• Thu 30th Sep 2010 Janie | Solo

    Janie returns to abbywinters.com looking fabulous. She sits on her kitchen table wearing not much other than a white shirt.

    There is some fun and sexy banter with Patience (videographer) before we get to see Janie masturbate in multiple positions on the table. Very hot stuff!

  • Thu 30th Sep 2010 Jaclyn | Intimate Moments

    Jaclyn is amazing! She is naturally beautiful, totally uninhibited and unselfconscious.

    Her floral summer dress gives her easy access to all the things she needs to get herself going, and before too long it's hiked up about her waist. Her full natural bush visible well outside her knickers as she spreads her legs and gently touches her pussy, there's an orgasm before the panties even come off! But the follow up once they do is mind-blowing... for her and for us to watch!

  • Wed 29th Sep 2010 Janie | Solo

    Playful and very erotic are the two words that come to mind most when studying Janie's return solo appearance.

    I love all the arousing images of her wrestling with her underwear as she pulls and rips it this way and that to finally remove it all and reveal her curvy and smooth skinned physique.

  • Wed 29th Sep 2010 Rachel E | Solo

    Awesome new model Rachel is sexy as hell and oh so Australian with that accent of hers!

    Not shy at all as she crawls sensually around her bedroom and not lacking confidence either... There are enough shots of her spreading her delicious pussy wide open to last a life time!

  • Wed 29th Sep 2010 Chanise & Evette | Girl-Girl

    This girl girl image set is down right dirty. Chanise & Evette are completely enamoured with one another. They ravage each others big boobs, then move down to the natural bush for some explicit oral sex. They take their time with one another, being sure to taste all of their partner's wetness.

    There are a heap of amazing close-ups in this set where you can see exactly how much these girls love it.

  • Tue 28th Sep 2010 Angie | Solo

    Angie has been living in France for a year but has returned to us smarter, sexier and more irresistible than ever! Join her as she takes us on a little retrospective of her past shoots, speaks dirty in the language of love and performs a tantalizing little striptease.

    She may have travelled the world, but with her luscious breasts, killer curves and mouthwatering pussy we're Angie calls Australia home!

  • Tue 28th Sep 2010 Rachel E | Solo

    She has cat like eyes, a full rosy pout, gorgeous flowing locks and silky golden skin... And that's just at first glance! Look a little longer and she's sexual, alluring and so incredibly sultry.

    Gazing desirously at the camera, every inch of Rachel will deliver pleasure to your door!

  • Mon 27th Sep 2010 Alice G & Mykala | Intimate Moments

    Mykala is seated looking a treat on the white leather sofa, her tight denim skirt riding up around her waist, red panties visible beneath as she watches over Alice undressing and touching herself.

    You can see the pleasure it gives Mykala to watch another girl get off and I get the feeling Alice like's Mykala watching!

  • Mon 27th Sep 2010 Satine | Solo

    Satine is a blonde beauty that looks innocent and shy on face value. But she explains how she loves to do things that her friends don't expect.

    And aren't we lucky this beauty is such a free spirit?! She slowly removes her flannelette shirt and reveals her lovely round pert boobs and immaculate white smooth skin. She then leans back on her kitchen table and shows us her very full bush, finishing with some erotic touching and masturbation.

  • Sun 26th Sep 2010 Elizabeth S | Intimate Moments

    A dark brunette with a sultry hippy vibe, Elizabeth takes time to enjoy the beautiful site of her curvaceous reflection as her fingers ravenously devour her lusciously hairy and fiery pink pussy.

    Experimenting with a few positions, Elizabeth masterfully perches on the bathroom sink, fingering herself deeply feeling the heat race to her clit as it throbs for more.

  • Sun 26th Sep 2010 Angie | Solo

    From top to french-tipped toes, Angie is pure perfection! Clad in a flimsy chiffon dress that can barely contain her , she flashes, flirts and seduces the camera.

    Angie is uninhibited, confident and ... if you haven't yet made the time to get to know this ultra vixen there's no time like the present!

  • Sun 26th Sep 2010 Satine | Solo

    British bombshell Satine is a natural blonde... with a LUXURIOUS full bush to prove it! Explore every last inch of her fair, creamy body as she crawls about the table top and works her way through a variety of seductive positions.

    With silky, flaxen hair and piercing blue eyes she looks innocent enough... But don't be fooled into thinking Satine is vanilla!

  • Sat 25th Sep 2010 Roxy | Solo

    Roxy's begins her return solo video with chat about her interests, explaining Harry Potter as her favourite book and True Blood as her favourite TV show. But Roxy knows how to shift the mood to seductive and sexy with poise and ease. It does help that we get a sneaky look up her legs and see her flourishing full bush bursting from the sides of her undies. But mostly the story is told in Roxy's eyes. They are powerful and mesmerising, and will certainly pique the curiosity of any man lucky enough to meet them.

    Her smooth, supple and youthful skin look sensational adorned with her lacy dark blue/light purple matching undies. Slowly they are released and Roxy is revealed in all her nakedness. A picture of rare beauty. She has a womanly, yet finely cut figure with large boobs and huge areolas. I also love her round bum and confident doggy poses on the couch.

  • Sat 25th Sep 2010 Laine | Intimate Moments

    A cool breeze blows, flicking Laine's blonde hair about her body as she enjoys a spot of outdoor activity. Clad in blue from top to toe she's focused on nothing but the pleasure she can give to herself...

    Hands flow softly over the fabric covering her body; little by little she reveals more pale flesh, culminating in a perfect view of her blonde pubic hair, also rustled by the breeze, and by her fingers as she pulls her lips gently about, pressing, fingering until succumbing to full body satisfaction.

  • Fri 24th Sep 2010 Laria | Solo

    Laria returns to abbywinters.com with a solo that rocks. This is a surprise filled video treat that will have you on the edge of your seats throughout.

    Great dialogue, backstage style footage with the model just being herself, whether its inside or outside Laria is being sexy and provocative and delivering all kinds of wonderful sexual surprises. I love her voluptuous body and smooth milky white skin.

  • Fri 24th Sep 2010 Roxy | Solo

    Roxy is relaxing at home. She has a see through jumper on and not much else. You can see her lacy dark underwear through her jumper.

    But I am pretty sure your eyes will find great difficulty straying far from Roxy's. They are magnetic, with their large size and bold brown colour. Then there is her cheeky smile.

    Wow what a cutie Roxy is! I really love the way she wrestles her sexy matching lingerie off, twisting it this way and that until this beautiful girl is finally visible in all her natural splendour. Her full bush blossoms, her round bum sits proudly, her large boobs hold firm, her large areolas radiate, her luscious lips glisten and her seductive and sexy temperament take over in this smashing image set sure to be a fav to many, starting with me ;)

  • Thu 23rd Sep 2010 Dana B & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Oh so hot when the gals know how just how to please each other!

    Dana and Katia are entangled in the throes of intimate and unscripted of passion, getting to know each other for the first time but with deft hands knowing just the places to touch. Wild locks of curly hair flaying as they writhe and twist, unabashedly vocal as they bring one another to climax over and over again.

  • Thu 23rd Sep 2010 Gem | Intimate Moments

    Thrill seeker Gem takes it to the streets for some solo backseat lovin'! She mixes up the tempo, speeding up and slowing down, building up the tension. The sound of outside traffic seems to excite her, taking her to the edge again and again and again.

    Gem uses her fingertips to stimulate her swollen clit and thrusts three fingers inside her smooth shaven, wet pussy, bringing herself to a restrained, secret orgasm.

  • Wed 22nd Sep 2010 Anna L | Solo

    Anna is an innocent, softly spoken brunette. You may remember her immaculate body from the girl girl shoot Fitball Girls. Which is a very sexy and sporty video featuring 20 chicks doing all kinds of provocative exercises on their fitballs. Anyway back to Anna's solo, she wears hot denim short shorts that cover a round and supple ass, a red singlet top that briefly hides an incredible pair of boobs that completes a top to bottom of the girl you wish was next door to you.

    I love her pronounced nipples and the full, roundness of her boobs that sit as if they were crafted by a master sculptor. And, I also got hot under the collar when she moved her undies to the side, revealing a delicious pussy. But the surprises don't end there...

  • Wed 22nd Sep 2010 Laria | Solo

    We get to take a sneaky look at Laria's return to abbywinters.com with this voyeuristic image set. We look though and around all kinds of objects in this erotic and tension inspired set.

    Laria looks sexy as she twist, rolls and contorts into a range of positions that exhibit not only her flexibility but also her gentle smattering of freckles, striking eyes, milky skin and curves that just don't quit.

  • Wed 22nd Sep 2010 Dana B & Katia | Girl-Girl

    Dana and Katia are attentive, gentle and romantic for their sensual girl-on-girl session. Their petite frames are remarkably similar in stature; toned, curvy, flexible!

    They kiss slowly and deeply, running hands along smooth skin and pressing their bodies tight up against one another. Pulling tops away from breasts, licking and sucking with passion. Dana gives way to her urges and blows Katia's with some incredible oral and then Katia reciprocated tenfold!

  • Wed 22nd Sep 2010 Natalie F | Solo

    Watch as the blush fills Natalie F's cheeks, nervous but excited for her very first solo nude video! Recently single, she's been enjoying the solo life... but we all know gorgeous girls like this get snapped up quickly.

    She slowly traces fingers over her pubic mound, across her pussy lips then spreads herself wide open. Enjoy this naturally delicious first solo from Natalie F!

  • Wed 22nd Sep 2010 Samantha L | Solo

    Samantha bounds into the abbywinters.com fold. This curvaceous chick reminds me of Elizabeth Shue, most definitely possessing a very similar powerful sexual aura and energy.

    She moves around her bedroom, exploring all kinds of racy positions, my favourite is when throws her legs into the air resting her back on the bed and her shoulders on the ground, its irresistible.

  • Tue 21st Sep 2010 Natalie F | Solo

    With her waifish figure, pixie-like features and coltish demeanour one can't help but fall hard for Natalie F. Alone in her bedroom she takes it all off for the camera, piece by piece, for her very first solo.

    Her pussy is so tiny and delicate looking but she gently parts her lips for you, revealing the soft folds and moisture inside. Mmmm!

  • Tue 21st Sep 2010 Samantha L | Solo

    Tall, curvaceous, striking; lets be honest Samantha is hot! This image set is full of really racy positions as Samantha shows off her flexible side in all its glory.

    You wont miss an inch of this buxom beauties body as this stills installment explores every crevasse of Samantha's fine figure.

  • Tue 21st Sep 2010 Anna L | Solo

    Anna starts out on the back porch in her debut solo image set. It is there she first strikes us with a beautiful face and majestic smile. Although undoubtedly innocent at heart, Anna still has an adventurous streak. She throws her underwear into the trees, they hang like decorations on a Christmas tree and just like that occasion the present stands just in front. Anna is very beautiful, a lovely face matched with an amazing body, particularly the wondrous shape of her sizeable boobs and the fullness of her bum.

    She soon moves inside the house for a more intimate and detailed display of something so special it is impossible to truly encapsulate its raw youthful beauty with words, only videos and extra large images can hope to do any justice to the true exquisiteness of Anna.

  • Tue 21st Sep 2010 Hao | Solo

    Hao has some really awesome and interesting things to share with you today, she has such a sunny outlook on life and love and you really won't find anyone sporting a sweeter disposition.

    She is creamy and has rubinesque curves, her long dark hair is tied loosely and flings over her shoulders as she moves, the ends caressing her skin in a tantalising fashion.

  • Mon 20th Sep 2010 Alicia K & Jaclyn | Intimate Moments

    It's a blonde vs brunette showdown in this latest instalment of our Intimate Moments series. Alicia is neatly shaved downstairs while Jaclyn sports one of the fullest, healthiest bushes ever to grace the pages of abbywinters.com! Equally as sexy, their contrasting shape, size and texture will leave you confused as to which direction to cast your eyes.

    Talking to each other throughout the video, asking and describing the sensations rattling through their bodies, their pussies get wetter and wetter then as they gently touch they take it in turns to orgasm.

  • Mon 20th Sep 2010 Rebecca L | Solo

    Rebecca was the blonde in the amazing twenty girl girl shoot, Fitball Girls which is a feature on the girl girl pod and an absolute must see shoot.

    She makes her solo debut displaying her athletic body with control in this video. There is plenty of intimate touching as this innocent looking, glasses wearing chick shows there's plenty to like about what lies beneath...

  • Sun 19th Sep 2010 Lacey | Intimate Moments

    Wild red hair, robust curves the colour of whipped cream, large breasts, pale rosy nipples and a light dappling of freckles across her skin. What more could a red head connoisseur ask for?!

    I know! A sexy lady that has all of the above and knows just how to pleasure herself! Lacey works it on the chair, grinding, rubbing, rising to climax.

  • Sun 19th Sep 2010 Hao | Solo

    Oriental beauty, Hao, captures everything it is to be an abbywinters.com girl. She's healthy, she's happy, she's natural. Her long dark hair is untouched; her creamy skin spotted with patches of body hair, her delightful pussy is covered with a crop of thick black hair.

    As she rolls around on the bed for her second solo shoot, she's come out of her shell a lot since last time 'round. Smiling as she flexes her legs this way and that, she's proud of every angle and enjoys the thrill of showing it all to you.

  • Sun 19th Sep 2010 Rebecca L | Solo

    Careful and attentive with every little move she makes, Rebecca is a sassy and very sexy blonde just waiting to burst out of her shell.

    You can almost peek down her heavy denim jeans before she peels them off, sneaking glimpses of her lacey knickers beneath, knickers that cling between her hairy lips when we do get to see them. Her glasses seem to add an even bigger sparkle to her big blues eyes. Rebecca is genuine, creamy goodness.

  • Sat 18th Sep 2010 Janie | Intimate Moments

    She really is a gorgeous young thing, soft curves, full lips, skin that glows like amber and capturing her in natural light just seems to bring out the best of her features.

    Watch as she pleasures herself with a small purple vibrator, donated via the Dildo Drive by member Becca, sliding the toy in and out as she stimulates her clit. Her smooth, soft body soon begins to tense with the waves of excitement that run blissfully under her skin.

  • Fri 17th Sep 2010 Nicole D | Solo

    Nicole returns to abbywinters.com with this arousing solo video. Her curvaceous body will be sure to get you in the mood.

    I love the way her short dress emphasises her round and full bum. While her tight strapless red bra cups her full boobs in a similarly awesome way.

    This video is stylishly shot and reeks of elegance and sex. Nicole is a hot blonde and will leaving you wishing you could park right on the landing strip...

  • Thu 16th Sep 2010 Hayley F & Navah | Girl-Girl

    Hayley starts by gently caressing her pussy on the outside of her undies and underneath her dress. She watches herself in the mirror, but she doesn't realise Navah is also watching her.

    She moves her undies to the side and starts to gently rub the outside of her lips, and pulls the top of her dress down to reveal her breasts. Navah so turned on can't simply observe any longer.

    She enters and lends a hand to Hayley. The rest is totally inspiring and awesome. To put it succinctly; two extremely hot chicks having passion filled sex. Not a single second of this video is to be missed!

  • Thu 16th Sep 2010 Calypso | Intimate Moments

    Laying hot and horny on her bed and open wide to the camera, pixie faced, exotic Calypso is a chocolate coloured delicacy you have to taste.

    She's petite all over, her body firm and toned and she touches it with experienced hands that know just the ways she likes it. Her pussy is fiery pink and awesome to behold as she pulls her lips apart to dive fingers inside into juicy wetness.

  • Wed 15th Sep 2010 Nicole D | Solo

    Looking like a celestial being stepped right down from the clouds and into her bedroom, Nicole's big blue eyes and long, untamed, blonde locks give her the most enticing air.

    The sweetness of her personality shines through her genuine smile, and all this is coupled with creamy skin, delicious large breasts and perfect pink pussy!

  • Wed 15th Sep 2010 Hayley F & Navah | Girl-Girl

    A pleasant and rather tasty surprise awaits Navah in the bedroom after a hot steamy shower and that's the creamy delicious Hayley. The sultry brunette we know and love takes the lead, decidedly keen to get Hayley naked. She touches her smooth skin, slides her panties off, hitches her dress up and starts to rub her fingers over her hairless pussy... And that's just the beginning!

    Oh! And the mirrored wall makes this shoot all the more interesting and all the more hot!

  • Tue 14th Sep 2010 Anais | Solo

    It's a day off for Anais so join her while she puts away the laundry and tells you a little about the things she enjoys doing in her spare time.

    Casual and inviting, her shorts cling to her body in all the right places and expose her hairy legs, of which there are some delightful close up as she rubs lotion into her skin.

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