• Wed 31st Aug 2011 Gaby & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Two gorgeous blonde and very horny girls indulging in some intimate and very natural outdoor sex! With the vivid greens and beautiful blues of the dutch sky framing their fervidly passionate movements Gaby and Masie wrestle with each other on the blanket, and for all those with a foot fetish there's plenty of flirtatious toe sucking going on! Grabbing at Gaby's large breasts and tall, tanned body Masie tries to gain dominance by undressing her and jumping on top first! In the best kind of retaliation Gaby pulls at Masies cute, blonde pig-tails and strips her of all remaining clothing, indulging herself in her full bush and wet pussy.

  • Wed 31st Aug 2011 Eliza S | Solo

    The slender, sexy Aussie Eliza shakes and writhes her firm, but round ass on the bed and temps you with her bold and sultry eyes.

    Eliza also has a lot to talk about...and she can speak French, German and English, she is smart and very sexy and tells us about topics like threesomes, masturbating techniques and habits, doggie style and anal sex.

    She also demonstrates some of these treats too and we get a sneak peak of another video she is in as well...plenty to look forward too!

  • Tue 30th Aug 2011 Kandice | Solo

    Kandice, the all natural and delicious beautiful brunette is teasing us and playing around in her room. Slowly showing us every bit of her perfect body, playing around with her large breasts and hairy pussy A sight most of us can only dream off.

  • Mon 29th Aug 2011 Eliza S | Solo

    You'll want to be dedicating some serious time and attention to this shoot, the gorgeous Eliza makes her debut for the first time, and with her slender body and piercing eyes its definitely a shoot to frequent time again!

    Her playfulness is the perfect partner for her stunning looks and as she teasingly reveals her amazingly pert, round bum and beautiful small breasts you'll be fixated on her every seductive move.

  • Sun 28th Aug 2011 Kandice | Solo

    If long haired brunettes make you weak at the knees, and the thought of a full bush against creamy skin makes your heart flutter, then Kandice is your recipe for an amazing day!

    What starts out as a casual hang out in a bedroom, soon cheekily turns into a romping time of slippery fingers, gripped breasts and a gasping mouth. But my favorite, typically 'abby' moment is when she layers herself in cute cotton panties.

  • Sun 28th Aug 2011 Jade S | Intimate Moments

    Jade is blonde with lovely light blue eyes, pale skin, superb supple breasts and she is horny.

    Jade and Asian friend Analyn are cleaning the house. Jade has been assigned to clean the bathroom, but she has other ideas for just taking care of the cleaning...

  • Sat 27th Aug 2011 Jenna K & Jodhi | Intimate Moments

    This double masturbation video is full of tension, upskirt footage and even some kissing.

    Jodhi is sleeping while Jenna is downstairs reading. Once Jodhi wakes, she gets up and chats to her friend. The chemistry is there, Jenna sneaks looks at her friend using the mirror. She really likes Jodhi. They discuss how long it takes them to come. After Jenna admits her fastest was 30 seconds, Jodhi responds with 10 minutes as her fastest which prompts the shocked response from Jenna, "Really?! Show me, I wanna see!"

  • Fri 26th Aug 2011 Gaby & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    Kylie looks so cute in her girly outfit and glasses and her sex partner Gaby is a buxom tall Dutch bombshell. Both are equip with perfect smooth skin and look very cute together.

    Gaby creeps up on Kylie and surprises her as she looks out the window. This sneaky act sets the tone for these two sexy girls love tryst.

    This is a fiery and quick emotive session, no time is wasted as the two passionately undress and relish every moment of their session which includes feverish 69 ing where you can hear there fervid cunnilingus and the interactive use of the mirrors in the room so these girls can see every bit of their pleasure from every possible angle.

  • Thu 25th Aug 2011 Backstage 282 | Behind the scenes

    A bit of everything in this shoot and plenty to get excited about, with Violet and Anneke the stars of the show on their girl-girl shoot. There's also Toby, Michelle and Susie floating around in the background.

    So... things to look out for and spot in this high-paced set:

    1. Provocative banana eating behavior 2. Violets Leopard print bikini 3. A sex trampled scrabble board 4. Intimate camera work 5. Cheeky after shoot fun in the shower 6. Some door frame stretching fun with a glass dildo

  • Wed 24th Aug 2011 Gaby & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    The delectable Kylie H is back again for a steamy romp with her best new friend Gaby.

    A scene that is about as saucy as they come, these two shaved beauties know how to bring an element of surprise to their love making. Introducing a mirror to get double the viewing pleasure, fingers slide deeply inside wet pussies resulting in arched backs, gasped mouths and indented fingers into skin.

    With a delicious overflow of tender kissing, intense eye contact and coy smiles Kylie and Gaby are a hot pair. If glasses and tanned skin get you're senses tingling be sure to favorite this girl-girl.

  • Wed 24th Aug 2011 Jia | Solo

    Jia is a cute, shy and innocent Asian girl having her first time solo experience.

    As she gets more comfortable Jia tells us some tantalising stories about her first time and about a porn video she once watched. She even does a re-enactment of said video. She has a lovely slender body with smooth skin and is so sweet and demure with her softly spoken elegant voice.

    However Jia also has a naughty side too, she gets off on the idea of being watched... now its your turn to help her get off!

  • Tue 23rd Aug 2011 Masie | Solo

    Just a like a jack in the box, Masie pops up and explodes in her redux solo video. She literally doesn't take a breath and tells us everything about herself with some of the most dynamic dialogue. Ranging from her rape fantasies to what she likes to do with her free time. This video has it all. And all includes an inflatable sex toy that Masie blows up, kisses, sucks and then fucks.

    This video is an explosive device, my advice is too handle with care- WARNING - things in this video may excite you too much!

  • Mon 22nd Aug 2011 Jia | Solo

    Jia's solo debut is really something beautiful to behold, her slim Asian frame, smooth skin, pert breasts and peachy bum will grab your attention whilst her sultry seductiveness will draw you in and keep you mesmerized by her every move!

    With the warm red of the walls bouncing off her skin she moves around the room, showing off every inch of her body. Laying down she slowly starts to insert her fingers inside of her wet pussy and writhes with the pleasure it brings!

  • Sun 21st Aug 2011 Masie | Solo

    Wild, eccentric, playful, energetic, unstoppable and gorgeous, Masie may just be the perfect storm and certainly one that will tear through your house as quick as any tornado.

    Masie with her big pink inflatable dildo chair is like a puppy with a toy as she bounces around the room, on and off the sofa, in front of the mirror, upside down, she has pretty much all possible positions covered! Her beautiful petite tanned body and her pert large breasts only punctuate and compliment her personality as you try to keep up with her in this her third solo.

  • Sun 21st Aug 2011 Jodhi | Intimate Moments

    Jodhi's friend is coming around soon. She wonders what to do with her time while she waits. You can imagine the thoughts swimming in her head.

    She makes herself comfortable and then starts her masturbation session. Eager to finish her quickie so as not to have her friend come and interrupt her session. She focuses all on her clit with the middle finger pressing up against it in a rhythmic fashion until she has a powerful orgasm. Watch her expressive face move into raptures as she comes.

  • Sat 20th Aug 2011 Fleur D & Jia | Intimate Moments

    Two completely different looking girls, but both very sexy and cute. Jia is a petite Asian chick with dark long hair and small breasts. Fleur is an eccentric girl with colourful dreadlocks and soft, tanned skin.

    We see them on the bed talking about some erotic stories. They stay for a bit, fully clothed but after a while they reveal their sexy bodies.

    Jia touches her waxed pussy with a very different technique than the emphatic way Fleur touches her hairy pussy. Just take a look and study the difference.

  • Fri 19th Aug 2011 Marcus F & Kylie H - DIM | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. abbywinters.com presents to you the very first 'mystery shoot'.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new, invigorating refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on abbywinters.com before.

  • Fri 19th Aug 2011 Jia, Kylie H & Misha | Girl-Girl

    Kylie and Misha are looking through photos of the many beautiful babes on abbywinters.com. Just whiling away the afternoon when they come across a beautiful Asiangirl that catches both of their eyes.

    Kylie remembers having met her and exchanged numbers and decides to call her and invite her around. Gia accepts the offer, although she is unaware of the plan that the long legged blonde beauty Misha and the cheeky smooth skinned glasses glad Kylie has in store for her...

  • Thu 18th Aug 2011 Backstage 281 | Behind the scenes

    A backstage packed full of models and staff members all getting involved and producing the material we know you guys love so much.

    Cleo and Violet get together in the first half for their shoot. Then its Anneke and Irene's turn to hook up in their girl-girl looking out over the Melbourne skyline.

    All captured for your viewing pleasure by Toby, Emalee, Michelle and our driver at the end Susie

  • Wed 17th Aug 2011 Jia, Kylie H & Misha | Girl-Girl

    Three stunning girls, all gorgeously unique flirting, playing, kissing and seducing each other illuminated by the greens of the back garden.

    I almost don't want to write anything else because I'm afraid my words wont do these three justice; but I'll try give you all a good idea of what joys this shoot entails...

    Starting with the beautiful brunette Aussie, Kylie and the statuesque gorgeous dutch, slim, tall, blonde Misha sat together on the kitchen bench. They flirt with each other and as their tension grows they call up and invite over Jia, a cute, petite Asian who it seems they both have a big crush on!

    When all together they waste no time in tearing into each other, removing clothes at a fervid pace and holding their smooth skin against each other. The rest you'll have to watch to find out...

  • Wed 17th Aug 2011 Jade S | Solo

    Please meet our new model Jade S. She is English, blonde, blue eyed and has the cutest accented voice you've ever heard.

    As shy as she might look, so clear she is about the fact that she likes cheeky man. She tells us how she likes to be approached while she seductively takes off her clothes, shows us her curvy body and plays with her hairy pussy.

  • Tue 16th Aug 2011 Nayomi | Solo

    Nayomi is a hot dark skinned model with a curvaceous body and a very seductive smile. She looks lovely in her sport outfit, the purple shorts looks great on her round bum and the top emphasizes the shape of her large breasts.

    We follow Nayomi home after her morning jog, inside she does some stretching and after she goes to relax on her favorite green chair. She starts touch her gorgeous body, round boobs and shaved pussy, she talks about her bisexual life, the difference between having sex with a boy and a girl or about group sex with her friends!

    Nayomi brought with her a small surprise, it is a very small thing but can give her a lot of pleasure, and I can add that it is not a simple mini vibrator... just watch the video to guess what it can be.

  • Mon 15th Aug 2011 Jade S | Solo

    Jade illuminates your screen for the first time with her gorgeous smile, smooth pale skin, large breasts} and petite body. Eager to show off her beautiful figure she wastes no time undressing herself, seducing you with her piercing blue eyes as she does so.

    Moving off the bed and onto her print arm chair she reveals her pert, large breasts and peachy round bum. Sitting down she suggestively opens her legs and starts to let her hands wander down her body towards her stunning trimmed pubic hair and further towards her expectant pussy.

  • Sun 14th Aug 2011 Nayomi | Solo

    Coming back from her morning jog Nayomi gets in to slip out of her hot clothes and relax on the chair, obviously though she isn't tired enough just yet and a little more self indulging exercise is needed! Running her hands over her smooth dark skin and Large breasts she spreads open her legs and lets her hands move over and inside her smooth shaved pussy.

    Both standing and sitting she plays with herself getting closer and closer to climax, and without sounding too cryptic there's a helping hand from a little purple dolphin near the end...

  • Sun 14th Aug 2011 Jia | Intimate Moments

    After chilling out by the aquarium and maybe asking some questions to the pendulum the Asian beauty Jia goes for some more relaxation. She get out of her clothes and starts some very precise fingering. While we can see a slight reflection of her petite body between the colorful fish.

    It doesn't take her long to get to a silent but intense orgasm where after she is putting her clothes back on, shows some of her nice bum and gets back to reality.

  • Sat 13th Aug 2011 Jodhi & Nikita | Intimate Moments

    Two very hot girls, great bodies, nice boobs and soft touchable skin. Jodhi is a very tall Aussie woman, with long straight hair and beautiful breasts. Nikita is a sexy, pale English chick with black curly hair and blue sexy eyes.

    Jodhi and Nikita are just made for each other, they are so passionate and they touch each other with so much love. The way Nikita looks at Jodhi during her masturbation is just fabulous. After few minutes of touching their clitorises and hairy, wet pusses they have very intense orgasm's, well worth a look!

    As well behind the window is someone who is listening to their masturbation. Who knows maybe in another video Jodhi or Nikita will masturbate with the person who is behind the window. Follow up all Intimate Moments videos to find out who is this mysterious women and with who she will masturbate on another video!

  • Fri 12th Aug 2011 Kylie H & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Masie had been sulking about my shoot with Satine, she was really jealous. I figured it was time to drag her into the forest and have my way with her. She was very unco-operative so in the end, I had to get Pinky the scarf to help me restrain her. After a bit of teasing, I finally had a chance to make things up to her and if her amazing tongue and fingers were anything to go by, she forgave me.

    Although my explosive double orgasm might have been more in revenge than anything. There was lots of kissing, nipple-sucking, fingering and some super hot tribbing! Even my pink scarf got involved, getting in between our bodies and disappearing inside Masie for a bit!

    Kylie ;)

  • Thu 11th Aug 2011 Backstage 280 | Behind the scenes

    Shot by Toby, Chloe and Irene get together on the comfort of a black sofa. Firstly Irene seems more than interested in the handful's that are Chloe's large breasts, and after comparing sizes the two cant wait to undress each other and get to what s really beneath.

    Chloe is not only now an awesome addition to the abbywinters.com staff but had an extensive and varied shoot catalog which is a great place to get lost for a few hours.

  • Wed 10th Aug 2011 Kylie H & Masie | Girl-Girl

    For those of you that don't know me and Kylie are now officially working at abbywinters.com, and to ensure we actually get some work done the powers that be finally relented and let us do a girl girl shoot together, and clothes, hands and tongues were flying everywhere!

    Kylie thought it would be nice to take me on a secret (food-less) picnic and I'm still not sure how she managed to keep both our clothes on before we reached the blankets, as I couldn't keep my hands off her. I even tried taking my pants off on the bridge to try and tempt her into playing but she was having none of it!

    This was not a shoot, it was a much needed experience! For those of you who are yet to look upon Kylie's perfect shaved pussy please can I invite you to look because its amazing and I spent most of our time together fighting to go back down there! I loved this shoot and I love Kylie, she knew exactly how to pleasure me and is an amazing kisser.

    Now that I am in the office I wont get to shoot for a while but fear not, they also let me at Gaby and Jenna k last week so watch this space!

    Note: For those of you who are wondering - of course Pinky the scarf came and I think my favorite memory of this shoot was when she tied me up with it before I stupidly bet her I could fit half the scarf inside me, how well do you think I did?



  • Wed 10th Aug 2011 Kandice | Solo

    Our lucky and loyal member Barb had the opportunity to guest direct hot English gal Kandice in her own solo video, check out what these to got up to.

    Ever wondered what it would be like if you got to trade places with the director on an abbywinters set? Would you flirt? Would you get the model to tease? What questions would you ask?

  • Tue 09th Aug 2011 Navah | Solo

    Funky Kiwi Navah, elegant and cute at the same time, now THAT's a combination!

    Today we get to study her beautiful body while she tells us about her fantasies and her first times with her new partner. What a down to earth girl and what a totally hot body!

  • Mon 08th Aug 2011 Courtney M | Solo

    Courtney has an athletic and toned body with dark skin and big, inviting eyes that draw you right in.

    Watch as this slender beauty explores her body in the mirror. Giving herself and us a magnificent multifaceted view of the stunningly sexy and shaven Courtney.

  • Sun 07th Aug 2011 Navah | Solo

    Surely you've come across Navah before? Well if you haven't this shoot will definitely educate you about her cute, seductive and all round sexiness! Starting out looking from underneath her blunt fringe Navah runs hers hands down her small slim body and beautiful curved hips. Lifting up the back of her dress she shows off her pert bum, and turning round to unbutton soon reveals a lot more!

    By the end of the shoot, Navah lays totally nude on the large floor cushion, her back arched and hips pushed forward, she holds her pert small breasts in one hand whilst sliding her other hand over her flat, smooth stomach towards her trimmed pubes and wet, exposed pussy!

  • Sun 07th Aug 2011 Karlijn | Intimate Moments

    Cute and toned Dutch girl Karlijn does some reading then simply gets off on the stairs. It's simple, but it's damn sexy.

    Shot with 2 cameras to give you more variety, with a face close up of this lady wearing glasses.

  • Sat 06th Aug 2011 Gaby & Jia | Intimate Moments

    Gaby is a tall Dutch woman with long legs and super sexy bum. Jia is Asian with black hair, very sexy petite boobs and soft olive skin. They look great together, so beautiful and so different.

    Gaby starts off in her bed, she is wearing pink short pajama's, you can pick out her pert nipples and when she turns around you see her round bum. Jia comes upstairs to wake her up, and starts to pester her to come to the hall where they start masturbate together. Jia wears a very sexy transparent white top trough which you can see her small breasts and dark nipples. While they touch their sexy bodies they talk about horny dreams of Gaby and how it feels to masturbate.

    It is a very sexy morning story as Jia said "excellent for breakfast".

  • Fri 05th Aug 2011 Chervana & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    Two sexy glasses wearing girls in pink. One an Aussie, the other a Dutchie, get raunchy in this delicious girl on girl sex video.

    In one corner we have... Kylie H, the dark haired aw superstar with her cheeky smile and small pert breasts oozing sexuality.

    The other... Chervana, the curvy tanned sex bomb with big natural boobs.

    The two girls get frisky and make love to each other in this great showdown of sexual lust.

    There's spanking, nipple sucking, clit rubbing, fingering and and all you can eat Cunnilingus.

  • Thu 04th Aug 2011 Backstage 279 | Behind the scenes

    An AW staff packed backstage set as we have Jacki, Emalee and Michelle watching over, shooting and getting playful with Melinda and Michelle R on the girl-girl shoot.

    All of these girls have featured in some pretty awesome shoots, and here's some well worth checking out... Jacki's appearance playing in the surf in the beach girls set is a must see.

    Melinda always looks great in front of the camera and it all started here with her first solo.

    And of course Michelle R and her feature in Pyjama girls is something that everyone should see!

  • Wed 03rd Aug 2011 Chervana & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    Kyle and Chervana are two gorgeous, glasses wearing, natural, brunette and sexually indulgent girls that can not wait to let loose on each other and get under their partners clothes.

    Showing off her new trousers to Chervana the mood quickly turns sexy and the two forget the trousers for a awhile and focus on what lays beneath. Kylie lifts up Chervana's top to expose her beautiful large breasts and tanned skin. Kylie has her bright pink underwear slipped off past her long legs so Chervana can pay her smooth shaved pussy some much anticipated attention...

  • Wed 03rd Aug 2011 Analyn | Solo

    All natural new model and Philippino girl Analyn, shows off her petite tanned body and tells us how she likes the nerdy boys.

    She is a hot girl who works in IT and loves the fact that she gets to spend her days surrounded by IT geeks. The best part about all this, is that she is super keen to start posting on the boards and she "might be able to find the right one".

  • Tue 02nd Aug 2011 Sylvanna | Solo

    Sylvanna shares with us. She starts by divulging her passion for poetry and writing. She reads us some of her favourite stuff, describing the art in detail and then reveals some of her own work. An intimate act, as she says, she doesn't do very often.

    Then she also shares with us, her naked body. Featuring a busty frame with large breasts and a full bush. Sylvanna is a delight in more ways that one in this return solo video.

  • Mon 01st Aug 2011 Analyn | Solo

    Gorgeous brunette and Asian Analyn bursts on to the abbywinters.com scene with a beautifully vibrant and playful set.

    Starting of on her balcony looking down on us we follow her up to her apartment and watch as she moves around the kitchen undressing to reveal her petite, slim body, pert breasts and peachy round bum. Everything from the way she undresses to her cute and innocent smile will have your attention peaked from one image to the next

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