• Fri 30th Apr 2010 Patty | Solo

    Sneak up on Patty as she occupies herself, not knowing you're enjoying many up skirt peeks at her cute knickers and firm bulge of her pussy lips...okay, so maybe she knows, she certainly enjoys the attention!

    A stunning redhead with pure skin and glowing green eyes - not to mention a healthy sexual appetite that she loves to explore here at abbywinters.com... Chat to Patty right now - she's very active here on the message boards!

  • Fri 30th Apr 2010 Ela | Solo

    Ela's sun filled bedroom sets the perfect scene for her first solo.

    She's nervous but excited, her nipples pricking up as she whips off a white cotton tank top and rolls nude on the soft bedding, sticking her bum out and throwing you very cheeky smiles... A delicious first solo from Ela!

  • Thu 29th Apr 2010 Katia & LeeLee | Girl-Girl

    Katia's got a nice thick bush of ginger pubic hair and LeeLee's smooth shaved but both girls have no trouble finding their lovers sweet spot as they take turns licking, sucking and fingering - bringing orgasm after trembling orgasm...

    Shuddering thighs and pounding hearts, they collapse into each others' arms. Enjoy!

  • Thu 29th Apr 2010 Alice G | Intimate Moments

    Relaxing into her desires, Alice slowly lifts the hem of her dress, parts her knees and gently slides a finger between her pussy lips... her breathing quickens and her fingers move in rapid circles, pressing firmly on her clitoris.

    Hips start to buck up, one hand cupping her now bare breast, mouth open in that exquisite silent moan... Blissful!

  • Wed 28th Apr 2010 Beata | Solo

    New model Beata is a young artist living and exploring herself and her city - but today she's doing something completely different, getting nude at abbywinters.com!

    She sensually strips off her light grey cotton dress and massages her beautiful breasts before working up the courage to reveal herself to you...

  • Wed 28th Apr 2010 Patty | Solo

    Pastel romance for Patty's latest sweet treat solo! She teases and toys with you as she demonstrates her enviable flexibility, swinging her legs, parting them and letting you peek at her gorgeous pussy.

    Once warmed up, she swaps her fingers for the fullness of her new purple dildo lovingly donated by Wiggins.

  • Wed 28th Apr 2010 Katia & LeeLee | Girl-Girl

    What do you get when pairing horny redheads, a blindfold and denim hot pants..? A finger licking good time that's what!

    Katia & LeeLee can barely contain their passion as hands dive down blouses and fingers inch closer to panties...

  • Tue 27th Apr 2010 Beata | Solo

    Firm, perky round breasts and a full, high arse are some rather tasty features of today's new model Beata! She has auburn hair and a thick covering of pubic hair just as nature made her...

    Bright eyes and a serious but sexy attitude - I know you'll just love Beata!

  • Tue 27th Apr 2010 Joannie | Solo

    Joannie is picking some lemons from her lemon tree, soon finding herself more interested in her body than the lemons. She looks amazing in her all-white underwear, which she slips out of so you can see her incredibly sexy body.

    Nothing like a bit of nude acrobatics on the clothesline? You have to love Joannie's arousing flexibility!

  • Mon 26th Apr 2010 Kara D & Katherine F | Intimate Moments

    Kara and Katherine are a little cold this morning, so a nice hot shower is on the menu. They take off each other's dresses and slip under the hot water for some steamy masturbation!

    Katherine's moans and Kara's squeals of delight are definitely the icing on the cake in this hot double intimate moment.

  • Mon 26th Apr 2010 Jasmine | Solo

    Join Jasmine on her bed as she talks forbidden relationships, seduction and losing her virginity.

    Undressing in front of the mirror, Jasmine touches herself, teasing with every rousing stroke until she has no choice but to satisfy her deep, erotic needs.

  • Sun 25th Apr 2010 Mykala | Intimate Moments

    Alone and uninhibited, new hottie Mykala gently slides off the straps of her racy red dress to admire her pretty pink nipples. As her fingers press on her soft skin her legs part ever so slightly, as though she's turned on by the sensation.

    Slipping out of the dress altogether, her legs now wide apart, you've got a great view as Mykala brings her beautiful self to a stunning orgasm and takes the rare time to bask in the afterglow... Gorgeous!

  • Sun 25th Apr 2010 Joannie | Solo

    It's a nice day to be out in the backyard, and Joannie looks amazing in her summer skirt, which she cheekily hikes up before getting naked under the sun.

    Joannie has a bum to die for and a devillish nature that will get your blood pumping ... in a particular area, that is.

  • Sun 25th Apr 2010 Jasmine | Solo

    In her ultra-short demin shorts and pink singlet, Jasmine looks absolutely edible!

    She peels off her cute underwear with a mischeivous grin and bends over on the bed for some delicious finger penetration.

  • Sat 24th Apr 2010 Charlotte E & Dee Dee | Girl-Girl

    Charlotte & Dee Dee embark with quiet confidence on an energetic session of hot, sweaty sex. Dee Dee sits on Charlotte's face for some juicy mouth to pussy, then they swap positions for some furious finger thrusting and appreciative groans.

    After a whole bunch of impassioned orgasms, these rousing girls work themselves into exhaustion.

  • Sat 24th Apr 2010 Laila | Solo

    Meet Laila. Student by day, mischeivous girl by night.

    With a perfectly toned and tanned body such as this, Laila is not at all hesitant to slip into the water and shed her bikini, only to surface again and bathe nude in the sun.

  • Sat 24th Apr 2010 Navah | Intimate Moments

    Spread out on her stomach, Navah discreetly reaches down into her underwear for some hot stimulation.

    Her facial expressions alone are enough to drive you wild, but her thrusting hips and hardened nipples are much, much better!

  • Fri 23rd Apr 2010 Hannah C | Solo

    It's just a casual afternoon for Hannah as she spreads out comfortably on her bed and pulls her stockings down her legs and her top up over her incredibly succulent breasts - which she proceeds to play with while vigorously stroking her damp pussy.

  • Fri 23rd Apr 2010 Laila | Solo

    Laila is a sun-kissed beauty not at all ashamed to show off by the pool.

    There's nothing sexier than a young Aussie babe confidently drying her water-beaded body off in just a bikini - or, as it turns out, nothing at all.

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Charlotte E & Dee Dee | Girl-Girl

    If you're after sizzling, natural Aussie babes who know what they want and how to get it, then this is the Girl-Girl shoot for you. Nipple biting, arched backs, fingers deep inside, tongues teasing and pleasuring each other.

    If you haven't checked out Charlotte's range of sexy solos , I highly recommend you do!

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Nicole D | Intimate Moments

    On the floor facing herself in the mirror, new model Nicole enjoys looking at her fingers moving in tight circles over her pussy lips, bucking her hips up to see the juicy pinkness before her eyes close in ecstasy and her breathing quickens.

    At times rubbing her clit and at others inserting fingers deeply inside herself, this masturbation session is long and rather satisfying!

  • Wed 21st Apr 2010 Tereza | Solo

    Tereza has one of those smiles where you just know she's up to no good! It all starts innocently enough, rubbing some moisturiser on her arms and toned stomach, but then her hand slips under her skirt and into her bra.

    Sit back and enjoy the show as Tereza caresses her firm, tanned body with liberal amounts of moisturising cream.

  • Wed 21st Apr 2010 Hannah C | Solo

    Hannah is looking gorgeous with her long locks of dark hair and her candy striped pink bra.

    Kicking off her undies, she lies back and gives herself some lip-biting, breath-quickening pleasure of the hottest magnitude. Richter scale 10, anyone?

  • Tue 20th Apr 2010 Video Game Girls | Solo

    Lynley, Hayley, Angie, Leiko and Hayden are absorbed in the action - they're playing baseball in teams , relishing the duty of stripping off the losers clothing, item-by-item!

    Lots of yummy bums and sexy smiles as these five tasty Aussies whip up a sporting storm! Check out our other group Fun shoots here!

  • Tue 20th Apr 2010 Tereza | Solo

    The colourfully dressed Tereza is cheeky and just a little bit naughty. With a playful grin, she pulls her denim skirt down over her firm bum.

    You'll just love her long hair and delicious lithe body as she gets naked for you.

  • Tue 20th Apr 2010 Alma | Solo

    Alma might look innocent, but she hasn't a second thought about getting her clothes off and touching her body in every way possible.

    With a generous cup size and skin so smooth you could have her with ice cream, this is one Abbywinters girl who is sure to be a favourite. Check out Alma's first solo here.

  • Mon 19th Apr 2010 Angie & Blossom | Intimate Moments

    These two sexy Aussie girls can't keep their hands off each other - or their lips. Blossom unzips Angie's dress to expose her generous breasts.

    There's some sucking and licking, some intense masturbation and some incredible cheek-flushing orgasms that will not only make your day but your week too!

  • Mon 19th Apr 2010 Alice G | Solo

    This natural Abby beauty is just loaded with sexy, naughty stories.

    And you'll soon see she's not just all talk when she turns on the bath taps and shoots the water pressure between her legs for some seriously hot orgasms!

  • Sun 18th Apr 2010 Meagan F | Intimate Moments

    The clock is ticking and Meagan is just dying to get herself off. Caressing her silky smooth legs, her fingers inch their way ever closer up her shorts and between her restless legs.

    Watch this Aussie babe as she gasps and moans on the couch, her fingers working skillfully to the point of climax.

  • Sun 18th Apr 2010 Alma | Solo

    There's something about Alma's sweet gaze that will stop you in your tracks.

    And if they won't, then her creamy, passionate breasts certainly will. Watch as she peels clothes from her skin to display her erogenous, seductive figure.

  • Sun 18th Apr 2010 Alice G | Solo

    Alice unbuttons her cardigan, her soft breasts nestled in her blue bra. She rolls her undies down her legs, a patch of perfect hair exposed.

    Sinking down into the bath, Alice slides her new toy inside for some steamy stimulation.

  • Sun 18th Apr 2010 Video Game Girls | Solo

    It's group shoot time! Five cute girls having a blast just being themselves, fun in the nude - and you know the best bit?

    They're all playing very active video games so that means boobies jiggling and bottoms bouncing as they swing, bowl, swipe and swish their way through strip baseball... Batter Up!

  • Sat 17th Apr 2010 Paola | Solo

    Cocoa skin and long dark hair, Paola might just be what you've been looking for! Healthy, vibrant and full of zest, she reveals large dark areola and exquisitely erect nipples.

    If you like hard nipples, have you tried searching using our new tagging system? Learn more here!

  • Sat 17th Apr 2010 Lynley | Intimate Moments

    Lynley is checking out her turntables, but gets a little distracted. A little too distracted!

    Spreading out naked on her leather chair, she arms herself with a powerful vibrating dildo and gets to work. The kind of work you wish you were there for!

  • Fri 16th Apr 2010 LeeLee | Solo

    With a cute fringe and sexy, tanned skin, LeeLee is out of the shower and ready to rub her salacious body with some lotion.

    You don't want to miss when she bends over to show her firm arse and the tantalising bits in-between.

  • Fri 16th Apr 2010 Paola | Solo

    Gotta love summer! Paola is enjoying it in true Aussie fashion - in the backyard with the Hills Hoist and a sprinkler that conveniently causes her dress to stick suggestively to her curves... YUM!

    Crystal clear shots and quality photography we're famous for, enjoy!

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Anabela & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    The cheeky, playful Anabela tempts Joannie with her tasty body and the prospect of shivering orgasms.

    This girl-girl is like a burger with the lot. Delicious, indulgent and deeply satisfying.

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Milena | Intimate Moments

    Wiggling out of her skirt, Milena relaxes on the bed, her fingers skillfully working herself into a frenzy. Then out comes the little pink vibrator.

    Accompanied by thrusting hips and quickened breaths, Milena watches you with her pale blue eyes as she orgasms. Loudly.

  • Wed 14th Apr 2010 Holli | Solo

    A swish of her glossy auburn hair and a cheeky laugh are all you need to light up your screen today as stunning new Aussie model Holli sweeps into your life!

    She's in her backyard, free from prying eyes, basking in the gorgeous Australian sun. Hope you enjoy this tasty treat from abbywinters.com!

  • Wed 14th Apr 2010 LeeLee | Solo

    LeeLee invites you into her bedroom, cheekily giving you a peek under her skirt at her cotton undies.

    Unbuttoning her shirt to reveal tanned, natural breasts, LeeLee gets nude to spread lotion across her gorgeous freckled body.

  • Wed 14th Apr 2010 Anabela & Joannie | Girl-Girl

    These girls find it hard to keep their hands off each other. Hands run across thighs, under shirts and between moist legs.

    Mischief turns quickly into desire and Anabela & Joannie are soon naked and very excited.

  • Tue 13th Apr 2010 Holli | Solo

    Beautiful bright clear skin and a truly cheeky personality that shines through, new model Holli gets nude pretty quickly and enjoys the warm summer air brushing past her nipples...

    Tall and slim, Holli thoroughly enjoyed her adventure with the abbywinters.com crew so don't deny her your company, indulge in a little Holli today!

  • Tue 13th Apr 2010 Dana B | Solo

    Dana is usually super talkative but today she lets her movements speak for herself. And Hot dang! Are they making a noise! Smokin' hot, she twists her body, swaying her hips as she slides down a bra strap or shifts her skirt.

    This lady is about to melt your screen... abbywinters.com is not responsible for any hardware damage...

  • Mon 12th Apr 2010 Alena & Hannah C | Intimate Moments

    After hitting it off in the most unlikely of places (the hotel lobby) Alena meets up again with Hannah where they both get to enjoy lovemaking lesbian style...

    Intertwining slim legs and each showing their appreciation for the other, soon their fingers have headed south and the masturbate in each other's company...

  • Mon 12th Apr 2010 Laine | Solo

    Petite blonde Laine is a little bit timid, but is very much up for fun.

    You'll just love the shape of her breasts and the look of sheer pleasure on her face as she spoils herself over and over again.

  • Sun 11th Apr 2010 Roxy | Intimate Moments

    Roxy might have felt a little squished this afternoon but we can't tell for sure..

    What we do know is the squish from her juicy pussy heard loud and clear as her hands worked furiously in this hard and fast masturbation video. A mixture of techniques, but a whole lot of noise in this one so turn up the volume!

  • Sun 11th Apr 2010 Dana B | Solo

    A mass of gorgeous curls, Dana moves gracefully as she undresses just for you.

    Her deep sapphire eyes are both alluring and cheeky, her clothes hiding a firm young body. Feast your eyes on the verry delicious treat today that is Dana! Enjoy!

  • Sun 11th Apr 2010 Laine | Solo

    With platinum blonde hair and a cheeky gaze that betrays her innocence, Laine lifts her top to play with her juicy breasts.

    She pulls her undies to one side and slides her favourite toy deep inside.

    Toy donated by Becca, find out how YOU can send in a toy here!

  • Sat 10th Apr 2010 Blossom | Solo

    The wild, flirtatious Blossom is ready to rock your world. And by rock, I mean take her clothes off and launch into all sorts of sexy nude positions for your viewing pleasure.

    Pleasure being the key word...

  • Sat 10th Apr 2010 Laria | Intimate Moments

    Laria takes her time undressing, caressing as she does - relaxing, letting her desires take over...

    Soft creamy white breasts are revealed first then she slides some fingers under the gusset of her knickers where the luxurious squelch of her juices can be heard... A very subtle orgasm - just the way she likes it.

  • Fri 09th Apr 2010 Everette | Solo

    You just can't resist Everette's super sweet and super sexy voice. And if that doesn't hypnotise you, her sizzling stories and quest for nakedness surely will.

    And the best part is this time around you get to see a whole lot more of Everette's young, rousing body.

  • Fri 09th Apr 2010 Blossom | Solo

    Blossom looks amazing in her sports bra and with her hair up.

    She unclasps her bra and wriggles out of her pants to show you her drool-inducing figure of natural creamy goodness.

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Juliette K & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    Huge eyes, hungrily devouring her partner and a stubborn perseverance in the face of rejection, Lynley torments Juliette until she is rewarded with a kiss then a cuddle, then her blouse is undone and her legs spread and her back arched in pleasure as long lush strokes caress her engorged clit...Orgasms abound in this creamy girlgirl shoot from abbywinters.com!

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Laura P | Intimate Moments

    Ash blonde hair to run your fingers through, a tiny waist and yummy thighs to gently kiss, Laura is whipped to purrfection!

    She's alone, just a camera in the corner recording this most private of events as Laura takes the time she needs to love herself and thoroughly enjoy this orgasmic session...

  • Wed 07th Apr 2010 Sunee | Solo

    Sunee gives a cute little demo of Thai traditional dancing, but you can tell by her cheeky grin what she really wants to do is get her kit off and show you every part of her full-flavoured exotic body.

  • Wed 07th Apr 2010 Everette | Solo

    Everette is returning for another solo shoot in front of the abbywinters.com cameras today in a raunchy black lace bra! The lace cups her 100% Aussie breasts with ease, showing off a wonderful cleavage before revealing all!

    Indulge yourself in a little taste of Everette today!

  • Wed 07th Apr 2010 Juliette K & Lynley | Girl-Girl

    An annoying distraction turns into something delightfully engaging because as Lynley artfully strips off Juliette's clothes and her hands snake down her partner's body, her tongue edging closer to Juliette's needy pussy - somehow I just don't think Juliette minds the interruption...

  • Tue 06th Apr 2010 Sunee | Solo

    Sunee might seem quiet and reserved, but once she gets comfortable in her singlet and shorts, she'll be just as comfortable out of them!

    You'll love her aroused, dark nipples, innocent smile and superbly hairy bush.

  • Tue 06th Apr 2010 Harper | Solo

    Refreshingly vibrant, Harper is a young Aussie with a gorgeous lilting voice and a sweet disposition. She happily chats away about her life now, moving out of home, having to look for job etc..

    It's one of the great things about abbywinters.com, we're reminded these are all genuine young women, nude for you for the first time...you lucky thing you!

  • Mon 05th Apr 2010 Dee Dee & Jacque | Intimate Moments

    Two giggly blondes, nervous about how to start their very intimate moment, make some awkward small talk until DeeDee (clearly turned on by Jacque rubbing her pussy) bends down to ask "Can I kiss you..?"

    A very hot double masturbation session follows as both girls feed off each other, caressing as they orgasm...

  • Mon 05th Apr 2010 Gem | Solo

    Leggy new model Gem is getting married! But before she does she's here to explore her nude side, talking about what turns her on, how she likes to treated in the bedroom and more about when and where she masturbates!

    Gotta love a girl who can 'enjoy' herself three times a day...YUM!

  • Sun 04th Apr 2010 Naida | Intimate Moments

    A sexy low camera angle gets you close enough to touch Naida just as she touches herself... Alone an uninhibited she writhes and wriggles, biting her lip as her mind gets more focused.

    Soon her hand is rubbing quickly at the wet heat between her legs and her facial expressions are intensely orgasmic...

  • Sun 04th Apr 2010 Harper | Solo

    Harper's back! And of course she is her deliciously endearing, wholesomely sexy self again!

    A mane of dark glossy waves and smouldering young eyes peer out at you as she slowly undresses and soft mood lighting makes this shoot feel like you've woken up next to Harper on a beautiful Sunday morning...

  • Sun 04th Apr 2010 Gem | Solo

    Gem's a little bit alternative, her smooth, glowing white skin patterned with ink and both her nipples are pierced - I think she'd rather enjoy a girlgirl shoot with Zora!

    But for now you can salivate over this shoot featuring Gem and her glass friend kindly donated by Tony! Also available in Extra Large Image size!

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 Gita | Solo

    Shy, affectionate Gita tells you a little about herself, slowly at first, but as she relaxes and feels more free to express herself the details flow - as do her juices!

    She slips daintily out of her undies before leading you deeper into the woods where she reveals a thick dark thatch of swirling pussy hair.. YUM!

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 Zahra | Intimate Moments

    For Zahra, self pleasure is a total body experience. While she's alone she can take the time to undress provocatively, to lovingly caress each fold of skin and every smooth curve.

    Her breathing gets faster as her hips start to buck forward and she urgent gasps are punctuated with lush moans...Enjoy!

  • Fri 02nd Apr 2010 Charlotte E | Solo

    The exotic, cheeky Charlotte ventures out into her backyard to slip off her pyjamas and show her gorgeous tanned body and deliciously perky breasts.

    Check out her other solos! Very voyeur!

  • Fri 02nd Apr 2010 Gita | Solo

    Gita might look innocent under her glasses and t-shirt, but beneath this stirs a naughty, seductive Gita just waiting to bust out ... excuse the pun.

    So if she invited you alone into the forest, would you go?

  • Thu 01st Apr 2010 Dana B & Iveta | Girl-Girl

    Quirky Dana doesn't waste any time pouncing on Iveta when she returns from outside.

    Iveta pulls Dana closer to her, lifts up her dress and explores her tender breasts, supple body and pink goodness!

  • Thu 01st Apr 2010 Alicia K | Intimate Moments

    Writhing and wriggling in the throes of that most exquisite agony of pleasure, Alicia's gasps and moans will let you close to her, close enough to touch, to smell, to drink in as you both climax and then collapse in a sweaty, satiated, pulsing heap... Enjoy!

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