• Mon 30th Jun 2014 Backstage 429 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes, the models often pick up the camera and start snapping pics of each other while changing underwear and being cheeky. In this backstage set we get a collection of seventeen masturbation shoots along with images from Fenna & Misha's and Aletta and Misha's lesbian sex shoots. After Sadie's masturbation shoot Yvette says "I've never seen so much juice in a shoot before! Wow!"

  • Mon 30th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Gala (Video) | Solo

    "I came so hard!" With her large shapely buttocks hovering off the ground, Gala drives her fingers into her full bush, the muscles of her incredible bottom visibly clenching and shifting as her orgasm builds.
    "I feel very connected to my ass." Crawling on all fours Gala's perfect ass is neatly framed by the tight jean shorts she has fashioned for herself as she reaches forwards for her red comb. Naked from the waist up, Gala explores her naked breasts, lifting her arms to blow gently on the small nipples, soft natural armpit hair visible under her arms as they rise up. Standing, Gala jiggles her large bottom, her buttocks barley contained by the tight fabric of her knickers as she pushes down into a yoga stretch. Slipping from her panties, Gala runs her comb through her pubic hair - "It makes me feel like a woman."

  • Sun 29th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Gala (Stills) | Solo

    Outdoors, Gala sits at the waters edge exploring and undressing her petite and natural body.
    Stretching and flexing she shows off her toned and svelte body, her perfectly pert and shapely bum and her small breasts. Running her fingers through the thick hair that surrounds her wet vagina she toys with herself and starts to slip a finger inside. Arching her back with the feeling, she seeks more, letting her other fingers push inside her anus to heighten the pleasure!

  • Sat 28th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca peeps around the side of Thais' firm bottom, smiling into her eyes, as she gauges her reactions to what her fingers are doing deep in her crotch. Helping Thais stand, Blanca squeezes her fingers into the flesh of her bottom, her fading tan lines drawing the eye to her own round bottom.
    Thais pulls hard on Blanca's panties, Blanca's bottom jiggling up and down as she grinds into the tight fabric that is pulling into her crotch. Thais' hand leaves one firm spank onto Blanca's bottom before she squeezes the soft flesh between her fingers. With her bottom still raised in the air in doggy position, Blanca slides kisses along Thais' belly, her panties pulled down by Thais feet to reveal her hairy crotch. Standing, Thais starts queefing making the ladies giggle before once again they drop to the floor, Thais dropping kisses on Blanca's pink nipples before raising her legs to her chin so she can kiss into the warmth of her crotch.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Juliette M | Intimate Moments

    Slipping her mirror between her legs Juliette stairs down through her pubic hair to her fingers, which tease at her long labia. Pushing her moist lips aside she reveals her clit, which she gently applies pressure to. 

    A smile spreading across her glasses clad face, Juliette takes a naughty picture in response to the text message she has just received. In an ever revealing game, she receives and sends increasingly explicit messages, her nipple already hard as she pushes her bra to the side. Naked, her toes curl as she inserts deep inside herself! Juliette's body curls up as her orgasm builds. A damp spot clearly visible on the chair as she wiggles around.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Roos (Video) | Solo

    Naked outdoors, Roos starts to climb the tree, her red hair wild in the breeze as she stretches her body to clamber onto the firm branches. Brushing her red pubic hair out of the way, she pees down onto the ground.
    Slender feminine legs float along the green trail, the curve of Roos' buttocks visible bellow the fabric of her dress as she moves. Pulling at her dress Roos peeps down the neck hole, her warm smile, nude breasts and green knickers visible as we look up at her body from the ground. Removing her knickers, Roos sits on the path and massages the squishy flesh of her buttocks, the pale skin white next to the vibrant greens of the nature she is exploring.

  • Thu 26th Jun 2014 Real life couple: Maylin & Victor (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Asian beauty Maylin unzips her tight jean shorts, feeding her boyfriends hand deep inside. Wiggling her body so her round bottom pushes back into Victor's crotch, Maylin navigates his fingers so they brush against her panties in just the right spot!
    Maylin brushes out her long dark hair, her nipples just visible through the soft fabric of her clothing. She smiles appreciatively when Victor enters and rubs her shoulders but continues to peep down at her sci-fi book. Smiling as Victor asks for more attention, Maylin takes her boyfriends hands and together they massage her pert breasts before she stretches up kissing him deeply. Laid on the bed Maylin spreads her legs wide while Victor kisses into her crotch, Maylin's puffy nipples rising high off her breasts as she squirms in pleasure.

  • Thu 26th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Running her hands up Thais' long socks, Blanca spreads her legs and opens up her pink, wet vagina. Pressing her tongue against Thais' vulva she licks and sucks as she makes her squirm on the floor.
    Undressing their petite bodies they grind against each other, grabbing their breasts, puling at their nipples and fingering each other to intense orgasms!

  • Wed 25th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Roos (Stills) | Solo

    Naked in nature, Roos clambers into the tree, her naked body moving nimbly as she stretches up to slide onto the firm branches. Slowly she allows her fingers to tease down over her pale skin and into the fluffy pubic hair which coats her labia lips.
    Walking on the rocks, Roos bends forwards to keep her balance, flashing us with a perfect upskirt. Laying on her tummy Roos presses her chest onto the pier, pushing her breasts into the warm wood. Naked Roos lays outdoors on the grass, sliding her fingers once more into her red hairy crouch, pushing her labia to the side to expose her most intimate parts.

  • Tue 24th Jun 2014 Real life couple: Maylin & Victor (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Maylin's hand grips around her partner's erect penis as she lays back and guides him into her wet vagina, her mouth gaping open as he presses deeper inside her.
    Moving around each others bodies they experiment with multiple positions, treating each other to oral and penetration. Fingering Maylin deep, Victor brings her to an intense ant wet orgasm as she squirts to climax!

  • Tue 24th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Roxanne M & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    "Moan into my mouth!" Intimidatingly kissing and moaning in pleasure, Twyla and Roxanne's open mouths press together as they masturbate side by side on the sofa.
    "Do you wanna play a game?" Twyla and Roxanne test each other in a guessing game and you can play along with them: "what is soft and sometimes wet?"
    Roxanne's large breasts are squeezed into her clothing, the soft flesh spilling out by the pink ribbon of her bra, as she leans forward to share Eskimo kisses with Twyla. Twyla compares her small breasts to Roxanne's large beasts, starting to stroke her own crotch over her shorts as Roxanne licks her large breast, sucking her inverted nipple till it pops out hard and excited!

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2014 Backstage 428 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    There's so many moments of natural beauty captured when sexy girls and shooters are being cheeky and spontaneous behind the scenes.

    The role of the backstage camera is to capture both the spontaneous moments of pure natural sexiness. In this backstage collection, see genuine moments of Alyssa, Carmina, Karlijn, Kaylee, Merel, Saskia, Lacie, Nichole, and Theresia.

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Dannah (Video) | Solo

    Dannah massages her pert young breasts, the pale flesh a perfect fit in the palm of her hands. Dipping a finger in cool massage cream, Dannah draws a white circle around her nipple which grows with excitement before her teasing finger relents and flicks across the sensitive tip.
    "Why do woman wear bras . . . I think it's so guys don't get scared of how amazing breasts are!" Perched on the back of the sofa, Dannah's legs slide over each other, her panties visible upskirt as her warm thighs open and press back together. Bending over on all fours Dannah pushes her bottom high in the air, her fingers snaking around the sides to tease at her openings, before she indulges in some anal pleasure.

  • Sun 22nd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Dannah (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her fingers deeper inside herself, Dannah tenses her slender body as the pleasure builds.
    Grabbing hold of her pert breasts, she squeezes them hard and pulls at her nipple to further help her enjoy the sensation. Looking up through her long dark hair she uses her cute smile to effortlessly seduce as she touches her self.

  • Sat 21st Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Yara (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Yara's buttocks jiggle as she rocks on Gala's out stretched tongue, her whole body engaged while she is face sitting. Her pert breasts knock together as she grinds onto Gala's eager mouth, her body shuddering to orgasm, her little moan echoing around the woods.
    Walking outdoors Gala and Yara can hardly keep their hands off each other, eager fingers teasing at each other's clothing, slowing down their progress. Gala presses Yara up against a metal fence, her fingers linking into the metal bars as she presses her body into Yara, kissing her deeply. Pressing her leg through her cotton skirt, Gala rubs herself against the crotch of Yara's tight Jean shots, whipping their excitement levels ever higher. Shimmying down the chain wire fence Yara stops at nipple height, sucking on Gala's small breasts with delight.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Lotte's knickers stick to her damp vagina, the outline of her neat young labia just visible through the material. 

    Lotte sits outdoors in the shade of a tree, resting from the heat. Her delicate bra is visible down blouse, drawing the eye to her ripe young breasts. Her fingers tease at the hem of her dress, flashing her knickers. Slowly she peels off her clothing to reveal pale skin which, unlike her t-shirt tan lines, is untouched by the sun.

  • Fri 20th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sicilia (Video) | Solo

    Sicilia pulls on her firm buttock, her labia lips parting with a sharp pop, as she releases the air from her neat shaved vagina. Her stunning face lights up in delight as it happens again and she continues to pulls on her bottom till all the air, which became trapped while she masturbated, is free. Peeling open her sticky labia lips, Sicilia once more pushes her fingers deep inside.
    Sicilia's comb glides through her long hair before teasing over her white t-shirt. Running her comb along the neck line Sicilia begins to get excited, the comb brushing at her nipple through the fabric, the outline visible through the thin material. Slipping from her t-shirt Sicilia drops down on all fours, rubbing her firm breast gently in her hand. Her breasts are so pert that even with gravity pulling down on them, they push out proudly from her tanned chest up towards her face. Illuminated by the soft light from the window Sicilia straddles a padded coat hanger, humping her dampening panties onto it as her pleasure starts to grow.

  • Thu 19th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Gala & Yara (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pressing Gala back against the fence, Yara grabs her breasts, clawing to get inside her clothes and down to her naked body.

    Exploring themselves outdoors they lick, finger and grind their way to intense orgasms. Between the trees Yara presses her fingers deeper into Gala's wetness, gripping her body she feels her tense as she reaches climax!

  • Wed 18th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sicilia (Stills) | Solo

    Sicilia warms her naked body in the hot sun as it streams through the window. Slipping off the clothes from her slender body, she exposes every inch of her tanned skin.

    Her fingers run over her toned stomach down to her hips and smooth shaved vulva as she explores herself. Spreading her legs wide, she opens up her pink wet vagina and starts to slowly push in her fingers.

  • Tue 17th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Landra & Lila | Intimate Moments

    "Can I touch your breast?" Lila reaches over to touch Landra's small breasts as they snuggle together in a mound of pillows, watching dirty movies. The ladies warm thighs brush together as they stimulate their young bodies, driven by what they are watching.
    Landra's colorful bra is visible down the arm of her t-shirt, as she wiggles down next to Lila. "Pink is my favorite color." Slipping from her matching pink bra and panties, Landra spreads her legs open, her pink nails slipping between her legs, rubbing circles into her clit, as she rests her head on Lila's shoulder. Lila's vulva is still a hot pink from her own orgasm as she reaches across to help Landra. Landra's pink toe nails twitching as pleasure starts to run through her body, flushing her pale skin.

  • Mon 16th Jun 2014 Backstage 427 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "What do the models get up to while The crew grabs some lunch?" asks Masie. Naughty Lacie alone in a room with a mirror a camera and a desire to pleasure herself answers this much-asked question.

    Twenty eight scenes are featured in this sexy backstage collection. Across these scenes Edie, Misha, Daisey, Lawan, Zarina and thirteen more babes have their fun.

  • Mon 16th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Thais (Video) | Solo

    Thais glides up the stairs, her knickers visible upskirt, as the light material of her dress floats along behind her. Sitting on the stairs she pulls her socks higher, her fingers brushing the skin of her milky thighs. Resting on the stairs the crotch of her knickers peeps out from between her knees as she introduces herself.
    "Many people I know want to touch my ass!" Thais lifts her skirts to warm her firm buttocks on the heater, explaining that she hates the cold. As she warms up she reveals more of her body, lifting her dress higher to show off her bright panties, neat pubic hair sticking from the sides. Sitting back on her knees she slowly rolls down her knickers revealing her perfect ass, large and firm on her small body. Laying on her back her fingers finally slip into her opening, her curling labia lips dark at the tips, her natural wetness audible as she plays with her glistening pink vulva.

  • Sun 15th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Thais (Stills) | Solo

    Spreading her legs, Thais runs her hands up over her long socks towards her full bush and open wet vagina.
    Grabbing her pert breast with one hand, she squeezes her nipple as her other hand moves around her vulva. With the tip of her finger inside herself, she then pushes deeper inside, her mouth gaping wide with the pleasure. Playing with herself and experimenting with some of her own personal items she brings herself to a hot orgasm!

  • Sat 14th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Flora & Thais (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Thais' whole body shakes with her orgasm, white light rushing from the window she is resting against. Her small hand clamped firmly onto Flora's breast, while Flora's fingers wiggle inside her vagina.
    Thais lays on her tummy her panties visible upskirt. Thais' head rests in Flora's lap near the warmth of her crotch; small moans escape her mouth as she is massaged by firm, feminine fingers. Turning over to rest against Flora's chest, Thais wiggles around in anticipation as Flora's massage slips down into her t-shirt and finally over her green knickers. Whipping around Thais pulls Flora up by her open belt, pushing the soft fabric between Flora's teeth like a bit, pinning her to the ground rubbing her body over her friends. Kissing deeply the ladies move again, Flora's breast visible down blouse as she is bent forwards for Thais to rub her sensitive nipples into her bottom. Unable to support her body while experiencing such a rush of pleasure, Flora falls forward, writhing on the carpet as Thais fingers her from behind.

  • Fri 13th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Saskia | Intimate Moments

    Saskia pushes her fingers between her tight bum cheeks straight into her vagina and as the fingers plunge inside, the sweet clicking sound of her natural wetness fills the room. 

    Saskia exposes her small ripe breasts, her hand slipping over the soft bare skin. Laying on her side, her fingers softly touch her nipples before sliding gently down into the warmth of her thighs. Flipping to her belly, her perfect ass raised from the mattress, she removes her underwear. Her hand slides down her toned tummy, the fingers working their way between her labia lips where she stimulates herself sexually.

  • Fri 13th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Noa (Video) | Solo

    Noa's anus pulses with excitement as her finger flicks across the hard ridge at the top of her clitoris, her vagina excited for more stimulation.
    Noa's knickers slip from her warm thighs and onto her wiggling toes. Her bare feet slide over one another as she picks up her panties, holding her knickers to her nose, she inhales deeply! "Do you think it would be nice to taste this?" Noa's innocent eyes look up from rubbing sweet jam across the tops of her firm breasts.
    Her dripping panties stick to her body, the damp material revealing her dark full bush where the fabric has become transparent. The fabric forms a tight camel toe over her moist crotch and her fingers twist her sticky pubic hair over the top of her knickers.

  • Thu 12th Jun 2014 Classy, elegant: Dana B (Video) | After Dark

    In a figure hugging black gown that reveals her stunningly ample bosom, Dana strips slowly. As she rolls off her black panties, we see her hairy vulva and perfect ass beautifully outlined with her suspenders. 

    Leaving just diamonds glittering across her exposed breasts Dana B submits to our gaze, urging us to admire her beauty.

  • Thu 12th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Flora & Thais (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gripping onto the roof, Flora lifts her body up for Thais to grab her thighs and press her face and mouth hard against her open wet vulva.
    Licking, sucking and grinding each other, Flora and Thais experiment until they bring each other to intense orgasms. Exploring their slender bodies, hairy bushes and pert breasts they push each other hard for the best climax they can get!

  • Wed 11th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Noa (Stills) | Solo

    Pouring oil onto her breasts, blonde Noa makes her pale skin shiny and slippery. The oil dripping from her tummy down on to her crotch makes her panties see-through, outlining her shape of her vulva through her pubic hair.
    Changing outfits turns into a sexually exciting exploration of her limits as Noa stretches her legs wide open, pushing her fist inside herself to an explosive orgasm.

  • Tue 10th Jun 2014 Classy, elegant: Dana B (Stills) | After Dark

    Under the spotlight, playful brunette Dana gazes as she slowly strips revealing her beautifully shaped bum

    With her panties off, her wet hairy vulva is highlighted between her thighs as she lifts her leg and rolls her stockings off.

  • Tue 10th Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Janee & Lawan | Intimate Moments

    "Two Asian vaginas!" After admiring each other's neat vulvas, Janee and Lawan gently stimulate themselves on the sofa, peeping at each other's technique and breaking to ask questions about what their partner is doing. Lawan leans forward to witness Janee's intense squirting orgasm, as clear liquid rushes to the floor.
    Janee and Lawana get to know each other, Janee's peach bottom visible as she curls her legs under her body. As the ladies talk they each slip a hand between their legs, their finger tips gently touching the crotch of their knickers, unsure if their partner can see what they are doing.

    "Can I see your bum?" Janee proudly shows off her firm buttocks to Lawan, explaining she has been working hard to keep it so perfect at the gym. Peeling off her fitted shorts, Janee encourages Lawan to touch her buttocks and the silk smooth fabric of her underwear. "I like your breasts their so perky" tentatively Lawan reaches out to stroke Janee's small breasts and neat dark nipples, confessing that it is the first time she has touched another woman! Smiling at one another they sink back on the sofa and bring themselves to orgasm.

  • Mon 09th Jun 2014 Backstage 426 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    Often picking up the backstage camera, the girls stroll around in their panties. Taking snaps of each others' sexiness and cheeky mood.

    See the fun and sexiness unveiling behind the scenes. Aletta, Fenna, Gaby, Satine and Misha are just some of the babes in this collection.

  • Mon 09th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Video) | Solo

    Juice spills from Mila's passion fruit, running down her chin, dripping onto her third nipple. Sticky syrup tracks run in lines along her naked body, dripping into her dark full bush.
    Smiling from behind her glasses, Mila expresses her passion for reading and shows off some of the new books she has just treated herself to. As she talks her soft thighs rub together, her knickers visible upskirt, as she uncrosses her legs. Sliding to the floor Mila shows off her yoga skills, bending her body into the familiar flexible poses that make up her yoga routine. Squatting down into a yoga pose sweat is visible on the fabric of her panties, tufts of pubic hair visible on the sides.

  • Sun 08th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Mila (Stills) | Solo

    Running her hands up her slender, naked body Mila explores her pert breasts and full bush of pubic hair.
    Showing her flexibility, Mila moves into her Yoga poses to stretch her tall frame. Pushing out her small bum and long legs she looks down through her glasses at herself. Her fingers combing gently through her pubic hair she spreads her soft, pink labia and starts to press her fingers inside herself!

  • Sat 07th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Gala (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca's cotton knickers are visible upskirt as she sits on the sofa while Gala teaches her different parts of the body in English. Running her hands across her own warm thigh Gala says the word before running her finger across Blanca's expectant lips, hesitating before kissing them deeply.
    "May I suck your toes?" Gala rubs her small breasts into Blanca's as they wiggle on the sofa, their bodies pressed tightly together, Gala's panty clad bottom raised high in the air. Slipping down between Gala's thighs Blanca starts to stimulate her crotch, her finger sliding between her pubic hair and into her warmth as she nibbles on her thighs. Straddling Gala's firm legs, Blanca rubs her moist labia along it, her natural wetness making delightful clicking sounds as she positions her leg under Gala's crotch, bouncing up and down on her foot so her ankle stimulates Gala's hairy vagina.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Video) | Solo

    Her puffy nipples squeeze between her bra and singlet top, as she gently runs her fingers across her supple breasts. Grisel is relaxing in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The soft light creeps through the glazed window and adorns her smooth skin, long legs and full bush

    Grisel is a master of tease. She touches herself inside her panties, feeling her wetness and squeezing her legs together. She likes to take her time and explore many positions and techniques before arriving at her thrilling and body shuttering orgasm.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2014 Video Masturbation: Marleen S | Intimate Moments

    Marleen S has set herself the challenge of having 3 orgasms within this video!

    Athletic Marleen has been practicing at home and to help her achieve success has brought her favorite dolphin toy. She begins by running her hands over her toned body, letting her fingers pull on her small breasts. Slowly she lets her fingers rub circles over the top of her underwear, before finally she turns on her aid and starts to rush towards pleasure hit number one.

  • Thu 05th Jun 2014 Lesbian sex: Blanca & Gala (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Blanca lays underneath Gala's hairy wet vulva and pulls it down over her mouth, her tongue licking and tasting Gala's wetness.
    Flirting together these two natural and very horny girls make no efforts to hide what they really want from each other! Feverishly undressing, they move and experiment from one position to the next as they start to bring each other to climax.

  • Wed 04th Jun 2014 Nude girl: Grisel (Stills) | Solo

    Grisel's puffy nipples squeeze between her black bra and white singlet top. Her supple breasts harden with her excitement. 

    Her fingers run gently over the outside of her panties and then inside her thick full bush. She feels her wetness, turns herself into doggy style and takes off her panties. With her anus fully exposed, Grisel runs her hands lightly across her anus. She loves to take her time pleasuring herself and the results are tantalizing.

  • Tue 03rd Jun 2014 Video masturbation: Noa & Poppy C (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Flirting with each other and discussing their own personal sexual adventures, blonde-haired, Dutch Noa gets to know Poppy a lot better! 

    Drawing closer to each other, they explore each others bodies - touching and undressing as they get more and more turned on. Kissing and pressing their breasts together, they start to touch themselves. Pushing her fingers deeper inside herself, Noa feels Poppy's body tense and squirm as they raise themselves to a synchronized orgasm!

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2014 Backstage 425 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "Two lovely blue eyed ladies with delicious skin and a thirst for pleasure; Gaby and Gretchen kissed, grinded, sucked, licked and mmmm'd their way to multiple orgasms," describes Frankie, the videographer. What can be expected from a backstage collection that includes a description like that? For one, a lot of giggling from tickling playmates Gaby & Jenna K, as well as chocolate sauce poured over two beautiful pale skinned girls - Crystal S & Elsbeth. Also featured in this compliation: Analyn, Fenna, Maya C, Aletta, Chloe B, Misha, and 8 more models.

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sasha M (Video) | Solo

    Sasha's firm bottom rests in a clear pool of her own vaginal juices, the warm fluid dripping from her buttock, as she lifts off the floor. Her vagina begins to pulse again under the power of her small clitoral toy, as she experiences a second squirting orgasm!
    Sasha wiggles free from her silky panties, the tight fabric leaving small red lines on her toned bottom from where the material has been hugging close to her body. Her hands reach for the blinds and she presses her naked chest to the horizontal lines, letting them squeeze into her small chest as she peers out at the world. Stepping back her hands rub over her breasts, teasing at her puffy nipples. Sliding to the hard wood floor she shows off how flexible she is by tucking her leg behind her head, her fingers reaching down to pull on her meaty lips, then twisting her beautiful long labia between her fingers.

  • Sun 01st Jun 2014 Nude girl: Sasha M (Stills) | Solo

    Lifting her leg high over her head, Sasha looks down towards her smooth shaven vulva, and pushes her fingers into the white girlcum that is starting to ooze out.
    Spreading the soft lips of her labia as she pulls out, she exposes the wet pinkness inside her vagina. Grabbing her small breasts, Sasha penetrates herself again!

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