• Wed 30th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Alyssa R (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing her slender, athletic body Alyssa effortlessly seduces as she moves around in the soft light from the roof top windows. 

    Slipping her pink denim hot pants over her perfectly formed bum she fully exposes her toned legs and trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. Running her hands over and down her body Alyssa explores her pink vulva as she pushes her fingers into her wetness.

  • Tue 29th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Adelle & Sileny | Intimate Moments

    Sexy Brunette Adelle masturbates on the kitchen table together with short hair blond Sileny. Adelle's pale skin turns Sileny on; feeling each others bodies, they talk about Sileny's immaculately shaved vulva and bring themselves towards stunning orgasms!

  • Mon 28th Apr 2014 Backstage 420 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another hot backstage collection from 14 different scenes; from lesbian sex between Laura P & Masie, Gretchen & Laura P, Kandice & Marina M, to intimate moments with Rose D & Sahara and Lana M & Una.

    Walking around nude is natural for these babes, and the abbywinters.com backstage camera is always there picking up the peek-a-boos!

  • Mon 28th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Lila (Video) | Solo

    Lila's necklace slips from her neck, the chain dropping between her exposed breasts. Picking up the chain she runs the cool metal over her nipple, stimulating herself outside in the garden.
    Lila's white cotton knickers are visible upskirt as she settles herself on the wooden bench, her hands reaching to untie her light summer blouse. Coming up onto her knees in doggy position, Lila teases us with her perfect ass, her unique birthmark is visible as she wiggles her bottom up and down. Freeing herself of her "restrictive clothing", Lila slowly pulls on her meaty lips and opens up her pink vagina.

  • Sun 27th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Lila (Stills) | Solo

    Lila exposes her naked, pale body and small breasts as she undresses and moves around the outside garden patio.

    Pushing out her pert, round bum she runs her fingers over her long labia and blonde pubic hair. Spreading her vulva wide she looks back with her soft, seductive blue eyes and starts to slowly push her fingers deep inside herself.

  • Sat 26th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Maylin (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin's dream was to have sex with another Asian woman, and we made that dream come true! Hot clear liquid gushes from between Maylin's legs as she has a second squirting orgasm, her body twitching as she gasps for breath on the orgasm soaked rug.
    Janee's panties are visible upskirt as she leans forwards, peeping at what Maylin is doing. Hesitantly they draw closer until they are brave enough to share their first kiss. Maylin carefully frees Janee's dark nipples from her bra, gently kissing them before laying Janee over the arm of the sofa arm to spank her firm buttocks.
    Laying Janee gently on her lap, Maylin drops kisses onto her small breasts, reaching up to feed her fingers into Janee's open mouth before rubbing them into her hairy crotch.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Elva | Intimate Moments

    Elva's slender body twists on the sofa. Her face and chest grow flushed with the heat of her building orgasm, her smooth labia lips a hot pink, as the feeling rushes to her intimate parts. 

    Laid on the sofa, Elva teases at her flimsy pink t-shirt. Her nipples are visible through the light fabric as her hands tease up her top to stroke her toned stomach. Lifting her top even higher, Elva reveals her small breasts – which she massages between her hands. Her lace clad hips wriggle with her movements as she raises her legs straight above her to slip off her knickers.

  • Fri 25th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Maika (Video) | Solo

    The naked figure of Maika is visible over the rocks, as she washes her orgasm from between her legs in the river. Unseen by the passing cars Maika puts on her white shirt, her nipples still visibly hard under the fabric.
    "It feels so right being naked outside!" Slipping into the refreshing water Maika wades out till the water laps up between her legs, slowly wetting and then engulfing her full bush. Climbing back up onto the rocks Maika pees freely, enjoying the sexy shape the liquid makes as it trickles down the rock. Seeking the shade of a nearby tree she finally indulges in her toy, the white tan lines on her breasts, bouncing to the rhythm of her pleasure.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2014 Real life couple: Lila & Rafa (Video) | Girl-Boy

    "Do you wanna enter me?" Lila rubs her perfect ass invitingly onto her fiance's erection. Her milky skin looks even lighter as his dark penis pushes through the pale cheeks of her peachy bottom and into the warm pink of her vagina.
    Giggling on the bed, Lila and her fiance Rafa steal kisses from one another in the early morning sunlight. Slowly Rafa's steady fingers tease across Lila's pale skin, stroking her warm thighs and gently brushing over her pale pubic hair. Dropping kisses onto her breasts his finger slides down over her meaty lips, parting the beautiful curling labia, to rub circles into her exposed clitoris. Rafa's hands massage Lila's bottom while he penetrates her, the delicious sound of her dripping pussy filling the room and her natural wetness so loud that it's as if they are making love on a water bed.

  • Thu 24th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Janee & Maylin (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin runs her fingers over Janee's stockings, up her long legs and around her pert naked bum. Peering over she licks her fingers and spreads Janee's wet, pink labia.

    Maylin openly said she's been fantasizing about having sex with another Asian woman, something she's wanted to do for a long time, and this is her chance! Fervidly undressing they explore each others bodies; Janee can't take her hands of Maylin's pert breasts and puffy nipples as they start to grind their bodies against each other.

  • Wed 23rd Apr 2014 Nude girl: Maika (Stills) | Solo

    Framed by the vivid greens of the outdoors, Maika undresses her tanned body and exposes her full breasts and thick pubic hair!
    Exploring her body by the river she spreads her labia to expose her pink wetness. Pushing her fingers deep inside, her body tenses as she pleasures herself in her favorite outdoor spot. Taking a drink directly from the clean river waters she then has to stop for a pee before she leaves.
    "I am so glad that I brought you here today, it makes my little river spot that much more special."

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2014 Real life couple: Lila & Rafa (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Pushing her pert bum into the air, her partner slides Lila's underwear to the side and spreads her wet, pink vagina with his fingers. Pushing back towards him, he slowly penetrates her as she grips the bedding.
    Showing their passion and affection for each other, this real-life couple share their sex life with us as they flirt, tease and pleasure each other. Lila sits on top of her partner, her slim, pale body inviting him to touch. Giving each other oral, 69 and multiple sex positions they both raise each other to orgasm!

  • Tue 22nd Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gisela & Roxanne M | Intimate Moments

    Gisela hungrily eats into Roxanne's large breasts, her head disappearing between the soft fleshy mounds of her bosom. Roxanne lets her fingers slip between her legs, rubbing her dampening knickers into her crotch, while her breasts are stimulated.
    "Your nipples already get hard!" Tomato juice spills down Roxanne's front onto the top of her cleavage while the ladies eat, Gisela's hand instinctively reaching forwards to mop up the spill from the pale flesh. Smiling, the ladies expose their breasts, Gisela placing a slice of cucumber on her small breasts and balancing it on her hard nipples. As their conversation becomes more revealing, so do the ladies, until they are both fully exposing themselves - intimately kissing and moaning into one another mouths while touching their vaginas.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2014 Backstage 419 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Cheeky and sexy girls love having fun. Along with images from 9 scenes in, check out the making of Movie Night Girls.

    Take a peep at Twyla's full black, Asian pubic hair popping through her red tights while she prepares for her shoot. Some of the other babes in this backstage collection are Zoey, Alexis V, Nichole and Laura P.

  • Mon 21st Apr 2014 Nude girl: Landra (Video) | Solo

    Landra pulls upwards on her thong, the fabric burrowing between her moist labia lips, her perfect shave job becomes increasingly visible as the material sinks in deeper.  Landra then uses the fabric of her underwear to stimulate her crotch.
    "I like to feel hands on my body when I am having sex!" Landra's perfect ass jiggles up and down as she dances around the living room, her firm buttocks visible up the leg of her tight shorts. Her breasts are visible downblouse as she moves, her music player nestled between her soft breasts. Laid on the sofa, Landra looks up wide eyed through her glasses and tells us about herself.

  • Sun 20th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Landra (Stills) | Solo

    Looking over her thick rimmed glasses, Landra runs her hands down the inside of her soft thighs and opens her legs wide to reveal her perfectly smooth shaved vulva!
    Pulling the front of her underwear tight, her smooth labia press out the sides of the thin material. The curves of her pert bum drawing attention down towards her tight anus. Undressing her petite, pale body Landra explores her flexibility as she moves around the sofa and onto the floor.

  • Sat 19th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Noa (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "Wow, you're so wet!". Mila squirms on the bed as Noa rubs rapid circles into her swollen clit, her face flushing behind her glasses, as pleasure erupts from between her legs.
    "I'm not done yet", with a smile Noa presses Mila back down onto the bed, pulling her underwear aside, revealing her dark full bush. Using her fingers Noa delicately opens up Mila's labia lips, gaining easy access to Mila's most intimate area. "Kiss my clit!" says Mila. Ripping off their clothing, Noa and Mila lock legs, Noa's face flushes pink as they grind their sodden crotches together - tribbing on the bed.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Uma J | Intimate Moments

    "I am going to be imagining one of my favorite things..." says Pale skinned Uma J while she spits in her hand. 

    She talks about how she likes to masturbate and goes on to say, "I will masturbate to that and i want you to masturbate watching me." Turning around, she sticks her perfect ass out kneeling on her chair. As she reaches orgasm, her muscles contract.

  • Fri 18th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Claudia S (Video) | Solo

    "They're small but they are pretty!" Claudia's fingers rub over her bra, her nipples visible through the thin fabric. Slowly she reveals her small breasts, pushing them together between her fingers. 

    "I like that I am a random person," wiggling around the table, Claudia's knickers are visible upskirt. Her peachy bottom is emphasized by her form hugging knickers, which stick to her crotch as she moves. Slowly, she reveals more of her pale skin, her soft legs rubbing together as she teases out each moment. Bent forwards in doggy position, she describes her orgasm, her bare feet shaking as she shows us what will happen - "I tremble!"

  • Thu 17th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Mila & Noa (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pulling Mila's underwear to the side, Noa then presses her mouth against Mila's wet vagina and thick full bush.

    Holding onto each other's slender pale bodies, they begin to explore, Mila grabs and sucks on Noa's pert breasts as they undress. Fingering and licking, they raise each other to orgasm!

  • Wed 16th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Claudia S (Stills) | Solo

    Claudia S brushes her long hair in her short tight skirt, flashing her bum as she pulls her skirt up. As Claudia is touches her small breasts, she playfully reveals a surprise: her immaculate vulva, bare from hair. 

    Wet and warm, she slides her fingers inside. 

  • Tue 15th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gretchen & Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Lotte looks up at Gretchen's open legs, watching her stimulate her vagina, as she stands naked above her. Gretchen's whole body shudders with her orgasm and as she shakes, Lotte gently plants a soft kiss on her thigh.
    Gretchen bends forward to straighten the mat on the kitchen floor, her tight skirt stretching across her perfect ass as she moves. "Help yourself, all is yours!" says Gretchen as she invites Lotte to reach out and cup her full breasts, feeling the weight and shape through her clothing. As Gretchen's skirt slides down her legs, it becomes clear she has not been wearing any knickers as the soft tufts of her pubic hair peep out from bellow her long t-shirt. Sinking to her knees, Gretchen strokes Lotte's pale skin, inviting her to touch her pink nipples and soft breasts before they both stimulate themselves to orgasm.

  • Mon 14th Apr 2014 Backstage 418 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Another great opportunity to see how the abbywinters.com girls enjoy themselves behind the cameras. 

    This backstage collection features 19 models across 25 shoots. "Legs for days, movie star smile, and a coy flirtatiousness that will be sure to win you over," says Jacki after Adelle's shoot.

  • Mon 14th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Yara (Video) | Solo

    Yara's round bottom sways as she dances on top of the table, with bare feet. Next, leaning forwards in doggy position, Yara jiggles her perfect ass from side to side - demonstrating how she likes to be taken from behind!
    Smiling shyly behind her glasses, Yara shows us her musical talents. Slowly, she unbuttons the top of her dress, her ripe breasts visible underneath. Her hands tease over her pert boobs, and slowly, Yara reveals more of herself till she is fully naked. Picking up her accordion, the folds of the instrument brush against her bare nipples. Yara opens up her meaty lips, exposing her neat pink clit, while explaining how she likes it to be touched.

  • Sun 13th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Yara (Stills) | Solo

    Bending over the table Yara spreads her meaty labia with her fingers, exposing the soft pink wetness between.
    Flirting and teasing as she undresses her petite body, Yara glances seductively whilst she removes her clothing. She isn't getting naked fast enough, as Mila unexpectedly runs in and pulls down her dress and underwear!
    Musical and unique Yara shows off her full bush and underarm hair as she stretches out her taut body.

  • Sat 12th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Sasha M & Twyla (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Sasha pushes the warm thighs of her partner aside, submerging her whole face into Twyla's dark full bush. Inserting her fingers she stimulates Twyla to an intense squirting orgasm!
    Twyla takes her partner from behind, sliding her hands over Sasha's small breasts. Pushing her hands further down, she reaches her partner's crotch and slaps her pussy several times. In a passionate embrace Twyla's glasses are pressed into her face, as she continues to reaches for Sasha's crotch. Finally Twyla's fingers slip from Sasha's pussy and into her mouth, where she sucks off her natural wetness

  • Fri 11th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Zaira (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Sitting at her computer desk, long legged Zaira feels her soft dark skin as she parts her knees slowly.

    She rubs her hairy vulva and moans from pleasure as she orgasms in front of her computer screen. 

  • Fri 11th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Tahlia J (Video) | Solo

    Tahlia's lace thong parts her hairy labia lips, sinking into the moist pinkness of her excited vagina. Her young breasts vibrate with the rhythm of her hand as it rubs pleasure between her legs. 

    "I would describe myself as a sexual... shy but also extremely confident...Australian!" Unbuttoning the top button of her waistcoat, Tahlia's breasts are visible down blouse. Smiling. she tells us about her life, her breasts tantalizingly covered by the swinging fabric of her open top. "I feel like I'm on a talk show!" Sitting backwards on a chair, Tahlia lets her breasts drop into view, her boobs jiggling up and down as she giggles.

  • Thu 10th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Sasha M & Twyla (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Asian Twyla pinches and pulls Sasha's small breasts and puffy nipples as she leans her naked body in between her legs.

    Sasha, on all fours, guides her partner’s fingers into her open, wet vagina. Twyla pushes her fingers deep inside her, making her body arch with the pleasure. Twyla takes advantage of being behind Sasha's pert, round bum by spanking her hard! Then slipping between each other’s legs, they press their vulvas together and lock eyes - tribbing -  they push and pull each other closer to orgasm!

  • Thu 10th Apr 2014 Classy, elegant: Navah (Video) | After Dark

    Stroking the feathers of the fan around the curves of her naked body, Navah stares intensely at the camera. Her gaze is effortlessly seductive!

    Peeking out through the dark shadows, she lays undressed on the armchair. She spreads her legs wide, resting them on the arms. Fully exposed, she explores the long thick hairs of her full bush.

  • Wed 09th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Tahlia J (Stills) | Solo

    Pale skinned Tahlia J rubs her vulva with her headphones cable while listening to music. 

    She takes off her jeans, showing off her sexy bum, and opens her leg to slide her fingers inside her hairy pussy.

  • Tue 08th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Marietta & Rosa M | Intimate Moments

    "I've always wanted to do yoga naked..." bending forward Marietta pulls her leg open, her dark full bush visible between her legs as she stretches. Rosa watches Marietta's toned body in awe, preparing to copy the movement.
    Illuminated by the sun from the window, Marietta teaches Rosa some yoga. Bending her flexible body, she demonstrates each move before guiding Rosa through the complicated stretches. Bending forwards their heads almost touch, Rosa smiling at Marietta when she catches her eye. Growing hot Marietta pulls off her t-shirt, revealing her flat muscular tummy. Rosa bends forwards into the 'downward dog', her pink panties visible as she bends. Dropping down into the 'high plank', the curves of her buttocks are revealed as her dress rides even higher up her back.

  • Tue 08th Apr 2014 Classy, elegant: Navah (Stills) | After Dark

    Sultry Navah peeks out from behind the black feather fan that covers all but her seductive, smokey eyes

    Hinting and teasing she slowly explores and undresses her petite body. Peeling off her clothing, she exposes her small breasts and erect nipples. Running her finger around the edge of her underwear she pulls it to one side. Her full bush revealed, she plays and twists the long dark strands that surround her pink wet vulva!

  • Mon 07th Apr 2014 Backstage 417 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    20 healthy, vibrant, young girls prepare to for a fitball workout. Tight tank tops and shorts reveal thigh muscles contracting, boobs jiggling and bums wiggling. 

    Also in this collection are snaps from 14 other scenes, including Elisabeta , Gretchen, Madison Y, Masie, Satine, and more.

  • Mon 07th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Caity (Video) | Solo

    Caity's hands pull at the threadbare ends of her tight jean shorts while she leans against the kitchen counter, her hands resting on her warm young thighs.
    Teasing up her t shirt, Caity's hands massage into her bra. Freeing her pert breasts to show the pink areola, she leans forwards and gently licks her hardening nipple. Wiggling from her shorts, the outline of her labia is visible in a perfect camel toe. Naked, she climbs onto the counter top and spreads open her labia to pee in the sink.

  • Sun 06th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Caity (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her pink labia with her fingers Caity exposes the beautiful wet interior of her open vagina.
    Kneeling on her kitchen worktop she grabs her bum and pulls at her pert round cheeks, peering back over her shoulder Caity gives a suggestive grin! Naked and obviously feeling horny and intrigued by her own body she bends and twist, pulls her foot to her mouth to bite her toe, and grabs her pert breasts, pulling her nipple towards her tongue for a lick!

  • Sat 05th Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Maylin & Uma J (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Maylin grips Uma's willing hand, driving it between her own legs, as clear liquid squirts from her dripping vagina. Uma rubs her wet fingers over Maylin's face, kissing deeply into her open mouth.
    Uma's fingers gently hold Maylin's tiny foot, massaging it between her hands. Slowly she peels Maylin's long sock down, her eyes taking in each new inch of soft flesh as it is uncovered. In a brave flash, Uma reaches up to kiss Maylin's lips, sending them deep into each others arms. Holding hands, the ladies lock legs, drawing their warm crotches together, tribbing naked on the bed.

  • Fri 04th Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Amber L | Intimate Moments

    A torrent of vaginal liquid squirts from between Amber's legs, echoing around the shower as it spills onto the tiles. 

    Amber pulls her dress over her sexy curves, revealing her hour glass figure. Her hands stretch up as she washes her hair, making her breasts bounce and jiggle with her movements. Using more shampoo she rubs into her dark full bush, till it it is frothy and white. Only when her body is clean does she put her flexible leg on the side of the cubicle and start to sexually explore her body.

  • Fri 04th Apr 2014 Nude girl: Immie (Video) | Solo

    Immies crotch is slightly damp from the heat of the day; a small wet patch visible on her knickers, revealing the curls of her full bush beneath the fabric. 

    Immie lets the tall grass tickle her skin as she walks outdoors through the field. She takes in the nature around her before selecting a blade of grass and putting it to her lips. She blows. Her natural armpit hair is visible as her finger reaches for the zip of her dress to unwrap her soft skin.

  • Thu 03rd Apr 2014 Lesbian sex: Maylin & Uma J (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Lifting Uma's legs up Maylin spreads her pink vulva with her fingers and pushes her tongue into her open wetness, flicking the tip over her sensitive clitoris.
    Looking over her glasses, red-headed Uma pulls back Maylin's hair; Maylin pushes her bum out, asking Uma to penetrate her. Keeping eye contact, Uma licks her fingers and slides them deep into Maylin, making her mouth gape open with the pleasure.

  • Wed 02nd Apr 2014 Nude girl: Immie (Stills) | Solo

    Undressing her tall slim body, Immie stands nestled between the lush green of the trees. 

    Slipping off her beautifully summer dress, she exposes her small breasts and pert round bum. Running her hands over her flat stomach and pulling her white panties to the side, she slowly pushes her fingers through her full bush and towards her wet vulva!

  • Tue 01st Apr 2014 Video masturbation: Gia & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Their hands squeeze at their partners’ breasts, as orgasmic waves rip through their naked bodies. Each young woman rubs into her exposed vulva with her spare hand; whilst standing against a tree, they intimately touch.

    Lucie's white dress swings as she leans against the tree talking with Gia. The bottom half of the dress is transparent, offering tantalizing flashes of her soft thighs. Gia's fingers tease Lucie's dress lower, revealing startling white tan lines. With a second tug, a smiling Lucie bares her large breasts and quickly encourages Gia to strip off as well, exposing a dark full bush between her legs!

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