• Thu 30th Apr 2009 Larissa M & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    With more than a little wiggle of her shapely bum as she climbs up the stairs, Larissa brings Silvie a warm drink to chase away the winter blues. There are some chills that need more than just a warm drink, they need a soft kiss and a slender hand to squeeze and caress...in all the right places! Watch out for an electrifying interruption...

  • Thu 30th Apr 2009 Vicky T | Intimate Moments

    I love the way Vicky enjoys the afterglow of her naturally delicious orgasm. Her soft little hands roam over her incredibly tanned and tasty body and even though she's just pushed herself over the edge of womanly bliss she's not too tired to stop squeezing and caressing her breasts. A yummy masturbation video from a super cute Aussie babe!

  • Wed 29th Apr 2009 Bai | Solo

    Natural, untouched, bare skin with not a trace or swipe of unnatural makeup touching her beautiful soft skin, new model Bai is stunning. Her thick pubic and underarm hair is long and feathery and has probably never been shaved. Her smile lights up the room and I love the way it makes her glasses fall down on the nose...

  • Wed 29th Apr 2009 Larissa M & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    On a rooftop high above the wintry streets of Melbourne, something steamy brews. Silvie and Larissa indulge their passions with deep kisses and gripping caresses. There's nothing like sex in the rain, and these two rip each other's clothes off in an urgent frenzy before their wet fingers enter equally juicy spots.

  • Wed 29th Apr 2009 Keira | Nude in public

    For those of you who enjoy the spontaneous, thrilling nature of public nudity, you'll love today's video featuring super cheeky Keria! She's pinched the keys to a warehouse and with a camera in tow she sneaks in....a scintillating session of orgasm follows, her facial expressions will push you over the edge!

  • Wed 29th Apr 2009 Bai | Solo

    Lottie: Bai was absolutely lovely - just such a really nice little lady. Her stomach and legs looked particularly amazing in this video because she was back-lit by the window and key lit by a light pointed at the ceiling. She invites us to watch some Chinese folk dancing which is extra special!

  • Mon 27th Apr 2009 Khristine & Sylvanna | Intimate Moments

    We never know what's going to happen when we leave two horny young girls alone together with a camera. There might be nervous giggles, there might downright sex! This engaging double masturbation video includes some delightful girly chatter before they both get busy with the business of self love!

  • Mon 27th Apr 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Mia's eyes are deep, ocean blue pools to lose yourself in - and you will if you're not careful! She's baring everything today in the video part of her very first solo for abbywinters.com. Hailing from sunny Queensland Australia, she's travelled all the way down here, so make sure you check out her sexy shoot today!

  • Sun 26th Apr 2009 Maria S | Intimate Moments

    Imagine you're totally alone, you've got the whole house and the whole afternoon to yourself...what's a girl to do? Fiery red-head Maria closes her eyes, letting her fingers do the walking and before long her clothes are gone, her fingers wet, she's sighing, breathless and happy with the time well spent! Enjoy!

  • Sun 26th Apr 2009 Cleo | Solo

    Who can deny that Cleo is the darling of the day here at abbywinters.com. She's enjoyed many a dalliance with several deliciously natural Aussie babes but today she's all on her lonesome for this pictures only shoot. She showed her typically cheeky attitude while photographers Toby and Jacki experimented with light and the flow of solo shoots...Talk to Cleo right now!

  • Sun 26th Apr 2009 Mia H | Solo

    Mia is a smokin' hot vixen with long tanned legs, a round perky arse she likes to show off in little denim shorts and a mane of inky black glossy hair. Her eyes are large and beckoning and as she lifts her top up over her head she reveals two perfect, teardrop breasts, soft, supple and totally kissable!

  • Sat 25th Apr 2009 Chahna | Solo

    Chahna's a bright spark and today she gives you a tasty glimpse into her thoughts, desires and the naughty ways she enjoys her dildos! Her video today is in two parts and she talks you through her favourite positions, her sexual experiences and best of all - her wonderfully creamy body! Chat to her right now!

  • Sat 25th Apr 2009 Adaleen | Intimate Moments

    Adaleen's hands roam over her horny body as her arousal mounts to feverish levels. Her fingers flick in soft little circles over her clit and she stares down the lens of the camera until pleasure overtakes her. Multiple scintillating orgasms later and a red-faced Adaleen relaxes with a sigh and a smile...

  • Fri 24th Apr 2009 Chahna | Solo

    Breasts are great but Chahna's are stupendous! Large enough to pleasantly smother you and so supple they fill the soft lace cup of her minty green bra, you'll be dreaming about Chahna's boobs all day after indulging in this shoot! Make sure you tell Chahna how you feel - she's chatting here right now!

  • Thu 23rd Apr 2009 Janina | Solo

    Smooth and sexy, Janina is a blonde babe with an amazing body! Her yummy thighs lead up to a round, firm young arse and her soft, flat tummy leads up to two perfect, lickable breasts. Creamy skin and an inviting eye are like the whipped cream and cherry on the perfect ice-cream treat. Try some tasty Janina today!

  • Thu 23rd Apr 2009 Anabela & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    On a noisy road in a busy city, Anabela & Silvie retreat indoors with sex on their minds. They make their way upstairs and pretend to snuggle on the couch but it doesn't take long for a hand brushing up a thigh to turn into licking, sucking and glorious fucking! Hope you enjoy this super tasty girl girl from abbywinters.com!

  • Thu 23rd Apr 2009 Immie | Intimate Moments

    Immie's truly explosive orgasms are already appreciated by many members but I remember the afternoon of this shoot well. Naked and already extremely aroused, her hand was dipping between her thighs before the shooters even left the room! We thought that room was sound proof but Immie's volcanic eruption of pleasure filled the building and rocked the foundations! Hot!

  • Wed 22nd Apr 2009 Anabela & Silvie | Girl-Girl

    I love Anabela's boobs! They're full and heavy and the blue top she's wearing today hangs low and tight across them. They obviously caught Silvie's eye too because she practically pounces on Anabela, ripping her clothes off and diving face first into her juicy pussy. This naughty girlgirl session shouldn't be missed!

  • Wed 22nd Apr 2009 Annaliesa | Solo

    She's been a Cheerleader for most of her life so it's only natural that cute little Annaliesa has a matching cheery personality! She talks about her life, the places she loves and all the cheeky things she's been up to before giving a very sexy, slow strip and letting the camera roam over her curvy, tanned body...

  • Wed 22nd Apr 2009 Janina | Solo

    Janina's back...and she's thinking something naughty! Her beautiful heart shaped face is framed by glossy blonde hair now (she used to be brunette) but her big blue eyes and coy, pouting lips are the same naturally delicious ones as before. You're gonna love this photo set as Janina has fun, gets naked, and shows you everything...

  • Tue 21st Apr 2009 Annaliesa | Solo

    A bubbley, bouncy blonde with pert little breasts and a totally yummy arse, Annaliesa is today's gorgeous new model I know you'll adore! With bright, sparkling eyes framed by super long lashes that flutter demurely, Annaliesa loves getting naked and tells me this was one of the most exciting things she's ever done!

  • Mon 20th Apr 2009 Jodie S & Emma G | Intimate Moments

    Jodie and Emma are getting a little on the naughty side today as the afternoon suddenly heats up! Alone together and completely undirected these two cuties enjoy lots of girly chatter and some cute nervous giggles until with their hands feverishly rubbing wet pussies they both cum in a gasping, shuddering, back arching wave of bliss!

  • Mon 20th Apr 2009 Tinneale | Solo

    New model Tinneale gets wonderfully nude with you today as she wiggles out of a gorgeous crimson dress and chats about her travel plans...Maybe you'll see her along the way! Long tanned legs, full perky breasts and a thick thatch of dark pubic hair will make sure her very first solo will surely brighten your day!

  • Sun 19th Apr 2009 Selena | Intimate Moments

    In a converted balcony, high above the streets below, the dark-haired beauty Selena inches her hand further down her needy body. Completely alone she loses herself in the moment as she rubs her very well lubed pussy, bucking and writhing herself to an explosive, face-reddening natural orgasm! Hotness!

  • Sun 19th Apr 2009 Irene | Solo

    Irene returns to abbywinters.com today for a sexy solo shoot with a difference. She's already naked! ...well almost. She shimmies out of her blue cotton knickers and lets nature kiss her body from head to toe as she wanders though the Australian bush. Speaking of bush, hers is dark, soft and kept very neat...Enjoy!

  • Sun 19th Apr 2009 Tinneale | Solo

    A glossy cap of vibrant red hair brings out new model Tinneale's deep sea green eyes. Her long firm legs and huggable hips remind me a little of Cassie and her wonderfully full dark bush is the thick kind that you'd just love to run your fingers through... Tinneale's a classy beauty you'll simply adore!

  • Sat 18th Apr 2009 Joannie | Solo

    An awesome new model with plenty to say, you're going to love listening to Joannie as she shares both intimate desires, naughty fantasies and her brief but exciting sex history! A well proportioned figure with strong and sexy athletic legs, pert round young breasts and the cutest, cheekiest smile to brighten your day!

  • Sat 18th Apr 2009 Silvie | Intimate Moments

    A beautifully intimate peek at Silvie's masturbation technique today because she's home alone with only a camera and her desires. This video is darker and much more moody than the usual abbywinters.com standard, but don't let that put you off sharing an incredibly sexy moment with the scorching Silvie!

  • Fri 17th Apr 2009 Joannie | Solo

    A little blondie wrapped in lace and cream cotton, Joannie is an spunky Aussie babe with loads of attitude and a wicked smile! A super hot new model she undresses only when she wants to, teasing and enticing with a coy little smile and flick of her lovely hips. An athletic little body you're sure to love!

  • Thu 16th Apr 2009 Anabela & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    Unbelievably hot, I almost creamed myself as these two tore each other's clothes off and plunged head long into the most passionate, sweat soaked girl girl sex I've ever seen! (Can you tell I'm a fan) Kara and Anabela fell head over heels in love and abbywinters.com was there to capture it...

  • Thu 16th Apr 2009 Hayley T | Solo

    I love the way this video zooms in and focuses on all Hayley's wondrous curves. With a flick of her hips and a shimmy of her bum, she'll have you swooning in no time at all! Make sure you check out some of Hayley's other shoots - the girl wears some amazing gold hotpants in this one, or click here for more!

  • Thu 16th Apr 2009 Roxy | Intimate Moments

    Wearing the tightest denim shortie shorts I've ever seen, Roxy manages to wriggle and squirm her hand down her pants for an orgasmic afternoon! Not before she's enjoyed a lengthy session of yummy boob squeezes and nipple pinching that induces incredibly erotic gasps and moans... Talk to her about it now!

  • Wed 15th Apr 2009 Anabela & Kara D | Girl-Girl

    Haven't you always wondered what kind of lingerie women wear to the office? Under her business shirt and tight pencil skirt Anabela has sheer lace and a matching icy green g-string that Kara unwraps after a hard day at work... a passionate, sensual sex session follows as these two babes let off some steam!

  • Wed 15th Apr 2009 Harper | Solo

    Harper's a cutie with a heart of gold. Long deep chestnut waves of hair fall delicately about her shoulders, flopping into her eyes - but not so much as to hide that wonderfully cheeky stare of hers. She's out and about in the lush Australian bushland, getting naked, in SLOW MOTION just for you! Aww...

  • Wed 15th Apr 2009 Hayley T | Solo

    Hayley's dark little nipples sit perfectly centre on her full, pert, ski-jump breasts. But you won't find that out until she unhooks and unzips her pretty red dress and chooses to reveal everything to you..yummy! Hayley is drop dead gorgeous, long legs, a great arse, great smile - even dimples! She's perfect!

  • Mon 13th Apr 2009 Adaleen & Maria S | Intimate Moments

    We never know what might happen when we leave two young girls alone to masturbate. There might be kissing, there may be downright sex! I have a feeling this very intimate double wank video will have loads of cheeky giggling and secret, naughty confessions! You can chat to Maria and Adaleen right now!

  • Mon 13th Apr 2009 Alena | Solo

    Crawling, cat like over the soft leather sofa, throwing you cheeky glances and accidental peeks as she tumbles around, Alena eventually gets nude but the wait is well worth it! She lets you see the outline of her red bra through the cotton of her tank top and the moment she unties the blue skirt is heart stopping! Yummy!

  • Sun 12th Apr 2009 Caitlin K | Intimate Moments

    She's had a blast with the super fun Tyre Tube Girls and had incredibly hot afternoon with the Book Shop ladies, but today Caitlin's all on her lonesome, just her fingers to keep her needy pussy occupied! Her eyes start to close, her hands roam over her deliciously athletic body, squeezing her breasts before plunging juicily between her legs.

  • Sun 12th Apr 2009 Alena | Solo

    Alena is a bundle of full flavoured fun with her wide warm smile and sunny outlook on life! Her first time naked, she playfully teases as she sheds her white cotton top, unties her blue skirt and reveals the cutest yellow frilly knickers I've ever seen! Long legs and a very tasty arse make this abby girl a favourite!

  • Sat 11th Apr 2009 Leisl | Solo

    Her cornflower blue eyes matching her cashmere sweater purrfectly, Leisl has the legs of a ballerina - which is funny, because she's been dancing since she was a little girl! Now she's becoming a woman, enjoying her sexuality and expressing herself in lots of different ways, including getting naked for her favourite website abbywinters.com!

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