at the bottom right of this News page holds your key to the secret of which new models are coming up in the next few weeks. Pass your mouse pointer over the photos to find out the date they are scheduled.

    With Jamie-Lee & Melita it was love at first sight. Soon they were boob to boob, mouth to boob, and fingers inside their undies. Tongues come into play and then the really awesome sex begins. Dressing Room photos are included!

  • Fri 14th Dec 2007 Backstage 178 | Behind the scenes

    This pictured photo from Backstage 178 presents model Jolene on the left and videographer Adora on the right. They look like best buds. Some other models you'll see in this edition of Backstage include Marigold & Theresa, Maya, and Gilian.

  • Fri 14th Dec 2007 Magda | Solo

    Join the many others who have discovered the fun and fulfillment of donating a vibrator or dildo to the Dildo Drive. The way it works is that you donate a toy to the Drive, a model who's up for that sort of thing picks one out and uses it in a set. You'll get a personal thank-you from the model, and a CD with photos and a short video of the model using your toy.

    Magda wants to show you a video in which she covers her skin, from one end of her body to the other with slippery baby oil. She undresses as she goes along, rubbing the oil all over her boobs and bum. You'd be able to slide all over her if you were there.

  • Thu 13th Dec 2007 Courtney K | Solo

    Courtney K shows us in her video that she's definitely confident with her own body. Someday day she wouldn't mind having sex in public, right on the street. Courtney's happy with the size of her boobs now and wouldn't want to change them, but her favourite personal body parts are her legs.

  • Thu 13th Dec 2007 Bianca T | Solo

    You can talk to the models directly on our discussion boards. Some of our models enjoy talking to the members and can be found online at various times of the day. Many of them also have a "Model Speaks" thread were you can see what they're thinking and converse with them.

    Bianca T is a pretty brunette who's quite flexible. She'll pull off her cartoon underwear and let you see her landing-strip style pubes. Bianca gets redressed and lets you watch her in the Dressing Room set.

  • Wed 12th Dec 2007 Leah V | Solo

    Leah V's a quiet girl, but they say still waters run deep, and Leah's no exception. She undresses slowly and gives you a good look at her bald pussy from the front and from the back. Her manicured fingernails can be inserted a long way up into her soft and warm hole.

    Abby says: A reminder that we're attending the Adult Entertainment Expo with a bevvy of AW models in January, and you're invited to join us! So we can prepare your special gift, please RSVP, following the details in this thread (if you have already RSVP'd, there's no need to do it again!)

  • Wed 12th Dec 2007 Johanna | Solo

    For Feedback to us or from us, go to the Feedback page to let us help you with a problem of any kind, or you can tell Abby something good or bad about the site directly.

    The girl with the striking eyes is back and she's hotter than ever. Johanna's zebra undies don't stay on long, and when they come off they reveal a hairless beaver. Have a really good look at it in the Extra Large Images. Johanna's first photo shoot is here and it was amazing too.

  • Tue 11th Dec 2007 Courtney K & Sahara | Intimate Moments

    Courtney K & Sahara are perched on the stairs for this unusual IM. They're a bit giggly because of the location, but soon settle down and let their fingers do the talking. You'll like this IM with it's great view of the activity and two hot-looking girls.

  • Tue 11th Dec 2007 Keira | Solo

    In addition to the Images and Video tab that you see when you click on a model's News Page photo, there are two other tabs there that are clickable. First there's the Profile tab with other sets by that model and handwritten before and after notes. And secondly there's a Boards Thread tab that takes you straight to the model's forum page.

    Keira's outdoors on a beautiful sunny day to talk to us and to get her clothes off. She tells about some of her first sexual experiences. We find out that Sue-Ann is there at the shoot to relax Keira and chat her up. That works well when they pretend to be meeting each other in a club.

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