• Thu 31st Dec 2009 Dana B & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    This tasty two part video and bonus backstage clip features everything you love about natural, unscripted girl girl love - gentle kisses, loving sighs, lots of boob squeezing, and then some licking, rubbing and fucking...

    Dana and Tamra enjoy each other thoroughly and you're invited to watch!

  • Thu 31st Dec 2009 Meagan K | Intimate Moments

    Reclining on a banana lounge, Meagan slides out of her summer clothes and begins to sensually touch her body, her chest and between her legs with nothing less than no-holds-barred fervid passion.

  • Wed 30th Dec 2009 Agata | Solo

    Beautiful Agata knows what she wants and how she wants it!

    She's just loving it down under - and in Australia too. Join her in her bedroom adventures as she reveals her most intimate parts...

  • Wed 30th Dec 2009 Keilyn | Solo

    Vivid, race-car red tights with the seam pulled tight against her crotch and a sheer blouse she doesn't hesitate to remove, Keilyn's latest solo shoot is an erotic feast for the eyes... and she leave nothing to the imagination...

    Another yummy explicit shoot from a well loved abbywinters.com model, also available in Extra Large image size!

  • Wed 30th Dec 2009 Dana B & Tamra | Girl-Girl

    It all starts with a daring look, and then soon a first kiss becomes a deep tongue pash and hands are vigorously undressing silky-skinned bodies, all the while their eyes are locked on each other.

    Tamra and Dana explore one another for the first time, enjoying the feel of skin on soft skin and the smells of their pussy nectar...

  • Tue 29th Dec 2009 Agata | Solo

    With a hot pink denim skirt and dyed fiery red hair, you just know Agata is an empowered sexy babe who knows how to work her body for her enjoyment...

  • Tue 29th Dec 2009 Charlotte E | Solo

    The exotic, cheeky Charlotte ventures out into her backyard to slip off her pyjamas and show her gorgeous tanned body and deliciously perky breasts...

    Check out her other solos!

  • Mon 28th Dec 2009 Carly T & Navah | Intimate Moments

    Spread out on the carpet and aching to satisfy themselves, Carly and Navah are not shy in the least when it comes to letting it flow and enjoying themselves just the way they like it...

  • Mon 28th Dec 2009 Kailin | Solo

    Kailin is a tasty new model with a whole heap of naughty confessions to tell you...

    Recounting her exploits clearly turns her on because as she talks, her hands start to move faster and more urgently over her breasts, flicking and tweaking her nipples... A super hot explicit shoot from one heck of a horny Aussie babe!

  • Sun 27th Dec 2009 Zippora | Intimate Moments

    The divine Zippora finds a nice shady spot by the fence to disrobe and caress her flavoursome breasts and sexy body. This is one Aussie babe you just can't get enough of.

  • Sun 27th Dec 2009 Charlotte E | Solo

    Hidden behind a brick wall, the super delectable Charlotte starts to get a little frisky...

    You won't be able to say no to her amazing smile or her spectacular boobs... nor would she want you to!

  • Sun 27th Dec 2009 Kailin | Solo

    With yummy olive skin and legs to die for, this stunning Aussie babe is about to reveal all!

    Your invitation to Kailin's bedroom is ready and waiting...

  • Sat 26th Dec 2009 Aline | Solo

    Supple, kissable and utterly drool-worthy, this divine creature graced us with her long legs and unstoppable sexuality.

    Aline runs her hands over her smooth soft brown skin, enjoying every curve and savouring every fold... A brilliant smile coupled with a sensual strip, she'll keep you entertained long into the night...

  • Fri 25th Dec 2009 Hannah C | Solo

    If this isn't the sweetest holiday treat I don't know what is! Hannah has a rather pretty pink jelly double ended dildo and she puts it to good use with rather exciting results!

    Enjoy the festive season in style as this wonderfully delicious young girl indulges in every orgasmic pleasure... Bliss!

  • Fri 25th Dec 2009 Aline | Solo

    A stunning smile and eagerness to reveal the wetness between her legs, new model Aline shows she's happy in her body and happy to show off her sexuality.

    Pert young breasts and a supple arse, she peels down her denim shorts and wiggles her bum just the way you like it. Completely natural, wholesome fun...

  • Thu 24th Dec 2009 Caitlin K & Giselle | Girl-Girl

    Giselle is a hoot! At the beginning of this girlgirl shoot she jumps on the AW forums to ask members for suggestions!

    They just couldn't wait for an answer though and jump tongue-first into a lusty display of orgasmic achievement. In two parts this explicit video is a heavenly mix of licking, fingering and gasping...

  • Thu 24th Dec 2009 Susie | Intimate Moments

    Alone, unhurried, undirected and with all the time she needs to get into the mood, Susie lays peacefully on her tummy, one hand reaching around to squeeze her arse and play ever-so-delicately with the edge of her panties...

    A knockout figure with perfect curves and long brown hair, she reaches orgasm quickly and loudly... Susie used to be a staff member!

  • Wed 23rd Dec 2009 Manuela | Solo

    Smooth skin and a delicious accent, Manuela treats you to a little introduction to her life before stepping into the sun outside and slowly undressing...

    She dances and jiggles out of her clothes in slow motion, often allowing the light to catch the profile of her magnificent breasts or pert, round young arse! Enjoy!

  • Wed 23rd Dec 2009 Hannah C | Solo

    Watch the folds of her pussy gently admit the firmness of her new toy - that wonderful 'filled' sensation as she bucks her hips back onto the toy, pushing it deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy..

    Hannah has a truly indulgent afternoon all thanks to one lucky member(Allen!) who will receive a personalised video message from Hannah herself! Find out more!

  • Wed 23rd Dec 2009 Caitlin K & Giselle | Girl-Girl

    Soft, sensual and incredibly erotic, Giselle and Caitlin enjoy passion-soaked Sapphic sex like never before...

    Relaxed but on the edge, feeling natural but quivering with desire their fingers stroke each others' soft skin, grabbing breasts, buttocks and dipping their tongues into warm nectar... Enjoy!

  • Tue 22nd Dec 2009 Manuela | Solo

    Spicy skin and a smokin' hot attitude, new model Manuela entertains in more ways than one as she strips down to her most intimate of accessories in her first shoot today!

    A killer smile and a devilish wink are just some of the winning attributes of this little dynamo. Yummy chocolate breasts and an apple bottom arse are my favs! Also available in Extra Large Image size...

  • Tue 22nd Dec 2009 Julia M | Solo

    There's nothing as tasty as watching Julia preen herself.

    She combs her long dark hair, moisturises her shapely legs and undresses before continuing to rub creamy lotion into all the parts that count. Her breasts get a good dose and her nipples glisten with the attention so I hope you enjoy...

  • |

  • Mon 21st Dec 2009 Davana & Zita | Intimate Moments

    Sharing personal tid bits such as 'I'm not wearing any undies today!' and 'can you help me take off my bra, it's a bit tricky' Davana & Zita break the ice before their conversation peters out and their bodies come alive with orgasmic electricity...

    Soft gasps and loud sighs punctuate the air and both girls orgasm with glee...

  • Mon 21st Dec 2009 Lynley | Solo

    Cute-as-a-button new model Lynley has milk chocolate flavoured skin, large brown eyes and a sexy little nose that wrinkles when she smiles.

    Hot pink lace is revealed when she takes off her top and overalls but the fun really begins when her fingers start to edge under the crotch of her panties...

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 Everette | Intimate Moments

    Everette is every bit sweet and sensual. She plays with her hair and brushes it over her nipples. Listen to her soft whimpers as she delicately slides her finger in and out.

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 Julia M | Solo

    An abbywinters.com stunner, Julia returns for another juicy solo shoot featuring her yummy cocoa skin and satin soft thighs...

    She undresses just for you, giving a peek of her rarely revealed pert young breasts, feminine tummy and then her delicious pussy. I hope you enjoys another look at Julia!

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 Lynley | Solo

    A firm, tight little 18 year old body and fully bloomed sexuality make new model Lynley a very yummy treat today... Bi sexual in her day to day life she says she enjoys playing with girls because they're softer and juicer...

    Spoil yourself will a little taste of milky chocolate Lynley...

  • Sat 19th Dec 2009 Alison J | Solo

    Alison has an irresistible accent and an even more irresistible flexibility that proves beyond all doubt to be a winning combination with her jaw-dropping legs and come-hither gaze...

    When Alison unbuttons her flannel shirt, you just know that only good things can follow...Enjoy!

  • Sat 19th Dec 2009 Angie | Intimate Moments

    Relaxing and reading in the backyard, Angie is enjoying some "me" time. Of course, reading is a lot more interesting with your hand between your legs - and it's no surprise Angie gets more than just a little distracted!

  • Fri 18th Dec 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Mia is every bit the fleshly divine Aussie goddess you know and love from her last videos.

    She talks all things secret, sexy and erotic as she undresses just for you.

  • Thu 17th Dec 2009 Carly T & Hannah C | Girl-Girl

    Carly and Hannah snuggle up against each other keep off the chill of winter...

    Who knows if it was the smell of her hair or the hungry look in her eyes but it isn't long before temperatures rise and clothes fall. With Carly's natural, petite figure and Hannah's delectable breasts, this is one Girl-Girl not to be missed...

  • Thu 17th Dec 2009 Jenni | Intimate Moments

    The delightfully exotic Jenni is in the mood today as she squeezes her breasts and thrusts her one hand deep into her white undies. Jenni might not be loud, but she's fast and furious!

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 Iveta | Solo

    If Iveta's smoothly seductive accent doesn't make you melt, her inviting eyes and ravishing body certainly will!

    ...and you just know when she bites her lip she's having some deliciously naughty thoughts!

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Smooth shaved, Mia will spread her legs for you, even spreading her soft pale pink pussy lips and let you drink in the tasty sight of her moist pussy...

    She enjoys her body and she's confident in her skin. She's willing to reveal all and you know she just wants to play with you...Spoil yourself with a tasty lick of Mia...

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 Carly T & Hannah C | Girl-Girl

    abbywinters.com favourite, spicy, slender little Carly is more than willing - nay eager, to get her hands, fingers and moist, searching tongue on irresistibly tempting Hannah.

    Experimenting and exploring their real, uninhibited girl-girl sex.

  • Tue 15th Dec 2009 Annabelle Lee | Solo

    Red-haired raven Annabelle Lee just loves to reveal herself in a very intimate way, from a Venetian masquerade mask to a cute white dress ... oh, and the yummy goodness that stirs beneath!

  • Mon 14th Dec 2009 Rachel S & Roxy | Intimate Moments

    If this isn't a hot, electric pairing, then I don't know what is!

    Gorgeous Rachel and raunchy Roxy engage in some exceptionally passionate kissing before diving right into the deep end of incredibly sexy stimulation by hand - or perhaps with a little extra help...

  • Mon 14th Dec 2009 Estella Z | Solo

    Debut model Estella is as mesmerising as she is cute.

    Slowly and shyly, she lifts her woollen jumper to reveal her soft breasts and tasty, natural body.

  • Sun 13th Dec 2009 Dee Dee | Intimate Moments

    Dee Dee just can't stop touching herself. Pulling her t-shirt up, she exposes her pink and blue underwear, then peels them away to show off her exceptionally toned, young body.

  • Sun 13th Dec 2009 Annabelle Lee | Solo

    If there's one thing I love about summer it's the sexy summer dresses - and Annabelle Lee is no exception!

    With bare thighs, sneaky nipples and a knowing smile, this delicious belle will melt in your mouth!

  • Sun 13th Dec 2009 Estella Z | Solo

    Estella looks like the kind of girl you might spot nestled amongst a handful a books or working a canvas with a thick brush. But Estella has a secret interest in sexuality and she'd like to share it with you in great detail...

  • Sat 12th Dec 2009 Ginger | Solo

    Ginger tells you about her love for the beach as she excitedly reveals her yummy breasts and juicy bum!

    There's plenty to love about Ginger's firm, natural body and you get to see it all in her debut solo video!

  • Sat 12th Dec 2009 Jacque | Intimate Moments

    It's a hot summer's day and Jacque discovers another practical purpose for wearing a summer dress. She parts her legs to reveal her juicy bits and let her fingers do the walking.

  • Fri 11th Dec 2009 Jemma M | Solo

    Get to know Jemma as you follow her around the kitchen, looking down her top when she leans for the tea bag or admire her arse when she bends over to grab a mug.

    She's a quiet little lady, preferring to silently undress and let your eyes enjoy the view. Pert breasts, a toned, slim body and that perfect girl next door sweetness! Enjoy!

  • Fri 11th Dec 2009 Ginger | Solo

    Ginger's pale blue eyes, creamy, freckled skin and succulent breasts that will entice and, as she peels off layer after layer, reward you with a shower of playful sexiness!

  • Thu 10th Dec 2009 Jette & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    'shush, and just kiss me' says Kara as she straddles her partner and leans in with moistened lips...

    Two very sexual young girls free with their kisses and their flirty banter. A few nips and nibbles go astray and soon they take their turns in back arching, knee trembling natural orgasms!

  • Thu 10th Dec 2009 Blossom | Intimate Moments

    Exotic brunette Blossom is chilling out and reading a book, but her thoughts soon wander to more delectable activities such as sinking her finger between her legs for some secret, rousing fun.

  • Wed 09th Dec 2009 Megan U | Solo

    Megan says she loves poking and pulling at things...and I'm sure you'd love to have her poke and pull some of your things too!

    She's a smart, funny, lively Aussie with loads to offer and smiles to give. She plays with her breasts as she teases mercilessly, giving vivid descriptions of all her wild and wicked ways...Enjoy!

  • Wed 09th Dec 2009 Jemma M | Solo

    Jemma lays her naked body across the kitchen bench - Yummy!

    After peeling off her tight little hot pants and slowly unbuttoning her nicely fitted shirt she moves around, swinging her hips with a cheeky smile and a daring look thrown over her shoulder. Don't miss this tasty little Aussie cupcake!

  • Wed 09th Dec 2009 Jette & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    It's a licking, sucking, squeezing and fucking day as Kara and her equally feisty partner Jette explore each other from the top down and the inside out!

    Every curve is caressed, every finger moistened and every pleasure satisfied... Don't miss this delicious treat from abbywinters.com!

  • Tue 08th Dec 2009 Megan U | Solo

    Everyone loves a red head and this week's gloriously quirky new model Megan has some fire engine action all right!

    Her gingery hair and pale freckle smattered skin even continues down to her womanly warm pink folds as her pubic hair encases her jewels in bright gingery fuzz... Watch the video and fall in love with this smart and confident young gal..

  • Tue 08th Dec 2009 Christen | Solo

    Christen is back for another sensual solo video filled with slowly caressing hands, soft sighs and enticing giggles.

    Sitting on a large windowsill, she takes her time undressing, wiggling her hips this way and that, letting you feast on the sight of her suckable breasts and savour the flavours of her delectable pussy...

  • Mon 07th Dec 2009 Keilyn & Klaudia | Intimate Moments

    Happy, horny and outrageously flirtatious with one another Keilyn & Klaudia steam up the screen as they touch, kiss, squeeze, caress, giggle and gasp their way to multiple self-given orgasms...

    You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a girlgirl video with gems like 'spread your legs' and earthy moans and...You'll just have to watch!

  • Mon 07th Dec 2009 Dolly | Solo

    A little shy but rather excited to be here for her first shoot at abbywinters.com, new model Dolly has a voracious sexual appetite and she knows how to use it!

    She's bubbly, down to earth and fun to listen to as she undresses very slowly and shows off an array of her flexible talents...

  • Sun 06th Dec 2009 Janina | Intimate Moments

    Firm, tanned little Janina is about to enjoy herself in more ways than one as she pulls down her skirt and frees herself from a tank top - Oh my! She's not wearing a bra either!

    But it gets better...with her panties around her knees Janina lovingly rubs herself to bliss. A very subtle orgasm.

  • Sun 06th Dec 2009 Christen | Solo

    Curves rule! And Christen has a whole lot of them! Her long velvety hair is one of her best features but not half as enticing as her pert bum, and firm creamy thighs that lead up to her heavenly puffy pussy lips...

    Completely shaved, Christen's vulva peeks through and lets you imagine her tasty delights within...

  • Sun 06th Dec 2009 Dolly | Solo

    Dolly gets wonderfully explicit today as she sheds her clothes for you with a flirtatious mix of sweet smiles and naughty looks.

    Her lush blonde locks frame her cherubic face before leading you eye even further south to her high, firm young breasts. Oodles of yumminess in this little package! Enjoy!

  • Sat 05th Dec 2009 Anna T | Solo

    Anna still has her 'V' Plates! That's right she's still a virgin, never been touched...down there... although I don't know who could have resisted her!

    An absolute stunner, Anna is smart, funny, quirky and incredibly sexy without even trying! Don't miss this delightful young dish!

  • Sat 05th Dec 2009 Louise K | Intimate Moments

    I love Louise! You might remember she and I compared our pussy hair to one another for her first solo...

    Anyway, she's on her own this time, eye's tightly closed, hand wedged down the front of her knickers and she's squirming like there's no tomorrow!

    Incredibly erotic, her breathing quickens and her little gasps speed up to herald her orgasm...

  • Fri 04th Dec 2009 Ariane | Solo

    It's been a while since we've seen Ariane but in today's video she's delightfully frank about her recent sexual awakening... her intimate encounter with a handsome stranger that's opened up a whole new world for her...and it's called ...masturbation!

    Every night now, when the lights go down, Ariane's fingers start to wander...

  • Fri 04th Dec 2009 Anna T | Solo

    Yowzas! Today's new model is a stunner and a half, Anna is a fresh young cutie with a heart of gold.

    She's a bright, funny little bookworm with shapely legs and a great arse that she wiggles wonderfully in her cotton knickers! Wait for the video because Anna's got a secret to tell you!

  • Thu 03rd Dec 2009 Katherine F & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    Lusting after each other ever since their no-touchy masturbation video together, Katherine and Mia let loose today in a sex session that is at time tender and sensual, at others raunchy and rather vigorous!

    It's all about the pussy though as lots of lickable attention is lavished on their clits - with some orgasmic results!

  • Thu 03rd Dec 2009 Davana | Intimate Moments

    Bath time fun as Davana takes a deep breath, relaxes and sinks into a zone of self satisfaction.

    Her fingertips work in tight, fast little circles and her breath comes in short sharp gasps of needy desire. Water cups her body and splashes at her pussy as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Watch out for some yummy eye contact in this one...

  • Wed 02nd Dec 2009 Lanae | Solo

    Super energetic, agile Lanae gives you an awesomely entertaining display of interpretive dance - with and without her clothes!

    Lanae has an exquisite body, ample breasts and exceptionally toned legs... Did someone say yummy?

  • Wed 02nd Dec 2009 Ariane | Solo

    Wearing a cute dress that doesn't even try to cover her bum (Yummy!), returning model Ariane flirts deliciously with a wiggle of her hips and a wandering hand...

    If you haven't already, check out her two other yummy solos from a few years ago! Here and here...

  • Wed 02nd Dec 2009 Katherine F & Mia H | Girl-Girl

    If you love it when girlgirl couples get entangled in each others' arms you're going to cream yourself as Katherine and Mia wrap their arms and legs, push their pussies up against each other and enjoy deep, wet, passion-filled kisses.

    Picture #214 with Katherine sitting on Mia's face is definitely my highlight!

    Also available in Extra Large image size!

  • Tue 01st Dec 2009 Lanae | Solo

    With her sparkling smile, abbywinters.com newcomer Lanae is a ball of fire!

    You just can't help but lick your lips at her cheeky nipple slip when she slides cat-like from her sexy leotard...

  • Tue 01st Dec 2009 Catrinia | Solo

    Incredibly alluring Catrinia returns to abbywinters.com with lovely long, dark hair and a derriere to fall in love with - and I mean fall in love!

    And you can fall in love thrice(!), because her other solos are here and here.

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